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A community for cyclists in, around, and just passing through the Greater Toronto Area.

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Welcome to Milwaukee's bike subreddit! From the urban commuters to the beach cruisers, everyone and their bike is welcome here for newbie advice, pro events, and everything in between! Bike maps and bike shops are listed in the wiki.

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2023.06.08 06:45 DecutorR AMA dev answers compilation

Compilation of all unedited questions and dev answers from Reddit AMA - June 07th 2023:
Q: In the past, the team had stated that there would only be human/humanoid killers in the game. Obviously with the Stranger Things license, a killer really could not be humanoid, especially given the seasons released at the time. However, with the release of Dredge and now Singularity, we have now gotten a few original monstrous killers. What changed with the design philosophy of DbD that allowed this to happen, and can we expect further creative visual designs like them in the future?
A: Well well, I'm not saying this is a lie, but the fact we said we would only do humanoid was not a design philosophy but more because of technical/scope limitations at that time. If you've been with us for a while, you probably remember us saying we'd put Christine (the car) and Cujo (the dog) in DBD if we could. Every worthy bloodthirsty creature has a space in the world of The Entity!
So what allowed us to do so? We levelled up! The team is bigger, more experienced all thanks to the growth of the community of course! Characters with different structures are definitely going to happen again as we continue to explore more possibilities in DBD.
Q: Whatever happened to the promised Twins rework? It was talked about to be the next killer update after Legion/Ghostface though we haven’t heard anything about it and afaik Twins are still plagued by many bugs as well.
A: Due to limited space in each release and the unexpected complexity of the update needed for the Twins, the update has been delayed a LOT longer than we wanted. :D However, it's been designed and we are working on releasing something in early 2024.
Q: Hi! Glad you guys came by to answer questions. My question in particular is about map design. I primarily play killer, and sometimes it feels like the outcome of a game is decided before it even starts depending on what map I end up on. Either when chosen via offerings or by RNG.
When designing maps, what, if anything, is done with structure and layout to make maps fair for both sides?
A: The intention when we create maps is not to favor one side more than another.
This is why we currently want to rebalance the maps. We are using data collected and feedback we get from the Community. We have started in the last year to rebalance the maps and we are going to continue and be active when it comes to maps that already exist and same with newly released maps. We want to bring the best experience for everyone to enjoy.
Example: the Raccoon City Police Station , split, the update in the Junkyard and soon Farm maps.
Q: What was the real reason you removed Maurice initially? 🤔 I know it’s a pretty unserious question but I’ve always been curious.
A: Honestly, when Peanits saw The Dredge's lobby animation with the suspiciously familiar-looking horse head flopping out, he jumped on the opportunity.
He posted that animation on our social channels with a caption that read "MAURICE NOOO" and the community's reaction was immediately huge. So much so that we decided to to push the joke all the way, removing Maurice from the game. And the rest, as you know, is history.
Q: What is it about the new survivor, Gabriel Soma, that makes him stand out from his fellow survivor cast?
A: Gabriel is purposefully designed so that most of us can relate to him, even though he lives in a time period that is very otherwordly to us.
The hardship he faced (even before going in The Realms of The Entity), his resolve and resourcefulness make him a fun character to play. Gabriel is also our first survivor from a possible future, making his wardrobe quite unique and pretty cool if you are into sci-fi pants and space shirts.
His story is not over, there are more unrevealed truths about Gabriel. And he's very good looking: Shirtless Gabriel when?
Q: How long, from concept to release, does it take to design a full killer? Not including perks, survivor, or map, but just the killer and their power?
A: It fluctuates (depending on the weather!) but in general about 11-12 months overall from start to finish.
Q: Thanks so much for doing this AMA, and happy anniversary!
Out of curiosity, were there any other concepts that the team was considering as powers for the Singularity before deciding on biopods, or was this what they set their sights on right away when brainstorming?
A: The Pods were in the concept from the beginning.
Originally, the Killer had two mechanics it could use: One involved shooting the Pods to teleport to Survivors and the other one allowed it to shoot Survivors to teleport them to its location.
Ultimately, it was deemed exceedingly disorienting on the Survivor side so we removed it and brought back more opportunities for the killer to Teleport later in the creation process.
Q: Are there any plans to rework or change freddy in any way?
A: I can't give you any super-secret details but I can tell you that he's on our radar for killers to update.
Q: Has there ever been any thoughts on adding alternative game modes or queues? Of course this would be a massive undertaking but I'm curious if it's ever been given any real thought. A ranked mode or mode with different rules like draft picking perks or anything honestly would be really cool to see.
A: It's an idea that has always been in the back of our minds. I can confirm this is something we are actively prototyping. We plan on starting small and doing game modes as limited time modes and building up from there. We are hopeful that we'll have more to share with you all later this year!
Q: With the seemingly new trend of original/licensed survivors getting lobby voice-lines, can we expect to see this implemented for previous survivors aswell? So survivors like Dwight, Meg, Claud, David etc.? And would this include the possibility of original survivors interacting with each other similar to the Resident Evil survivors and Renato/Thalita?
A: Never say never. DBD is a game in constant evolution and past content is still living and evolving with it :)
Q: Has it been considered to clean up some the more usless offerings on the bloodweb such as the ones that only slightly buff bloodpoints?
A: We are actually exploring the offerings and their system as a whole right now on the design team! I can't give you any hints about what might be changed or where we might end up yet, but we are exploring new effects and actively designing ways to make this system better overall. :)
Q: will mobile cosmetics be ported in anytime soon?
A: We will start porting some mobile cosmetics over, starting sometime in the next year.
The first batch will be small, with just 4 outfits (2 killer, 2 survivor). Also worth noting they won't be a 1:1 port. We will make some small colour and/or texture changes before being brought into Dead By Daylight.
Lastly, to manage expectations, there will be some mobile outfits that never get ported over.
Q: Is there a reason more survivor emotes haven’t been added yet? It feels like a no brainier since you could make a fortune from selling them and it’s not like it’d break immersion since this game is long past that point now (look at some survivor and even killer cosmetics)
I feel like even small things which could be sold like hand gestures and stuff would be such a nice addition with time however things like dances would be amazing, even better if killer could do them at some point
A: Survivor emotes was an idea we played with many years ago. We even got so far as to implement a few of them in a prototype build. Unfortunately, we found them to often either break immersion, or encourage negative gameplay behaviours. For that reason, we haven't revisited the idea for a number of years.
Never say never, but survivor emotes certainly won't be coming anytime in the near future.
Q: Was there anything noteworthy that stuck out to the team when designing The Singularity? I love his design and I would like to get to know more about how he was designed.
A: It was a weird concept and not an easy sell as a great power originally.
(it sound bland on paper)
Although while prototyping we managed to make the pods usable in chases and realised their versitility, that is when it started to shine.
We could see how much fun and potential there was in the concept.
Q: The mori for the Singularity is probably the most that a survivor has been actually maimed. It's brutal, disgusting, and I absolutely love it. However, it has been previously stated that moris have to avoid actually doing too much damage to a survivor's body for various reasons. Is this still within those limitations, or did something change that allows the team to make more brutal moris? And can we expect the possibility for some more of that brutality in the future?
A: We're glad you loved the mori, we do too, it was a blast to create! On the level of brutality and gore, there is one thing that we keep in mind except for the actual technical/scope feasibility of an idea. One of DBD's core pillars is that we want to be an horror that is accessible to all. This means many things for different facets of the game, but in this case it means that some brutal actions and level of gore may make the game inaccessible in some regions! We don't want that.
Q: Will there be any plans to have more diversity in body shapes of survivors? Would love to see some more plus size representation
A: Inclusivity and representation is very important to us. Body shapes and height is quite challenging at the moment due to technical limitations and gameplay components / metrics. Thank you for letting us know that this is important to you, every voice count.
Q: Are there any plans to make Custom Games easier to set up for tournaments and other events?
It's been years since the introduction of "Custom Matches" and we haven't really had any new settings since. Options to limit item & add-on rarities, options to enforce non-duplicated perks on all Survivors, better spectator controls, etc... Any of these things would REALLY help to make DBD events faster to set up and more viewer-friendly.
A: This is a topic that has recently made it onto our radar, and one we can clearly see the value in. The Custom Matches features has been left untouched for far too long. Unfortunately, it's still too early to give an ETA on when you could expect to start seeing some of these improvements in the game.
Q: What caused the sudden shift to add more clutter and obstructions into the new maps and reworks? In my experience it causes nothing more than frustration for both sides.
A: Hey great question! As clutter you might be referring to two different things, so I'll do my best to answer both meanings.
1- Clutter as in more objects making navigation more difficult. As our team grew during the graphical rework, a lot of details were added to make the maps richer. Lots of lessons were learned during those days (and we are still learning) on what elements and metrics makes it difficult for navigation. Our level design team is actively working with the environment artists to make sure each asset found in a map (colliders, vegetation, etc), especially when it comes to navigation, follows game metrics.
2-Finding objectives/visual clutter - As the graphic fidelity evolves in DBD so does our gameplay need to evolve in terms of visual elements, which have not always followed. We are looking into that one now. The idea is to have level of priorities in how easilly perceivable elements are on the screen. This pass will make gameplay elements POP compared to the details that are great, but less important to manage your objective.
From the level design perspective, we are in the process of addressing the clutter issue. the focus is clarity, readability and navigation. We had this issue with the Toba Landing in PTB and are addressing that in next week's release. We will revisit all maps and themes and make sure it makes sense for everyone.
Q: Regarding individual killer balance, will you start taking feedback from people who have spent countless hours playing them? If at least to see what they want out of their killer without being unbalanced.
A: Our external playtesting methods and processes involve a large variety of player types, all of which range widely in skill level & experience in the game.
Veteran players with many hours in DbD have super valuable feedback, especially when it comes to breaking our rules and exposing balance issues.
It's important to point out though that beginner, intermediate and casual players also have important contributions & insights to share that we need to also take into consideration and use to balance our designs.
Q: Thanks for doing this AMA.
In the recent public test build, you guys tested out a buff to Pyramid Head which gave him the ability to torment survivors hit by Punishment of the Damned. You guys understandably walked back this buff as it allowed for some unfun situations for survivors. In the following developer update, you revealed the reason for testing this change was that you were looking for additional ways to let Pyramid Head apply torment. This would lead me to believe that the balance team has been looking to buff certain elements of Pyramid Head's kit.
I also would be kicking myself later if I did not take this opportunity to mention his addons. Pyramid Head's addons, aside from the range addons, do not feel like they impact his gameplay much at all when compared to other killers. His iridescent addons, while unique, are too restrictive in their requirements to get much value out of them. If you're looking to do something to Pyramid Head, which is the impression I got from the recent PTB, it seems that the addons would have been the first thing considered.
So can we expect any more attention for The Executioner going forward, or are you happy with the spot he and his addons are in?
Thanks again
A: You are correct that we initially wanted to change Executioner because we believe he can be improved. :) That hasn't changed and we still want to release an update for him in the future. Your suggestion about looking to the add-ons is noted!
Q: Any updates on console to pc cross progression?
A: There's currently no further update unfortunately. We know it's something desired by the community as a whole but we cannot say if/when it will ever be able to be implemented, other than on the platforms we've already confirmed.
Q: What’s the meaning of life?
A: 69 - Mandy
420 - Andre
A great Monty Python movie. -Michael
s̵̘̀à̷̟̭̀̆̏t̶͎̀̾͛͝ǐ̴̘̗͇̜̝͘a̴͉͂̌̒̿͝t̶͍̺̻̾e̷̥̦̔̇̽ ̸̨͇̩̎͗̒͆͠h̵̲̘̫̹͉̀ŭ̵̺̽̎ṇ̴̈́g̵̦̞͆̀̆͊͛͜ȩ̵̤̽̚r̴̛̤͚̘̍̽͝ - Unknown?
Q: New unique items for survivors?
A: It just goes to show how brilliant minds think alike - we've been discussing this very recently! No concrete plans as we're still very early in the process, but we are talking about when and how we could put out some new items in the future. Plan on it (at some point)!
Q: As the game continues into its 7th year, I think the community deserves an official comment from the devs on the flagship killer, the Trapper. The character who is on most, if not all advertising, and is perhaps the most recognizable killer in all of Dead By Daylight’s original roster has been the worst killer in the entire game for years, by an increasingly significant margin. Unlike any other killer in the game his power requires full minutes of setup, can be easily countered by good communication, and depending on the map can just entirely cease to function due to no/sparse/thin grass. Most new maps released in recent memory have no grass whatsoever, and are so large that it can add an additional minute or two just retrieving your power, which again, no other killer has anything close to that level of setup time.
All of that to say that for the Trapper, things just seem to get exponentially worse with every update. Does the dev team have any plans on reworking or updating the Trapper, which in my opinion he desperately needs? Or will he stay the undisputed worst killer for years to come?
A: I hear you. It's been a topic of conversation across our teams, but at the moment we do not have significant gameplay updates planned for Trapper. Partly because our data shows that his kill rate is pretty much where we want it to be (on average, even at high MMRs) but also because he holds a very important role as one of the simplest and easiest killers in the game. He's great for onboarding new Killers and we don't want that to change too much.
That said, we do have a small but very fun update in the works for our terrifying flagship killer! Those of you who watched the Anniversary broadcast may have seen the segment about the Naughty Bear Legendary skin coming for Trapper (which will have its own unique Mori). This will ship later in the year, along with a killer update.
Q: Can you please hide survivor prestige levels until the end of the match? A lot of killers target and harass high prestige survivors
A: Harassment in game is a topic we are always looking for more ways to tackle, and this has been one of the ideas we've been discussing for some time. I'm going to use this question as an opportunity to re-ignite the topic and opened a new Jira request for it today.
Q: All I have to say is thank you making this game because without it, we would not have this unique community
A: Thank you for being a part of it! We feel really grateful to have such an engaged, creative, and supportive community of players.
Thank YOU, you are the Legends!
Q: In the past, the team has stated that maps take by far the most development time out of anything else in the game. How long does it usually take to make an original map such as Toba Landing/Dvarka Deepwood, from concept to completion? Also, how difficult is it to modify maps once they are in the game, such as adjusting the strength of loops, changing tile spawn logic, or even changing the size of the map?
A: To answer your first question: Depending on the style of the map, it can take up to 6 months to create.
When it comes to updating and modifying existing maps, we collect data non-stop and are always investigating player concerns. To use Toba Landing as an example, player feedback during the PTB helped us identify & implement certain adjustments on loops and map visibility that will be going to Live servers.
Q: For original chapters that take place around different nations (Chile, Japan, Brazil, among others), and even around different periods of time, what’s the process like for the research and implementation of different elements to properly represent that in the lore and even inside of their respective maps?
A: Inclusivity and diversity is always top of mind for us, with a focus on making sure the representation we have in the game is as accurate as possible.
We have multiple steps in our creation process that ensure due diligence in this regard: internal & external consultation with regional partners, extensive research, and immersion are some of them.
A recent example would be with Thalita & Renato characters' cosmetics, which were designed by our very own Brazilian artist!
Fun fact: She's the one who thought of including the Caramelo tattoo on Renato's arm :)
Q: Is there going to be an update where survivors can always recover from the dying state (like the one-off with Unbreakable)? Think I remember reading about that once. Cheers.
A: I can tell you're dying to know. (sound of crickets) Nevermind...
No, we are not planning on making that part of the base game.
If you are referring to the Finisher Mori, we tested that in the PTB but it was an early prototype test. There was a lot of feedback and we are still working on that feature, but again - we are not planning on putting Unbreakable in the survivor base kit.
Q: Can you tell us a bit about the process the team goes through when deciding to nerf/buff an addon?
It feels so frustrating seeing certain addons getting a nerf for being popular (e.g. Twins: Toy Sword, Nemesis: Marvins Blood, Hillbilly: Engravings) when other addons are so weak/situational they are rarely worth using.
A: This is a question that has been considered heavily within our design team in recent months. We are continually learning where our priorities need to be when it comes to live balance and our process is changing as a result. Recently we have shifted to an approach that rests on three foundations:
Design Intent
Community Feedback
Data and Statistics
We watch for issues on all three of these fronts and prioritize from there. We are also cautious about vetting our changes with the community management team to get a read on how our updates will be received before release.
Some decisions (especially those based more on data or design intent) may not always be 100% clear for everyone, and that's okay. That said, we want to be attentive to the needs of our community and what will be most healthy for the game longterm.
Q: Admist the PTB testing there were a few concerns regarding Made for This, particularly in regards to its interaction with Hope allowing survivors to keep pace with 110% killers like hag during the endgame.
Is this something the team is aware of, and will they be continuing to monitor Made For This for balancing purposes when the chapter is live?
A: We are aware that Made for This has had quite an impact.
We're going to be watching out for feedback and data once the community has opportunity to test this.
We already have plans to address Made for This (like we had for Hyperfocus) if and when it becomes a problem.
Q: Will you ever expand the daily rituals to give 1 survivor and 1 killer daily each day? Also would weekly or monthly rituals ever be added for a bigger payout? Thanks.
A: Nothing concrete on the roadmap (get it?) but multiple ideas have been explored to improve the system.
Thank you for your suggestion! We're open to reading the community's ideas and feedback on the topic and will be considering them when discussing next steps.
Q: How does the Entity choose it's victims? Both survivors and killers.
A: Who knows!
Meatier alternative - No one knows how The Entity or why The Entity or even when The Entity? Maybe darkness in the life of the survivors and killers grab Its attention, or maybe its the other way around, maybe its the Entity's attention that makes their lives miserable. Or maybe its random! Who knows.
Spicy Alternative- The Entity works in mysterious ways.
Q: Will the black bubble after hooking someone be adressed soon? I like the effect, but in a ton of scenario's I cannot see if the killer is going towards me, even with the effect of kindred.
A: The intention of the bubble's design is to hide the Killer's exact position after a Survivor's been hooked.
However, it is an old design so maybe it's time for us to review if its use and appearance are still ideal.
Q: Will there be a shift away from relying on pure statistics and instead listening to experienced players more/qualitative feedback in general?
The statistics based approach for balancing has been a huge pain point the past 7 years.
A: While data is crucial in balancing in general, it is not a substitute for player or design feedback.
Our approach to balancing is a bit more complicated than this, and I can say it does not solely rest on game design.
Q: Is there any discussion regarding raising killer FOV (or a FOV slider) to help reduce motion sickness for those effected?
A: Short answer: Yes!
Long answer: we have a design that is in development and the release date is in our field of vision. You can expect to see something later this year or early next year.
Q: Are there any plans to update earlier licensed killers (Shape/Cannibal/Nightmare/Pig) with their own music tracks as has been a trend with other killers as of late? Given Ghost Face being licensed and receiving a unique chase theme last year, there's been confusion regarding this. Thank you!
A: We would love for all the killers to have this feature, nevertheless licensed content will sometime have limitation out of our control. We might get a track for all of them at some point, but no promise. Shape already as a unique music track! So enjoy that in the meantime!
Q: I think many people would agree with me in saying that HillBilly needs some addons adjusted. But also, why is the overheat mechanic still a thing? It's pretty much a "non-factor" and there are addons to increase the overheat limit anyway.
A: I feel you. Billy occupies a squishy (albeit violent) place in all of our hearts, and we've been working on him! An update has been designed for our Billy-boy (including addons). No specific date planned for implementing this just yet, but you can expect news from us sometime in the next year.
Sharpen your chainsaws.
Q: What's the process for figuring out general balancing and new perks as the game continues to add in new killers and survivors?
A: The process is naturally data-informed, but the major part lies with the design team, who is aware of what comes next, whether its perks, killers, or any other feature that will impact gameplay and balance.
In short, if a perk is both ubiquitous and powerful, it probably needs to be addressed in the near future.
Q: Do you think we can get outfits based on the later Halloween movies, or does the copy right prevent that from happening? I’ve been wanting an older Jamie Lloyd from Halloween 4 to get in as a legendary skin so bad, I made a petition about it and even asked the actress herself about it. Link to the petition and video
A: Thank you for your passion and dedication. Indeed, working on getting licenses can be a challenge!
Q: Question for the art/design team: in the lore for Hux and Gabriel, it mentions that Gabriel damages Hux pretty severely directly before they are taken into the Fog, with flesh melting off his frame. Is the look for The Singularity we see in game the result of that damage, or is that pre-facemelt? If it's the former, is there any chance we might see Hux's original, "perfect" design he had for himself as a skin? Or was the lore even fully complete while you all were working on his design?
A: Hux's look in the trials is post-melt incident! We wanted to make sure we offered a good level of body horror with this character. We might see its "prime" look later, but keep in mind that even this would be horrid, The SIngularity is using flesh in a very wrong way.
Q: Could you guys do something like a shirt related to Puppers in honour of him and what he brought to the DBD community?
A: Puppers' passing has been a huge loss for our whole community and has been deeply felt here on the team.
We have seen the discussions amongst players on how best to remember him and honor him, and we've been following it closely, and have been similarly discussing it within the team. While we have a strong desire to do something, it's simply too soon right now to say what we might be able to commit to.
Q: Deleted question.
A: Nothing concrete on the roadmap (get it?) but multiple ideas have been explored to improve the system. Thank you for your suggestion! We're open to reading the community's ideas and feedback on the topic and will be considering them when discussing next steps.
Q: Is it possible to get new moris for killers as a customization option? Not just tied to a skin.
A: Cries in Backlog
  • Justin
Q: Why has the map team not advanced substantially in the balance department in the past few years? The community has been clear in that the maps are unbalanced,yet it seems the dev team simultaneously understands the issue i.e Nerfing Eyrie yet released Red Forest 2.0
A: We began the work some time ago, but recently the speed at which we're able to push it forward has been greatly improved thanks to new hires & resources on our team. Now, we're able to tackle urgent day to day tasks while simultaneously making regular progress on live balance for existing maps.
Regarding the Eyrie of Crows, the intention of our balancing efforts there was to address how strongly Survivor-sided it was. We're still monitoring the results though (data and feedback) and we wont hesitate to go back for more tweaks if we feel that they're needed.
When it comes to Red Forest, we frankly just didn't have the ressources at the time for the scope of work required. Now that we do, I've scheduled an update for both Mother's Dwelling and Temple of Purgation that will hopefully address player concerns.
Q: Any plans on improving daily rituals? A permanent 60K BP instead of the 30K we're getting now and the ability to choose between survivor or killer rituals would be nice
A: Nothing concrete on the roadmap (get it?) but multiple ideas have been explored to improve the system.
Thank you for your suggestion! We're open to reading the community's ideas and feedback on the topic and will be considering them when discussing next steps.
Q: The Swamp realm had a unfinished map featuring a village structure, as well as the Bloodwillow tree from the artbook, possibly related to The Wraith back when he was still part of the Swamp Realm. Is there any plans in the future to bring this map as a playable one in Dead By Daylight, maybe with a visual upgrade of The Swamp?
A: The tree will eventually make its return to The Swamp.
However, at the moment, we're focusing our efforts on bringing visual & gameplay updates to existing maps. In The Swamp realm specifically, we're going to remove the generators in the corners of tiles, as well as some elevations that don't have a significant value add gameplay-wise.
Q: The Skull Merchant is a polarising character currently. Are you happy with how Skull Merchant turned out? Do you plan on any future revisions for her?
A: Skull Merchant has problems on live and we are very aware of that. We feel the killer is fun and interesting in general, but there are some unfortunate playstyles that make her kit frustrating to play against. 2 things to say here:
She is getting an update. We are currently trying to determine when that can go out - stay tuned. 2. Her most oppressive games tend toward the 3-gen strategy. This is problematic in our game as a whole, but especially against certain killers (Skull Merchant being the most egregious). We are currently working on a systematic solution to deal with 3-gen games, which will ALSO help with playing against the Skull Merchant.
Q: Will BHVR fix the visibility issues? My girlfriend is color blind and cant see most colors (no the color blind features don’t help her) so it’s a bit depressing for her to realize that she’s at a significant disadvantage when playing the game. Even for me its hard to see sometimes!
A: We are definitely ramping up our attention to accessibility in our game. It's unclear if/how we will adjust our support for colorblindness in the near future, but I can say we have a dedicated UX designer heading up our accessibility efforts and you can expect to see more accessibility-centered features coming out in the future.
Q: Are we going to have sales on characters by the iridescent shards in the anniversary
A: I'm not supposed to say, because it's a secret. But yes.
Q: The Shrine of Secrets is used as a way to make all perks accessible to players who do not want to spend additional money for the game other than the cost of the base game, but with over 200 perks in the game now, that system is not a reliable way to acquire specific perks. This leads to arguments that players who are willing to pay extra are given an advantage over others since meta perks can be locked behind that paywall.
What are your thoughts on replacing the Shrine of Secrets with a menu of teachable perks that can be purchased at-will for the same price they currently cost on the Shrine? What are reasons that a system like that would not work?
A: I can definitely say that the problems with the Shrine are no secret.
We are very aware that the system needs an update, however it remains on the backlog for now, which means its on our radar but not being actively worked on yet. We will hopefully get to it sooner rather than later.
Q: Are there ever plans to make totally new maps but with the same realm as old locations?
I’d love another map that uses the Snowy theme of Ormond.
A: That's absolutely something i would love to do.
We don't have any plans to do so yet, but i'd love to add maps on a few existing realms. Ormond for sure, Grave of Glenvale comes to mind as well.
Q: Are there any plans to unlink currently linked sets for original characters?
A: Short answer: No.
Long Answer: Original characters cosmetics are locked for technical reasons. Having them mix and match would cause bugs and a variety of clipping issues or gaps in their modesl at the waist or neck lines. Unfortunately, for these reasons, we have no plans to make them unlocked in the future.
Q: The amount of representation the game gets is great.
But when will we get Ace Visconti actually represent Argentina?
A: Hey, good point! We've had a lot of fun with Ace's personality and used it as the main driveinspiration for his outfits. Some Argentinian representation would be great!
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2023.06.08 06:44 Both-Bar-9474 The Temu website makes it easy to find affordable items. It's like you're not spending any money at all. For only $10, you will be surprised at how much you can obtain. This is why Temu is the top-ranked app on the App Store.

The Temu website makes it easy to find affordable items. It's like you're not spending any money at all. For only $10, you will be surprised at how much you can obtain. This is why Temu is the top-ranked app on the App Store.
Download TEMU app from App store or Google play
Search code 168541498
Get your cashreward
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2023.06.08 06:44 meganv21 My 9 month puppy has started intermittently barking during the night and it’s driving me crazy

She’s slept in her crate in the living room for at least the last three months and has done tremendously the entire time. The last few nights, though, at random times throughout the night she alert barks as if she’s seen or heard something. Sometimes the dogs nearby us bark and that gets her going, but that’s not new and has not been an issue until now. I always go check, and 99% of the time it’s absolutely nothing (it would be 100% except there was a fox at the end of the driveway one time). I know she doesn’t have to potty, she has reliably made it through the night for months and typically she’ll whine + bark if she does need to go during the night. It’s driving me crazy though! I’ve had a busy, semi-stressful week and the lack of sleep on top of it all is just sending me over the edge a little. We’re currently in possession of her sister in a sort of foster situation, so once mine gets going the other follows suit, which sets off my adult dog (who sleeps in bed with me and is certain they’re right about this being an emergency) and its literally impossible to sleep through… I HAVE to get up, go check, and assure them all that it’s nothing to worry about for them to settle back down. I don’t know what’s gotten into her lately but I really need it to stop so I can get a solid night’s rest 😭
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2023.06.08 06:44 dangerdaddles First ever grow and harvest, dry weight was 225g or 0.5lbs and about 185g useable sugar leaves, buds and kief for edibles. 100 days from sprout to chop. Crop King CBD Auto Cheese (1:1 thc/cbd), DWC, fed by Indo Max nutrients out of BC, Canada. S/o to u/pirateboarderlife for inspiration & LST tricks

First ever grow and harvest, dry weight was 225g or 0.5lbs and about 185g useable sugar leaves, buds and kief for edibles. 100 days from sprout to chop. Crop King CBD Auto Cheese (1:1 thc/cbd), DWC, fed by Indo Max nutrients out of BC, Canada. S/o to u/pirateboarderlife for inspiration & LST tricks submitted by dangerdaddles to Autoflowers [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 06:44 Professional-Ride943 Shopping for affordable items is easy on Temu. I feel like I'm not spending anything. The amount of items you can obtain for only $10 will surprise you. It is no wonder that Temu is now #1 on App Store.

Shopping for affordable items is easy on Temu. I feel like I'm not spending anything. The amount of items you can obtain for only $10 will surprise you. It is no wonder that Temu is now #1 on App Store.
Download the TEMU app from App store or Google play and follow these steps:
Search code 170442172, get your reward.
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2023.06.08 06:42 meeseeksrus CHAMPVA coverage for a complicated newborn?

100% P&T. Enrolled my wife into CHAMPVA. We also separately have insurance from our jobs without a monthly premium. Wife and I are planning to have a child. Obviously once born we would need to enroll our kid into CHAMPVA, but my question is has anyone successfully used their CHAMPVA to cover their child’s delivery and (God forbid) a NICU stay? We just want to be aware of potential unforeseen costs/success rates of making sure necessary care is covered.
Just looking for data points.
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2023.06.08 06:39 Rennifern My friend wants to run away

I am not a parent, but my friend (Jane) is. She has three kids, 11, 7, and 5. The past three summers we would go on a road trip with me, my two friends, her and her husband, and her three kids. Those kids are… difficult. They will scream at the top of their lungs, hit each other, not listen to their parents etc. Which is normal kid behavior, but they have changed Jane in ways even she didn’t expect. She admits to hitting them in the face (a light slap) for being disobedient, she and her husband are constantly fighting, she gained 100 pounds, she has become an alcoholic, her house has been a mess for years. I feel so bad for her, I would help her out more but we live across the country from each other. I was visiting the other week and she cried to me how she loves her kids, but fantasizes about leaving back to the state she grew up in and leaving this life behind every day. It’s heartbreaking to see how her life has changed. I know she wants to turn back the wheels of time. Is anyone else feeling this way? I’ve been questioning if I want kids, I couldn’t handle it.
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2023.06.08 06:38 Own-Record6596 Is anyone else having horrible Large Gem drop rates?

I have been playing since release day, and I like to think I have good cards for score. I've S+ed every song in terms of score and combo, and a lot on 100 clears, as well. But most of the time, I have next to none large gems to even finish a 5 star's idol road, even while doing an event. I've done 3 events ingame so far, (Wataru, Koga, Eichi) and only about half of my 5 stars are 100% idol road due to the sheer lack of large gems dropping no matter how much I play. I've had to grind Infinite Live just to buy large gems, and I've already run out of gems to buy. Any tips? And does anyone else have this issue besides me?
If this matters, I play everyday when bp refills and am in the 80-90's rank. I usually only have 1-3 large gems at a time and drops are incredibly rare, usually yellow or red. :') I also use my cards with large gem drop in support always. Thanks :)
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2023.06.08 06:38 WanderingThroughThe Tips or suggestions on how to win vanilla 4v4?

Note: Although we have experience, none of us are nessacarily grinding away hours on getting good. All skill is relative to one another and we have things to do outside of this, so please don’t suggest crazy trick shots.
Tldr: So there’s a 4v4 Minecraft competition me and my friends are doing but here’s the issue– the other team has more experienced players than we do. There’s no banned items other than end crystals, and we cannot go to the end and cannot use ‘stasis chambers’. Just asking for tips or suggestions as there is 100$ on the line, so it would be nice to win lol.
Version is 1.19.4
Here’s what I know
Game rules: No ‘stasis chambers’ No end crystals No hacks No redstone traps No deals between teams Or any other things that violate the spirit of said rules
Everything else is fair play
Opposing team: A
Our team: B
Team A
Player 1a
3 years of pvp experience, prefers to use swords, crossbows, and tipped arrows. Doesn’t really use shields (they forget about shields) but always brings one. Choice of food is golden carrots. Mains 1.8. pvp Player 2a 4 years of pvp experience, AMAZING at pvp but an absolute troll. Constantly changes pvp style. Half expecting him to fist fight with his entire inventory filled with totems of undying.
Player 3a
Like 2 months of pvp experience, I know she’s not skilled at pvp since I introduced her to it and played with her just a week ago. Prefers to use a bow and pots, guaranteed to bring pots of poison and harm 2 pots. Uses shields 24/7.
Player 4a
Never met her, no idea but heard from 1a that she’s good.
Team B
1B 3 years of pvp experience (started playing player vs player on hypixel with 1a, and about the same skill level, if not higher) Mainly uses a crossbow, shield, and axe. Almost never uses swords but recently has been trying to learn how to use both, so that will probably be part of his skillset soon Horrible pot aim (it’s a running joke with truth behind it) Godly crossbow aim (another running joke, definitely truth behind it)
2B 2 years of pvp experience Me! I’d say I’m somewhere between 1a and 2a in terms of relative skill level, I don’t have any combat preference, but I do like using explosives in combat. (I’m likely the reason for the end crystal ban, but they said tnt was allowed. Do with that information what you will)
3B Literally has never done pvp before as far as I know, haven’t played with them yet. For reference though, he installed Minecraft YESTERDAY.
4B Never met him. Still haven’t gotten the chance to talk, but I know he’s also new.
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2023.06.08 06:38 stricklycolton33 Is it just me or are drop rates a bit to high?

Hear me out, the bones of this game are amazing and fun! The thing that is a bit puzzling to me is what are you playing for long term if gear is obtained so quickly?
As the game currently is… people are specing the meta and finding the gear for that build in no time at all. Is it not more satisfying either to have to spec around affix that you find or if you want to spec and play a certain way… actually have to put a little effort into making the build work.
It’s killing diversity, the game has felt very easy in 95% of it where I’m not even burning a potion and the overall excitement for a orange beam to the sky has almost completely went away.
I mean there’s people who are level 100 with max gear already, and sure they’ve been no lifing the game since release but max gear should not be obtainable for how long the game has been out. IMO
I understand they didn’t want to make a game as grindy as D2 but somewhere in the middle would be nice. Coming from a casual.
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2023.06.08 06:35 postmastern Rocket Lab отложила запуск первого частного венерианского зонда до 2025 года. Он будет исследовать состав атмосферы планеты.

Rocket Lab отложила запуск первого частного венерианского зонда до 2025 года. Он будет исследовать состав атмосферы планеты.
Richard French et al. / Aerospace, 2022
Американская частная космическая компания Rocket Lab решила отложить запуск первого частного исследовательского венерианского аппарата до 2025 года. Это будет небольшой спускаемый зонд, который займется поиском органических молекул в облаках Венеры, сообщается на сайте Space.com.
Проект венерианского аппарата, который еще не получил официального названия, был объявлен Rocket Lab в прошлом году. Это спускаемый зонд, передняя часть которого представляет собой тело сфероконусной формы диаметром 40 сантиметров, а задняя часть — полусферу. Общая масса зонда составит 20,4 килограмма, из которых один килограмм придется на полезную нагрузку, включающую в себя автофлуоресцентный нефелометр. Стоимость проекта, финансируемого Rocket Lab, Массачусетским технологическим институтом и неизвестными инвесторами, оценивается в десять миллионов долларов.
![img](8fggri423q4b1 "Модель атмосферного венерианского зонда Richard French et al. / Aerospace, 2022")
Ожидается, что зонд войдет в атмосферу Венеры на высоте около двухсот километров и начнет научные наблюдения через 180 секунд после этого. Наблюдения за составом облачного слоя на высотах 45-60 километров и поиски органических молекул в нем займут 330 секунд, после чего начнется передача собранных данных на Землю. Весь спуск до поверхности планеты займет около пяти минут. Его работа на самой Венере не планируется.
![img](2bpkric33q4b1 "Схема операций во время спуска зонда в атмосфере Венеры Richard French et al. / Aerospace, 2022")
Первоначально старт миссии планировался на май 2023 года, однако Rocket Lab решила перенести его как минимум на январь 2025 года. Конкретных причин переноса названо не было. Компания только отметила, что хочет сосредоточиться на стартах ракеты-носителя Electron по текущим контрактам. Для запуска венерианского аппарата планируется использовать ракету Electron, которая выведет на начальную околоземную орбиту разгонный блок Photon с зондом, откуда аппараты начнут перелет до Венеры.
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2023.06.08 06:35 Bedroid Bovada lv Sportsbook & Online Casino Review (2023)

Bovada lv Sportsbook & Online Casino Review (2023)
Hello Reddit,
Having spent considerable time exploring and experimenting with different online betting sites, I recently decided to try my hand at Bovada.lv. Below, I provide an in-depth review of the site, encompassing everything from its features to its pros and cons. Let's dive in, shall we?
I've included my referral ad links to visit Bovada LV and collect their bonuses.

Bovada.lv has been a substantial player in the online betting world since 2011, known for its extensive sportsbook and thrilling casino games. It's gained a reputation for being user-friendly and secure, appealing to both seasoned gamblers and newbies alike. Aggregating scores from top online casino review portals, Bovada.lv holds an impressive 4.3/5.
Features and Benefits:
Bovada Sportsbook: This platform is a haven for sports enthusiasts, boasting a comprehensive list of sports betting options, including but not limited to football, basketball, baseball, MMA, and even eSports. Their live betting feature enables real-time wagering, heightening the thrill of the game.
Bovada Online Casino: The casino section offers an impressive array of games, from classic slots and video poker to table games like blackjack and roulette. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making navigation a breeze.
Mobile Compatibility: The site is fully responsive and works seamlessly across various devices, which means you can place bets or enjoy casino games on the go.
Security & Fair Play: Bovada.lv employs cutting-edge security technology to safeguard users' data and ensures fairness with RNG (Random Number Generator) systems for all its games.
  1. Variety: The extensive sportsbook and casino game selection is a huge plus, catering to a broad spectrum of preferences.
  2. Usability: The user interface is well-designed, making it easy for anyone to navigate.
  3. Customer Support: Bovada.lv provides excellent 24/7 customer service via live chat, phone, and email.
  1. Withdrawal Time: Withdrawal times can be slow, sometimes taking up to a week, which can be frustrating.
  2. Geographical Restrictions: While available to U.S. players, Bovada.lv isn't accessible in all countries.
Bonus Details & T&C's:
Bovada Sportsbook Bonus: Bovada.lv offers a 50% welcome bonus up to $250 on your first deposit. This means if you deposit $500, you get an extra $250 to bet with. However, there's a 5x rollover requirement on sports and horses, and a 30x rollover on casino games before any withdrawal. T&C's apply.
Bovada Online Casino Bonus: New members can avail of a 100% Casino Welcome Bonus up to $1,250. This bonus can be redeemed three times, giving you a total of $3750 in welcome bonuses! A 25x playthrough requirement applies before you can withdraw your bonus or any winnings. T&C's apply.
In conclusion, Bovada.lv offers a robust platform for both sports betting and casino gaming. The comprehensive range of betting options, user-friendly interface, and strong customer support make it a strong contender in the online betting industry. The occasional slow withdrawals and geographical restrictions are minor drawbacks that don't necessarily overshadow the platform's many positives.
Stay savvy, and bet responsibly!
Estimated*Overall Rating: 4.3/5
Visit Bovada Sportsbook - Get a 50% Bonus up to $250 - T&C's apply.
Visit Bovada Casino - Get up to $3,750 in welcome bonuses - T&C's apply.
Please remember to gamble responsibly and ensure you're of legal gambling age in your jurisdiction before signing up or placing bets.

Gamble Responsibly: Ages 21+

Before gambling online you should check your local gambling laws and be sure to follow them at all times.
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2023.06.08 06:34 TemuMethodd TEMU NEW USERS ONLY CLICK THIS

🤗Can you accept my invitation to help me get up to $100 credit? Click here and accept my invitation on Temu app! 🎁 https://temu.com/s/RHjQYBG4vRJJmI
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2023.06.08 06:33 Informal_Baker $315/hr 🤔

$315/hr 🤔 submitted by Informal_Baker to uberdrivers [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 06:32 Jolly_Philosophy2 Throw in the towel at 2 months? 🥺

(Ftm, 2months pp) I have always dreamed of breastfeeding as a mom. I realize now how much hard work it can be.. I am considering the possibility of quitting. Here is a little about our short journey..
Baby latched great immediately after birth, and in the hospital. Long story short, my baby stayed in the hospital and I wasn’t able to breastfeed much the first two weeks and he was bottle-fed formula. I did pump, not nearly enough apparently. My supply was legitimately on the low side, and definitely could not compete with the amount of formula he had been getting. Coming home, we have had occasional latching problems. He also falls asleep at the breast despite trying to keep him awake with breast compressions, etc. he has a major bottle preference even though we do paced bottle feeding. saw 2 different lactation consultants, who both said even though my milk was a little low, I could still phase out formula and just supplement with maybe 1 bottle in the evening while making the switch to ebf (my original goal). It went well, and I was able to ebf for a few days, and then I got mastitis (caused by a poor latch I think). I got a fever / chills, had to take antibiotics, the whole thing. After that my milk supply dipped significantly, so we were back to topping off with formula. (This was right at 6 weeks) So I have been breastfeeding, bottle feeding formula, then pumping as often as I could to get my supply up again. Everything was going well, trying to get off formula again, and then I became engorged (100% my fault, my baby slept through the night, so I didnt wake up either) and I was worried it would turn into mastitis again. It’s been 5 days, the pain has gotten a bit better but I have TONS of clogged ducts still. I have tried everything to fix it. (Dangle feeding, warm water in haaka, hands on nursing/pumping, cooling after feeding, hand expression you name it) now my baby is having trouble latching again (on one side). I have cracked nipples (one side was a milk bleb which opened, the other a kind of blister). The one nipple I cant get a good latch on is white, it looks like there is no circulation. It comes out misshapen when I trying to get him to feed in that side. It looks like his bottom lip in never flanged out, and I am having a hard time getting him to latch deeply, especially his bottom lip.
So here we are, we both end up crying. I feel unexplainably heartbroken that it looks like I cant continue breastfeeding. I want to continue so badly, but I’m not sure if it’s realistic at this point. I can’t keep up with nursing, bottle feeding formula and pumping. I wonder if my time would be better spent playing with him or reading books. Absolutely if there’s a chance I could provide more than half of his diet, I would keep trying.
What would you do in my situation? Is it hopeless? I feel like I am missing out in the joys of this stage because I an ways worried about breastfeeding. Is it possible to increase my supply a second time? I will be seeing a lactation consultant again, but until then I have to consider giving up altogether. It seems like everyone would be happier if I did, despite my dream to breastfeed for at least a year. I am willing to work hard at it, I just wonder if it is even worth it at this point.
Honest thoughts / advice, please?
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2023.06.08 06:31 A_Thundershock_Boi You guys like my stash?

This was me a few months ago. I’m doing much better now.
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2023.06.08 06:31 Grouchy_List_2089 I click ALL.. CLICK, UPVOTE, COMMENT

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COMMENT: add username and which link you clicked
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2023.06.08 06:30 AutoModerator [Get] Charlie Morgan – Easy Grow Download

[Get] Charlie Morgan – Easy Grow Download
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Who we help

We help agency owners, coaches, consultants & course creators (basically anyone who sells advice or delivers marketing services). We only work with founders who are up and running with clients (even if it’s just one!). These founders want to get to multi-six & seven figures, but they lack the client acquisition strategies to get there.


We undertook a 12 month period of ‘monk mode’ to record our newest Program, EasyGrow. It’s our ticket to making client acquisition easy for thousands of agency owners, coaches & consultants. Onwards!For the full picture, check out this youtube video I made on our story

Here’s what’s included:

✔️Set proper foundations in your agency.

✔️Grab a profitable niche & create an irresistible offer.✔️Become an organic attraction/outreach assassin.✔️Book 100-200+ calls per month using email, FB, Li, IG.✔️Build a funnel that pumps out 100+ calls/mo.✔️Build paid campaigns with unprecedented KPI’s.✔️Learn to sell. Extremely f**king well.✔️Master your mindset & learn to think like a millionaire.✔️Systemise your agency & deliver kickass results.The Endgame? You build a business that scales easily & you become a successful entrepreneur with plenty of money, freedom and status.We guarantee ROI, so it’s risk free. Students get twice weekly coaching calls & access to a bustling agency owner community. That’s about it.If you want to transform your business from a source of pain/struggle to a source of pleasure/freedom, Schedule A Call NOW. The struggle stops now.
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2023.06.08 06:30 ogreatgames Guitar Hero Encore Rocks The 80s: Rock on! - PS2 Game

Guitar Hero Encore Rocks The 80s: Rock on! - PS2 Game

![video](h007u200gy391 " Rock out to some of the most rocking tracks in Guitar Hero Encore Rocks The 80s! Visit https://ogreatgames.com/products/guitar-hero-encore-rocks-the-80s to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#music, #hero, #fun --
Guitar Hero Encore Rocks The 80s For Sony PlayStation 2. Rock on while hearing radical track after track in Guitar Hero Encore Rocks The 80s. There are a variety of cool rocking tracks to hear while completing this game. Become an expert 100% while completing the game's missions in a wonderful sequence to hear spectacular sounds. There are even tracks from Hold On Loosely, Holy Diver, and I Wanna Rock. So what are you waiting for rock out 80s style! --
Hey check out similar videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVduyMnVQjzPiJf6HCiIvUWhY98fBI-45
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2023.06.08 06:26 Moist-Ad-4704 Reconciling with WH, but young sisters want nothing to do with him, HELP!!!

Hello, I’m 32 yr (F) reconciling with my 30 yr (M) husband after he had an affair a year ago. So far, it has been going well, he has changed a lot of things and given up ALOT MORE to prove to me just how serious he is. He’s trying really hard and has been 100% open (gave me all his passwords, information to everything as he was hiding his affair from me for months until I caught him). Anyway, it is going well, even my parents (although hesitant) have been trying for my sake, and insist on him “ripping the bandaid” and coming to family gatherings (even just hangout on Sundays). Well…here’s my question to you. My sisters (18yrs old and 20 yrs old) insist on avoiding him at all costs. They want nothing. They don’t want to even be in the same room as him. And it breaks my heart. What would be the best way to talk to them about it? They are old enough, but I just don’t know how to start the conversation…HELP!!!
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