Is kyle troup black

Welcome to Existence

2020.12.17 22:43 BeMoreChillFan Welcome to Existence

For fans of Invincible and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comes a brand-new ONGOING SERIES from acclaimed writer KYLE HIGGINS and artist MARCELO COSTA that reinvents superheroes for a new generation! Relevant topics include any comic from the Supermassive universe including: Radiant Black, Rogue Sun, Inferno Girl Red, and The Dead Lucky (Coming 2022.)

2012.04.29 16:19 Tenacious D


2011.11.06 00:49 The Spoony Experiment

The second worst thing about The Spoony Experiment.

2023.06.08 06:18 Richy_777 Looking to buy a new gaming mouse and mechanical keyboard, budget $350 AUD.

I need a good keyboard and mouse that will last me many many years, want it to be mechanical but not too loud/clicky as I will be using it for work and I speak to people over the phone, both need to be black with rgb, and wired.
Previously I would only buy Razer products but thinking of moving to Logitech as I heard their stuff is better (whatever I decide both the keyboard and mouse must be the same brand, have also heard Corsair stuff is great). Currently looking at the G512 CARBON with GX Brown and the G502 HERO.
I'm replacing my these first, and will be building a new PC next year. Would love some help with this!
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2023.06.08 06:18 Archaic_Nepenthes Harry Potter-ish Stories Pre-Sorcerer's Stone; And Recs of Fanfic/Other Novels Like it

So I recently watched a video on DC character Timothy Hunter (British boy wizard with similar aesthetic + pet owl) that sent me down a rabbit hole of "Harry Potter-like characters" that came before the Harry Potter series, and thought I'd just share what I found. From latest to earliest:
Summer Magic: The Journal of Luke Kirby (1998 until 1995; comic by Alan Mckenzie)
Due to his mother being sick, Luke goes to live with his Uncle Elias in British village Lunstead in 1962. His uncle turns out to be a magician and takes on Luke as his apprentice. But there's a mysterious monster in the woods hunting people that Luke will have to defeat. And even more in the future on his way to becoming the greatest alchemist.
Fun Fact: In the late-1990s, The series was almost brought to the tv screen, but McKenzie refused to sign his rights to Luke away. So the characteseries faded out of public eye by the time Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was released (1998). Somewhere there's an alternate timeline where movies of Luke Kirby was made instead of Harry Potter.
Wizard's Hall by Jane Yolen (published 1991)
Henry, nicknamed Thornmallow by his new peers, is sent by his mother to a magical school for young wizards... but his spellwork abilities (or lack thereof) could use some practice. He must save his new friends, fulfill an ancient prophecy, and help overthrow a powerful, evil wizard.
Huh, that rings a bell. Or more like if Neville had been the main character (in the sense of his bad luck with magic when he first started). But even just from the book cover, I really wanna read this.
Krabat by German author Ottfried Preußler (published in 1971).
"Krabat, a twelve-years old orphan, lives homeless in 16th century Saxony near the border between current Germany and -Poland. One night, he has a dream where a crow tells him trice that he should go to the black mill. Krabat agrees, hoping to find food and a new home. He is welcomed by the miller who tells him that this mill is a school of magic. Krabat begins his (hard) education as a miller and as a wizard."
There's an evil wizard he must defeat, and he is also 17 years old when the story ends. However, it's bloodier and the magic system is very different: occult-based black magic. And I read somewhere that it's based off of Krabat from Sorbian folklore?
A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin (Parnassus, 1968)
"A boy with unusual aptitude for magic is recognized, and sent to a special school for wizards. On his first day, Ged encounters two other students, one of whom becomes his best friend, and the other, a haughty aristocratic rival. Ged later receives a scar in his struggle with a demonic shadow which can possess people."
His characterization is quite different from Harry, where Ged starts off arrogant and prideful (unlike Harry who is quite humble) but changes for the better. And SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Since Ged wins by becoming 'whole' with his demonic half?, I almost imagine him as if Tom Riddle were the protagonist instead but also his own enemy, battling to recombine his soul... Though there's enough parallels between Harry and Tom that Harry technically defeats "who" he himself could have become at his worst, aka Voldemort.
There were some others, but these were the ones that stood out most of me. I gotta ask:
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2023.06.08 06:16 wahwahwildcat Restoring slip ons elastic?

One of my feet was really swollen, but I still had to go to work. I wore my black vans slip ons. Now that my feet are back to normal, I've noticed that the shoe that was on the swollen foot is a little lose. I think it's the elastic part that stretches and is in between the tongue and the upper part of the shoe?
I messaged Vans customer service, and they said they couldn't help me. I messaged a local shoe store and they quoted me at an over $900,000 fix (not joking lol). Has anyone had any success restoring or shrinking these? I love these shoes, just want them to feel good again. Thanks,
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2023.06.08 06:16 dalipopper Dream Diary [OC] (2)

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2023.06.08 06:16 Average_Box-Boy Trading these! Looking for offers!

Trading these! Looking for offers!
Some are def not untouched tho so ill state ages here. FR ginger cat is post teen, FR panda is pre teen, R red panda = teen, robin full grown, chick junior, neon dog flare, albino bat junior, halloween black mummy cat also junior, andddd i have no clue what the rest are (too tired to check but most of the rest are newborn)
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2023.06.08 06:16 No-Jellyfish4190 Two Mb No. 46 Ford Tractor

Two Mb No. 46 Ford Tractor
One of them is a blue body with an unpainted base black hubs and light yellow interior and the other one has a blue body with a painted base orange hubs and black interior,
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2023.06.08 06:15 Lord_Crows Am I meant to be on this planet?

I feel like an alien who isn't like anyone else in this world of 8 billion people. I know I'm different, I'm not like anyone I've ever met or seen. I just wish I knew what was wrong with me. I don't understand gender and why I have lady parts but don't feel like a lady or boy, I don't understand how I'm supposed to know what relationships I have with what people (like do i wanna date them and frick them or are they my friend? How do I know if this person is my father or not?), I don't understand not seeing 90% of things in a literal black and white sense, I don't understand what to do about my feelings. I don't know if I'm a human or not. I don't understand how people know things about themselves but I know nothing about me. I don't understand why I'm such a freak. Why do I want to be deaf or missing a limb? Why can't I just know why I'm so different? All my life I can easily mimick any accent like a parrot and why can I do that? Why do I want an autistic diagnosis so badly? I feel like if I'm not autistic, then I'm a freak and anomaly. Please somebody, help me.
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2023.06.08 06:15 HalfMoone Would "Stay as Table" Button Help Arena's Social Systems?

Instead of the black box that are the Did You Have Fun? faces, why not test for player fun by adding a Stay as Table button? If both players press it, they're transferred to a new casual lobby with the same decks and format.
Had a great game? Invite them to play again. Want a well-earned rematch? Have another go, easily. Did you have fun? Play another game and add them as a friend. Want to discuss tech with someone on the mirror? Add text chat to the new lobby to enable discussion--both players needing to volunteer to join should stymie harassment.
Since the decks and format are kept the same, there shouldn't be any issues introduced with the matchmaker (given they can handle sideboarding fine), and the simplicity streamlining the process is exactly the point. This isn't a complete social system, but it would be a quick onboarding process that brings a little piece of the competitive camaraderie of the real game into Arena.
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2023.06.08 06:14 SunXingZhe 12th-Century Sun Wukong

12th-Century Sun Wukong
I was happy to learn that the Monkey Pilgrim (Hou xingzhe, 猴行者), Sun Wukong's antecedent, appears among a large set of late-12th-century ritual scrolls portraying the famed 500 Arhats. [1] He is depicted as a monkey-headed, black robe-wearing figure with the lower half of his body obscured by clouds, making him hard to see unless you zoom in on the image. He holds what appears to be the head of a staff in his left hand (fig. 1). Our hero is located just behind Tripitaka, who is riding a white horse led by a spirit-soldier(?) or perhaps Sha Wujing's antecedent (fig. 2). The full scroll shows this scene happening above the heads of four arhats (fig. 3), indicating that the Tang Monk is considered to be one of these Buddhist sages.
I actually found the simian immortal by accident while researching an article about Tripitaka’s Buddha title. Dr. Meir Shahar tells me that this depiction of Monkey doesn’t appear to have been mentioned in previous JTTW scholarship (personal communication, June 3, 2023). [2] Therefore, I’m so very happy that I can share this discovery with everyone!
Fig. 1 – A detail of the Monkey Pilgrim. From Lin Tinggui and Zhou Jichang, Images of the 500 Arhats (Wubai Luohan tu, 五百羅漢圖, 1178-1188 CE). Hanging scroll, ink and color on silk. Image from Nara kuniritsu hakubutsukan, Tōkyō bunkazai kenkyūjo, 2014, p. 86. Courtesy of Dr. Liu Shufen, a research fellow at the Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica.
Fig. 2 – A detail of Xuanzang on his his horse.
Fig. 3 – The full scroll.
  1. To learn more about these paintings, see Zhou (2021).
  2. Dr. Benjamin Brose tells me that the painting appears in a Japanese source, but the Monkey Pilgrim is only listed as an “ape-like figure” (personal communication, June 3, 2023). See Nara kuniritsu hakubutsukan, Tōkyō bunkazai kenkyūjo henshū, 2014, p. 86.
Nara kuniritsu hakubutsukan, Tōkyō bunkazai kenkyūjo henshū [Nara University Tōkyō Research Institute for Cultural Properties (Ed.)]. (2014). Daitokuji denrai gohyaku rakan zu [Daitoku Temple’s Tradition of the 500 Arhats Paintings]. Kyōto: Shitau bungaku.
Zhou, Y. (2021). The Daitokuji Five Hundred Arhats Paintings and Their Beholders [Master’s dissertation, University of Alberta]. Education and Research Archive.
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2023.06.08 06:14 Shapeshifters23 [2011-2015~] [computer-console] circle head peach skin horror game turns out he's dead in the end?

I remember this one really popular game I think it was a horror game with this cute little guy who's head is just a peach circle with black circle eyes and maybe white highlights, I remember a twist at the end where he ends up being dead the entire time or something?
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2023.06.08 06:14 deathbycandyfloss Netflix version not opening

Hey, is anybody else getting a black screen when they try to open the Netflix version of the app? Is it down for maintenance or something?
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2023.06.08 06:14 OogieBoogie989921 JNMIL. Driving me crazy about DRESSES 3 months before my wedding

So let’s start with my daughters. JNMIL wanted to buy her flower dress which is fine! Although I had the idea with going and idk kinda picking it since it is my daughter AND my wedding. Two weeks after we announced we were going to follow with wedding planning this time (we’ve rescheduled like 3 times. Covid, pregnancy and buying a house we are just working in reverse lol) she went out and bought a dress for her… 4 sizes too big and AQUA F-ING BLUE. Well I finally got it through to her I’m no way using that dress and picked another. It’s big but it’s really cute (there’s a better chance of her to grow in it with minor changes and she matches me!) Well she hounded me to go a size smaller for months. Finally told her whatever order the smaller size. “Well I don’t think the arms are going to fit, she’s going to be to big for it”…. Then WHY harass me to get a smaller size?!? So that’s the issue with my daughters still on going.
This woman… idk if it’s a game to her? Out of spite? But I’m 🤏🏻 to blowing a MAJOR gasket. I’ve worked hard MATCHING everyone one on both sides of the family so nobody looked like an outcast or looked like just a guest and not part of the family. I’d like her in a dark green I have my mother in a pastel green. THIS WOMAN BOUGHT THE TACKIEST CAMO DRESS I HAVE EVER F-ING SEEN… I shut that shit down quick(politely of course but told her again dark green and gave her options of what I thought would look great!)…. I do have HINTS of camo (per DH request) which is fine I’ve made it work but why am ALL camo dress…don’t get me wrong probably looks great on some… she is not some. Then today she starts sending me a whole bunch of pictures that are black (and party dresses for girls in their 20’s… NOTHING mother of the groom) I asked we going to a funeral? Her comment “your wedding”… oh you are JOKING. Once again pulled photos and sent them too her.. she proceeded to text MDH “I’m not wearing any of those everything is wrong with all of them… I’ll just wear jeans” AHT let talk about how NONE of yours you picked is age appropriate, event appropriate or the bare minimum of what I asked let alone JEANS TO A WEDDING. YOUR SONS WEDDING?!? DH I love him dearly flat out told her the guidelines ONCE again about the dress. “K we’ll see”…
I am so damn burnt out on this “maybe” and “we’ll see” bs. I’ve even asked her is it a color problem? Dress styles you like? Don’t like? And she avoids the hell out of those questions… IM TRYING TO HELP COMPROMISE HERE. It’s to the point now my girls (bridesmaids) think she’ll wear a white/off white dress so they ALL bought water guns to fill with koolaid. maid of honor went ahead and got a back up green dress Incase she decides she’s going to wear anything else. I want her to look beautiful, age appropriate, elegant a mother of the groom. Not have anyone stand out like a sore thumb in family photos while everyone matches and she does her own thing… IF she does not follow and refuses back up dress the only photo she will be in is one of her, FIL, BIL AND DH.
Rant over thank you for reading!
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2023.06.08 06:11 Existing-Life-7650 🙀🙀🙀 so relatable

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2023.06.08 06:11 wachailymay Can someone explain what a “maslim” is ?

I just met a modern moorish person. It seems like a black Israelite group. He told me the whole black community is really moorish.He tried to give me a “maslim” lesson which included there were no counties under Mexico and Jesus was never alive because he is really Zeus. What is the deal with this group?
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2023.06.08 06:11 thoughtsofanalgerian i don't believe anymore

i don't believe anymore that a 60 "arm" man came down from the sky speaking arabic with a white rock in his hand that turned to black because of human sins
and his wife is made from a "rib"
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2023.06.08 06:11 Hey_look_new Miraxess Mirabook Review

Miraxess Mirabook Review
Several weeks ago miraxess shipped us their Mirabook, and Miradock to review for the community. As always, we've had conversations with Miraxess, but they've had no input on the content of the review. We're not journalists, but strive to put out fair, accurate reviews as best as we can.

We are heavily biased towards DeX usage though, so there may be some use cases not covered, or some nit-picking that's really only visible from the DeX perspective, so keep that in mind.

The [Mirabook]( is a 13.3" clamshell style lapdock, from Miraxess, based in France. They're positioning it as a "Greentech solution" for business, aimed at reducing carbon footprint, and trying to leverage the power of existing mobile phones to replace laptops for a mobile workforce.

Unlike a lot of other lapdock solutions, the Mirabook only has a USB-C input, limiting it's ability to be used with a gaming console, but will play nice with DeX, Ready For, and Huawei smartphones.

The Steam Deck, and likely other handheld consoles capable of Display Alt Mode also play nice with the Mirabook. The switch however doesn't have this protocol, and wasn't tested.


The left side of the Mirabook contains the USB-C Charging port, a full size USB-A port, a 3.5mm Headphone jack and a microSD card reader
Left Side
The right side of the lapdock has a full size HDMI OUT port, a 2nd full size USB-A port, the proprietary SLIDE PORT (this is for an upcoming phone holder adapter), and then the semi integrated Touch USB-C port. The actual USB-C port is recessed about 25mm (an inch) into the body of the lapdock, with a slot(Touch) to hold the cable when folded over. It's a clever way to hold a cable, while not making it fully integrated. It does really limit your choice of USB-C cables tho, and I suspect will lessen the lifespan of the cable in use. You can also purchase different colors of the touch holder.
Right Side ports
So while the Miradock does not accept an HDMI input, it does have HDMI Output. In a corporate setting, this is intended to allow you to connect to a projector, or remote screen, for presentation purposes. It only allows a mirror of the main screen, and does not support a screen extension, or 2nd screen.
The semi-integrated USB-c cable

The Keyboard and Trackpad

The keyboard is backlit, and fairly well laid out. The keyboard is also available in multiple language types for our European folks. AZERTY FR, QWERTY IT, QWERTY JP, QWERTY UK, QWERTY US and QWERTZ DE. Pictured is my QWERTY US Keyboard.
The Keyboard itself is fairly well laid out, nothing feels too cramped, and typing is a good experience.
Fn Lock is unfortunately enabled tho, so spreadsheet warriors will likely not be impressed.

The arrow keys are also a little bit unfortunate, but not a deal breaker
Fingerprint magnet, yikes
The Trackpad is generally fairly accurate, and while it doesn't have any palm rejection, the sensitivity is also a bit low, which ironically results in it not being nearly as flaky as other trackpads with regards to getting in the way when typing.

That being said, tap to click almost doesn't work at all. You have to almost just accept that you need to physically click the trackpad. I personally found this more irritating than dealing with the Nexdock's early palm rejection woes. YMMV.


Not hyperbole to say the Mirabook has the best speakers of any lapdock I've tested. They're not hugely loud, but boy do they sound better. Watching TV and Movies was a very good experience with the speakers of the Mirabook. It's not iPad, or Tab S quality, but they're good enough that you won't be too concerned about grabbing headphones. Was really quite pleased how good they sounded.

The Screen

As mentioned above, this is a 13.3" matte 1080p screen. Not the slimmest bezels around, but not too bad. Non-touch screen. No ability to make any kind of screen adjustments via OSD.
In colorful scenes, the image on the screen really pops. It's very vibrant looking

Mirabook, bright scene. looks great

Dark scenes tho.....blacks get absolutely crushed. It's really difficult to capture how dark it looks on screen. Samsung's cameras really brighten things up, but here is roughly the same scene, 1 on the Mirabook, and the other on the UPERFECT X Lite (14" matte, non-touch screen)



Mirabook. Just lose all detail in dark scenes

Not even sure what I'm looking at here

Again, I found this really difficult to capture accurately, as the samsung camera really likes to brighten things up.

Overall, the screen is usable. The lack of a touchscreen, and inability to tune the panel at all are really showing the design's age. It's a bit of a letdown for media consumption, since the speakers are actually decent.

Productivity tho is likely unaffected by the screen.

Battery Life

There's no listed details for battery size on the Miraxess site, but I was getting roughly 4ish hours of battery, with the screen at full brightness. The included powerbrick is a 45w PD charger tho, and the Mirabook thankfully charges VERY quickly. Much faster than any of the other lapdocks I have (Nd360, nd360w, Uperfect X, X lite, X mini, Uperfect V)

The Chassis

The Mirabook is an all black plastic shell, and while nice and rigid, is an absolute fingerprint magnet. This is about a week's worth of manhandling.

Every fingerprint, ever

The X on the back lights up, it's a nice touch
It's definitely a stylish looking lapdock, while still looking like it will fit in a corporate environment.

all the fingerprints


The Mirabook has several things in its favour; it's a solid lapdock, with good peripheral support, the ability to connect to a projector, or presentation display, and has very decent speakers for a lapdock.
The availability of several different keyboard layouts will also appeal to some of our European friends, as most lapdocks have dropped down to just QWERTY US for the most part.

This lapdock is definitely aimed squarely at the corporate/business world, but it wouldn't look out of place on a university campus, or in the coffee shop either.

The price tho, is squarely aimed at our corporate overlords, at 499€, which is about $715 canuckbucks (or $535 USD)

Hopefully this is useful for some, and it's a euro option for some that find it difficult to obtain other lapdocks.
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2023.06.08 06:11 Koitai [H] Humble Bundle keys [W] Steam wishlist games Have wishlist item ready for offer

[H] Humble Bundle keys [W] Steam wishlist games Have wishlist item ready for offer
Looking to trade for items on my wishlist:
Games I have to trade:

Magicka 2
Holy Potatoes! We're in Space?!
Tropico 5
Rapture Rejects
Spy Fox 2 "Some Assembly Required"
Shadowrun Returns
Kingdom: New Lands
Kathy Rain
Dungeon of the Endless
Panzer Corps
Serial Cleaner
Sniper Elite
Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered
Little Big Workshop
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2023.06.08 06:09 Neo_Veritas Is this Black Nightshade?

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2023.06.08 06:08 GoldenDiamondChild34 Skin ongoing issue

Skin ongoing issue
Hi so recently I’m not sure how many months ago but a large black itchy mark (may be a burn I don’t remember) appeared on my arm right below the wrist area. And then this month I start getting possibly mini versions of it on my arms, legs, torso, neck, under arms, back and even my under arms. It’s really starting to concern me because some are growing increasingly bigger by the day. Can someone maybe help me identify what it is or could be? I have a doctors appointment but I’m growing impatiently and notably itchy. Another thing I should mention is that my skin has been drying out very quickly I will slather myself in oil and then it will be gone in 30-45 minutes. I’ve tried everything and nothings working.
Note: the largest one is the one on my wrist that could be burn or something however it’s been months and it still hasn’t “healed” I got burn and another one on the same day and my other one has almost completely faded.
Please help if you can
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2023.06.08 06:07 kaishawna I Worked at the Milwaukee Zoo. Here's why I Quit. Part One -

I used to work as a zookeeper at the Milwaukee Zoo. There wasn't much to it. Just your standard zoo with a gift shop and areas to visit certain animals. I certainly was a fan of the zoo as a child, having visited the zoo for birthdays or field trips. I always said I wanted to be a vet of some sort but guess zookeeper was the closest I could get. Started working at the place around age 20. Fresh out of high school and trying to save money for my autistic nephew, this job didn't offer much. Running the train when workers couldn't, making sure the animals were fed and taken care of, you get the gist. I know, I know. I said I was a zookeeper but work is right around these parts so I have to pitch in where I can.
When I first started at the Milwaukee Zoo, I felt like I was living my dreams of helping animals. But that soon turned out to not be the case. After being there for less than a year, strange occurrences started to happen. It would be minor things such as lights going out, animals being sick, etc. Nothing major. The big incident happened right when two rookies were hired to see where they would fit in at the zoo. They were skinny and teen like. One was more hairer than the other but other than that, they seemed normal. Or so I would think. The weather was a bit hot and I was sweating while cleaning the elephant enclosure. I know, not the greatest job but someone's gotta do it. The manger of the zoo came up to me as I was closing the metal door to the cage.
"You Emily Tanner?"
"Yes. What's up?"
"I've got these two rookie here and I was wondering if you have time to show them around the base, you know, kinda get them used to the place and see where they fit in."
"Um, sure." I stammered, reaching out to shake the two young mens' hands. The gesture was ignored. Thinking to myself, I wondered what was wrong with them. Did they not understand basic social cues? Were they autistic like my nephew? Thoughts started racing through my head until one of the young men spoke.
"You ever notice the smell of animal waste, how it brings you joy?"
I couldn't speak in that moment. Surely this guy was kidding around, right? Nope. His face was stone cold. He was serious.
"Maybe." I managed to get out. This guy was definitely going be the last one to work with, I thought to myself. Instead, I gave a plastered smile and continued on with the conversation.
"These two shouldn't give you a hard time." the manger said before walking away. I nodded in agreement but then he turned back around.
"Oh, and I posted some rules on your locker door. Be sure to read them carefully. You wouldn't want to know what could happen to you if you don't."
"Is this man for real??" I thought again, my breathing quickening. I was beyond confused. "What is happening??"
But I couldn't worry about that. I had these two rookies to look after. Once I ensured the door to the elephant enclosure was secure, I lead the two men to the gorilla exhibit. It was a bit of a walk since the zoo is literally a maze where if you wanted to get to one area of interest, you had to pass several others before reaching your destination. Sure, you might be wondering if I should have the zoo's layout memorized by now, but you have to think. I don't go to the zoo everyday. Even when I go home, the zoo isn't the first thing on my mind. As I was walking, showing the men the different animals and how they behaved and such, I caught a chill down my spine every time I took a glance behind me to ensure they were following me. I tried to ignore it but the feeling was so overwhelming, I had to say or do something to take my mind off the dreaded feeling.
"So, what brings you two to the zoo and why do you want to work here?" I asked them.
They didn't answer. They just stared. Their cold, black eyes stared right into my soul. I quickly turned away and continues down the hot sticky tar path towards the bird enclosure. Luckily for me, it was nearing my lunch break. I could probably feed some of the birds there and then leave these two to their own devices.
I hurried my pace so that time could move faster and I could get as far away from these guys as possible. Hastily, I opened the door to the enclosure and lead them inside. Naturally the birds flew and here and there, their squawks and screeches following them as they flew about.
"You wanna be careful with the birds. Sometimes they can be mean." I tried to crack a joke but these guys weren't having it. So I naturally shut my mouth and buried any jokes I had deep within. They just stared at me, their soulless eyes not leaving mine. Bleh! Where the manger pick these guys up from, the graveyard? Even mummies and buried corpses could crack a ghost smile every once in a while. Carrying on with showing them how to care for the birds, I checked my watch and quite literally ran out of the building like it was on fire. I had to know those rules and why on EARTH these deadpan guys were hired. Surely the manger wanted to hire them as a joke because no one could be that cold and unfeeling like these two creeps.
Racing to the lockecommon room, I checked my locker door and surely, there was a list of rules. Five of them to be exact.
Rule One. Do not allow new hires to see the animals. This is crucial. If you've broken this rule, it's already too late.
Rule Two. Make sure the new hires are not left alone with the animals.
Rule Three. Do not allow the new hires to come in contact with the people. This rule is to never be broken.
Rule Four. Ensure all enclosures are locked and secure.
Rule Five. If the new hires are ever left alone, run as far away from this place as you can. Don't look back.
Grabbing the note and slumping into a nearby nearly broken garden chair, I heaved a sigh. I guess I've broken most of these rules because I left these guys alone and I left them in the bird enclosure on top of that. These "rules" didn't make sense. Why didn't the manger warn me of these supposed rules before introducing me to these guys?? Sighing once more, I exited the room and went back into the blinding light outside. I hurried back to the bird enclosure to find the new hires gone. My heart sank. I had to find them and fast.
Since I didn't know where to look, I went to the manager's office and found him on the phone. He sounded annoyed.
"Yeah, yeah. I got them all set. The girl is to be in charge of them until I figure out something else."
His word hit me. Surely he wasn't talking about me, right? My thoughts swirled again and I nearly gagged. Holding myself together, I knocked on the open door. The manger looked up me, plastering the fakest smile ever.
"What brings you here?" he asked.
"Um, I saw the note on my locker door and I think... I think I might have broken a few rules already."
The manger quickly stood up and hurried to close the door shut. Looking out the blinds that faced the opening entrance to the zoo and gift shop, he turned to me, his face serious.
"Did you lose them?"
"Did. You. Lose. Them?"
His jaw clenched and his face was covered in cold sweat.
"Yes." I finally admitted. The manger signed, hanging his head.
"We have a problem."
His words were cutthroat, no funny business hidden under his once funny demeanor.
"What...problem?" I questioned, concerned.
"Those new hires aren't... exactly what you would call human. They are entities of sorts."
Now my head was officially fried. Entities? I thought. What kind of twisty rollercoaster works was I living in?? The manger approached me.
"If we don't find them by midnight, we're toast." he said, his voice a whispery hiss. I stared at him, shocked.
"Well, what do you plan on doing? I-I didn't ask to be part of this!"
"Look, I didn't have a choice but to choose you. If I didn't..." he faded off. He then looked at me again, his features a mixture of hurt and panic.
"If I didn't choose you, I would be taken away." he sighed, the words a heavy burden to say.
My voice was no more. Still confused, I open my mouth to speak.
"What do we do now?"
"We wait."
End of Part One.
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2023.06.08 06:07 oh_uwu Mind's Eye

As we approach the planet a tingling sensation is felt by our sensitive senses, the body of a Xenari is perfect, it was achieved through intensive genetic engineering. Even the tiniest disruption to our environment will be felt immediately. As we get close to the planet it gets even more intense, though we get the feeling that something is wrong, there seems to be no indication of any danger that our scanners could find.
Our flagship "Conqueror" is now in the blasting range of the newly mapped class-M planet. The planet is perfect for colonization, the native sapience is technologically inferior. Extermination via biological structural disruption will be met with no resistance. An officer already sampled a native beforehand, and we have already tuned the disruptor with their DNA. One medium-power, long-range blast should be enough to liquefy all the native sapience. We blasted the planet and confirmed the death of all the native sapience.
As we approached the atmosphere of the planet the sensation became far too intense until we landed on the surface(?).
Suddenly it was just gone, this deep and pressing feeling is just gone. I ordered everyone to gear up and gather as much information on this planet as possible. As we open up the hatch of our ship we saw nothing, just a void. There's a solid ground yes, but there's just nothing. Our ship and my crew were just in a void of nothing. My science officer tried to understand what was happening and came to the conclusion that we are currently in a place of nowhere, there's literally nothing here, not even a singular atom.
This bizarre phenomenon is far too dangerous to mess with, maybe the native life forms have set up a trap, maybe they were trying to present themselves as weak, to open up a chance to gauge how technologically advanced we are. We hastily powered our ship and flew away, but it was useless, our scanners show that there was an infinite void in all directions. We were truly alone.
As I was staring at the infinite nothingness on the bridge I closed my eyes to rest. As I opened it I realized that the planet was just there, as if it never left.
Then I heard my first officer telling me that we're on our way to the newly mapped planet, did I just have a Deja vu? I confided with some of my senior officers and everyone doesn't seem to have a recollection of what just happened. I continued on our mission and everything went well. The natives were liquified, we returned back to our homeworld, and everything seems to be going well. The sudden feeling I felt at that time made me retire. I got a job at the local asteroid mining agency in one of our core star systems, met a mate, procreate, and lived out a pretty good life.
As I was preparing for my youngest to attend their first class in school I had a bit of a headache. It felt as if my body was being pulled and torn and then, when I opened up my eyes I found myself in the bridge of the ship. I then heard the first officer telling me that we're on our way to the newly mapped planet. I was stunned, it seemed like I'm slowly going insane. As we approach the planet I was astonished by what I'm reading. It seems like the natives are far more advanced. Last time I read the brief the natives are barely space-faring, but as these new reports show they have colonies on 2 other planets, and on their moon.
Our plan is still in motion as they don't seem to have the capability of blocking out our biological disruptors. But suddenly ships appeared and surrounded us. They have cloaked themselves and been stalking us ever since we arrived on their star system! Then everything went black.
I awoke from somewhere, it felt familiar as if I was there so long ago. Right, this was the place when we truly first landed on the planet. Just the void, but this void is different, there was debris floating everywhere, trees, plants, cars, buildings, and even life forms. It seems like it's getting rearranged, like a puzzle of sorts. A presence is grabbing floating debris and assembling them? As I was thinking further into this I was pulled by this presence, and placed upon a ship with my crew. Everything went black and I found myself in the Conqueror. I heard my first officer telling me that we're on our way to the newly mapped planet. This has to be a nightmare.
A sudden tingling sensation could be felt by my body as if I were being watched. Stalked, preyed, like a ghbpy playing with its prey.
Yes, I finally understand it. I know what you are. You're like the presence in the void, aren't you? The presence that keeps reshaping reality, trying to find the perfect story, by mixing between tenacity, bravery, and humanity. You're human.
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2023.06.08 06:06 omegacluster Album Anniversary List 2023-06-08

Today's anniversaries are:
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