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NWA Medical Marijuana Consumers, Cardholders, & Card Seekers - Welcome! Northwest Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act

2013.12.19 20:59 chicagohousing Chicago Apartments: Listings, Rooms for Rent, Roommates + Sublets

chicagoapartments is a resource for anyone looking for Chicago apartments, rooms for rent in Chicago, roommates in Chicago, sublets in Chicago and advice about moving in the Chicagoland area.

2013.09.18 05:27 h2ohman Reaching the 50 US State Highpoints!

For those trying to reach the highest natural elevation in any or all of the 50 US states. Post your summit pictures, trip reports, questions, and advice, as well as any recent news regarding trail conditions, access restrictions, etc.

2023.06.04 23:06 Muskrato Am I just not likeable?

Male 28 and single.
I don’t understand why but whenever I get someone who I like and they like me back things suddenly go south quickly after I make my feelings clear.
It seems whenever I get a gift for someone that I like and would like to be more than friends things just crumble apart.
Is every time. Maybe I change, I get excited and maybe clingy or too forward?
I have never had an official relationship with anyone and at this point I kinda feel like that will be the case for my entire life.
I keep trying online dating but after 1 date or a couple the spark is lost and we never talk again.
I think I am okay being alone but I wish I had someone I could share my life with.
I guess I will be just an uncle in my life. XD
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2023.06.04 23:05 Gamer_Geek98 WWE PLE Calendar Rest of 2023/2024/2025

7/1/23: Money in the Bank(O2 Arena, London, England)
8/5/23: Summerslam(Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan)
9/9/23: International Incident(Optus Stadium, Perth, Western Australia)
10/7/23: Extreme Rules(TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts)
11/4/23: Crown Jewel(KSU Stadium, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
11/25/23: Survivor Series(Chase Center San Francisco, California)
12/16/23: WarGames(Allstate Arena, Chicago, Illinois)
1/27/24: Royal Rumble(Camping World Stadium, Orlando, Florida)
2/24/24: Elimination Chamber(Accor Arena, Paris, France)
4/6/24-4/7/24: Wrestlemania 40(Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
5/4/24: Backlash(Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
6/1/24: Money in the Bank(Jeddah Super Dome, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
6/29/24: WWE x AAA: Battleground(Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, Mexico)
8/3/24: Summerslam(Wembley Stadium, London, England)
9/7/24: Global Warning(Olympiastadion Berlin, Berlin, Germany)
10/5/24: Extreme Rules(Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseo de Puerto Rico, San Juan Puerto Rico)
11/2/24: Crown Jewel(KSU Stadium, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
11/30/24: Survivor Series(State Farm Arena, Atlanta, Georgia)
12/21/24: WarGames(Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, Michigan)
1/25/25: Royal Rumble(Rogers Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
2/22/25: Elimination Chamber(PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
4/5/25-4/6/25: Wrestlemania 41(US Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota)
5/3/25: Backlash(Jeddah Super Dome, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
5/31/25: Money in the Bank(Kaseya Center, Miami, Florida)
6/28/25: WWE x NJPW: Super Showdown(Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan)
8/2/25: Summerslam(Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Massachusetts(Boston))
9/6/25: Mayhem in Manchester(AO Arena, Manchester, England)
10/4/25: Extreme Rules(Climate Pledge Arena, Seattle, Washington)
11/1/25: Crown Jewel(KSU Stadium, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
11/29/25: Survivor Series( Arena, Los Angeles, California)
12/20/25: WarGames(Toyota Center, Houston, Texas)
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2023.06.04 23:05 Imaginary-Gene7985 Custody of fiancé's child for healthcare purposes

Throwaway because privacy.
My fiancé is out of the country for a study abroad program. Her 8 year old child (who I currently have no official custody of) is staying with me while she is away. The child's biological father is many states away and generally unreliable and unreachable for long periods of time.
The child sustained a minor injury playing yesterday, and I've been monitoring it. Her self-reported pain got to the point today that I had to consider taking her for a medical evaluation. I ended up giving her a little children's Motrin and she's fine now, but I had a significant realization: apart from me having her insurance card, I have no way to prove that I'm her guardian.
What should we have done before my fiancé left the country in regard to this? How can I take this child, if she is actually injured, to the hospital or a walk-in clinic without being denied care or risking CPS/other government agencies taking her away? Trying to get right legally for the sake of the two most important people in my life.
Tennessee. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.04 23:05 LiteratureNo6104 GTA ONLINE MEME about having a black character

GTA ONLINE MEME about having a black character
Is funny 🤣
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2023.06.04 23:04 aabb12321ba Sunny rooms in downtown Manhattan

Sunny rooms in downtown Manhattan
Room A - $1300 - The one with Full size bed with built in closet.
Room B - $1400 - The one with Twin size bed
***Room may be unfurnished or furnished (additional fees apply) at the time of your move-in date.
Two sunny bedrooms for rent on the 5th floor next to the F train subway station ( 1 minute away) in Manhattan Chinatown LES. Also a few minutes away from the B, D, M, J, Z, N, R, Q, W and 6 train. Citi bike, M22, M15 and M9 buses nearby. The environment is quiet and suitable for students or singles. Come with a large window, furniture and bed frame per the pic. Rooftop with great views and laundromat around the corner! 3 blocks away from the South Street Seaport which provides beautiful views of the two bridges and is perfect for a sunset jog or stroll. Also steps away from tons of art galleries, parks and overall amazing vibes the people and the neighborhood have to offer! AMAZING location. Less than 5 minute walk from TRADER JOES, TARGET, Fine Fare Supermarkets, libraries and the new Regal Cinema. Located near the popular 169 Bar, JaJaJa Kiki's, Clandestino, Mission Chinese, Scarr's Pizza, Forgtmenot, Clockwork Bar, Beverly's and much much more!
Require no smoking, clean, quiet and responsible person! This apartment is a typical old walk-up apartment in Chinatown. Air conditioning, electricity and gas are not included. Proof of income is requested. Please tell me a little about yourself. I would need your ID and references. When replying please include a small bio describing your work/personal schedule and include social/ linkedin links. Prefer long term with 2 months notice (60 days, first of the month) if you decide to move out. 1 month deposit required.
Email for more photos.
If this post is still up then the room is still available. Thank You.
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2023.06.04 23:04 messy_111 Replacing Drawer Sliders on a Tippy Drawer?

TLDR: Will bottom-mounted sliders be enough to hold up a wooden drawer?
I recently purchased 2 wooden bedside table off of FB Marketplace - overall in pretty good condition, except for one annoyance; when you pull open the drawers, they immediately tilt downward and then slide all of the way out.
The guides are wooden and a bit warped. I want a way to stop the tilting, so am thinking of replacing with metal sliders (I found this hack but it seemed quite temporary: However, the drawers sit flush in the table, so there is no room to add side sliders without some serious work.
Will bottom sliders be enough to hold the weight of the drawer so they don't tip forward? The drawers won't have heavy items in them, but are real wood so they aren't super light. Pictures included show the current wooden guides in the table and on the drawer. Right now they actually slide pretty good, so just looking for a solution to the tipping that doesn't require me to rip the drawers apart/redo.
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2023.06.04 23:04 myg2k3 To my first love

It’s like a grieving someone who isn’t dead I’ve known you for 2 1/2 years and I’m just suppose to forget you
I love you.
I love you.
Please say it back
I feel a drop in my stomach, like anxiety, like I’m waiting for something but the thing I’m waiting for I wont get back
You lied to me we promised we’d never break up.. but every says that don’t they
I can’t be your lover and I won’t be your friend
My lips are chapped, I don’t feel like showering, I don’t eat, don’t sleep, I have really noticeable bags under my eyes You caused this
I just woke up with a bit in my stomach full of anxiety and idk why
I love you so much but now I have to learn not to love you
Every time I think I’m healing I imagine you with someone else and I restart
I seen you in my dreams twice this past week.. and u only broke up with me a week ago.. how can I forget you
I haven’t eaten a single thing in a week.. why do I punish myself
If I wasn’t afraid to die I would be dead
They really mean it when they say everything reminds me of you.. I saw a street sign that said Quincy… that was the city where u left u the first time after my first trip seeing you.. I saw a building the at said fox valley something.. that’s your street name.. I ate at Cracker Barrel and in the store there was the disc air freshener thing that I bought you… when you first broke up with me my mom put on supernatural and out of all episodes the song that played was the song you first taught me on the guitar.. and when I went to the gas station my head snapped back at the liquid death.. your favorite water.. so stupid but everything does truly remind me of you
Mt friend was singing fireflies.. I hate that song and you use to torture me with that song all the time.. fun times huh
I know we’re apart but u couldn’t say happy birthday? I’m 20 now
I’m sitting outside of this motel sobbing when I’m on vacation to distract myself from thinking of you
I blocked you on everything and finally built the courage to delete every picture I could find of you…. About 2,000 didn’t think I would do it so soon but I can’t even see you any longer.. no matter in what form.. I love you.. you were my soulmate but.. goodbye
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2023.06.04 23:04 Orion52 What's this bug? Found in nyc apartment bathroom (2nd floor). Very small (on roll of toilet paper). Pretty black, and kind of round I think.

What's this bug? Found in nyc apartment bathroom (2nd floor). Very small (on roll of toilet paper). Pretty black, and kind of round I think. submitted by Orion52 to whatsthisbug [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 23:03 vampirepriestpoison Looking for signs of decay before preparation of first specimen. Want to know if she's at least a candidate for preservation before I eviscerate and articulate. Pics and story inside.

Hi there,

I live in the city near Amish country. I'm about a 20 minute drive from at least a dozen puppy mills. My partner drives an electric bike to work and found what he believed to be a male yorkie (bless his heart) deceased in a hit and run in March. He asked me if I wanted him and of course I did but I had already taken my sleeping medication and he had to get to work so she was outdoors in 45-54F temps until 8am when she was dropped off at my apartment and put on ice. Once I got her I told my partner that she was definitely some variety of shepherd mix and is a girl so I took to calling her Astolfo.

I examined her body today and included some pics of what are the most damaged areas on her. Aside from removing from ticks and having an obviously mangled face, she looks surprisingly good. No signs of bloat or other bugs. Blood was/is fresh red. If I am able to preserve her I'd sew her eyes shut since there's no saving them and I'd also wire her jaw. I want to have her curled up like she's sleeping. Yes I am aware this is ridiculously ambitious for a first project. No I will not start with something easier. I have to help her. I hope you understand.

Here's a link to the pictures I included. TW for the obvious. Most people don't think she's beautiful right now and that's okay. Her one ear shows some blood inside, her eyes seemed to be obliterated then frozen over, some teeth are knocked loose and her jaw looks broken. Two of her nipples look peculiar which is what I'm most concerned about being the potential early sign of decay.

NOTE: The small teeth looking things are gravel I used to weigh down the puppy pad before I got her frozen body out there. They are not part of her body.
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2023.06.04 23:03 tasunami Day trip idea for a week in Rome.

I am going to be spending a week in Rome in July. I know Italy has a lot of beautiful and notable destinations apart from Rome. However, since this is my first time in Italy, I want to explore Rome properly instead of packing up and rushing towards another destination. Also, I got a good deal on my hotel, so I do not want to break it in the middle for staying at a different location overnight.
That being said, I still think that with 7 days, maybe I can spare some time for a day-trip outside Rome. I was initially considering Venice (since I really do want to go there some day). But Venice is quite far from Rome and a day trip to Venice might not do it justice?
I am now debating between Pompeii or perhaps a day trip to small town in Tuscany+wine tour. I am open to other suggestions.
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2023.06.04 23:00 PlagueDoctorMC Me [19M] got an argument with my gf [19F] because she fails to satisfy me sexually

Me M19 and my gf F19 have been dating for over a year. We are in a long distance relationship, 8hrs apart to be exact. I love her with all my heart and we are hopefully going to move in together in 2-4 years but she fails to satisfy me sexually.I have a rather high sexual drive, today I asked her if she would be fine with us masturbating at the same time and sending nudes to each other to which she said no because "it doesn't do it for her" even though we've done it countless times during our time together. Till this point she has sent me pictures and videos of herself doing it but all of them were in bad lightning which I have told her to improve many times as I can barely see anything going on but she never did. Till this point I've been creative with my videos and making sure she got what she wanted to satisfy her, good lightning, different positions and even used toys to a point where I don't think I could improve anything.Then the excuses begin:
1."Its so easy for men to just whip it out and take a vid" as if it is difficult to turn on the light, lean the phone against a pillow, start recording and sit up against a wall and just do it.
2."Its just not good to look at in my opinion", "its fucking ugly" as if she does it for herself and not me.
3."Just because you send me stuff doesn't mean I have to send you stuff back... Yet i still do because I want to make you happy" I believe she's trying to make me feel bad here for not being appreciative which I am but it doesn't fullfill my needs but I fullfill hers.
4."I simply dont like taking videos and pictures of my body, it physically turns me off" But she has done it without me asking before.
I then had enough of it and asked her if we should completly stop sending nudes to each other since it's making her so uncomfortable to which she responded "Why are you being a twat". Am I being a twat for trying to satisfy her or quit doing something that makes her uncomfortable???
Whatever happens next I'm the one left empty handed. She then proceeded to ghost me and not communicate to try to solve the problem.
I must mention that I don't force her into sending anything and sometimes ask what she is fine with doing. I also "ate her out" last time we met and she was the only one that got the "full experience". So why is me literally having my face right next her privates and licking it all good but sending a picture is gross?
I'm a 19 male, my gf is 19 female.
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2023.06.04 23:00 Desperate_Quest Thoughts on cross-cultural dating?

The last bf I had was in another country, and while we both spoke each others native languages (to varying degrees) we ended up drifting apart because of miscommunications, cultural differences, and family oppositions. He also always viewed me by my nationality first, rather than as an individual, which was frustrating.
So now I'm very hesitant to even consider dating someone from a different country because I'm worried that language differences will keep us from ever 100% understanding each other. I'm curious what others think about the positives and negatives of dating someone with a very different background.
Soon I'll be moving from a Western country to a country in East Asia (I speak the local language, so less of a problem in that area) and I'm wondering if it's even worth it to "keep an eye out" for someone, or just save myself the hardship and not even consider it until I possibly move again.
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2023.06.04 22:59 Accomplished-Claim79 High-rise building in Munich circle

Hello everyone, I am interested in buying an apartment in Munich circle. The one's that I can afford are mostly in the high rise buildings (10-15 floor building constructed in the 60s or 70s) in outer areas of such as Oberschleißheim, Poing. I have also observed that there are very few such high rise buildings.
So, I would like to get a general idea what do you think about buying an apartment in high rise buildings. Personal opinions are also fine.
submitted by Accomplished-Claim79 to Munich [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 22:58 nekorb_traeh My girlfriend of 2 years seems to expect and want me to spend so much money, and I feel like that’s all I contribute to the relationship. Something feels really weird.

TLDR; my long distance gf wants so many gifts for her birthday, but she won’t let me give them to her physically. I have to keep everything with me, and it’s really weird. It’s like I’m buying myself gifts. But she acts like it’s being given to her. It feels like playing an RPG dating game. But we’ve been together for two years, she won’t meet me in person, won’t tell people about us and won’t let me give her the gifts. But still asks me for them all of the time. I haven’t given her money, she never asked anyway. And I wouldn’t. But it’s about the gifts. It’s a very weird situation, and I feel used and unwanted and sad. I don’t think she knows I feel this way. She’s so expensive.. and she gives me nothing, no companionship, no time spent together. She doesn’t even seem that into me but when I pull away she clings to me. I’m confused
My (27m) girlfriends (26f) birthday is next week, and our relationship has been weird lately. We’ve been together for two years, but she isn’t ready to meet me even though we live two states apart.
But she always wants gifts, wants money spent on her, always, the thing is… never actually GIVEN to her. I have to keep all of the gifts with me, she isn’t ready to give me her address and doesn’t want people to know about us yet, so I have to keep the gifts “safe” with me at my house.
It’s getting overwhelming, because she keeps wanting so much for her birthday. I’ve spent 500$ for her birthday already on stuff that I have to keep here…. And I have a small space, I can’t just have all of this stuff. But I always did it in the thought that I’d be able to send it to hegive it to her when we meet. But … I don’t know.
I feel like she doesn’t appreciate it, she expects it now and it’s just so expensive. She even sometimes makes me feel bad about buying her stuff, but when I say no she gets really sad and says “pleeeeeasee” but then when I do it she kind of jokes about how much I spend on her.
Again, I’ve never given her money, and she refuses to let me GIVE her the gifts. It’s almost like I’m buying myself all of these girly things. I think my roommates are catching on that something is weird because I seemingly have this new obsession with stuffed animals from their pov.
Anyway. For her birthday I wanted to get her stuff that she could actually have…. So I got a digital things, a gift card to buy a game, a cameo, things like that. Because I got sick of having all of this physical stuff… when she keeps giving me mixed signals as to when we will meet.
She also has me buying baby cloths for her and I since she says we will have a family together.
Anyway. Things have been weird between us. She says we are in love but we never spend time together anymore. I basically begged her to FaceTime me the other day as we haven’t in forever. So we did FaceTime for like …5 minutes. It was nice. But then still, she never has time to hangout with me.
And my birthday was two months ago. She put no thought into it. Not at all. She simply sent me paragraphs of messages telling me she loves me and happy birthday, but didn’t even do even the smallest gesture for me. But expects the world of me for her birthday. I was hurt. But I keep thinking.. it’ll get better. Because each time I pull away she tells me how much she loves me and to please never leave her.
It’s a very weird situation and I’m just really strained. Are all relationships this expensive?
I’ve never had a girlfriend urge me to spend so much money on her like this before, while also not giving me any sort of companionship at all. No bonding. Nothing. I feel like a cheap fantasy sugar daddy and I’m sad because I don’t think she knows that she makes me feel that way.
What do I do? It’s giving me so much stress.
I don’t mind buying gifts for her birthday. Making her happy. But it’s the fact she urges me to do this while also giving me no interest in our relationship. I don’t feel wanted
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2023.06.04 22:58 daddychill180 Concept literature for "The Dark Knight Returns" (The Dark Knight Trilogy's 4th movie concept)

So I randomly got this vivid day dream, and descriptions started to pop into my head. I decided to write it all down and post it here for you guys. There's some deep metaphors of Batman & his past. Hope you enjoy!

The clouds convened closer, while blue bolts ripped them back astray, scarring them, angering them.

They shall seek revenge.

Yet, the storm struck ever stronger, tarnishing the imperturbable mountain on which he stood. He, The One and Only. The once praised; the once thought to be perished. There, on the mountain. The rain solemnly struck around him. The darkness engulfed his body, latching, like a parasite, onto the nearest form of life it could find. It was there that he, The Mighty Hero, stood, his armour so dark and mysterious, even the rain could not tell it apart from the night. His presence so powerful, the storm began to buckle in his wake. His watch so relentless, that even the darkest parts of the night were not left unseen, feeling his presence. The night held back its poision.

Out of fear alone.

Though, upon his chest, his armour burdened a crest of silver, gleaming and shining sharply, puncturing, and piercing the air. A crest so unfathomable, the mere thought of it kept criminals at bay. Two devilish horns lurked on his head, ripe and ready for vengeance. It was in The Shadows he found solace, The Knight he found peace. As mighty as Zeus, there he stood, watching, waiting…
The Dark Knight has returned.
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2023.06.04 22:58 darknessstorytime I was being watched by something unearthly...

Hello paranormal Reddit. I wanted to share my experience that I've had with something rather strange. Only a few people know about this occurrence but I felt like I needed to get this out there, so here you go.
Before I start, I would like to give you context on the layout of the apartment where I used to live. It was a three floor apartment building in which me and my family lived on the second floor of the building. Now once you get into the apartment there was a little walkway. You go through the front door and to the right, there's a closet which couldn't have been anymore than 3 ft away from the entrance. You look to your left and it was a little hallway that couldn't have been anymore then 4 ft in length and immediately your Within the middle of the living room as well as the dining room. This will all be important later in the story.
Now this was back in the early summer of '96 on a Saturday night. I was 15 at the time and I was in the living room with my aunt who is sleeping on the couch while I was laying down and watching television. It was 12:38 a.m. I remember the time because while I was flicking through channels, the time was displayed on the top right side of the screen. It was dark with the only light emanating from the TV. I just so happened to find something interesting to watch when I suddenly felt a sense of dread. I tried to shake it off but it just stayed in the pit of my stomach. Minutes after, something told me to look in the direction of the small walk way where the entrance of the apartment is. It was almost as if something forced me to look that way. You know how if you were in class, and you just sitting there Mommy your business and you feel like eyes on the back of your neck? Then he's so happy to turn in Direction to what a person is staring at you? It was sort of like that. Once I looked, I immediately noticed that there was a tall dark figure, over 6 feet, staring at me from the shadows. The man was blacker then the shadows that he stood within, I mean like jet black. I did a double take and then squinted under the expression that maybe I was seeing things but he standing there... watching me. It was like once he seen me notice him, and he was satisfied and he slowly turned around and walked passing the entrance to the apartment going straight through the closet. I was utterly shocked as well as terrified when I noticed this. My 15-year-old brain couldn't wrap around what I just witnessed. I sat there still staring at that direction and trying to process the whole ordeal. I snapped out of it quickly going to the closet to see if anyone was there but to my horror there wasn't. The front door never opened, nor did the closet door, which baffled me in utter disbelief. I went and tried to wake up my aunt to tell her about the situation that just occurred. My aunt groggy from being awakened from her deep sleep said,
" Tee, You watch too many scary movies! It wasn't real! Now go back to sleep!"
But I assure you that it absolutely real! The scariest thing of it all is that it almost felt like time stopped. Like an outer body experience. I felt like I was stuck in limbo somewhere. It was like being present in between 2 different realities at the same time. I've had other strange things happen to me but this one, however, was by far the scariest encounter that I've ever had....
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2023.06.04 22:57 TheBadgerOfLife (OC) Does anyone know what this is ?

(OC) Does anyone know what this is ?
I found this bug in my apartment, does anyone know what type it could be ? I know the pictures dont show much.
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2023.06.04 22:56 flowermamarva I love you, and I like you, Parks and Rec...

This show has always been a safe space for me. I started watching Parks and Rec right around when my marriage was falling apart. Sometime during Season 4, I was a divorced, single mom and didn't even own a TV. My situation was pretty traumatizing, now that I look back on it. At the time, I think I was in survival mode. I had no interest in any fulfilling hobbies. I didn't feel like laughing or having another reason to cry, so I really didn't want to watch television. But when the show was released on Netflix, I started watching it again...and oh my goodness...the healing I went through...?? I can't explain it without sounding like someone Ron would totally hate.
Anyway, that's all I wanted to say other than, I wish we could all be more like the P&R crew. <3
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2023.06.04 22:56 Stranger_Danjer [53 M] A life in transition, Seeking friends/relocation advice.

My life has been crazy. Was forced to move out of a house in had lived for 16 years. Never late on rent took care of the property. A friend helped me out and let me stay with the. Got a new place. 2yrs later landlords decided to sell all the rentals. Was told only selling to investors, we won't have to move. Get a notice in the mail new owner is raising the rent more that 50% and requesting we vacate. So decided to move half way across the country so my mom(many health issues) can reunite with family. She passed away 2021. So I've been living alone in a big apartment half of which I never use. Property management is raising the rent again the complex is becoming a shithole, stuffs constantly breaking.
I live in a northern state (ND) that has snow 5 or more months out of the year.
I'm done with the cold/snow. Looking to move south. Most likely Arkansas (have family there), Missouri or Florida.
So would love to chat with people in the Fort Smith/Fayetteville Ar., Springfield/Branson Mo. And Tampa Fl. areas.
Atm I have a place in Tampa available.
What do you like? Don't like about the areas?
Thanks for any help. Have a great day.
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2023.06.04 22:55 AutoModerator [Download Course] Grant Cardone – Intro to Multi-Family Apartment Investing Full Course (

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2023.06.04 22:55 Turbulent_Break6878 My Boyfriend doesn’t show his love for me in my love language and he isn’t romantic.

hey everyone, i need advice on what i can do to improve my relationship or if the relationship is even worth continue trying. im 22F & my partner is 25M. we’ve been together for 6 years and we’ve gone through a lot to get to where we are in the relationship , we’ve grown a lot together and as individuals. we’ve learned how to communicate on things we want and need in the relationship and mine for years for him to be more affectionate, romantic, spontaneous, and more vocal about how he feels about me etc, because I feel like it should just come easy. my main love languages are words of affirmation & quality time. my boyfriends is acts of services, gifts & quality time. he loves me in his love language, but he doesn’t love me in mine.
i’ve told him plenty of times how i’ve wanted paragraphs, planned dates, flowers, reassurance, for him to cook for me more, more compliments and be more vocal (besides “you look beautiful” and “i love you”. i feel like if that’s all you say you’re not being very specific. what makes me beautiful? what are things i do for you to make me seem as a beautiful being? say things specific so I know you pay attention to me) I always have to ask how he feels about me. I tell him how i feel about him, i compliment him multiple times throughout the day. I show him affection in ways I want to be shown. he thinks he does it, but I tell him he doesn’t and he says he’ll do better, but i barely see changes.
don’t get me wrong he’s not a bad person, he shows up when i need him most, i can confide in him, be my most authentic self with him, i can trust him and vice versa. he’s my best friend. but i feel like it’s been feeling like more of a friendship than a relationship for some time now and it’s making me feel like i’m asking for the bare minimum and he can’t provide. i love him dearly, but it makes me feel like we should spend some time apart??? idk what to do and i don’t want to be apart i love him too much, but i don’t want to be unsatisfied in a relationship especially when i have voiced multiple times what i need. i really need help guys please give me your input.
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