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2023.06.04 22:39 piepurefeatherran Lilly Pulitzer Flock Full Of Fun Discount & Promo

Go to this page for Lilly Pulitzer Flock Full Of Fun Discount & Promo. If you're looking for the newest coupons and promo codes, that page is the place to go. They always have the latest offers available.
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2023.06.04 22:38 BlindMancs I'm the luckiest biker today

Went to Birmingham NEC for an expo, but because my car was in for service, I had to take the bike.Because I was working at the expo, I could only get out 2 hours after it ended.
When I got to the car park, I heard my disc break alarm going off. Multiple guys around my SV650, one chap kicking my steering wheel to break the lock. Managed to fend them off, mainly thanks to Jamie, another biker who parked next to me and was there at the same time. When they realised they couldn't take the bike, they kicked it over. As again, disc break was on, so even if they get the lock off, they still would not have taken the bike probably.
I quickly packed my bags on, and got on the motorway back to south, fuming for a solid 30 minutes before I had to stop for petrol. Bumped into 3 riders, whom I could share the events with, allowing me to properly relax.
Once I got back on the bike, I realised how immensely lucky I was, sitting on my bike with zero riding affecting damage. Engine guard & bar ends saved everything, especially because Jamie also slowed the fall of the bike. Steering lock is still there, but it's definitely bent, it's only about 5% off from the center. Lock works, but inserting the key is now tricky. Nothing else wrong with it the bike, so probably it won't cost me more than £2-300. (hopefully)
Lessons learned:- Disc break lock is not theft prevention, it's theft protection. These morons didn't know what it was, otherwise what was the point of any of what they were doing? They had no grinder on them.- Birmingham is full of c*nts, never take a bike there- Birmingham NEC has ZERO security in the car park, 2 hours after the daily event ends. There were still nearly 100 cars on site, yet zero staff to protect a PAID car park.
The man of the day is Saint Jamie, if I could hug you for another minute, I would.
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2023.06.04 22:38 Stray-Lion Berserk/Claymore/Castlevania style Dark Fantasy [Discord] [M4A]

I'm in a big time mood for some Dark Fantasy (or some fun action-adventure).
I'm a Multi-Para/Novella style rper, and I get quite into worldbuilding and narrative craftsmanship. Please be reciprocal in that regard.
I use a lot of horror-stylized Dark-Fantasy the likes of Berserk, Castlevania, and Claymore, and I'm into general D&D-style High-Fantasy too.
I'm fond of anime-ish aesthetics, and I'm not into picrews, AI art, or real life face claims.
Being said, onto what I'm looking for.
I'm working on a character who can best be described as a murderous vagabond.
He's known as The Riven. And he's kind of a bad guy. This figure is disdainfully regarded as a monstrous manslayer and kingslayer, trailed by ghoulish rumors. He is wanted for his heinous actions, including high treason, murder, and conspiracy, and he is known to be a massive brute in full armor, wielding a massive spear.
I like running him against characters who would serve as a foil to his evil actions. They could be hunting him for some transgression he's committed against them, or they could be working on behalf of a similar agency.
[Ex. Your character is the Paige of a Duke who was recently slain by a certain, murderous vagabond. You hunt him down to seek revenge...or answers.]
He also works well against more lighthearted characters who would struggle to maintain such a bright disposition in an otherwise foreboding world. For example, healers, kind strangers, magi, etc.
[Ex. Your character meets a bloodied and unconscious brute in the woods outside of a city. She naturally wishes to provide aid.]
I don't like "mercenaries" or "just looking for a good fight" characters, as they often lack conviction that helps make the rp feel more multi-dimensional.
This world of mine is full of fantasy, horror, and rich lore that I'd love for your input on.
Please DM me for more discussion. I do not reply directly to comments. See ya!
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2023.06.04 22:38 AutoModerator Naomi Ross OF leaked on twitter and reddit, Video Adin Ross sister onlyf Leak full Video

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2023.06.04 22:38 Southern_Cost3920 My husband thinks we need counseling for communication issues. I know there’s a much bigger issue at play.

I’m convinced my husband has bpd. I’ve thought so for years and his behavior continues to affirm my suspicions. A few days ago I finally decided I needed to leave (at least temporarily). I left a long note citing my reasons. The tl:dr is that he needs to get his emotional/mental health under control because I think he’s dangerous for me and the kids to be around.
He responded to that note via email and said he thinks we have communication issues within our marriage. He’s demanding marriage counseling. He’s currently in therapy for childhood trauma and anger issues. My hunch is he and his therapist have reached a place where ‘communication’ seems to be the area to focus on.
Of course we have communication issues! How can I communicate with someone so irrational? So emotional? How do I approach him to start a healthy dialogue when I’m walking on eggshells?
Quick story: I made chili (his fave) the other night so he could have food once he got home from a long business trip. Normally Friday nights are for pizza but I thought it’s be nice. I texted to let him know. Rather than be grateful for a home-cooked meal, he was fuming when he got home because he was expected to reheat it and eat alone (it was 11pm when he got home! Also- I have several kids including an infant who still nurses at night. I’m exhausted). He’s claiming this whole thing would have been so much better if we communicated better. (What?!) It would have been better if he didn’t take my being in bed as some sort of rejection, which led him to spiral and split into his inner Hyde.
I still think the main cause is bpd… not a lack of communication skills. But of course, I’m doubting myself at times. Looking for validation, or for someone to share their experience with something similar, or perhaps resources.
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2023.06.04 22:37 One-Permission1917 Going on a two week vacation and here’s my plan. Looking for feedback on if this sounds like a good idea.

Okay so I’m at .5 currently. I was planning on taking a dose the morning I leave for vacation but not taking any with me. I don’t want to deal with refrigeration, possible confiscation from TSA, or possible side effects (I had one day that completely took me out with food poisoning-like symptoms and one scary constipation episode - I would hate to have any of that on vacation). So I’ll be going for two weeks on one dose. And then when I get back, I plan to take a half dose (.25) and then the other half 3-4 days later in hopes of preventing myself from getting sick. I just worry about going back full force and ending up feeling awful. So this feels like a smart plan to me, but I’d love to hear if it’s not or if I haven’t fully thought it through. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.04 22:37 Evening-Macaroon6361 lifestyle creep and switching careers?

Sorry this is going to be long! I’m 27 and have been working in the accounting industry since graduating college in 2019 with BS in accounting and a minor in creative writing. I was on track climbing the public accounting ladder but getting my CPA on top of multiple busy seasons burnt me out to the point that I quit. I didn’t hate it or anything—I made good money and actually really enjoyed having the space to problem solve without being micromanaged, but I was burned out enough that everything and everyone pissed me off for no reason and I knew that wasn’t fair to my coworkers. I took two months off between jobs in the hopes that it’d cure my burnout. It didn’t, unsurprisingly.
I took an “easier” job hoping that it would be lower stress, but my supervisor constantly belittles me and is horrible at communication, and even if the work itself is simple, having to deal with that on a daily basis has made my mental health worse than ever to the point that I don’t go a day without wondering if I should just end it. The burnout is worse than ever, and I haven’t even been at this job for a full year yet. I genuinely like(d) accounting and used to think I was pretty good at it, but my supervisor has all but shattered that. I’ve been job hunting for months at this point, but I’m having trouble. I have somewhat specialized experience (government accounting) that seems to make it difficult to get non-gov jobs (and the gov is really slow to respond/reach out regarding job apps) IME.
At this point, I’m throwing everything at the wall to find ways to get myself out of this helplessness I’m feeling. I’ve been considering switching to something unrelated to accounting, mainly due to my current job killing my confidence (and sanity) and the difficulty I’ve had with applying for positions in the industry. I wish I could take a year off to just focus on enjoying life and come back to accounting with fresh eyes, but that’s not really financially feasible. I’ve been looking at all sorts of different entry level positions that suit my professional/personal interests—working with my hands, being active/in nature, helping people, and writing, among other things. I don’t need to love my job, but I think a change of scenery could help me with my current funk.
But I’m afraid of leaving my cushy job for something entry level that pays less. I used to think lifestyle creep was about buying cars or going on expensive vacations or going out to eat every day, but for me it’s been being able to buy groceries without first checking my bank account and having enough stability to bring pets (two cats and a dog) into my life. I don’t know if I could provide them the same quality of life if I switch to a lower paying job, and I make more money than my partner, so it’s not really feasible for him to take on most of the financial burden while I prance around trying new things out.
That being said, I worry about what I might do to myself if I spend any more time at this job. I feel like I need an urgent change, but I feel trapped because of money (and health insurance) and the uncertainty of being able to support my current lifestyle on a lower income. I think I can relearn how to live on less for myself, but I feel like I owe it to my partner (even though he told me to quit my job) and pets to continue bringing in enough to live comfortably.
Has anyone else experienced this set of circumstances, and how did you overcome them? How do you deal with reverse lifestyle creep? Does making a huge career shift seem too outrageous/disproportionate to my current situation? How do you take the leap when thinking about changing careers? I feel so lost and unsure what the right choice is.
Thanks (&sorry) if you read all of this, I’ve been really frustrated and overwhelmed so a lot of this is probably rambly complaining. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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2023.06.04 22:37 IronfootDain The derby in full

Anyone has the full 90 mins of the game? I'd like to save it to my archives and play it back when I'm bored. No cap, I once played our legendary 1-3 Kadikoy win for a date instead of a Netflix movie. I'm that kind of a psychopath.
Anyways, if someone has the 3-0 derby in full, I'd love to download it.
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2023.06.04 22:36 Smuggito Looking for the most chaotic build i can do

Hey everyone,
So i built quite a few funny commanders with weird interactions like the new Braids, Jon Irenicus, Tasha for exemple and i wasn't satisfied enough. I wanted a deck so that my turns are stupidly convoluted/complicated/fun, and, with a lot of possibilities. I came out with the statement "what if i don't play nearly anything from my hand ?" Let me explain what i thought and i'd love to hear what y'all have to say about it !
First of all, to carry on that statement, i decided to play a weird mixture of cascade, suspend, foretell and theft. To unleash its full potential, i wanted a five colors commander, that appeared to me as [Jodah, Archmage eternal], since it could be funny to play 10CMC cascades for 5, or instant hypergenesis for exemple. Then, i just throwed obvious cards, like [Vega, the watcher] or [Prosper, tome-bound], [Mizzix, replica rider] and others that interact with that kind of playing. Then i mixed few cards i really enjoy, like [Ragavan, nimble pilferer], [Thief of sanity], [Hostage taker], [Etali, primal storm], and the obvious cards that come to your mind when we say cascade and suspend.
But i wanted more ! More chaos ! I wanted this kind of playing to be fun first of all, so i added a little "surprise" factor to it. [Mind's delation], [Possibility storm], [Neera, wild mage] were exactly the kind of cards i was looking for, but then i faced my deck thinking : is that even playable ? Don't get me wrong, i have kills, correct mana curve i'd say (10+ zero mana cards, lol), but when i look at it, it feels like in the end, i'm gonna get stomped a bit too hard to my liking.
Of course, that's not to be competitive AT ALL, just to have fun with friends, but i'm gonna be honest saying that the deckbuilding is rough. Too many cards, too many decisions to take, so that's why i'm asking you, what angle would you take in this situation ? would you erase a mechanic like cascade to benefit the others ? Is there super cool cards that come to your mind ? Should i go even more into chaos ? Or maybe a better commander ? My budget is something around trying to avoid cards above 10 bucks (except the ones i have, obviously).
Here is the decklist, that's actually more like thoughts throwed in together, don't be surprised :
Thanks for your time and even more if you answer !
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2023.06.04 22:36 3dedede Mainline Terrorcons?

Is there any rumor of getting mainline deluxe/voyageleaders of Battletrap or Scourge? I’d love to have a full cast in the mainline style
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2023.06.04 22:36 throw37488hwjdjf Miss him

Last week, I got dumped via text after six months. We’d split up before a couple of times, and it wrecked me those times too. I thought this time would be different because at first I was so angry. I spent like a full week just blood boiling, so angry I was having trouble focusing at work and had to talk myself down a couple of times because I was seriously considering vandalizing his house or car. Crazy shit. But today the sadness hit. I’ve barely left my bed and I’ve been crying almost since I woke up. I just miss him and I wish he would fucking talk to me. I was so angry the night he broke it off that I just packed up all his shit and dropped it on his doorstep in the middle of the night, because I couldn’t sleep anyway. Also being in my car meant I could scream bloody murder without scaring the neighbors, which I definitely needed to get out. But I haven’t laid eyes on him or spoken to him since. I don’t know what to do because I know I’ll see him eventually, somewhere, we live in a small town. It’s going to break me. I don’t want to get over him. To do what, fall in love again and have this happen with someone else? Spare me. I’d almost rather just ruin my life and make sure he sees it. Stop taking care of myself, eat McDonald’s every day, quit my job. Shave my head. I’m in agony and I want him to know, because I don’t think he understands just how much he’s hurt me. I’m afraid to go do things because I just randomly burst into tears. I’m afraid to talk to people at my job for the same reason. I went to a concert last night with friends and barely kept it together, fortunately it rained so it was less obvious the times that I couldn’t keep the tears in. Today I finally dragged myself into the shower where I ended up on the floor, crying so hard I could barely breathe. I don’t want to move cities again but i can’t keep worrying about seeing him / hoping to see him. It’s going to kill me. I feel like I need to pack my car up and drive a thousand miles away and never come back if I ever want to get over him. This is all just way too much
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2023.06.04 22:36 ayk237 Women seeking massage at home/Hotels

I am a trained massager lives in Noida. I provide massage services to women in Delhi/Noida/ Gurgaon. I have provided massgae from last 1 year woking at diffrent massage parlours.
I provides diffrent types of massages to women:
  1. Deep tissue massage
  2. Swedish massage
  3. Aromatherapy massage
  4. Sports massage
  5. Trigger point massage
  6. Full body massage
  7. Prenatal massage
  8. Foot massage
  9. Head massage
Massage prices starting from 300/- Time : 1 hour
Depends on the customer whether she wants massage with oil or not.
To book your appointment, you can message me here.
Thank you.
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2023.06.04 22:36 Alternative_Park9574 A message of hope for third-trimester women with insomnia

I'm 5-days postpartum after having a c-section. Last night was my first night at home. I slept with the baby in a bassinet (who woke up 4 times to feed), my snoring husband, and our three-year-old, who climbed into our bed. And I STILL got more sleep than I did at the end of my pregnancy 😄
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2023.06.04 22:35 msahoe New laptop, low usage and high temps...pc dies

So, last october i purchased a thinkpad e15 gen 4 amd ryzen 7 5825 u i believe, i added more ram after.
Most usage i do is plugged in, having the charging capped at 70. Once in a while i let it do a full cycle.
I also have a second monitor connected to it via HDMi.
It's been 7-8 months of everyday use. Well, now it's been a week were maybe everyday my screen goes black, second monitor included and i have to force the restart pressing the power button. Sometimes happened more than once in a day, even less than an hour apart. Some of these cases i had some video playing too, but not mandatory.
With task manager i can see that cpu, ram and gpu usage it's not that high, and gpu temps stay below 70 degrees celsius on steady basis. But even on this low usage, i've been monitoring these last days the CPU temps and even tho now i'm currently running a vm, the temps are 62. But fans are at full blast, and if i start playing a video it skyrockets to 75-76 degrees celsius and ends up gettint to 80-81.
I guess the pc is shutting down from these cpu temps. I haven't repasted it yet and since it has daily usage...maybe repasting will do and it's the main cause.
But, should it be like this? I don't know, it's been 7-8 months and that this is happening already like this, while not doing intensive usage of the resources of the cpu, ram or gpu...
Drivers are updated, bios and firmware too etc. I'm running windows 10 as main OS. Also hardware seems ok after some tests...
Is it normal something like this and has anyone been in a similar situation? Because this did not even happen on cheapeoldeworse laptops from other brands... kinda mindblowing and disheartning.
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2023.06.04 22:35 sprouttower Room available in 2/2 apartment at Montrose Winter Springs starting Aug 1st for 6 months

Looking for someone to take over a lease in a 2/2 apartment starting August 1st - January 31st. Complex is Montrose Winter Springs (18 mins from UCF). My brother is moving out of the master bed and bath and is looking for someone to take over the lease for the last 6 months. The roommate is a cool guy who is rarely there. Rent along with cable, wifi, and renter's insurance totals $969.78/mo for your half. Electric usually runs about $40 per person each month. He is also selling a queen mattress, bedframe, and chest of drawers for cheap. Send me a message and I can show pics and connect you with my brother who can give you more information.
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2023.06.04 22:35 Dependent_Seat_7460 What is more effective for weight loss (calorie deficit diet or sugar free diet)?

So i'm just curious. Let's say i'd drink diet pepsi with a meal (the meal has low calorie) and pepsi diet which has 1 (or sometimes 0) calories but it's full of sugar. Does this cause weight loss or the sugar in the pepsi will stop the weight loss?
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2023.06.04 22:35 ghostofthecomputer Grandma is dying and I regret not talking to her more

I've had depression and anxiety my entire life so much so it prevented me from ever calling anyone. now my grandma is on her death bed and I think how I never even knew my grandpa, and I don't even know her.
family guilted me to come back to the country as she was gonna "die soon" years ago, a couple months before covid started, and now I've been back, I've completely stagnating in life, a disappointment to her and everyone.
not only am I losing family, but I've lost any career, respect and friends.
I'll also note, I only remember her being warm, in the later year family visits, but I have no actual memory of her, nor my parents, while growing up. both me and a sibling concluded our dad was a narcissist and mom a covert narcissist, but maybe she was too.
I remember my grandpa's funeral and how my cousins were like vultures taking his stuff, my cousin tricked me into giving up a watch I thought a lot of, for a piece of junk. hearing how everyone talks, am I the only one with empathy? they are all so concerned with how much my grandma has and how she's spending her money, and where it'll all go. she has a lot of grandchildren and great grand children.
She was very religious and apparently either my cousins are or pretend to be, so she favored them a lot. Of course I've just been having an ongoing existential crisis for a year. The more I realize science and education were withheld from me the worse I feel, my family is mostly uneducated apparently.
I hate being alone
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2023.06.04 22:35 AMJ_Introvert Unlockable marriage candidates

Hi all, I’ve been playing with rsv and accidentally unlocked Faye as a romance candidate. Is there any way to undo this as I didn’t realise she can establish a relationship with Bryce and I’d like to see that play out without losing 100+ hours of gameplay 😅 If I can reset the event with a mod or another mechanic I would be incredibly great full Thank you in advance for any help 😊
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2023.06.04 22:35 Kookie2023 [US] [Giveaway] Bungo Stray Dogs Doujinshi Japanese Giveaway (without shipping)
I am currently getting rid of all of my accumulated BSD doujinshi that I’ve collected over the years. All books are in G5 condition or above (mint). Honoring the wishes of the authors, I am not here to sell, but to give away. However, I will expect payment for full calculated shipping fee. I will ship to anywhere so long as it is legal and possible. The list is by author below. If you’re interested, send me a DM and I’ll preview you the full photo of the product of interest:
Yume Kokyuu (DazaixChuuya)
VALENCIA INDIVIDUAL SERIES Vier Sechs Sieben Acht Neun Zehn Zehn (mint condition) Elf Zwolf Dreizehn Vierzehn Funfzehn Sechzehn Siebzehn Achtzehn Neunzehn Zwanzig Einundzwanzig Zweiundzwanzig (mint condition) Dreiundzwanzig (mint condition) Vierundzwanzig (mint condition) Sechsundzwanzig (mint condition)
Bitter Trap (DazaixChuuya) Escort (DazaixChuuya) Escort (DazaixChuuya) (mint condition) Chima! (DazaixChuuya) 16 (DazaixChuuya)
Bungo Stray Dogs Fanbook #5 (ChuuyaxDazai)
The Gift For You Is World (DazaixChuuya) Moody Dogs (DazaixChuuya) Moody Dogs 2 (DazaixChuuya) Moody Dogs 2 (DazaixChuuya) Re Denaptou R-18 (DazaixChuuya)
Midnight Rhapsody (DazaixChuuya) Kosa suru sokyokusen no mukogawa (DazaixChuuya)
Iolite (DazaixChuuya) Sono te no naru hou he (DazaixChuuya)
Bokura no sekai (DazaixChuuya) Natsu no hitotoki (DazaixChuuya) Nevertheless (DazaixChuuya) Toumei na mirai (DazaixChuuya)
Sutenaide (AkutagawaxAtushi)
Bungou Stray Dogs Gag Web Rog (201803-201904)
Unhappy Birthday (DazaixChuuya)
Bad Daybreak (DazaixChuuya) Renri no utage (DazaixChuuya)
Beast Chuuya short story Bitter Bitter Chocolate (DazaixChuuya) Nioi no ato (DazaixChuuya) Wagamama Notokken (DazaixChuuya) Yakusoku no en ha mou nai (Beginning) (DazaixChuuya) Yakusoku no en ha mou nai (End) (DazaixChuuya)
Anoyoto Konotono Kuchizuke ((DazaixChuuya)
YUNEHARA YOSHINO Zansyo ni mimau kakushigoto (DazaixChuuya)
Moshimo (Presented by Tanoshi_na!...and Furodaikoku) (DazaixChuuya)
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2023.06.04 22:35 SideAccount0901 Bedridden

A drug of choice
A Thursday shower
A silence hits me every hour
A calm will rise, and then it falls
I wait for some overdue call.
I bite the bullet, breathe in deep
I sink into a painful weep
The deed is done
The welts will form
A thousand locusts start to swarm
A beating heart, drum in my head
I think I’ll just stay in my bed
I want to leave but I grow week
I can’t remember what I seek
Hurts to remember
Forgetting’s worse
I hate myself
I love my curse.
Comment 1:
Comment 2:
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2023.06.04 22:35 Brutuscaitchris Tip: expand your horizons

Im a pretty casual COD player as a whole, full time job, wife, kid, pets, responsibilities. Id normally just drop into dmz after the house settles down and play for a couple hrs with the squad before i crashed for the night.
Since DMZ has become a lot less about missions and a lot more about wiping the map the need to git gud has increased for everyone. Theres players from WZ that practice in DMZ, theres ppl that just play to kill ops because they have everything done, theres also just high skilled players that only play DMZ. Thats part of what makes it so unique.
The skill gap is real. You have your PvE focused crowd trying to do missions etc and you have your PvP crowd out to kill em all.
My PvP skill kind of plateaued for a few weeks until i started expanding my horizons a bit. Playing WZ, plunder, resurgence. You wont start beating these better players without losing to them a lot first, go back, save clips, see what you did wrong and what they did right.
Sure you can try the ol classic "sit back with a raptor scope and get in a 20 min sniper battle" but wheres the fun there if as soon as a team pushes your CQC game is ass?
A big help ive found is making a new squad mate, they mainly play WZ and have reached iridescent in ranked. Basically shadowing this guy for a week my game has improved a shit ton, even when theyre not in my squad.
You want to fight back, you gotta learn to outfight what frustrates and beats you the most.
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2023.06.04 22:35 AutoModerator [Download Course] Vince Opra – Content Agency Blueprint (

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