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2023.06.05 01:22 Michca3 wire is severed but still works

This is the foot pedal to my sewing machine.
It was wrapped in electrical tape for like 10 years and I decided that I will fix it now. Also, they're very expensive and since this pedal still works, I'd like some guidance on how to go about this.
details: -while wrapped in electrical tape, it will work if I jiggle the wire into a specific place. But if I have to move the will stop working and I'll have to find the magic spot again -it looks like the copper wires encased in the white rubber are still connected -the wires in the red casing are severed
If you could list some steps or a YouTube video...that would be very helpful!
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2023.06.05 01:20 ee2o Odd hole in Ilsa Turbo Express stovetop espresso maker (Moka pot)

I've had a 6 cup Ilsa Turbo Express stovetop espresso maker for years. Once I got the grind and dose correct, the thing brews beautiful, no-sputter cups.
On a recent visit to family, I noticed a neglected 4-cup model from the exact same line. I brought it home and started using it. Unfortunately it sputtered like mad, and was barely usable. Upon close inspection, I found it has a hole bored into the bottom of the funnel leading to the chamber underneath the grounds filter. My larger model has no such hole.
I can't even imagine how the thing would work at all with a hole allowing all pressure to escape upward through the grounds rather that building up and pushing the water up through the spout. Odd thing is, it does work, although poorly.
I'm wondering if this was a "design feature" for a certain time period on this model, or if it was a user hack. My father-in-law states it was used by a "coffee-nut" nephew of his when visiting. To me, the hole looks extremely tidily bored or punched in-factory.
My only guess is that if intentional, it was a method of pre-infusion - allowing steam to dampen the grounds making them less permeable - until the pressure was great enough to force the water up. I vaguely remember a bit about hydraulics and surface area from high school. Again, I DO get coffee out of it, but it is a sputtery, ugly affair.
I did create a foil plug and ran a brew through with the hole plugged, and it was gorgeous - smooth, thick, consistent yield and fast empathic finish. I'll likely thread the hole and plug with a small stainless bolt.
However - does anyone know for certain if this hold is an intentional manufacturing feature, and what the thought was behind it?
- eric
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2023.06.05 01:18 AdDeep8945 Suzuki Forenza 06 break light

Hi I’m trying to change my break light on my car but I’ve never worked on cars before can anyone explain to me how. The mechanic shop are trying to charge me $80 just to change the bulb.
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2023.06.05 01:17 Terrible_Guard4025 17M with an interview tomo for sales associate

How should I dress and what should I expect during the interview. After reading the posts in this subreddit I can see there is a lot of turmoil. Please help me out as I honestly need this job to save for school. Thanks :)
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2023.06.05 01:16 ImaginaryEffort4409 Help! I can't get these "oil bumps" off of my pan

Help! I can't get these
Hey y'all. I screwed up in seasoning my pan, and ended up with oil forming lumps on my pan. I tried to scrub it off with steel wool pads from Walmart, but no luck no matter how hard I try. Any ideas?
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2023.06.05 01:14 pleadmodel John Anthony Lifestyle JAL - Occam's Razor (Course)

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2023.06.05 01:13 D4DerpJockey DanganDJ Spoiler Info

In my first post, I gave Talents to the core 6 units, but I always had it in mind that some of the Talents that they started with weren't always the ones they finished with.
Kyoko is the Ult. Vocalist.
Esora is a Reserve Course. She was stripped of her Talent at the end of her first year due to a skirmish with the Togami Corporation to protect Rei and her family's honor, although the Togetsus never knew about it.
Ibuki started off as the Ult. Track and Field Runner, but during her time in Hope's Peak, she also became the Ult. Team Captain. Those parts of her memories were erased by the time she woke up in the D4 Killing Game.
And while Miiko is introduced as the Ult. Linguist, a later part of the story reveals that she is the Ult. Horror Enthusiast.
Another part of DR is Hope and Despair, so I wove that into D4 with the idea that during the Tragedy, Junko takes one member from every unit to be one of her Despairs.
Maho: Manipulated due to her insecurity of feeling useless compared to her unit mates, especially when looking at Talent. (Based off of plotlines in First Mix, and sort of All Mix).
Esora: Joined Junko to get revenge on Byakuya and reclaim her Talent. She worked with the Towa Conglomerate to build Monokumas and Monochios.
Saki: Traumatized after Junko separated her from her unit and made her think she witnessed Kaito’s death. Junko’s brain operation on Saki also messed with her Synesthesia and made her obsessed with finding new colors. Before Junko, she could use her Synesthesia to see the colors of people’s emotions through their singing. After Junko, any form of vocal noise would trigger her Synesthesia.
Rika: Manipulated due to her savior complex. Because she was the one that inspired this crossover, I consider her Junko’s favorite mastermind. They are both very impulsive after all.
Hiiro: Her Talent showed her that the only way to beat Junko was to join her first, so Hiiro put her love of mysteries to good use and did her best to be the perfect mastermind.
Haruna: Manipulated into thinking Kurumiiko killed Miyu, she went mad with grief and acquired an obsession for rule-following. She ordered the first execution and helped write the Killing Game rules.
Natually, Hope arises.
Rinku: (Does she need any explanation? LOL).
Yuka: Because of her connection to Mahiru, Sato, and Esora, she was also close to the Reserve Course and saw them as equal to Ultimate students.
Ibuki: She helped create the Future Foundation.
Rika: Even though she was a Despair, she acted as a Hope and was basically Rinku 2.0.
Aoi: Because everyone simps for her, in and out of universe.
Miiko: Because she wanted to be friends with everyone, and her true Talent of Horror Enthusiast gave her meta knowledge and made her genre-savvy, which was a huge threat to Junko.
After everyone is forced through the Killing Game, the Hopes change.
Rinku remains as her unit’s honorary Hope.
Shinobu becomes Peaky’s because she’s always trying to move forward, no matter who the Killing Game takes from her.
Towa becomes Photon’s because she remains supportive until the very end and is the only one able to talk Nozomi Kamakura into occasionally stepping down and allowing Noa Fukushima to take control of their shared body.
Saori, Marika, and Dalia are all deemed Ult. Hopes by Rika at the end of the game when she admits to them that she doesn’t want to be a Despair anymore because they showed her how good Hope could be.
Tsubaki becomes RONDO’s Hope as she, like Shinobu, vows to keep moving forward no matter who the Killing Game has already taken from her.
Miyu becomes Lyrilily’s as the embodiment of forgiveness balanced with justice.
Rika’s REAL Talent is Arson (inspired by a running joke my friends and I have about Rika = fire) and she only hid behind the Volleyballer Talent to avoid suspicion.
She is also Masaru Damon’s big sister. Their parents divorced when Masaru was a toddler, one parent taking each child. They never saw one another again, and when Junko found out, she implied that Masaru was dead, and that was one of the things that pushed Rika to Despair (although they reunite after Junko is defeated). The other was thinking she failed Tsubaki when they were kids (storyline taken from D4).
I also made a D4 version of Izuru, which is Noa's alter ego Nozomi/Kiko (which means Hope). Her backstory is that even though Izuru was conceptualized first, Nozomi/Kiko was created first, as it was easier to operate on a student WITH a Talent than one without.
While Izuru became an emotionless, indecisive Despair, Nozomi becomes a Hope obsessed with protecting the Cute and purging the Ugly. While Izuru’s hair and eyes were black and red respectively, Nozomi’s were white and cyan.
And the reason Haruna thought Kurumiiko killed Miyu was because Haruna was becoming increasingly isolated, trying to use her Chairman Talent to stop the Tragedy. Her unit members were trying to keep her from burnout and eventually went to Kurumi’s big brother, Kokichi Oma (the white bird and the black horse). Miyu, Miiko, and Kurumi were the three female DICE members. Kokichi tricked Miiko into helping him hijack Kurumi’s prank to make it more horrific and realistic, making them all believe that Miyu was dead. Kokichi did this both as a way to get Haruna to see where her actions were leading them, and because he perceived her as a rival for Kurumi’s allegiance.
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2023.06.05 01:12 jogaming55555 How do I backup all my windows files to a hard drive so I can view them later?

I’m getting a new computer and selling my old one and want to have a copy of every single file of my old computer on a hard drive that I can access on my new computer by just plugging in the hard drive. How would I go about this? Could I just copy the entire C: folder?
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2023.06.05 01:12 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator (Complete Edition)

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2023.06.05 01:11 Maleficent-Art4214 I feel like I dont fit to anybody and that I live in the wrong time.

It's hard to start this so hopefuly this wont turn out all over the place. I am a 22 y.o. guy from germany and ever since I can remember while beinng not exactly introverted but not totaly extroverted either I am was unable to be with people around my age and I really dont know why.
I want to connect with people but feel like everybody my age does is: travel the world, drink alcohol, take drugs, smoke whatever they can get, party every second night, go to (gym, concerts/ raves and bars) and talk about politics. All of those things I dislike, never do or cant connect with.
So what do I do?
I love to talk about life, Poetry and Philosophy. Having meaningful conversations in general is nice. I play Chess. I am a night owl type and love to stay awake up to like 4 am - 6 am. When I read its usualy some mangas or life advice/ improvement books. I play the same 4 video games since years and cant get tired of them. (they are multiplayer games with no actual end. I do play different single player games ofc.) I write storys just for fun and not to publish them nessesarly. I work as a salesman (I actually do enjoy anything that has to do with talking to customers and selling stuff). When I have the time I build computers. I do watch anime and some main stream tv shows and movies. I visit friends and family a lot (I just dont really connect with them in the things they spent their time with. But I really like them and their personalitys and see that they except me the way I am). I like to have a balance between calm and collected and funny/ weird and outgoing. List goes on but thats the main things.
And as a side note I do take care of my body and would not say I look very out of the ordinary.
I have tried to find people in multiple of my interests and either I encounter huge age gaps. The people I meet only do that one singular thing but cant really connect with anything else I do. The activity is just not very fit to make friends and connections with it. People dont like me as a person which is fine since you cant like everybody. The community around that activity is very unattractive to me. Or there is nothing going on in the area that I live in where I could go too to meet people.
Am I really that much of an unordinary guy that I cant find anybody that remotely shares my interests. Am I just borring or could it be something I am just unable to see and have to self reflect on? I get so frustrated with people around my age and how so many of them surpress their problems, live a destructive life and consume whatever aids this lifestyle. I cant associate with the current way things are in this time.
And in all of this, going out and meeting people didnt help me so far same as much as my desperate search online. All I really look for is just somebody in person that connects with atleast 2 or 3 things I really like so that we could have a nice personal chemistry build up and hang out.
So what should/ can I do?
Thank you very much for taking your time and reading trough all or atleast most of this. Please excuse my bad english and probably a good amount of typos.
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2023.06.05 01:10 UpsetCancel9748 How far along are my families 14 year old corgis cataracts

How far along are my families 14 year old corgis cataracts
We learned at our last vet visit he has cataracts. The vet however didn’t explain to us how far along they were. At the time I thought cataracts just meant he had some Vision problems not that he would go blind. I apologize for this ignorance. The vet didn’t say he was blind and he does seem to still be able to see and navigate our house okay still. He even is able to go up and down stairs just fine as long as nothing gets in his way. I’m sorry for my ignorance, I had to fight for him to even get a vet visit and the vet didn’t think he should go under anesthesia for a tooth cleaning, so I don’t think he can go under for surgery unless it’s absolutely vital. I’m so sorry for my ignorance again.
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2023.06.05 01:09 PrudentBalance3645 [sun care] supergoop burns my skin, can anything be done about that?

I bought supergoop unseen and I like the way it goes on and feels, but for some reason it burns my skin, to where it hurt to put any product on at night. I really don’t want to waste this bottle because it was expensive. Is there any advice on how I could make this work?
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2023.06.05 01:09 IncidentNo2873 I've Forgotten How To Detach

Can anyone offer advice?
I've just forgot how I reached a state of not energetically chasing.
I know meditation, mindfulness etc. seems the most logical approach but it seems to just keep slipping back in. He's tugging on my energy a lot (particularly at night...) so this whole cycle has perpetuated itself again.
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2023.06.05 01:08 autobuzzfeedbot 25 "Cheating Death" Stories That Were So Intense, People Really, Really, Reaaaallly Wanted To Share Them

  1. "I messed up a jump skydiving. I was able to correct the situation and pull the pilot chute for my canopy, but I was very, very close to having my reserve go off. The reserves are generally reliable, but it’s still nothing I want to test. Landed fine and then got a very stern talking-to for pulling so low."
  2. "Just google 'Levey PCH,' then ask away…I’ll be very surprised if anyone can beat what happened to me. THANK WHOEVEWHATEVER you believe in for Apple, Scorpion, UCLA, and the LA County Fire Department and Sheriff's Department."
  3. "Minutes before it happened, I was under the Cypress structure that collapsed during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in California (which was a magnitude 6.9). I was traveling north underneath the double-layered structure and felt creepy and claustrophobic on the brightest day. I raced to get out, as I always did, because I hated being under it. After getting out, I felt like my tire had gone flat and started to weave around in my lane, then I noticed that everyone else was losing control and hitting their brakes too. That was the earthquake. I didn't find out until later about the collapse, and felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I'd never felt so close to death before."
  4. "I was rappelling off the top of the tallest building in Bangkok (200 meters, or 656 feet) as a promotional stunt. I was supposed to rappel down to the 10th floor, land on a small balcony, and then traverse over to another building. The wind shear off the building was enough to blow me 20–30 feet away from the side of the building. Picture a spider hanging by a thread in the wind. As I got close to the 10th floor, I noticed that my rope had been cut and no longer reached the balcony, let alone the ground. The rope was about 10 feet short of the landing. So, still blowing away from the side of the building, off and on I waited until I was just above the balcony and dropped the last several feet onto the deck. Super pissed but alive."
  5. "Going to school in San Francisco, I got off the bus to get cigarettes and a soda at a liquor store. I stopped at the trash can on the way out to open my cigarettes and soda and walked half a block up the street when a crane fell off the roof right where I'd been standing 30 seconds before. The crane operator was killed, and half a minute earlier, I would have been as well."
  6. "Although being an ironworker comes with its fair share of risk, as long as you don’t become too incompetent, things can be safe. But that is easier said than done, seeing as the days are long and the work is physically draining. One day, I was about 60 feet in the air rigging a beam to be lowered to the ground. I signaled the crane operator to 'cable up' (lift the beam), but the beam wasn’t budging. I decided to look down the beam to see what was wrong...BANG! Before I knew it, the beam broke free and came up at my face with about 2,000 pounds of force. It knocked off my hard hat and hit every edge of my safety glasses, missing the side of my face by a quarter inch. I thought I had died, it was so sudden. I should never have put myself in what we call 'the line of fire.' I’ll never forget how close my kids were to losing their father that day because I let my judgment slip. Still gives me goosebumps talking about it."
  7. "I got hit by a car and walked away with no injuries. The Sunday before final exams during my last semester of college, I went to the library at 6 a.m. to study. At 2 p.m., I needed a break and started walking back to my car. At an intersection, I stopped, made eye contact with the driver of a car at a stop sign, and started walking across the street on a crosswalk. The next thing I knew, I was up on the windshield of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. He hit the brakes, and I rolled off the hood of his car and landed on my feet. I was so freaked out that I told the guy I was fine and left. Later that afternoon, I went to the hospital to get checked out and had no injuries. The doctor told me to buy a lottery ticket on my way home because I was so lucky."
  8. "While I was doing the dishes, my hip bumped the dial on my stove, turning it to ignite, but I didn't notice, so the stove was leaking gas all night. In the morning, I could tell something smelled off, but I have a hard time smelling things, so I just figured it was some old cauliflower rice I had thrown out the night before. To deal with the smell, I lit not one, but two candles, one of which was right next to the stove. Later, after coming back from running errands, as soon as I opened the door, I felt instantly violently ill, like a migraine and the flu all at once. Probably 20 minutes later, I finally saw the knob on the stove and realized what was happening."
  9. "One time, I was watching TV in my lounge room and I was sitting on the floor eating. We have a really big TV and we had an earthquake, but I thought it was a train passing by. It wasn't. I ran out of the room as everything started to wobble, and the TV nearly fell on top of me."
  10. "I went to summer camp when I was 15, and for our last weekend activity, they took us to Martha’s Vineyard and rented us bikes. Now, I loved riding bikes in the park as a kid but had never ridden in the street. But since 'you never forget how to ride a bike,' I figured I could do it. I headed out and tried to go up a street that was very steep. I started to lose control of the bike, and I fell into the street in between a truck that was hauling a trailer (I fell in front of the trailer). I saw this huge wheel coming at me, and my leg was stuck from the fall. I screamed as hard as I could and hoped it wouldn’t kill me (others told me they heard it a few streets away). The driver luckily heard it and slammed on the brakes; I was scuffed up but otherwise fine. You can indeed forget how to ride a bike."
  11. "I got hit by a train. I was living and working at a college that has train tracks running through it and only a stop sign before you cross them at the vehicle intersection. You had to cross the tracks to leave campus. I was headed to the gym in July, and the windows were rolled up and the AC and radio were blasting. I’d crossed that crossing a thousand times, so I stopped a bit, passed the stop sign, and looked right, but the train was coming from the left. Its horn blew, but I panicked when I heard it, so I hit the accelerator but braked immediately. I was already on the tracks. It only hit my front end and dragged me about 200 feet down the tracks. I only had a broken rib, three cracked ribs, and a pretty gnarly cut on my finger. The people at the next crossing probably thought they saw someone die."
  12. "My last day of driver’s education class, we were just about back to school. We were all feeling pretty good because we’d passed our tests that day. I was in the rear driver’s seat and had a classmate driving, one next to me, and a teacher in the passenger seat. We went through a green light at LITERALLY the last intersection before school when a car blew through the red light going 55 mph and slammed into us on my side, just a few inches back from where I was sitting. It spun our car into the intersection and kept going! We were all concussed and had to be taken to the hospital, but that was it. When we went to retrieve my bags from the trunk of the wreckage at the salvage yard, the shop owner admitted he hadn’t answered my ringing phone because he didn't think we had survived, and didn’t want to break the news to everyone calling me. Two inches between me and being crushed alive. In driver’s ed!"
  13. "I was walking to class one day, and the shortest route went under a viaduct. It had been snowing and melting on and off for the past few days. The viaduct is about 100 feet high, and just as I was about to walk from under it and onto the pavement, a 6-foot icicle fell those 100 feet and smashed into the ground in front of me. Suffice to say, I took that as a sign not to go to my lecture and turned back home!"
  14. "I was asleep in the passenger seat of a car on a highway when we flipped going about 80 mph. We rolled a few times and landed in a ditch. Airbags did not go off, and I shattered the passenger-side window with my skull. I literally walked away from it and didn't go to an ER until a few hours later. I literally had a concussion and one teeny bruise on my right arm, but nothing else. The nurses told me that if I had been awake for the accident, my neck would have snapped and I'd have died immediately. Whenever I tell people, they're always stunned — imagine my reaction waking up to a missing side window and a crushed car and being fully functional! I feel lucky every day that I was asleep and still have my life."
  15. "There was one time my sister and I were driving down a long road with a huge cemetery. I thought it would be funny to hold my breath because people say if you don’t, the spirits of dead people will haunt you or something. When I held my breath, my sister slowed down to torture me. I was a little annoyed, but at the stop sign at the intersection, this car going really fast didn’t even bother to slow down. They even swerved into our lane, so my sister had to barely dodge. I swear, though, if my sister hadn't slowed down to torture me, we would have been in a bad wreck. Now I’m not annoyed that she did that, I’m lucky."
  16. "This isn't dramatic, but it's continued to impact my life on a daily basis. When I was 11, I was playing baseball with the rest of my gym class. We took a time-out to argue about who was batting next, and I stood behind home plate, staring into left field. Play resumed, and no one told me to move. The strongest guy in the class laid down a single...and hit me in his backswing...with the baseball the middle of my forehead. I suffered skull fractures and a brain bleed. To this day, I have anxiety driven by the traumatic brain injury. The neurologist said that the fact that he hit the ball saved my life. Had he swung and missed, I would have died."
  17. "I was in college and I had just finished my last class of the day. It was a short walk to my car that consisted of crossing a pedestrian crosswalk on the street separating the school from parking. On each side of the crosswalk were speed bumps so cars were forced to slow down. At this time of day, a good number of students were getting out of class, and a large herd of us started crossing the street at the crosswalk. There must have been 30 of us. I was stupidly looking down at my phone and was walking rather slowly. I didn’t realize that I was lagging behind. Everyone else was on the other side and I was still in the middle of the street. At the same moment, I noticed a freaking DUMP TRUCK whizzing by in front of me. It was probably 1–2 feet in front of me. Either he didn’t see me still crossing or he didn’t care. After I got to my car, all I could do was sit there in silence for a while and contemplate what could have just happened. Even as I write this, I shudder."
  18. "This is definitely not the craziest cheating-death story, but it was definitely scary. I was at a waterpark with my family, and I don’t do well with heat and stairs — something about the combination makes me faint. We went on a waterslide that uses tubes, and it was a long trek up. I apparently was so sick from heat exhaustion, I passed out as I was next in line and hit my head on the tube. If it weren’t for the tube, they aren't sure I’d be alive right now."
  19. "It was during Christmastime, and my mom, my little brother, and I all wanted to go look at Christmas lights near the middle school. There was a hill and then a lane where you would wait for the light to turn green and then you had to turn left. Well, the main light had turned red, so it was our turn to go, and thank god my mom checked before going, because if she hadn’t checked, a truck would have hit us, going like 60 mph, straight through the side of our car where my little brother was sitting."
  20. "I was 4 or 5, and we were living in Estes Park, Colorado. At that time, I was challenging myself to go closer and closer to a river they have there. I was caught by the current and would’ve run into several rocks and a waterwheel if it weren’t for my cousin, who reached down, grabbed my arm, and saved me."
  21. "I survived hitting an elk in the Canadian Rockies and going down a mountain 15 times end over end, stopping 20 feet short of a whitewater river. I gave myself first aid. Doctors said I would never walk normally again and I'd have brain damage. I sent one of them a picture of me with three gold medals around my neck."
  22. "In the fall of '15, I was riding my motorcycle to work on a foggy morning. A truck with an enclosed trailer ran a stop sign in front of me while I was driving on a 55 mph road. I was unable to stop, ran into the trailer, and was pinned underneath the trailer, being crushed to death. A farmer was on his dirt bike behind the truck going to meet another farmer for coffee who lived on the corner of the intersection. Once he realized I was pinned, he ran to get his friend and his friend's skid-steer loader. They then used the skid loader to lift the trailer off of me and began CPR. Luckily, right as they started, a sheriff's deputy arrived on scene and took over. I owe my life to those two farmers. If they hadn't acted, I would have died underneath the trailer, as there would have been no way for first responders to lift it off of me (it had thousands of pounds of equipment in it) in time."
  23. "I've always been handy with tools and taught myself how to do things; I've been changing flat tires for anyone who'll let me. However, one day when I was about 18 years old, my buddy came over to chill, and he had his dad's brand-new Tacoma. So we chilled for a couple of hours, and when it was time for him to leave, we noticed that his front tire was flat, so naturally, I volunteered to change it (no prior experience with independent suspensions). I placed the jack on the frame and started to go at it — lifted the car enough to take the flat out. But when the fully inflated wheel was fitted, it didn't have clearance. My first thought was to get a second jack. Half my body was underneath the car, putting the jack in, when I heard a creek, and the next thing I knew, the car slipped. The car ended up with the front end touching the ground, and I got a big scrape mark on my shoulder. To this day, I don't know how or why I did not die under that Tacoma."
  24. "I lived alone with my dog. There was a hole in my gas heater, so it was leaking carbon monoxide, but of course I didn't know that at the time. My dog woke me up one morning, barking and whining, and I thought she had to go out to potty. When I sat up in bed, I got so dizzy and thought I would throw up. I ended up passing out twice, once hitting my head on the bathroom cabinet, very close to my temple, and once hitting my chin on the toilet seat. I called my boss — the only phone number I remembered at the time. (This was before cellphones.) She called 911 and they came to get me. They figured out I had carbon monoxide poisoning, and I was in the ER for eight hours that day. The doctor told that when blood gases are at a certain amount, the victim goes into a coma, without fail. Mine were more than double whatever that number was. He said no matter how much my dog was barking, I should not have woken up."
  25. Finally, "I was at the beach with several of my friends, my sister, and my mom. Mom was sitting on the beach watching us. We were around 11–14, I believe, but no younger than 9. Kind of out of nowhere, we started getting sucked under the water in a rip current. I was being sucked under the pier and slammed my face into the barnacles. We were screaming for help, but at first, no one came. As I was being dragged under the water and coming up screaming for help, I could see people just staring and could hear my friends also screaming for help. Finally, people started jumping into the water to save us, including my mom. She jumped in and instantly got sucked into the current but managed to grab one of my friends. She used her body to shield him from the razor-sharp barnacles."
Link to article
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2023.06.05 01:08 Rough_Cat3009 Help

Does anyone know how to make a video in Flourish Studio similar to this one? Trying to do it for a stats project but can't figure it out.
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2023.06.05 01:06 Eastofyonge Nordstrom's

Last month I bought a suit and 2 pairs of shorts in their closing sale. Today, I went to put on a pair of shorts and it still had the security tab on it. Is Nordstrom's closed now? How else can I get it off?
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2023.06.05 01:04 According-Setting-44 [TotK] How it feels to play Link with the power of Gmod construction

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2023.06.05 01:04 Affectionate_Lie6016 How to be Musculus

How to be Musculus
Motivation from mice!
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2023.06.05 01:03 Stock_Self3080 Veteran Doordash

Hey guys so I’ve been doing doordash since 2020 as a side gig when I’m not busy. It pays pretty well for extra money but I’ve been seriously considering doing as my full time job rather my Amazon job😅. I was curious to ask anyone who does it full time as how long you tipicially do it and how you usually make a day? Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.05 01:02 RavenRegime Sources For The Movie's Development and How They Navigated The Mandates

I've heard that there's an interview somewhere that one of the directors discusses the mandate portion but every link I find to it is a dead end.
I just want to know like how story development went and how long it was in production plus early drafts.
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2023.06.05 01:00 TheEmperorsWrath Have you ever "made the pilgrimage" to the drop zone?

Open question to anyone! Either the original drop zone or the hypothesized potential one for the Washougal River. What were your thoughts on it? Did it impact your opinion on the hijacking? How survivable do you reckon the area is if Cooper did manage to land safely? Is the term "wilderness" that often gets thrown around accurate or hyperbolic?
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