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2023.06.05 02:00 livia2lima Day 1 - Get to know your server


You should now have a remote server setup running the latest Ubuntu Server LTS (Long Term Support) version. You alone will be administering it. To become a fully-rounded Linux server admin you should become comfortable working with different versions of Linux, but for now Ubuntu is a good choice.
Once you have reached a level of comfort at the command-line then you'll find your skills transfer not only to all the standard Linux variants, but also to Android, Apple's OSX, OpenBSD, Solaris and IBM AIX. Throughout the course you'll be working on Linux - but in fact most of what is covered is applicable to any system in the "UNIX family" - and the major differences between them are with their graphic user interfaces such as Gnome, Unity, KDE etc - none of which you’ll be using!
Although there is a "root" user, you will be logging in and working from the user account that you setup. Because this is a member of the group "sudo" it is able to run commands "as root" by preceding them with "sudo".



Remote access used to be done by the simple telnet protocol, but now the much more secure SSH (“Secure SHell) protocol is always used.
If you're using any Linux or Unix system, including Apple's MacOS, then you can simply open up a "terminal" session and use your command-line ssh client like this:
ssh user@
For example:
ssh [email protected]
On Linux distributions with a menu you'll typically find the terminal under "Applications menu -> Accessories -> Terminal", "Applications menu -> System -> Terminal" or "Menu -> System -> Terminal Program (Konsole)"- or you can simply search for your terminal application. In many cases Ctrl+Alt+T will also bring up a terminal windows.
If you have configured the remote server with your SSH public key (see "Password-less SSH login" in the EXTENSION section of this post), then you'll need to point to the location of the private part as proof of identity with the "-i" switch, typically like this:
ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa [email protected]
A very slick connection process can be setup with the .ssh/config feature - see the "SSH client configuration" link in the EXTENSION section below.
On an MacOS machine you'll normally access the command line via - it's in the Utilities sub-folder of Applications.
On recent Windows 10 versions, the same command-line client is now available, but must be enabled (via "Settings", "Apps", "Apps & features", "Manage optional features", "Add a feature", "OpenSSH client").
Alternatively, you can install the Windows Subsystem for Linux which gives you a full local command-line Linux environment, including an SSH client - ssh.
There are also GUI SSH clients for Windows (PuTTY, MobaXterm) and MacOS (, iTerm2). If you use Windows versions older than 10, the installation of PuTTY is suggested.
Regardless of which client you use, the first time you connect to your server, you may receive a warning that you're connecting to a new server - and be asked if you wish to "cache the host key". Do this. Now, if you get a warning in future connections it means that either: (a) you are being fooled into connecting to a different machine or (b) someone may be trying a "man in the middle" attack.
So, now login to your server as your user - and remember that Linux is case-sensitive regarding user names, as well as passwords.
Once logged in, notice that the "command prompt" that you receive ends in $ - this is the convention for an ordinary user, whereas the "root" user with full administrative power has a # prompt.
Try these simple commands:
df -h
uname -a
If you're using a password to login (rather than public key), then now is a good time to ensure that this is very strong and unique - i.e. At least 10 characters - because your server is fully exposed to bots that will be continuously attempting to break in. Use the passwd command to change your password. To do this, think of a new, secure password, then simply type passwd, press “Enter” and give your current password when prompted, then the new one you've chosen, confirm it - and then WRITE IT DOWN somewhere. In a production system of course, public keys and/or two factor authentication would be more appropriate.
It's very handy to be able to cut and paste text between your remote session and your local desktop, so spend some time getting confident with how to do this in your setup.
Log out by typing exit.
You'll be spending a lot of time in your SSH client, so it pays to spend some time customizing it. At the very least try "black on white" and "green on black" - and experiment with different monospaced fonts, ("Ubuntu Mono" is free to download, and very nice).


Regularly posting your progress can be a helpful motivator. Feel free to post to the subreddit a small introduction of yourself, and your Linux background for your "classmates" - and notes on how each day has gone.
A discord server is also available.
Of course, also drop in a note if you get stuck or spot errors in these notes.


You now have the ability to login remotely to your own server. Perhaps you might now try logging in from home and work - even from your smartphone! - using an ssh client app such as "Termux". As a server admin you'll need to be comfortable logging in from all over. You can also potentially use JavaScript ssh clients (search for "consolefish"), or from a cybercafe - but these options involve putting more trust in third-parties than most sysadmins would be comfortable with when accessing production systems.


Your server is protected by the fact that its security updates are up to date, and that you've set Long Strong Unique passwords - or are using public keys. While exposed to the world, and very likely under continuous attack, it should be perfectly secure. Next week we'll look at how we can view those attacks, but for now it's simply important to state that while it's OK to read up on "SSH hardening", things such as changing the default port and fail2ban are unnecessary and unhelpful when we're trying to learn - and you are perfectly safe without them.


If this is all too easy, then spend some time reading up on:


Copyright 2012-2021 @snori74 (Steve Brorens). Can be reused under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence (CC BY 4.0).
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2023.06.05 01:58 Crazy_Alastair Moving tanks

I plan to move two of my tanks to a different house one of them is still in the cycling process while the other already has fish and shrimp in it and I was wondering the safest way to do so. I'm currently planning to put all the water from the cycling tank into jugs and move that tank that way then finish cycling it and moving the fish from the other tank into it then move the other tank, but I'm not certain as to how to do move the fish safely would it be better to do zip lock bags or I have these containers that have a lid and they can hold about half a gallon of water in them but I'm not sure which is safest or if there is a better way to move the tanks.
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2023.06.05 01:57 CauseOk5940 💝 Kiki & Lala Pocket Giveaway 💝

💝 Kiki & Lala Pocket Giveaway 💝
If you didn’t know, Kiki & Lala are two twin stars! To enter, share how many siblings you have. 💙💖✨☁️💗💙
Rules: Must have user flair set with in game name and island name. Giveaway ends 6/5 at 7pm CDT.
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2023.06.05 01:56 AshamedRooster2636 starting today- planning extended low dose, anyone similar?

I'm starting today and planning to experiment with an extended low dose- started with .1mg, will titrate up gradually as needed. My intention is to preserve my ability to exercise, so that I can gain strength while dropping weight gained from emotional and binge eating. I'm hoping to maintain strong enough digestion to eat mostly whole, nutritious foods, and only eat when hungry, and hopefully reset my relationship with food. Goal is to lose 30 lbs, though I would be super happy with 20, which is what I need to feel comfortable in my own body and return to what was my typical set point, before the binging.
Anyone else starting today, or anyone else doing extended low dose? I've searched and found other low dosers, but not many :)
I'm hopeful that a low dose will be effective for me: I'm sensitive to everything, example: half a serving of alcohol causes intoxication, can't consume coffee, etc., and I can have a whole experience from "micro" dosing, while other people find it sub-perceptual. I realize this isn't how everyone or most experience things; I would really welcome shares from anyone who may!
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2023.06.05 01:55 kindlefan12 AITA for ignoring the boundaries my girlfriend has set regarding her mother, because I clearly know better than her how to manage their fraught relationship?

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2023.06.05 01:53 SubjectNr23-TheSwede Binge eating when sick and now I've gained back 6lbs, how do I get out of wanting to give up again?

So I've had a serious cold the last week. I've been following my own diet/fasting/eating schedule that has worked wonders the last two months making me lose 20lbs since middle of march. Last week I caught a serious cold and have been home from work. Feeling really under the weather I've been home from work and away from the gym. But I tried to take walks the first 3 days but soon realised I couldn't even do that as my ears started to feel pressured and my coughing got really bad. So the last three days I've felt sorry for myself and got stuck into old habits of ordering home food and soda because I haven't had any energy to cook. I did a weigh in today and I have gained back 6 of the 20lbs I have lost and I feel ashamed, like all my work the last two months has been wasted. How do I get out of this mindset? Because it feels I'm standing on an edge on giving up again..
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2023.06.05 01:53 kar2988 Pixel 6a - Random change to navigation language

I use android auto to navigate around a lot. Yesterday, like every other day, I plugged my phone in and dictated my destination. Assistant says "navigating to...", so far so good! First turn coming up and the voice directing me speaks in a foreign language, completely out of the blue. Luckily I had the time to stop and dig deep into the settings. Turns out the "voice selection" within my "navigation settings" had randomly changed to Bahasa. Absolutely bizarre!
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2023.06.05 01:53 TwoToneDonut Working in Carbon Capture

Hello All,
I recently completed the Hydrogen Energy Consultant Expert Certificate with the Renewable Energy Institute and plan on completing the Carbon Finance Consultant Expert Certificate in hopes of moving into the space. I work at a utility in a financial/reporting type role in Energy Efficiency right now so I do have some experience in the decarb sector.
Has anyone seen these certifications before or have any advice on someone with my background to get the right skills to pivot into CCUS? I do not have an engineering degree so I am hoping these certifications and anything else I can do (open to suggestions) may help me make up for that.
I am asking because I am not sure where my background and these certifications could most likely help me get into the industry, or how I could pitch my value prop to my current org to maybe move over onto those specific teams. Maybe someone has gone through this before and could offer how they did it?
Passionate about clean energy and CCS and looking to learn and contribute. Thanks All.
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2023.06.05 01:51 ATLatimerrr So what are my options (Crashing)

System specs 4090, 13900k, 64GB ram. Up to about a week or so ago all was fine now I'm crashing when I start the game IF I can even get into the game I'm crashing after or during almost every match no matter if online, coop, or warzone/DMZ.
Iv done every single thing that everyone always says. I've installed all the drivers I don`t have any oc or xmp, verify files. iv completed reformatted both drives a new install of windows and all. I have even tried it on my old 3080 and 10900k system and it does not even work then. Sometime in the same time my friend just happens to not even be able to launch his game he just launches it no matter from where or how he launches it it just does nothing at all and never opens and he has a 2080/8700k. The only single thing I could think of is downgrading to windows 10 maybe its something to do with windows 11 because somehow all the streamers never have these issues and idk how its possible.
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2023.06.05 01:50 AutoModerator [Download Course] Dan Pye – The Period Time Publishing Program (

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2023.06.05 01:46 bef017 Theory: Hope Potion #9

I think I got an idea of how and why Madoka does what she does with LoC detainees that don't want to be part of the LoC.
As we learn Madoka can pick up a detainee and drop them off in a timeline. I think that she first captures them normally. The problems arise when she has to figure out what to do if they want to be free as Nagisa does. This should be an obvious problem as characters tend to be depicted as wanting to be back with their family. Since you know their family misses them. Unless the magical girl is Sana. Thus I think I know why she doesn't send simply send them back to THEIR families.
She can't afford to send a LoC merged magical girl to a wraith world. Spoilers for the wraith Arc. !>! Wraiths are creatures that instinctively try to hunt down sources of high energy to prevent emotional overflows. They can't be directly communicated to in normal circumstances. When they see something like a witch they instinctively try to consume it to prevent what they think will occur in letting such a strong source of emotion run around. When they consume a witch they become a monster that can oneshot magical girls with their soul gems intact and become such a big mess that even characters like Homura that can survive their attacks due to 2 buffs still need Madoka to kill the witch wraith hybrid. See Homura is so strong she could split Madoka into pieces. I don't think Madoka thinks she can risk allowing even one of those creatures to run rampant. Never mind the fact since the wraiths target sources of emotional energy LoC recipients would be not only exceptionally high risk targets but high likelihood targets. ! This I think Madoka can make a particularly fucked up deal. They can take the place of a dead magical girl in a PreLoC world like Nagisa did in MR. Madoka just sends them there with their memories altered to fit in better and the recipients take the place of someone and live out their life with that person's family to replace the dead girl.
The recipients is given the choice of being forcefully detained or living like this as they are given a mission of helping Madoka interfere with their fates till Madoka can come up with a more permanent solution.
Of course she also could just only do this with people like Sana who don't have a family to care about her and likely doesn't want her existence spread to Kyubey or to recruit girls to try running away to a LoC universe.
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2023.06.05 01:45 dontnormally How to use the supernatural?

I'll be up front here: I just don't get the supernatural part of Blades.
I think it's cool! But I haven't ever felt that it is coherent, and when I have ran the game before (only a few times, though I hope to do it more) I always hope players just avoid those elements of the setting, because I have no idea how to interact with it. I know I could ban all that, but it feels like too big a part of what makes the setting what it is.
What would you suggest I do to "get" ghost npcs, or a Whisper, and all that? How do I reconcile my urge to work with a coherent world when I can't even imagine how to do that with a hodgepodge of supernatural stuff that feels very random, to me?
to be clear: it isn't supernatural in general that I don't grok - I'm very comfortable with all of the World of Darkness, for example, because it all makes sense in a way
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2023.06.05 01:45 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Updated Agency Navigator (Here)

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2023.06.05 01:42 FloppySalmonFish How to I get my friends menu to open? This is all that pops up when I select Ubisoft connect. (On ps4 btw)

How to I get my friends menu to open? This is all that pops up when I select Ubisoft connect. (On ps4 btw) submitted by FloppySalmonFish to Rainbow6 [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 01:42 Affectionate-Kay897 For those with placeholder rings…

Does your placeholder ring have a larger or smaller stone than your real E-ring and how do you feel about it?
I am married and I wear a placeholder ring for daily wear. (My real e-ring is inherited so I only wear that for special occasions.)
I need to buy a new placeholder ring since my current one broke. The first time I bought a placeholder I was obsessed with making sure it was smaller than me real e-ring. It was quite limiting because my real e-ring is a half carat and 5mm. I love my real e-ring but it’s kind of hard to find a ring with a smaller stone with a setting I like.
This time I’ve been thinking about going with one of my dream rings however they are all bigger than my real e-ring. I feel weird wearing a placeholder that’s larger but I also don’t want to limit myself this time.
I know it comes down to personal preference but is it weird to wear a placeholder ring that’s larger than your real e-ring?
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2023.06.05 01:41 bakinbaker0418 A piece I just did.

A piece I just did.
I actually was trying a few things and gated how the first one ended up. I put some gold with silicone oil to do a swipe and it ended up covering most of the canvas in gold (little to thick) so i put some blue, silver on there and swiped with a white. Tilted until I ended up with this
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2023.06.05 01:41 Samatari22 Certain mods don’t work despite having same folder setup

I have a few mods that alter shinies but none of them seem to be working. I have Compass working fine so I don’t understand why nothing else is. They’re all set up as having everything in the romfs folder inside their respective mod folder. Am I missing something?
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2023.06.05 01:36 AbbyUpdoot [TotK] I might want to restart the game completely. I feel like I shot myself in the foot with my decisions, hampering my gameplay experience permanently.

So I’ll preface it by saying that I absolutely love this game. I think it’s phenomenal how much stuff they put into it and how good the story is this time around. I’ve played probably over 200 hours of it by now, and I’ve been hooked the whole damn time, finding myself with an ear to ear grin frequently. Hot damn, I love what they did here overall.
So my problem isn’t the game, fundamentally. Sure, some of the things are balanced weird, like frozen meat shield-surfing, but when they put so many inter-operating mechanics into a game that still has to hold up on its own merits, some stuff’s gonna be overlooked and unfixed, even after a lot of in-house testing. No, my problems are very much specific to my own proclivities. I’m pretty sure these things are non-issues or even welcome to most people.
First issue is a simple one. I hate what the flute player brings to every stable. It’s an ear worm aspect of the song that wears out its welcome too fast for my liking. Doesn’t hold up for me over multiple-multiple listens. Really annoying. It’s like he (she?) is riffing like impromptu jazz, but you hear it over and over, which defeats the purpose of its dynamic content inserted over a very stable and pleasant base melody. Makes it too busy and draws too much attention to itself. Nope, I don’t like it. I’ll just forgo the last set of armor enhancements if I have to. Makes the game too easy anyway, tbh when you factor in I’m completing the shrines and increasing my max health pool already.
My second issue is usurping torches with so many other fire options at the ready and so many bright blooms available that the game is telling me that I can’t pick up any more. I absolutely LOVED the Thyphlo Ruins experience from BotW, and I just think brightbloom/lightroot use falls so short of that. When you’re able to light up everything permanently, even if it’s piecemeal and using what essentially amounts to a sub-currency, the tension almost completely vanishes. And brightbloom seeds are essentially free. You get them in much tamer areas, scattered about like an invasive species, dominating the whole place. You don’t have to sacrifice a weapon slot. You can shoot them far into the distance using a bow. They don’t give you the scary/romantic vibe of a candle-lit dinner. I just feel like the visual vibe of the depths doesn’t mesh well with it being possible to just completely conquer the whole thing with cheap-to-free-and-permanent, fluorescent lighting.
Not everyone is going for a bleak, bad-guys-could-have-easily-won, narrative in their gameplay experience, but I really want it. And at least in the cutscenes it would have matched up. Finding people brave enough to jump down in there, not just with you, but BEFORE you, I’m like damn, Hyrule’s really starting to kick some ass. But that and the dopey-ass Yiga peeps being down in there hamming it up instead of murdering and extorting families on the surface really deflates a lot of the tension. And that might be a welcome respite, but that’s not what I’d prefer here. I want a darker tone than what Nintendo is willing to commit to. And that’s okay. They can’t please everyone. 🤷🏻‍♀️
But all that being said, I might just restart tonight and impose some self-restrictions on my gameplay this time around. I did things so fast initially that the hidden EXP system started withholding the mid-range enemies real quick. And I’m dismissing my buddies more and more. So I might just have to say tough shit, Zoras, I’m tearing shit up in the scattered camps right now. Be there when I get tired of laying the smack-down on these dweebs. 👏🏻✌🏻
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2023.06.05 01:34 lilfierro question

I recently got batteries for my sp and was wondering how you can tell how much battery life is left on it. I looked it up and it says to hold remain and the bank pads will light up to indicate how much is left but that doesn’t work. I’m thinking maybe it changed after the 3.0 update. anyone have any idea?
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2023.06.05 01:34 daveroo Anyway to edit damage

Had a great hell in the cell match where Nikki Bella was launched off for the top of the cell and through the announce table. hilarious stuff.
i then climbed down the cell and before i could get to the bottom she had popped up completely healthy still. i had expected her to be out cold for at least 30 seconds...
is there anyway to change the settings to make it a bit more realistic rather than someone falling from a huge structure and then a wooden table and getting up within 7 seconds...
Also a random question to add on
1) do you think we'll get the new world titles with the next dlc
2) who do we think could be the "free" DLCs this month?
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2023.06.05 01:32 blueskieshera How do I make carriers more comfy for my turtles?

I posted this in the other turtle forum and got no responses lol, i have two male western painted turtles and they're going to the vet tomorrow (just a check-up of health no biggie) but the two carriers i have are plastic and i don't want them to be sliding around/uncomfortable, any tips/advice on how to make it more comfy for them?
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