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2023.03.21 01:44 Rich_Ad_5618 How to move on when you still occasionally see each other and have mutuals

It’s been 2-3 months since we ended things because he cannot commit. But only went into NC for the past couple of weeks. I was doing okay until I saw him recently at my practice. My heart stopped momentarily and it just felt like I was back at day 1 again. Later that night he called and we spoke briefly, both acting like everything was okay and that the breakup didn’t hurt any of us. I fully believed that I was okay during that call, but I cried right after I hung up.
It’s been a week since that encounter and I have been crying every day as if we just broke up.
He and I have a lot of mutuals and are both a part of this upcoming event where we will see each other during practice. I’m so scared of going back to square one every time I see him. My hobbies are very similar to his, so I can’t even enjoy them without thinking about him. I just want some advice on what to do and how to deal with my current emotions.
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2023.03.21 01:44 WattsAGigawatt Basically insulted by shop owner(?) for wearing a mask.

Long read, I apologize in advance. I hope this rant is allowed here because I just wonder if I’m wrong for not going back to the shop by my mom’s house.
TL;DR: Went to a store, shop employees are super nice, shop owner type guy is a jerk, was essentially harassed for wearing masks. Never going back to that shop again.
On to the story…
My mom is high risk (elderly, uses oxygen concentrator, heart issues, etc) so I pretty much wear a mask everywhere I go to help protect her.
Over the weekend, my son and I went to visit her then afterwards, we went to a hobby shop because I needed a small item and also as a surprise for him since he’s really into C trucks/crawlers now and loves mine. “Talk shop” with a few employees and they’re all super cool with us masking in their store and it’s a complete non-issue. Son then starts talking with someone who might be the ownemanager or some big wig there saying he wants this and that. I tell him that he needs to clean his room first. Owner guy says well, maybe dad will at least feed you dinner and somehow we got onto PBJ sandwiches and I said he doesn’t eat them. Owner guy then says “If you ate them, you’d be stronger and wouldn’t need that mask. They don’t do anything.” Proceeded to babble something about how he visited his mom in a different county and never wore a mask and they were fine. I said my mom is also high risk and other reasons and he just insisted masks are basically useless and unnecessary. I just left it at that, got my item, and we left. On the way home, I told my son how I did not appreciate the way I was treated. Customers should be allowed to wear a mask if they choose just as much as they can choose not to wear one. I am never going back there again and will take my business elsewhere to our local shops and online.
Am I wrong for never going back to that shop? The employees, in general, are always nice but that manager guy was just a jerk and left a very bad impression on me. Thanks for reading my novel! :)
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2023.03.21 01:44 Equivalent_Jicama_26 20 [F4M] Mexico/Anywhere- Share me your musical tastes

Hi, I'm Esmeralda from Mexico and I'm 20 yo, I'm looking for a long-distance relationship uwu. I don't like my reddit username, I didn't pay attention to it when I created my account but I can't change it anymore xd
I like sewing and crochet, I like to listen to music, watch movies, novels and anime, due to insecurity and harassment i'm a girl from home but I would like to go out, go to restaurants, hike and take you to see my city , I would like to go to the beach xd. I live near Monterrey and my city is surrounded by mountains
My mother tongue is Spanish and I speak English (my pronunciation is very bad) and a little French. I would like to travel to France, I was going to go last year but I had problems 😩
my type of guy is choso of jujutsu kaisen
Right now I don't have internet 😩 but you can write me on telegram and is more comfortable :3. Either way send me a message and I'll reply tomorrow xd
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2023.03.21 01:44 Peachtea_96 I really want to focus on myself this Ramadan, can I not talk to certain people at home to save myself from getting sin?

More context: at home, some of my siblings can be so disrespectful to me. Example is I don't remember the last time I had a genuine convo with with of my elder sisters. There has been many times where I have been so upset for the things she has said to me. Time after time again, she has made me so mad and I cry at what happened. Not once has she apologised to me.
The youngest in the family, my brother is so rude and disrespectful to me, i just can't believe it. He recently physically hurt me and my mum didn't even tell him to apologise to me and I stopped speaking to him for a few days. When I said something in passing to him and my other sister, he said, "you haven't spoken to me in the last few days but the first think you said is dumb stuff". This was in response me saying to try his best in his exams.
I don't want to fight or argue this Ramadan. I want to really try and be a better person and Muslim. My question is, can I avoid talking to, engaging with my siblings in order to prevent me losing my fast. I'm not cutting them off and breaking kinship ties, but I genuinely don't want to speak with them. Is that allowed for the sake of protecting my fasts?
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2023.03.21 01:44 Lilith_Of_Hell_7891 I don’t know what to do (vent)

Within about six months, someone (was then 17) that I (was then 14) viewed as a brother tried to groom me and have sex with me. I can’t seek therapy or anything because no one would believe me. Everyone loves him. Even my mother, who I tried to bring it up with. She doesn’t believe me- she said that he’d never do anything like that. There’s constant examples of things he’s done/said that would prove her wrong. He told me that I’d I ever dressed in revealing clothes around him I’d be “asking for it.” He would make comments about my body and say that it would turn him on if I wasn’t his sister. I’m not sure if it was just homophobia, but he tried to tell me that I’d “eventually want to have sex with a man.” I understand that there’s worse things he could’ve done to me, but oh my god this is so fucking frustrating. I hate that I think about him almost every single day and that almost anything I do reminds me of him. I hate that he has any type of control over me. I don’t even know if he raped me or not- I remember waking up from a nap and my door being open(which i almost never do) and I was just in a lot of pain down there. It kills me that I don’t actually know. Today I was in the gym with my friends, and I went to see if I could push a certain amount of weight with my legs- I was in the same position you’d be in if you were trying to push someone off. It triggered me and it made me think about him, but I have no memories of being in a situation like that with him. Whenever anyone touches my hair or my back, which he used to do, I’ll get scared and freeze up. I can’t listen to certain music because all I hear is him. I can’t talk to my best friend about it because she also has trauma surrounding this. I don’t want to ask my other friends if I can vent to them about it because they too have trauma surrounding this. The only friend I have that doesn’t won’t want to listen to me talk about this person, because it’s his cousin. I’m so lost and I just want to stop associating almost everything with him. I thought I was finally recovering, but I recently read a comic with a character that acts similar and looks like him. It triggered me badly. I was able to talk to my friends about it a little but I feel so guilty for bothering them about it.
I’m sorry for such a long post. Thank you so much for reading it you did. ❤️
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2023.03.21 01:44 frostmas Question about hamelman's bread recipes.

I noticed his process for a lot of recipes is to let the dough bulk ferment for 1 hour, do a fold, and let it bulk ferment for 1 more hour.
He doesn't say anything about letting the dough double, so if my bread isn't doubled in size after the 2 hours, do I let it go longer, or do I continue with the shaping?
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2023.03.21 01:44 AutoModerator [Get] TraderLion – Leadership Blueprint 2023 Full Course

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Get the course here:
[Get] TraderLion – Leadership Blueprint 2023 Full Course
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After you graduate from TL University’s Leadership Blueprints course, you’ll develop a proven process, train your eyes to spot leadership stocks in the market, and build successful habits to support your new growth. Absorb, Study, Apply, Repeat. We push away from the normal, to teach in a way that will benefit you. 1) Cover the Basics 2) Build a Foundation 3) Piece it Together 4) Train Your Eye 5) Develop Your Edge 6) Perform Spot Leaders With Accuracy What if you could spot the signs of a True Market Leader such as AMZN, AAPL, TSLA & more – before they become one? We show you how we consistently do just that with accuracy year over year. Roadmap To Success. A simple approach that leads to consistency and superior performance. Proven Process Every trader is different and has their own personality. Learn our proven process and discover how to make it unique to you. Hours of Video Sit back and listen to hours of knowledge recorded in an easily digestible format. Watch the videos from any computer or mobile device anywhere in the world. Real-World Application Every lesson taught uses real examples of past and current market winners. This is more than just theory that you will learn in books. Realistic Goals, Realistic Results Leadership Blueprints was created for one reason only. To deliver results. We strive to set our students up for success and know these lessons will cut years off of your learning curve. Now is your chance to discover how TL spots these True Market Leaders year after year.
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2023.03.21 01:44 WiderGryphon574 Snagged the lot for $40 from an older gentleman after asking if I could metal detect his property and mentioning I like old coins. I said it’s worth more but he was insistent on $40 and refused to take anything less. Haven’t went through them all but a few early years!

Snagged the lot for $40 from an older gentleman after asking if I could metal detect his property and mentioning I like old coins. I said it’s worth more but he was insistent on $40 and refused to take anything less. Haven’t went through them all but a few early years! submitted by WiderGryphon574 to coins [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 01:44 DreamingOfDragons23 Baby Nugget has been home for almost 2 months now, and for the life of me I still have no clue what morph he is.

Baby Nugget has been home for almost 2 months now, and for the life of me I still have no clue what morph he is.
He has a strange gray blue mark by his eye ridge/eyebrow space. Sadly, he doesn't like to sit still long enough for me to get a good shot. His personality is fantastic, he is so curious and sweet, and every time I go in his enclosure to clean or give new water he comes right over to me.
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2023.03.21 01:44 almost_homeless1 Purchased a car for my mom and it was in an accident

Hi, I purchased a car for my mom two years ago because she wanted to buy a house/leave her husband and did not have a vehicle or credit to buy a new one. She insured the car and things were good. We planned on refinancing it in June and putting the car solely in her name because her credit is great and her husband is no longer in the picture.
Unfortunately about a month ago, she went to visit friends in my area and asked my partner to drop her off at a bar (I didn’t take her because I wasn’t home in time) and as she was exiting the car someone in a stolen car struck the vehicle.
The bad news: the driver was an 11 year old and the car was an enterprise rental car.
I am really unsure what to do as the car is in my name and USAA and Enterprise have been pretty much unresponsive.
I wish I knew what I know now or else I would’ve purchased her a cash car but I’m worried that I am screwed financially.
No one has even given her a rental car and she’s been having to spend so much money on Uber. I want to get her a rental but it is so expensive weekly.
Her insurance adjuster’s phone goes straight to voicemail and no phone calls have been returned. I am not sure what to do.
We live in Georgia.
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2023.03.21 01:44 Nearby-Buy-538 Cats constantly fighting I need help. Please send advice

I have 4 cats, I have 1 male cat who is un-neutered and I have 3 girl cats, of which 2 are un-spayed while 1 of them is spayed. If breeds matter then the boy is ragdoll, 1 of the girls is ragdoll, 1 of the girls is siberian and 1 of the girls is an american short hair. The only cat who is neutured / spayed is my american shorthair girl. These cats are all 2 years old to 3.5 years old and have all been living in the same house for nearly 2 years now. They've always been fighting like for example the ragdoll girl and the ragdoll boy would i believe fight / the boy would try to playfight or something and the ragdoll girl would either get really mad or hurt or something but all i heard was a loud meow from her and running away, though this has slowed down recently, and the american shorthair and ragdoll boy would always have a quick scuffle and hiss at eachother and sometimes even get into a fight. Recently my siberian girl gave birth to 1 male kitten and everything's gone wild since then, the ragdoll girl and the siberian girl who are both unspayed literally go out of their way to fight eachother though I feel like the siberian girl is more inciting the violence. The american shorthair and the siberian girl are also fighting alot now too, now I assume both of these are because of the kitten which if so I'm wondering when / if this entire thing is going to stop. The unspayed ragdoll girl constantly pees everywhere, I am almost sure this is a sign of anxiety / marking territory as it is constant and mainly in a premise where she mainly stays at,sometimes when she comes into my room, within 20 seconds she will have urinated on my bed, she also hides a lot and is a pretty mellow and to herself cat. Please after reading this, if possible give me advice on what I can do to stop my ragdoll cat from peeing everywhere as well as stop all of the fighting or atleast most of the fights, I'm willing to listen to all advice.
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2023.03.21 01:43 Neiizo Is there a way to make different setting's profile, for when my laptop is charging or not ?

I've had a legion 5 pro 2021 for more than 6 month, and have always been disapointed by its battery life. Well, after some research today, I realised that I could tweak my settings, and go from 2h to 6-8h of battery life, for instance, by removing the 165hz refresh rate, or the keyboard's led. I know this seem obvious, and it is. But coming from a pc tower, at home, this didn't immediatly came to my mind.
Now that I've changed these settings, i would like to make some sort of profile, so when I plug my laptop, it goes back to 165Hz, and turns of the hybrid mode ( in legion vantage app), so I get my beefy pc back, without having to always manually change the settings. Do you have any clue how I could do that ? After some googling, I couldn't find what I was looking for online...
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2023.03.21 01:43 sexitardis [FS] [CAN to USA/CAN] [LOT: 3 NECKLACES, 2 LOOSE PENDANTS] Necklace 1: 20" 10k RG chain with SS and swarovski pendant, Necklace 2: 18" SS chain with 1.5ct blue topaz pendant, Necklace 3: 16" SS chain with moissanite pendant, Loose Pendant 2: SS and pink CZ, $60 for the lot, shipping included

Verification photo and Proofs of purchase:
Item details:
Selling price: $60 USD shipped
Included: Shipping, silver polishing cloth
Condition: The chain for the blue topaz necklace is not in the best condition and has a bit of banding from tarnish. Everything else is in good condition.
Reason for Selling: Just doing some Spring cleaning :)
I hope that all makes sense and that the formatting is okay, let me know if you have any questions! I'll update with more pictures later tonight :)
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LARGEST YUNGLAH SUPERHERO WEARER submitted by MoshusMemes to Soosh [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 01:43 Only-Cat8526 I’ve been the only active mod for the past 20 days I looks like and no one else is deleting post or comments the break rules.

So far I have had to ban several people temporarily and permanently. Had to deleted over 50 comments because I was just now able to go through the mod queue.
The queue is FILLED but I haven’t gotten a notification about any of these reports. Do notifications disappear when another mod views them? If so they’re not doing anything but looking or just opening the queue.
I’m getting overwhelmed. I’m in a sub that is literally supposed to help people talk about their issues but I can’t ensure people’s safety when I don’t have the other mods to help me. I think only one other mod has really “helped” and they seem to just remove all comments that are reported instead of actually reading the context of each comment being made to make sure a comment isn’t being removed for no reason. Which a lot have been.
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2023.03.21 01:43 evancasey World Frog Day

Hey 🙋 you 💯🙄 guess 😦💁 what today is 👏 you guessed 🤔🤔 it 💦 yes 👏👍 its 🐶👤 world frog 🐸🐸 day 🎊 so get 👻 ready 😤👀 to ⬆🚶 kiss those 👞 frogs and 🏻 make 🖕 them pop in ⬇ your 👏👉 mouth 👄 if 👀❗ they 🙎♂ dont 😤 pop 🔫💩 send them 🌈😣 back ⬅ and 💰🏻 eat 🍽 that 🚟👏 frog soup 🍵 prepare 👏 the hotdogs and 💰🆗 cream 🌽 for 😏 the 🌈 little 😤 squishy 🍼 fuckers 😀 splash on 🔛 some 💦 water so 👏 they 👴👧 can 🔫💁 swim faster . Tonight 😩 is ❌ gonna be 🙋 a 👏👌 wet 🌊😖 night 🌙 because 💁🎊 of all 💯😆 the rain so make sure 🤔 you squish fast or 🏛 else 🏿♀ youll 👦👦 get 💁🉐 super 🌟😅 soggy Send ➡ this 👏 to other 🏽 squishy 💦💧 slobbers Make 🙏👏 them sing like 👌 a 😜 little 👌 frog 🐸🐸 at 😍 night 🕐🌌 If u 🤕🍆 get 🉐🉐 back ur 💍 safe to 💦💦 eat 😩 your 👏 frogs If u get 2️0 😃🕝 back ⬅😻 ur 🌈🅱 a 💰 medium sized squishy ☁💧 If 👏😂 u 🔪💩 get 🤑 3️0 back ur on a slippery slope of 😤 getting soaking 👍👍 wet ☔ from 😂 lots ☑ of 😤💦 little 💋👸 croaky guys
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2023.03.21 01:43 GrandNagusQuarkLat I am at my wit's end with this build

Let me let you in on a little horror story that is my computer:"
So for the past year, my computer has been able to ruin anything I put at it; Games, Rendering, CAD designing, coding, you name it. But my computer has a, for lack of better words, tick. Every once in a while, no matter what is being done on the computer, be it Discord, gaming, or just listening to music, the computer will stutter, and in the weirdest way possible. Think of a zoom meeting where someone has a bad internet connection and the screen goes to like 2 FPS and their voice get garbled. The entire computer does that garbling for up to a second and then resumes like nothing happened. This has never caused a crash, bluescreen, or really anything but just the stuttering. It happens randomly, and ca happen 4 times in a computer session or not at all.
To try and diagnose this, I have tried a nuke and pave of my windows install with a fresh made media, DDU because why not, driver updates, reseating my Graphics card, reseating RAM, turning off XMP, reseating CPU and checking for bent pins, nothing worked. This issue has persisted through new RAM and new Processor. Ran Ram checks. Replaced my SSD (M.2). The issue just keeps persisting.
I am thinking maybe graphics card, but the games never crash and I never see anything but the weird stutter happen. And the issue happens outside of games or heavy loads or any load.
My Specs:Mobo: Asus TUF X570-Plus (Wifi)
RAM: 2 Sticks of Corsair DDR4 3200 running in XMP
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
SSD: Samsung EVO 970 1 TB
PSU: Seasonic 650W FOCUS GOLD
If anyone has come across this issue, please enlighten me!
I really just need some ideas on how to solve this. I really can't afford another GPU ATM so I can't just throw a GPU at it and am hoping to solve it without having to do that. I am afraid of my computer dying as it is a part of a lot of my hobbies.
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2023.03.21 01:43 OkBanana4264 Letter to BOD- TIME to GO ViRaL!!!

Hi guys:
In under 24 hours, we now have 67 individuals who have signed. This is awesome.
Now we need to go exponential and the only way to do that is with social media posting.
This is NOT about ONE individual but all of us:
- post to your respective social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
- directed tweets (especially) and emails to AMRS, individual board of directors, individual investors of note (Linares, Tanaka and Baron, Stockwits, etc.)
- let's use this thread to record and also list twitter addresses, etc. of interesting individuals/organizations
- From Green and Green's thread, Ryan Panchadsaram, Board member via JD is a great one to start with both Twitter and email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
- the actual link:
- think of inventive ways to post as well
- the letter is NOT over the top and let's keep things respectable

"Dear Board of Directors of Amyris:
We are writing this letter to express the deep concern regarding the management of Amyris.
In 2022, after serial top and bottom line misses from management, several initiatives were put forth by management in order to reduce cash burn.
The primary mechanism of this initiative was FIT TO WIN (FTW) which management espoused as a mechanism to reduce burn and eventually achieve profitability.
In the Q3 2022 EC, FTW was lauded as a set of initiatives that would bring tangible results. In fact, as recent as January 11, 2023, the FTW was presented and reiterated during the JPM Healthcare Conference.
To the shock of investors, during the recent q42022 earnings call, we received no update on FTW initiatives but rather after piecing together the financial statements, it was obvious that COGS and SGA is, in fact, increasing and not decreasing.
Revenue projections have serially declined. In q3 2022, management had indicated 100 million dollars in core revenue in reduced yearly guidance and assurances from management that further dilutive financing was not required, which was plausible given assurances from management regarding closure of significant strategic transaction (which we later found out was Givaudan).
Not even less than 8 weeks later another dilution event occurred and serial assurances regarding closure of the ST were delayed. The failure in requiring another dilution event was not even explained by the management team.
In January 2023, many days after the end of q4, we received expectations from management at the JPM healthcare conference that core revenue performance was in keeping with previous guidance based on preliminary numbers.
Again, to the shock of the investors, q42023 EC missed guidance by over 27 million dollars.
We were informed that previous year over year guidance for 2023 has no been decreased from 100% to under 25% in terms core revenue (excluding strategic transactions).
Again, we received assurances that dilutive financing would not be required but the path forward including selling smaller brands for 150 million dollars appears entirely unrealistic to every single investor in our group.
Reduction in cash burn as presented in January 2023 by management at the JPM conference also appears entirely unrealistic given the reduction of volume of sales in consumer division will affect margin expansion.
The path forward is equally unclear. We have no idea what the actual revenue projections for q12023 or cash burn for this quarter will be other than trying to piece together vague references to total percent revenue per quarter.
Management repeatedly quoted "beat and raise" during the q4 EC but we have no actual numbers as a basis.
As publicly traded company with a SEC compliant board, this level of incompetency cannot be tolerated.
As investors, we demand an accountable management under board direction, that clearly delineates current finances, how future financing will occur, how costs will be reduced, and benchmarks that the investor can use to measure progress. These expectations are in keeping with adequate corporate governance and has been woefully inadequate to date."
Adam R. - shareholder - 152 000 shares
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2023.03.21 01:43 weeraff Running Out of Ideas & Losing Hope - No libido, memory loss, joint pains...the list goes on. Doctors don't have an answer - Any help?

Hi everyone,
The symptoms I explain in my title I have been experiencing for over 18 months. Additional issues such as dermatitis, gut issues, nasal congestion, dizziness on standing, foot cramps and hand numbness are also regular.
My attempted healing journey has cost me a lot of money with very little answers.
I've been to GP's, dermatologists, rheumatologists, haematologists, physiotherapists, sports doctor, naturopaths, biomechanists, urologists and dietitians. Had MRI's, CT Scans, blood tests, SIBO tests, Nerve conduction studies...the list goes on.
1) Went to doctor to explain all symptoms, suggested I took a blood test. Said things looked normal but white blood cell count was low. Told it can happen and come back in a few months to see if it changed. Referred to dermatologist for skin outbreaks and physio for joint issues.
2) Spent 8 weeks at physio, no improvement, questioned whether I was doing the rehab - I did it to a tee. Eventually believed me. Referred me to an elite level sports doctor - 5 diff MRI's + nerve studies - they were helpful but admitted they didn't know what was going on. Dermatologist gave me cream...stronger cream....strongest cream...."it's just your skin, you may just have to use it for rest of your life" even though it didn't help.
3)Decided to try naturopath , suggested I may have SIBO. Did the test. showed very mild SIBO. Stuck to the diet protocols and supplement protocols (also given B12) over a period of 3 months. Bloating/Belching wasn't as bad. Anxiety was a bit better. All other symptoms remained. Nautropath asked me to get more blood tests as reckoned the GP wasn't thorough.
4) Returned to GP for blood tests, white blood cell count down still...actually a little lower. Told 'it can happen' but sent me to haemotologist to be safe. Got full blood work done - B12 showed as high (was taking a supplement from Naturopath which is probably why), serum folate marked as high but was no number there, white blood cell count still low. Told it was nothing to be concerned about and I was perfectly healthy.
5) Reported back to Naturopath. Went down the potential mould exposure route. Did some test for that. Told I was susceptible to mould if exposed. Followed the suggestions for 8 weeks but didn't change anything.
For context. I am a very active person, 3 gym sessions per week, 2-3 running/soccer sessions, walk 15k steps a day, I sleep 7-9 hours, I manage stress with a variety of tools, my diet is 85% eggs, meat, veggies, rice, potato, oats. fruit, water, almond milk, coffee, whey protein.
I drink very little alcohol, if I do it is mainly whiskey neat or sometimes cider - beer bloats the shit out me and gives me a terrible hangover, even after just a couple (maybe related to issues).
Recently, I stumbled across the MTHFR discussions and saw some similarities with people in the issues I am facing.
Can anyone relate to what I am saying? If so, would you be willing to share some suggestions or advice.
I really feel like I have limited options. The medical support from 'experts' has been very eye opening with regards to how little they are willing to problem solve (Sports doctor and naturopath were most helpful). I have spent close to $10k in the last 18 months trying to get to bottom of it.
I am in Australia, if anyone recommends a place to do Gene testing I'd like to try that or if anyone has any other suggestions...I am ALL ears.
Thank you for reading this far, if you have. It is appreciated!!
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2023.03.21 01:43 uhohspaggyp i’m browsing and got this ad multiple times sndnsjdj

i’m browsing and got this ad multiple times sndnsjdj submitted by uhohspaggyp to EDanonymemes [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 01:43 2Cringe4Me United Nations Flash Card Tips

I'm creating notecards for learning surface-level facts about all the United Nations b/c I realized there's a lot of general country questions on Jeopardy.
On the front side I have the country's visual location and flag. On the back, I have the name, but I wasn't sure what else to include.
I was planning on doing:
- Capital
- Population
- Land Mass
- Language(s)
- Places of Interest
Are these good? Are there any other facts that I should write about each country, preferably ones aimed toward convenient Jeopardy knowledge?
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2023.03.21 01:43 Hirabana [EUW] Silver support player looking for some friends to league with! :D

Hi there! I am a silver support player looking for some chill friends to play league with :) I mostly play draft/ranked but am more than happy to do some arams or whatever else.
About me: I'm a 21 yo from the UK currently playing support as mentioned above playing champs like naut, pyke, thresh and renata but I've also played a decent amount of jungle and don't mind doing that either if you're a support player reading this! :) I am still kind of new and learning the game but I've played long enough now to grasp the basics and start climbing out of silver (slowly). I get frustrated easily as I make a lot of mistakes still and want to do better but I will never be toxic, afk or grief the game... not intentionally at least. I am rather quiet/laid back otherwise though.
Outside of league I am studying language, watching anime or playing another game (wow, persona). Typical nerdy stay at home things ^^
If you're interested dm me or add me :3 IGN: Hirabana
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