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This subreddit is for posting/ x-posting photos whereby the submitter focused on the main subject of the image but captured a foot or feet in the background as well.

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2023.06.05 01:17 foyerhead [listing]Room in luxury DUMBO 2bed1bath ($2330/mo) 11 months starting July 1

[listing]Room in luxury DUMBO 2bed1bath ($2330/mo) 11 months starting July 1
11 months sublease — 1 Bedroom (Full bed included) available in 2 bed 1 bath luxury apartment starting July 1st! Please read everything before reaching out!
Monthly rent: $2330, plus ~$100 for utilities/renters insurance and wifi. To move in you will need to pay a deposit, which is one month’s rent. So total for first month would be $4660.
Availability: July 1st 2023 to June 1st 2024, with the option to renew the lease.
About the apartment: This apartment is located in DUMBO/Vinegar Hill, and is a 2 bed 1 bath apartment on a 3rd floor elevator building. The unit has a washer and dryer, dishwasher, AC unit (can be used for both cooling and heating), central air, and a balcony. The building has a part-time doorman and a live-in supervisor (which is very convenient!). Building amenities include bike room, gym, laundry in building, package room, study room/lounge area, dog-walking terrace, and a gorgeous roof deck with barbecue stations!
Location: the building is located in prime DUMBO and next to a beautiful street of brownstones. The place is very residential and steps away from amazing restaurants and cafes such as Devocion and Time Out Market. There is conveniently a CVS 5 min walk away, and it’s great for any emergencies. For groceries there is Wegmans 10 min walk away and Trader Joe’s 17 min walk away (or 1 stop away by the F train). It’s also minutes away from the iconic viewpoint for the Manhattan bridge, pebble beach, and the Brooklyn Bridge park.
Transportation: 5 min walk to F at York St, 10 min walk to A & C at High St, 3 min walk to York St/Jay St bus station for B67, and 12 min walk away from the East River Ferry
The roommate: you will be living with a 25 y/o male working in tech. He mostly works from home during the week. He is clean and a great roommate. He loves going out and exploring the city, and is fun to hang out with!
Who are we looking for: preferably someone in their 20s, non-smoking, no pets, any gender welcome, preferably no couples.
How to reach out: message me/chat me directly for a full video tour and with any questions or to request an in-person or virtual tour.
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2023.06.05 01:16 Devan_Corliss AAR Promotion: The Dragons Realm: A House Targaryen Story

Title: The Dragons Realm: A House Targaryen Story
Rating: M (Language)
Status: Ongoing, regular updates
Paradox (Main): https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/threads/the-dragons-realm-a-house-targaryen-aar.1517886/
AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/38268187/chapters/95618272
Spacebattles: https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/the-dragons-realm-a-house-targaryen-aar-asoiaf-got-2-0.1015356/
Alternate History: https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/the-dragons-realm-a-house-targaryen-story-asoiaf.532577/page-8

Brief Description:
A House Targaryen story set immediately after the Targaryen wars of conquest, focusing on the lives, struggles and accomplishments of Aegon Targaryen and his descendants.
This story will take place over several generations and through the viewpoints of a wide variety of characters from Kings and Queens, Kingsguard, and rebels, and everyone in between. The story, while primarily focusing on Westeros, will take place over a large area ranging from the frozen wastes of the North, the deserts of Dorne, the pirate hideouts of the Stepstones to the Free City of Norvos and beyond.
-This story is told in a narrative form using the ck2 agot mod as a base and creative influence. The story is told through multiple POV characters and the current story is up to 99 years of the Targaryen dynasty over 52 story chapters and several other worldbuilding entries. I have also recently begun adding AI art into the story, which can be seen in the last several chapters of the story.

I am at the start of begining a new rulers reign (the 5th of the story) so it is a good time to jump on board.
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2023.06.05 01:16 onthebrake To jump off a mountain with little wind

To jump off a mountain with little wind
Guy jumped off at the Lookout Roadhouse on Ortega. Not ideal jump location. 4 miles away from here is where the hang gliders launch, he said there was no wind up there off N. Main Divide road, so he launched here instead.
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2023.06.05 01:15 No_Neighborhood_87 My Religious OCD Struggles - I Need Advice

Hi, everyone! I am fairly new to Reddit, so I don't really know how to start this off lol but I struggle a lot with OCD, mainly related to religious matters. A little over a year ago, I got so burnt out and tired of OCD's demands that I stepped back from engaging in all religious activities (like reading the Bible, praying, attending church, etc.) because of all the pain it caused me. However, stepping away did not really ease my obsessive thoughts and even engaging in compulsions; in fact, it latched on to other things while somehow relating it back to God. I am trying to step back in to having a more healthy relationship with God, but it is a huge struggle. I go back and forth so often, which I often feel terrible for. It makes me afraid that God is angry with me for going back and forth. Additionally, what makes it worse is that lately I have no motivation or desire to go back to God. I choose daydreaming much of my time over Him. That is how I cope with these things. Even then, I feel terrible because I'm not going back to God and choosing other things above Him. But why am I going to go back to God when I was hurt so much in the past in matters related to Him? Why would I go back to God when I don't have peace with Him, but just the exact opposite?
That is a condensed version of my situation. If I were to type all of it, it would be a lot. Additionally, I'm not looking for reassurance, just for some advice. :)
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2023.06.05 01:15 J4m3son Union SMP [vanilla] {1.19.4} {Java}

Server name: Union SMP
Owner: Mercuryman1015
Admin: Avenred
Moderators: JustinThe1, Splooshie
Union SMP is a vanilla SMP with only one rule: Don't be an idiot. Running on 1.19.4 the server is meant to be an escape back to simpler times of Minecraft survival. As of now the server has an active player base of anywhere from 10-15 people right now, and has been running since early November 2022. The server is located in Dallas, Texas.
The server has a welcoming and supporting community, anti grief measures, a central market to sell goods to others, a colosseum to engage in PvP, a lively spawn town constructed mainly by players, and a discord to stay updated! The discord features channels to talk in both text and voice with fellow gamers, share in game images, and acts as a central hub for the community outside of the game.
Union SMP is meant to be a return to vanilla minecraft survival. If you wish to be left alone and just build a little base you can do exactly that! The central market allows you to sell your items and buy what you need from other players. All in all we try to remain as close to vanilla as we can while still providing some quality of life. Our plugins remain in this light and also attempt to remain close to vanilla while improving quality of life with the notable ones being: Essentials, Graves, Grief Prevention, and more however those are the most notable. Our one rule is: Don't be an idiot, which entails just being a decent human being, don't lag the server, and don't harass your fellow players.
The server does have a tiny bit of lore which can be gleamed from long time players, as if I were to type it out here this post would be much too long. However, this could be your chance to add to that lore. We are also revamping our economy system and resetting it this week.
The server was featured in a video created by popular youtuber SalC1 which can be watched here
If you would like join the IP is: mc.unionsmp.com
Discord join link is here
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2023.06.05 01:15 toffee-pie killing off another OC bc i am a horrible person :)

Rikka Shiraeki has been found guilty! It’s time for her punishment!

Rikka looks at everyone in guilt, since she’d killed Mariko. Suddenly, barbed wire shoot from each side of the room, wrapping around Rikka’s limbs. She’s dragged to a stage, and the barbed wire scratches against her skin, drawing an immense amount of blood.
Rikka’s Final Live Show! Ultimate High School Idol Executed!
The opening instrumental for her debut song begins to play, and she starts to sing. Despite the amount of pain she’s being put through, she smiles and dances to the song. Monokuma eventually gets angry over how well Rikka is doing, and grabs the barbed wire, causing Rikka’s limbs to flail out of control, like a mannequin. Rikka messes up, and the barbed wires tighten, and the music speeds up, to the point where she has to sing at an inhumane speed. Unable to do so, she fails, and her rating drops to zero. Suddenly, another string of barbed wire wraps around her neck, strangulating her. The other barbed wires loosen, falling off of her bloody limbs. Rikka tries to gasp for air, but the barbed wire slices into her neck, and causes her to asphyxiate. Not only does the barbed wire strangle her, but it begins to tighten, and slices her neck in half, ultimately killing her. Her headless body plops to the floor, as blood gushes out where her head was supposed to be.

This was entirely inspired by many different executions from the Danganronpa and Fanganronpa series.
- The barbed wire was based on Maiko Kagura’s execution in Danganronpa Re:Birth.
- Rikka being used as a mannequin relates to Kaede Akamatsu’s execution in V3. (May she rest in peace. 😔)
- Rikka being asphyxiated and beheaded was based on Hibiki and Kanade Otonokoji’s fates in their execution in DRA2.
- The general concept of the execution was mainly based off of Sayaka Maizono’s unused execution. I mean, they both have the same talent, so why not give them similar executions? Just make Rikka’s more painful because she killed the mastermind of the game. 😀
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2023.06.05 01:15 Eternalnutt What relics/lightcone should I use for Tingyun?

I'm trying to use her mainly to buff damage, but I don't exactly need her to be a nuke (I have Jing yuan for lightning/thunder). I'm planning on using her like an actual support, and I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to make that buff a little stronger. I know it's tied to her damage, so that's a stat I should focus on, but is there any light cone that would improve on that? If it matters, I'm gonna be buffing the hell outta Jing Yuan or Clara.
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2023.06.05 01:15 HottieShreky I kind of like the new update?

So I feel like moving yaoi off the main page will help less-known yaoi stories get more coverage.
I mostly read yaoi and I find stories by sitting from the most recently updated in the yaoi tag
I feel like a lot of the Yao is that we’re on the front page sucked (my opinion) so I feel like this update will give more coverage to the lesser known stories.
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2023.06.05 01:15 Glittering-Oil6684 How do you deal with resentment towards your parents but also wanting to mend the relationship?

So basically, my relationship with my parents haven’t been good really ever. It’s always just a cycle of yelling, me giving them the silent treatment and my parents after a couple of hours being nice and normal towards me as if nothing ever happened. No conflict resolution ever. No talking things through, no compromises and if it’s as if the yelling match we had earlier never even happened. So what’s the point. This has been going on my entire life and I don’t know how to deal with this. I feel like I’m going crazy. Ik it’s manipulative but idk what to do.
My parents do care about me though, don’t get me wrong, from the way they try to make me happy by doing small things to wanting to spend time with me and are always praising and supporting me. However, 99% of the time I’m still angry and resentful over an argument I had with them where they completely ignore my point of view to be grateful for what they do for me. Also, a lot of my main issues stem from how wildly strict my parents are in comparison to not only American parents but other indian parents. Here are my main 3 issues:
  1. No dating in high school or college, and only within our culture. My other Indian friends did not have this same issue with their parents. Clearly it’s a not what will other ppl think issue but a them issue.
My parents are not entirely to blame for my non existent dating life at 22, but it definitely was a huge factor in me not even trying. I don’t want any partner to have to deal my parents’ dramatic asses if things get serious, especially since I also know I don’t want to go no contact with my parents either. I also did not want to deal with the stress of hiding a relationship from them. I don’t know what they expect from me now that I’ve graduated but I’m too afraid to ask.
  1. Moving out is completely out of the table after college. Reasons why include:
-my dad only thinks i want to move out so I can go clubbing with boys lol even though I literally did what they wanted by NOT dating in college. Yet they still don’t trust me at all
-my dad eventually said he’s going to stop speaking with me, remove me from his health insurance if I dare move out like the dramatic man he is.
3.They are hypocrites and closed minded. They went abroad for college and yet specifically made me not apply to colleges out of state. I ended up going to a local college which I enjoyed but still. They both didn’t major in stem and yet persuaded me to either go into medicine or engineering. Also, they might be each others first relationship but they met organically and yet are telling me to get an arranged marriage and to not even try dating if he is not from our culture. Not to mention, at my age they talk about being well traveled but say some of the most racist and intolerant things about people. It’s hard respecting them after learning how strict they make my life in comparison to how they lived life at my age. It sucks that they aren’t any different to the conservative and traditional desi families despite all their life experiences.
So all this writing just to ask, any advice for moving forward? I don’t want to hold onto this resentment any longer. I’m at a compete loss tho bc I can’t see a situation that will both make my parents happy and me happy.
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2023.06.05 01:15 itiswhatitismidwest 39 [M4F] - Where are all the nerdy curvy/BBW women at?

Obligatory "I'm married", but at this point we're basically just roommates.
I've never been big into sports outside of boxing and MMA, even though I grew up playing football. I am a PC gamer, watch a ton of Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube in my spare time. I'm extremely happy to geek out on Marvel, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, video game lore, and all sorts of other stuff. This also means that I'm almost always near my phone or my computer, which means I'm available to talk most hours of the day assuming I'm awake. I also love to read, but recently I haven't found a series that has really captured my attention recently.
I grew up playing football and boxing, but I have been a bigger guy most of my life. Over the last few year and a half I have been putting more focus on improving my health, both mentally and physically. I’m finally feeling like the old me, but also growing more aware of how lonely life can be when you don't have someone to funnel your time and affection into.
What I'm Looking For:
While I'm not trying to change either of our situations, I also very much do want to change our situations. If we were happy we wouldn't be here, right? I would love to find something long term and I am not even remotely afraid of catching feelings, but I'm also not trying to rush into some sort of relationship either. That being said, when I fall I tend to fall hard. I don't really look for short term because I get bored extremely quickly if there isn't a real connection there, nor am I looking for someone who's mostly happy at home and just wants a little "extra". If you're mostly happy at home and just want "a little something extra", then I'm not the guy for you.
I do not have any set "type" I'm looking for, but I tend to be most attracted to short, thick/curvy/BBW women. If that's not you, that's fine! I'm far more interested in who you are than what you look like. I have no preference on whether or not you have kids - my main concern is that you have time to actually talk every day. I prefer you to be MST/CST/EST, as and that just tends to work out the best since I'm CST.
If you're a PC gamer, great! If not, who cares? Just be fun and somewhat nerdy and we'll figure it out. The only things I ask of you are that you have time to actually get to know someone and use either Discord or Telegram. I don't use snapchat and KiK has shit the bed hard.
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2023.06.05 01:15 Selkcahs Red Deck Wins (RDW) - A Burn/Kuldotha Comprehensive Primer

Red Deck Wins (RDW) - A Burn/Kuldotha Comprehensive Primer
Red Deck Wins (RDW) - A Burn/Kuldotha Comprehensive Primer
Hi guys, my name is Selkcahs (https://twitter.com/selkcahs) and I’m an Argentinian MTG/MTGO Grinder that has played competitive Magic for the last 10 years and enjoys writing MTG Primers. While i have dabled myself in a multitude of formats, I've been always pulled back to Pauper due to it’s unique qualities and characteristics.
I’ve also played a lot of Archetypes but I've had modestly successful results in the competitive scene with the infamous Red Deck Wins (https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/300634#paper). While a great many players see themselves above the simplicity of playing Red Aggro, choosing more complex and colorful options; I've always respected the core idea behind it: finding the faster and most efficient way to kill your opponent.
“A harmony of mathematical precision” - The Architect expressing his thoughts about the efficiency of Red Deck Wins.
That being said, i think it was about time for me to immerse into what is the most dominant Red Aggro Archetype that has ever been seen in the Format; so I hope you enjoy the reading as much as I've enjoyed the writing.

A bit of history first...
A long time ago, when extra Mana in the Pool burned you and Combat Damage used the Stack, a man made history and revolutionized the whole idea of Deckbuilding in Magic forever. That man was called Paul Sligh, who made 2nd Place in the Atlanta PTQ in 1996 with a deck that by all standards (old and new) seems lackluster and not suited for competitive play.
The deck itself wasn’t fancy at all and it didn’t play the best cards of his time (it even broke the Golden rule in Magic, to not play more than 60 cards), but it did 1 thing particulary well: It curved with Creatures and Spells from Turn 1, which allowed it to maintain the Tempo advantage with early board presence and pressure. This game plan was helped by Red damage spells that served both as Removals to control the board and Burn to damage directly the opponent’s life totals.
The results obtained by Paul in the tournament were so impactful in the Magic competitive scene that from that point on the new decks that followed the same game plan were named “Sligh” in honour of the man that started a new era of building and playing Aggro strategies (even if the original deck idea was designed by another famous player, Jay Schneider).
While we have come a long road from that 1996 Atlanta PTQ, the core concepts of that first Mono Red Archetype sticked trough almost all formats: efficient and cheap creatures, combined with Burn spells that focused on closing the game as fast as possible, was a perfectly sound plan to achieve victory in the game of Magic.

The Red Menace
Since the beginning of the Pauper format, the Red Aggro Archetype has existed because the best Burn spells in the game are commons (Fireblast, Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning and all the subsequent and weaker iterations). Despite that, Red Aggro in Pauper historically lacked cheap and efficient creatures to complement their game plan, which meant that it existed as a 2nd Tier deck at most that could only achieve good results sporadically.
But that is the past brother, because in the year 2022 Wizards released Double Masters; an expansion focused on reprints that made the fatal mistake of downgrading to common one of the best Red creatures ever printed:
She’s beautiful, isn’t she?
The moment Monastery was legal on Pauper the entire metagame warped around it, classic Burn decks started playing very similarly to their Legacy counterpart thanks to now having an efficient and hard-to-answer creature. In a few weeks, the format gave birth to a new iteration of Red Aggro called Hot Dogs; which used Monastery, Kiln Fiend and Festival Crasher; paired with various cheap and “free” spells, to deliver One Turn Kills before Turn 4.
- Hot Dogs: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/5058490#paper
When the meta adapted and started efficiently countering the fragile game plan of deploying few early creatures and going all-in for the OTK, Red Mages commited themselves to explore other nefarious ways to abuse their new Prowess girlfriend until someone hit the jackpot when he realized that a combination of Red/Colorless Artifacts allowed you to play Kuldotha Rebirth in a Red Aggro shell with few concessions thanks to cards like Great Furnace, Chromatic Star, Implement of Combustion and Experimental Synthetizer.
The most important of those Artifact cards was Synthethizer because it provided something that was unkown to most Burn players until then: Card Advantage. Since that first Sligh deck, Monored has caracterized itself for being all about the Tempo advantage, trading at most 1 for 1 while abusing the early game pressure to nullify the extra cards that your opponent would have in hand until you managed to kill them.
With the adition of Synthetizer players started searching other Red cards that provided some sort of Card Advantage when they realized that effects like Reckless Impulse were essentially “Draw 2 cards” when you have that many cheap spells that can be easily deployed during the course of 2 Turns. And thus, the abomination was given birth:
- Kuldotha Red: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/5094195#paper
When the deck was in its apogee, Wizards decided it was a good idea to print another Reckless Impulse; this time named Wrenn’s Resolve. This meant that while Kuldotha continued as a perfectly consistent game plan, Red Decks now had enough card advantage to not even need to play the board with small creatures and focus on more Burn Spells and “Ping” creatures that, if left unanswered, will usually mean a swift and violent death.
- Mono Red Burn: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/5626897#online

The Primer itself
Okay, this storytelling until now has been nice and fun, but i promised you a Primer (which usually means an explanation in depth of the Archetype itself) and so i shall deliver:
- The Rations
Yeah you guessed it, we will be playing the best lands a Red Aggro deck can wish for: untapped Basic Mountains. While the most important thing about that beautiful Red mana generator is that it comes Untapped, the Mountain Type is extremely important whenever you are playing cards like Fireblast or Lava Dart. In adittion to those, we also have some more interesting options at our disposal for different purposes:
  • Mountain: Everything we really need to be honest.
  • Great Furnace: Oh boy do i wish i could play 18 of this bad boys, but being able to use 4 in any interation of Burn that abuses Artifacts is good enough.
  • The Autonomous Furnace: the only tapped land that we can afford to play because it allows us to increase our chances of not getting screwed in the early game while also cycling itself in the Mid/Late stages of the match. You will usually see it as a 1-of and sometimes as a 2-of.
  • Forgotten Cave: A card no longer used in most lists because it can’t be cycled when revealed with “exile” effects.

- The Troops
As we already discussed, a fundamental part of RDW is having efficient creatures to put pressure in the early game, and this are the best options avalaible right now:
  • Monastery Swiftspear: Nuff said, it’s so good that its played in any format it’s legal. While to the inexpert eye it may not seem that oppressive, you will soon realize that Prowess triggers with EVERYTHING that is not a creature and that it’s almost impossible to safely block because it can always be pumped in various ways during the Combat Phase. In all intents and purposes, a busted card.
  • Voldaren Epicuren: a seemingly inoffensive 1/1 that does A LOT of things, which are dealing direct damage when it ETB and giving you a token Artifact that allows you to cycle useless cards (usually extra Lands). While the card is good by itself, it will always be played in iterations of the deck that can abuse the Artifact Blood Token in various ways.
  • Goblin Blast-Runner: A new 1-drop that can deal a lot of damage when you can consistently sacrifice permanents each turn.
  • Kuldotha Rebirth: While Kuldotha is a Sorcery, it represents three 1/1 Creatures for 1 mana as long as you can easily get an artifact to sacrifice. While it may seem not that broken, anyone that has played with or against it knows how much of a powerhouse it is.
  • Goblin Bushwacker: A monster of a card that multiplies the damage of your board unexpectedly, allowing you to deal massive amounts of damage; used specifically to abuse Kuldotha Rebirth.
  • Dwarven Forge-Chanter: The best Red Prowess card besides Monastery, having to deal 2 damage to kill it with a spot removal makes it feel like a common Eidolon of the Great Rebel sometimes.
  • Kessig Flamebreather: A “Ping” creature utilized in more Burn focused lists.
  • Thermo-Alchemist: Another “Ping” creature like Kessig, used to complement it.
  • Burning-Tree Emissary: Another beast of an infrequent downgraded to common. Multiple copies of her in the early game can give you an unfair Tempo advantage while also being decent in the Midgame when combined with other cards.

- The Guns
One fundamental component of Red Aggro is playing cards that deal direct damage to the opponent, to their creatures or both; here are the best options in today’s Pauper:
  • Lightning Bolt: The best red damage spell ever printed, period.
  • Chain Lightning: The next best thing after Lightning Bolt, a bit tricky to play against decks with easy access to double Red.
  • Galvanic Blast: An extremely powerful burn spell as long as you can consistently have Metalcraft; in the worst cases it works as a Shock which usually gets the job done.
  • Lava Dart: The bane of Faires and most 1 thoughness Creatures while also providing 2 triggers in 1 card of Prowess/Ping. A monster of a card in the right situation.
  • Fireblast: 0 mana for 4 damage? Well yes we’ll take it. The small detail of having 2 sacrifice 2 Mountains is usually little relevant in the Mid/Late game.
  • Searing Blaze: An historic 2x1 card for Burn. While it usually shines in formats with Fetchlands, it’s still good enough when played on your turn with the natural landrop.
  • Lava Spike: 1 mana for 3 damage to the face is usually all you really need when playing a list focused on burning your opponent directly.
  • Rift Bolt: One of the “worst” 1 mana burn spell due to having to wait 1 turn to work or costing 3 (which is sub-optimal to say the least).
  • Skewer the Critics: The least used “Bolt” of the pack due to how hard can it be to cast for 1 mana in a lot of situations.
  • Firebolt: A sorcery Shock with an expensive Flashback, rarely used.
  • Seal of Fire: Another niche card that has it uses when you want to use Trigger effects while saving the “shock” for later.
  • Needle Drop: A tool from another time when Red Burn decks didn’t had any real access to card advantage, rarely used this days.
  • Goblin Grenade: A niche option for decks that heavily use Goblins creatures.
  • Shock: Just don’t play this, please.
  • Curse of the Pierced Heart: If i find you playing this card we gonna have problems okay? This is from a bygone era when Burn was desperate for a way to maintain damage-over-time; this is no longer the case now that we have access to card advantage mechanisms.

- The Ammo
While for classic Burn players the adittion of non-land cards that don’t efficiently deal direct damage or inmediatly increase the board presence may seem strange, they are the sole reason why Burn stopped being a Tier 2/3 deck and become the undisputed master of the format.
  • Reckless Impulse/Wrenn’s Resolve: Both cards do exactly the same effect, they exile 2 cards until the end of your next turn; for all intents are purposes, in a low curve Burn deck, this effectively is “2 mana, draw 2 cards”. This type of card advantage allows Burn to not be afraid of play the value game and it’s common nowadays seeing Red Aggro outgrinding their opponents thanks to this kind of tools.
  • Experimental Syntethizer: An absolute beast of an Artifact, when correctly played it represents a 3x1 card advantage that is extremely hard to deal with. Do take in mind that the card exiled must be played the same turn or it will be lost; but then again, this is usually an easy endeavour in a low curve deck.
  • Chromatic Star: A card that cycles itself while providing an Artifact. Usually used by lists with Kuldotha Rebirth.
  • Implement of Combustion: A cousin of Chromatic Star, it deals damage when being manually cycled but it doesn’t provide mana. Depending on your approach to the Archetype you may sometimes find more value in the extra point of damage instead of regaining the invested mana when cycling with Star.
  • Mutagenic Growth: A “free” pump spell specially useful in Prowess based lists.
  • Manamorphse: A card that allows “free” triggers of Ping and Prowess creatures.

- The Garrison
Sometimes people don’t like being burned to death, so they will try to employ strategies to prevent us from doing that; and while when choosing between only Red card our Sideboaes options may seem limited, we have more than enough tools against most decks in the format.
  • End the Festivities: It allows us to deal with 1 thougness creatures for 1 mana while also doing a bit of damage to the opponent. An extremely efficient sweeper that is sometimes Mainborded.
  • Electrickery: Instant sweeper that can very relevant against Faeries or Bushwacker + Kuldotha.
  • Pyroblast/Red Elemental Blast: The anti-Blue hate cards by default, they come in handy specially to counter opposing Hydroblast/Blue Elemental Blast. You will always find youself using Pyroblast over REB (unless you want more than 4 copies) because Pyro can be played against any permanent/spell even if it’s not Blue, thus allowing us to get a Prowess/Ping trigger if needed.
  • Gorilla Shaman: A monkey that hates Affinity almost as much as you, while useless against Bridges it can get a lot of value against normal Artfifact Lands and other pesky permanents. Ironically, it can be sided in sometimes against Kuldotha based lists trying to punish their heavy Artifact use.
  • Smash to Smithereens: Destroying an artfact and dealing 3 damage? You are playing Burn, what else do you really need?
  • Shattering Blow: In a format plagued by indestructible Bridges, Shattering Blow can win some games by itself in the right situations.
  • Relic of Progenitus: The best Graveyard hate in the format, as long as you are not heavily depending on your own Graveyard to play.
  • Raze: We will usually have far more Lands that we need to comfortly operate, which allows us to trade 1x2 to destroy powerful enemy Lands like Bouncelands, Basilisk Gate and Lands enchanted with Utopia Sprawl/Abundant Growth.
  • Molten Rain: Paying 3 mana to destroy a Land is a lot for us, you are probably better with Raze in most situations.
  • Flaring Pain: A great way to bypass effects that prevent damage, specially against cards like Prismatic Strands.
  • Flame Slash: 1 mana for 4 damage to a creature is great way to clear the board and keep swinging our boys sideways.
  • Mine Collapse: A “free” removal spells that can take out most creatures in the format.
  • Martyr of Ashes: An old card no longer used due to how hard it is to get good value out of it.

- The Battle Plan
Von Moltke after he casted 3 Lightning Bolts to the face and the opponent responded with a Weather the Storm.
“A game plan for Burn? Isn’t as easy as just targeting all our spells to the opponent’s face while we swing with our creatures?”
Oh my sweet summer child, you couldn’t be more wrong. While Aggro decks in general (specially Red ones) have a straightforward strategy of killing the opponent as fast as possible, and sometimes you will encounter yourself with “automatic” hands were the road to victory is extremely clear; this also means that the slightest mistake can put you in a position where you lack the resources needed to close the game. Countless games of Magic have been lost because the opponent stayed at 1 life away of lethal only for you to realize that you missed that 1 point of damage in a seemingly unimportant missplay some turns before.
So the central point is: you will probably have to take a lot less decisions when playing Red Aggro than other more “complicated” Archetypes, so you better think things through really well because having few decisions means that the smallest innacuracy will often have dire consequences.

“Okay, okay, Got it. Just don’t fuck up and point everything to the face then?”
Wrong again, probably the worst play Monored can do today is Turn 1: Mountain, Bolt to the face. While more classic iterations of the Archetype focus on incinerating the opponent’s life total as fast as possible, we have learnt better. While Red Aggro’s goal is to maximize the damage dealt to the opponent, usually the most efficient way to do this is by sticking a few good Threats into the board and using our damage spells to control it and consistently deal damage over time; a plan that is helped by our newfound access to Card Advantage that will keep Creatures and Burn spells flowing turn after turn. Thus, we will only point our Bolts directly to the face when they will allow us to close the game in the immeadiate future.
While in the 2 current iterations of RDW we will see a propensity of Kuldotha caring more on maintaining board control and Ping Burn more focused on burning directly the opponent, neither of this decks can afford to mindlessly waste their Bolts.

“So you mean that i have to THINK when playing Monored?”
Sadly yes, besides the nut draw where you will win the match effortlessly you will need to find the right balance between board development, card advantage and burning the fuck out of your opponent’s creatures/life points. Playing correctly will usually allows us to neutralize the few ways our adversary has to counter us:
  • Did the opponent chained 2/3 Weather the Storm and went up to 60 lifes?
No problem mate, they have just lost those cards because we will be grinding them out with card advantage and our creatures will eventually drain their life attacking, even if it takes a good couple of turns.
  • Is the opponent holding multiple Blue mana open with potential Counterspell effects?
Easy peasy lemon squeezy. If they are leaving a lot of mana open and unused, they probably won’t be able to advance their game plan either, we can just gather our cheap resources and play them all together baiting their responses. If we play something and it resolves, we call it a win and continue to let them waste their Tempo; if they do decide to user their Countermagic, we then have an opening to resolve a potentially more powerful spell, which should be something that provides card advantage that would then allows to happily trade one of those extra resources to their Counterspells later.
  • Are they killing each and every creature we put on the Board?
Well after all we are called Burn for something and while we do like to use our creatures to push damage, we are more than happy to go the incendiary route when needed. Also, as long as you don’t walk into a sweeper situation that allows the opponent to trade 1 big removal for several of our resources, we should be able to eventually utilize our card advantage to put into play more threats than the amount of removals spells our opponent have.
  • Is the opponent drawing a lot of cards, gaining life and also pressuring us?
Well give me a break, you can’t win them all. Sadly sometimes you will lose no matter what you do, specially if the opponent is well prepared and teched against Burn. With all the positives we have discussed here, in some situations playing a Monocolor Aggro deck that everyone is expecting is not the smartest choice; but even then, current RDW is so powerful that with a bit of luck you can even get good results against the harshest of matchups.

Burn samples:
Kuldotha samples:

Okay, that’s been a long one for me and i hope that everyone that read it had a good time. As of June 2023, and since the release of the Lady in Red in June 2022, we have experienced an undisputed dominance of the different variants of Red Deck Wins that shaped the format around it; basically, if you are playing a deck that is too slow to withstand an early Monastery/Kuldotha opening you are setting yourself up for a rough time in Pauper. This have forced the players to choose between 3 main option if they decide to play the format competitively:
  1. Play a Burn variant.
  2. Play an anti-Burn Archetype.
  3. Play a “Combo” deck that tries to ignore being set on fire while it does it’s own thing.
As the Pauper Format Panel (PFP), who’s in charge of monitoring the “health” of the metagame, has stated multiple times that they think there are no changes needed in the format; we are left with the only option of basking in ther infinite knowledge and enjoy being constantly burned to death if we want to continue playing Pauper in the foreseable future.
If you enjoyed the reading be sure to check my other Primers:
I also have a Patreon that, while mainly focused on the UW Caw-Gate Archetype right now, provides anything related to the Pauper format; including decks discussion, metagame analysis and coaching services.
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2023.06.05 01:14 _lostcoast Finishing up the main city on Emberwood. Can't wait to see it filled with NPC's.

Finishing up the main city on Emberwood. Can't wait to see it filled with NPC's. submitted by _lostcoast to Unity2D [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 01:14 _lostcoast Finishing up the main city on Emberwood. Can't wait to see it filled with NPC's.

Finishing up the main city on Emberwood. Can't wait to see it filled with NPC's. submitted by _lostcoast to IndieGaming [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 01:14 _lostcoast Finishing up the main city on Emberwood. Can't wait to see it filled with NPC's.

Finishing up the main city on Emberwood. Can't wait to see it filled with NPC's. submitted by _lostcoast to gamedevscreens [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 01:14 hazz4rd_ Convince me that these two are not the same character. I'm waiting. (Xianzhou Story Spoilers)

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2023.06.05 01:14 mr-secretidentity talking to therapist about fetish

I have a really weird gainefeeder fetish that I have never told anyone about. This fetish dominated my entire sexual life during my teen years. I latched onto this stuff at around 12 (23 atm) and its all I really watched until I was like 18 when I started integrating more "conventional" porn. I had early sexual feelings before this fetish, also had sexual day dreams or wet dreams unrelated to it, but in terms of pornographic consumption and masturbation, ultimately gross feeding and belly play videos were all there was for me. IMO the seeds of this fetish were probably planted in my childhood (I had a chubby phase between 8-12 and was frequently humiliated by my parents, relatives and peers about it, especially during the period in which I was gaining the weight) but the porn use made it worse. Thankfully, I am not as bad as some people and have sexual interests outside of this. Nonetheless, I do think that this is a significant contributor to my mental distress. These sexual urges were a constant stressor throughout my high school years and it is one thing that led me to kind of shut myself down. I am overall a pretty guarded person and have a hard time letting people in, in large part I would say as a result of having had to learn how to cope with this. It's a frequent source of depression, anxiety and avoidance of relationships and sex all together. I have tried dating with some modicum of success, but its hard to have a relationship with someone when you're so guarded. Sex is hard because unless I keep away from this stuff and am also in a good enough mental state where I am not in my head all of the time (which is what has triggered a relapse most of the time), I basically lose the desire for sex altogether. I have never told a living soul about this, not even my therapist of 5 years. The thing is, I really like him and in a lot of ways he has significantly helped me with issues unrelated to my sexuality, but he is very "sex-positive". I briefly mentioned to him during a session my feeling that the easy access of online porn of all varieties probably hasn't been the best thing for young people and he ultimately got kinda defensive in insisting that no that's just right wing propaganda and its all good, 12 year olds watching kinky shit is perfectly health (quoting basically verbatim here). Because I have no intention of accepting this and would really want to just find a way to minimize its effects on my life and focus mainly on my sexual interests unrelated to it, I would honestly get kind of upset if he told me I should just come to accept it. It just feels like him helping me in the way I would want would go against his entire mentality. That being said, he has kind of been good at helping me understand the at times unhealthy dynamics I had with the adults in my life as a kid which I do think ultimately led to this fetish taking shape. So I am asking for any advice if anyone has been in a similar situation: should I tell him about it, keep seeing him and get what I can out of therapy while dealing with this on my own or find a different therapist who would be more on the same page as me? I live in a very liberal sex-positive area so I don't know if that last one would be that easy. I am trying to commit to NoFap again but I feel like I may need some outside help in order to stay consistent this time (never managed more than like 30 days).
tldr; I have a wird gainers/feederism fetish and I don't know if I should bring it up to my sex-positive, pro-porn, pro-kink therapist.

P.s. I know this is not entirely within the subject of this subreddit and if anyone knows where I could get more advice please share. Unfortunately there is no online resource about this fetish aside from ones that support indulging it.
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2023.06.05 01:14 D4DerpJockey DanganDJ First 2 Chapters

Chapter 1: A Scary Surprise:
Everyone wakes up all over Hope’s Pinnacle, although they have no memory of the place, but they do remember being classmates. It’s the standard DR intro sequence complete with everyone assembling at the auditorium to meet the headmaster and learn the rules.
Nagisa is the first victim and is found the morning after a dinner party all 24 students attended. She is caught in a net-and-wire trap, strangled to death. The class trial reveals that Miiko is the killer, having created the trap as a prank for Haruna, although she swears that there was supposed to be a safety feature installed that prevented strangulation.
Her execution is "Happy Adventure Queen!!!'s Last Hike" and involves her being grabbed by the throat by Monochio's tail and thrown out of the trial room onto a landing strip. She outruns a plane by jumping into the sea at the end of the strip only to be slammed back out of the water by an approaching submarine designed to look like a shark. She lands in a forest of cute woodland creatures smiling down at her, but then they turn into zombie animals and eat her alive until only bones remain.
One DR trope in this chapter is the important connection between the first victim and another important character. My AU doesn't technically have a main protagonist, since it rotates around the entire D4 cast, but Nagisa is of course very important to Hiiro, but that significance is not revealed until Hiiro is outed as one of Junko's masterminds at the end of the saga.
I took her quote from the Indigo Bullet event as to why she would want to lure Nagisa to her death so early on. Not only did she view it as romantic to be the one that got to kill Nagisa, even if indirectly, it also spared Nagisa the horror of living through the rest of the game.
Also, during the first trial, I had it in mind that the closest there could be to a protagonist would be Saki. Her Synesthesia allows her to see color when people sing or speak, which is exactly what happens in class trials as the player must shoot at the proper statements and phrases, often of which are color-coded.
Plus, DR is heavy on gun visuals and I remember thinking about 4 Challenges the first time I imagined Saki as a DR protag in a class trial.
Chapter 2: In Heaven Hell, and in Hell Heaven:
Saki’s Synesthesia is deemed a threat by Monochio and she is slated for execution. It changes the motive by giving everyone videos from Hope’s Peak, incentivizing everyone to look for more memories that Monochio left around the school’s basement, hidden inside flashback lights. Saki finds one that shows her time as a Despair and, without thinking, she breaks into a locked room in the basement and that is what she is punished for. Her execution is the D4V4 Blastoff!!!! Inspired by DR’s three rocket executions (Jin, Junko, Kaito).
After Saki is executed, Kurumi reveals some of her own plans, one of which includes sneaking into the same room Saki did because Kurumi also wants to see the extra flashback lights. Her motivation is seeing more of Miiko, and more of Miiko’s memories, having defended her as fiercely as Taka defended Mondo in the first trial.
Thanks to her Prank Talent, Kurumi is able to create a device that allows her to steal the spare flashback lights without technically entering the locked room, thus avoiding punishment. But not long after, Kurumi is ambushed by two of the masterminds when they spot her with all the spare FBLs. They attack her with a poison meant to lobotomize her, but Haruna and Miyu find her and attempt to save her.
For once, Miyu’s luck works in reverse and the first antidote-medicine she grabs is something made by Monochio with the specific condition that it fixes ailments and ails “fixed things”. As such, because the poison Kurumi was injected with was not technically lethal, Miyu’s medicine actually poisons her.
She and Haruna use the trial to try to figure out who attacked Kurumi, but they run out of time and Miyu is forced to confess. Haruna, however, interjects and reveals that she is the true killer. After Miyu injected Kurumi with the poison, Haruna sent her to fetch another antidote and in the two minutes Miyu was gone, Haruna smothered Kurumi to death to protect Miyu from execution.
Kurumi consents to this and her final words are wishing Haruna luck, calling her “Chairman” one last time. The fact that only Haruna knows Kurumi’s final word is what condemns her and her execution is called “After School Detention with the Chairman”. It involves her standing in front of robotic replicas of her classmates, reading to them from the Bible, but they throw things at her of increasing danger. For example, at first, it’s just pencils and erasers. Then it’s desks and scissors.
Haruna is finally beaten to death by the robot students, the exact fatal blow coming from the Kurumiiko bots, which are wearing Kurumi and Miiko’s skin. They attack Haruna with chairs.
One DR trope in this chapter is a secret revealed. In this case, it’s Towa’s true Talent. In a side-debate, it is discovered that she is not the Ult. Idol, rather, the Ult. Idol Enthusiast. Another DR trope in this chapter is serial killer talk, segueing from Miiko to Genocide Jack, who makes another link to the D4-verse by being the headcanoned mascot of the D4 game "Dance 4 Dangerous/Deadly Jack".
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2023.06.05 01:13 RockNRoll1979 Food trucks in Brockville

I was wondering if there was a selection of food trucks in Brockville. I do stop by a couple of times a year, but the only ones I have seen are the Shady Coyote (hard to miss, really) and I think one near the river. Maybe it's bad timing on my behalf, or I'm not driving down the right streets. Here in the West end of Ottawa, there's a large number of trucks/outdoor shacks on the main streets.
I plan to move to Brockville in the next year or two and would love to have a nice list of places to try, both when I finally arrive and on my visits before then... if there's enough to fill a list, that is. Thanks!
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2023.06.05 01:13 Ade_97 M26 - Hiya 😊 Lets keep each other company [Chat][Relationship][Friendship]

Hi, I am Adrian, 26 and from the UK pic of me on profile. Been having a rough few days, especially recently and have some time spare. Wanting to take my mind off it. So thought to meet new people and chat. Learn about someone and keep each other company. Looking for some relaxed and chill chats, long or short term. Mainly looking for girls. Can be from anywhere. Creeps and weirdos will be blocked
Message with your name, age and where you are from
Pros - cons of me:
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2023.06.05 01:12 J4m3son Union SMP [vanilla] {1.19.4} {Java}

Server name: Union SMP
Owner: Mercuryman1015
Admin: Avenred
Moderators: JustinThe1, Splooshie
Union SMP is a vanilla SMP with only one rule: Don't be an idiot. Running on 1.19.4 the server is meant to be an escape back to simpler times of Minecraft survival. As of now the server has an active player base of anywhere from 10-15 people right now, and has been running since early November 2022. The server is located in Dallas, Texas.
The server has a welcoming and supporting community, anti grief measures, a central market to sell goods to others, a colosseum to engage in PvP, a lively spawn town constructed mainly by players, and a discord to stay updated! The discord features channels to talk in both text and voice with fellow gamers, share in game images, and acts as a central hub for the community outside of the game.
Union SMP is meant to be a return to vanilla minecraft survival. If you wish to be left alone and just build a little base you can do exactly that! The central market allows you to sell your items and buy what you need from other players. All in all we try to remain as close to vanilla as we can while still providing some quality of life. Our plugins remain in this light and also attempt to remain close to vanilla while improving quality of life with the notable ones being: Essentials, Graves, Grief Prevention, and more however those are the most notable. Our one rule is: Don't be an idiot, which entails just being a decent human being, don't lag the server, and don't harass your fellow players.
The server does have a tiny bit of lore which can be gleamed from long time players, as if I were to type it out here this post would be much too long. However, this could be your chance to add to that lore. We are also revamping our economy system and resetting it this week.
The server was featured in a video created by popular youtuber SalC1 which can be watched here
If you would like join the IP is: mc.unionsmp.com
Discord join link is here
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2023.06.05 01:12 RoseTintMyWorld22 Did I do the right thing by self-isolating myself from my family so they don't have to deal with me?

I'm 20F, I have a myriad of mental illnesses that were untreated and undiagnosed until the better half of my teenagerhood to now (including but not limited to OCD and autism). I have horrible panic attacks, depression so bad I sometimes try to end it all, and rage-filled, seeing-red, mania fits where I tend to try to smack people, cuss people out, and commit malicious, not nice behavior. The third issue, the anger, has ruined the chances of having a healthy relationship with my mom, because I've been like this since I was a kid. I really should know how to control my emotions better, but I don't. And no matter how much progress I make, I tend to fuck it up eventually. Every time I make progress, I also do the exact opposite of progress times 3. I also fight with my older brother (24M) a lot even though I love him to bits. I don't feel like he deserves me, because I'm a big bitch to him all the time, even though I'm trying not to be.
Most recently, I had a panic attack because I accidentally ate rotten food (it didn't taste rotten until toward the end of the meal because I guess I was just that hungry). I started to cry and freak out, and my brother pretended to sleep and ignore me. I got upset that no one cared that I ate food that tasted off and I screamed "FUCK YOU! WHY AREN'T YOU HELPING ME!?" which only then did anyone else pay attention to the situation, mostly to yell at me.
I told my brother I don't want to be friends anymore because I'm toxic and I feel like I'm just making his life worse. No matter how hard I try to improve my toxic habits I just seem to be getting worse and I end up hurting his feelings or self esteem, even if I'm not trying to. He really deserves better friends than me, which he already does. I told him to pretend I'm dead and to just ignore me if I run into him. I haven't really talked to him since. Did I make the right decision cutting him off even though he was the last family member who is willing to talk to me without treating me like a little kid? I just feel like I deserve to be alone and die alone.
I do this with my parents a lot too, and I only talk to them when I NEED something I can't get myself. Trying to be civil, hang out, talk to normally, etc. normally just ends in some over-dramatic blow-up argument, which I feel are mainly my fault because I'm too sensitive and at this point have lost all hope I'll ever be able to socialize beyond a keyboard. I go to therapy to deal with my toxic and awful behavior but nothing's been working and I plan on just dropping therapy altogether at this point. I've been going for years with literally no long-term improvement. Nothing really sticks and my personality is still too obnoxious to form meaningful relationships.
Am I doing the right thing by cutting my family off so they don't have to deal with me?
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2023.06.05 01:12 Far_Inspector109 [offthegrid] New passive and drone idea for our boy Crypto

Now, as a fellow crypto main, I can guarantee that we all feel a little tired of crypto's passive, and I will admit that I would love to have the off-the-grid concept as his passive. However, I have a different idea; this makes sense lore-wise, just like o-t-g, but what I believe is a lot less broken and makes slightly more sense, gameplay-wise. The idea is for him to be able to scan ring consoles just like controller legends but as a passive, similar to Pathfinder's old passive (which I also want to be reinstated, just not with ring consoles and instead survey beacons). This passive revolves around the idea that his drone can slightly be used to control areas due to many people not wanting to be spotted by the drone and the fact that the emp can sometimes flush opponents out. Knowing where the ring is can help with this because you can know where the enemies are and where the ring is, allowing for to be able to discern where they might be so you can then drone and emp them, forcing them to take a different in order to not be detected. Lore-wise, it also makes sense because his brother (Caustic) and girlfriend (Wattson) are both controller legends causing him to maybe want to adopt some of their ideas. With this update to his passive, I would also like for his drone to be able to turn into a "camera," which would happen when you back the drone into a wall or roof and click the prompt on the screen. It would also make his drone invincible, but you can't activate your emp, allowing for it to annoy players due to the scanning, protect your team from flanks, and force enemies to move somewhere else to avoid the scans. These ideas came to me in the shower, so take them with a grain of a salt and please provide feedback. Otherwise, thanks for reading, and have a nice [offthegrid] rest of your day, however long that may be.
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