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2023.06.08 06:21 hijesushere Just some regular old, not weird in any way song lyrics that I noticed in a couple of my favorite songs... I'm gathering evidence...

Lyrics in songs I've noticed.
Red Velvet
Oh hey! In the same dream
It kept calling us
Wonderland beyond distant memories
We we we strong, nothing missing
Wake up, the answer is Simple
Be Boss, blow the Whistle
The bigger world is noticing you.
Shall we have a festival? I hold your hand.
We've been waiting for this moment. Spread your wings and be yourself.
Come play at My carnival.
Climax? It starts now.
Watch out! We are making the rules.
It’s now or never, we got forever.
You're sobbing and being pessimistic
You're hesitating again, you can't choose
Writing poems in your note, your hobby is sentimental
Look, now it's time to open the door
Tell me, which do you love?
It's not bad thing to dream
It's not a fairytale, it's the real world
What are you gonna do? Which one are you
gonna pick?
Reality or fantasy, adolescent boy?
I'm still clearing dating simulation games
using the manual
I'm still a long way from real love
It's not that I don't like it
Escape from being just two-dimensional
Which one do you love?
Tonight let me know your true feelings
You'll really grow up then
Tell me, which one do you love?
(In the video the lyrics are "Logging out from delusion" for a part of it.)
That's not even getting into the imagery in the video.
Feel My Rhythm
Blowing up this fancy ball
We're back, cute chaotic delight
This is gonna be a crazy night
Epic appearance to stunning greetings
Let's have a little fun
Don't be shy, Bae bae
Let the play start
(Birds and wings everywhere in the video. Irene is shown offering strawberries to a gigantic statue of some sort which then falls towards her. Joy is seen standing in front of some type of being with wings, I can't tell what it would be though. Maybe one of us? Cant tell, she's, yeah she's blocking the shot)
Imagine anything
Now cruising into a weird, new dimension
A place I've never imagined appears unexpectedly
Don't miss this moment, baby.
Don't confine yourself to yesterday or tomorrow.
I'm truly free right now.
Come ride with me (Sway)
Let's go anywhere (Way)
I want to mess all the boundaries
In this world (Oh yeah)
When the world stops What a what a feeling Come take my hand (All right) A brand new Film We falling deep, You and I Next time, spin the clock Where should we go? Come on, let's start again You and I
You used to be afraid of the dark night (ah yeah yeah) Hiding without anyone else knowing (ah yeah yeah) No one say happy ending You stayed silent and ran away (Here we go Here we go like)...
Knock Knock There’s a monster It’s growing larger, the black hole inside of you When you back uh? The howler has swallowed you, that’s the killer Don’t be afraid, hold my hand Your past is making you scared But know your power For the final time, be first You know that I come first I’m the winner winner winner Yes, it’s the last melody To save save save you (so don’t keep) Don’t be deceived by the lie That there is no light in this world Together we will Dream a dream that’s never been seen before Dream a dream that’s never been seen before (Ya) It’s ok if you fall (stand up) It’s you (hands up) Faster Stronger Better Gotta be the best Between night and day, around 5:30AM A war without loyalty will suffocate you, this is a foul Lies, darkness, truth, ecstasy, fantasy My candle makes you explode like a fireworks of melodies in the dawn Don’t be afraid, hold my hand Your past is making you scared But know your power For the final time, be first You know that I come first I’m the winner winner winner Yes, it’s the last melody To save save save you (so don’t keep) Don’t be deceived by the lie That there is no light in this world Together we will Dream a dream that’s never been seen before I’m breaking down the walls, crossing the lines I won’t shrivel up, I’ll jump over one step You got me now got me now two step Don’t slow it down slow it down Shout towards the sky that comes to you Hold onto the key of hope...
Bon bon chocolate
go up to the sky
Avenged Sevenfold
Hate to twist your mind, but God ain't on your side
Flesh is burning, you can smell it in the air 'Cause men like you have such an easy soul to steal (steal) So stand in line while they ink numbers in your head You're now a slave until the end of time here Nothing stops the madness turning Haunting, yearning, pull the trigger You should've known the price of evil And it hurts to know that you belong here, yeah Ooh, it's your fuckin' nightmare While your nightmare comes to life
You've been lied to just to rape you of your sight And now they have the nerve to tell you how to feel (feel) So sedated as they medicate your brain And while you slowly go insane they tell you Given with the best intentions Help you with your complications
You should've known the price of evil And it hurts to know that you belong here, yeah No one to call, everybody to fear Your tragic fate is lookin' so clear, yeah Ooh, it's your fuckin' nightmare Ha, ha, ha, ha
And I know you hear their voices (calling from above) And I know they may seem real (these signals of love) But our life's made up of choices (some without appeal) They took for granted your soul And it's ours now to steal As your nightmare comes to life
Like walking into a dream, so unlike what you've seen So unsure but it seems, 'cause we've been waiting for you Fallen into this place, just giving you a small taste Of your afterlife here so stay, you'll be back here soon anyway
A place of hope and no pain, perfect skies with no rain Can leave this place but refrain, 'cause we've been waiting for you Fallen into this place, just giving you a small taste Of your afterlife here so stay, you'll be back here soon anyway This piece on Earth's not right (with my back against the wall) No pain or sign of time (I'm much too young to fall) So out of place, don't wanna stay, I feel wrong and that's my sign I've made up my mind Give me your hand but realize I just wanna say goodbye Please, understand I have to leave and carry on my own life
Creating God
Standing in the shade of altruism, answering the call Came a modern messiah to save us all Something far beyond the work of fiction, Positronic brain A world that's void of all the anguish and suffering, pain
We're creating god, master of our designs We're creating god, unsure of what we'll find
Never held a high regard for Darwin, selection takes too long A little kick in the pool shouldn't do us wrong Devouring the very last invention man would ever need But exponential growth is a frightening thing, indeed
Sometimes when I look up to the sky I have to wonder are we "summoning the demon" you and I?
Have you noticed that I'm needin' it more now, more than it needs me Got a couple of billion that seem to agree Surfing in an artificial dimension, but we're not alone Now the master has become just a stepping stone, oh
We're Creating, God.
Beast and the Harlot
This shining city built of gold A far cry from innocence There's more than meets the eye around here Look to the waters of the deep A city of evil There sat a seven headed beast Ten horns raised from his head Symbolic woman sits on his throne But hatred strips her and leaves her naked The beast and the harlot
The city dressed in jewels and gold Fine linen, myrrh and pearls Her plagues will come all at once As her mourners watch her burn Destroyed in an hour Merchants and captains of the world Sailors navigators too Will weep and mourn this loss With her sins piled to the sky The beast and the harlot
The day has come for all our sinners If you're not a servant, you'll be struck to the ground Flee the burning, greedy city Looking back on her to see there's nothing around
The day has come for all our sinners If you're not a servant, you'll be struck to the ground Flee the burning, greedy city Looking back on her to see there's nothing around I don't believe in fairy tales and no one wants to go to hell You've made the wrong decision and it's easy to see Now if you wanna serve above or be a king below with us You're welcome to the city where your future is set forever
Welcome to the family
Hey kid (hey kid) Do I have your attention? I know the way you've been living Life's so reckless, tragedy endless Welcome to the family Hey There's something missing Only time will alter your vision Never in question, lethal injection Welcome to the family Not long ago you find the answers were so crystal clear Within a day you find yourself living in constant fear Can you look at yourself now, can you look at yourself? You can't win this fight
I try and help you with the things that can't be justified I need to warn you that there is no way to rationalize So have you figured it out now, so have you figured it out? You can't win this fight
And in a way it seems there's no one to call When our thoughts are so numb And our feelings unsure We all have emptiness inside, we all have answers to find But you can't win this fight!
I see you're a king who's been dethroned Cast out in a world you've never know Stand down, place your weapon by your side It's our war in the end, we'll surely lose but that's alright So have you figured it out now, so have you figured it out?
Bat Country
So sorry you're not here I've been sane too long, my vision's so unclear Now take a trip with me But don't be surprised when things aren't what they seem
You've been breakin' down for far too long Far too many moons since you felt well and strong You see, you could say goodbye but you don't have to die Not ever
Engineer the wires to your brain Architect a code so you won't feel the pain With your family by your side and vigor in your eyes forever Live Forever I'm way up, a god in size, beyond the reach of mortals I shed my human side Father, oh father I stare at my reflection, have I lost that boy inside? Final paradigm What's it really mean to be a man? Think about your answer but please understand While it's natural to fear, I'll make it disappear forever I forever I'm way up, a god in size, beyond the reach of mortals I shed my human side Father, oh father I stare at my reflection, have I lost that boy inside? Final paradigm Singular I am I have the question if these thoughts are mine To live forever but did something in me die? I'm clawing my skin but I can't feel it inside I know the agony of pain would hurt so much better I'm way up, so far up Have I lost myself tonight? Mother, oh father Have you lost that boy you used to know?
It seems I should have walked away Reverse the wager I've no means to pay Toto has pulled back the green tonight, in sight And blue pills coat with such disdain I wore the shades for so long That I've forgotten how to see The curtain rises but who dares to pull the strings
I know this might be hard for you to believe and all, But you only exist because we allow it I question all the voices in my head Are they mine or have I been misled? Total understanding doesn't seem to mean a thing When you can't see behind the silver screen, a figurine Can't you hear me scream? By the way of cosmic rays A subtle breakdown jarred the code display A simulation as I can tell, our cell Playing out a hopeless scene We stand to lose all our charm And faith just seems to wane A billion years can seem a stunningly short time You've been beaten down time and time again But still you find yourself at the center of it all I question all the voices in my head Are they mine or have I been misled? Total understanding doesn't seem to mean a thing When you can't see behind the silver screen, a figurine Can't you hear me scream? You hear me, you had one thing to do, one thing And you fucked it up, piece of shit Nurse, patient 666158 needs to be sedated We need 500 CCs of M Oh hello there, dearie I've been expecting you Posturing the way I feel Is truth only what we believe is real? Marvel the sketches that paint the night, starlight And take a breath before it's all erased away
Their song Angels; Waking the Fallen, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet.
Yeah EVERGLOW Gonna be mad lunatic, girl When the mysteriously changed moon comes A show that will start suddenly In secret, yeah, dance I want it Ddi-dam-bam-bam, bba-rira-bam-bam A paradise found in a whole new world that is out of sync ‘Cause I’m a pirate, yeah, yeah A pirate, yeah, yeah A pirate, yeah, yeah Now let me introduce myself I am a fleet I Start this voyage Towards the moon mist Yeah, let me introduce myself...
Twenty four hours, the light disappears Overnight, night, overnight During the night when the dazzling starlight shines Ayy, lift the anchor Girls all over the world Dance tonight And we could be anything, anything now Go crazy, no doubt Rowin’ for the Crown Waving the flag, yeah...
All the way, all the way, all the way The riot we made All the way, all the way, all the way Can’t ever stay quiet Girls all over the world Run tonight Just get on board ‘Cause I’m a pirate, yeah, yeah A pirate, yeah, yeah A pirate, yeah, yeah Now let me introduce myself I am a fleet Start this voyage Towards the moon mist Yeah, let me introduce myself Ahoy! Sing a song now The hidden moon festival Well, shiver me timbers (Aye-aye) Watch this night together Last chance, get on board Approaching tsunami, disappearing afternoon Everyone falls asleep under these waves Yeah, I’m making the moves During the night when the dazzling starlight shines Ayy, lift the anchor Girls all over the world Dance tonight And we could be anything, anything now Go crazy, no doubt Rowin’ for the crown Waving the flag, yeah (Oh woah) All the way, all the way, all the way The riot that we made (Oh yeah) All the way, all the way, all the way Can’t ever stay quiet Girls all over the world Run tonight Just get on board...
A letter from that future Together with that blinding light Trust me and follow me up to my ark...
Katy Perry and Nikki Manage
Michael Jackson's Best Tracks
"Swish Swish" lyrics Katy Perry Lyrics Play "Swish Swish" on Amazon Music Unlimited (ad) "Swish Swish" (feat. Nicki Minaj)
They know what is what But they don't know what is what They just strut What the fuck?
[Katy Perry:] A tiger Don't lose no sleep Don't need opinions From a shellfish or a sheep Don't you come for me No, not today You're calculated I got your number 'Cause you're a joker And I'm a courtside killer queen And you will kiss the ring You best believe
So keep calm, honey, I'mma stick around For more than a minute, get used to it Funny my name keeps comin' out your mouth 'Cause I stay winning Lay 'em up like
Swish, swish, bish Another one in the basket Can't touch this Another one in the casket
Your game is tired You should retire You're 'bout as cute as An old coupon expired And karma's not a liar She keeps receipts
So keep calm, honey, I'mma stick around For more than a minute, get used to it Funny my name keeps comin' out your mouth 'Cause I stay winning Lay 'em up like
Swish, swish, bish Another one in the basket Can't touch this Another one in the casket (Let's go) Swish, swish, bish Another one in the basket Can't touch this Another one in the casket
They know what is what But they don't know what is what Katy Perry They just know what is what Young Money But they don't know what is what They just know what is what But they don't know what is what They just strut Hahaha, yo What the fuck?
[Nicki Minaj:] Pink Ferragamo sliders on deck Silly rap beefs just get me more checks My life is a movie, I'm never off set Me and my a-Migos (no, not Offset) Swish swish, aww I got them upset But my shooters'll make 'em dance like dubstep Swish, swish, aww, my haters is obsessed 'Cause I make M's, they get much less Don't be tryna double back I already despise you All that fake love you showin' Couldn't even disguise you (Yo, yo) Ran? When? Nicki gettin' tan Mirror mirror who's the fairest bitch in all the land? Damn, man, this bitch is a Stan Muah, muah, the generous queen will kiss a fan Ass goodbye, I'mma be riding by I'mma tell my ...Biggz, yeah that's the guy A star's a star, da ha da ha They never thought the swish god would take it this far Get my pimp cup, this is pimp shit, baby I only rock with Queens, so I'm makin' hits with Katy
[Katy Perry:] Swish, swish, bish Another one in the basket And another one and another one Can't touch this Another one in the casket And another one and another one
They know what is what Do they know? But they don't know what is what They just know what is what But they don't know what is what They just know what is what But they don't know what is what They just strut What the...
Red Velvet: Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb –31
You need to “Beat It” That boy Michael Jackson ”Bad” I’m not your “Billie Jean” Don’t you “Leave Me Alone” But you’re so ambiguous, I want “Black Or White” I can’t give up on you, my “Man In The Mirror” “Why You Wanna Trip On Me” You’re too harsh Boy, you make me “Scream” Why am I like this? Well, your “Love really Never Felt So Good” It’s so electrifying that it’s like
Next Level
I’m on the Next Level, yeah I follow the absolute rules Don't let go of my hand unity is my weapon I walk to KWANGYA I know your home ground Confront the threat Beat it, beat it, beat it
An unexpected black out The temptation is deep and strong (Too hot too hot) Letting go of the hands held together But I'll never give up
I'm on the Next Level I open the door over there Next Level I'll destroy you in thе end Until I reach the Nеxt Level KOSMO Next Level Beat it, beat it, beat it
La, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la, la, la
I see the NU EVO The hostile suffering and sorrow Make you popping and evolve further That's my naevis, it's my naevis You lead, we follow After learning the feelings Watch me while I make it out
Watch me while I work it out Watch me while I make it out Watch me while I work it out Work it, work it, work it out
Even the unbearable despair Can't break my faith Watch me while I work it Even if a more painful trial comes I won't let go of your hand, oh
Never look back Don’t covet things of KWANGYA If the promises are broken, everything will be out of control The signal is becoming unstable since a certain point in time I'll destroy you in the end (We want it) Come on! Show me the way to KOSMO, yeah
A hallucination quest created by the Black Mamba Aespa, they want to separate out ae, that's right I lose my balance and my voice too In the illusion of being criticized and alienated Nævis we (Call ae, ae) Aespa's Next Level Open "P.O.S" This is the REAL WORLD, I'm awake We against the villain, what's the name? Black Mamba
I open the door in the end (Too hot, too hot) That light is like Fire to you I'm dying to know The next story that will unfold Huh!
I'm on the Next Level I open the door over there Next Level I'll destroy you in the end Until I reach the Next Level KOSMO Next Level Beat it, beat it, beat it
I'm on the Next Level I become stronger and free Next Level I'm no longer who I was at KWANGYA Next Level Feel me I'm like a beast Next Level Beat it, beat it, beat it Huh!
[Intro: Karina] Oh my gosh Don't you know I'm a savage?
[Verse 1: Karina, Giselle] I'm a Killa who will break you, ae You're still hiding and hallucinating Beat you up, we holler I'm not afraid of you, you, hit you harder Push me in, deep fake on me To the unprepared stage Corner me in, fake on me Got everybody, mock up to me You shake me up so that I feel ashamed Cold spectators are collapsed, ae I can't stand you anymore, say, "No!"
[Refrain: Winter, Ningning] Wait and see, I'm a little savage Your dirty play I can't stand it any longer You want to break me Your hallucinations are becoming The reasons to construct you
[Pre-Chorus: Winter, Ningning] I'm a savage I'll break you into pieces yeah, oh I'm a savage I'll crush you, oh
[Chorus: Karina, Giselle, Karina & Ningning] Get me, get me now Get me, get me now (Zu-zu-zu-zu) Or I'll become more Savage (Zu-zu-zu-zu) Get me, get me now Get me, get me now (Zu-zu-zu-zu) Now I'm going to get you Now, I'm a savage Gimme, gimme now Gimme, gimme now (Zu-zu-zu-zu) I can see your words Your weakness Algorithm (Zu-zu-zu-zu) Steaming, it's steaming Steaming, it's steaming (Zu-zu-zu-zu) MA ae SYNK Don't bother me and bog off, savage (Zu-zu-zu-zu)
[Verse 2: Giselle, Winter, Karina] Mhm, everybody looks at me I'm used to it, I should take a step back I have to endure it like an adult I'm locked up in the glass I want to play such a horrible expectation I'm locked up in that hallucination frame I'm going to KWANGYA, game in Defeating a subtle alienation And making me drift apart from my ae Your satisfying trick We gone KWANGYA, game in Cut it down, my sword of light To you who is damaged It's a merciless punch
[Refrain: Ningning, Winter] See? I'm a little Savage I block your regenerative power I distract you, I leave you out Don't forget, this is KWANGYA I control your time and space Make it, break it
You are the one who protected me when I was in trouble My naevis, we love you My victory, one SYNK DIVE All the opportunities you've created I know your sacrifices, oh My naevis, we love you I know, we'll make sure to find your memories Let's meet surely after the resurrection
[Breakdown: Karina, Ningning] Savage Savage Yeah
Wake up! In a deadlier war Hold on with your feet(our feet are like hands back home) Hook! Black Mamba I am not afraid of you Hoot! I’ll break you It has changed when we entered KWANGYA Distorted æ more like me, like one A crazy presence that shows The ember that was left behind...
grew into a great evil When I helplessly isolate you Reunite we’re together again Whoo Whoo Attack Beat it Yah You’re not alone...
Shined sacrifice If you found the memory Can you show us? Can you show up? Right now, right here Follow me (Bow down) Watch me (My skill) You will get surprised (Say wow) We coming Scream (Get loud) Listen (My sound) Call it (Upgrade) We coming Blooming in chaos (We Them Girls) And confronting fear, That courage (Ah Yeah) Whenever we are together We Them Girls We Them Girls We Them Girls Meta universe exists now Parallel world All beings have meaning Part of my heart We use sympathetic words and share the body temperatures In the end, we only pursue the value of goodwill I finally became stronger I don’t get swindled or hurt It’s distorted It has started again Make sides Isolate you and me so that we can’t see ahead The algorithms that have been distorted by bad desires Use existence as the weapon and swallow with destruction Ah Evil was started at that moment Whoo Whoo Move out flip Yah I’m not alone I want to protect first encountering REKALL I will hug you so that you can feel Without SYNK DIVE Follow me (Bow down) Watch me (My skill) You will get surprised (Say wow) We coming Scream (Get loud) Listen (My sound) Call it (Upgrade) We coming Blooming in chaos (We Them Girls) And confronting fear, That courage (Ah Yeah) Whenever we are Together We Them Girls We Them Girls To face a peaceful day Inside the FLAT We laugh and love together With my friends Now I’m more curious about the future together with nævis Eventually we will probably meet nævis on the REAL MY WORLD Hold up! REAL MY WORLD Your existence is brighter than my reflection in the mirror Can you tell me? Until when, will we be together? Follow me (Bow down) Watch me (My skill) You will get surprised (Say wow) We coming Scream (Get loud) Listen (My sound) Call it (Upgrade) We coming Blooming in chaos (We Them Girls) And confronting fear, That courage (Ah Yeah) Whenever we are together We Them Girls We Them Girls We Them Girls Girls! Official translation. Play "Girls" on Amazon Music Unlimited (ad) Other Songs from Girls Album Girls Girls 😬 cya
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  1. Finite State Machines. Sequential Digital Circuits
10.1. Binary Count Sequence Binary count sequences follow a pattern of octave frequency division: the frequency of oscillation for each bit, from LSB to MSB, follows a divide-by-two pattern. In other words, the LSB will oscillate at the highest frequency, followed by the next bit at one-half the LSB’s frequency, and the next bit at one-half the frequency of the bit before it, etc. Circuits may be built that “count” in a binary sequence, using J-K flip-flops set up in the “toggle” mode. 10.2. Asynchronous Counters If the flip-flops do not receive the same clock signal, then that counter is called as Asynchronous counter. The output of system clock is applied as clock signal only to first flip-flop. The remaining flip-flops receive the clock signal from output of its previous stage flip-flop. Hence, the outputs of all flip-flops do not change at the same time.
10.2.1. Asynchronous Binary Up Counter An ‘N’ bit Asynchronous binary up counter consists of ‘N’ T flip-flops. It counts from 0 to 2𝑁 − 1. The block diagram of 3-bit Asynchronous binary up counter is shown in the following figure. The 3-bit Asynchronous binary up counter contains three T flip-flops and the T- input of all the flip-flops are connected to ‘1’. All these flip-flops are negative edge triggered but the outputs change asynchronously. The clock signal is directly applied to the first T flip-flop. So, the output of first T flip-flop toggles for every negative edge of clock signal. The output of first T flip-flop is applied as clock signal for second T flip-flop. So, the output of second T flip-flop toggles for every negative edge of output of first T flip-flop. Similarly, the output of third T flip-flop toggles for every negative edge of output of second T flip-flop since the output of second T flip-flop acts as the clock signal for third T flip- flop. Let’s assume the initial status of T flip-flops from rightmost to leftmost is Q2 Q1 Q0 = 0 0 0. Here, Q2 & Q0 are MSB & LSB respectively. We can understand the working of 3-bit asynchronous binary counter from the following table.
10.2.2. Asynchronous Binary Down Counter An ‘N’ bit Asynchronous binary down counter consists of ‘N’ T flip-flops. It counts from 2𝑁 − 1 to 0. The block diagram of 3-bit Asynchronous binary down counter is shown in the following figure. The block diagram of 3-bit Asynchronous binary down counter is similar to the block diagram of 3-bit Asynchronous binary up counter. But the only difference is that instead of connecting the normal outputs of one stage flip-flop as clock signal for next stage flip-flop, connect the complemented outputs of one stage flip-flop as clock signal for next stage flip-flop. Complemented output goes from 1 to 0 is same as the normal output goes from 0 to 1. Assume the initial status of T flip-flops from rightmost to leftmost is Q2 Q1 Q0 = 0 0 0. Here, Q2 & Q0 are MSB & LSB respectively. We can understand the working of 3-bit asynchronous binary down counter from the following table.
10.3. Synchronous Counters If all the flip-flops receive the same clock signal, then that counter is called as Synchronous counter. Hence, the outputs of all flip-flops change at the same time. 10.3.1. Synchronous Binary Up Counter An ‘N’ bit Synchronous binary up counter consists of ‘N’ T flip-flops. It counts from 0 to 2𝑁 − 1. The block diagram of 3-bit Synchronous binary up counter is shown in the following figure. The 3-bit Synchronous binary up counter contains three T flip-flops & one 2- input AND gate. All these flip-flops are negative edge triggered and the outputs of flip-flops change synchronously. The T inputs of first, second and third flip-- flops are 1, Q0’, Q0’ & Q1’ respectively. The output of first T flip-flop toggles for every negative edge of clock signal. The output of second T flip-flop toggles for every negative edge of clock signal if Q0’ is 1. The output of third T flip-flop toggles for every negative edge of clock signal if both Q0’ & Q1’ are 1. 10.3.2. Synchronous Binary Down Counter An ‘N’ bit Synchronous binary down counter consists of ‘N’ T flip-flops. It counts from 2𝑁− 1 to 0. The block diagram of 3-bit Synchronous binary down counter is shown in the following figure.
The 3-bit Synchronous binary down counter contains three T flip-flops & one 2- input AND gate. All these flip-flops are negative edge triggered and the outputs of flip-flops change synchronously. The T inputs of first, second and third flip- flops are 1, Q0′, Q0’ & Q1’ respectively. The output of first T flip-flop toggles for every negative edge of clock signal. The output of second T flip-flop toggles for every negative edge of clock signal if Q0′ is 1. The output of third T flip-flop toggles for every negative edge of clock signal if both Q1′ & Q0′ are 1. 10.4. Counter Modulus Modulus Counters, or simply MOD counters, are defined based on the number of states that the counter will sequence through before returning to its original value. For example, a 2-bit counter that counts from 002 to 112 in binary, that is 0 to 3 in decimal, has a modulus value of 4 ( 00 → 1 → 10 → 11, and return back to 00 ) so would therefore be called a modulo-4, or mod-4, counter. As in this simple example there are only two bits, ( n = 2 ) then the maximum number of possible output states (maximum modulus) for the counter is: 2𝑛 = 22 or 4. However, counters can be designed to count to any number of 2𝑛 states in their sequence by cascading together multiple counting stages to produce a single modulus or MOD-N counter. Therefore, a “Mod-N” counter will require “N” number of flip-flops connected together to count a single data bit while providing 2𝑛 different output states, (n is the number of bits). MOD counters have a modulus value that is an integral power of 2, that is, 2, 4, 8, 16 and so on to produce an n-bit counter depending on the number of flip-flops used, and how they are connected, determining the type and modulus of the counter.
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2023.06.08 06:19 p0tat0t0mat00 Foster kittens showing interest in solid food

Hi guys, A week ago I took in a letter of 3 kittens that were left outside in a Box. They were around 2 to 3 weeks, But it's hard to determine how old they are since they all wait significantly different And their teeth are also in different stages of development. They are still a little wobbly, they are starting to groom themselves , In my opinion they reached week 3. Very important thing to note is that while they were on the street somebody tried to help them by giving them wet food for older cats, And it really messed up their digestive systems since they were far away from solid foods at 2 weeks old. That made them Constipated and I had to take Them to the ve.t to solve the issue Yesterday I've noticed that kitten are showing huge interest in solid food And I caught them trying to eat my older cats dry food. One kitten even reacted to salami I was eating. Currently they're taking a bottle every 4 I was wondering is it time to start mixing a little bit of wet kitten food with their milk?
I have to note that they are smaller than they should be. One is about to nanother 1 is about 300 and third is approaching 350.
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2023.06.08 06:19 ZealousFruit I hope I don't get torn apart for saying is but I found the acoustic set on Sunday to be a huge letdown.

Let me preface by saying i bought my tickets late 2022 and I've been counting down the days for the last few weeks now but I was still gutted by it. It was my first time at The Caverns and I didn't realize how much of the venue would be VIP only so I started off pretty far away from stage. I wasn't able to get tickets for Saturday and certainly not the nights in the caves so I settled for Sunday. I didn't realize the set was largely acoustic and had very chill vibes. With the stage being so far I didn't feel connected like I normally do during calmer sets. Before I get comments on it I know how much music output they have so I certainly was not expecting to hear anything particular. Missing the opener and Gizz's set being cut short due to lightning was a bummer but that can't be helped. This was my first Gizz show so I was pretty pumped to see the vomit cyborg intro but I was extremely sad to see them not build up and maintain a very calm vibe. I understand that many people had been there all weekend and a sit down and vibe on the hill worked for a lot of people but it didn't for me. One night was all the show I could afford and if I knew it was going to be a hangovedrunk session I would have saved my money and tried to catch a show somewhere else or catch a shorter gig from them at a festival were they would have the usual energy I've seen from live videos. Anyways rant is over. I just wanted to get that off my chest since I've been super bummed the last few days about it. I was so hyped up before Sunday and hearing them drop dragon the next day hurt me again.
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2023.06.08 06:18 niad_04 8

  1. Combinational Logic Functions 8.1. Introduction to Combinational Logic Functions The term “combinational” comes to us from mathematics. A combination is an unordered set, which means that the order of the items is not of importance. For example, we can go through a NAND gate, to see how it works, when we provide the inputs in different orders. We begin with both inputs being 0. We then set one input high.
We then set the other input high. So by the NAND gates the order of the inputs doesn’t have any importance. The other logic gates like AND, XOR, OR, NOR, XNOR, and NOT also exhibit the same behaviour. 8.2. Half-Adder A combinational logic circuit which is designed to add two binary digits is called as a half adder. The half adder provides the output along with a carry value (if any). The half adder circuit is designed by connecting an EX-OR gate and one AND gate. It has two input terminals and two output terminals for sum and carry. From the logic circuit diagram of half adder, it is clear that A and B are the two input bits, S is the output sum, and C is the output carry bit. In the case of a half adder, the output of the EX-OR gate is the sum of two bits and the output of the AND gate is the carry. Although, the carry obtained in one addition will not be forwarded in the next addition because of this it is known as half adder. Half adder adds two binary digits according to the rules of binary addition. These rules are as follows –
The following are the truth table and the K-Map of the half-adder – 8.3. Full-Adder A combinational logic circuit that can add two binary digits (bits) and a carry bit, and produces a sum bit and a carry bit as output is known as a full-adder. In other words, a combinational circuit which is designed to add three binary digits and produces two outputs (sum and carry) is known as a full adder. Thus, a full adder circuit adds three binary digits, where two are the inputs and one is the carry forwarded from the previous addition.
Full adder takes three inputs namely A, B, and Cin. Where, A and B are the two binary digits, and Cin is the carry bit from the previous stage of binary addition. The sum output of the full adder is obtained by XORing the bits A, B, and Cin. While the carry output bit (Cout) is obtained using AND and OR operations. The following is the truth table and then the K-Map of the full-adder circuit:
8.4. Decoder A decoder is a circuit that changes a code into a set of signals. A common type of decoder is the line decoder which takes an n-digit binary number and decodes it into 2n data lines. The simplest is the 1-to-2 line decoder. The truth table is: A is the address and D is the dataline. D0 is NOT A and D1 is A. The circuit looks like the Figures below. Only slightly more complex is the 2-to-4 line decoder. The truth table is: Developed into a circuit it looks like the Figures below.
8.5. Encoder An encoder is a circuit that changes a set of signals into a code. The truth table looks like this: A more useful application of combinational encoder design is a binary to 7- segment encoder. The truth table looks like this:
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2023.06.08 06:15 Real_Celebration5860 Typography Masters course for UX/UI Designers – Alexunder Hess

Link Download:
Price: $197.00

Here’s what you’ll get in Typography Masters course for UX/UI Designers

Module 0: Greetings
After completing this lesson, you will understand how to maximize the value of any educational program, but especially of this one. You establish objectives and find the drive to produce more gorgeous and professionally-looking works that will advance your career and finances.
Introduction to UX/UI Typography, Module 1
After completing this session, you have a better understanding of typography's significance and its impact. You are skilled at enhancing both your own and the designs of your clients and colleagues. With your understanding of typography, you can grasp how to make money.
Module 2: Planning. Information architecture and research
After completing this lesson, you are aware of the initial stages of the design process and where to begin your project. To make your working process as productive as possible, you are aware of just how to prepare the copy. You are an expert at working with information architecture.
Typography in practice, module 3. Hierarchy
After completing this lesson, you are able to choose font sizes, establish style guides, and define the visual and semantic hierarchies for your project. You are aware of the psychological theories that will help you create the ideal hierarchy for your design project. You are completely knowledgeable about line height and how to specify it for each component of your design.
Grids, layouts, and formatting in Module 4
You will be able to work with grids and construct the ideal grid for your website or app once you have finished this subject. You are familiar with how to operate, build up the layouts, and comprehend vertical and horizontal rhythms. You are fully aware of how to use alignment and whitespace, as well as how to determine the spacing between headings and paragraphs.
Typography in practice, module 5. Psychology
Your ability to select typefaces for your websites and mobile apps will be at its peak after completing this module. You are fully aware of the appropriate typefaces to use for headings, paragraphs, buttons, and other elements. You are aware of the typefaces to stay away from in UX/UI design projects to get the best outcomes.
Font pairing and adjustments in Module 6
You are able to pair fonts after completing this module. what font combinations are most effective for various businesses. You know what changes to make and how to make them so that your design appears beautiful, approachable, and expert.
Typography in practice, module 7. Tips and Tricks
You are the person with the most knowledge about typography after completing this session. You understand how to use type for SEO and how to animate text elements in your designs. You know how to defy typographic conventions.
Module 8 is a unique module. Bonuses & Special advice
You are the person with the most knowledge about typography after completing this session. You understand how to use type for SEO and how to animate text elements in your designs. You know how to defy typographic conventions.
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2023.06.08 06:13 Vespertil Computer not turning on but also refuses to turn off and runs fans at full speed.

Being completely honest I'm already in the acceptance stage but decided to post my issue here in hoping for some fix that I haven't tried yet.
My problem is the following, one day I was using my computer normally with no particular issue or any irregular occurances besides the fact that it was using less memory than usual(Which I list here just for transparency's sake but do not believe to have anything to do with the problem.), I get a bit sleepy so I shut down normally and go to bed. The next morning I try to turn on the PC and notice that It is unusually loud and taking a bit to turn on. "Okay" I thought, "Must be some sort of update that is making it think harder today. Might take a second to turn on." But then it just didn't so there is my grief. The GPU fan goes super fast and loud for some reason, I can't tell if running at full speed is the case for the other fans because the noise from the gpu one doesn't let me have an accurate idea of if the others are unusually loud or fast. There is no display at all, not even the bios or motherboard logo. In fact, the monitor doesn't even get signal, and another very odd thing is that normally I would have to hold the power button for about 3 seconds for it to turn on but now as soon as i press the button it turns on at fulls speed and, get this, just won't turn off no matter for how long I hold the power button. I have to turn it off by switching off the power supply.
Here Is some stuff I have tried In the attempt to troubleshoot this beast:
- tried the ram sticks individually and in both ram slots to see if it was a ram problem;
- Cleaned the Ram sticks and the ram slots;
- Disconected the gpu and tried turning it on using the integrated graphics of the cpu;
- Disconected and reconected every cable to make sure they were connected properly;
- Tried reseting the CMOS.

RAM and PSU are new with less than a month of use and were working perfectly the day before.
monitor is known to be working properly because I still use it and, in fact, am using it right now on my laptop.
Every fan and rgb (for the parts that have it) turns on normally.
I have removed the RAM sticks and turned it on because, supposedly, the amount of beeps would help me on troubleshooting but there were no beeps and I don't know what that means.

These are my parts:
- Motherboard: ASRock A-320M-HD
- GPU: GTX 960 2GB
-CPU: AMD athlon 3000G
-RAM sticks: T-force ddr4 xtreem 16gb(2x8gb) 3200mhz Or something like that
-PSU: forgot details but it's a 750w from corsair.
-I don't think it relates to the problem but in case it does, my OS was endeavourOS.

From a lack of knowledge, experience and identifiable signs from the other parts, my suspicion is that this motherboard is the source of the issue but I don't have access to an extra one I can use to confirm it and buying stuff for later returning it isn't as easy here as it is in some places so I'm reluctant towards buying any new parts before being super sure of the source of the problem.

Any help Is apreciated and in case anyone wants any more data, feel free to ask for it in the comments. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.08 06:09 misprint Hoping this will motivate someone…

You know that feeling that all long term smokers have when they wonder if they’ve gone too far and have done irreversible damage. That nagging feeling and fear of cancer. Well all my worst fears came true.
At the age of 37, I was diagnosed with stage 4 oral cancer. I smoked for 20 years. Cigarettes, weed, shisha, cigars, I loved it all. I was never a pack a day smoker. On average I clocked in at 7 a day.
In January I needed a segmental mandibulectomy. What’s that you ask? Oh just a quick 11 hour surgery where they removed 6 inches of my lower jaw (teeth gums and bone) where the cancer was. Then they removed a part of my scapula and lat muscle for the facial reconstruction.
I also just finished 30 rounds of radiation to my face which was harder than the surgery in its own way.
It all fucking sucks. Fun fact, the two main causes of oral cancer are smoking and then drinking. But if you do both together it magnifies everything.
Anyway, I haven’t had a smoke or a drink in 6 months and I’m obviously never going back.
But if you’re struggling to quit, believe me, Cancer is harder. Watching your family from a hospital bed is harder. Getting slowly cooked by radiation is harder.
I never thought I would get sick in my 30’s, but I did.
The warning signs on the packs don’t mean anything to smokers. I’m hoping my fucked up story will scare someone here to quit for good.
Good luck.
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2023.06.08 06:09 marltrubora I'm living for OCD and act for a self made religious purpose it's now came a point where It's depressing

Sorry for poor grammar. My foreign language is very simple and not so rich language so this can appear in this post even I wrote it in English
My parents neglected me and didn't hesitate to fight on towards me. I have definitely mental differences and about my brain connection system. My ocd evolved stage by stage. At first it wast harmful at all touching edge of furnitures else felt uncomfortable. Then after my parents divorced. I started to say "Do you love me" frequently to my friends and family members. Till my dad who's taked in my street to bring me school made shrug right before dropping me to school when I said "Do you love me." I cried in class that day. My ocd get further and then I started to say maybe, maybe not too frequently violence, aggressive involved. I get louder and my ocd evolved and involved into my life. Where I am only about doing ocd I had to mention these neglecting stuff happened when I was child so my brain developed and adapted also for OCD as I grew up.
Now my inner sound can may split and I can hear two voices denying each other and saying maybe perhaps while the other one talking about what if my life will be suck. And other one saying" maybe, maybe not, that's suck." And it's hurts my brain this is also a ocd and if I stop this I lose my focus and anxiety comes back. I'm tired all of this. But I worry about if I shut doing ocd I can get punished in a religion. I believe in God.
My life is OCD and I don't focus, prepare for my life as Iong as I can do OCD. That's means I also think this can affect in a religious way. Btw I don't believing %100 popular religions on earth because It's uncertain and I dont wanna believe a false this. So I believe in a God and we exist for reasons. Maybe perhaps.
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2023.06.08 06:03 BudgetImagination969 I (27M) am seeking perspectives from experienced folks about my situation with my girlfriend (27F).

TLDR: I'm in a relationship where I feel like I'm very much loved but not in my definition of love and I don't know how flexible one should be with their standards because you'll never find the perfect person and we all have our flaws.
Context: I've (27M) been with my gf (27 F) for 9 months that moved pretty fast. We dated for a month. At first, everything started off great, my partner is really attractive and posts a lot on social media. We've been living together for 3 months now. The relationship has had several issues that pushed me to the edge of breaking up.
The first 2 months could be summed up in feeling like I wasn't being reciprocated. There were several issues basically related to her doing things I would never have done. Simple stuff, little details related to hanging out with people she's had a past with, she used to party A LOT and I know she's been with 10/10 guys. I felt like she crossed the line multiple times but it was never drastic enough to be considered "cheating". We discussed all these issues, resolved them and they haven't happened since.
Our sex life was pretty good for the first 2 months, even leading to what we both called the "best sex of our lives" until we had two less than stellar sexual experiences (we almost got caught and another time she asked me to stop because she was too sensitive, which made me feel insecure and worried that I wasn't pleasing her). After these incidents, she consistently made excuses to avoid sex. Her reasons were understandable - lack of privacy, not feeling well, fear of getting pregnant, and so on. I tried to open up the communication and offered potential solutions, but every time I proposed a way to address one of her concerns, she would decline and move on to a different excuse. She's also mentioned that she struggles talking about this topic specifically. I didn't want to pressure her, so I respected her choices. This led to two major problems: I felt that she wasn't being entirely honest with me and we ended up going without sex for 5 months. She even went to therapy, but it didn't seem to help.
I had about 3 serious conversations with her but it wasn't until recently that I had a deep conversation expressing all my feelings and that I couldn't continue like this in the relationship. To me, sex isn't indispensable as long as I feel desired. But I didn't feel desired at all. At the end of the last conversation, she told me she doesn't know why it happens but she's going to change, promises to communicate and put more effort and that she definitely desires me and finds me sexually attractive. Since then, we've had great sex but surprisingly, I still feel the same.
Apart from all this:
- I struggle to have deep conversations with her. I've always considered myself a philosophical person and she says she doesn't like to think about it and just likes to listen but not voice her opinions. I think she sees life more superficially than I do.
- She doesn't have hobbies and has too many friends but very few good ones she can trust. She feels like she doesn't have friends.
- She has anger issues. When she's angry, she has said some very hurtful things and it's hard to get her to act as a team. I always try to reach a consensus but feel like she shuts off to what she's feeling and thinking. It turns into 1v1 instead of 2 vs life.
- Her family is a mess, I think they treat her mom badly, but her mom is also rude.
- She's extremely productive and never gets distracted, which sometimes makes me feel pressured to be like her. I'm more of the type to take breaks, brainstorm a thousand ideas. I also get the job done and I'm proud of myself, but I feel like we often clash due to this difference.
The good thing about the relationship is that I see her trying to resolve the issues, it goes very slow but I feel like, for example, she's respected the boundaries I've clearly set after communicating about her past experiences, our sex life has slowly improved, I feel like she's more conscious about her communication when she's angry, she's looking for hobbies and as for her family issue, we haven't discussed that yet. I feel some effort from her, but having 7 bad months out of a 9 month relationship makes me feel like I've lessened my interest and effort in the relationship. I feel more apathetic, like I'm not as detailed as I used to be and in summary, I feel like my love for her has decreased.
We live together now and we're a GREAT TEAM for our PROFESSIONAL life. I know I'll do well financially with her. Plus, she's very affectionate, and even though I don't feel desired, I do feel like I matter to her and that under her definition of love, she loves me. I know it would hurt her a lot if I ended the relationship. Usually we always are having a good time.
And here's my confusion. I feel extreme anxiety. I'm always wondering: how do I know if these are problems that you'll always find in people, in other words, you'll never find a perfect person and how do I know if I should keep fighting? But under this philosophy, where should I draw the line? Nobody's perfect, so? I know in the end it comes down to whether these issues are deal-breakers for me, but what if she's working on them? There will always be problems, how do I know if I should continue? How do I know if I'm staying because of emotional attachment? How do I know if she's staying because of emotional attachment?
I'd really appreciate hearing your experiences and viewpoints to help me gain a better perspective on my situation!
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2023.06.08 06:03 orgamitsuki What you give sufferings to yourself means

What you give sufferings to yourself means your evaluations,

you already believe your evaluations differing from your soul.

Illness and the pains of your health mean the signal you already believe your evaluations differing from your soul, you don't follow your real feelings which you really want to do and you don't want to do for you.
As I've shared my messages with you, " You have your real feelings within your inside in the world you deny the most. " ( You have your real feelings and the voice of your soul within your inside in the world you believe your existence is not acceptable.)

While you already believe your beliefs and your evaluations denying worth of your existence, you don't find your real feelings.

Do you believe you're imperfect ?

While you believe you're imperfect and you have imperfection, you already believe your evaluations denying worth of your existence.

Our journeys of our souls mean we're reminded of that our existences don't have imperfection and a sin, a bad, a failure, a mistake, a want unconditionally through letting go our beliefs and our evaluations.

I hear that many people have vaccinated regarding covid-19 and they've got sick, they suffer from the condition they can't do what they've done so far. Do you want to think that is because of vaccine ?

I think that isn't because of vaccine, that means a sign of love through our souls.

The condition you can't do what you've done so far, you feel that's restricted, means a change of your stage, the sign to change your stage so far, to graduate from your stage you've done so far.
I've also gone through the condition I can't do what I've done so far, I feel what I've done so far as that's restricted so much including illness and something except illness,
I've gone through the messages our souls tell us through illness and the pains of our health over years.

What you've believed, you've thought, you've chosen, you've done, you've felt, creates your health and your inside.

Your evaluations you've believed, cause what you get sick.

Your evaluations you've believed, create your reality and the world you experience.

While we get sick and we feel the pains through our health and our hearts, we already believe our evaluations differing from our souls, we restrain our real feelings and what we really want to do through our past sorrow and our past experiences.

Your evaluations mean

What evaluation do you believe about useless you ?

What evaluation do you believe about you who are not acceptable ?

What evaluation do you believe about you who are not loved ?

What evaluation do you believe about you who are ignored ?

What evaluation do you believe about you who are not understood ?

What evaluation do you believe about you who are not cherished ?

What evaluation do you believe about you who are disliked ?

What evaluation do you believe about you who are discriminated ?

What evaluation do you believe about you who are abandoned ?

What evaluation do you believe about your existence who can't do anything ?

What evaluation do you believe about your existence who doesn't do anything ?

Do you believe useless you as worthless ?

Do you believe you who are not acceptable by your mother and society as worthless ?

Do you believe you who are not understood as worthless ?

Do you believe you who are not loved as worthless ?

Do you believe you who are abandoned as worthless ?

Do you believe you who are disliked as worthless ?

Do you believe you who are ignored as worthless ?

Do you believe you who get bullied as worthless ?

Do you believe you who are not cherished as worthless ?

Do you believe you who can't do anything as worthless ?

Do you believe your existence who doesn't do anything as worthless ?

What you give sufferings to yourself means your beliefs, your evaluations you already believe regarding your existence who you can't do anything and you're not useful and you don't do anything.

You already choose your beliefs.

You already choose your evaluations through your past experiences and your past sorrow.

Believing your existence and useless you as worthless creates sufferings and your reality, the world you experience.

Believing what you deny worth of your existence creates your reality, the world you experience.

I will share what you give to your inside for liberating your inside from your beliefs and your evaluations differing from your soul through my session.

You will get what you give to yourself through my session.

★ The way of getting my session ★
You can get the lessons twice in a month for three months.
That's a session through e-mail. You will face what you write to me more deeply through e-mail. My session doesn't mean I give you the answer for solving your problem in your outside, means I help what you liberate your inside from your beliefs giving your heart sufferings, the pains and sorrow. So it needs three months plan.
​For you who don't find how to love yourself unconditionally, you won't get how to love you through one session or trail session, so I think that you need to learn love you give to your inside little by little.
I think, to get how to love you unconditionally fills your inside with more happiness and freedom and peace, fills your life and the people around you with more happiness and freedom and peace.
​I'll send you my message after my confirmation of your payment. You can get this lesson twice in a month for three months through e-mail.
Regarding my session and payment, get my mail-address from my past post on reddit, contact me !
You can send me your question through this form " Do you have a question ?" Orga Mitsuki Music & Soul-journey
by Orga Mitsuki
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2023.06.08 06:03 fosxei The U.S. Credit Card game (for students) - What, Why, and How

Every so often I see a post here asking about what bank or what credit card to get. In my own experience as well, many students are woefully uninformed on credit cards and how to optimize them. As such, I thought I would write a small guide as to what I think UM students should do when deciding whether or not to play the U.S. Credit Card Game.
Disclaimer: Targeted to students with SSNs. It also places a heavy focus on being able to travel while in university, not necessarily long-term strategies for credit card usage
What is the U.S. Credit Card Game?
Put simply, it is the optimization of Credit Cards (CCs). This can take a variety of forms, including getting credit cards for their sign-up bonuses (SUBs), garnering cash-back (in terms of cash and points) properly, what to do after getting a SUB, how to use the points properly, and much more.
Being in the U.S. is a tremendous advantage when it comes to CCs, as Americans get some of the best CC offerings in the world, both in terms of SUBs and cash-back.
Why should I play?
Well, maybe you shouldn't. If you aren't confident in your ability to manage your money and expenditures, then you are better off following the advice of someone like Dave Ramsey. CC debt can produce decade-long consequences, so stop here and give yourself an honest self-evaluation.
That being said, if you are financially responsible, then the world awaits you. For students, traveling during breaks is a time to make core memories. However, traveling is expensive. In fact, for international travel, airfare is likely the most expensive part of your journey.
So why pay it at all?
I've been to Europe, Asia, and Oceania, all without paying a single dime of the airfare. The only thing I paid was a meager 50-80 dollars for a fuel surcharge.
The secret? Credit cards. This is the name of the game.
At our stage in life, we aren't likely to get so much out of the cash-back cards just yet (not enough consistent spend). However, there are a multitude of CCs that you can get with a very thin credit history that will enable you to fly nearly expense free. You will unlock the previously impossible trips that you could not take with your friends. Experiences that you could only have after establishing a consistent income can be had right now, with the best friends of your life.
Seriously, you will not regret it.
How to play?
One of the greatest difficulties of the game is how to start. There are numerous tricks, restrictions, and guidelines to follow. I will link several resources below that you can read if you are curious. However, the most important one for us will be Chase Bank's 5/24 rule. 5/24 is a rule employed by Chase which will render an automatic denial if you have 5 or more new CCs in the last 24 months. What this means is, as a general rule, get your Chase cards early.
Disclaimer: If your parents are knowledgeable, they might have added you as an authorized user (AU) on their credit cards. So long as they have a good score and history, a lot of that can be imparted to you. For example, I have a friend who has had credit cards for a short time. His credit score is near 800, and his "credit history" is longer than his lifespan. If this is you, some of these rules may not apply.
Step 1: Make a Chase Checking account. They often have cash bonuses for this, so take advantage of that as well.
Step 2: Move your money there, and (if you have a job, you probably should at least part time) redirect your direct deposits to that account. Do not leave the balance low, as this can adversely affect you later on.
Your first card will be your worst one. There is no way about it. You will almost certainly be denied for a credit card at any of the major issuers (other than student/beginner cards that are worse than the ones I am about to list). That being said, the options aren't the worst. I would recommend the BoA Customized Cash Rewards Credit Card or Discover it cards. Look over these yourself, and choose. They both offer pretty decent cash-back options. They will give you cash-back, in terms of statement credit, not bank points.
One thing to keep in mind is that when you apply for a credit card, it will most often result in hard pull on you credit score, which credit issuers often do not like to see too many of. Each issuer has different rules and standards (Chase can be picky, AMEX generally doesn't care, etc). So don't just apply without considering your choices and likelihood of being approved.
Whichever card you get, put some spend on it (try for 10-30% utilization of your credit line, or a bit lower). ALWAYS PAY YOUR STATEMENTS IN FULL ON TIME. This is non-negotiable. Do not use your CC like free money. Treat it like a debit card, and only spend as much as you have.
As a general guideline, you can start getting new (and much better) cards about 6-9 months after your first card. Some of you may be fortunate enough to receive targeted offers even before then. You can also check some preapprovals from various credit issuers. Space out your applications.
In respect to the 5/24 rule, I would consider trying for a Chase Sapphire Preferred(CSP) as your second card. The CSP usually offers a robust SUB, and is an all-around great card. It has a $95 dollar annual fee (relatively low for a card of its stature). However, it may be a hard task with a short credit history. This can be helped quite a bit if you have a relationship with them (remember the checking account we established?). If you don't have a relationship with them, or your credit score is lower than ~715, or you have some other circumstance, I would look into the Chase Freedom Flex(CFF) or the Chase Freedom Unlimited(CFU). The SUBs for these other two are about 1/4-1/3 of the CSP, but they come with no annual fee. IMO, these are the most important CCS to begin with because they give you access to the Chase point system, Ultimate Rewards (UR). The SUBs are typically 25,000 and 90,000 UR points for the CFU/CFF and CSP respectively. They are worth about 1.6 cents/point, which gives you a value 400 USD for the CFU/CFF, and 1440 USD for the CSP. And that is just from the SUBs, you will accrue more from the cash-back value (which are given in points). These can give incredible value in travel, and much more. I will explain this more later. TRY NOT TO USE THE UR POINTS BEFORE YOU HAVE THE CSP OR CSR, AS THEIR VALUE IS LESS.
After you are established in the Chase ecosystem, for our purposes, as students with low, inconsistent expenditures, we will be looking for the highest SUB cards (within reason). If you for whatever reason spend a lot of money, then you have more options as well, but this guide may not be for you in the first place. There is a catch with most of the CCs that offer high SUBs. That is that they require you to spend x amount of dollars within a certain timeframe. Some of these spend requirements are very manageable (2000 USD in 6 months), and some are harder (5000 USD in 3 months). Do not stretch yourself thin here. You can do something known as manufactured spend (MS) to help reach that requirement, but I would not recommend it, as we are somewhat tarnishing our original goal with that. If you are in desperate need to reach your spend requiremnt, look into gift cards (they often have discounts, so you get the cash back and the gift card for extra value), although some credit cards have restrictions on this. You can also often pay your rent with a CC, although the fees for that vary. Do the math, and adjudicate whether or not it is worth it.
So, what cards should you be looking for?
In general, cards that give you bank points (Citi's Thank You Points (TYP), Chase's Ultimate Rewards (UR), AMEX's Membership Rewards (MR), etc). These offer the most flexibility. Some good cards in this category are any of AMEX's Platinum, Gold, and Green cards. They give out very very high SUBs, but their annual fees can get high, so do the math and make a decision. I would recommend against the Chase Sapphire Reserve since it probably isn't worth for students, the SUB is not that great, and the annual fee is very high. I would also recommend looking at cobranded airline cards. The AMEX Delta Gold, for example, recently dished out 75,000 SkyMiles after 2000 USD was spent in 6 months. Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Red is giving out 70,000 American Airlines miles after you pay the annual fee (99 USD) and make one purchase within 90 days. 70,000 AA miles gets you roundtrip to anywhere in the world. United Airlines recently devalued their points quite heavily, so I would avoid any of their cobranded cards for the time being. That being said, if their points get better, a 0 annual fee card called the United Explorer exists, and recently, the 70,000 miles SUB you could get would get you just about anywhere as well. SkyMiles, while hit or miss, can have so very amazing flash sales (most recently, they had a roundtrip flight to Auckland from just about anywhere in the US for 42,500 SkyMiles).
In general, I would recommend avoiding all store cobranded cards and exclusively cash-back cards until you have enough income and expenditures that it is worthwhile. For now, focus on getting the best SUBs so you can maximzie your experiences in college.
The general idea is for cards with annual fees, downgrade them after 1 year of holding it. If a downgrade option doesn't exist, then bite the bullet and enjoy what you got out of it, call for a potential retention offer, or cancel it. I would recommend trying not to cancel too many cards, as it can have adverse impacts on your credit in the future, and if done too often, can cause credit issuers to blacklist you. If the annual fee is too high for you to manage, and there is no downgrade available, then reconsider getting the card.
Let me give an example. Lets say you get the AMEX Gold, AMEX Delta Gold, CSP, CFF, United Explorer, and the Aviator Red. If you move your MR points to Delta and the UR points to United, that gives you ~165,000 SkyMiles, ~180,000 United miles, and ~70,000 American Airline miles. The SkyMiles are worth about two roundtrips to Asia or Europe, the United Miles are worth about two round trips to Asia or Europe, and the American miles are worth about one round trip to Asia or Europe. That is 5 international trips. The combined first year annual fee across all of these cards is just $350, and all except the AMEX Gold and Aviator Red (sometimes can be downgraded) can be downgraded to a $0 annual fee card. 5 international trips, for 450 dollars before your fuel charges. That value is incredible. And this is all before you get the extra points from any expenditures you may be having. The combined spend across all these cards to get the SUBs is (in order from the original listing) 4000 + 2000 + 4000 + 500 + 3000 + 0. That is just 13,500 USD that you need to spend in order to get the SUBs. Assume you spread this across 3 years, that is just 4,500 USD a year. I am pretty sure most people live on more than 4,500 a year. Thats some (most?) people's annual groccery bill! Assuming your freshmen year you are building your credit, you could take an international trip every summer and then take two trips your senior year. Imagine traveling the world with your friends while in university, for much cheaper than if you had to pay cash.
That's about all I have to say. I have done extensive research on this topic, and I have employed it myself. I just hope everyone else can enjoy the perks as well.

Get your first credit card the moment you turn 18. Build your credit responsibly. Use it like a debit card. Pay in full, every month. Keep a spreadsheet. Enjoy as banks pay for your travels.
There are many nuances and rules, but I tried to keep it simple enough and digestible for the average person.
Here are the two most important resources in learning about the U.S. Credit Card Game:
Doctor of Credit and US Credit Card Guide
There are several other travel-focused blogs that exist, so follow them so you can always get the best value out of your points. Often there are transfer bonuses from bank points to miles, and so you can getup to 50% more value than I stated above, depending on the offering.
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2023.06.08 05:55 dannisthemenis Dark baby bed bugs?

Dark baby bed bugs?
Hey all,
I was wondering if anyone had any relevant information or experience with this. Over the past year, I have been dealing with bed bugs that are not seeming to go away. I have had multiple heat treatments done to no avail. Strangely enough, I am only finding them in the bathroom, and I am only finding nymphs. I saved one for the specialist to examine, and he was stunned at how dark they were in what seemed to be the first stage of their life. Any thoughts as to what this could mean?
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2023.06.08 05:48 ltmorzan Cursed?!

I'm from Reno, NV. I bought tickets to go see Odesza in Sacramento when they were touring. Their stage collapsed and they rescheduled. No big deal, ill go on the reschedule. They rescheduled to the weekend my buddy got married. Alright, no big deal, I'll catch them on the festival circuit. I arrive in NYC for Govball. It's smoky as hell due to the canadian wildfires, the subreddit is ablaze with speculation of cancelation, and I don't want my boys Clay and Harrison (and their entire team) to have to perform in this shite. Odesza is my number one bucket list artist. At this point I might just huck it from the Brooklyn Bridge. I can't accept "it was never meant to be..." how do I break such a curse?
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2023.06.08 05:47 _Rozenwyn_ [YA] A Girl, a Boy, a Music Box and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Hey guys,
I'm searching for a YA book that was published in the late 90s-early 00s.
I know the protagonists were a girl and boy - chapters alternated between their POVs. Book was typical YA novel length - nothing too long or short.
If this rings any bells for you, please let me know. I'd love to have a name to associate with the memory!
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2023.06.08 05:42 Biscuit9154 Need help with a possible new small, online business. <3

Hi! So, I have an idea for a new small business, but idk what I'm doing, & I'm hoping y'all can impart some wisdom upon me? <3 Here's my business pitch, so y'all can see what it's about.
"Hello! I'm a transgirl & if there's one thing I hate & get dysphoric about; it's facial hair, body hair, & in the absence of it: razor burn! I learned as I was raised a boy that the best way to help razor burn & nicks is with aftershave. One problem with that, for girls like me, is that the aftershave that helps us only comes is terrible masculine scents! So I had the idea that I could make my own, using a recipe online for men, add pretty girly scents to it using essential oils to make it appealing to transgirls!"
This business is in the VERY VERY beginning stages, simply because I don't have the capital to even start "beta testing" (whatever the irl equivalent is lol) the aftershave. I feel like to set me apart from competition, I should have a special ingredient, but I can't for the life of me figure what that could possibly be? I can't get the permission of the mods to promote on the subs I need ( mtf trans lgbt ) to get a feel for the demand for such a product, but it's hypothetically very in demand because facial/body hair is a common source of dysphoria for many of my trans sisters.
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2023.06.08 05:40 Christiano97 I got a dog and it was the worst decision of my life

I’m 24 growing up I was always the animal lover. Had a childhood dog growing up animals were always my thing. I was the kind of guy people would look at weird because I would almost sound like Elmo talking to dogs out of love lol. So growing up almost all of my friends got dogs and I 100% stood solid that’s never going to be me. I’ve always been the life of the party kind of guy that travels a lot and is never really home. I like my house spotless and a care free life. Me and my girlfriend always joked around about getting a dog but always said we should wait until we have kids so it’s a one time stress kind of thing. So then we hit a really tough spot in our relationship where I thought we’d be done for good. We reconciled but were on thin ice with each other. She started saying maybe I should get a dog now I don’t have to wait for kids. Then she asked to go dog shopping. So we go out for a day dog shopping and the main reason I was really ok with this was it kept her around since she hadn’t been coming around. We go to a pet shop and she finds a wiener dog she absolutely loved while we were looking for a dog for me. She ask me if I’d be able to take care of the wiener dog and it has to say at my house that’s the only way she’d get it. So in my mind I’m like hey that keeps her here and we can really rebuild. A couple days go by and she comes home with the wiener dog. This was my first dog ever not living at home. So it was a lot of struggles and I saw how much work it was. I was almost content with not getting a dog now and not having the responsibility. Now we’re like oh I have to get a dog still and a white husky was always my dream dog (really because of looks). My ignorance didn’t fully research how much goes into this breed. So I look all over and found one in a different state. I put the deposit and have a friend go get the dog to bring here. The dog was a lot bigger when I got her probably 3 months so I didn’t get to enjoy the tiny puppy stage. Introducing the super tiny wiener puppy was the most stressful couple weeks of my life because of their massive size difference and my husky would go after her maybe in a playful way but still. I became so extremely stressed to the point where I was in tears a few times and thought I made a huge mistake and I don’t want a dog at all. My girl talked me through and told me we would work through it together. The husky took wayyyyyyyyyy longer than the wiener dog to learn potty training so I spent most of my thanksgiving and Christmas with poop and piss all over the house constantly. I went from this carefree life to being stressed everyday getting up early to the dog whining cleaning up messes constantly. I’ve grown to absolutely love my girlfriends wiener dog she’s everything I’d want in a dog and she’s tiny so it’s a lot easier. But with my husky still even 6 months later I just feel so annoyed and aggravated constantly. Things other people find adorable absolutely annoy me to no end. If I open the door in the morning she starts screaming and it literally sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me. I just feel so disconnected and feel like I never got the love for the dog like I did for the weeny. My girlfriend doesn’t like hairy bigger dogs so she really never takes her out or helps me with her so it’s all on me constantly. It’s to the point where I just give her bones or a treat filled with peanut butter every single day because it’s the only thing that keeps her busy and out of my hair. She’s destroyed my door trim, my dining room chair, constantly eats every comforter that’s over her crate making a mess everywhere. And I completely understand 99% of puppies do this and that’s a part of owning one. I just feel like I’ve truly hit my wits end and I feel like this is the biggest mistake of my life. I’m constantly stressed out constantly snapping at all the people around me because I’m just so annoyed all of the time. It’s constantly hurting my relationship with my mom because we argue about it. My family absolutely loves the dog and will cry anytime I even say anything negative or say I don’t know if this is for me. They have health issues and can’t take the dog. I just really don’t know what to do. I feel like the dog deserves a better life with somebody who will give every waking moment and love the dog the way she should be loved. I feel like a horrible person I never wanted to feel this way but no matter what I do I can’t control this way I feel. Every time she is in her crate or staying at families house my life feels back to normal. I knew from learning from all my friends this was a horrible mistake and I did it anyways. These are all things I should have thought of before bringing a dog into my life. I’m a horrible person who should have done better. I feel like I just put up with keeping the dog to make my family happy but I know the dog and I would both live a better life separate ways. My mom had a friend at work that offered to take her and a part of me couldn’t let her go and I wanted to think about it for a couple days and now a few days later my moms friend got a different dog and now I’m sick to my stomach everyday feeling like I passed up the one opportunity to make my life normal and do what I should have done now it’s gone. I’m just so lost in this situation I’m at a loss in my mind.
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2023.06.08 05:38 JayDayYT I ignored my best friend's death and it ruined everything.

Hey, this is a lesson to not do what I did. I fucked up royally and lost my whole world.
So long story short, my best friend died on Dec. 31 in a car wreck. They used Jaws of Life but he didn't make it. 23 is far too young to go. I've been in a slump ever since. It's hard going through the 5 stages of grief when someone dies because of it's permanence and prevalence. Every day I just want to know he's okay but I know he's gone forever. This led me to lack taking care of myself, and thus my now-ex girlfriend.
She was right, I wasn't thinking about her and I treated her shitty because of it without even knowing. I never gave her any reassurance in the last 6 months because I needed someone to give me reassurance, someone to tell me it's all going to be okay, because when you lose someone all people say is they're sorry for the loss and move on. I've been frustrated, agitated, angry at the world for taking my friend and I've only ever been running from what happened. I didn't go to his funeral because I was scared and worked instead. I regret that every. single. fucking. day.
I took her to a cemetery because she was persistent on going on a date there and I was miserable the whole time, not thinking about her but thinking about how he's 6ft under and I still haven't gone to visit him, pay my respects, and pour him a shot.
I accelerated fast one time going 60 in a 55, and even though it was controlled, I shouldn't have scared her like I did.
She dumped me, and it's clear what's happening wasn't her fault and I know I severely fucked up. When we were together for the last 6 months I'd binge watch TV, play video games for hours on end, or work my life away to avoid my distress. I alternated between vaping weed every day and drinking alcohol to not have to think about it, even started doing it on the clock. Now that it's over, I understand the gravity of this level of grief and the rippling impact it has on others around those affected. Giving up weed and alcohol has forced my brain to think about him nonstop again, so now I can finally work through my baggage with my space from her.
She's my soul mate and I ran from my problems until they became catastrophic. The only way out is through, so I've been crying and crying and crying finally processing his death, but I need to fix this with her. I need her to know that I can get better and will treat her right the way I used to like a gentleman, but she hates me and blocked me everywhere. My emotions ran too high and we fought and she said she's done, but I can't just let her go. I love her so, so fucking much, and I need to fight for her. I need her to know that when I'm better, I'm going to be the best I've ever been because this all made me appreciate her so much more. That is if she'll even bother working with me to fix this...
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2023.06.08 05:33 No-Freedom3991 AITJ Grandfather banned me from Grandma's funeral and I never talked to him again.

To give context to the relationship I have a few good memories of my Grandpa E growing up, he lived in a different state Nevada vs Washington but my brother and I would visit him and my grandmother once a year generally during winter break. We would also visit Grandma E again during the summer at her lake house in Minnesota. Grandpa E joined us there once in the 15 times we went. We called on birthdays and holidays and tried to call once every other month or so. As I got older the calls and visits became more infrequent as life happens. To be clear the phone calls were pretty consistently one way, the grandchildren called the grandparents. I also have some not so pleasant memories of visits with my grandfather as he was very much a disciplinarian and had some expectations for a child that were very much outside of what I was used to.
Now the start of the conflict comes from the fact that growing up my brother and I were told that our College education would be covered by Grandpa E. He was from a wealthy family and could easily afford it so I never really worried about paying for college. When it was my brother's turn he had to visit some colleges and abide by some rules and his college tuition was covered. So when it was my turn, I visited some colleges and was ready to follow the rules. Apparently I didn't do a good enough job and my college was not going to be paid for by him. I didn't find this out until after being accepted into my college of choice and being too late to apply for FAFSA. I decided to go anyway and try and pay for it myself with my savings, loans and working. Long depressing story short, I ran out of money before the end of the first year as I was ill prepared to take on the financial burden of being independant and was unable to secure a loan. I went from having $5,000 in the bank to -$12,000.
It took me years to pay off the debt, move out of my mom’s house and pay fofinish community college before getting accepted into a new university. I resented my grandfather for being forced to go through that and while he believed I didn't put in enough effort to satisfy his conditions I felt like I did. My brother and I had roughly the same GPA, the same SAT scores, we were going to the same college and I visited the same number of other colleges before settling on the one my brother was going to. The only thing I could gather from conversations with my father and grandfather was I basically didn't pay enough homage to the king so I wasn't given the benefit of his patronage.
I believe that is fair enough and while I was resentful I tried to not let it color my relationship with him. But since I no longer felt an obligation towards him as he was not paying for my college the relationship then had to stand on its own merits. I would still call but the frequency went down and if I was told he was busy doing something I didn’t feel obliged to call back later. I still visited Grandma E at the lake but the trips down to Nevada became pretty sparse as I couldn't really afford to make the trips. I was working retail 40 hours a week to pay for college and an apartment. I got a total of 2 weeks off per year and was discouraged from taking the whole time off together. I honestly left the state once over the course of the 7 years it took to try again at college.
In that time they never visited me in Washington and while general offers were made to pay for my tickets, nothing concrete ever came of it. Every trip I ever made to visit was paid out of my own pocket after I turned 18, so visits were sparse to say the least as I could barely afford rent and community without plunging myself further into debt.
Keep in mind I was always willing to answer a call from my grandparents, and my grandmother did call a couple of times, but my grandfather never did. I was to call him not the other way around. Fast forward several years of struggle and hardship working a job I hate to pay for school with no real support from family. Grandma E eventually started to develop Alzheimers. My other grandmother had already gone through this and it was tough to visit, phone calls were painful and I didn't feel like they helped her because she couldn't seem to remember me. When Grandma E also developed Alzheimers I didn't handle it very well. I had seen what happens through this process and wasn't looking forward to seeing it again. I was also in school at the time after finally saving up enough to give it another shot to get my bachelors. So when she developed Alzheimers while I was in school I 1 couldn't afford to see her as I had no car and all of my money was being spent on tuition, food and housing and 2 couldn't really get away from school except for limited breaks as I had to take summer classes in order to graduate in two years to avoid taking on more debt.
By the time I was done with school my grandmother was in and out of the hospital and when I asked if I should visit I was told that it was fine. Every time there was a crisis I asked if I should visit and was told it was fine. So one day Grandma E was hospitalized and I wasn't told about it, I didn't find out about it until she was dead. When I asked about the funeral I was told that my Grandfather said my brother and I were not welcome at the funeral.
Now to be fair to him at this point it had been at least 6 years since I had seen him in person and 2 years since we had talked on the phone. We'd been losing touch over the last half decade as I was the only one calling and half the conversations I had with my grandfather were lectures. At this point the relationship wasn’t great but I also didn’t think it was irreparable. Most of the updates I got about both grandparents came from my father and I thought that was okay since once again there was never a phone call expressing displeasure at the lack of communication.
There was a lot of unaddressed anger on both our parts. I struggled with debt for the entirety of my twenties and it started when I spent all my savings and wracked up credit card debt trying to pay for college. He apparently thought I wasn’t a good grandson, didn’t call enough and wasn’t there for him while my grandmother was slowly losing her mind. I can understand some of where he is coming from, but this all comes to me second hand as he never once addressed any of these things with me as he never called.
In the endI never talked to my Grandfather again after being banned from the funeral. He died around a year later and I didn't go to his funeral, apparently it was just my dad, uncle and the priest. I didn't cry when I found out, didn't even really mourn. AITJ for not trying to salvage anything at the end, for never confronting him over the state of our relationship? AITJ for allowing things to get that bad?
My grandfather reneged on paying for my college leaving me $12,000 in debt and unable to graduate as I ran out of money. The relationship soured and eventually he banned me and my brother from our grandmother’s funeral. I never spoke with him again and didn’t attend his funeral a year later when he passed AITJ?
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2023.06.08 05:31 PoetLucy VA, KS

We hear a lot of negative things about the VA, so let me give them credit!
My husband is there for a bit and we needed his labs. They sent us on a long walk to an elevator. We got to elevator with two others, so five now in total.
I pulled Kiddo and husband back because I. Am. Very. Claustrophobic.
The gentleman asked if I was okay and I told him why I was waiting—for us to be alone so it wouldn’t be so bad. The speech therapist behind us said we should go ahead and they would wait. I explained me vs elevators…the doors opened. One could fit a gurney in there so it was okay
We started walking, but this was not “our” VA, so speech therapist walked us to the correct place before heading where she needed to be.
I’ve found the institution of the VA is not great, but so many who work/volunteer there really do care.
It is the people who make or break a facility and today was a winner.
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2023.06.08 05:28 JontheBuilder My ex finally set me free

I'm on mobile, I'll try my best to make it readable.
I was with my ex for 1.5 years, broken up for 3. I was still hung up over him. Not in a "let's get back together way" more like "why couldnt we, I, make it work?". Tonight though he broke that delusion.
When I met him, (EX2), I was I was in another relationship (EX1). It was through mutual friends at a social gathering. We were friendly but didn't have much interaction outside of the group.
A bit of background:
EX1 and I worked together. Some of the mutual friends also worked with us. We kept our romance under wraps but if you knew you knew. Some time after we got together he was promoted to a supervisor role and it was like a switch flipped.
Some men should not be given power and I found out he was one of those men. He started acting odd with me in and out of the office. Kinda lording his postion at work over me in our relationship. He didn't need to work in office all day and could choose when he came and went. We no longer came or left together. I later found out that he used that time away from me to cheat with multiple women from multiple departments. Everyone in the office knew either while it was happening or after I found out. I was completely embarrassed. My personal life bled into my professional life. I ended the relationship and tried to save face by completely ignoring him and begging my direct supervisor to ensure I didn't have any cross work involving him. It worked and I felt like a professional again. If I saw him in the halls it was like he wasn't there, I looked straight through him and never addressed him.
Cheating is an absolute deal breaker for me but coupled with interfering with my work/money? Big no no. There was no going back. EX2 knew this.
End background.
EX2 and I got together a few months after this. He shot his shot and was initially turned down becuase I was still with with EX1. He fell back but got updates on my office telenovela from the mutuals. When he heard it ended he gave me some time then started the pursuit. He commiserated the end of my relationship and even apologized for me going through that. He courted me really well and I fell hard.
People I need to you understand how in love I was. He seemed the same too. The connection was strong. The first Christmas of our relationship our families (both small but mighty) spent it together and we all got along. He pulled things out of me that no one else did. He said I did the same for him. All his friends and family said I brought out a side of him they hadn't seen. His grandma told me she hadn't seen him smile this much since he was a kid. We were fools in love, at least I was.
So when his switch flipped I didn't know how to cope. There was no power imbalance here. No office politics to navigate. I was at a loss. So like most women I tried to get back to the honeymoon stage. He became so cold and not as amused by me anymore. Communication became difficult, we could never come to an agreement anymore. We saw each other less with more canceled plans. I was confused. Every time I brought up a disconnect we would talk in circles until I said I'm being paranoid. That we could agree on.
In my paranoia I hacked all his socials, men really only use one password for everything. I went though everything until I found what I was looking for. He was cheating with multiple women. If I didn't find this I'm sad to say I would have stayed but I did so begrudgingly I left. I was hoping this would cause him to fight for me but he didn't even apologize. All he said was what did you expect? Floored.
I moved away and changed jobs shortly after this, I slowly forgot about EX1 but just couldn't let go of EX2.Then I got a call from a familiar number on my birthday last year. EX2. I picked up and he was his usual self. It was like we didn't miss a beat. He wished me a happy birthday and we started catching up. This led to sporadic update calls that led to tonight's eye opener.
Like my first paragraph says, I didn't want him back. But I really wanted to know why he changed on me. Especially because he often said he is not and would never be over me and felt he could never give enough of himself to be in a relationship again. No matter how our calls started they always ended with us debating why we broke up. I always came out as the bad guy for not looking past the cheating because he truly loved me. I hated this but I was also so curious as to how he could come to this conclusion that I hurt him and believe it so firmly.
Tonight I finally had enough and said to put himself in my shoes. Would he stay if he found what I found. If he was confronted with the fact that the person he loved was betraying him so casually. He said he didn't have to imagine becuase he already did and he stayed while I left. I was stopped dead in the conversation. I asked him to explain knowing that I WOULD NEVER CHEAT. He said he had it on good authority that I was involved with EX1 while with him. Guys a light bulb went off. The final piece of the puzzle was given to me. I had the answer.
I couldn't help it. I started crying because the realization hit me but I needed him to tell me from him perspective. So he did. Right around the time he changed, I had a work assignment I could not get out of. I had to work under EX1. I hated it but I was at work and needed to suck it up. I decided I would be cordial. It made the work smoother and EX1 flex his superiority less.There were times when he tried to be personal, even apologizing for what he put me through but I shut him down and always brought it back to work. He seemed to understand and we carried on and completed our assignment.
One of the mutuals of EX2 saw this and would frequently make comments to me. I genuinely thought this was because he was looking out for me and didn't want to cause me and EX2 any unwarranted stress.I assured him I was capable of handling myself and not letting this get messy like last time.
Turns out he thought I was betraying EX2 by even being in the same cubicle as EX1 and that a better solution was for me to sooner quit my job than ever have to interact with EX1 again in order to protect EX2's honor as a man. He made up stories to EX2 that me and EX1 had resumed our relationship. All this was happening and I didn't know.
Of course I told EX2 that I had to have a working relationship with EX1 and it couldn't be avoided. I thought he understood that I was working. Instead he took my nonchalance as me hiding something. So his suspicions were only proven right when he was told that we were romantic again. Did he speak to me? Make his discomfort be known? No. Instead he proceeded to treat me badly and cheat on me. That was his solution. He thought the fact that he stayed with me though this imaginary infidelity gave him a leg up in the relationship. He was punishing me for something I didn't do and telling himself that he was virtuous becuase he stayed. That's why he couldn't understand why I left. He thought I was a hypocrite.
When I explained to him and got it through to him that I did not cheat on him I could see the wheels turning. His voiced cracked a bit when he finally said I'm sorry. He realized what I was trying to figure this whole time. He hurt me so badly off of a lie. He broke us because of a lie. It could have been prevented if he did what I did. Confront me and talk about it but he didn't.
I was crying becuase I finally knew. I didn't do anything to deserve his treatment. There was nothing I did or didn't do or say. I wasn't unlovable. When I finally stopped I said I had to go. He asked if this was the last time and I said yes. He knew. I couldn't be the bad guy anymore. Oh my gosh I'm hurt but I feel so free. I don't have any more what-ifs. I can move on. I can let go.
While I'm not sure but that last look at him made me think hes gonna be plagued by all the doubt that I had. All the scenarios that played out in my head for the past three years are gonna play out for him becuase all he had to do was just come talk to me.
Anyone who read this thank you! I didnt have anyone i could share this with. It was so freeing to write. I'm so happy and feel like a new person. I'm vindicated y'all!
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2023.06.08 05:26 cornholius_erecticus Who should be the opponent for Adonis Creed in CREED IV?

I think for the inevitable CREED IV, the next opponent for Adonis should be someone like Apollo Creed. Someone young and on the rise, charismatic, but brash and well respected. A fighter who the crowd can find themselves cheering for, someone who can command attention next to Adonis. With the last two movies, we spent time with some dark and personal opponents to rival Adonis, villains that were there to destroy him or supplant him. And while i think that is always cool, I think next time around, I'd like to see a fighter who is several years younger than Adonis, but ferocious in the ring like Viktor Drago or feral like Diamond Dame. This can be a fighter who does not know his own power yet, and he really hurts people in the ring. The fight doesn’t have to be an emotionally personal fight, but it can be one on the front of sportsmanship. CREED IV can be a full-on boxing movie, past vs. present. This fighter can really rival Adonis in that he's younger, faster, and way more unhinged with his power and technique in the ring. It can be someone who has been around for a while but was overshadowed by the sensational fights that happened when Adonis took over the champion belt and as a result, his victories went overlooked somewhat but with a growing chip on his shoulder, he still kept fighting all these years. I'm thinking maybe a young Italian American or Spanish fighter to parallel the Apollo and Rocky fight decades earlier. I'm just spitballing here, but what do you guys think?
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