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USMLE Step 2 CK is the second national board exam all United States medical students must take before graduating medical school. The multiple choice test is complemented by the subjective Step 2 CS exam. If you are viewing this on the new Reddit layout, please take some time and look at our wiki (/step2/wiki) as it has a lot of valuable information regarding advice and approaches on taking Step 2 CK, along with analytical statistics of study resources.

2023.06.03 05:35 Chapar_Kanati T-Mobile BOGO on One Plus Promo Plan

I was told by chat rep as well as T-Force that I can two lines for $25 with autopay with the BOGO. I am on the old One Plus Promo plan. Can anyone confirm if this is true? I was also told if I decide to get two phones, they'd be $600 off each. One for the paid line and one for the free one.
Originally I was planning on switching over to Go5G Plus but was told that it was increase my bill substantially I decided to not go with the route. I have 9 lines with Kickback that brings my price down to around $120 or so. Thanks to some lines not being used I get this price.
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2023.06.03 05:34 Bigbuckrocks I asked ChatGPT to write a crossover between 3 of my childhood shows, and it threw an extra one in just because.

Prompt: Can you write the script of a crossover with Phineas and Ferb, The Fairly OddParents, & Olivia the Pig?
Title: "An Extraordinary Crossover Adventure"


The sun shines down on a lively backyard where PHINEAS and FERB, stepbrothers with an insatiable thirst for adventure, are brainstorming their latest project. Suddenly, TIMMY TURNER, wearing his iconic pink hat, appears out of thin air with a confused look on his face.

(looking around)
Whoa! Where am I? This isn't Dimmsdale!

Hey there! You must be from another dimension. We're Phineas and Ferb, and this is our backyard. Want to join us for an extraordinary adventure?

Sure thing! As long as there's no evil babysitter or talking dog involved.

FERB hands TIMMY a toolbox filled with gadgets and devices, and they get to work constructing an interdimensional portal. Meanwhile, OLIVIA, an imaginative and curious young pig, stumbles upon the scene.

Oh my, what's going on here?

Hey, Olivia! We're about to embark on an incredible adventure. Care to join us?

(with a smile)
Absolutely! I can't resist an adventure. And I've got my trusty red toolbox ready to help.

As the portal nears completion, COSMO and WANDA, TIMMY'S fairy godparents, pop in with a sparkle of magic.

Hey, Timmy! Did you wish for an adventure?

No, this time it's all by chance. But I'm glad you guys are here!

JIMMY NEUTRON, genius boy inventor from Retroville, flies in on his jetpack.

Did someone say adventure? Count me in!

Great to have you, Jimmy! We're about to activate our portal. It can take us anywhere, even to other dimensions!

FERB activates the portal, and a shimmering gateway appears in the middle of the backyard. The group gathers, ready to step into the unknown.


The gang finds themselves in a breathtaking alternate dimension, a fusion of their respective worlds. They explore together, encountering fantastical creatures and magical landscapes.

Look at this place! It's like all our imaginations collided into one!

And everything is so colorful and vibrant!

As they journey through the dimension, they face various challenges that require their collective skills and ingenuity. PHINEAS and FERB construct marvelous contraptions, JIMMY provides scientific solutions, TIMMY'S fairy godparents grant wishes, and OLIVIA's boundless creativity adds a touch of magic to their endeavors.

In the midst of their adventure, they stumble upon DOOFENSHMIRTZ, an eccentric and comical scientist.

Well, well, well! If it isn't a bunch of meddling kids from different dimensions! Prepare to face my -inator!

The gang exchanges knowing glances and springs into action, working together seamlessly to foil DOOFENSHMIRTZ's evil plans using their combined skills and powers.

Doofenshmirtz, we believe in the power of friendship and cooperation!

With their unity, they thwart DOOFENSHMIRTZ's -inator, inadvertently turning it into a "Friend

ship-inator" that spreads harmony and understanding.

As they near the end of their adventure, they find themselves facing a towering obstacle, too tall to overcome.

If only we had some sort of magical boost!

Hey, what if we combine our magic to create a temporary giant levitation spell?

They join forces, and with a shimmer of magic, lift themselves over the obstacle, emerging triumphant on the other side.


The group steps out of the portal, back into the familiar backyard, with memories of an extraordinary adventure that will forever bond them.

Thanks, guys. That was one incredible crossover.

No problem, Timmy! We're always up for adventure, no matter the dimension.

They bid farewell, each returning to their respective worlds, but forever connected through their extraordinary crossover experience.

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2023.06.03 05:34 Anteater-Difficult Criminal Rackets

I don't know exactly how familiar everyone is with the term; But I'm creating a crime syndicate in Spelljammer I already have a few rackets but I need more.
Right now I have a few and I know who runs them
An Androsphinx Ixmael who runs an underground gambling den from within the dead bodies of two luck gods (For which it's named) And takes bets in the form of magical items, gold, and even ones own lifespan.
A Dao who is forcing the genasi of his homeworld to mine the rare minerals so they can be processed into powerful machines and weapons
An Annis Hag Spelljammer Captain who makes a drug out of both the Extracted Memories of other Spelljammers and the Legend Lore'd experiences out of the Spelljamming Helm of vessels she's destroyed in order to make an Magically crafted drug called Agony (before you ask the appeal of the drug, it's meant to be like the those snuff BD's in cyberpunk- it's not neccesarily a good experience but people get high off of either the rush of the battle or the experience of another's well... ya know...)
Obviously there is also Extortion Rackets, Blackmail, Information Brokering, I know there are also rackets that involve "lady favors" but considering my group consists mainly of ladies I will not be using those at their request, I can also think of Poaching, Smuggling, and Assassination but I am also looking for more Spelljammer themed crimes as well
You all got any additional ideas?
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2023.06.03 05:34 pritidope 30F - Does anyone like voice chats anymore or am I old?

Former college dropout who ended up getting her BA in Math/Philosophy and now works in data. Hobbies include baking, cooking, painting, listening to all the music, and watching lots of soccer. Fun facts include avid solo traveling, invited to be on national TV once, and having 13 tattoos (yikes). Things highly valued are honesty/integrity, emotional awareness, and sense of humor. Potential red flags: not religious, not into astrology (sorry everyone), use of foul language, 420 friendly, dislikes anime, extroverted but uses Reddit, being sex positive (srsly don't message me if you hate sLuTs), and has a pet snake. Makes up for snake with two adorable cats.
Please be a decent human being who has a penchant for accepting dark humor and not getting easily offended. Ideally between the ages of 26-45, funny, sharp, handsome, above 5'6, and devilishly charming. Just kidding (not really). Be open-minded, think and feel deeply, be empathetic, give a shit, don't be a liar. That's really all I ask.
Message me with a controversial opinion. SFW pics would also be nice. Emphasis on SFW. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 05:33 g4yat0m1cm3r Deaf DoorDash Driver

This is just a short and sweet rant. Anyhoo, I've been dashing for last 3 months, and I've seen some restaurants that saying "Call us at this number, to get employee bring you food", that's cool for safety, but not cool for deaf drivers like me, because we have to use relay service, which takes while to connect to a interpreter, and then able to call. But hearing people have access to just call, without any services needed. And, not just that. Customers too, some of them requested me to call them through buzzer, and I got unsure and texted, and most of time, they don't reply, so I just left the order outside because, they don't reply my text, and give me access as a deaf driver. Buzzer and Calling thing is irritates me most, because. I cannot hear at all.
That concludes my rant, thanks.
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2023.06.03 05:33 Seamoose_Art NoP 2177: Blind [7]

Credit for the original story goes to u/spacepaladin15.
[First] [Previous] [Next]
Memory transcript subject: Sasha Everett, ex-UN noncombatant
Date [Standardized Human Time]: February 29th, 2177
Location: Upper layer of City 23, Venlil Prime
“I’m going, I’m going! Gojids aren’t— khh-aah! — exactly limber in their older years, Sasha! Right, I don’t see anyone in this hallway either, you can come in.”
Sasha clambered through the window after her talkative gray-quilled friend, slipping through with significantly less effort despite her larger frame. The Rising Star was laughably unsecure; windows were unlocked and at chest height, with no alarm system to speak of. The hotel was in some sort of lockdown due to the exterminator presence, all residents and staff hiding behind locked doors. It would be an issue if their target was stowed in a room, but at least the halls were empty. All that left for security was the exterminators gathered at the entrance, and—

“Get back!”
An extended claw stopped her from tripping straight into an intersection, as Burai forced her back into the hallway. “There’s cameras here, they’ll spot you!”
“Haven’t they already seen you? You’re standing right in their view.”
“No, they… I mean, yes, but nobody’ll care about a Gojid in the halls. To a surveillance AI scanning a spaceport hotel, that’s business as usual. But as soon as a human steps out here, security will be notified about a ‘potential predation incident’. Just stay there, and let me… let… w-what?”
“Burai? What’s going on?”
Burai was staring down the hall, eyes rapidly flitting to focus on something which she couldn’t see from her view in the adjacent hall. His jaw was entirely slack for several seconds before he managed to collect himself.
“The, uh… cameras. The cameras are shut down. All of them, they’re staring at the ground and their lights are out. I think you can come out now.”
They had little time to spare, and hesitation would only hurt their chances. She paced out into the corridor alongside Burai, casting a glance down both ways. It was as he’d said; every camera was unlit and staring loosely at the floor. Likely Trish’s doing. No way to tell if (or when) they’d reactivate, so they had to get moving. Burai apparently thought the same, though his relatively stubby legs meant his sprint was about level with her stride.
As they moved through the hall at slightly less than record pace, Sasha began taking in her surroundings. It could be useful to memorize if they had to leave the way they came, so she absorbed every detail she could as they ran like hell/jogged with mild exertion. Orange walls, painted in a stepped gradient from burnt orange to a light cream. A fascinating choice for a world where the native species had orange-colored blood, but apparently they couldn’t be bothered to pretend that prey should be scared of anything bearing the color of their blood anymore. She had to admit, it was a welcome change.
Lining the walls were an assortment of mounted displays. Arranged in a pattern which looked random but was carefully considered for visual balance, they showed an assortment of artwork from every species. She even thought she recognized a few human paintings, mixed alongside the rest of the dizzying collage.
Maybe she had, but it was hard to say for sure. She didn’t have time to get a good look before every panel suddenly went dark at once, with nothing in the way of warning or fanfare. For a brief instant, the hall was filled with rows of ominous black rectangles, before two white lines of text appeared on each and every one:


The panels switched back to their previous display of artwork almost too quickly to read the message. Sasha was left briefly wondering if she was simply hallucinating from the stress, but Burai’s once-again slack jaw dispelled that notion. He looked up at her, trying to say something but failing for lack of breath.
They were on floor zero. The elevators were disabled due to the lockdown, and the stairs were arranged in such a way that one needed to cross around half the building to get to the next one up (whoever was in charge of planning apparently didn’t consider fire a real issue). If they were to make it upstairs before the exterminators caught up with them, they couldn’t be constrained by Burai’s sluggish pace.
In one beautiful fluid motion, she tore off her jacket, wrapped it around Burai, and picked him up. The thick flame-resistant plastic fiber made for an excellent barrier against his spikes, shielding her from a moderately painful and very embarrassing impalement. Burai squeaked in shock, but didn’t protest; they both knew that he couldn’t keep up with an endurance hunter’s jog. Without even the bare imitation of caution, she tore off towards the stairs with Burai in tow. They couldn’t afford to lose time playing at caution when their target was three floors above them through a bizarrely labyrinthian series of stairs.

They’d hardly made it halfway through the second floor when their progress was rather rudely interrupted. A small contingent of exterminators milled about the entrance to the stairwell, too engrossed in conversation to notice the couple of interlopers rapidly skid to a stop and duck behind an archway.
In the reflection of an unpowered screen near the door, Sasha and Burai watched the exterminators from a ‘safe’ distance. The majority of them broke away to rush down another corridor, leaving only two at the stairs: a Venlil and Harchen, judging by their frames. Snippets of their conversation drifted down the empty hall, intermittently cut out by the screeching sound of a broken automatic door repeatedly trying and failing to close.
“—on the first floor, either. You sure they—”
“—way. It has to be here somewhere. ‘Course, Yawi—”
“—d never! You know, that human can’t tell the di—”
On the next screech, Burai made his move. With the noise of the door covering the sound of his approach, he managed to get within meters of the exterminators undetected. At the last second before they noticed his presence, he moved around to make it look like he’d come from another hallway. Then, he drew a breath.
“H-Help! Help me!”
The two wheeled around, flamethrowers already primed before they spotted their assailant. Gojid were generally less than respected owing to their nature as cured predators, but an old man screaming for help didn’t exactly spark fear. Their weapons lowered, and the Venlil flicked a tail in friendly greeting. The Harchen seemed less amused.
“What are you doing outside of your room, Gojid? The hotel’s on lockdown. We’ve gotten notice of a bio—”
“No, no, please don’t make me g-go back there! There’s a… a h-h…”
“A human in your room? Mind telling us what you were doing staying with one?”
“I heard… I heard crying on the outside of the door, so I let him in… I didn’t realize it was…”
The Venlil put a gentle paw over the shaking Gojid. “I understand. Don’t worry, its deception dies with us. You’re safe. Can you tell us what room it’s in now?”
“F-four.. nineteen.”
“I see. Kyura, go check out room 419. I’ll stay here and—”
“Wait! It’s got a… a…”
Burai didn’t finish, choosing to let himself devolve into another bout of feigned fear. In the absence of details, the two would imagine the human to be armed with whatever scared them most. His bet paid off; the Venlil rose to her feet and rushed after the Harchen with her weapon aimed slightly upward at what would be a human’s center mass.
He let his act continue for a few more seconds, apparently waiting until he was certain they wouldn’t double back before scrambling for the stairs. By the time he made his way up to the third floor, she was already beside him and panting slightly.
“What… was that?”
“Improv. You should try it sometime! Anyway, I don’t think we have much time before those idiots realize there’s no room 419 on this floor, so we’re really on the clock. You see what we’re looking for anywhere?”
Sasha kept breathing hard as she scanned the room, before wordlessly rushing off next to a window overlooking a side alley which connected to the one the rest of their their group was perched on. Underneath, a backpack emblazoned with the UN’s logo was stuffed haphazardly next to a vending machine. Apparently, it had been tossed there in a rush as the building was put under lockdown, rather than carefully hidden. She picked it up, looked it over, and nodded at Burai.
“Great. Although…” He looked around the room a few times before returning his attention back to her.
“...unless there’s a parachute in there, I’m not sure it matters much. The lower floors are crawling with exterminators. I don’t see any obvious exits, and I really don’t favor our odds for a 3-story fall. Sasha?”
“Burai, get over here.”
Burai sauntered over as fast as his legs would carry him. She gestured at the window with her head.
“...You can’t be serious.”
“I am. There’s a dumpster below us, we passed it earlier. Filled with fabric, probably a load of blankets they threw out. You’ll be fine. Just cover your head and land feetfirst.”
“Sasha, I think I’d rather burn— AHCK!—”
With Burai in one arm and the backpack in the other, Sasha kicked out the window screen and jumped before she could stop to regret the decision.

The brunt of the pain stabbed her side, as a couple of Burai’s spines slipped past her unzipped jacket to jab themselves in her torso. Aside from that minor embarrassing oversight, she was unharmed. Her complete lack of training was handily circumvented by sheer dumb luck and the merciful softness of discarded hotel bedding. By the time she reoriented herself, Burai was already dragging her out of the dumpster. Bedsheets clung to his spikes, but aside from his pride, he too seemed unharmed.
Another hand, or rather bandaged paw, pulled her to her feet. Tressa encircled her like a short fluffy snake, apparently checking for injuries. Satisfied after two coils, he switched to watching their flank as the rest of them regrouped and recuperated. James was helping Burai pick fabric from his spines. Trish eyed the backpack, before turning her attention to the spot of red at her side.
“Sasha, can you move?”
“Yes. It’s just a skin wound, I’ll be fine. Is Beast all set to go?”
James’ muffled voice rang out from behind her. “Practically raring, last I checked! And a good thing too, because we’re skipping town immediately. Don’t have any time for the usual runaround, not with all this unwanted attention.”
As they closed in on the main street, Sasha zipped up her jacket to cover the wound and slung the backpack over a shoulder. She tried to act normal and casual, though the most she could realistically manage in that regard was to cover any limp from the pain in her torso. The rest of them slipped into their rehearsed roles, immediately cutting any discussion about the situation in favor of meaningless small talk which nobody could take notice of. Hopefully, their acting would be enough to cover for her lack thereof.
The street was awash with people, a viscous fluid of bodies pulling every which way. The lively roar of activity would be enough to cover their tracks as they made their way back to Beast, even if the exterminators realized they had a runaway. Still, time worked against them. The sooner they could get going, the better.

Memory transcript subject: Kelsen, Venlil extermination officer
Date [Standardized Human Time]: February 29th, 2177
Location: City 23, Venlil Prime
Kelsen watched through the screen of a digital scope as the ragtag group of predators and predator diseased piled into their little barely-functional van, practically crushing each other for lack of space. Once they were packed in shoulder-to-shoulder like cattle, the pathetic thing sputtered to life and limped out into the street.
They must’ve assumed the van was untraceable owing to its advanced age. It was true that automated systems wouldn’t cooperate, but a tracker planted on the underside would have no issues. Their retreat would lead the law straight back to their den.
Well... OK, so maybe the law could wait a moment. Official practice dictated that anything “contaminated” by predators be burned without delay, but he just couldn’t have that. Since the idiotic Federation-wide ban on near-sentient surveillance AI a couple years ago, their leads on predator subversives were running thinner by the day. A raid could gather invaluable intel.
He already had a squad lined up, with body armor instead of hazard suits and kinetic weapons instead of flamethrowers. He’d even rallied up an investigator, a successfully reeducated human who hunted information rather than helpless prey. It would be such a shame to let all that go to waste and simply burn their hideout to ash; that could always come later. Besides, he’d put far too much effort into tracking this group to simply pour some napalm and call it a day.
His little raid would have to operate outside the law to get results. That hadn’t been an issue to arrange, of course, but it meant that if things went south they wouldn’t get any backup. He couldn’t afford to be hasty about this.
But he couldn’t afford to be passive, either. The facial recognition software they’d used to ID and track the Gojid was already skirting the law; their raiding party was actively flaunting it. Kelsen couldn’t let his noble work fall victim to the chains of bureaucracy.
If he wanted to get away with this, he’d have to do it tonight.
[First] [Previous] [Next]
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2023.06.03 05:33 Fit-Permit-3980 Just started researching how to build a pc

I am in desperate need of help with information of parts. I understand the main use of the parts, but what do the other numbers/letters mean? I just need someone to explain what the different numbers in the PC parts stand for. Thank you for reading this. Also I am up to suggestions for pc builds $1500-$2000.
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2023.06.03 05:33 grendelt Passed PenTest+ this afternoon!

I've been studying for CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) for the past month or so. I was told there's a bunch of overlap between them, with PenTest+ being the easier of the two. I've been using the McGraw-Hill book for that. Viktor Atimov's CEH practice exams (also on Udemy) are pretty ok - lots of typos in his stuff though.
I got the TotalSeminars PenTest+ course/practice exam on Udemy. I honestly didn't review the video content much for that, but the practice tests with that course are pretty spot on.
I did encounter a couple named exploits that weren't mentioned on the PenTest+ Objectives, though the objectives mention the types of exploits, just not specificly named exploits (e.g. EternalBlue gets mentioned on the exam, whereas the objectives just talk about "enumeration").
There's a hefty amount of Python on the exam, so be comfortable writing Python, know why you're writing what you're writing, and be able to debug others' code (that prob helps the most).
Be comfortable on the Linux command line (know file structure and basic commands). As others have said, be very comfortable with nmap. The TryHackMe nmap room is good for learning nmap. The CEH book does a good job explaining it too. Understand the business processes involved with penetration testing, reporting, and cleanup.
Basically, you can use CEH study materials to prep for PenTest+, just review the CompTIA objectives to check for anything that may be different - or to narrow the scope of what you're studying.
CEH is next for me... maybe in a couple weeks. Then maybe CASP? I dunno after that. (Maybe I'll knock out the few remaining CompTIA certs just to have them all.) Who knows.
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2023.06.03 05:33 Hikariox Gaming Laptop Stuttering in Every Game

I have a Omen 16.1 with Ryzen 7 5800H and RTX 3050ti. For the past couple of days, my games have been stuttering and lagging like crazy and my frametime graph using the MSI Afterburner software shows constant stuttering bars as well. This did happen in the past in fact, and I remember what solved it was setting my power plan, which im using the high performance one, processor power management setting to 99%. However the problem arise again and im not sure how to fix it. I have already DDU my drivers and reinstall the latest ones. It also is not temperature throttling as my temps reach max 80C on my CPU and my GPU rarely reaches 75C. I also reinstalled windows 10 selecting the option to keep my files and did some general windows 10 optimizations. The stuttering was fixed for the first 1-2 days and now it is back. I have an idea that it has something to do with gpu and not getting enough power but im not sure. Im rly rly frustrated about this and any help I can get would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
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2023.06.03 05:33 darkwaterzz Quality of Posts

“Black lines and classic designs, a place for enthusiasts of traditional American style of tattooing”
I’ve seen posts ranging from Squidward to Sci-Fi. Hoping posts in the future will be more towards the truly American Traditional form of tattooing with bold lines and minimal color use. There have been posts with very nice Neo and New School tattoos, but and there are other subs for that.
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2023.06.03 05:33 Responsible_Bell_786 Newbie questions!

Newbie questions!
Hey everyone! I just got a DeLonghi Stilosa EK260BC espresso machine. I also have a metal tamper & a non-pressurized portafilter along with the pressurized portafilter that came with the machine. Initially, I bought ground coffee from the Chamberlain Coffee website. While testing everything out today, the shots came out looking lovely & with a decent crema, but the crema quickly disappeared, & the shots came out thin & flavorless. I thought I could make it work with regular ground coffee, since the pressurized portafilter is meant for pre-ground. After that failed, I went to my local coffee shop & had them grind a bag of beans they use for their lattes. I know that batch grinding is frowned upon, but will it work? Does it have the potential to make a nice shot for iced lattes? I’m not looking for gourmet, high-end espresso shots, just something that resembles typical caffe espresso and tastes nice. If this or grocery store espresso doesn’t work out, I’ll possibly buy a grinder. I believe the regular coffee grounds I used were too coarse, along with them being a medium roast. The beans the cafe grinder are dark roast & grinder just for espresso I believe. For this I will use the non pressurized portafilter, as it did not work when I tried it with the regular ground coffee. Does anyone have any tips on how to get nice shots until I save up for a grinder? Thank you!
I included a photo of one of the shots I made, sorry for the makeshift espresso cup 😅
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2023.06.03 05:33 jeepluv1 Quitclaim deed during divorce

Posting for my mom whose retired and my dad who said he didn't want the house. My sibling and I hired an expensive lawyer in Virginia who served my dad the dissolution of marriage paper. To our knowledge he hasn't signed yet because the lawyer didn't update that he had. Problem is that my dad deserted the marriage in 2020 and has been living independently abroad. We told that to the lawyer but he wrote that he left in 2022 September. He said we could amend later. So the house that my parents live in is being paid by my mom me and sibling.
My dad sends a meager 600 to my retired mom whoniust had a stroke a few months ago due to his behavior. Since housing here in va is very expensive and competing and interest rates are high we wanted to keep the house and make renovations on the deteriorating bathroom and kitchen. Since our names aren't on the deed I think its risky. Dad currently lives with someone else abroad.and he's leaving Sunday. Since he may not habe signed the divorce paper and the lawyer hasn't communicated would it be a good idea to just ask him to sign a quitclaim deed so the name in title changes from my parents to my name?
The lawyer said that he may still get equity after the sale when it is sold but we don't plan to sell anytime soon. Houses in this area are averaging 650k and up and renting would be higher. Housing supply is in short demand. Also since the lawyer put in a 2022 date on the document then that means if the house equity is split he'd receive half of whatever the house value is on that year correct? There's a mortgage of 350k.
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2023.06.03 05:33 LTStormchasen 50 [M4F] # Houston, TX - Dominant Daddy seeking submissive

I seek a serious relationship with an open-minded naturally submissive female who still believes in the traditional family household values and roles (where we're equals, but the man is the primary leader, protector, and provider of the household.)
I’d love to find someone who maybe even wants to travel with me as my co-pilot in my truck as we travel across the country exploring. Also, I’m looking for someone who is okay with an age gap relationship.
About me: I travel America in my big rig 18 wheeler truck chasing sunsets and my dreams. I’m also owner of a small but successful crypto investment company. (I love to talk about Bitcoin) Former Army Officer and combat veteran. Aspiring songwriter and horrible guitar player.
I’m God fearing and marriage-minded. I love the outdoors, and my hobbies include walking, hiking, bicycle, running, camping, picnics, and eating out at restaurants or enjoying a nice romantic dinner at home.
I love to travel and explore new places! Sci-fi, Marvel and Anime fan. ENTJ. Sagittarius. Friends say I’m an intelligent lifelong learner and that I give more than I take.
I am always a gentleman in public. I am an active listener, reserved, and I have a relaxed personality. I work hard, love to be active, and do not get upset or angry. Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. I am an aggressive, assertive man when I must be.
I am a provider for those I love. I'm very supportive of family and friends. Above all, I honor and support my woman to become a better version of herself.
I like to get outside and do fun things and not sit home all the time. I’m a bit of a foodie who enjoys eating out, going to movies, working out, and reading to improve myself. Part country boy, part city, part nerd, sometimes witty, dominant without being domineering or abusive, sometimes shy.
I’m reserved and laid back without being too boring. I try to stay active/Fit and eat healthy with the occasional cheat day. No beer belly allowed, but secretly working on my dad coffee bod.
I do have a kinky side. (I’m a BDSM Master with a dash of DaddyDom.) One minute we're joking around...and the next, I'm pinning you on the sofa (or against the wall) and getting spicy taking what I want. (You belong to me. Every part of you.) My main love languages are physical touch and affection. I’m okay with online at first, but I want an in person relationship. I love to give praise and positive words of affirmation.
Is this you? You seek LOVE FIRST AND FOREMOST, security, protection, guidance, structure, safety, nurturing, someone to hold your hand, being babied at times, other times being treated as a princess or queen.
You desire hugs and passionate tender kisses, while also occasionally desiring to be chocked or spanked. (It’s complicated.) You’re not into pain, but know there is no love without pain.
Age is a number to you. You have the maturity that comes from facing what life throws at you for a few years, and now discovering that you can deal with it. (Together we can make it from rock bottom to your dreams.)
You love to serve and take care of your man. It’s not so much a kink more than it is just who you are. You are very adaptable to meet my needs, as I meet yours. You believe in completing small acts of service for your man. You believe that giving yourself fully to your partner is the ultimate power exchange and show of devotion and trust.
US: I crave a 1950 American style relationship dynamic with traditional gender roles. I'd love for you to share your day with me; be able to trust me enough to be yourself around me; finally let your guard down, confide in me, submit to me because you trust me to protect you, take care of you, teach--guide--mentor you using my life experience and resources to help you become a better version of yourself.
I promise to provide a safe place for you to relax and explore...just walk in my door and give up control. Let go the worries of your day. You don't have to be in charge here. I've got you now. Let's create a life where you can be free from worrying about everyday problems and stressors, and just get pleasure from having a safe space to explore your feminine energy and desires.
It'll be just you and me against the world.
If you're craving this type relationship dynamic (or want to hitch a ride to enjoy the countryside,) feel free to send me a message with a recent pic and let's chat about your needs, wants, limits, and see if there is chemistry and a connection.
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2023.06.03 05:33 darkeagle03 Why did my generation speed drop precipitously with no meaningful changes?

I've been using A111 and SD for a while now. Most recently, I've been playing around with an iterative image-to-image using ultimate sd upscale to get lots of little details added in. It's been fun. However, on the most recent iteration, with the scale size set at 1, the speed absolutely tanked. I was previously getting about 4 it/s, and I'm now getting about 17 s/it.
What could cause this? Aside from dropping the size from 1.05 to 1, the only other change I made from the previous dozens of iterations was to select a previously saved style. My understanding is that this should only apply those saved words and weights to the prompts so shouldn't have much of an impact.
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2023.06.03 05:33 Garaged_4594 What’s your go-to handheld vacuum for light construction dust? Do you just use your regular vacuum, or do you have a dedicated one?

Light construction dust includes drywall, wood, and other miscellaneous dust from small projects.
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2023.06.03 05:33 Additional_Gap2510 Possible Secrets of the Husty Family… Like What if Gira and Racules’ father was a terrible tyrant that saw them and his people as tools?

I have come to see that Racules may be making an act of a tyrant king.
And his battle against Gira like how he did it fairly and did not used underhanded tactics like using God Scorpion’s poison against him.
But something tells me that Racules may be burdened by the sins and actions of either his Husty ancestors, or his father. And the royal family may have dark secrets within…
That brings me to one thing, what if Gira and Husty’s father was a greedy tyrant.
That possible theory was based off of other evil kings in Japanese media.
For example, King Pardis III, a.k.a Osasuna from Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent.
He is considered a brutal tyrant in the world of Octopath because while he is ambitious, he is also greedy and self-centred as he believes that he alone can rule the continent of Osterra.
And he did so by any means necessary, even at the cost of the deaths of his soldiers and his family members. Like his brother Oswald, his wife Ulrica, and his daughter Elrica.
And those who have seen stories like ones from Octopath Traveler may understand how evil, tyrants like Pardis III (Osasuna) was.
And something tells me that the father of Gira and Racules was as terrible as Pardis III.
This also makes me guess that said father was the one who killed Himeno’s parents in Ishabana during the time of the “Wrath of the Gods”.
But what do you guys think?
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2023.06.03 05:32 oanddoggo Communication Advice Needed

For context, I am a 23 year old Autistic woman with crippling anxiety. I am talking to a guy who is also 23 and is a MLS player. I went to his house and we had a lovely date. At the end of the date he kissed me and said he wanted to see me again. He is REALLY bad at using his phone. He already acknowledged that he is not good at using his phone. Before I got his number we were messaging through Snapchat and he still has not opened snaps from over a week ago, even though we saw each other three days ago in person for our first date.
In all honesty, I was at his place to throw the cat around, if you catch my drift. We ended up going for a walk around his neighborhood and he made me dinner from scratch. We have a lot in common and our core values align. I've fallen head-over-heels for this man and that's not like me.
I texted him asking if he wanted to make gluten free cookies together next week (we're both gluten free) and haven't heard from him. Normally I would be like "this person is ghosting me", but I know he has had games and publicity stuff all this week for his MLS team. The way our date ended and the way he acted towards me points to him being interested but his communication style (or lack thereof) is so very confusing for anyone, but especially an autistic individual.
I don't know what to do because this is someone I really like. I've never felt this way about anyone ever.
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2023.06.03 05:32 KomradeSims Update Notes: June 1, 2023

Welcome to June, and also the latest Project: Gorgon update! This update contains a new much-requested skill, Angling, as well as new UI features, quests, balancing, and a ton of bug fixes.
Update: the following are known bugs in this update -- no need to report them. If you see OTHER bugs, please report them!

Main Story

We've expanded the main story quest-line by a few steps. If you've already reached the point in the storyline where you were asked to have dinner with Jessina (via a hang out), the hang out is now available, and you should log in to see that your character has a "reminder quest" to hang out with Jessina.

New Camera Types

Players come to us from different games with different control schemes and camera views, and they often ask us if we can imitate the camera styles they're used to. So we gave it a try! We know that getting movement behavior just right can be tricky, so please give us feedback on how these work for you.
There are now 3 camera types to choose from, located in Settings > Controls:

AoE Visibility

Area-of-Effect abilities that are centered on the caster now have a visualization for their range.


Traditionally, fishing in Project: Gorgon has involved scooping fish up out of the water with your bare hands -- what we might call 'tickling' the fish. And that's fine, as far as it goes. It takes real skill! But not all fish can be caught this way. (And more importantly, players have told us that an MMO "needs" to have traditional fishing in order to feel like a complete MMO.)
So we've expanded Fishing with a new sub-skill: Angling. All you need is a fishing pole, some bait, and a body of water with catchable fish. (Also Fishing 15. And hands!) In order to get started, talk to Roshun the Traitor in Serbule.
The precise mechanics of Angling aren't spelled out in the game at the moment. Since this game focuses on exploration, we expect players to be able to figure out how Angling works. Please let us know what parts of the system were hard to figure out, and we'll work to make those bits more obvious.

Skills & Abilities

From here out (and probably through the rest of beta), we'll be making small balance changes. We don't want to overnerf/overbuff things, so most changes will be relatively modest, and then we'll re-evaluate and adjust further after more observation.
We've revised the formulae used for damage reflection, which resulted in nerfs to Privacy Field. On the other hand, multiple bug fixes actually increase the Warden's power significantly in other ways.
Weather Witch:
Giant Bat:
Fire Magic:


UI Changes

Graphics & Animation

Other Bug Fixes & Tweaks

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2023.06.03 05:32 lifetime33 Strategies that you use to cope with NVLD?

Hi everyone, my name is Chris. I am a 24m from Canada. I made a video on Youtube about strategies that I use to cope with NVLD. It's my first time doing this sort of thing. I would greatly appreciate anyone's constructive feedback or comments, and maybe we can open a discussion for strategies that people use to help them? Thank you so much for your time!
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2023.06.03 05:32 Bonko_Boy You Dumb Shit-Licking Retard.

If you've clicked on my profile, you have willingly admitted defeat. My opinions are objectively correct, and yours are objectively rancid retarded shit, despite opinions being subjective. That's just the extent of how wrong you are and how right I am. This is my secondary account, which i use to shit on others and get out scot-free. Get shit on, loser. The title of the subreddit applies to * Y O U *. I would tell you to get fucked, but we all know there's absolutely negative chance of you losing your virginity, let alone losing those extra 340 pounds of lard on your ass, fat-ass.
Trans rights? No, they've never done anything right. They're just delusional mentally handicapped failures, and all they want to do is rape and mutilate children.
The reason Japan is so prosperous is because of their vehement racism and xenophobia. Although, when I say "Phobia", it's a lot like the "phobia" in 'transphobia'. It's not fear, it's absolute disgust and hatred. We should apply similar tactics here in America. Let all the white, non-Jewish people who DON'T have a dual citizenship with Israel run the place, put all the shitskins and monkeys into enclosures and maybe a couple zoos, burn Biden at the stake, publicly skin the Clintons alive, and leave the Obamas in wooden stocks until they starve to death and are eaten by vultures. We should close off the borders, I'm sure all the Americans in Texas will appreciate that, and become isolationist again. It's for the better of America, which means it's better for the entire world. If America dies from a rotten gaping wound known as the democrats - much like how troons are dying from a rotten gaping axe wound and the holes in their zippered tits - then the whole world will become as much of a shitshow as London at best and North Korea at worst. And believe me, London is worse than dog shit.
They say Hitler did nothing wrong, but I can say at least one thing he did get wrong. He didn't finish the job.
To conclude, you're retarded and ugly, I win because I'm literally better than you, Americans need to put America first, and all 100% of trannies should join the 40% or 50% who fucking k i l l themselves. Hurry up already, faggot. Nobody wants you around, and the children will be a lot happier to know that their least favorite clown won't be reading pedophilic propaganda to them anymore.
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2023.06.03 05:32 Present_Quantity_756 I am a 100% beginner and I have a couple of questions please. :)

Ok I have zero knowledge on the subject so my first question is, is this the best sub for me? If not, can somebody suggest a good one for beginners? My second question is, I just bought a small hydroponic grow system with 12 pods etc. on this a good thing to use? I haven’t received it yet so I can still cancel. I realize I should have asked before ordering but it was 50% off and I guess I went momentarily crazy. I just want to grow a few personal use plants. Please forgive my ignorance on the subject but I do want to learn.
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2023.06.03 05:32 Dani_AOE Mastering Unit Management: Strategies for Dominating the Battlefield

Greetings to all passionate Age of Empires 4 strategists on Reddit!
I am excited to announce the launch of my second blog, "Mastering Unit Management: Strategies for Dominating the Battlefield." In this blog, I will delve deep into the key strategies and techniques for efficiently managing your units and achieving dominance on the battlefield.
As dedicated players of Age of Empires 4, we understand how crucial it is to have precise and effective control over our units. In this blog, I will break down essential concepts such as micro and macro management, the strategic use of Attack Move, proper unit positioning, and many other techniques that will help improve your gameplay.
My goal is to create a vibrant and energetic community of players passionate about honing their skills in Age of Empires 4. I invite all game enthusiasts to join this exciting journey of learning and mastering unit management.
In my blog, you will find detailed analyses, practical tips, step-by-step tutorials, and valuable resources to take your game to the next level. I am also thrilled to receive your feedback, suggestions, and questions to address topics that interest you the most in future articles.
Whether you are a novice player looking to enhance your skills or a veteran of real-time strategy games seeking to refine your techniques, "Mastering Unit Management: Strategies for Dominating the Battlefield" has something for everyone.
I invite you to join my community and explore the exciting content I have prepared for you on my website Empire Wars: Age of Empires Blog ( . Engage in discussions, share your own strategies, and be part of this dedicated community committed to strategic excellence in Age of Empires 4.
I look forward to seeing you soon on the blog and in our thrilling conversations about unit management! Together, we will achieve mastery on the battlefield!
Strategic regards,
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