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The Crusher youtube channel is dedicated on crushing items, got hydraulic presses got shredders and more destruction machines.Fell free to do your requests since its our no1 favorite videos when we crush your suggested items !

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2023.06.08 07:49 Minimum_Economics_30 So now I'm sensitized to isocyanates.

I've told this story so many times that my larynx hurts. I've dictated it so many times and then had to go back and correct the mistakes I'm working on carpal tunnel as well. Anyway as you can tell I'm at that point of the day where I felt I should share but what's the point? I work in an industry where I'm a painter of sets and such for corporate events and plays and things like that. So out of the blue they decided when you get day to use isisyanite-based primers and paints and we did it over the weekend and I was exposed for close to 16 hours with only a 3M gas mask with a regular filter in it. The sprayed product was called chassis saver. If you want to look up the MSDS you're going to have to type in chassis saver MSDS. It's got a whole smorgasbord of fun like methyl diisocyanate mixed with aluminum flake? That was shot out of an HVLP gun under pressure in a closed Warehouse because it was seemed outside so there was no ventilation for 2 days. I had ... okay let's just quit trying to give anybody to benefit it out here and say I had no protection whatsoever. Cuz if I'm going to mention the 3M mask but not the fact that I need a full body suit gloves full face mask with supplied oxygen and I'm supposed to leave all of my clothes at work including my shoes and not get it on my skin along with proper ventilation? Well none of that was done. First off because we weren't worried about the danger secondly none of that stuff is available to us at work and thirdly I wasn't even the one using the stuff. Didn't matter I still became concerned when the room was a silvery cloud of toxins so after a couple weeks when I realized I was asthmatic and having reactions every time I went to work? My GM had me apply for workers comp and sent me home for 4 days. Then I was asked to come back to work to help and the symptoms started again. It took me a while to figure out what was going on by doing some reading on OSHA and the CDC. Plus all the other articles and case studies. It all lined up it was obvious that I didn't kind of get exposed... I was immersed in it. That includes breathing it having it in my eyes eating after using it no ventilation and wearing the same clothes home along with getting some on my skin when I was helping him clean up afterwards. Poured it on the side of my abdomen because it was in a mixing cup. It felt really good. Anyway, as soon as this hit corporate everything went s*** house crazy. I continue to go to work for 4 weeks and see the doctor that they had sent me to and since I've been self-employed my whole life as a portrait artist? That's my college degree it's a BFA and fine arts. Probably kiss my oil painting career goodbye. So they got rid of the job I had and any other talents I could fall back on. Anyway yeah this is going to be kind of a sarcastic post so enjoy it. What doctor was I send to that was an expert on chemical exposure with isocyanates and occupational acquired asthma? What was the name of that place it's famous like the Mayo Clinic but instead it's everywhere and oh yeah Concentra. You know the place you go to and the doctor runs a stethoscope all over you and says he doesn't hear anything to indicate asthma even though it sounds like there's a kitten stuck in your throat? Then he tricks your blood pressure and says it's normal even though it's rising quickly? He asks you why you're there and nods his head and you can tell in his mind he's going "well that's like a total s*** show. If I do what the insurance adjusters are telling me to do I'm basically sending this guy back to work to die. So let me get on that" I would come in and he would look at me and say so what do you want to do today and I would say I don't know maybe doctor stuff like check me see if I have asthma I don't know what the tests are for us to cyanide exposure? You're the doctor what do you want to do? Oh you want to go okay well be sure and sign that box telling me to return to work because he can't find any injury or evidence of exposure. Thanks. Oh this week you want to do blood work. But you only want to test for the most extreme exposure the kind that would cause neurological damage and okay. So he sends off the blood test tells me it'll be a week. And remind you I'm going back to work every day and getting re-exposed to all the stuff that I'm now allergic to and it's damaging my lungs and I'm coughing so hard my lungs are starting to separate from the wall my back. It's funny it's hilarious you know but at least they're saving money. They get to watch it and hear it but you know... buck up cowboy. You shouldn't smoke. Yeah y'all managed to do more damage to my lungs in 18 hours than I did in 47 years of light smoking. Seriously five cigarettes a day maybe. No history of asthma no history of allergies other than penicillin. I always watched other people just go through miserable seasons I mean just I swollen shut it's not running down their face and I thought how lucky I am. So my job decided that wasn't fair and locked me in the building with a chemical that destroyed a town in India. And they only used it that one time and decided they didn't like the properties of it. Probably cuz it's not meant to be put on wood but that's what the chassis saver was for was to give it sort of a metallic quality so they can roll the what yeah that's right bed truck liner on it that was day two and early the next day. When everybody was at work. When we were applying this stuff they were only two people there me and my supervisor. So if you look at the time clock it tells you when and who was there. If you look at when this stuff was purchased and under what project the stuff was charged to? what client? While we were doing a huge project for caterpillar that they were having out in Las Vegas. Don't know why one of our designers figured that bed liner would be a good idea for some of the staging when you can achieve that with paint and clear coat. But that's what he wanted. So so much for avoiding it just because it's not necessary. In the state of Texas you can't sue your employer for personal injury unless you can prove gross negligence. I would say that kind of falls where we're at. Unfortunately the other thing in Texas is that there aren't many workers comp attorneys because in 1993 they passed some laws that made being a workers comp attorney a tricky thing and you can lose your license really easy. In other words it was a very business friendly law to get companies to move here. Especially when you couldn't get sued for you know sending someone on fire or destroying their lungs and life. So a lot of people can get a worker's comp attorney even if they're a crappy one. But most of them that claim to be workers comp attorneys? They're actually just want to hear your stories so they can see if there's a personal injury lawsuit in there due to gross negligence cuz that's the only way they're going to make any money in this state and if it's a chemical exposure? I've been told by several attorneys who had extreme sympathy for my situation that they couldn't even refer me to an attorney that would take my case hey there's no attorney that's going to touch a chemical exposure case in Texas because it's already tough enough. Well I've been put the ringer lied to followed by a private investigator in the whole time I've been on represented and doing all the paperwork myself which they throw at me everyday usually it's fake stuff or stuff with the wrong date or deadline on it they mess with any attempts I get to find another diagnosis when they know damn well what happened on what day and with what products and who was there and when you know there's just no disputing the fact of what happened and when it happened and that we weren't protected because they don't have that kind of stuff there for PPE. we don't use that stuff so why would we need supplied oxygen masks. If I'm spraying something with metal paint mixed with silo I put on a 3M mask and use it organic filter and keep an eye on when it's starting to wear out even then? I'm not going to get leukemia or brain cancer for another 30 years well after I'm not working for them anymore so they've got that going for them and as do I. And this happened back in February 25th and I was sent home immediately because they were extremely concerned but they be suddenly became unconcerned about 4 days later I guess cuz corporate got involved and told me to come back into work and I spent another four weeks getting worse and worse and worse having the weekends to try and recover but not completely so I would start off at a level of irritation and asthma that was already underway when I returned on Monday. This was fun. Because even though they can see it they would just blame it on my smoking which is hilarious because you know life and for that weekend I wasn't allergic to anything in that building for two and a half years and I'm one of two people in the paint department so it's not a huge crew I'd say there's about 30 people that work there and probably too many people in the front office getting paid too much just sitting air conditioning. I mean they do work but you know if they had the chance they'd probably urinate on your face. That's not fair. They would wait till you run conscious from toxic exposure to gases anyway. Or they would but the workers comp adjusters do that for them. I mean they pay them for a reason and it's not help the employee so? Why am I talking to them again without an attorney oh yeah see above. So yeah they're just having a good old time they're beating me like a pinata making me run around like an idiot and freaking me out with letters and false deadlines that after a while I began to realize it being seriously gas lit I stopped playing nice guy and started recording phone calls and screenshotting text messages to make sure they got saved and save me everything in files and whenever they screwed up and intentionally put the wrong deadline on a Federal form like a FL la form from the Department of Labor anything like that? I would call him about that and record the response. One of my favorites was well that was just a suggested date because you know if you got it done sooner then you would get the paperwork done sooner and everything you get done sooner and you know just faster. Well yeah I understand how that works Einstein thanks I understand the whole concept and time and speed Mass velocity whatever. I swear to God they treat me like Chaka from Land of the Lost. They're all like 30 years younger than me and about to lose their jobs to AI but hey it'll be funny to watch. Won't need all those people running CAD machines and designing stuff after a few years. But let them enjoy it while they can anyway back to my career being ruined so they've just been having a good old time calling me and then they sent out a private investigator to harass me and want to talk to me until finally I just exploded and said what is it exactly you want to talk to me about.? I've been advised by everybody I know who is an attorney who may not be working in workers comp but they are an attorney? That I should never ever meet with a private investigator especially one that's a third party. You know one that's hired and not actually from the company. Cuz then he's not bound by the laws of an attorney or a police officer or an investigator he can do what he wants. Especially since he wanted to just talk to me and fill in the details of what happened that day. You know what caused the accident. I asked him what kind of forum is this going to occur in he said we could meet anywhere you want we can meet at McDonald's but I'm sure you don't want people here in your private information and I told him I don't like McDonald's anyway so I don't know I guess maybe after I get done with this doctor and have a solid diagnosis of asthma and something to stand on I'll be ready to comment. But until then I'm not meeting with you without an attorney in the room and probably even after I'm not going to meet with you without attorney in the room. So now it's come to this thing where I do have a doctor that's helping that was accidentally in their Network because I guess it slipped to the radar that they had an actual doctor that would do spirometry and asthma testing. of course they're messing with her a lot. I get your phone calls I get weird texts everybody has assured me that I'm obviously being observed surveilled. I don't see anything but I don't care either because nothing to see. I'm not at work. Why would I have asthma at home? I'm sure there's some triggers out there but I haven't discovered yet but that'll be fun and something to do in my free time. Anyway they seem to be kind of stuck in this rut where they won't go forward or approve anything unless I meet with the private investigator. Finally I blew my stack and said that I have no obligation to me the private investigator I've made my statement they were two people in the room y'all know what happened y'all know what I'm saying was the result you're not allowing me to explore that so I would think the best way for y'all to fill in the gaps and figure out what happened and what the situation this is letting me go to a f****** doctor that treats me and actually trust me for the things that I claim I have. That way instead of treating me like I'm lying you can prove that I'm lying which won't happen because I'm not lying which is obviously what you know so what is it he wants to ask me about again oh yeah he wants me to fill in the details is he a doctor? No okay well how about you get a doctor to do it instead of somebody who follows people husbands and wives around looking for infidelity. So I still don't have an attorney and I called OSHA reported the exposure and all they did was call my workplace and say "hey, did you have an exposure there?" and they said "yeah, but we got rid of that stuff" and they said "okay great" slow clap into a face palm. Which you know, kind of blew my mind. Because I thought calling OSHA was starting a nuclear war. That they would be in there with clip boards and chemical detectors and wanting to know just what the hell happened here. Because they've been really hard on this chemical and they've been trying to educate the public but evidently calling and just asking if it happened and them saying "well we got rid of that stuff" . That's enough for them. never mind the fact it was an "exposure to isocyanates in the workplace that I was reporting" which is what they told me they were going to check on. I wasn't calling them to tell them that they had harmful materials in a building, so evidently the guy I'm dealing with doesn't understand exactly what the law is or what law I was trying to get them to acknowledge. Cuz that would help my case if there were questions posed by government officials and they had to tell the truth. Either way, if they reported the exposure?great. They followed the law and I would have that an admission that an exposure occurred .....or they didn't report it and it would look really bad and probably cost them some money. But to my dismay, OSHA is obviously a joke. At least here in Dallas. So it's been real fun, yeah it's been one disappointment after the other of people just saying "I know this is my job, but I'm sorry. looking at your situation I'm just not good enough talented or educated enough to take it on. I'm just one of those people takes the easy cases and if something looks difficult? Even if it's a matter of you possibly dying or living on the streets and your whole family getting kicked out and never having a proper diagnosis to have on your medical records to show other employers or people in the situations that you can't be in in the future? I'm going to go over here and handle this easy money case." I'm sure there are some attorneys out there that if they knew about me and my situation it'll be all over it because they like a challenge and realize that there's not much left to do. All the information that I have and phone recordings, some documentation of b******* that has accumulated over the past months. Because normally you know you'd call a lawyer at the beginning of the case and there wouldn't be anything there. But since they figured I was never going to get an attorney? It was just "hey let's whack the pinata guy" . If an attorney were to walk in at this point? We've got enough acts of malfeasance and fraud and deliberate dishonesty, misleading statements and instructions, recordings and plenty of Doom and gloom documents meant to make me quit give up or go away out of fear or exhaustion.....and all I have to do is just hand you this stack and explain to you what's going on and we could probably even find a case that had nothing to do with workers compensation and had more to do with fraud and gross negligence and just have fun doing that. I mean they've had their fun why not? I didn't go into this looking for a cash settlement I just wanted to be taken care of and as the law states it should be. But I'm really just kind of f****** done with the whole f****** thing because everyone I talk to everyone I talk to doesn't want to touch it. When you have workers comp insurance that doesn't have ANY (ZERO) doctors in their Network to handle workplace asthma? which is one of the most common workers comp claims it pretty much leads the pack with all the saw dust and gas fumes out there to breathe in. But no we didn't have any doctors that would treat that or even know how to treat that at all. in fact the ONE that I did find? had retired about 5 years ago. That was funny. it was always a interesting thing to find out that when you finally had an aha moment leading to a hopeful situation? That turned out it was actually just a straw man. Even dealing with the Texas agencies help with people who are going through workers compensation or having difficulties? It depends on how you get on the line there's nothing more extremely helpful to the point where they'll even call the adjuster to make them call you back and help you fill out your forms whereas there were others that are just generally irritated by the fact that you're even calling and don't know what you're talking about. Well believe it or not there are some people in this world that don't do workers comp for living and don't spend their whole time having to deal with it. Especially people that are self-employed portrait artists for most of their lives. I guess this long-winded rambling stream of consciousness is just what's going on in my head and I can tell you right now it ain't a lot of good things and nothing really positive to say about working for anybody under any circumstances and I wouldn't take anything that anybody said they were going to do for you as a fact. It's all good on paper and everything but when it comes down to it it's all about saving money and if it involves an injury that doesn't look good on their records they got to get rid of that and they really don't f****** care what happens to you. You could be dissolving with sulfuric acid on your body and they would tell you to get out of the Sun and quit smoking. And they just watch it happen until you were just a pile of just steaming you know white powder on the ground or whatever happens. Do I sound frustrated? Flippant "whatever. Didn't see that coming". So I guess if you're in Texas and you're an attorney that this work is compensation and you want your entire case handed to you and you can say that you want a chemical exposure case in Texas I've got it right here for you if not fine. If you're from out of state that's fine too if you'd like to file a lawsuit that they beat me with clowns I don't give a carrot to a donkey whether you do that or not. As long as we win the case and they suffer for their behavior. It's not all vengeance. I want but is owed to me by law. And I didn't get that instead I got financial destitution cuz they have not paid me a dime and I'm the runaround which is basically we won't honor your claim until you prove that you were injured on the job. Okay I can't do that unless I prove that I have asthma. So they send me to a doctor that doesn't treat me for asthma now he's my pcp. Finally I find somebody that can treat me what do they do they immediately start pulling the plug on everything saying that my time's up sorry this show's over quick turn off the lights but hold up a minute they were too slow and I was able to get in there and she's doing spirometry tests and everything but you know I know it's not going to be enough because that's why I need to do the super serious testing the kind that definitively says whether you have asthma or not and there's no doubt there's no doubt that these people can try and split hairs and make excuses. Then I get to try and type for the workplace which wouldn't be hard if I had an attorney because this in front of a judge and argue it this is the guy before this is the guy after he's got occupational asthma he worked here for two and a half years and then after that weekend where was the only two days out of the year that that chemical was present and being sprayed? After that he developed severe occupational asthma and an insensitivity to isocyanide due to acute exposure with absolutely no PPE or guidance instruction and now no help no financial help and the guys that I work with here in town that run the show don't talk to me anymore it's all corporate people that were states away and have no idea and don't care what the facts are they just want the positive outcome which is the one that benefits them. But we all know that. We wouldn't be in this form if we didn't know that. Ask for all of y'all that have had better luck congratulations. I am truly happy for you. I don't know where I'm going to be I know obviously you can tell where I am mentally right now and that if another person involved with the adjuster or my employers handed me a form fill out to get the thing that I need that ain't going to happen that they say would happen that won't? I'd wad it up and throw it back in their face without reading it and not worrying about what they say will happen if I don't fill it out. Because they know if I fill it out and sign it or if I don't fill it out and sign it? It wouldn't do a f****** thing. Unless it was an attorney wanting to get with me and get a retainer and all that stuff set up .....and get going. Because nothing.....everything else is just a f****** waste of time, gas and mental energy. It's just that's what it's designed to do... wear you down. You know the truth and you can't prove it and you start feeling like you're living in bad movie like invasion of the body snatchers or something. like I said, it's the ultimate definition of gaslighting. So if you're going through the same thing with workers comp? I feel your pain. I definitely have sympathies if your injuries are more severe or debilitating than mine and you're being treated like this, but something needs to be done about the system because I'm quite aware of what it is now. I've had plenty of time to sit down and parse out what happened and watch videos listen to other attorneys talk read articles on the chemical and how not only companies and workers comp are reacting to it, but also the manufacturers themselves. For instance the CEO that wiped out that city in India? he showed up one day for court in India and then claimed he had to return to the states to take care of some business and never went back. India tried to extradite him for several decades. But instead? he was able to retire with a nice fat paycheck Savage whatever you want to call it and live out the rest of his days in Florida. And I guess he slept well at night knowing what he did. Union carbide. Bought by now Dow? Pretty sure they have never done anything wrong..... I'll have to double check that but I'm pretty sure on they are on up and up right? If they have the good attorney defend the behavior. I mean chemical companies they don't f*** around.... do they? anyway. whatever. I'm not too jaded to where I don't want to accept help or nail these f***. Or just get what I deserve. So take my post as a bit of Comedy or just a rant..... some venting. Maybe you feel the same way. Maybe it helps, maybe it doesn't. Just don't let it scare you cuz your case might be totally different than mine. I have an invisible injury and that's a s** place to be. Just like growing up in Texas. Well I guess it's time to lay down on the couch and play video games. How much is something like that pay?
My apologies if the punctuation spelling of what I've written up there (or actually dictated) has weird words that are completely out of contact in there somewhere. I dictated this because I'm so f****** tired of typing and I'm really tired of going back over what I wrote and fixing the grammar and trying to make it not look insane? It's just fatigue and I just thought I should get this out there in the Reddit forum. I'm a member of some other groups, but you know... first time listener first time caller
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2023.06.08 07:48 dun_hai Net-Like Plastic Storage Box Mould For Household Sundries And Children'S Toys-Production Samples

Dunhai Mould Factory specializes in the production of mesh plastic household debris and children's toy storage box moulds, and provides professional customization suggestions for manufacturers in need. It has many production lines and can accept custom orders for large quantities of molds, and the delivery time is guaranteed.
Taizhou Dunhai Mould Factory is China plastic mould maker and plastic mold manufacturer specializing in wholesale production of injection moulds, plastic moulds, automobile plastic moulds, daily necessities moulds, logistics moulds and other moulds. As professional Net-Like Plastic Storage Box Mould For Household Sundries And Children'S Toys-Production Samples maker, we owns many production lines, and produces products for multiple industries at the same time. We also custom and OEM Net-Like Plastic Storage Box Mould For Household Sundries And Children'S Toys-Production Samples.
Processing img o6v04lj4gq4b1...
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2023.06.08 07:48 Primceofbuggy What SCP is this?

Good morning! Trying to find a specific SCP. It was an instance of cross testing that resulted in a machine that combined things…? Something along those lines. It was in a canon where cross testing was pretty much banned after the testing took place..? And I think they were trying to utilize it to make weapons?
Thank you, hope y’all are having a good day!
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2023.06.08 07:48 Formal-Service-9625 Titanfall 2 is my favorite game of all time but...

Titanfall 2 is my favorite game of all time but...
I'm having to take regular breaks from it. No doubt the best movement fps ever made that can only be dethroned by Titanfall 3 which will come never anyway. However, everytime I get back to it, it's the same cycle: Refreshing > Exhilarating > Peak enjoyment > Somewhat annoyed > Really annoyed > Tilted > Mental health affected > Quit
Titanfall 2: Masterpiece
Sumarry on me; G24 but would have been G100 since I didn't regen for months after G22. G60 Kraber but again would've been G100 since I played half a year on Northstar. G10+ plus on most other guns and most titans. Level 20 CAR and not even G1 tone. I guess you see where I'm going with this. Maybe Tone is fine if you know how to counter it but this other abomination, this wretched thing carved from the deepest depth of hell, forged with the sweat and suffering of tortured souls, this monster that sucks all happiness and drains all honor from the hands holding it, the CAR smg.
Piece of crap
If you had to make a list of most broken video game weapons of all time, CAR smg would be in top 10. Personally, I can't enjoy a game where the other parties are having an absolute terrible time. That's why I never use it. I used it a bit when starting and tried it again to see why it's so broken and I have to tell you, I played a match or two recently with it and it is the MOST brainless, broken, easy to control, stupidly accurate, stupidly high damage and rate of fire, ridiculouly long range weapon I have ever used. For a weapon to have all these perks at the SAME time, is the stupidest thing I have seen in any video game ever.
All guns have ups and downs; Kraber one shots but slow as hell, R97 super quick but bad at range, SMR fricking two/three shots but slow rate of fire and innacurate, Flatline and R201 shred but got some horizontal recoil for balance and the list goes on for ALL other weapons AND titans.
Just imagine a Titan embodiment of the CAR: the speed and damage block of Ronin, the fire rate of Legion, the area damage of Scorch, the range and power of Northstar, the damage return of Ion, the target locking of tone and the energy sucking of Monarch. That would be simply ridiculous.
Ronin is life
That's what the CAR is and worse. More accuracy than all SMGs at close range, more range than most ARs, more accuracy than literally all guns except charge rifle maybe (but at least there's a charge to it).
I'm not criticizing players that use it, sort of, but my point is if you add even one thing super imbalanced in a game, people are going to use it, new and experienced. So many games have an absolute outrage and community disarray due to weapon imbalances like in COD, Apex, Halo, but I can barely find outrage against the CAR. I can play without sound and death replay and tell you who killed me with the CAR since it kills so quickly and accurately that it's next to hacking. People might hate Smart Pistol and Legion Smart Core but these last seconds at best and you have to build up to them as a kind of short but intense reward.
Smol smart
Big smart
CAR is not a fun time for anyone else not using it. CAR has ruined this game for me. CAR will never be removed. I hate the CAR smg and I hate Respawn for all the wrong they've done to this beautiful game. But I guess peace of mind is more important than a video game. I'm not quitting forever. I'll get back to it at some point till the game dies and servers are shut down but I hate how a single gun ruined a part of my life that was precious, where time spent made me feel like myself. I guess I have to find other things to do for now. Until next time Pilots, see you on the frontier soon.
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2023.06.08 07:45 nickibar96 How Fallout: New Vegas helped me cope with losing my grandma

[The text in this post is copied from a comment I made under a fnv post making fun of the character Lily Bowen, a Super Mutant who was a grandma before she was turned into a monster on the outside, but still retains her personality.]
My grandma died in October and I didn’t say goodbye.
She’d been sick with terminal cancer for almost a year, and in that time I only spoke to her a handful of times, if that. The thing is, I wasn’t supposed to know she had cancer. My mom told me, but wanted me to pretend I didn’t know, so that I would talk to her as if I thought she’d be alright. But how could I? Knowing that her days were numbered, I couldn’t bring myself to pretend everything was fine. Hell, even if I’d been allowed to address her condition, I preferred to distance myself from her even more than the ocean that separated us (she lived in Colombia 🇨🇴, where my whole family and I are from. I live in the US). I didn’t call. I was already accepting her death long before it actually happened. The week before she died, my mom told me she would call me later that week and put me on the phone with her to let her know I love her and that I’d be okay, because she was always worrying about me. She knew my grandma’s time was almost up, but she still overestimated how long she had. My grandma died before my mom ever called me. At first I felt more numb than sad, because I’d been ready for it. I’d been waiting. Honestly hoping she would go soon because she was suffering tremendously near the end. But then like a week after she died, I broke down in inconsolable sobs. I realized how in trying to spare myself the pain of talking to her, knowing I’d lose her soon; I lost her sooner than she died. I’ll never see her again, and not only did I not get to say goodbye, but I barely talked to her her whole last sickly year. I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive myself for that. But I mourned her and have mostly come to the acceptance stage of grief. For several months I was in denial. She was there my whole life, and then she wasn’t. The fact that I didn’t see her die or say goodbye made it even harder to accept. Alas, I was about as over it as you can get. I don’t think about her as much anymore, but when I do, I sigh the deepest sighs…
I started replaying New Vegas a few weeks ago after being done with and away from it for about a year. When I picked Lily up this playthrough and subsequently dismissed her, “Grandma will miss her little pumpkin. You promise to visit Grandma soon.” put tears in my eyes. So I can’t fuck with the humor in this post. I would love to have my grandma there to knit me “I ❤️ Grandma” sweaters that I’d wear proudly and cheer me on and feed me her special recipes of treats and fill my head with her worries for my safety and wellbeing, even as busy as I am with work and my personal life.
Appreciate your grandmas, and for the love you have for them, don’t be afraid to say goodbye, because you’ll regret it for the rest of your life if you don’t.
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2023.06.08 07:45 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle - The Leads Machine (Complete)

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2023.06.08 07:44 TripleStufOreos College laptop for Comp Sci US 1400-1600


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2023.06.08 07:44 Exiled8 Post Op Report- Good News

First of all, I want to thank everyone who shares their stories here in great detail, I found it both compelling that I should take my health seriously, but also reassuring that generally speaking the procedure is safe if done by a highly qualified professional.
The prep was Gavilyte and it was slimy compared to what I expected (vs salty), but I just chased it with Gatorade after every sip. I went through as much Gatorade as I did prep, it was about 1:1, so buy just as much Gatorade if you have a bad gag reflex with gross stuff like me. 4 doses in, I still hadn’t gone yet, and I was behind schedule because I just couldn’t bring myself to drink 8oz every 10-20 mins. Nonetheless I started at 6pm and was finished by 8:45. I continued to go over and over until about 11:30pm when I laid down to sleep. It was clear by the end of the night. 4:30AM I wake up to start for the second dose, this time it went right through me and I was going within 15 mins instead of an hour life the first dose the night before. The first movement of the morning was back to looking like a bowel movement. I powered through the prep and finished all but 3 oz. I pushed right up to the liquid cutoff 2 hrs before procedure. 7:30-9:30 I was still going but it was clear again by the time I left home.
My procedure was done at an ambulatory clinic in a nice suburb, close enough to a hospital for support if unlikely complications unfolded, but with the higher quality of care and consistency that you get from a career professional who owns the business for decades. The staff answered all of my questions pre-op, I asked about sterilization procedures per the 2015 John Hopkins study about 71% of scoped still having bacteria after “cleaning”, and they explained their tedious practices for hand scrubbing every crevice of the scopes unlike “dishwashing machine” style machines that wash them in a static state. They were thorough in covering my medical history, symptoms, and questions about diet and risk management for the future. I was sedated and faintly remember watching the screen at the very end and being told “we didn’t find anything you’re all clear!” I was moved to recovery and that part is also missing, but once I was seated upright and left to pass gas I snapped out of it fairly quickly and had clarity of thought and memory back. My energy was normal and by the time we were driving away I felt back to normal like the whole thing never even happened. They presented me with paperwork on the way out summarizing the results, with screenshots.
Ultimately, I have three points to share.
1) I am 35M and had ambiguous symptoms. I read endlessly on the internet and convinced myself I surely had cancer. I did not. I had a negative fit Test. I was discouraged by many doctors across many years from getting a colonoscopy. I got one anyway. I am glad I did, even though nothing was found. I will gladly waste a day, $1300, and take a small risk of complications to know I’m not missing the window of opportunity to stop cancer in it tracks early before it gets started or progresses to a late stage with chemo, radiation, and surgery required.
2) my best friend died at 24 of CRC and my grandfather had it in his mid 60’s. I understood my risks and the implications of waiting too long. This created bias for me but my risk is real. Being an MUTYH carrier and having an impacted stool/hemorrhoids, flattened stool, and reducing stool caliber were enough factors to make my choice. The more I talked to friends, family, and colleagues, the more I discovered many of them had colonoscopies that saved their lives and they are only here today because of that intervention.
3) I read endlessly about the procedure risks and complications. This was counterproductive, and, while good to know, it ultimately magnified low probabilities and needlessly terrified me for months until I could get the scope. Know the risks, but weight those odds against the other odds- like 1:20 lifetime odds of CRC. It goes up from there with things like family history. I read every possible complication and statistic and almost chickened out, but then I decided to trust the numbers. 1:1000 chance of perforation, or 1:7 lifetime odds CRC shows up (due to family history).
Take care of yourself and remember you are your own health advocate.
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2023.06.08 07:43 zahee3c Spoiled 24-year-old neckbeard goes ballistic on Facebook because he got an iPhone 5 for his birthday.

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2023.06.08 07:42 wishiwastenma Dream about monster and Franz Bonaparta

I had really a weird dream. Nobody l know knows monster so I'll tell you. I was watching 5 hrs video that talks about monster yesterday fluently. Then i went sleep and i had really weird dream. There was a man in it and there's no doubt about the fact that he was Bonaparta. You know the scene that sometimes flashes Infront of Nina's eyes? I saw that few times in my dream except it was real. The guy looked real. It's kinda blurry in my head but I'm sure that it was him. Then there was a few more kids. It seems like me and the kids was somehow associated. Me and the kids, we were hiding at weird locked room. And then he found us. The scene, I've seen it again. There was so much light behind him as he stood in the door reaching his hand. He looked like he was pleased with the fact that he found us. The kids wede screaming and crying. He was so slowly but so fast getting closer. Then i woke up. No more long monster videos (i found another one and i will watch it hehehe) I just thought it was really weird and wanted to tell y'all...
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2023.06.08 07:42 EarthEmail Flip-flop boats, ‘trashion’ and the Bag Monster: the art of discarded plastic – in pictures

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2023.06.08 07:40 Upstairs-File-5741 Anyone else wana be a pirate

Like dose any one else wana go out to sea on a pirate ship and sale around fighting sea monsters and piliging sailing the open sea exploring the vast unknown with friends and doing random stupid stuff for no reason
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2023.06.08 07:40 zander_cp Synchronizing or uploading FVTT local data to the FVTT server

Hello, folks.
I am returning to FVTT, and I've found several new issues between my last experience (v8) and now. First, and most important, I can't simply upload my worlds to my own hosted server. Allow me to explain a little bit.
I usually design all scenes locally; it is faster, easier, and I have more access to debugging tools and whatsoever. When I finished all the maps, NPCs, monsters etc., I just uploaded my Data folder to the server by FTP and It worked perfectly. Now, It's a mess.
Probably I'm doing something wrong, of course. Can you help me?
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2023.06.08 07:39 BigSouthernRooster Constant dripping outdoor drainage?

Here is a video of the constant dripping:
Behind this wall is the kitchen sink and dishwasher.
Water usage for the household is below the average for the number of people in the house (based on water bill received each month).
For context, the kitchen sink hadn't been run for around 4 hours, and the dishwasher hadn't been run for 16 hours at the time of filming.
Other water related items:
Any ideas what this could be?
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2023.06.08 07:38 doomer_claire [TotK] Tears of the Kingdom got some wacky lore stuff going on

As the title suggests, I think Tears of the Kingdom completely destroys any consistency in the story of Breath of the Wild, and in turn the rest of the Zelda timeline, and is by nature pretty goofy. Allow me to explain my points. I do have to preface, I do not and never will on my own volition own a Wii, and thus have never played Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, or Skyward Sword. I realize that doesn't help my case at all as someone claiming any level of authority on Zelda lore, but this post aims to illustrate that the lack of knowledge I have on the lore of those games doesn't even matter.
One thing that has been floating around in the Zelda lore community over the past six years since Breath of the Wild released was the tapestry depicted the original battle between the hero and the great calamity, ten thousand years before the events of Breath of the Wild. It is often believed that this specific hero was a Zonai, due to his odd looks and green arm reminiscent of Rauru's. Problems arise when in Tears of the Kingdom, we see that the red hair of the hero in the tapestry, often attributed to the Zonai by the Barbarian armor set isn't actually a trait the Zonai had. From what we know of the Zonai, their hair was white rather than red, albeit we only get to see two of them. Moreover, they were scholars rather than warriors, building machines to work for them, comparable to those built by the Sheikah to do battle, although it is made clear in TotK that the Zonai gave machines a much greater presence in their lives than the Sheikah did, with the constructs (what the Zonai call their machines) working as soldiers and servants, rather than just soldiers.
The Barbarian set itself introduces some contrivance into the lore by indication that the Zonai came from and resided within the Faron region in the Southeast reaches of Hyrule. It's impossible to say whether or not there is any truth to this, because we only ever see two Zonai, but their ruins are all across Hyrule, underground and above. There very well may have been a point in time that the Zonai only lived within the Faron region, but they did not come from it. Historically, according to Tears of the Kingdom, the Zonai were an advanced civilization that came from the sky. Unfortunately, it's impossible to say what it means to say that the Zonai came from the sky. Would it make them aliens, like those seen in Majora's Mask? Were they like the people of Skyloft? If so, why was there no record of any large structures having been in the sky at any point from the founding of Hyrule to the Great Upheaval? Was the Faron region just unexplored by the Zora, Rito, Goron, or Hylian nations before the Zonai built a complex flying machine to fly them out of the region and into what is now Central Hyrule, and everyone there thought them to be gods when they landed? Forgiving me for calling it convoluted, but I think that explanation is indeed too convoluted to be correct. Unfortunately, taken at face value, it seems that the Barbarian set doesn't reference the Zonai at all, being that its description mentions warriors from Faron and the Zonai are specifically referred to as advanced scholar demigods from the sky. Rauru and Mineru themselves fight with magic instead of weapons, which seems to be within their regular abilities rather than granted by their secret stones, seeing as it is made clear that secret stones only amplify abilities rather than granting them, though this falls apart when applied to Ganondorf, whom I can guarantee did not have an innate ability to summon monsters and turn the moon red.
My point with all of this is that the hero seen in the tapestry of the great calamity cannot possibly be a Zonai, because the figure does appear to be a hero with red hair wielding a blade. The Zonai are shown to have done very little fighting of their own, and very little usage of swords (in fact, the only Zonai swords in-game belong to constucts) along with a lack of red hair and an unlikelihood of having created or worn the Barbarian armor set. Truthfully, none of that matters at all since if we account for the events of Tears of the Kingdom, the great calamity possibly didn't happen ten thousand years ago anyway.
Many Zelda fans have decided that the events of Tears of the Kingdom's memories occur ten thousand years before those of Breath of the Wild, and whether it's actually stated in-game, or the time between TotK's Imprisoning War and Link's triumph over Ganondorf is just stated to be "thousands of years" does make a pretty big difference, however if we assume the events are ten thousand years apart, unless upon being sealed away Ganondorf immediately manifested Calamity Ganon, I find it hard to believe that it happened in the first place. We know the original great calamity had to have happened during or after the reign of Rauru, due to the presence of Hyrule Castle in the tapestry. Along with the Divine Beasts, guardians, and towers also present in the tapestry, nowhere to be found anywhere within the present or past of Tears of the Kingdom, I think it is safe to say this casually accepted ten thousand year gap cannot be the case, and that TotK's Imprisoning War happens before the arrival of the great calamity. That's fine, but... If it's the same Imprisoning War as the one mentioned in prior Zelda games, more problems arise. There's the obvious issue that Ganondorf didn't get sent to any other realm, he just got placed under the castle, and then other issues like the presence of a Rito sage which would be impossible if we are to assume the Rito "evolved" from the Zora when the Great Sea showed up sometime after OoT, and there is no real reason not to believe that, seeing as the series' writers have confirmed it. The only way at all that the Imprisoning War of TotK happens after the entirety of the rest of the Zelda timeline, with the implication being that Hyrule fell to ruin and was rebuilt by the Zonai, who have never been present before in any Zelda game at all.
Another big issue arises on the topic of the Sheikah and their technology. This is one that has been debated for a while now. The question goes: After Breath of the Wild, what happened to the Sheikah towers, shrines, guardians, and Divine Beasts? It has only been a few years, and it seems like it would be difficult to fully get rid of them all in that time. The generally agreed answer is that they were removed and used to build the new towers present in TotK. This answer is really dumb. Those towers are significantly smaller than the ones in BotW. Shrines also contain vast underground areas that could not be "removed" or refilled within the span of a few years, and they contain the bodies of one-hundred and twenty-four possibly dead or alive mummified monks, which would no doubt constitute them as sacred places unfit to be destroyed. The Divine Beasts are also the only resting grounds for the Champions' spirits, a fact that pretty much everyone in Hyrule knows. Only two of the Champions even have memorials outside of the Divine beasts, those being Mipha and Daruk, and Daruk's memorial was defaced by Yunobo. For Revali and Urbosa, their Divine Beasts are the only memorial they have, and unfortunately all but Mipha seem to have undergone the third death. It seems odd, then, that the Divine Beasts were not also considered sacred and left undisturbed. In other words, it's a question that still remains unanswered, and I personally believe that's because it's a retcon. They weren't removed, the writers just want us to accept the new continuity they've designed in which they were never there.
Also, for another contradiction to Breath of the Wild, the Zonai are referred to throughout BotW as mysterious and unknown, pretty much only referenced in item descriptions. Tears of the Kingdom retcons all of that. Pretty much everyone recognizes Zonai ruins when they see them. Talk to most NPCs, they'll have something to say about the Zonai. Even Zelda knows a hell of a lot about them at the start of the game. Pretty much every major character has accepted that the Zonai founded Hyrule, when literally nothing in the previous game indicates that.
Finally, let's look at how Tears of the Kingdom contradicts its own lore. Possibly not inhabited by the Zonai, the Faron region contains imagery that makes it clear that the people there worshipped the dragons, specifically Farosh. The one implication that those are Zonai ruins comes with Mineru's quest, in which Link has to go around the Dracozu river looking for some explicitly Zonai armor. However, if they are Zonai ruins, issues associated with dragon worship become MUCH bigger, but even if they aren't, there are still issues with the concept of dragon worship. Put simply, if you eat a secret stone you become a dragon and lose everything, and that's universally agreed to be a bad thing. So, the dragons were people who ate secret stones. But that's forbidden... So why would they be worshipped by anyone...?
On the topic of secret stones, what's up with Ganondorf? He puts on a secret stone and suddenly becomes a demon king with the power to create red slime and spawn monsters and turn the moon red. Anyone else puts on a secret stone, they can make a gust of air, or roll fast, or move some water, or strike lightning. Why is it that Ganondorf suddenly becomes a deity when he wears one? Is it his connection with Demise, his innate abilities only manifesting as those of his original form? In that case, why is it that the Triforce only turns him into a pig guy? One seems vastly superior to the other. I just personally believe there is no good reason to make Ganondorf the Demon King, since he shows two feats throughout TotK's memories: leading a group of Gerudo who control a swarm of molduga with a pungi like snake charmers. And it's not Ganondorf who plays it. And making a puppet Zelda. That's it. It seems overboard to give him control of the moon. And it is the moon, it's not a puppet moon. You could say everything he makes, monsters included, are just puppets, but the issue is the extent of his power. Rauru is considered a god by Hyrule and the best he can do is sacrifice himself sealing one guy away. One guy. Ganondorf gets armies. Rauru gets to seal one guy and make an explosion and die. Yunobo gets to roll, but he can do that without the stone. Sidon gets to make a bubble. Again, he can do that without the stone. Riju gets to strike lightning, and she too can do that without the stone. Tulin gets to make gusts, but he too can do that without the stone. Sonia can rewind stuff, but Link can do that without a stone. Mineru gets to attach stuff to her construct body, something that I kid you not EVERY CONSTRUCT CAN DO. The stone doesn't let her have the body. She could already do that. The stone isn't even really what lets her attach stuff to it. Really, it does absolutely nothing for her. Period. So why does Ganondorf get armies and the power to manifest whatever he wants? That's silly. I'm sorry, really, it's goofy. Kohga can do all kinds of wacky stuff, if that guy got a secret stone I think Hyrule would legitimately be doomed, judging by the logic of Ganondorf and his silly rock. The would would transform into a giant spiked ball or something. Genuinely, the difference of power between the level of amplification on Ganondorf's abilities and the level of those amplified for everyone else is so drastic that I consider it contradicting to the game's lore, because once again, Rauru is considered a god and his power is dwarfed by Ganondorf's.
I'd love to hear your opinions, and I know someone's gonna say mine doesn't matter because I haven't played the Wii games, frankly I don't care, I included only a few references to them that pretty much every Zelda fan knows. Really, I'm not the most versed in Zelda lore and this is not in any way my attempt to appear as an authority on it, but I do think someone with authority on Zelda lore such as Zeltik should look at TotK through a critical lens because it's goofy. I've seen very little but praise posted about this game everywhere but this sub, and as someone who enjoyed playing it I personally do not think the praise is warranted.
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2023.06.08 07:36 FrostByt3MethOD I wanna ignore my dad when he calls or texts. I often do.

I can’t help but get irritated whenever my dad calls me. It’s like every other day that he calls. It may sound messed up that I react this way to his calls but it’s the truth. My life is pretty messed up due to DUI I committed a few years ago. I’ve been busy working and paying off fines, going to counseling, doing community services, etc. As soon as I get off my shift at my primary job, I do some DoorDash. My schedule isn’t very flexible at all. Yet my dad keeps calling me everyday asking “what are you doing?” Or “do you work today?” “Maybe sometime next week we can go hang out”. I’m glad he wants to hang out with me but I hate hanging out with him. Confusing right?
He just got through a 2nd divorce and is all lonely so he starts contacting people he suspects got nothing better to do. I’m single too but I’m working pretty much all day, everyday. Most people don’t wanna hang out with him because he has anger issues. He LOVES to be angry. So every time we go out to restaurants or the grocery store he starts a scene over something petty.
One time the cashier at Costco at self-checkout told my father that he had to remove his grocery bags off the bagging scale to start a second order and he got all angry with the lady even though she was just explaining how the machine worked. My dad assumed the worst and thought she was just trying to give him a hard time so he gave her “the look” 😡 and went to a different self checkout register to start a new order. He told me to just wait at the self checkout register while he waited in line again to use a different one. The whole 6 minutes my dad was mean mugging the employee like he was Shrek or something. Meanwhile I was stuck looking like a dick for holding up the line.
He overanalyzes every situation and assumes the worst about people so he’s always getting offended. The energy he gives off is always negative. I have to get drunk just to cope whenever we hang out. My body can only take so much alcohol before I get alcohol poisoning. I only hang out with him because I pity him. I feel a sense of guilt if I decline his invitations to hang out even though I know I shouldn’t. I feel kinda shitty for saying this but there’s a reason why nobody wants to hang out with him and there’s a reason why my mom left him. If ANGER was a species of human, that’s him.
What’s worse is that he tries to get me to believe that me and him are alike. We’re no where near alike to each other besides in genes. My idea of socializing and having a good time don’t involve road raging, starting drama scenes eat restaurants and criticizing everything and everyone in sight. He used to offer me rides home after work because the walking distance was like 7 miles. Any time I accepted he’d do nothing but criticize every decision I made. He’d spend the whole ride back home explaining to me how foolish I was for whatever decision I decided I’d share with him. It sucks because when we talk, it’s not really talk. When we talk, he’s questioning me like he’s some kind of detective. Whatever I say is met with anger and ridicule.
Dad: “How many hours did you work today?” Me: “4” Dad: “Only 4?!… better stop letting your boss step all over you like that” Me: “🙄”
Dad: “What did you eat for dinner?” Me: “I don’t remember” Dad: “what?! You don’t remember?!” Me: “no I don’t, why is that a problem?” Dad: “most people with a brain know what they ate for dinner” Me: …😒 Me: “I think it was French toast” Dad: “FRENCH TOAST?!!” Me: “yes”
Dad: “Why’d you buzz your hair off?” Me: “because I wanted to” Dad: “not a smart move, people are gonna think you’re a skinhead…..again, you need to start thinking with your head”
By the end of the trip I would feel like shit. I eventually decided that I’d rather walk 7 miles instead of putting up with him. I truly don’t understand what the hell my dad gets out of spending time with me. I definitely don’t get anything out of it except for when my little half brother comes along.
submitted by FrostByt3MethOD to abusiveparents [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 07:36 psychicfemme my body has 24/7 spasms

Female, 22. Height: 5 foot 1 Weight: 130lbs
Conditions: secondary adrenal insufficiency, central sensitization, convergence spasm (eyes) / double vision, colitis from C. difficile (now under control), chronic pain/ fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, depression, ocd
Medications: cortisol, venlafaxine, amitriptyline, Suboxone
I’ve always had really small tremors throughout my whole body. People always ask me if I’m cold. But since I got adrenal insufficiency, I’ve been getting muscle spasms literally all over my body that keep getting worse. I can feel it constantly. It’s my entire body. My eyes have double vision because of it - muscles are stuck in a spasm so I see double and my eyes can’t move fully.
Then there’s my tremors which are getting more severe and I’ve even developed some twitching where my head lurches forward sometimes.
The worst pain is in my spine. Specifically the pain is around T5-T7 vertebrae area. The pain IS my spine. It is not around my spine or near my spine, it is my spine. It is so bad that the only way for me to help it is to jam something into it really hard and lie down on it using pressure from my legs. I’ve used those neck back massager things in the past to try and help but I keep burning myself without realizing it because my pain is so bad that I don’t even feel my skin get burned by these heat machines.
Well, I’ve found a solution that helps very temporarily. I bought a vibrator to try and help relax my muscles, and I figured out that if I lie down on it, it almost counters my tremors / spasms that are happening and helps calm my pain a little bit. Unfortunately it isn’t permanent and I can’t do it for very long.
My question is, what do I do, and does this have a name? I am in so much pain. My body is so exhausted. I can give more details if you need. Please help me. Thank you
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2023.06.08 07:35 arat_s Looking for players for a sandbox game online 5e

Game Name: ???
Genre: sand box adventure
Dm: ratsnrats #2011
Time: Every Saturday @ 5pm est /2pm pst
System: Discord Voice 5e
Players: 3/4
About: Campaign setting Anduse is a continent on the left of the world being the least governed quarter it is ripe with pirates and swashbucklers looking to make a name for themselves.
But this may not apply to you you will start in this campaign in caldaar A strange mountain city of casinos, goblins and gnomes it's a strange place to find ones self in but you have arrived here.
This campaign will take place on this island and the surrounding ones or if you wish you may take a different route anything is available.
World lore .Anduse is home to 2 sea monsters who split there territory one carrying a island on its back and the other one said to send people into shock at the sight
. anduse Is home to many species such as kolbots,genesai,humans,half elf,elf,thri keen, and most fey races and a few elemental plane of stone races. + Koa toa ( if you wish to play something else your Chr can not originate on the island)
.The territory is split between humans,goblins,thri keen,kolbots (it's up to you how much your Chr knows if you want them to know more then this also ask me)
dm me if you want to join
This is level 4 Discord ratsnrats#2011
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2023.06.08 07:35 GuangdongYuesen123 Making Highly Efficient Spout Pouch Filling With Lightweight Advanced Machine

The lightweight advanced spout pouch filling machine offers highly efficient and precise filling for spout pouches. With its advanced technology, it ensures smooth and accurate dispensing of various liquids, creams, or gels. This machine is designed to optimize productivity and deliver superior packaging solutions for beverages, sauces, and personal care products.
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2023.06.08 07:34 Effective-Ring-4335 27 [F4M] Dallas - I am looking for a serious and loyal submissive guy who is willing to become my personal servant from now on

Are you just staring into a corner and wondering what to do? Do not despair. You are here to find what you deserve, you are lucky if you read this because the person who will make your world happy is already here. The captivating Goddess who seeks is a serious man who will serve me by my commands. Yes, don't be surprised, I accept beginners or experienced, the important thing is that you are serious and know how to respect me. I don't have time for people who have no destination here so don't bother to message me, do you understand? I want you to be my toy in my bedroom. I’m eager to watch you as you play yourself in front of me and your saliva will drip when you do that.
Follow everything I want and you will be mine soon, don’t be rude and don’t apply your bad habit here, is it clear? To make the conversation faster, tell us who you are, what your name is, where you are from, how old are you, what is your occupation, do you have a child or a wife or are you still single? Simple question, right? If you can't answer, don't message me because I will ignore your message.
You can also be well educated or not, single, married, divorced, widowed, attached, dating or in a relationship. I do not mind if you are a black or white guy, tall or short, good looking or not, nice body or chubby, skinny, dad bod, fit or whatever. Can be trimmed, shaved, hairy or smooth. Respect what I want and you can be my forever. Anyway. Here is a little about me. So I am single never been married, I stand 5 feet 11 inches tall, black hair but dyed, dark brown eyes, 420 friendly, easy going, very tactile, have a great sense of humor with a warm heart.
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