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Their last resort

2013.09.10 16:28 Cuervoso Their last resort

Netflix TV series 'Ozark', starring Jason Bateman & Laura Linney

2013.08.05 22:27 dp85 OSHA

Post FUNNY scenes from: the workplace (not from your own home) .gifs and pics from safety training videos .gifs and pics from instructional videos Although this subreddit is named /OSHA, submissions do not have to be from the US. Safety violations from all countries are welcome. -Mods may allow or remove any post at their discretion- -No one on this subreddit, nor its moderators have any connection or experience with safety or regulatory issues.-

2016.03.13 04:13 60 Days In

For the first time in “60 Days In” history, more participants struggle to survive the intense program and are forced to quit the program early, as the newly elected Sheriff takes over one of the worst facilities the series has ever seen.

2023.06.03 07:47 Soft-Waltz8776 Jasmine and Gino…☹️

I’ll just get right to the point, in the trailers alone, it looks like Gino and Jasmine’s relationship is no longer that firey ball of passion lmao it seems like she’s just using him now 🤷🏼‍♀️
Which is what I (and most others) believed in the very beginning as well! BUT as their first szn progressed, I truly believe Jasmine actually DID fall in love with Gino’s ol’ weird self 😂
There was just so much passion! And seemingly REAL feelings + emotions! Now though? Now it looks like there’s trouble in paradise and Jasmine’s no longer settling for his horrible sex, as she made clear with the whole “my ex is a real man, he knows how to fuck!” or whatever she said lmfao
AND Gino made it clear, things only have gotten worse once they separated. Which can also be a sign of somebody whose just using someone else—it’s all good when you’re in their face spending $$$, but once you’re gone & it becomes CashApp payments once a month.. now it’s time to find and move onto the next fool, therefore you begin fighting & arguing more etc
And hey, I know I could be 100% wrong you guys. Shit, I hope I am wrong for their sake! I actually love them together, they became one of if not my favorites of that entire season.
So, simply put, what are you guys thoughts about what’s to come from these 2 in the upcoming szn? Will they rekindle their romance and get married? Or will Gino leave her to be with her ex and call it quits?
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2023.06.03 07:45 PastEquation922 Many problems with breath of the wild

Many problems with breath of the wild
So, I recently started playing breath of the wild some days ago on cemu after not being able to play tears of the kingdom on yuzu. It's been going great but there are 2 main issues:
  1. Objects take a long time to load. For example, when I teleport to a tower and fly down, the monsters which are supposed to be present there are not. When I reach a shrine, it does not show the text in the center of the screen which contains the shrine name. Also, the shrine's elevator doesn't load and I can't warp to it till I reload my game and get it to show the shrine name. Monsters also take a long time to drop their loot and amiibo loot too. Landscape also doesn't load in.
  2. In cutscenes, for example the cutscene after defeating a blight ganon where you get a heart, the audio finishes playing first and is very desynced with the video.

Hanging on nothing
Impa's house is missing
the landscape is a bit fuzzy
Lasli is sitting on nothing
Impa's house doesn't have doors
My log file:
These glitches are frustrating and I'm missing out on a lot. How can I fix this?
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2023.06.03 07:45 Svtfoe5 Help To My Kitten

Help To My Kitten

Hello everyone.
I have a very important situation which I need to share in search of support and help.
I've been part of the community for a short time, however I hope I can have something relevant here.
I have a kitten, her name is Leche, who got pregnant.
Last week she started having contractions and we thought she was about to give birth because the gestation period was around.
However, we noticed she began to shed bloodstains, at first they were small but then they were accompanied more and more by pieces of meat.
Due to this, we contacted a specialist veterinarian and he informed us she may be having complications for the birth and that one of the babies has not formed well, so she is expelling them, however, this has been happening for several days, so he determined that they need to perform an ultrasound and a cesarean section.
Both costs are moderately high and due to many economic adjustments, it's now difficult for us to be able to provide her with the amount.
That's why I ask for your support.
I was sharing information on ig, twitter and tiktok with videos, here I wanted to upload it too but Reddit rejected it, so I had to write it.
Clarifications: I want to clarify points to prevent you from starting to speculate things you don't know, since I also shared the information on Facebook and most of the comments I received were about things they assumed without knowing anything.
-My cat doesn't leave the house, she got pregnant by one of the 2 cats we also have and that neither is neutered.
-My cat is over 1 year old.
-We've been able to provide them with everything they need: vaccines and deworming, as well as food and care, the only thing we've not been able to do is castration and sterilization.
-After this, we will save to carry out the castration and sterilization.
-If the babies are saved, they will stay with us.
-My cat's life will go first.
We must ensure that this is not prolonged to avoid infections that harm it.
Therefore I have open means of support where you can access if you want to support me ❤️
(Where I ask for the minimum amount of $1)
BCP bank account - receive dollars (Please consider this option as it's a more direct way): 00219117226288501155
(or enter my email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]))
Si eres de Peru:
Yape: +51956899243
BCP account: 19172262885011
Thank you all in advance and all support is very welcome and much appreciated ❤️❤️❤️.
You can be more informed through my accounts:
IG: savesvtfoe5season
It's where I post things from a series but lately I'm using them to spread the info.
Then I will create exclusive accounts for them.
Please support Leche and thank you✨
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2023.06.03 07:43 Annual_Ad_787 My past situationship (21M) keeps coming back after I (21F) left because he didn’t want a relationship…now he’s saying he wants a relationship. Should I give him another chance and how can I tell if he’s being genuine???

I (21F) met this guy (21M) off of a dating app in September of 2022. He had gotten out of a 3-year-long relationship 3 months prior and I had also gotten out of a much shorter (3 months) relationship around the same time. I wasn’t technically looking for anything serious at the time because I had gotten brutally cheated on and planned on just kind of having fun and getting back out there but after hanging out with this guy quite a bit, I caught feelings for him. After about a month of talking and going on dates, we both began introducing our friends to each other. One night we decided to introduce some of our friends and we all hung out together. (Side note: before I had met him he had been on a couple of dates with one of my friend's other friends whom I had only met a couple of times and was never close with)
During the night he ended up talking to my best friend and she ended up asking him if he was planning on asking me to be his girlfriend since things were getting more serious, he replied that he didn’t know what to do because he had just gotten out of a relationship and felt that it was still really early. Which I totally understood. During that night I later found out that he had talked to my other friend whose other close friend he had previously gone out with. At this point he was really drunk and ended up asking her about the previous girl and if she knew why she stopped talking to him and that he had really thought things were going to go somewhere with her, as well as some weird questions asking if she had talked about him and if she thought the sex was good. Knowing I would be upset by the fact that he was asking my friend about another girl my friend decided to wait until the next day to tell me. I was obviously upset but ended up deciding to sit on it before bringing it up to him. That night I was out with a friend and I showed her a picture of him and she had said that she matched with him on a dating app a couple of days prior. I was hurt and confused, he was actively on other dating apps and drunkenly asked one of my friends about another girl. I realized that I hadn’t really asked or talked to him about commitment and I had just assumed instead of asking so I technically couldn’t be upset about the dating app situation. But I was extremely hurt about the fact that he was asking my friend about another girl so I ended up cutting him off. This was very short-lived and I ended up going back. After about 3 weeks of doing this, I finally realized and decided that it was doing more harm to myself to stay in this situation than leave. So I ended up ending things He was very understanding and apologized that he couldn’t give me what I wanted. (I ended things around mid-December).
Flash forward to February: I had been doing really good and started to move on from him and the situation. I had opted for no contact and had not spoken to him since I had ended things. Right after Valentine’s Day, he called me. I honestly thought we had butt dialed me or something simply because of the fact that we hadn’t spoken since I ended things, so I answered. We talked on the phone for about 30 minutes and he said that he didn’t like how things had ended and he wanted to take me out to dinner. I was very hesitant and made it clear that I didn’t want to get hurt and he said that he knows and wouldn’t have reached out for no reason. Before going out to dinner, he had asked to come and see me and asked if I would go to the grocery store with him. I agreed and he came to pick me up. He ended up coming inside my apartment before we went to the store and immediately initiated sex (which I did give in to but also played my part in initiating it). A couple of days later we went out to dinner. It was an EXTREMELY nice restaurant that was very very expensive. We ended up having a great time. About a week later everything is going really well so I decided to stay the night over at his house. The following two days after he barely talked to me, he responded maybe twice to me over the span of 2 days while being very active on social media. This enraged me. I send him a long message about how I had told him he only had one more chance and that I wasn’t going to be used for sex and that if he could’ve communicated that he was busy or talked to me, I would’ve been fine. He read it and then never responded to the message. I removed him from all of my social media and kept no contact.
Flash forward again to May 29th he texts me saying that he just wanted to reach out and hoped I was doing well. I didn’t plan on responding to him but I ended up giving in and responding. He asks me if he could take me out again, and I said “You pissed me off last time”. He responds that he thinks we should just go out and have fun with no expectations and I respond that it is a good way for me to get my feelings hurt. He asks what situation will allow him to take me out again and I say that I wasn’t sure if there even was one and said that I couldn’t keep my feelings out of the situation like he could which he says “Well I keep coming back to you so false” I start getting angry and say that the only reason he keeps coming back is that he and I have amazing sex and he hasn’t found anything better and he says “That yes the sex is amazing but you fucking know I like seeing you, don’t bullshit me, you know I like being with you.” I then say "What happened last time then?" And he says “You were mad at me cause I was not texting good and was distant. I wanna see you though it’s that simple” I ended up ignoring those texts and he texted me a couple more times by which I ignored for a day or two until I finally decided to answer. I told him that I told him last time I’d only give him one more chance. I didn’t ask him for much and that maybe if he had really wanted me in his life, he would’ve gotten it right when I made it clear I’d only give him one more chance. He ended up responding and said he wish he had more of an explanation as to why he wasn’t responding and that he wasn’t planning on going anywhere, that he was having fun seeing me again but that I wanted to stop. I told him he put me into a situation that gave me a choice between being disrespectful to myself and allowing my needs to be brushed off or respecting myself and prioritizing my needs. Although he may not have planned on going anywhere and I didn’t think that he wanted our relationship to progress further than what it was He then said I didn’t give him the chance to explain what he wanted and he didn’t see why we couldn’t talk things out and see if what we want aligns together and that he would love to see me and talk things through even if it means moving slower and talking through next steps. So I eventually agree to talk to him which is supposed to happen in two days.
I’m really hesitant and I’m scared I’m going to get hurt again. He is a good person and I really do see potential in our relationship, I just don’t know if he actually sees that too.
I really can’t tell what his intentions are, he said he knows that he’s going to have to work and show me how serious he is for me to even consider us trying things let alone even having sex. Maybe it is obvious from an outside perspective but do you think he really wants to commit to me or do you think he is playing games and saying what he can to hook up? I’m nervous that he’ll just end up saying what I want to hear and not actually follow through with it. I know that last time I didn’t make it very difficult for him to get in my pants and I also initiated it but do you think him waiting and showing me with his actions will prove that he doesn’t just want sex or do you think he’ll do just about anything to get what he gets what he wants? He is a very very attractive man and I know he could easily just go get sex anywhere else, so I question if I'm just convincing myself that he just wants sex (I've been deceived and used in the past before so I question if that is interfering with this situation). Do men ever go back to someone just for sex if that person left them because they wanted a relationship? What kind of things should I ask him when we talk that might help me figure out if he is being genuine? Am I being dumb giving him another chance? I honestly just need advice and thoughts from an outside perspective.
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2023.06.03 07:43 10shelby1999 Passed NCLEX RN NGN

I promised myself that I would share my story if I passed so here it goes!
I graduated from RN school on May 12. My school sent my transcript a week later on Friday May 19 and I got my ATT on Monday May 22. So I imagine that it takes one business day to get your ATT after your school submit your transcript to the board nursing. I had all of my other required documents submitted before I graduated on May 3 so that I was ready to schedule my test. I got to schedule my test on June 1 which was the earliest date available.
I have taken the LPN NCLEX before this so I kind of had an idea of what I was going into except that it was not an NGN test.
Here’s what I studied. I used you UWORLD and Kaplan.
UWOLRD: I answered about half of the quiz bank on uworld. I averaged about 75 Questions a day and had a quiz bank score of 58% using the old way of scoring and a 68% using the NGN Way of scoring. I took 2 self assessments on uworld. The first one I took a month before I took the NCLEX and scored a high chance of passing. The second one I took a week before the test and scored a very high chance of passing. I do like using uworld for a couple reasons. One is that they have a Phone app so I could do questions on the go and did not need my laptop to do it. I also think that they have a good rationales that are easy to understand. The actual and clicks, however, is a bit more vague, and has a lot less wording than that Uworld questions. For me the NCLEX was harder than Uworld.
Kaplan: I use Kaplan mainly for testing purposes, and to see how I was placing. I did not use quizbank. I took two CAT test and scored a above the passing rate on both of them with a mixture of green and yellow subcategories. I also used the diagnostic test which gave me a 68%. I also use Kaplan throughout all of school and remediated most of the previous test I have taken.
I also watched a couple of YouTube videos, such as the one hour review by beautiful nursing, and some of the simply Nursing Videos as well.
The test itself was pretty difficult. I would say it was much more difficult than the LPN test. I had taken my test cut off at 135 questions. I had a lot of bowtie questions, select all that apply, and small case studies. I did not have very many traditional questions. I felt like I was telling throughout the whole entire test. I felt like I was also guessing. My last two questions were regular questions, and they were not hard at all so for the people thinking that you can tell whether you pass by if your last question was a select all that apply and if it was difficult both of my last two questions were not difficult or select all that apply. After my test shut off, I believed I had failed because of my last two questions were super easy and I had not heard of anybody’s test shutting off 10 questions before the maximum amount of questions before in passing. I was for sure that I was going to have to do all the questions. In fact, I was so sure that I had filled the proctor lady had to console me because I was crying so hard leaving.
After 30 minutes of me sitting in the parking lot crying, I tried it, the Pearson Vue trick and got the good pop-up. I couldn’t believe it. In fact, I didn’t believe it and I had to wait till I got my results to really celebrate.
I got my license from the board of nursing approximately 20 hours after finishing the test. I could not get quick results because you have to wait 48 hours and I got my license before quick results were even ready. I’m still in shock. I completely thought I failed, and I really only could tell you three questions that I know I got right. But I indeed did pass, and I am officially an RN.
A couple notes:
  1. Remember, if you are still in the test, you can still pass or else they would cut you off. I got nervous after 85 questions that it did not shut off and I gave myself a confidence boost at 25 questions are inviting myself of this. It wasn’t within 10 questions of me saying I can still pass and focus really hard on those 10 questions and the test shut off for me. SO IF YOU ARE STILL IN THE TEST, YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE NO MATTER WHAT QUESTION YOU WERE AT.
  2. The Pearson Vue trick has worked for me and a all of my classmates. It seems to have a 99% chance of being accurate if you get a good pop-up you passed. But only about a 75% accuracy of getting the good pop meaning you failed. If you get the bad pop-up, it does not necessarily mean you failed just maybe they had to grade your test by hand. But then again it is still 75% accurate that you did indeed fail.
  3. Study before you graduate be prepared to take your test as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more of a chance do you have of not passing.
Thank you all if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate and asking me! I hope everyone passes!
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2023.06.03 07:43 unwieldyorozco 11 thousand followerz

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2023.06.03 07:42 diveshraj731 BoyFriend Control Vashikaran Specialist Baba Ji +91 7737015003

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We always want our life to be free from worries but how can we make it possible. Generally, it is never so easy for a person to keep life free from troubles. If a person wants things to be better for them then they can definitely use vashikaran. It is powerful magic that can be easily used to make things better. BoyFriend Control Vashikaran Specialist Baba Ji
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positive magic spells for love problem solution +91 7737015003

Expressing love from time to time is an attempt to get your love back because he is the only person in your heart. It is never too late or too early to express your love, it always comes with a feeling of love and condensation, and it is not just a matter of saying those words to your soul mate by meeting the spirits in heaven. make happy It is not a big deal to express the love that your life partner thinks to meet two soul mates and make a happy family. BoyFriend Control Vashikaran Specialist Baba Ji
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How does vashikaran work?

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Love Breakup Problem Solution Baba Ji

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2023.06.03 07:42 Dakurod0 Have a question

Does anybody know, how many collaborations Fortnite has with other games per season?
I mean they dropped Resident Evil skins in this season, that’s all (as i remember). Does it mean per one season they only have one collab with another game? I’m asking to know, if they sell any skins from another game, then there no others to come. Sorry, maybe it’s a fact that I don’t know and they have some kind of schedule, just want to know)
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2023.06.03 07:42 Drakolf Dragon Rising- 13. The Storm:

"You want to what!?" Galax yapped.
"Is it really that surprising?" I asked. "Five Clerics have awakened due to their faith in Kurtulmak, You built your Temple outside of the town out of respect for the people, yes, but you could not build it in town because this land is Kurtulmak's." I paused. "Thus, on the behalf of our Clerics, I am requesting that a Temple be built."
"It's not an unreasonable request." Kuvli spoke. "Not to mention, without his help, we would all be dead."
"Without Bahamut's intervention, we would be dead!" Tallyn snapped.
"Yes, and you have enjoyed a very significant upsurge in attendance at the Temple." I replied. "Everyone knows where it is, how to reach it. You've even begun construction on an outer wall specifically to protect it from another attack."
"This is demanding preferential treatment!" Galax screeched.
"Oh, would you shut the fuck up?" Nakk asked. "You and your Temple have had it out for Ruuk since he made contact with Kurtulmak, and I guarantee you, if anyone else so much as talked with him, you'd burn them at the stake!"
"When have we been hostile to him?" Galax asked.
"Running through the list." Nakk said. "First, your Paladin tries to ruthlessly murder his brother because he wasn't, I don't know, sincere enough. Then you excommunicated him. Your Paladin went to his place, planning on spying on them under the pretense of temporary service. Then, when he went to your Temple, you spent several minute interrogating him before even giving him that- not to mention how casually one of your own considered using your own holy vestments as a punishment. I'm real sure your God is happy about that!" He added sarcastically.
He paused, taking a sip of water and clearing his throat. "Then-" His voice cracked and he cleared his throat again. "Then, when we were attacked. you spent basically the entire time praying instead of doing something, and when any of your faithful fell, your Clerics cast Revivify on them, saving them from death." He spoke this with barely restrained fury. "And then! You had the fucking audacity to openly admit you want this place to be a theocracy, giving an absolute non-answer to avoid telling the naked truth! You have been nothing but suspicious of his intentions, no matter what he says, no matter how he acts! Your God is ashamed of you!"
The silence was only punctuated by Nakk's enraged gasping. He had stood up, and now he leaned forward, his fingers being the only part of his hands touching it. "Maybe you started out genuine." He said in a terrifyingly cold voice. "But I don't trust a religion that talks shit about people behind their backs, and I sure as hell don't trust a religion full of hypocrites."
He sat back down, glaring at them.
"How did you know about some of those things?" I asked.
"I've got like thirty Rogues under my belt and twenty Way of Shadows monks on standby. I kept it a secret because keeping tabs on our local authorities allows us to call them out on corruption and bullshit. So far, the ones concerned most about justice are more interested in having Heaven on Earth. We've gotten complaints about your Clerics proselytizing, making it very obvious that your every action is a prayer to Bahamut."
He glanced at the rest of us. "It's fucking performative at best and insincere at worst. Plus, you have the monopoly of giant Dragon men, who must dedicate themselves to Bahamut- and even then, they're the only ones more consistently following him. It's almost like being transformed into a Dragonborn by a ritual that requires you to abandon your past life and your past ideals makes you actually willing to follow the teachings. Need I say more?"
He went silent, everyone just... stared at him in shock.
"Youi've had monks this entire time?" Tudru asked.
"Hey, having people who can turn invisible in the darkness and spy on people is great." Nakk replied. "Their representative approached me, asking me to keep their existence a secret because they knew what I was doing, and wanted to hold me accountable as well. And no, I don't know who they are, because they wore a very blatant ninja costume and had a carved wooden mask with kabuki designs painted on it."
"I've been aware of them as well." Tatla replied. "They've been doing the same for me, I'm pretty sure they're Unawoken volunteers, and they only seek out Unawoken who haven't found their Class."
"How many people here were unaware of these ninjas?" I asked.
Myself, Kalith, Tudru, Tallyn, and Galax raised our hands.
"Wow, get fucked, us." Tudru remarked.
"In any case." Nakk continued. "I've been keeping a close eye on you, Tallyn, Ruuk, and Kalith, and considering a lot of the shit you've pulled, the fact that I'm not demanding the destruction of your Temple, even if it means our friends and family stay dead, is the fact that you've been useful. The moment you step out of line, the moment you leverage your monopoly over future resurrections to enforce your theocracy, that's the moment I'm going to walk up to you and slit your fucking throat."
I didn't know what surprised me more. The fact that he was fully willing to kill Bahamut's High Priest here, or the fact that he didn't seem to know about mine and Kurtulmak's plans. An entire hidden spy ring, and a shadowy clan of Monks, there was no way they didn't know.
'Do I trust them, believing them to be on my side, or do I play stupid, and wait until I know for certain they support our goal?'
"We let Tallyn build his Temple. Not pissing off the God who's been helping us from the beginning is in our best interests, and if Bahamut wants to step up to the plate, then he's more than welcome to. I, for one, am not holding my breath. Especially since he's probably fucked off to find Tiamat or is banking on Kurtulmak keeping things stable here while he keeps her from causing any significant fires."
It came down to a vote, it was unanimous. Galax and Tallyn looked like they'd just had their every dream crushed, considering how fervent I got briefly, it was entirely likely they got carried away.
"Now, Tallyn. It might interest you to know the other Sorcerers have been organizing with the intent on taking over the Warren. "Nakk stated. "Considering your God outright threatened them for trying to use him as a means to gain power, you might have an idea as to what to do."
"Are they trying to summon Demons?" I asked.
"Not yet, at any rate." Nakk remarked. "But considering you're Level Five now, and they're still stuck at Level 3, I figured you might want to get on that."
"You're Level Five!?" Tallyn roared.
"As if you have any room to complain, Mr. Level 6 Paladin." Nakk remarked.
"How the fuck did you manage that?" Tudru asked.
Tallyn looked away. "We've been having a bit of an issue with undead." He said.
Even Nakk was caught off guard by his words. "There are fucking undead in the catacombs!?"
"We have been doing our best to keep the situation stable." Galax stated. "Hallow is a Fifth Level spell, that means we need to reach Level 9."
"We've basically been level grinding off of the undead." Tallyn said, his voice full of shame. "But it's the only thing we can do. They're just... so angry, accusing us of leaving them to die, accusing us of knowing about the mine ahead of time. They just mindlessly attack us, and it's all we can do to keep them down."
"You should have told us." I said. "We could have come up with a better solution, hell, we could have cremated them, or or something."
"That would not have solved the issue." Galax said. "They are angry and restless because they died violent and pointless deaths. We kept this secret because if this got out, the people would lose faith in us, at best, we'd be exiled. At worst, executed. We've had to deal with the fact that we're killing our loved ones over and over again." For the first time ever, I saw how exhausted he was. "We were doing routine maintenance when the attack happened. We couldn't devote anyone to more than defense simply because most of our spells go toward putting down ghosts. That is why we brought back our faithful. We can't afford to lose anyone, and now it's only going to get worse."
"Then move the dead here." We all looked to see Kurtulmak entering the Council Room. "I have a Pact with Kalith, I can observe what he is doing when I feel like it, and today I felt like keeping up with current events."
"Why should we move our dead here, in the middle of a populated area?" Tallyn asked.
"Because this land is my domain." Kurtulmak replied. "I may hallow and unhallow the land as I see fit, I can choose to imbue it with any effect I desire. Move your dead here, and they will finally know rest. I have exactly one condition for this."
"What is your condition?" Galax asked.
"Kneel before me, and beg my mercy." Kurtulmak replied with venom in his words. "Your actions have harmed the Warren."
Galax nodded and stood. He walked over to Kurtulmak, and after a moment of hesitation, he kneeled and said. "Please, have mercy on me and my Temple."
"Acknowledge me as Master of my Domain."
"Master." I said. "You are moving the goalposts. This isn't the time, nor the place, nor is it worth pissing Bahamut off."
"You speak sense, Ruuk." Kurtulmak looked at Galax once more. "'I grant you leniency for your actions against your Warren. However, understand if there is a next time, I will have you call me Master. Rise."
Galax stood up, he was clearly trying to hold in his indignation.
"In recognition that I did, indeed, go too far, I grant you permission to build a Temple within my Domain. I shall cede just enough land to Bahamut, under the understanding that once this situation has concluded, that Temple will be removed and my land returned to me. I shall ask no tithe of you, but may change my mind if you continue any form of belligerence against me or my followers. And if any of my Followers wish to seek counsel from you and your priests, you will give them guidance as you would any of your faithful, and I shall do the same. Is this understood?"
"Yes." Galax replied.
"Go, build your Temple, retrieve your dead."
At this, the meeting was adjourned. I walked over to Nakk, who was just leaving. "Care to have some company?" I asked.
"By all means." He said. We walked out together, and after a few minutes, I said, "You have listened in on my conversations with my God." I said.
"They are all fascinating discussions." He said. "Especially the followers you've amassed. A Warlock, a handful of Clerics, and others."
"What are your intentions?" I asked.
He led me down an unfamiliar road. "I will be frank with you." He said. "The Council isn't going to last forever. All of our desires pull us in different directions, and I sure as shit am not qualified for that." He stopped and faced me, then surprised me by kneeling. "Imperator Ruuk Stingtail, the Shadowscale Clan has chosen to pledge our service to you and our God. We will continue to work toward the establishment of your Empire."
I smiled, nodding. "Continue to serve us faithfully. Though you have not asked for a reward, I will ensure our God and Master rewards you appropriately."
He nodded. "Thank you." He said. "Is there anything you need, any information you require?"
"Can you or any of your Rogues create a still image?" I asked.
"Yes. What do you need?"
"I need an image of the interior of our enemies' base of operations beyond the wall, the place where they plan their movements. With an image, I should be able to listen in."
"As you wish, Imperator."
"Rise, before anyone happens upon us." I said.
He stood up. "S'not going to happen, Imperator. This entire street is inhabited by my Rogues, The Monks are neutral, but they do not care who leads."
I nodded. "Then it's in my best interests to earn their loyalty." I said. "Why do you wish for our Empire to rise?"
"Simple." He said. "I'm not cut out to help lead a nation, but I sure as hell am able to keep tabs on people. The Dragon-worshipers would make Bahamut's will law, they've spoken of a nation where everyone is faithful, where vestments are worn by all, where evil is punished. Shit's too rigid and it's going to get people killed. You and our Master, though, I know what he wants, I know he doesn't give a shit if we're good or evil. What he does care about is that we're safe."
"What do you know about the Sorcerers?" I asked.
"They want power, and they don't care how they get it. They are a direct rival to you, because they want to rule the Warren as well." He looked at me. "They do, however, respect power, you being a full two levels above them might be enough to get them to capitulate."
I shook my head. "No." I said. "I don't want anyone who even so much as thinks of betraying anyone. Keep an eye on them, if they start making any obvious attempts at contacting any beings, ensure whatever happens fucks up royally, to the point where they're terrified of ever doing it again. Do they have any outside help?"
"No. It's just them and their little circle."
"Ruin any material components they have for anything too dangerous. either that, or replace it with something different. Understood?"
"Yes, Imperator." He replied. "Would you like one of my Rogues to be available in the event you need something?"
"Yes, if they can be surreptitious." I paused for a moment. "Is there anything else?"
"No, Imperator. I will get everything prepared."
"Excellent. And Nakk, be sure to swing by so our Master can meet you properly."
We continued along the street and went our separate ways. I was getting more and more used to the idea of ruling this place, ensuring my Master's will was followed. I paused, examining that thought. It was the first time I had internally referred to Kurtulmak as Master. I thought about why I thought of him as such, I hadn't been avoiding it for any particular reason, if anything, this was just a slip of the metaphorical tongue.
Yet the more I thought about it, the more I realized that, yes, I absolutely considered him my Master.
I resumed walking, the two Temples were in the process of being built and people were observing with curiosity. I knew I would go in one day to show that even hosting my Master in my home, I respected him enough to give him the proper respect he deserves.
I still helped other Kobolds, even the Humans who had remained with us this long received my aid, but I was beginning to think, perhaps it was time for them to just join us. I greeted them, asked them how their day was and if they needed anything fixed. "No, Councilor. We're just doing our best with what we've got."
I nodded. "I understand." I said. "I used to miss being Human, but after the attack... It's absolutely irrational, but every time I see Humans, I feel a little jolt of panic."
They looked at me with expressions of sympathy. I told them of how proud I was of them for trying their hardest, for doing their best. "Sometimes, I just wish you were comfortable with being a Kobold." I said.
One of them began to transform, and then more of them joined when they expressed happiness. I welcomed them, and subtly encouraged them to ensure the Humans of the Warren were happy with where they were.
'The sooner they're all Kobolds, the better.' I thought idly. It took me longer than I care to admit, but I eventually realized I had thought that thought. I looked at another Human as they passed by, and the realization hit me. 'I hate Humans.'
I had always promised myself when I was younger and still Human that I would never be so low as to become racist, yet with all of the shit they put us through in the past half year alone, the very thought of Humans just filled me with rage and disgust.
I didn't think of our Humans as such, just... misguidedly holding onto their Humanity.
The next Human who spoke to me, it wasn't even a conscious thought, I didn't hate him, I just couldn't stand what he was. Seeing him embrace Koboldhood filled me with joy and delight, and I knew, before I achieved anything significant in life, before I raised up our Empire, I was going to ensure every Human embraced our way of life fully.
I started going out of my way toward the Humans, never overtly forcing them, just making them come to the conclusion that it was for the best, that they would be happier as a Kobold, that maybe they could help the other Humans embrace it. That maybe it should be mandatory at this point/
"Aren't you tired of feeling useless?" I asked. "You are better than you think you are, you know."
It was so easy, these people respected me, they trusted me, my opinions. I eventually dropped the pretense. "I think you would be happier as a Kobold." I would say. "It's a shame you can't fully be part of the Warren."
Like an avalanche, the transformations proliferated,, propagating as the former Humans came to accept what they should have accepted all along. I felt a rush of power as I gained another Level, it felt so easy to do,
I grew aware of a new spell, one that would allow me to slip into the Astral Plane if I so desired, I returned home, and looking at my Master as he continued working, I couldn't help but feel I wanted to do something for him.
I knelt. "I have gained power, Master." I said. "As well as the fealty of the Rogues. Nakk will be coming along to meet you properly."
"You kneel when I did not command it." Master remarked. "Why?"
"You are my Master."I replied. "I have come to the understanding I should be showing you my devotion more overtly. Case in point, I thought of you as my Master, where before I simply would mentally refer to you by your name. I don't know if I simply didn't accept it fully, or if there was some other factor, maybe I was just a little uncomfortable. I have such reservations anymore. You are my Master, and I am your servant."
He nodded. "Was there anything else?" He asked.
"I've convinced many Humans to embrace becoming a Kobold, and have convinced them to convince others. The result was... exponential."
"I see. I was wondering why the Humans had embraced the Warren completely. Why did you do it?"
"I realized I hate Humans." I replied. "And because they continued to stubbornly cling to a life they'll never have again, I helped them embrace the Warren. The joy on their faces simply makes it better."
"To do something so inherently selfish, yet to enjoy such a positive reaction. What a novelty."
"Master?" I asked, confused.
"Ruuk, congratulations. You have done your first overtly evil action. You have manipulated countless people to abandon their Humanity, all because your hatred could not reconcile their existence."
His words shook me in a way I hadn't expected. He was right, I had done something evil, I had done something irrevocably fucked up. "Does that make me evil?" I asked.
"Neutral." He replied. "Still leaning toward good. I am proud of you, Ruuk, you exerted your authority in a way to ensure our Empire's success. Those with power take what they need, what they want. You and I will see this world kneel."
I nodded, smiling."Thank you, Master." I said. "For your guidance."
"If you ever wish to fully embrace this, simply think of something you want, anything you desire, and take it."
"Anything I want..." I mused. "There is one thing, Master."
"Then grasp it tightly, no hesitation, not when- Wha-!?"
I didn't resist the impulse, obeyed him without hesitation. I took hold of him, and kissed him. He stared at me in shock as I pulled away. "The audacity." He hissed.
"Apologies, Master. I got caught up in the moment." I said.
He took hold of me by my armor. "It takes a special kind of foolishness to manhandle your God." He spoke in a threatening tone. He lifted me up and threw me onto the bed, then he pinned my wrists against it. His eyes were filled with fury, his grip so tight it hurt.
"No hesitation, Master." I said. "Make me hurt."
"No." He said. He let go and climbed off of me. "I did, after all, challenge you to embrace your desires. I should have anticipated it." He sat on the foot of the bed, the anger still smoldering in him.
"I am sorry, Master." I said. "In that moment, I wanted nothing more than to try."
"Why?" He asked. "Why did you too something so recklessly foolish?"
"Likely because I've never actually been with someone." I admitted. "In the moment, I realized I just... I wanted to know what it felt like."
"You will have all of the time in the world for consorts." He replied. "Why me?"
"Love, perhaps." I replied. "If not blind and reckless lust. May I touch you, Master?"
"Why?" He asked.
"To comfort you, to apologize for my actions."
"You may."'
I rested my hand on his shoulder, the texture of his scales was rough, yet pleasant. I didn't realize I was beginning to lean in to kiss him again until I realized how close I was. He shot me a scathing look as I pulled away. "Sorry, Master." I said.
"Undress." He said. I didn't even hesitate. He pushed me down again, not as roughly, his hands grasped my wrists and pinned me down. "I do this to show you I am not a gentle lover. I am going to make you hurt, Ruuk. I am going to make you beg for death."
I flashed him an audacious grin.

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2023.06.03 07:42 NobodyHealthy7932 One Week’s Progress and a Few Questions

One Week’s Progress and a Few Questions
Hello. I’m fairly new to the game. My sister’s friend recommended it, and I downloaded the game to give it a try. On the first day, I didn’t watch very many advertisements. I was trying to figure things out. After the second day, I stumbled across the guide in this subreddit and followed it. As a result, I was able to progress nicely and reached level 13,000 on my main facility (acorn) by the end of the week.
I have a 5 star acorn cat with 7 hearts on my facility right now. I’m at about gd gold. I’m wondering how I should proceed moving forwards. Should I max my acorn cat and facility? Then work on papaya once I unlock it?
I would love to hear your input and thank you.
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2023.06.03 07:42 Outrageous-Prize4106 Let’s Have an Honest Discussion

This account is new. I am not.
I’ve been watching this team for a long time. I remember the days when Seth Smith’s 2 Year extension was “exciting” as a Padres fan.
I remember when I thought we might have a nice little cleanup hitter to pair with Chase Headley in Jesús Guzman.
I remember when the 3rd baseman of the future was Christian Villanueva.
And boy oh boy do I remember the epic battle for 1st base between Yonder Alonso and Tommy Medica.
I’ve been around the block folks. I’ve paid my dues, I’ve seen it all. So trust me, this isn’t just sour grapes from a bandwagon fan.
On top of that, I would like to add that it is entirely possible that we turn things around and go on “the run”. You know the one, the one we’ve all dreamt about for the past 6 years starting when Gore, Tatis and Urias snagged us that #1 farm system spot.
But for this post, I wanna talk about the worst case scenario. If you don’t want to entertain that scenario, then I respect that and I kindly invite you to stop reading here and move on. You will not like where this is going.
The worst case scenario is, obviously, missing the playoffs this year. Something considered a remote possibility prior to the season is now very much a possibility, even though it shouldn’t be.
What went wrong so far? A lot. The lineup lacks depth. The Bullpen, while solid, lacks depth. The rotation is inconsistent.
Allow me to, finally, make my point:
With $77 Million, Erik Neander built a deep, talented team of homegrown talent that wins games.
With $63 Million, Mike Elias built a deep, talented team of homegrown talent that wins games.
With $250 Million, AJ Preller built the 2023 Padres.
The size of the proverbial stick matters a hell of a lot less than the guy who’s swinging it. Imagine either of those guys with a $250 Million budget, and now imagine Preller with a budget under $80 Million.
Preller is a great draft scout and I’d love for him to stay on as head of scouting, but there are simply dozens of better organizational and roster building GMs out there and if this team misses the playoffs he MUST be removed from his position.
Don’t blame the coaches, blame the guy who hired them. Don’t blame the front office, blame the guy who hired them. Don’t blame the roster, blame the guy who built it.
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2023.06.03 07:42 _Monotov Is my thrust angle high or is this a 'Tacoma thing'?
My '23 TRD OR has about 900 miles on it so far (650 of which were the drive home from the dealer). My steering wheel was a bit off to the right. I made an appointment to have it checked out and they did an alignment and had me pick it up. I asked about the thrust angle being high and they basically said there's no rear adjustments, so it must be fine. After some google research, I've seen that it's possibly 'just a Tacoma thing'.
I'm a technician for a german car brand, and I'm very familiar with alignments. However, I've done a total of 1 alignment on trucks with a solid axle: my 2000 Ford Ranger with god knows how many miles on it. The rear toe was almost identical from left to right and the thrust angle was 0.01 degrees.
It strikes me as very odd that my brand new truck has such angles in the rear. The service advisor at the dealer told me that she 'sent the alignment sheet to the engineers at Toyota' and that the 'zone tech' and assistant manager are working on it. It's been 2.5 weeks and they don't even have my truck, so I'm not sure what they could be working on. I've reached out to Toyota and they told me a different dealer in the area would contact me (they haven't), so before I start pushing buttons, I just wanted to check in and see if any Toyota tech could give some input or if anyone else knows what their alignments look like.
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2023.06.03 07:42 Aylinlokita0969 AITA for blocking “my friend”?

I(22F) was friend whit a girl, lets call her “Maria”(25F) we were close friends for about 7 years, at that time i use to have a bf lets call him “Marc” we were studying in the same school and we were dating 1 year now. One day Maria and i were at a restaurant,she excuse herself to the bathroom and she forgot her phone at that moment i see a message pop up and it was from my bf number,little did she knew i knew here password. I could’t read much of it but in general he was cheating me whit her,i saw dck pics, hearts and even times from dates, I was livid, i put her phone bar the way she left it and put my most sarcastic smile trying not to kll her. Arriving home i txt them both(bc they dont deserve my time) and tell them how i no longer the clown for them. She call me a couple of times crying and saying sorry but i didn’t care. That was 3 years ago, now idk how but she got my new number and she txt me this : “Hello, I know you're still angry and what we did wasn't fair but we want you to forgive us and we want to make you the godmother of the baby we're waiting for” like wtf. I block her and i started to tell other people my story 3 of 4 people i told them think AITA. Am i ?
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2023.06.03 07:41 Critical_Cucumber283 Daily Dose Of Chisme Tok

June 2,2023
It’s seems we have a fan club. Not us having some traction where family members feel they can come and say we are ENVIDIOSAS and that Yesenia has all her life together because she’s making money of us being chismosas here LOL 😂 . I think the only ones being washed of what life is in the USA 🇺🇸 is them . Lol 😂
(You can work and have things in Mexico 🇲🇽 and USA 🇺🇸 La familiar is missing the point that YESENIA aun teniendo la doble ciudadanía va hacer nada más que recibir regalitos del tik tok y medias por ni al tik tok trabajo le echa ganas )
So apparently this familiar said that yesenia gets monthly payments from followers (probably the monthly subscription) Yet she said that she makes money from us talking about her. But Ok Go Off Honey Bunch . And the gifts the followers send her . Ok omg La roaches 🪳 so jealousness CUASE we cant afford amazon dust collectors ok 👍🏼 great Omg Yesenia is so special. Yay 😁 she get gifts 🎁. She gets them cause she can’t afford them her self . Duh 🙄 DRY BEGGING MUCH .
She when on and on about Mexico 🇲🇽 life and how all the roaches are in debt and we have everything on credit lol . And then
Yesenia comes on live and says she has a payment plan on her phone 📱😂😂😂😂I think yesenia forgot to mention to the familiar that. She also forgot to mentioned to the familiar that she owes on some Bills . 🫢🤭🫣🤫
Now she changed her story saying that her relatives knew of the abuse and they told her and did not listen 👂 cause she the flags pink flags instead of red flags 🚩.
But, if y’all remember the infamous picnic 🧺 picture and then live where someone SS the obvious bruises by her nose.
She said besucase of those pictures here on reddit a family member showed them to the rest of the family. So now all Of sudden family knew before us about the dv . 🤔🤔🤔🤥🤥🤥
Her alleged chapo escape was nothing like she made it seem like . Omg 😳 let me refresh y’all
1.woke up 2.made him lunch 3.send him on his way neighbor help me 5.stopped at bucees 6.had lunch 🥙 THE END
She said I won’t be drinking anymore “oh but, my uncle and I are going to get lit tonight)
He locked her out on Mother’s Day for allegedly going outside and talking to her narcissistic mom for 3hrs 🤔🤔🤔🤔 (esa se las dejó de tarea 📚)
she claims her uncle said “where do i pick you up “ I guess he never told when. Yet he the never did . Like Gurl Gurl stop 🛑 . (Va Decir I was figueringn things out and I could not leave but, he was ready to get me I know he was he told me .
So now all of sudden Cucomelon family don’t like her cause es La Pasiada de Sain . Ummm 🤔
Que no lo emos varias veces aquí que la gente de rancho mamás de rancho quieren a Chamacas de rancho para sus hijos no pasiadas .
Todas emos dicho el potencial pero ella se aferra a hacer menos .
La JULIAR y sus bestia live . For someone who alleges no to be on reddit and only be getting SS she sure does talk about how much goes on here . JULIAR will only say karely , Foxy drama and narizona drama in bestia PPV since she scurrr to have be translated and get back to them. Not Julia having lunch with karely to get tea and apparently karely brings a friend that ask certain questions giving roach vibes to La julia . (Paranoid much ? ) Yet she claims she will be throwing 🦖hands if necessary. Girl please sit down 🦖. Omg vanderpum oye muy buena para criticar pero si nosotros lo hacemos somos roaches hay les cala las críticas .
Esta CRÍTICO el asunto comadres .
No don having a tóxico old man moment . His getting to the point grampa menopause.(be patient with him Julia is in the stage of his life que todo le va molestar ) Que le iso un Hickey 🤮🤮a la JULIAR To mark his territory to keep her from flirting lol . No valla ser, Como La YeseniaMUA que después de 10 años con el pollo 🐥ya trae nuevo novio . Creo que por eso el Don se volvió tóxico lol 😂 a estado al pendiente de lo qué pasa en el TIK TOK .
La Annie i sus raffles su tiendita. 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱 Si no quiere que le pregunte cosas personales Don’t Vlog About It For Views . Just Saying . Yes social media gives entitlement vibes yes but, don’t share it if you don’t want to be asked about it .
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2023.06.03 07:41 Monoblock_chair I scared my girl friend away.

First Some context
I’m 23 male, I currently doesn’t have a job and I live with my parents (don’t judge me lol!) abusive parents. I have trauma bond with them. Been trying to fix it since 2018.
Before 2018 I had trauma bond but It wasn’t this bad, my marketing carrier was booming. After 2018 it fell because of a weird breakup that I wasn’t apart of.

I met her on February 28th. I texted her for some other reason. Give or take I realized she is my dream girl she was a tomboy, she was very rational person, she loved to study religion and talk about meaning of life 😍😍😍😍 she was British. (I had a imaginary gf to cope from my parental abuse, she had the same personality) I was head over heels in love with her and she said I was a interesting character. It was life changing to me I met her exactly a week before I started therapy. So I was sharing with her my therapy progress. I was saying her constantly how excited I was about both of our futures together. I was doing a lot of progress because of her if she wasn’t there I would’ve sat down in my room think about past over and over and then I would’ve likely killed my self.

So since i was small like very tiny (5th grade) I had a dream to finding a gf who cared for me and getting married to her. I prepared my whole life, I studied about relationship, women psychology and etc:-

When I met her I was thrilled finally I have someone to cook food for and to use all of the skills I gathered throughout my life. I wanted to take care of her to the point where she will say even my mother won’t take care of me like this. It doesn’t matter how down I’m when I think of her everything just feels calm. Unless I haven’t taken my meds and I start to behave like a retard. Then I’m paranoid and scared of being abandoned.

So while we are interacting. I’m going to therapy. There is one problem that came up over and over. My family they kept on harassing me. I go to therapy make progress, I come back home progress destroyed. It happened over and over. She was very supportive she knew 100% how evil my family was. When my mom said “if you don’t earn and give me money you are not my son” I fucking shattered into pieces but she managed to calm me down without letting me fall back again to a suicidal guy.

To my parents I’m a investment to their retirement and to pay off their debts. I failed to do it so I’m a failure.

While I was interacting with her I spotted some stuff about her. she didn’t open up to me much. She was very defensive and I assume she is scared of commitment. She wanted to take the relationship slow and steady, even I wanted to do that because in relationships taking it slow and steady is vital. So I wanted to take it slow, I said let’s keep few online dates then I will come to UK let’s do some irl dating then we can decide the relationship continued we never got a chance to online date 😞.
The conversations we had was centered around me, I noticed it I didn’t like it at all, I tried to make her open up tell her struggles she didn’t 😞. So I just told my self just don’t rush things just let her slowly open up. Don’t ask for the phone number any photos nothing. Just let her in slow and steady win her trust. Give her free space to leave the relationship when ever she desires. The only contact I had was messenger. She can block me if she doesn’t like. I never expected her to delete the profile. (It breaks my heart 😭😭)

Then the fucking lightning struck. My antidepressants finished. I turned into a unstable mess. I was a paranoid. I was saying my therapist constantly she will abandon me because look at me I’m a loser my parents think I’m so why should she care for me if they don’t. My therapist asked “did she say that? No she didn’t say that. So why do you worry.” Then I calmed my self down bought my meds and it started to go smooth again.

Then again I forgot to buy meds. I became unstable for 5 whole days it was a nightmare I don’t wish upon my enemy. I started to have trauma nightmares, then my family started to drag me into more problems. The 5th day I lost it I asked her “shall we get married?” Her response was “do you really think getting married will solve all of your problems” the truth is yes it will, but I felt that undertone Of she wants the answer no. So I said “no!” Then her response was “I don’t see it happening we are both young and broke, it will get into problems” I strongly disagree I was too tired after crying to explain it to her. So I wanted to just end the conversation I thought I can explain it to her tomorrow. It wasn’t a strong no but it was a if we are stable we can. I was damn excited because she didn’t dump me. I started to work on finding some money. Then the day after tomorrow I went out with my friend to take meds we had a argument, I told her that. I told her that, she reacted ♥️ To all of my messages. Then she deleted her Facebook profile.

The biggest reason I’m chasing her is she was with me when I was unstable and now I’m becoming stable i will definitely start to do a lot of progress the only person who I want to share it with is her. if she wasn’t there throughout therapy journey I might not be alive today. Therapy was extremely hard on me like it took out everything I wanted to forget.

Looking back at everything. I’m wrong I could’ve done so many things different and I could’ve steered the relationship for a good path. Since 2018 I use anti depressants without them I don’t get angry but I start to behave retarded. My family makes fun of me saying I’m retarded. 😂🤣😂🤣

One time I asked her who is your dream partner? She said “the one who learn from mistakes and mature” God tell me not to fall in love when she talks like that, it’s impossible not to.

My friend said “she promised you she won’t judge you or abandon you. Then she did it, She Should’ve known that if she leaves you, you will be broken apart” The answer to that question is, if she is scared of commitment that means trauma just like I does, so it’s fair for her to act like that. I have trauma and I know how I react when traumatic stuff get triggered. Everyone is hurt this days just don’t judge and be kind. I mentioned it before someone point it out in the comments.

Plus Fear of marriage is real. The amount of divorces are sky high. Then social media filth filled about cheating, divorce and child custody. I hate western media. A marriage makes bond stronger not weaker.

I know this story is hard to believe But some of you might know truth is often stranger than fiction.

I was in a plan of making her talk to my therapist but before that all this happened. But it gave me a reality check I realized how fragile life is and how I should be more gentle

I learned a lot from school of life. I shared this Because Everyone deserves a happy relationship. If I can help someone to live happy that is more than enough to fuel me for few years.

Feel free to be blunt in your replies.

If you live in UK you feel like helping me find her phone number or make her see this post it’s a huge help. I will provide you with all of my personal information to prove I’m not a serial killer. Lmao!

The biggest help you can do for me is pray for me and her!
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2023.06.03 07:41 AutoModerator [Download Course] Igor Kheifets – Email Farming System (

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2023.06.03 07:40 Boatwhistle Stuck one week unpaid in a tractor trailer with no way home on my first week cause of preventable/fixable company failure.

Stuck one week unpaid in a tractor trailer with no way home on my first week cause of preventable/fixable company failure.
I just recently spent $5,500 getting my CDL A. Finally get a job and go through the training, everything is going great. My trainer was awesome and a very hard worker. However the whole time he was very critical about the company. In my opinion I felt like this was just one of the mill resentment that you naturally get over the years. It has not taken me long to understand. After a month of training with him and not going home for 90 something dollars a day I get dropped off on Saturday. On Tuesday I get issued my own truck. I'm meticulously scan the truck for issues as I am unfamiliar with it and don't want to drive something dangerous or get in trouble. A lot of the damage is very superficial and suggests based on the low miles that the previous drivers were abusive the machine, but nothing unsafe. I get in the truck and see that there is no tablet. This is a major issue. First of all everything that we do in regards to running our clocks at this company, communicating with our DMs, submitting our paperwork, getting a route plan, and so on is done via these tablets which you will see in the picture is not there. I was issued a truck without the item I am supposed to use for everything I do. So I think okay I just need to go in and request a tablet or a truck that has one. He tells me to check with the shop and if they don't have one I need to run on paper. I have never used the map in my life, I barely know how to fill out a log book, they never trained me to, and they never verified if I knew. Worst yet my region is New England... That means New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, all the places where if you take a wrong turn in a tractor trailer it can easily get you in trouble. Worst yet, this company clarified at the beginning of orientation that we get an additional 50 miles over the route plans per load, every additional dollar beyond that we get charged for the price of the diesel and $1 per mile. So for 100 additional miles to the route plan they can charge me $80. I was fine with this because I was expecting to have a GPS so it just never seemed like it was going to be an issue. Now they want me to run on maps in one of the most complicated places to drive and the United States with the tractor trailer without one of the basic tools that they train me to use without training me on any alternatives. As a result I put a work order into the shop to let them know that I'm not going until I get a tablet. It is now Friday night and they don't operate on the weekends, come Monday it will be hitting a week. I get paid by the mile so I'm just not getting paid because the company wouldn't provide me the bare minimum they guaranteed and won't give me any alternative options other than risking my own neck as a driver. Come Monday I'm not giving them a chance to make it right I'm leaving. If a company can't even provide the bare minimum or alternative training to that minimum and expect me to just go that doesn't bode well for sticking with them long-term. 4 hours from home by the way with no vehicle cuz I was told I would take the truck home, so on top of this massive waste of time I got to get a few hundred in bus tickets.
submitted by Boatwhistle to antiwork [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 07:40 bartoc4 Is this abuse? 30f 33m

Hi everyone. This is going to be a long post so I apologize in advance. My boyfriend and I are frequently having heated arguments that are escalating quickly. We have one year old twins with another on the way and I don't know what to think or do. My brain feels like a jumbled mess.
To help explain what is going I'm going to provide the most recent example of our fight from earlier today. I will try to be as unbiased as possible and explain my wrongdoings as well. I'm not sure if I'm the problem (or at least part of it), and I genuinely want and need help/advice.
Earlier this morning I was taking care of the boys when I got violently ill (morning sickness - but reallllllly bad). I couldn't keep anything down and was sticky all over with sweat, and I kept feeling dizzy.
Because of this I took a nap during the twins nap once I got them to sleep. The twins woke up before I did, and my boyfriend brought them downstairs. When I woke up I asked my boyfriend what time the boys woke up from their nap, and he answered "2pm" (which means they'd be due to go to bed at around 6pm). My boyfriend works from home and he went to the basement to work. I was taking care of the babies and playing with them until about 4 30. Then I set them up with some toys and turned or my laptop to study (I'm currently in college).
My boyfriend came upstairs about 15 minutes later (4 45) saying that the boys needed to go to bed and that they had been up since 1. I was confused and said "you told me 2pm earlier", to which he replied that he did NOT say that and he said 1pm (maybe I misheard him I honestly don't know or if he is just making it up for some reason, but why would he do that?). Anyway, I said "OK, I will get them ready in a moment." I finished the page I was reading so I didn't lose my train of though with my studies, and then I started to get the boys ready for bed.
Unfortunately I was anticipating having a whole extra hour, and was now needing to rush. I made the boys dinner and got them fed (by this time it was after 5), and then I went upstairs to grab them some pajamas. On my way back I had to make another stop to the washroom as I started getting sick again. I'm not sure how long it lasted for because I didn't check the time again until HOURS later (after the fight was already over).
Anyway, after getting sick I was changing the babies diapers and putting them in their pj's. The one took my phone out of my pocket and freaked out when I took it away from him, and then started flailing around screaming and wouldn't let me get a fresh diaper on him. I felt like I was about to puke and broke out in a sweat, and in what was certainly not my finest moment I yelled out "STOP MOVING AROUND!".
My boyfriend ran up the stairs and snatched the child away from me and instantly accused me of shaking him (I never would), and said the baby was acting like an abused child (he was rubbing his face into the pillow - but he does this when he is tired). My boyfriend then started on me about not having the boys in bed yet and "look what you're doing to them".
I have REALLY bad anxiety and post partum depression (I'm seeing a therapist bi-weekly to work on it and i'm also taking medication), and my boyfriends attitude and the energy he was projecting just instantly put me right on edge. I tried to explain to him that I was overwhelmed, exhausted and sick, and that I was doing the very best I could, but that I was getting ill and I thought I had more time before they were due for bed. He wouldn't listen to anything and just kept cutting me off and talking over me going in circles about my abusive and neglectful behavior and going on and on and on and on and onnnnnnn about how I didn't have the boys in bed on time yet.
At this point I felt my brain starting to break. I told him he was giving me an anxiety attack to which he replied "every time I give you the tiniest bit of advice you have an "anxiety attack"." I just felt so unheard and unloved. Meanwhile the baby was STILL screaming this entire time (and my boyfriend was yelling this entire time too and I think I was too trying to get him to hear me). He said "look what I get to deal with - you just make more and more work for me".
At this point I was feeling totally overwhelmed with emotions and was having really bad negative thoughts that my family might actually be better off without me. I went upstairs to get away and left him downstairs with the kids. He followed me upstairs with the crying baby and stood over me with the baby while I was crying hysterically and the baby was crying hysterically and he was saying "look what you're doing to our child!". I begged him to leave because I didn't want the baby to see me like that, but he wouldn't.
So once again I tried to leave. I exited the room and he was hot on my tail. I was so frustrated I knocked the first thing off the counter that I walked past (apparently it was his speaker which he claims is now broken). He then started freaking out even more because I broke his things, and I then threw my phone on the ground and also kicked a stool (the leg of the plastic stool broke when I did this, and he freaked out ever more).
At this point I felt so uncontrollable that I was lying on the ground sobbing just begging him to leave me alone and stop yelling at me and to give me some space. But he wouldn't. And he KEPT going on. I reminded him I was pregnant and that none of this was good for me or baby, and he said "oh who cares, you act like this even when you aren't pregnant. I am going to tell you what I think and feel."
I can't explain how low I felt. These were the thoughts running through my head: I'm an abusive mother, I'm a bad partner, my family would be better off without me, I create more work for my partner, I'm permanently broken, I'm a BAD mom, maybe an abortion would be best.
All of these thoughts were swimming in my head and I told my boyfriend I was having really dark intrusive thoughts and I kept picturing stabbing myself. I don't even remember what his response was, but it must not have been helpful because the next thing I did was grab my anxiety medication and I put the whole bottle in my mouth. My boyfriend shoved his fingers down my throat and made me puke everything up.
Then I went to the bathroom and laid on the ground and was so upset I started banging my head on the floor. He claims he grabbed me by the hood of my sweater and that a few hairs got caught. But it felt like he grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled me up with so much force that i went from laying to standing. I bit him on the shoulder and told him to leave me alone.
Then he said he was going to call the police on me on started telling me how abusive I was (its not the first time I've been physical with him like that - but the situations leading up to it were all very similar to today. I've never been violent with other people before....). My panic attack continued to the kitchen floor where I was still sobbing and hyperventilating. At this point my best friend and roommate of over a decade came home, and he instantly asked me if I was okay. Rafael started telling him his one sided story of me being an abuser and showing the bite mark to my friend.
My friend took me outside and sat me down and started helping me to do breathing exercises. Meanwhile my boyfriend kept coming outside and saying he was going to call the cops. My friend got him to agree to wait 20 minutes before doing anything - but the entire time my boyfriend was outside yelling a mile per minute at me.
After the 20 minutes was over he told me I had two options - I could go to the hospital with him in his car or I could sit outside on the front lawn and wait for an ambulance to get me. I told him I was not leaving (my friend was with me now and had calmed me down from crisis mode). So my boyfriend called the cops (non emergency number).
While he was on the phone with them I looked at him and told him very seriously that our relationship was over. That there was no coming back from this. He then promptly started trying to persuade the person on the phone that everything was okay, and then hung up.
Once he was off the phone he tried to pick the argument back up, and I replied that I was taking a bath and that I did not wish to speak to him. I went into the bathroom and he forced the door open behind me and sat on the toilet yelling and continuing to go on about everything. I closed the curtain and he kept opening it to which I replied " I am not your girlfriend anymore, and I do not wish for you to see me named. At this point he told me he had videos of me having the anxiety attack and that he was going to call the cops back. I said "whatever, I'm taking my bath" and ignored him.
About 5 minutes later I hear him on the phone with them AGAIN. I hear the man on the other line say they are sending people over. I said loud enough to the man on the phone could hear "I am fine sir!" Then my boyfriend started flipping out again to the point that the man on the line told him to stop escalating the situation (I was being totally calm at this point).
For some reason my boyfriend once again decided to convince the person on the phone that everything is okay and he once again hung up. Afterwards he didn't say anything, but he stood outside the open bathroom door for 20 minutes before returning to the basement to work again.
A couple hours later he asked if I was okay and I said "no". Now it is after midnight and he is sitting next to me showing me the occasional funny video acting like nothing happened or something???
What do I do? We have children!! I want what's best for them. I've told him so many times that I need to be treated with love when that's happening, but he seems to think it's a manipulation tactic (he has downright said that I cry just to try to make him feel bad). I don't know how to communicate with him and he won't do therapy with me. I am all fucked up and I know this, but he has issues too... how can things get better if he refused to admit that? My friend calmed me down in 10 minutes. They reminded me I was loved and cared for, and helped me breathe.
My boyfriend says I don't listen to him... but I heard EVERYTHING. He is upset that I yelled with the baby (totally understandable it was completely inappropriate, but he HAS had his moments too), and he was upset about the babies being late for bed, he was upset that I was "crazy" during my panic attack, and he was upset about the bite. But all I was trying to communicate was that I am totally overwhelmed, sick and feeling unheard, unloved and not needed, and that I am doing the best I can... I don't think he heard any of those things...
Sorry for venting so much and for the post being so long. Any thoughts are welcomed....
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2023.06.03 07:40 JStevinik Advice on a Beginner to Seriously Consider Writing a History Book on Mid-1990s Animated Shows?

I was listening to the What a Cartoon! podcast, hosted by the same guys who host the Talking Simpsons podcast. They had animation critic and amateur historian Thad Komorowksi on one of their podcasts on Ren and Stimpy since Komorowksi wrote a book about the acrimony of the production of that show. Komorowksi said that someone ought to write a book the 1990s Warner Bros. produced animated TV shows, like Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, and Pinky and the Brain, etc. He said this because there were lots of behind the scenes acrimony during the production of these shows.
I am into animated media, but I have only seen some episodes of the Animaniacs reboot and the "One Beer" segment of Tiny Toons. I am super into literature and documentaries that focus on the behind the scenes production trouble and personalities of crew, such as owning a copy of Michael Barrier's Hollywood Cartoons, Walt Before Mickey, and the memoir Springfield Confidential . I thought a book about a certain set of shows would be interesting when written from the perspective of someone who does not have any nostalgic feeling or "fresh perspective", or at least taken more seriously behind hard-core fans.
However, I am a beginner and would like to know what things that I need to do to seriously prepare for the task of writing a serious history book. I regarded history as my favorite subject in my primary and secondary education, so I am aware of things, such as historiography and the limitations of primary sources from memory (as opposed to documented company records).
I came up with a rough outline of what I think could be covered. Yes, prior to even researching, I will buy the book On Writing Well. However, this would be the case if there is really demand for such a book while having the time and clout to get a hold of TV network archives and production staff (most of whom are retired by now, beyond the voice actors).
Chapter 1: The legacy of Looney Tunes post 1960s shutdown, biographical information of show-runner Tom Ruegger, how Steven Spielberg came into the picture after he co-produced Who Framed Roger Rabbit, how syndication and after-school broadcasting of animated media formed by the 1990s, and how Tiny Toons began.
Chapter 2: Cover Tiny Toon Adventures, include the handling of public service announcements such as the "One Beer" segment. Emphasize the backgrounds of the staff which include Sherri Stoner and Deanna Oliver from Groundlings improv, writers Tom Minton and Jim Reardon and director Kent Butterworth from Mighty Mouse the New Adventures, and how many Ren and Stimpy storyboard and layouts artists were in the first season of Tiny Toons but did not really like how board artists could not contribute to the writing. Cover the Plucky Show. Oh, refute the urban legend that the show was cancelled because of one particular stalkeharasser against, though most of the work has been done by YouTuber Bedhead Bernie.
Chapter 3: Cover Animaniacs as the main production. Cover the switch from Fox Kids to WB networks. Include on how Spielberg having the marquee value to pressure network executives to allow subtle innuendos. Settler the question whether Spielberg's role was ceremonial (just collecting checks for minimal input) by saying that he would consistently give an hour of his time to give notes. Cover the cultural impact and appeal of the show, especially among those beyond the intended audience of kids. Address whether the staff were just passionate on a variety show that they want to work beyond just kiddie fair.
Chapter 4: Cover the spin-offs of the Animaniacs, primarily Pinky and the Brain and the spin-off Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brian, in which even the lyrics made of the executive decisions to produce the latter.
Chapter 5: While Ruegger had little to with Batman the Animated Series aside from enabling its development into being green-lit, this show should be included.
Chapter 6: Cover other Ruegger produced shows, such as Freakazoid, Road Rover, Hysteria! Trevor Thompson of the YouTube persona The Looney Tunes Critic interviewed Tom Minton for doing the episode "Toby Danger" in Freakazoid. Afterwards, include the downfall of Fox Kids and WB, which slowed the careers of those involved, including Ruegger.
Chapter 7: Cover the 2020 Hulu Animaniacs. Emphasize that Ruegger was never contacted about the decision of Hulu to green-lit a reboot to the point he found at when the announcements were made to the general public. Cover the decisions to not include most writing and directing staff of the original beyond consulting, (of course most of the voice actors retained their roles) and how Wellesley Wild worked as the show-runner.
Again, this is a general idea and only showed what I already know of these shows.
I posted this idea to animaniacs, in which they are not against the idea of the book but skeptical of my ability since I rarely viewed much from these shows. However, I think that my non-fan status would have an "untainted" perspective that is the biases of fanbases.
What would it take to write a serious book that not only you but broader entertainment fans would be interested in checking once published? Thank you very much! As I said before, I need to read On Writing Well to become a non-fiction author. Thank you all in advance!
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2023.06.03 07:40 ThrowRA728946 Girlfriend (28f) doesn't want me (32m) to take a job because she might not be able to come on work trips.

Five years together.
She's always had a thing about making sure she is included for everything. Something about "couples do things together" and "she's always been left out so she's sensitive to it." Since we've been together, I've never seen a friend or family member alone, never really had a day out. The most adventure I've had by myself is going to the drive-through. Everything else involves her.
So, I have an interview with a place on Monday. Part of the job involves traveling. I'm not sure how much, I'd have to ask, but we were talking about that part and she said "we won't be able to do that once I'm working." I wasn't exactly surprised that she said this, and I said "I could just go on them when you're working." She was simply aghast at me suggesting that and said she wasn't okay with it. I kept asking why it bothered her and she just kept saying "because it does." Eventually she snapped and said "your disability, mental health, and my comfort." My disability is under control, but she always wants to be there with me whenever I'm gone just in case it flares up. I asked whose mental health she was talking about, and she said both of ours. She wants to be there in case I have a meltdown so she can comfort me. And, her comfort is the fact she doesn't want to be alone. She has asked for me not to get night jobs either because she likes falling asleep next to me.
I feel like she has determined she is my obligate babysitter and "I'm worried what would happen if I wasn't there" is the perfect excuse for her to tag along when I wanted to do something solo.
She ended the conversation by trying to be encouraging and saying there are tons of other jobs in the area.
I really need a job but I feel like there's always a reason she doesn't want me to take one. Do I just need to infinitely get interviews and not go? Do I need to put my foot down?
tl;dr girlfriend doesn't want me to take a job because she might not get to come on work trips and can't tolerate being away from me.
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2023.06.03 07:40 I_am_Samosa How about a new rockpox focussed Perks.

Since the current season focuses on Rockpox, I got few ideas for Perks.
Passive perks : I got 2 ideas (Pretty Straightforward)
1) Resistance to Rock Pox infection by a certain percentage. I'd put 20-40% would be a good figure.
2) When infected, take less damage from small - medium sized glyphids (even applies to normal ones). Get a small sprint Boost.
Active Perk : Go immune to Rockpox infection for a 10 seconds and reset your infection. Cooldown time between 80 - 100 seconds. Passive ability: If you're infected. Sheild regeneration Boost or Health Regeneration (I'm not sure which one to go with).
(This Perks forces players to stay inside the Rock Pox contaminated area which many of us avoid at all costs due to annoying fog)
These Perks would only be useful when there's a rockpox event that would be the downside.
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