What headset do cdl players use


2012.03.25 17:48 Qasaur 2builders2tools

2builders2tools is a minecraft server with the goal to never reset the world in a free for all no rules pvp environment, with little modification to the vanilla survival gamemode. The world is 11 years and 11 months old, with a size of 20 300 GBs and over 789 126 players visiting at least once. The IP to connect is 2b2t.org

2009.11.19 13:12 abourne Volleyball

/volleyball is Reddit's volleyball community. We have tips, videos, and general discussions about volleyball.

2009.11.18 22:36 rednightmare Looking For Group

LFG is a place for tabletop gamers to organize groups for the games they love to play.

2023.06.03 05:42 Dragon_Hype Infiltrations Impossible in Modded MW5?

Hello all, bit of a first time with this thing, but lately I've been running into a problem.
I've been enjoying the mod scene of MW5 quite a lot lately and finding it a far more enjoyable experience than my base-game/mostly vanilla run of MW5. However, I've run into a snag as per the title, and need a bit of help in figuring out what I am doing wrong or if it is something else.
Trying to do infiltration missions seems impossible to do correctly. Enemies seem to notice me from FAR away unlike how it was before with my original mostly vanilla run of the game. Where once I was able to use a light or medium mech to great effect in gathering resources and intel, now anything I ride will be seemingly hardcore on yellow and red constantly despite keeping out of LOS and far distance from targets. Eventually, it just goes up in a wad of gunfire everywhere because for some reason the enemy decided to start firing and following me, and the moment I retaliate, then the alarm countdown begins. Enemies either try to escape, run to alert others, or, as usual mostly, go at me directly.
I am not sure if one of my mods is the cause such as the mod TTRulez AI mod or something else entirely. The amount I mods I have going currently are 59 of them but it's hard to say if any beyond the AI one are the cause. Part of me imagines that perhaps just disabling the AI one temporarily will help and just keep doing guesswork from there or something else entirely.
I'm open to other people's experiences, especially toward how they best tackled this issue since Infiltration is quite fun to me (save for the seeming difficulty of getting all loot without alerting or going guns blazing for a bit), and want to find a solution soon.
Thank you all so much and have a wonderful day!
(Mods include but not all activated: A Clan Invasion, Advanced Zoom, Alt Portrait for Commander, Anti-Grav Comp, Battle FX Enhanced, Better Markets, Better Mission Choices, Better Salvage Shares, Change Company Name, Cockpit HD, Cockpit Glass, Coop Rewards, Coop Unlocked, Coyotes Missions, DHS Fix Updated, Expanded Logos Battletech, Extended Deadlines, YAML Equipment, Improved Airstrikes, Treefall Animation, Increase Warzone Rewards, Lancemates Status Bar, Leopard Colors, YAML Mech Variants, Max Tonnage, Mech Delivery, Mech Hanger No Fog, Mech Shader, Mechwarrior OST music pack, Mod Options, Planet HD, Purchaseable Salvage, Repair Bays, RepMod Negotiated, Restore Traits, Ryana Portrait Alt, SMMO, Special Variants, Stacked Crates, Standing Delta Options, TTRulez AI, TTRulez Lancemate Orders, TTRulez Rescale, Ultra Visual and Weather, Unlock Hidden Color Schemes, vonHUD, YAML Clan Mechs, YAML Mechlab, YAML Mechs, YAML Weapons, YAML Clan Weapons)
submitted by Dragon_Hype to Mechwarrior5 [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 05:41 Researcher_Fearless Tears of the Kingdom Link vs every other named character in the franchise.

As per the title. I had a five hour debate with my roommate about how Tears of the Kingdom Link would do against every other named character in the series... At once. I wanted to get Reddit's (admittedly sometimes dubious) wisdom on the matter. For reference, I think he would lose, or at the very least he would have an uphill battle, while my rommate thinks he has it in the bag without a serious tactical disadvantage.

This is every other character with a name. "Lynel" does not count as a name, but every incarnation of Link counts seperately, so we'll see the Hero of Time, Hero of Wind, Hero of Twilight, ect. Each individual is counted once, at their strongest (all items for links, ect)
No puzzle bosses. It's not fair to include enemies that are immune to damage most of the time, since that's generally at odds with how Tears of the Kingdom combat works.
Each side has half an hour to prepare, and they're sent to an empty but varied terrain with cover and the like, taking anything they've managed to grab with them. This is mostly relevant for zonai devices and characters like Purah who are pretty useless if they can't grab something ahead of time.
Tears of the Kingdom link is very well stocked. He has hundreds of every common material, and several each of even the rarest ones. Fully maxxed armor and so on. Eight fairies, which I believe is the maximum you can get at once. We'll say that he has several 30 minute attack up +3 meals, and a bunch of endurance meals (most of his healing could easily come from inhaling apples or whatever, while stamina recovery can't come from anything but meals).
Tears of the Kingdom link has his cannon level of skill (aka, probably higher than any human can play him at), and all intended game mechanics are representative of his capabilities, though glitches are obviously out. He can switch armor sets instantly, heal instantly, and much more.
Link does not have champion abilities.

Arguments in favor of Link winning:
Link's unbeatable defense. With Champion's Tunic, Zonai Greaves, and Mystic headdress, Link has all incoming damage reduced by 75, with no floor (ie, he doesn't even take 1 damage). For reference, this is almost enough to one-shot a typical Link with 80 hit points. He also has a bunch of fairies, one-shot protection, and the ability to inhale 80 apples instantly to heal up.
His unstoppable offense. Even without critting, a single shot from a bow can deal almost a thousand damage (5-shot savage lynel bow, gibdo bone, bone proficiency, attack up). I realize that using damage as a benchmark feels cheap, but otherwise I'd have to use Divine Beasts slicing holes through mountains as a benchmark, and I don't want to stoop to the level of a Dragon Ball Z fan.
His ludicrous skill. When monsters first started showing up, he fought a horde of monsters that included multiple Lynels, and only took a single wound the entire fight. He can clearly track and respond to a large number of major and minor threats, and he's 100%-ed his way across Hyrule twice, had 3-7 years of training between botw and totk.
Link has pretty crazy mobility too. There are a LOT of ways to move around, and almost all of them are intended mechanics. Even just including the ones that can be done almost instantly, you have pepper updrafts, rocket shield, wing shield, paraglider and much more. He can keep away from slower opponents while either engaging faster ones or getting at a good range and engaging in hit and run tactics.
Recall can deflect projectiles (it freezes time when activated so tracking a moving object isn't an issue). And that's not counting that things like ice arrows can be avoided with freeze-proof armor and the like.
Even assuming fast-travelling to shrines isn't an option, he can place up to three travel medallions to fast travel away if he's under too much pressure.
If he has a 21-part orbital cannon set up and ready to go at the start, it'll have 18 beam emitters swinging around wildly, doing massive crowd control and heavy damage.
Link is canonically pure in heart. Rauru's orbital cannon would not affect him, since it 'dispels evil'.
Most importantly: What happens when Link get a secret stone? Based on the description we get in the memories, a secret stone seems to pick a single supernatural ability the bearer possesses, and greatly enhances that ability. And Link's generally accepted ability is... Bullet time. If he could say, keep it up constantly (with a stamina cost, of course), he'd be basically unstoppable; way too fast for anyone to hit, and able to dismantle anyone in an instant. With 50 stamina foods that each restore 5 wheels of stamina, I don't see time being an issue. This would probably not be anticipated, since Rauru never even thought of giving a secret stone to Link, their main guy; he clearly thought Link had no powers.

As for arguments against Link winning:
There aren't as many here, but the first big one is that Link would be overwhelmed. Sure, Link can pay attention to a couple Lynels and a bunch of Bokoblins, and he's probably a bit better now, but he's up against a LOT of opponents, including the Prime Demon King, who's much stronger than the one you fight at the end of the game. Throw in a whole bunch of bosses, Ganons, Links, Zeldas, sages, and more into the mix, and that's too much for him to track effectively.
I can think of three Links that can give themselves temporary invulnerability. The Hero of Twilight with rupee armor, the Hero of Wind, also with Rupee armor (though it doesn't last nearly as long), and the Hero of Time with Nayru's Love. The only thing the Hero of the Wild can do to these three is to knock them around with bomb arrows, and all of them have at least potential ways to ragdoll Link, which leads onto my next point:
Stunlocking. Links are unscrupulous and won't hesitate to get the Hero of the Wild in a constant loop of bombs, gale boomerangs, and other knockback effects. If Demon King Gannon is still around, he can eat up all of Link's hearts and make it a GG.
Purah has the de-aging rune, and she can shoot it at Link (it's literally light). Granted it doesn't take effect immediately, but it does make the target very tired. Purah isn't exactly an athelete, and she was able to make it to bed despite being 120 at the time, so this would probably only be a nuisance for Link.
Me and my roommate had an argument over who gets each piece of the Triforce, since we're not going to have a bunch of copies . We agreed on the most capable version of each character getting their piece. The Triforce of courage is mostly a plot buff (it never has a mechanical effect when Link gets it), the Triforce of Wisdom seems to mostly give Zelda some cool magic that probably won't matter, and the Triforce of Power is going to.... Prime Demon Gannon, which means he'd probably be super resistant to anything but the master sword, light arrows, or something similar, making him another major threat Link has trouble taking on with other distractions. You can certainly argue that he'd be immune to anything that isn't Master Sword or equivalent, but I'll go with Demon Dragon's insane resistance as a baseline.

What do you think would happen?
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2023.06.03 05:40 AutoModerator [Download Course] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator (Genkicourses.site)

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2023.06.03 05:40 JadeJester5488 [Online] [PF2E] Looking for one or two more players to join a new homebrew campaign.

Hello! My name is Jade (He/Him), I'm 17. My group and I have recently decided to move over to pathfinder 2nd edition after our previous 5e campaign ended and are looking for a new player to join us!
We are all completely new to pathfinder 2e, so you'll have to bare with us still getting used to it I would prefer players who also don't have a lot of experience with pathfinder 2e.
I'd say my games have a good amount of both roleplay and combat. None of us do super crazy character voices that isn't necessary just getting into character and roleplaying with everyone else is fine with me.

My campaign will take place in my own setting. It's a fairly dark fantasy setting, which is primarily human based. While a few non human races still exist most aren't present. I allow most character ideas if it's plausible they would fit within my setting.

We use Foundry Vtt and Discord. Our sessions take place every Sunday at 4pm est, this will not be changed.
Anyways thanks for reading my post. If you're interested in joining just shoot me a message I'll ask you some questions and hopefully if all goes well get a new friend to join my game!
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2023.06.03 05:40 Top-Repair-955 Hello I need advice on my trade/contractor resume

Small Story Rant: Hi I rarely ever get callbacks after applying to jobs of anykind. Recently though through a friend i got a painting job for $22/H they never asked for a resume and i think i am the lowest paid worker they have, (i think their minimum is $23.5) but i was pretty deperate for a job so i took it. They already increased my pay by $1 (it was $21), the company also does pay under average, anyways its spring/summer and because of that I thnk I have alot of leverage in my market, as the hot season for painting is during the summer, I want to be paid above average a bit at $27/h and in the past have been up up to 30/h or nightshift for 40/h in my field.
My resume: My current template goes like this
Objective: Seeking a position that will allow me to have strong communication skills, work ethic, and ability to work well in a team to contribute to company success.
  1. Communications: Excellent presentation skills, written and verbal
  2. Solid Time Management
  3. Bilingual (Spanish)
  4. Fast Learner
  5. Hard Worker
  6. Creative and Adaptive (Problem Solver)
  7. Teamplaye Leader
2015-2020 Commercial painting
I was around 15ish when i started as an apprentice and I was employed by alot of different companies during this time some as little as 2 week (i think as a subcontactor) but it was pretty independent work but my summary is:
Consisted of Manual Labor, Moving Equipment and supplies, Cleaning sites, Taping, Scraping, Sanding, Painting, and Varnish in a predominantly Outdoor environment consisting of Fences, Decks, Doors, Trim, and Stucco painting (using a Paint sprayer)
Then I decided to work for 1 company for a year because i realized i couldn put the above on a resume properly
Painting Company 2019-2020
Interior painting (idk what else to but that was really all i did and i added the other things i did to my previous)
I got tired of painting after like my 18th bday and was really depressed cuz of covid and stuff and took a long haitus and decided i wanted to try other industries so my next job was
Job at healthcare facility as servehousekeeper october-may
Worked isolated and independently; preparing and Serving food, Setting tables, Sweeping, Dishwashing, and Housekeeping.
But recently ive been self employed a bit trying differnt industries ( i was an apprentice for this in one of my other jobs but never added it)
Self employed wallpapering @ differnt places (i have them named but dont feel comfortable sharing)
Feb-September 2022
Worked in a pair to create beautifully wallpapered rooms
2 Places 2018-2019
ALL WEEK ALL DAY (Can do nightshift)
Available upon request
I have no refrences noone has ever asked and i never added them because i dont keep track of numbers and have noone to vouch for me im also super uncomfortable adding them tbh (not cuz im a bad worker i just have a bad upbringing and get anxiety when people ask about me or my life)
and thats it I havent added my current company though
I have about 7 years of experience in Painting
1.5 Years in Wallpapering
and i was an apprentice last summer for Tiling and flooring for like 3 months (just tiles tbh but on the floor) I didnt add it though ebcause i felt it was useless to add since no job would hire me as a tiler with a 3 month apprentership so never added it
During covid though i was fired twice but only during trainings and never added it to my resume (I was extremely depressed and it was a struggle getting out of bed and it was really hard to motivate myself to go do mundane tasks for 8 hourrs and bus for an hour or 2 for a few bucks)

I also need a resume template because my resume is white and red and i dont think its a good template but i would prefer one that would somehow highlight my more relvent experience and not go mumbo jumbo everywhere :/ I just want one so i can see if i can get a higher paying job and just switch but also recently tried starting a business (that is currently burning to the ground and taking me with it) so i also want to work less hours but thats negotiable tbh working about 70-88/h (mostly 88) biweekly worked 100 one time though and usually work 10H/Day cuz i want to have friday sat sun off.
Also im in Canada if that helps cuz the flare asked for location but i have a question or something i guess

tldr: need resume template and help formatting//
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2023.06.03 05:40 Isa877 Hot Take: MW3 Weapon Rank

I think MW3's Weapon Rank system should return for the camo grind. I'm going to explain how I think this will help the game while addressing some complaints I can see players having with this.
How this would work:
Similar to standard weapon levels, Weapon Rank Experience Points (WRXP) would be rewarded based on kills, and given bonuses for actions normally rewarded with medals like going on streaks, head/long shots, and objective kills. Thus would be separate from standard Weapon level, and have a larger cap, yet compensates with room for speeding up the process by performing in ways normally offered in camo challenges. WRXP would then reward specific camos at given checkpoints for each gun. Preferably exclusive camos similar to MWII which rewards the player for trying different weapons, while giving the player more options along with excitement for new camos when DLC weapons release.
Why this is a good idea:
This helps under a number of reasons. However, the biggest reasons are game flow, and being more player friendly without removing the grind that originally was there. Players still have a lot to do if they wish to unlock mastery camos, but now they are free to play how they want without standing on a headglitch all game in the back of spawn for longshots. This also makes challenges like streak kills or even double kills, no longer such a roadblock or tediously frustrating challenge as now you can play however you want and still make progress. This also makes it less likely progress will struggle in tracking properly as it's another XP bar rather than specific triggers to a list towards your camo.
Noticeable Concerns:
The biggest concern I see with this system, is players considering the grind too easy, and not as satisfying to make progress due to the lack of that moment where the player goes "Finally, that's progress. Now just a few more." Now this is fair and understandable especially to veterans who worked especially hard in older games. That being said, I still believe the constant feedback and reward for performing well, combined with the checkpoints between levels and camo unlocks, would still be a satisfying experience as you now have a new camo to use while you make your way to the next checkpoint. In terms of difficulty, COD has always been a casual friendly game, and if players consider this grind too easy, and then go to shipment or shoothouse for easy camo completions, are justified in making that statement. There was a time when COD simply made you get 100 headshots, 5 Bloodthirsty medals, 5 Double Kills, 10 Revenge medals, and 50 kills with and without attachments. Heck, Weapon Rank was the grind for arguably one of the best games in the series being MW3, so I'm not convinced that difficulty would be such a big issue.
2x WRXP should not be offered as tokens similar to other XP grinds.
No bonuses for things outside of gameplay such as playing with friends or system exclusivity perks
Bonuses should not be for using tacticals like decoys
Bonuses should include Headshots, Double Kills, 3-5 Streaks, Longshots, Objective Kills, Collateral Kills, Backstabs (Melee), Assassinations (Melee)
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2023.06.03 05:39 Akfanboy G.R.U: Temporal anomalies division chapter one

Yeshua volkov's POV.
"Well shit..."
I said as I checked if I still had some left over MRE's.
"Damnit! I knew we shouldn't have entered that anomaly!"
Said one of my comrades by the name of Ivan Pavlov. Some were already screaming for their babushka's like children when something isn't going their way. Although we had trained with mental fortitude we were in a quite a rough situation. We had no idea where we are or how can we get back to the motherland. Some were already panicking while some are getting counselling from the onsite phycologists.
"Don't worry comrades! We will find our way back! From this unknown reality we now live in! I know, I know. Some of you want to go back home immediately. But... ask yourselves this! We don't know how to come back but what if can find another way back! Back to the motherland! Maybe we can find something with great importance here and bring it back to the motherland. We will be treated as heroes, visionaries, and adventurers! If we ever go back to the homeland. Now get yourselves shit together and let's find a way to escape from this reality we found ourselves in!"
Said the charismatic leader Captain Alexander Mikhailov.
Some of my comrades stopped their screeching/screaming and started cheering. Some were stunned at how the captain was acting in this time. Honestly he was better than me with leading. He was like a charismatic leader that won the hearts of his soldiers while I the lieutenant just sat there doing the paperwork, doing logistics, making tactics, etc. Sure I am the lieutenant I shouldn't be doing that kind of stuff but we still need to plan logistics just encase of a fight to get reinforcements or supplies to the frontlines. He was more charismatic than me, and I let him do the speeches to boost morale. At least I'm not stuck giving endless speeches. I was the man that everyone counted on for tactics. I was one of the six tacticians in the detachment.
We checked the BTR 80's and a few transport trucks we brought with us and saw we had MRE's and water to last us over 50 days and ammo to last us over 70 days if we use it right. Suspiciously the BTR's fuel tanks were full. Huh? We drove over 6 kilometers with this thing and yet it's fuel tanks are full? Well lucky us I guess.
You must be asking yourselves how did we got into this mess in the first place?
Well that is what I'm going to tell you.
We are a part of a division of the G.R.U called the anomaly department. We study, and eliminate hostile or very dangerous temporal anomalies. We also develop teleportation technology but the tech is basically a barely functioning prototype that uses up so many energy that we typically need to drain 4 nuclear reactors or more to fire one up and teleport 500 people, 60 vehicles, etc they are so costly to use that we rarely use them, and need specialized equipment to use said prototype. These temporal anomalies are typically made from what's known as the god particles. They are basically particles that can bend reality itself or what the extremely dummies call magicules or magical particles because they seem magical to their eyes. We typically use those particles to create holes through space and time. We discovered our first anomaly back in the times when the USSR was still in its glory. In 1974. These anomalies typically bring with them destructive beings with them so we clean them up by killing them by either small arms fire, usage of military vehicles, missiles or even if it comes to it nukes, and burning their corpses. if we don't they usually turn into undead creatures that is very very hard to kill unless you have a tank, a flame thrower, or if you have liquid hydrogen to freeze these things up just to punch them and crumble into ice.
The first ones happened in Sarov or arzamas-16 one of the hidden cities in the USSR created by the KGB. The creatures that appeared on the first temporal anomaly were hulking abominations of green creatures filled with unknown viruses and diseases. We defeated them and later got an outbreak of one of the diseases, and later found a cure to the disease. Thus our predecessors the komitet vremennykh anomaliy or the committee of temporal anomalies created by the secretary general of the committee of state security with funding from the state to combat these threats. One day our unlucky asses got dragged into this assignment to investigate a temporal anomalies, and be one of the first to enter the temporal anomalies. We were greenlighted to do this mission due to our new naive, and unknowing overseers or as we call them the overseer council because they are a council of a few people dictating the fate of the motherland. And we followed those orders. And eventually got stuck in this hell hole inside some cave in the middle of who knows where. We were called detachment Alpha 3. The loyalists. We were the most loyal detachments of the overseers and we're trusted to keep the researchers safe. We didn't even thought that this would ever happen. We were naive to accept this.
Anyways we checked if everybody was okay. Some of the onsite medics and doctors who were with us in this expedition checked every one from diseases and found none.
We packed ourselves up and told everyone to ride in the transport vehicles to find a new place to build a temporary forward operating base.
Engines roared to life as the vehicles started.
"Now the true adventure begins. We will face hardships, losses, and so many adversities but know this comrades. We will survive and come back to the homeland! We will get through this together! We are the hope of the motherland! We will not fall!"
Said the captain.
We all hop in the transports and start moving.
We will comeback to the motherland. I sighed. That wish will never be true considering our jobs. I sighed again in resignation.
To be continued...
Author: Hello there reader. I am the author of this story. I will explain the timeline of the universe.
1974: The first temporal anomaly ever recorded
1975: The start of the Committee of temporal anomalies
1986: The Chernobyl anomaly
1989: The fall of the Berlin wall
1991: The fall of the Soviet union and the creation of the GRU
1992: The start of the G.R.U anomaly department
1992: The start of the overseer council
1993: Borris Yeltsin gets impeached
1994: The Election of president Nikita Parlov
2000: Prime minister of Russia Vladimir Putin gets charged with corruption charges, conspiracy against the state, and gets a life time in prison in a maximum security prison
2001: The election of president Igor Petrov
2006: The election of a dictator
2007: The second Russian civil war
2008: The battle of saint Petersburg
2008: The battle of Stalingrad
2009: The battle for moscow and the victors of the civil war are the democratic socialists.
2010: The start of the socialist democracy of Russia
2010: A new president is announced
2012: The Taliban does a terror attack in saint Petersburg killing 600 civilians.
2013: Russia joins the Afghanistan war in the American side.
2016: A new president is elected
2017: Russia becomes a part of NATO
2019: Russia nukes a large terrorist under complex city
2022: The expedition into an anomaly.
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2023.06.03 05:39 iivDapo Wrench size

Wrench size
Hello I wanted to come on here and ask if any one used the Joyer s electric scooter and if so do they know what wrench size and wrench I am supposed to use to to unscrew the front wheel?
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2023.06.03 05:39 silpheed_tandy How do I understand what "Tu te l'es fait dire pas à peu près" means?

In an episode of a Québécois comedy TV show (called "Les Parent"), a character says the following to his friend Ben:
Tu te l'es fait dire pas à peu près, mon Ben!
DeepL translates this into the following suggestions:
You've heard it all before, Ben!
You've been told, my Ben!
I can't figure out how I could arrive at either translation myself.
1a. What does "Tu te l'es fait dire pas à peu près" mean?
1b. Can you show me how to group the parts of the sentence, to arrive at understanding how you translated the meaning in your answer to Question 1a ?
  1. Below, I show my attempts at translating the sentence. If you are willing to do the extra work, can you tell me which are correct or partially correct, or any incorrect ideas about how grammar works?
Here's my best attempt at translating "Tu te l'es fait dire pas à peu près, mon Ben"
  1. Translating "Tu te l'est fait dire".
I recognize "causative se faire" being used here. I also see the direct object pronoun "le". My guess is that the reflexive pronoun "se" (which is "te" here) is the receiver of the verb. So, my best guess of translating this sentence is "You caused 'someone' to tell it to you", or in more natural English, "You got told it".
  1. "Tu te l'est fait dire pas à peu près".
I can't tell if the "pas" is grouped with "à peu près", to make "Tu te l'est fait dire [pas à peu près]", or if it's somehow grouped with a verb (negating "dire" ("Tu te l'est fait [ne pas dire]"), or negating "faire" ("Tu [ne te l'est fait pas] dire")) .
2a) "Tu te l'est fait dire [pas à peu près]"
According to WR, "à peu près" is an adverb that means "around" or "more or less".
So my attempt translation here would be "You caused 'someone' to tell it to you, not more or less". This doesn't make sense in English, so I don't know what "pas à peu près" could mean!
2b) "Tu te l'est fait [ne pas dire]"
would mean "You caused 'someone' to not tell it to you".
2c) "Tu [ne te l'est fait pas] dire"
would mean "You didn't cause 'someone' to tell it to you". Which in more natural English, might be "You caused nobody to tell it to you", or "You got nobody to tell it to you" or even "You didn't make anybody tell it to you". ("You caused nobody to tell it to you" and "You didn't make anybody tell it to you" have different meanings in English, too, which also adds to my confusion about how I should translate "Tu [ne te l'est fait pas] dire" )
I don't know which of my attempts of 2a, 2b, 2c is correct, or even if the foundational attempt in 1 was correct! And none of my attempts of 2a, 2b, or 2c comes close to either of DeepL's translation of "You've heard it all before!" or "You've been told!".
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2023.06.03 05:38 hazystoned Forever Bracelets?

People who have gotten what I have been told are called "forever bracelets" Have you enjoyed them in the long term? It seems to me that many people get used to/over the novelty of it and sorta wish it wasn't welded/closed shut on their wrist. Can anyone speak to this? I initially thought the idea was sorta cook but quickly thought about myself and how I'd hate showering, swimming or other activities/events that I'd prefer not having the same permanent bracelet on forever. I will say I am a later 20's male but I do enjoy wearing some of my gold/silver bracelets, just couldn't imagine it being "permanent"..looking to hear from others that may have gotten this done, male or female. Thanks for helping shed light on my curiosity!
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2023.06.03 05:38 Get_Fucked_Kid What do I do against better, more coordinated players?

Fairly often, we get destroyed 0-4 or 1-4 and it feels like I can’t fight back. I try to avoid gunfights but that feels impossible. A lot of the time they run into site for free, even with trap operators, they out shoot everyone. On defense, I try to wait in a corner to flank, but by then my entire team is dead and they have someone to roam clear. Even when I try blitz, they always have a second or third person to screw me over. On defense, they also have someone that flanks that I try to fight, but I always lose the gunfight even though I’m prepared and know the general area they are at. I know this is a bit of a rant, but I unironically don’t want to play ranked anymore
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2023.06.03 05:38 BigfootSanta Making sure I’ve got these mechanics/philosophy down

Hey! I was telling one of my players about why I love brawls in BitD so much, and I wrote out a scenario to explain my reasoning, but I realized it was basically just me explaining how I view the mechanics of Position, Effect, and Consequences. Since I’m very new to GMing Blades, I’d like to get some input on if I’ve got the general philosophy of running Blades and its mechanics down.
“Take a ‘simple’ fist-fight for example, a classic brawl; if we’re zooming into it instead of resolving it in one Action Roll, and we assume it’s a decently formidable target, there’s probably a 3-segment clock called ‘Thug Defeated’. The PC says she wants to fight defensively, not doing too much damage but trying not to get too hurt just yet. She uses Skirmish. That certainly sounds Controlled, since she’s trying not to be too risky, but it also sounds Limited, because she’s not trying to get too many punches in. She rolls and gets a 4. We say that the thug is being very aggressive and unrelenting; the PC doesn’t take any Harm, and she gets a few jabs in there, so the clock gets filled in one tick, but I say the consequence is that she ends up in a Risky position because the thug is not letting up; you might be wondering why I didn’t go with the obvious consequence of Level 1 Harm. 3 reasons:
  1. Harm is both the most boring consequence and also the most dangerous, so it should be used very sparingly.
  2. The PC’s explicit goal for her action was avoiding getting hit, so getting hit (even though it would only be Level 1 Harm) despite a success would feel like it didn’t matter what her strategy was.
  3. Giving Harm would not change the situation at all; the PC could just keep saying “I fight defensively and try to avoid getting hit” over and over again and I could keep giving them Level 1 Harm until they manage to defeat the thug. That’s super boring, so instead I choose a consequence that changes the situation, I.e. the PC’s action worked, but she has to change up her tactics now and keeps things interesting.
Now the PC decides she wants to surprise the thug by absolutely walloping him with a massive uppercut, leaving herself exposed but going for a KO. She decides to use Wreck this time, and I decide this is Desperate, because she’s leaving herself completely vulnerable, but it has Great Effect, since it’s supposed to be a KO. She gets a 5. It’s boring, but the most obvious answer this time is the best one; the PC gets messed up as she leaves herself open, gaining Level 3 Harm, but she manages to do a massive hit on the thug, incapacitating him (3 more ticks on the clock, filling it up). The PC probably resists this consequence, and since I lean towards less Harm I’d probably allow it to go down to Level 1 Harm, “Battered”.
Alternatively, I could have said ‘This thug remembers you and will now have a vendetta’, and started ticking a clock for his revenge, or said they attracted witnesses from their commotion so they got Heat; these are fun, so normally I’d use them, but the PC explicitly said they were leaving themselves vulnerable to getting hit, which to me is basically the player deciding the consequence for their roll and me agreeing with it; if they had just said they were going for a massive KO hit, I’d still do Desperate/Great, because it’s the same Action, but I might consider one of those other consequences instead!”
It sounds right to me (and there’s probably not a “wrong” way to play), but I just want to see if I’m missing anything or don’t have the exact mechanics down (like, for example, the Controlled consequence that moves you to a Risky position; can your next Action be Desperate instead of Risky? In the fiction I see 0 reason why you couldn’t bump up your unwillingly raised Position even higher, but I just want to check).
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2023.06.03 05:38 Special_Departure405 Firewalla Purple with router Dlink router in bridge mode - how to access dlink router settings?

I have firewalla setup with a Dlink router setup in bridge mode. I still use my Dlink for Wifi access.
Everything is working but I can't see the Dlink router in firewalla or I don't know what IP it is allocated.
How do I still login to the DLink router to change wifi settings etc?
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2023.06.03 05:38 After-Ad-4352 Etsy SEO and third party apps

I am looking for guidance or to help me on how to do Etsy SEO, keyword research etc. I want maximum reach but even with adverts I am not achieving my goal.
I tried erank but turns out I’m technologically too challenged. Which tool to use which yields best result?
Can someone also review my shop, if possible to know what I can do right and where am I going wrong?
Please help a fellow Good Samaritan.
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2023.06.03 05:38 sasquatch792 I ruined my life over COVID

Dunno if this will get removed, but I gotta tell some people, even if it's randoms on the Internet.
Just a warning, bit of talk about drugs, alcohol, sh
3 years ago, in 2020, my school shut down because of COVID. "Just 2 weeks," right? I started spending more and more time on my computer, playing games and using social media. I eventually found my way onto Discord, where at first I was just talking about gaming. After a little while I ended up on some sort of LGBT Discord (don't even know how) where I was welcomed into the community and spent hours talking with people. I had never even thought about this sort of thing before. I watched hours of content revolving around the LGBT space and even more time talking with others about it. Shit gets fuzzy here, but after all this time consuming this content I felt as if I was part of this community. I started to identify as bisexual, adopting it as my whole personality and spending even more time mindlessly wandering my echo chamber of the Internet. I made a lot of friends and we talked and played games, but everything revolved around being gay / bi / whatever. That's just how it works on the Internet. I "joined" the far left and cheered on Antifa and the Black Block, pasting flags all over my social media accounts, the whole deal. But it didn't stop there. I don't know if I was hanging around bad parts of the community or what, but everyone around me was drinking, smoking, and c*tting. All s**cidal. And, again, I adopted this as well. I fell into a deep depression for months, c*tting up my legs and b*rning myself. I thought that this was truly me. I thought I was nothing. I only felt like someone when I fucking sl*t my wrists. It was real to me. I don't know how I devolved so quickly. Up until this point I had kept it secret from my parents (they didn't have access to my social media accounts) but they learned pretty quickly after my school counselor told them. Lost my phone for a year, had no friends, lost all my social skills. Even to this day I'm not totally normal again. I've blocked most of this out and I'm nothing like that any more. I haven't thought about this directly since then. But it still lingers, tearing me apart from the inside. I don't know who I am. I don't know if I'll ever live a normal life again. I don't know what I'm going to do. I try to avoid thinking about this because it's a slippery slope - I might end up in the same spot again. I just don't know. I don't know how it even happened.
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2023.06.03 05:38 one_ugly_dude Does anyone use call options in a buy-and-hold strategy? Or are options traders just gamblers?

Tell me if this makes sense: I want to invest in company XYZ because I expect the company to do well for the next 10+ years. At the same time, I know that short-term volatility is a bitch.
One solution would be to just buy the stock now and hold onto it. That's how most people buy for the buy-and-hold part of the strategy.
Another idea that I was considering: what if i buy a call option for 6 or 12 months out? If the company does well, I get to pay the strike price for the stock. If it doesn't and I still feel good about the company, I can get another call option.
I was wondering if this strategy is common. Does it have a name? Has anyone used this technique? If so, what was your experience like? The reason I ask is because I'm looking at my portfolio and notice big swings in different directions for stocks I've bought in the past year: +4.5%, -8%, -39%, -33%, +8%, +12%, etc. I still think each of them are going to do well for the next 10ish years so I don't intend to get rid of them. But, I could be holding the winners and just be out a little for the losers. I'm sure I'm missing a LOT. That's why I'm asking. If this was such an easy strategy, why haven't other investors been doing this for decades?
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2023.06.03 05:38 axen4food Opinions on pricing and marketing

Opinions on pricing and marketing
I have seen the different formulas about using your materials plus time. What I am not sure about is the skill level. I have the attached and things like them but I am struggling with pricing. I like the men’s accessories lines as I make most of this for myself. The goal is to make a few of each to cover the cost of materials plus some extra for more leather.
What would you all price these at if you didn’t know the time it took to make them or the material cost?
I was thinking the below Korba Brown card case = $35 Black Italian card case = $60 Pueblo watch strap = $60
For the marketing side I have thought about a Facebook business store as it would keep things reasonable. I plan to do batches so a website is a little much.
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2023.06.03 05:38 weirdpicklez01 What Could This Be? (Fingernail Issue)

I’m a 19 year old white female, 5’5 & 150lbs. I don’t use any drugs or drink alcohol. My index finger nail has been like this for over a year now. At first it wasn’t painful, and it actually went away once, but came right back. It looked normal and then I noticed it got bad again. It didn’t hurt when it first occurred, but now it’s painful when I put any pressure on my fingernail/area. The skin on my finger is also peeling a little bit. It’s also a little numb in the area it’s peeling. I do plan on going to see a doctor already, just wondering what it may be. All my other nails are perfectly fine, it’s just one of my index nails. Thanks in advance!!
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2023.06.03 05:38 PriceToLive To all the married men coming here thinking about getting a divorce don’t.

First and foremost, if you can save your marriage please do! Now if you absolutely want to get a divorce. Try to do it the right way. What’s the right way to get a divorce? Let’s say your unhappy in your marriage. Don’t cheat, don’t lie, don’t be passive, don’t get angry, and don’t give them any leverage, power, or control to use against you during the process. Just end it the best way possible. Any mistake you make will be used against you.
I was the coward who made the mistake of cheating on my ex multiple times before I called it quits. If you plan on cheating on your wife do yourself both a favor and divorce right now. Like this instant! If you have kids together, still don’t cheat. Just end it! I have no sympathy for myself and what I did was fucking wrong. Fortunately by the grace of God, my ex and I ended it with no contest. 50/50. Don’t be the reason your kids will hear that you were the asshole who wasn’t man enough to end it when it should have.
Now my ex made a couple mistakes. I took a government job out of state so I could provide for my son. I get a phone call at 11:55pm there time from the tenants who live in the same unit as they do saying that my kids mom was out for a Walmart run and my son was crying because he was alone. I finally got a hold of her after 15 minutes and she said she was going to be gone for 5 minutes and told me to calm down. See how the power dynamic shifted. She’s made it up in her mind because of the mistakes I made she can do no wrong. I ended up quitting my job because I decided it was best to move back to be with my son. Now I’m unemployed and she can fight for full custody. She’ll let my son play in the front yard with cars driving by and she’s inside watching tv while no one is watching my son and she thinks she’s doing no wrong. Please don’t let yourself get to where I am.
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2023.06.03 05:37 Street_Artist_2482 Got my first warning...

So I was doing the cash window and both lanes during a rush, and I had a guy hand me cash, so I let them know through the headset. It was $20. I didn't realize, but I think I accidentally hit 'Exact $50' instead of 'Exact $20'.
I was messaged by my manager after my shift and she asked why there was $30 missing from the register. I realized what happened and told her what I thought happened. She told me that I was going to be given a warning and have to resign the cash handling policy. I know it was my fault but I'm just feeling kinda embarrassed and a little bit freaked out.
I've never been given a warning before. Does this mean I can't do cashing for a while?
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2023.06.03 05:37 freddyfazzballs what does shortness of breath physically feel like for you?

on mobile, sorry if formattings weird
i have seasonal/allergy triggered asthma and i just got a new rescue inhaler after probably 6 or 7 years without one. i just wanted to know what shortness of breath feels like for other asthmatics so i dont overuse my inhaler.
for me personally what i think is shortness of breath from my asthma is when im breathing and it feels like im being stopped (?) from doing a full deep breath. the best way to describe it is, when im breathing regularly i can almost feel the air i breathe in go down to the bottoms of my lungs; when i think im having shortness of breath it feels like the bottom of my lungs are blocked off and the air cant reach there. when this happens its usually like 2 thirds of the inferior lobe is blocked, and its a line going into the superiomiddle lobe as well. for exercise related asthma its like this but the 'line' is at a third or half of my lung, ill be gasping pretty much.
im not sure if this makes any sense i just dont wanna overuse my inhaler, i can be a major hypocondriac so using it too much is scary. thanks for any advice
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2023.06.03 05:37 Googalymoogaly36 Possible retaliation? Please read sorry it’s long

Hi, I am currently a part time CEM and just wanted to know if I should make a move to open door policy. My store was in complete disarray befire our new sm having ace managers coming through and running through store managers like a pair of underwear. With the recently hired sm I just feel a bit off about things. An example being a coworker had an issue with him being icy in which I told her to speak with him rather than get in the crap talk because that’s not what I do. When I let him know she’s expressing some concerns to me of her being put off the schedule etc(just wanted to be a peacemaker)and that I told her to speak with him. As she was leaving she did however leave a uboat not sure out of pettiness or of old age because she is an older gal. I mentioned that she does know to clean after herself and he said he would just not put her on the schedule, one of our two framers(she has a second job but is willing to work before going to the second one or even work or come in on days she’s free. Another being I have a schedule of unavailable during the weekends due to religious reason which I thought were protected. Just last week out of my entire time working I decide to take off the week of Memorial Day(family,work life and just feeling burnt out not completely though), the week prior to Memorial Day he had put me on the schedule for both days (in which I am “unavailable in worksmart) we had a whole spiel about the reasonings because I like to have things in order to protect myself. I had told him I am unable to work those days because of things we talked about before(in which he knew) so he gave me an ultimatum of “if you can’t work Sunday (unavailable anyways literally went over that the week before)just come in Saturday. I let him know that those days for me were nonexistent and that I had a prior obligation for that day way before that day came up(even though he had scheduled himself). That was me basically saying no I cannot do that (texted) and he told the opening manager that I would be coming in to close for him even though I previously said no(trying to pawn off weekends as sm? Idk) I took a visit because me and my mom genuinely needed something from there that I should have grabbed the night before when I worked and then he proceeded to call me (speaker phone as my mother was a witness)and basically launch a passive aggressive rant at me. Saying that I am a manager and that it’s a business to run(mind you with the previous store manager it was basically me and the replen manager that held the store together with an mainly unreliable team) even though I told him I was unavailable like my availability states and he knows that other wise he wouldn’t have scheduled himself right? I ended up dismissing the important things within my work life balance because I basically got bullied into taking the shift and didn’t want issues to arise from that. Starting on my first time ever taking so many days off at one time he called me on my first off day and I hadn’t seen it till later, I told him I would open up a day in which I did just for me to text him and the text bubble is green. ( how did you call me but now my messages aren’t coming through). Fast foward today June 2nd,I checked worksmart because I do go in Sat just so no one can say I don’t do my job. Just to go on there and see that he has denied every single one of my upcoming unpaid time off requests even through to next year. Some of these requests were done some time ago and had been sitting being that we’ve shuffled through many sm’s. None of these consists of being off for a week like I did for may 27 excluding Sunday to June 2. I have gone to text him to ask if there were any reasons as to why I couldn’t take those days and my messages are green once again(am I blocked not sure I texted him Wednesday after missing a call of his Monday and that was also green, can’t call someone you’ve blocked but idk). I have rarely complained and I do my work so am I owed an explanation or no? Is this retaliatory or no? The timing seems to be rather convenient. Also I accepted a Uber gift card from him and feel as if there were some ulterior motives(I was 1/2 to receive one and I feel as if because I expressed not shingles a car anymore that I’d use it to come in on days I’m unavailable. I have also expressed that I am concerned that I’m being retaliated against. I mean you already threatened one of my coworkers to me about not putting her on the schedule because you felt disrespected. I’ve already started looking else where and do have some things in the works but I do indeed like the job. Also we just hired a full time cem in which he stated that I should be able to work my availability when she is in, for the following week I am not scheduled my availability but am scheduled every night against my wishes.(maybe for training but I don’t know because he referred her to the job) hoping this doesn’t open doors for favoritism. I do have seniority over everyone in the store besides the framer. I don’t mind closing but I expressed I do not want to be tired for homework etc. (Sorry for typos this has been very frustrating)
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