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2023.06.02 05:36 bigtexasdork Help finding a particular style/size of Rios

Help finding a particular style/size of Rios
TLDR; I'm trying to find this boot in a 9.5.
I live in CA, but was in Lubbock, TX, for graduation last month. On the last day of the trip I stopped in Cavender's on a whim. Fell for this boot, but they didn't have my size and it was a closeout. I've dug around on Cavender's website, and Rios' website but can't find it. Should I call Rios? Or maybe start calling individual Cavender's and seeing if they have it? Anyone have any experience with Rios or Cavender's like this?
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2023.05.27 02:02 floppyballz01 Angry Bird Boots!

Angry Bird Boots!
First pair of Ostrich skin boots. Pretty happy with them so far!
Square Toe Cavender’s Ostrich skins…
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2023.05.23 03:18 Malcstooshie777 Uh Oh

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2023.05.20 19:11 anonvxx Blackjack caiman tail boots

Looking around for a pair of exotic cowboy boots. I found a pair of Blackjack caiman tail boots for about $500. These.
Any suggestions for something similar or do you think they are a good buy.
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2023.05.18 00:28 Cowboybootluv22 Boot People

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2023.05.08 15:28 Beneficial_Cost9366 What pants would this go with darker or lighter???

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2023.04.28 18:40 Beautiful_Pleiades would an overpass such as The example below solve the congestion on 35 and university as most of the cars there turn left towards Decatur

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2023.04.17 04:27 Fenix_right1 Question on Black Jack boots

I have a question about Black Jack boots. I tried on a pair of Caimans at Cavender's and was confused about fitting them. Both sizes 10 D and 10.5 D made the "sound" when I tried them on but was concerned about the fitting around the toe box. Since it's caiman, Should I go with the 10.5 D to be safe? Also, I did try the 10EE at the associate's request and found that not to fit too well.
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2023.04.05 03:18 Mley58 Got my first new pair in 20yrs.

Got my first new pair in 20yrs.
Ok y’all, I made a decision today and got myself a pair of western boots. I got off work and went up to Republic Boots of Houston. Their store is very nice. The staff there are fantastic. Excellent service. I tried on several pair of their in stock boots. I tried 10’s and 10.5’s. The 10’s had my toes squished in the front. The length of the 10.5’s was good. However, every boot felt way to large in the heel, very loose in the arch and instep. Like the boots all had way too much volume from the ball of my foot rearward. So, I thanked Sarge for helping me, and explained that I felt like the last they were using just wasn’t going to fit my feet properly. He tried hard to get me to order a custom boot, but at an entry price of 1800.00 I declined.
So, I figured I’d stop by Cavenders in Webster. It was on the way home. And, it’s where I had gotten my Lucchese’s I had years ago. I was hoping to find another gem.
I tried on several brands like Tony Lama, Justin, Black Jack, their JRC and Sons and a few others. Some fit decent with my normal 10.5D and some didn’t. I had decided I wanted made in the USA boots with good construction. So I focused on finding that. I noticed a ton of brands made in Mexico. Their construction all seemed pretty good. Then I focused on Black Jack. They were nice. I came close to pulling the trigger on a couple different pairs.
And then I found the few Lucchese boots they had. There were a couple of ropers, some ostrich, lizard and gator. All pretty pricy. Then down at the bottom of a stack of Lucchese boxes was one with a price half as much as the others. It was my size 10.5D. I pulled it out from the bottom. The box was tattered, with the blue color rubbed off in many areas. I thought immediately “damn how long has this box been here”. I opened it up and found one boot, one gorgeous boot. I tried it on. OMG, that heavenly feeling all came back to me. The feeling I always had with my old Lucchese’s that the EMT’s cut off of me. That boot I had just put on felt like heaven, like my foot should live in it. It was the definition of a good fit. So, I took the boot and box to the clerk up front and asked for the other matching boot. They got it for me. So I went to a bench and tried them both on. The feeling was immediate. You know, that feeling when you’ve suddenly found a gem and know how wonderful it is. And the real bonus, these boots were the same color as my old Lucchese boots, black cherry. I had to have them.
So, I paid the nice lady and brought my new Lucchese boots home with me. I have them on as I write this. They feel amazing, just like I remembered.
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2023.03.07 00:23 AlienAl1970 With input from this sub, I picked up these JRC Caiman Belly boots from Cavender’s.

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2023.03.02 23:55 AlienAl1970 JRC vs Cavender’s brand Caiman Belly

Does anyone have experience with these brands? I am interested in black Caiman Belly boots- both of these brands are at Cavender’s, the JRC are $520, the Cavender’s are normally $350 but on sale for $320. Would really like to know what the difference is to have a $200 spread!
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2023.02.24 01:23 50ShadesOfGK I Can't wait for Emily's new clothing shop to open up later this year.

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2023.02.13 01:00 TheNaturalTexan Best place to get cowboy boots and hat

We were thinking of going to Cavender’s or Boot City. Anyone have advice on either or some place better?
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2023.02.10 13:08 Inflatablebanjo First time boot buyer: brands to look for + Austin TX stores

I’m going soon to Austin TX for a week and aim to buy a good pair of cowboy boots (the selection in Sweden is nonexistent). So I have a bunch of nub questions I’d love to have help with.
I’m male and just turned 50. Intended use is for bluegrass festivals and band gigs, meaning mainly summertime and indoor use. So I’m guessing dress boots rather than work boots. Will probably wear them for extended periods at a time (all night jams), so comfort is important.
  1. Which brands are ”safe”, i.e. have consistently high quality and durability? My budget is generous but I’m aiming for comfort and longevity rather than luxury.
  2. Similar to the above, what should I at least expect to pay for a pair? I have zero ideas here living in a different country and all…
  3. I don’t mind exotic skins but I also don’t want to have to spend a lot of time on care, or buy something prone to breaking. I’m asking specifically about alligator skin - how big is the risk of the skin wearing out between rows of scales, and how can it be mitigated? How much care do the various skins require after use and during off-season storage? And would e.g. hippo skin be worth the extra cost in your opinion?
  4. In Austin I’m planning to go Cavender’s first. Are there other stores in/near Austin I should pay a visit? I will rent a car and can get around freely.
  5. What other things should I consider for the purchase? Tips? Pointers? Warnings? Let it out.
Any and all help is appreciated, including links to other information sources. Thanks in advance!
UPDATE: Wow, so much friendly advice here! Anyway, my plan is to visit these stores in this order:
First visits to Allen's and Heritage as they're very close to each other. Next visit would be the Lucchese store or Chisos. I've checked out their websites and I gather one of these stores should have what I want and need. (Knowing myself I may even buy two pairs.)
Regarding brands, I'm currently leaning toward Chisos (comfort) and Lucchese (heritage and style), but there are many other options and I'm trying to keep an open mind.
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2023.02.04 18:05 payyourbillstoday Cowboy boots

Hey y’all where can I get cowboy boots here in the valley that isn’t cavenders or boot barn?
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2023.01.21 04:39 Affectionate_End5347 Drop any benefits of rodeo committeeman ship below.

Besides like getting into concerts free and stuff. Area discounts like at cavenders and boot barn?
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2023.01.01 19:22 DoubleYouKaySea First timers guide?

After living in Texas for over 15 years, I’ve decided to get a pair of cowboy boots. The problem is that I know nothing about them other than people are amazed I don’t have a pair.
I figure I’ll go into the Cavender’s and try some on for fit, but what should I look for in a quality boot, what should I avoid, etc? Is there a good “starter” boot to break me into the world of cowboys boots? What kind of boot would bring shame to my family if they saw me wearing them (think Dangle from Reno 911 boots)? :)
Any suggestions/help are greatly appreciated.
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2022.12.31 04:54 stlooter JRC & Sons break-in period

Bought a pair of JRC&S boots from Cavender’s. I love them so far, but toe box is slightly snug. I tried on one size up and it felt too loose. The salesman told me they will loosen up as they break in. Can anyone else confirm this?
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2022.12.31 04:32 TouhouPony The building is on fire in the image for this Pokéstop

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2022.12.28 17:30 Roaring_Pillow Is there a Silverbelly Shortage?

Im in the DFW area and ive been looking for a few months for a silverbelly western hat but everywhere i call, nobody has them in stock. It doesnt help that i have a huge head size that makes it hard to find a hat, 7 5/8. It doesnt matter if im at Cavenders or Boot Barn, nobody seems to have a silverbelly in stock. I even found a local hat place that makes custom cowboy hats from scratch and even they dont have silverbelly in stock
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2022.12.09 10:50 FreedomChurro Cavenders vs Boot Barn

Looking to buy my partner a decent set of work boots for Christmas. He works in construction. Which would you recommend between Cavenders vs Boot Barn for most options?
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2022.10.27 23:16 TheNameShows141 The First Cavender's , Pittsburg, Texas. Pre-Boot City and Sonny Smith buyout (went to selling furniture/Smith's Furniture after Cavender bought him out) . Before this James Cavender ran Dairy Mart/Hart in Pittsburg.

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