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2023.05.30 11:52 Ninja_Hattori_ This comment on bluemoon forum perfectly sums up Rodrigo Hernández Cascante

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2023.05.05 06:40 Fantastic-Sorbet-160 Realizing a lot of things in my relationship with my husband after having a baby

So I am not really sure what to do and how to move forward from here.
I am miserable and starting to feel like a pathetic person.
My husband and I are married for almost 5 years now. We have one child.
Since we were dating, this has been pointed out to me by a lot of people and I stupidly ignored it. My husband gives me the silent treatment every chance he gets. He gets annoyed with me pretty easily and will just stop talking and walk out the room if he doesn't like a thing I did or say. Earlier today, I told our child that it's time to take her medicine because she has a fever. My husband asked me, "where's the medicine?" And I said, I got it right here! He then rolled his eyes at me. I asked him why he did that but he then decided to ignore me. He now left the room and left me with a sick child. We cosleep with our daughter so that means he probably would sleep in the other room where his gaming computer is (he loxks that room too, he never answered my question why he needs to lock it everytime he is in there). Knowing my husband, this could last days. When we were dating, he ignored me for 2 weeks before I broke and talked to him first. It only happened twice where he did made an effort to break the silence in our 10 years of being together (and it was because I caught him cheating..twice). Man I sound so desperate and sad......
I am starting to feel really lonely. And I feel selfish to say that I am feeling all these things and not knowing his side. I know i am not perfect and he most probably has a lot of things he doesn't like about me.
I don't drive so I rely on him heavily with everything related to transportation. Luckily, I work from home so I don't really go out much. But he will always point it out that I should just learn how to drive so I can bring our child to the playground or go anywhere I want without him. I am studying to get my learner's permit soon and hopefully get my license before the year ends. He will tell me things like, "you don't have to get me anything for my birthday, just get your license and I'll be happy".
Our child and I walks to the playground every afternoon after my work. I then ask my husband to pick us up everytime we do that mainly because it's a 2 mile walk and it's late for our daughter and I to walk back (it's a trail and I don't feel comfortable walking there during nighttime). He mentioned he can't enroll himself at a gym because he won't be able to attend the gym classes because he has to pick us up (classes are night time and the gym he likes is closer to work than our home). Uber or lyft are not so common here plus we have a toddler making it much harder to find a ride.
I make twice more than him and covers a higher part of our bills. For example, he is in charge of paying his car and insurance, phone bills, internet, electricity, and a few more like share in groceries and nanny salary. I am in charge of rent. I also cover our child's insurance, 80% of nanny salary, both of our life insurances, tuition fund for our child and a few more bills. Even with a higher salary, I can't enjoy anything and usually can't buy anything becauae I have a lot of bills to pay. We also want to buy a home so I am starting to save for that (he is not contributing at this time). We don't have a joint account so we both don't know how much we have on our bank accounts. He created a savings account for our daughter where I send a few bucks per paycheck. I wanted that to be used for her first car someday, it would hopefully be enough to buy a second hand car for her when the time comes. I don't have access to that account because he said it may affect my credit. I don't fully understand that but that's fine because I am not really knowledgeable about those things like him.
I also am getting tired of the things he talk about. Mostly are his highschool memories (we are in our mid 30s) and it was always the same theme. Him being the goofy classmate and had so much fun with his friends. He stopped college after 1 yr and does not talk a lot about his college memories. I had great memories of my highschool and college years but I do not talk about those all the time. I like to talk about recent events, things I read or watched online or tv series or books that I found interesting recently, or a story that I felt like worth sharing. I admit that I talk a lot of nonsense at times like sharing a topic I read from an online forum and wanting to know his thoughts lol
He also doesn't like my parents especially my mom. My mom has an attitude for sure and doesn't know when to stop talking most of the time. We moved from the west coast to east coast and we stayed with my parents for a few months. Rent free if I may add. I only pay for food and utilities. He said that he couldn't take it anymore and we are getting very stressed out about my parents and we needed to move to our own place. We are now renting and have a bunch of credit card debt for buying our things for our home. It's been 6 months and I am still paying for some. At that point, I knew we had to move because I did not want any tension between him and my parents. My parents loves their grandaughter very dearly and I don't want their bond to be affected by any means.
My dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer and stage 3 kidney failure. I plan to help with his medical bills which my husband is against. He said it is not my responsibility to help my dad... and I should prepare myself. I have expressed how worried I am about my dad and my husband told me I should be realistic. That really just feels heartless in my opinion.
We have not been intimate for a while. Probably like 2 months or even more. I don't feel attracted to him and he most likely do not feel attracted to me. The other day, we were at the park and I was watching my daughter play when I catched him staring at me. When I went near him to grab my water bottle, he said that I was gaining more and more and I need to lose weight. He then changed it and said "we" should lose weight. I have gained a lot of weight and has not lost the baby weight even after years of giving birth. And that's why I have been walking for 2 miles a day atleast 4 to 5 days a week, doing intermittent fasting and going on a low carb diet. I honestly just feel so down and I feel pathetic. I can't wear clothes that can show my postpartum body because he will just comment about it. I bought this super cute dress and I showed him, he said I probably should just not wear it until I lose a few pounds. I have been wearing baggy clothes since then lol I am so stupid. My husband though, he is very vain, always have that dress to impress mentality which is just fine with me. But I just hope that he leaves my clothes and body alone... i can't say anything though because it will just be me starting a fight and being too sensitive.
We also do not have any friends here yet. I am very introverted and he is the exact opposite. He goes to an office and so he gets a lot of social interaction there. Speaking of being an introvert, my husband absolutely hated this side of me. He hates that I am shy and does not feel comfortable speaking up. So he makes sure that he puts me in scenarios where I don't have a choice like getting mad at me before going to a fast food drive thru and forcing me to order food for us. He says that I just need to practice which in a way is true (english is not my first language) but I feel like my english is okay and I am able to communicate well (athough he makes fun of my accent if he hears me pronounce a word with my accent. I am very conscious about how I pronounce words now and most of the time second guess myself).
He also is always on his phone. One time, I called him out because our child wanted to play with him. He got mad and said that I do the same thing. I am not a hypocrite, I of course spend a lot of time on my phone too. But my daughter is a priority. If I see my husband holding his phone, I will put mine down and focus on my daughter. He will then just use his phone until we need to eat or go to sleep.
One of the things I hate is how he talks to me. I can't explain how it is but he usually answers me with a question. For example, I told him about a possibility of doing a nanny share to hopefully save some money. He then asked me "Do you think we can do that given that you can't drive to drop her off?" Honestly, I may be being a baby about this but I feel like he could have just told me what he thinks instead of making me look like I am stupid? I can't really explain it! He got mad at me the other day because I asked him if I can take a shower. He got mad because he said I should not ask for permission. But if I don't do that...he won't look after our child while I shower. Our daughter cried the whole time btw. And I asked him what happened. He said she wanted mommy and does not want to come near him so he just let her be and let her knock on the bathroom door like there's no tomorrow.
He will also make it a point to tell me that I was the one who wanted a baby. So if I say, I am really tired or frustrated. I still breastfeed our toddler and I am getting frustrated about that she nurse throughout the night. I feel like I have not slept for years. He will tell me "remember when you said you wanted a baby?" Sometimes he will make it sound like a joke so I don't know.... It makes me think...was I really the only one who wanted a child? Was I imagining things when he said he wanted a baby or did he felt like he was not given the choice? So confused honestly!!
I feel stuck, lonely and depressed. I can't talk to anyone without being judged and I just need to get this off my chest.
Some of the people that I shared this with said that I should be grateful because my husband works, pays some of the bills, helps out throwing out the trash, helps with cleaning the kitchen and play area some days when I say that I need help because I feel extremely tired, helps out if I ask for help like with diaper change, cooks, does his own laundry, let me sleep in on a Sunday once in a bluemoon (he brings our child to the family room, turns on the tv and he would be on his phone the whole time), plays with our child sometimes (although he gets frustrated if she calls him mommy by mistake), they have a good bond, and some days we do get along which makes everything really confusing.
If you made it this far, thank you for listening to my rants!!
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2023.04.19 13:10 WolfgangAJW11 Bellingham signing

Bellingham signing
Posted on the Bluemoon forum just a moment ago by Tolmie.
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2023.01.18 00:24 FCStats [blue moon] Rumor: dressing room issues

[blue moon] Rumor: dressing room issues
Not sure how reputable these specific sources are but sometimes the forum has had e.g. transfer rumors that turn out to be true. If rumors are not allowed I can remove this
first source:
second source:
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2022.08.10 00:07 WolfgangAJW11 Spotted on the Bluemoon forum earlier today.

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2022.06.05 21:49 FierrahTheFerocious This was posted on the BlueMoon Forum

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2022.05.27 20:54 ahmedontia On the Bluemoon forum regarding the rumors about a release clause in Haaland's contract.

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2022.05.10 06:57 LessBrain MCFC Journalist Transfer Reliability Guide 2022

Another season almost gone and another big transfer window coming up
Reposting this with some updates below. A lot of this is MY opinion with the addition of some researched backed data on how reliable someone is. Additionally I have discussed with the other mods on some tiers and this is our consensus.
If you have an opinion on a tier or think someone should be added sound off below and we will consider it. The idea about this guide is to help YOU navigate through the upcoming transfer window on what you should listen to and what you should not listen to.
From a City point of view

Tier Gospel

Man City official - The only one that really counts.

Tier 1

[Jack Gaughan] - Daily Mail

  • The most reliable as of now
  • Has been used as a club mouthpiece
  • 2 year transition from tier 3 to 2 to 1

[Sam Lee] - The Athletic

  • Reliable for transfers at City and news in general. However since his move to The Athletic his stories are generally later than when he had worked at Goal.
  • Will give you the most news around transfers
  • sammy_goal - he is also are local resident here

[Martin Blackburn] - The Sun

  • Used as a club mouthpiece a fair bit
  • Does not print much transfer news but is usually nailed on when he prints something
  • Works for The Sun..

[Simon Stone] - BBC

  • More of a United reporter
  • Is still very reliable for City, but he will usually be late to the party after the above 3 because he will only print 100% true stuff.

[Pol Balus] - TimesSport

  • Will be reliable as long as Pep Guardiola is City Manager.
My general rule around these Tier 1s is if its Jack/Blackburn its someone high up at the club that wants you to hear it. If its Sam Lee then its multiple sourced rumours from both City, agent, and other team. To me right now Jack is THE DON.

Tier 2

[Stu Brennan] - The Manchester Evening News

  • Usually late to transfer news and ongoing
  • Generally gets his info directly from the club, can be 1 sided

[James Ducker] - The Telegraph

  • Has been reliable of late, is also connected to the northern clubs

[Jonathan Smith] - Goal

  • Have seen good info from him on City
  • Is a city correspondent
  • was tier 3

[Simon Mullock] - The Mirror

  • Used as a club mouthpiece a fair bit
  • Does not print much transfer news but is usually nailed on when he prints something
  • Mirror is generally shit
  • Downgraded from Tier 1 to Tier 2.

[Fabrizio Romano] - Sky Sports

  • Has good info from around Europe
  • More of an aggregator
  • Slight tap in merchant ;)
  • Will have a Tier 2 Flair with an AggregatoTap In tag. He generally rips news from other local sources that report it first and then does a nice little her we go.

[David Ornstein] - The Athletic

  • Transfer Aggregator for The Athletic mostly due to the fact he has 1m followers on Twitter. So big news basically gets tied to his name for that reason.
  • He does like a "roundup" of all transfer news. Usually as a collaboration with the "local" reporter for that Club that works for the Athletic.
  • Very reliable for PL transfers and news in general.

[Simon Bajkowski ] - Manchester Evening News

  • Good ties to City

Tier 3

[Duncan Castles] - Sunday Times & Transfer Podcast

  • Mendes mouth piece
  • Does not like Manchester City

[James Robson] - Evening Standard

  • Has been reliable of late, is also connected to a few midland clubs so his news from there is quite good

[Lu Martin] - Spanish Journalist

  • Close ties to Pep so as long as Pep is here he will be reliable

[Mike Mcgrath] - reporter at The Daily Telegraph

[Mike Keegan] - Sports News Correspondent/Sports Agenda Editor @mailsport

[Jamie Jackson] - Manchester football correspondent: Guardian/Observer.

Tier 4

[Di Marzio]

  • Throws it on a wall and hopes it sticks

[Jose Alvarez Haya] - Elchiringuitotv

  • Was tier 3.
  • Only reliable for Aguero news to which he is now gone
  • Links stuff to his channel Elchiringuitotv that has more reliable journalists on there

Tier 5 "The just fucken ignore them list"

Some ITKs are much more reliable than others but ill bundle them all together as tier 4 to 5s ITKS to me are always the most fun because its always from a whisper of news and there's generally something to it but as they are not journalists so they really don't have a reliability and reputation to keep up so as always with ITK's take them with a grain of salt or go crazy over them.
  • jeremyparnaby - own resident ITK
  • Tolmie - Bluemoon forum- ITK
  • 93:20Blue - Bluemoon forum
  • Ric - BlueMoon Admin/owner
  • TwoSips/ esteemedkompany
  • BillyShears - Bluemoon - 93:20 Podcast (Ahsan). Him and Esteeemed do a few good videos Ahsan is pretty well connected with city media so he is good to listen to when talking city transfer targets.

Not from a City point of view

There are some reporters not listed here that could be useful for information when its a far away club of a player we might be linked to. But there is a lot of absolute fucken shit that you can outright ignore if their name is not on here. Lot of them are just pushing agendas, or other crap
You can refer to look at this as a guide for a general football view.
Mine is purely based on collected data in relation to City only and City alone. Some reporters on here could be tier 1s or 2s for other subs but sit on my shit list as of now which is why ill continue to update this over the years.
General rule to remember around any transfer targets is that there are about 3-5 moving parts of any links.
1) Manchester City the club, its players, its board, coach, scouts etc.
2) The club we are buying from its players, board, coach, scouts etc.
3) The player we are targeting and their family or friends
4) The agent of said player
5) National team
This where all links end up coming from a journalist usually speaks to agents, or the clubs directly to know if there is an actual link. Example we are interested in a player from Ligue 1, who is from Argentina. The links will be French team, which means French journalists and news, French team and also Argentina journalists all could be reliable in a transfer for that player. The UK based journalists would give you the City side while the French based ones will give you the French based clubs. Always good to keep in mind if "something is happening or not"
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2022.02.12 16:50 chocomilkz Anyone bought tickets through livefootballtickets?

Been trying to get hold of tickets for the sporting match in lisbon, but havent had any luck at the bluemoon forum. Considering trying my luck at one of the reseller sites but not sure if they are even legit. Anyone have experience with them?
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2022.02.02 12:57 LessBrain [ITK Tolmie] Haaland has said "Yes"

Post in thread 'It's Quiet 16 - Txiki grinders'
I have never seen Tolmie this excited and this sure. What the fuck
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2021.08.10 19:20 AvatarQuestGame Views on MCFC forum Bluemoon?

Is it good or bad
View Poll
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2020.08.28 15:54 codespyder Messi Watch - Aug 28, 2020

Well, we're into Day 58 or something of Messi watch. Somehow, it feels even longer than that. Sure, it could all be for nothing, but the hype train is full steam ahead so either get onboard or stay the fuck out of the way.

Please note that only posts about Messi from City's Tier 1 sources will be kept up.

That means links from other sources (reliable or otherwise) will be collected in this thread. This includes Barca's Tier 1 sources insofar as any news about the disagreement between Messi and their board. If there are any issues with the Tier number, post in the comments below. This is also where you can have your discussion/shitposts/a good old moan.
Messi Megathread from Aug 26, 2020
Messi Megathread from Aug 25, 2020

News From England (newest first)

Source Tier Message
Duncan Castles Tier 3 Messi’s deal purportedly worth over 700M and includes a future stake in CFG. Three seasons at City before a jaunt at NYCFC
Ian Cheeseman Tier 2 Nothing confirmed but it’s looking like it will take a compromise figure of over £100 million plus Jesus & Garcia to prize Messi from Barcelona. Wednesday could be a key day
Tolmie Tier 4 Messi's legal team are lodging papers with FIFA today. They want their man on a plane to Manchester by Friday.
Fabrizio Romano Tier 2 Official statement by La Liga. They side with Barcelona in Leo Messi contract battle: “Current deal is still valid and paying release clause for €700m is the only way out”. Manchester City are still waiting for Barça decision.
Fabrizio Romano Tier 2 Messi will not change his mind despite La Liga decision and wants to leave
Simon Mullock Tier 1 ManCity officials believe they are on the brink of having both Lionel Messi and Pep Guardiola at the club for the long-term. Barcelona are hopeful for £250M in cash and players.
Tolmie @ bluemoon-MCFC Tier 4 “We have proposed a very innovative way of paying Messi through the CFG. FFP can't touch it, seemingly. (...) Pep is with him”
ESPN Tier 3 Man City confident Messi would snub rivals for them if Barcelona negotiate - sources
Jack Gaughan Tier 2 City not planning on including the likes of Gabriel Jesus, Bernardo Silva or Riyad Mahrez as part of any deals this window.
Guillem Balague (via Sam Lee) Tier 4 Messi hasn't demanded that Pep stays for longer than year left in his contract. Pep and Leo have now spoken. Pep told him that if willing to leave, #MCFC would try to finance the move. Every step is carefully taken by City so nobody can say they 'stole' the player from FCB

News From Spain/the Continent (newest first)

Source Tier Message
Cadena SER Tier 2 Meeting with Koeman did not help, The meeting between Messi and Koeman lasted an hour. Messi wanted to know which players the project would face, but Koeman told him that there are no signings at Barça now without transfers! This increased Messi's suspicion of not continuing.
Cadena SER Tier 2 Messi is disappointed by Bartomeu, Bartomeu lied to Messi when signing with Griezmann, telling him that he would not sign the French player.
Moises Llorens Tier 3 Bartomeu will offer Messi a 2 year contract renewal in the meeting with Jorge Messi, while the player’s father will ask to leave for free.
Alfredo Martinez Tier 1 On Wednesday, or no later than Thursday, Jorge Messi will meet with Bartomeu.
MARCA Tier 4 Messi will incur penalties as a result of not returning to training.
Marca Tier 4 Motion of no confidence against Bartomeu has the requisite votes
Achraf Ben Ayad Tier 1 Messi's step is confirmed: he will miss the first training session under Koeman
Jose Luis Sanchez RM Tier 2 Lionel Messi has told a former teammate that he wants to leave Barcelona because he wants to win the Champions League.
Moises Llorens Tier 3 Barcelona believe the only way Lionel Messi can legally leave for free is if he commits to not playing football next season
Marcelo Bechler Tier 2 Manchester City is already preparing for what may come. They asked a large production company for archival footage of Messi to prepare audiovisual material, should the arrangement happen.
Alfredo Martinez Tier 1 The €700M release clause will NOT apply when the contract is terminated due to the player's unilateral decision that takes effect from the end of the 2019/20 season.
Alfredo Martinez Tier 1 Lionel Messi has asked the club twice for a friendly exit and wants an agreement with Barcelona. He doesn’t want to face a lawsuit against the club he loves.
La Liga Official Messi has valid contract with FC Barcelona. Release clause of 700m euros is also valid
CatRadio Tier 2 Bartomeu's management will study internally how to act with Messi after he did not appear in the tests to start the preseason. No decision made yet.
Albert Rogé Tier 2 Leo Messi was summoned at 10:15 to the Ciutat Esportiva. He has NOT presented himself.
Marcelo Bechler Tier 2 Messi has informed Barcelona that he is no longer a player of the Club
Gerard Romero Tier 2 According to RAC1, Barça consider that the contract is still fully valid. The conditions of termination are the same and no clause reviews the 700m € release clause
Mundo Deportivo Tier 3 Barcelona board have given the order, that all the executives and managers in charge, not to respond to the call of any team interested in Messi. The club will be as inflexible as possible
Cadena SER Tier 2 The Argentine is NOT obliged to pay the 700 million clause in this last season. It is specified that you should not pay this clause from 19/20
Edu Polo Tier 1 Messi will not appear for the PCR tests following the instructions of his lawyers. After the burofax on Tuesday, the contract with Barça was terminated and attending the tests would be contradictory.
Achraf Ben Ayad Tier 1 Messi insists on leaving and will not attend the tests
MARCA Tier 4 Barca board knew Messi would leave since July
Cadena SER Tier 2 Bartomeu fires the law firm Cuatrecasas(club's legal adviser) for advising Messi and recommending the steps to follow, including sending the burofax.
Dani Senabre Tier ?? "At this time there is a 90% probability that Messi will stay"
MARCA Tier 4 Barca's response to Messi : "Renew your contract or there is nothing to negotiate"
L’Equipe Tier 2 Juve are also interested in Messi. They have contacted Messi's father to bring togther Messi and Cristiano
CatRadio Tier 2 Right now the intention is to NOT appear for the PCR tests on Sunday, on the advice of his lawyers. Bartomeu's resignation will not cause Messi to stay, because the sports project will remain the same @totcosta
Alfredo Martinez Tier 1 Barcelona refuses to negotiate the sale in that meeting. Bartomeu does not accept that Messi leaves for less than €700M. He continues to think that he is the linchpin of the Koeman project
Alfredo Martinez Tier 1 Leo Messi wants an exit as friendly as possible from Barcelona.
Achraf Ben Ayad (via HagridFCB) Tier 1 Bartomeu, is completely and definitively not going to sell Messi after his request to leave the club.
Marçal Lorente Tier 3 Messi does not want a confrontation with Barça and orders his lawyers to meet with the club's leaders to negotiate a way out. Bartomeu will explain to them that Messi is very important for the new cycle and will only release him for the clause.
Dani Senabre Tier ?? I can't say much more and I'm one of those who thought that this was irreversible but from what I'm told, pay attention tonight to Messi. It looks like a turn of events it's coming.
Albert Roge Tier 2 The motion of no-confidence against Bartomeu is now confirmed. Eight different groups of people have joined to support the motion. 16,000 signatures are needed (Thanks to epicguy285 for the additional context linked in his comment HERE)
L'Equipe Tier 2 Leonardo (PSG) did call Jorge Messi but Lionel has informed the French club that he has already decided to join Manchester City

Other Bits and Bobs

Go on, Vinnie
Sid Lowe’s excellent summary of the situation in Barcelona
The Messi “Fax”, Explained
Motion of No-Confidence filed by Supporters' Groups
Messi, Ronaldo and Guardiola - PSG will assemble 'dream team' by 2021, says Clown
Live footage of Khaldoon pulling up to the Nou Camp to negotiate with Bartomeu (thanks pr0cd)
From /Barca: A legal analysis of Messi's contractual situation (given what we know)
BBC: why Messi could do a job at Burnley. Or Wycombe. Or Sunderland. Or Southampton
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2020.08.26 13:56 codespyder Messi Watch - Aug 26, 2020

Not sure if any of you have heard about this, but there's apparently an Argentinian bloke who is causing a bit of a ruckus down in Barcelona and apparently our pokey little club may be involved.

Please note that only posts about Messi from City's Tier 1 sources will be kept up.

That means links from other sources (reliable or otherwise) will be collected in this thread. This includes Barca's Tier 1 sources insofar as any news about the disagreement between Messi and their board.
This is also where you can have your discussion/shitposts/a good old moan.

News From England/English Language Media

Source Tier Message
Sam Lee Tier 1 New Messi story here. Full disclosure: City’s line is the same as ever: it’s not happening. My info: the next few days are decisive. City are ready to sign Messi if he does leave Barca on a free. David Ornstein’s info: Messi’s already spoken to Guardiola
Sam Lee Tier 1 The Messi story is sprawling now eh? The reports were very similar last night, but now it’s chaos! I’ve done a lot of Argentinean media today and the consensus there is that it’s all done and dusted to City, but in Barcelona things look a little harder. In Manchester we wait!
Sam Lee Tier 1 From what I know, Jorge Messi isn’t in Manchester. He’d go to Barcelona first, to sort things out there.
Sid Lowe and Fabrizio Romano Tier 2 Manchester City believe they have a chance of signing Barça's Lionel Messi
Sid Lowe and Fabrizio Romano Tier 2 Barcelona President Bartomeu would Resign to Keep Messi
Fabrizio Romano Tier 2 Juventus and Bayern Munich will not be going after Lionel Messi
ESPN Tier 3 Man City's Messi contract could include New York City FC clause - sources
Guillem Balague Tier 4 Messi Hands in Transfer Request
Daily Mail (via TyC and RAC1) Tier 4 Messi’s Dad in Manchester Negotiating with City
Tolmie (Blue Moon ITK) Tier 4 Pep wants him on a plane next week!!!! This could get very ugly in the next 48 hours. The contact in Abu Dhabi says he is ours. Absolutely zero reason to doubt him either.

News From Spain/Spanish Language Media

Source Tier Message
Alfredo Martínez Barca Tier 1 Messi has made an irrevocable decision. Not even Bartomeu’s resignation would stop Messi from leaving. He will not wear the Barcelona shirt again.
Alfredo Martínez Barca Tier 1 Bartomeu would indeed resign and take a step beside the presidency if Leo Messi publicly said that he would stay if Bartomeu left.
Alfredo Martínez Tier 1 Barcelona will not facilitate the departure of Messi because they do not want him to leave. Messi can ask for the transfer that frees him but then the courts will decide the amount that the club he goes to has to pay Barça
Gerard Romero Barca Tier 2 City have offered Messi a two year deal with a salary matching what he makes at Barcelona. Messi also wants Pep to extend his contract
Cat Radio Tier 2 Bartomeu is willing to step down as Barça President if Messi publicly agrees to stay at the club.
Julien Laurens Tier 2 Neymar & Di Maria have contacted Messi asking him to join PSG. ManCity are offering Messi a 5yr contract, which would see him move to partner club, NYCFC, after 3yrs in the PL.
Mohamed Bouhafsi Tier 3 PSG are keeping an eye on the Messi-saga. PSG will be seeing if the signing is economically viable. Neymar is also speaking a lot with the argentinian
Moises Llorens (via HagridFCB) Barca Tier 3 Manchester City will do everything possible to sign Messi on a free transfer, but would contemplate paying between €100M-€150M. City are also open to including players such as Eric Garcia and Angelino in the deal.
La Nacion (Argentina) Tier 2 or 3 Messi has decided to continue his career at Manchester City
Francesc Aguilar Barca Tier 4 Manchester City have told Messi's entourage that they will pay whatever it takes to land him
Francesc Aguilar Barca Tier 4 Bartomeu has stated that if Messi publicly announces that he will stay, Bartomeu will resign🚨
Jorge Nicola, ESPN Tier 4 Prior to asking Barcelona for a termination of his contract, Lionel Messi phoned Neymar inviting him to join him and play for Man City.
AS Tier 4 Messi's contract excludes FIFA and UEFA from legal conflict. FC Barcelona and the player originally agreed that if there was a dispute over the buy-out clause then it would be resolved by a court of law.
Veronica Brunati Tier 4ish Manchester City will meet with the Messi family in Barcelona next week
TyC Tier 4 PSG have offered a better contract to Lionel Messi than City, as well as a and a compensation to the Catalans that the English club could not pay due to Financial Fair Play.
Sport (via RMC Sport) Tier 4 Manchester City are said to be working on formulating an offer for Messi: Catalan press mentions possible sum of 100m € + 3 players, Bernardo Silva, Gabriel Jesus and Eric Garcia.
Barca Theory IG Tier 5 The fax that was supposedly sent through (not confirmed to be real.)
El Pais Tier ??? Messi is confident that he can activate a clause in his contract that allows him to leave for free this summer, and if it comes to FIFA, he will win the case. FIFA sources have stated that there is no precedent in the last fifteen years that would stop Lionel Messi being able to leave on a free.

Other Bits and Bobs

Messi Megathread from Aug 25, 2020
Liam Gallagher
Aguero has changed his @ on instagram from @10aguerosergiokun to @kunaguero... many months ago
“Thiago is a better signing for Liverpool than Messi to Man. City” claims OAP benefactor Wayne Rooney
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2019.05.04 05:56 LessBrain [OC] Pre-2019 Summer Transfer Thread - PART 2

If you missed part 1 here it is
Lets dive straight into midfield and attack
Midfielders Age Seasons left Contract Expiry
Fernandinho (33) 1 2020
Ilkay Gündogan (28) 1 2020
Fabian Delph (29) 1 2020
David Silva (33) 1 2020
Kevin De Bruyne (27) 4 2023
Phil Foden (18) 5 2024
Attackers Age Seasons left Contract Expiry
Leroy Sané (23) 2 2021
Sergio Agüero (30) 2 2021
Raheem Sterling (24) 4 2023
Riyad Mahrez (28) 4 2023
Gabriel Jesus (22) 4 2023
Bernardo Silva (24) 6 2025
In part 1 I left off with the DM situation. The most importance piece.
However now lets look at the midfield + attacking problems and potential targets. Over the last couple of days things have started to heat up so kind of suits my post to come here now.
To start off with we have 3 key players that will have 1 season left on their contract after this season.
  • Fernandinho:: who will be 34 going into next season is on his last year. I expect he may get a 1 year extension into 2021 or be let go for free in 2020!
  • David Silva: My favourite City player, club legend and probably the best player to ever play for the club. Will also be 34 by mid next season. Ive seen rumours of him going this summer which I dont believe nor has any of our top sources said it. He will finish his contract here and will leave the club in 2020. Essentially giving the club 10 years. I dont see us extending Silva beyond 2020. He may get another year but I believe at 35 he will want to either return to Spain or go to Japan as rumoured.
  • Gundogan: as mentioned in part 1 there is a big chance we sell him this summer. Who is also on 1 year of his contract. although I talked about him in teh DM position in part 1 he also can play in the front 2 midfielder roles.
  • Fabian Delph: Although is mainly a LB id mention him here. This is his last season at City. Sam Lee mentioned it here on reddit that he is gone.
With all this in mind we potentially have serious holes in midfield. We also need to remember the imminent transfer ban. The way City is operating business right now I would say they think they are getting banned for 2 windows after this one as mentioned in part 1. So we could go into the 2020/21 season with no David Silva, No ferna and no Gundogan without having the ability to buy anything that summer window.
So lets take a step back and look at our midfield how itll look in the 2020/21 season assuming we lose Gundogan as well. But lets assume we get our #1 target in Rodri from Atletico
 Foden /Bernardo Silva Kevin De Bruyne Rodriguez 
The Bernardo Silva "problem": A problem and a blessing all in one. Bernardo was originally brought in to play midfield in where David Silva currently sits now. However as this season has shown Bernardo on the right and sterling on the left is our best XI. Sane while great does not give the same blend of width, inside cuts and flexibility as Bernardo does. Thus the problem of a "depleted midfield" with a stacked front line. Which we will get into more later. I feel Bernardo is going to be one of those players that will play 25 games on the right and 10 games in midfield.
So essentially by 2020/21 we may need 2 DMs + 2 midfielders.
For the forwards:
We have Sane, Mahrez, Jesus and Aguero all at risk in the next 2 seasons
  • Leroy Sane: he has 2 years left on his contract and has yet to sign a new one
  • Gabriel Jesus: Apparently we not as happy with him and according to Sam Lee - Pep effectively lost faith in him in December.
  • Sergio Aguero: 2 years left on his contract and will most likely leave after his contract expires giving the club 10 years. There is a chance he might stay but by all accounts he wants to go back to his home club and will be 32 by then. The Aguero situation is one of the most complex ones to solve. There are about 0 worthy #9's out there that are within our price range. Jesus for all accounts has not lived up to the hype yet and will not be able to replace a 20+ goal a season Aguero. The truth of the matter is how do you replace Aguero. He probably the 2nd best striker to ever grace the premier league. I think City want a striker but theyll wait till 2021 when Aguero does in fact expire and go from there. Hopefully Jesus is gun by then!
Midfield targets to fill the void
In part 1 I covered the DM spots with Rodri the most likely target.
  • Bruno Fernandes: Huge rumours swirling around Portugal that Txiki has met with Sporting to finalise this deal. There have been two ITKs on the BM forums in Twosips and Tolmie saying this is "close". Sam Lee also said the below on Bruno, he posted this on reddit "And then there are these Bruno Fernandes links. I’ve got one guy I know (who I can’t trust 100% yet as I don’t know who exactly he speaks to at the club) but he says BF is close to done. Just to reiterate, I don’t know if I can trust this. But my tier one source (to borrow from the reddit phrasebook) says “I don’t know about Bruno but maybe he’s a good back-up option if Gundogan leaves.”
  • Joao Felix: - a young 19 year old portugese player, who by all accounts I think is a hybrid that can play as a striker, winger or attacking midfielder. He is so young and good that I am not 100% sure what his future role will be. Very similar to the Bruno links. Txiki has met with Felix's parents and is trying to do the the ground work. In the links from Twosips and Tolmie above both did say that we in for Felix but also both are not 100% certain. The potential departure of Leroy Sane and Jesus also make this Felix buy more logical. If Sane or Jesus did leave we would at least have another attacking option.
  • Luka Jovic: we have been linked to Jovic but according to Sam this has basically died and by all accounts I believe he is real madrid bound (their tier 1 source said this). He was probably the only striker on the market that is good enough for City. Everyone else is either too expensive or unattainable
The whole midfield/attack gets quite confusing with trying to plan for 2 years. I believe Gundogan might stay and I hope he does. The same with Leroy and Jesus
 Leroy/Sterling/Felix Aguero/Jesus/Felix Bernardo/Felix/Mahrez Bruno /Foden /Felix Kevin De Bruyne / Felix Rodriguez/Gundogan 
Gives us a few options going forward. I dont envy the planning job the City board have to do as players can change their minds a lot. Which is why this summer outs City has to basically gurantee that Sane/Gundogan etc are staying past the 2 seasons. The last thing we want is going into the season after next with shortages of players and in the middle of a transfer ban.
I think Felix is the biggest wildcard in this. I believe he is a huge talent where I cant see a direct fit right now but is great for the future of the starting XI. Then also comes how Jesus develops in the next 2 seasons. We cannot expect Aguero to give us 20+ goals into his mid 30's and were going to need a striker to produce that for us.
In conclusion the defensive midfielders and behind are a bit more clear. The 5 positions up front gets a bit murky as there is a bit of unknown there.
Going forward my transfer threads will revert to how I used to do them more with sources, targets and net balances
But we have a crazy crazy window coming up. Unlike last years which was relatively quiet, this window is going to be like 2017's Summer window. Fun times ahead.
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2019.03.25 01:32 robot301_03 [转载] 中国汉服vs日本和服 by 亚夫拉航 on 2016-09-30

Chinese hanfu VS Japanese kimono

Sho Fukamachi
龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.comreal Chinese! Chinese look best in hanfu…undeniably!

How to get so nice clothing?

Nice clothing,just like fairy in the legend

I thought Hanfool was dead?

Hanfu no longer represents China. Qipao now does the job

compare goguryo(高句麗) & tang(唐) era pics. stupid chinks

Yeah, I remember that before the universe was born, before the Big Bang, there was a Korean Empire.

Unfortunately, Chinese traditional costume now is Qipao

Calvin Blue
Hanfu is the BEST among all of East Asian.. beats Kimono, Korean, Manchurian, etc etc…
It makes woman really pretty, beautiful, elegant..
Sadly, it has been abandoned a long time ago..

But japanese kimonos were HEAVILY INFLUENCED by chinese hanfu…

Kris King
Kimonos developed from Hanfu, even though, Hanfu is better and more cultural

Sho Fukamachi
the Japanese treasures their kimonos (which developed from hanfu) and wear it everyday while Chinese only wear it in movies and dramas….how pathetic!
Hua Zhou (old-panda)
Kimono = Hanfu + Pillow,so that Japs can fuck at any place, any time.

I’m fascinated by Chinese Mythology so I prefer the Hanfu.

……Even Australian people know it originated from China so wouldn’t Japanese people know?

kimono much better

Takashi Asahina
Is there opportunity when people put on a hanfu in China?

Most of the traditional Asian outfits are all influenced by China…just saying…
Also stop saying China copied Japanese, it’s actually the other way around

んく Dzunku
I am a Japanese and found hanfu is beautiful in this video. I don’t see kimono everyday now in Japan, but they are still worn in special occasions. But how about hanfu? Are they still worn in modern day China?

I personally like the hanfu clothing better. I mean the dresses they have for females are just beautiful !

Hanfu is ugly

everyone stole each other culture ok get over it

i prefer the kimono

china abandoned their own tradition.

비 몽
japan win

i wouldn’t compare them, they are all beautiful,

hanfu WIN. Kimono is copy of the hanfu

Mark Lee
I am Vietnamese. I like Kimono of Japanese

Japan and Korea are branches of Chinese civilization.

原文地址: 龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com原文标题:日中合同成人式、「着物の方が断然キレイ」と不満の声が殺到―中国版ツイッター龙腾网
龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com标题:日中友好成人仪式,引来微博吐槽“和服漂亮多了!”龙腾网 原文链接:龙腾网 译者:cck
日中合同成人式、「着物の方が断然キレイ」と不満の声が殺到―中国版ツイッター 日中友好成人仪式,引来微博吐槽“和服漂亮多了!”

未命名.jpg (35.2 KB, 下载次数: 20)
下载附件 保存到相册
2013-4-16 23:54 上传
「和服って彼女たちにとってハレの日に着るものだから、それなりにきちんと扱うものだよね。漢服を着ているお嬢さんたちにとっては、漢服は『一度来たらポイ』の布きれのようだ」 「和服の色づかいはすばらしいね。それに比べて漢服は…あーあ」
「これ、明らかに高級な和服と質の悪い漢服が並んでいるよね。それに漢服文化って300年も断絶していて、最近になって復興したものだから、伝統をずっと受け継いでいる和服と比べるのは酷だよね」(※満州族が支配した清朝(16441912年)はいわゆる“チャイナドレス”が民族服だった) 「日本のお嬢さんたちが着ているのは、唐代に中国から伝わった衣装に改良を加えたもの。それにふさわしいお化粧や髪形が生まれて、とても調和がとれている。中国のお嬢さんたちが着ているのは、いわゆる漢服の中の、どこの時代のものかもわからない『平服』だ。ろくにお化粧もせず、全体のバランスというものを考えていない。ひと目見ればすぐに付け焼刃とわかる」 「日本の学生は伝統というものをきちんと継承し、理解したうえで和服を着用している。髪型、化粧、しぐさに至るまでが行き届いている。それに比べ、中国の学生の漢服は完全にその場限りのお遊び。みすぼらしいよ」
「チャイナドレスを着ればよかったのに。これでは見劣りするよ」 「おい、ご先祖様までおとしめるなよ。チャイナドレスは騎馬民族の衣装を改良したものだ。その発祥は近代の上海だよ」
“和服对她们来说是节日才穿的盛装,相当考究。但我们这些姑娘们穿的汉服就像使用一次性布料制作的一样。” “和服的色彩搭配真是太赞了。相比起来...汉服...呃啊” “这样一对比,很明显和服更高级而汉服制作更粗糙。这是因为汉服文化已经断绝了300多年,直到最近才再度复兴。和一直继承了传统的和服暂时还不能比。”(满族统治下的清朝(1444~1912)采用旗袍作为民族服饰)
“日本的姑娘们穿的和服,是由唐朝东渡过去的服饰改良而来。但在这基础上她们衍生出了对应的妆容和发型,显得十分和谐。中国的姑娘们穿的所谓汉服,其实是分不清哪个时代的平服。也没有好好化妆,整体让人感觉不到平衡。一看就高下立判。” “日本学生很好地继承了传统,在理解的基础上穿着和服。发型、化妆、举止每一个方面都有讲究。相比起来,中国学生的汉服完全就是在那场合玩闹,太寒碜了。” “我有朋友参加了那个成人礼,实际上很多中国人穿的是和服。而且是在会场现场租的。”
“穿旗袍还更好一点吧。这个看起来太逊了。” “喂,别轻视我们的祖先啊。旗袍也是改良自骑马民族的服装,发祥于近代的上海。” “所以说我们的民族危险了,流失了很多传统的文化和道德。相反,很多危险的民族主义和变形的中华文化却登上舞台。日本倒还残留了真正的一部分中华文化。”
jiukom(kaw...)さん 削除/違反報告 私もそう思う5,799点私はそう思わない49点 そんなに和服を褒めないでくれよ
别这么夸和服嘛~ 以及有些家伙声称“和服的起源是半岛”,说这种话不要负责任吗?
抜刀教師(jpn...)さん 削除/違反報告 私もそう思う4,318点私はそう思わない52点 日本:晴れ着、和服 中国:漢服、チャイナドレス 韓国:乳だしチョゴリ、白チョゴリ
日本:华服、和服 中国:汉服、旗袍 韩国:露乳则羔利、白色则羔利
HARU(sek...)さん 削除/違反報告 私もそう思う3,238点私はそう思わない88点 着る人次第だから! でも日本人でも似合う人減ったね(T_T)
那要看是什么人穿! 不过日本适合和服的人也越来越少了(T_T)
ki*nt*am*a71(ki7...)さん 削除/違反報告私もそう思う2,351点私はそう思わない45点 そんなに悲観的になるなよぉー!
不要那么悲观嘛! 和日本比嘛,难免稍逊一筹!
但是如果国内能乐在其中,那不是也很好吗? 怀着惨淡的情绪是无法享受乐趣的。
mmorz_orz_orz(mmo...)さん 削除/違反報告 私もそう思う1,857点私はそう思わない13点 「すでに多くの伝統文化を失っている。伝統的な道徳もね。そのくせ、変な民族主義がおかしな中華文化を持ち上げている。むしろ、日本に正当な中華文化が残っているケースすらあるんだ」 中国にも良く判っている人がいるようで
“所以说我们的民族危险了,流失了很多传统的文化和道德。相反,很多危险的民族主义和变形的中华文化却登上舞台。日本倒还残留了真正的一部分中华文化。” 中国还是有判断能力良好的人嘛。
ag_**ecu*ator(ag_...)さん 削除/違反報告 私もそう思う1,834点私はそう思わない27点 最近じゃ、日本でも変てこな晴れ着の着かたしてるバカ女もたくさんいるよ?
ねこみみ(ke2...)さん 削除/違反報告 私もそう思う1,152点私はそう思わない7点 中国は嫌いだけど、 写真を見る限り、漢服だって素敵な衣装に見えますよ。 青い方も赤い方も、きれいな色づかいで私は好きですけどね。 自国の文化を否定するような情けない民族になるなよ。 日教組の自虐史観もこんな感じなんだろうね。
虽然不喜欢中国。 但从照片上来看,汉服也是相当了不起的服饰。 我喜欢蓝色和红色,都是美妙的色彩。 否定自国文化的民族令人感到悲哀。 像日本教科书组织的自虐史观就有这种倾向。
HIGEMEGANE(fiv...)さん 削除/違反報告 私もそう思う683点私はそう思わない3点 漢服だって手を抜かずにきちんと美しさを追求して、 着る人を美しく見せるように少しづつ進化させていけばいい。 文化を大事にしていけば、美しくなる。 サボってれば廃れてく。
汉服不用说也是极力追求美的服饰。 为了让穿着的人看上去更美丽也经过了不断的改进。 只要重视文化,就能更加美丽。 如果忽视它,自然会荒废。
yander_t_ikude_1(do_...)さん 削除/違反報告 私もそう思う584点私はそう思わない11点 日中の伝統文化を比べること自体が無駄。 文化大革命で、あらゆる物を抹殺した結果だよね。 日本は、古来からの伝統蜰化が、しっかり伝わっている。
把日中的传统文化进行对比本身就没意义。 中国经过了文革已经把过去的痕迹抹杀得差不多了。 而日本一直都很好地传承着自古以来的传统与文化。
bul*dog*ng*and(bul...)さん 削除/違反報告 私もそう思う517点私はそう思わない5点 日中友好は悪いことではないと個人的に思います。深入りしなければね。漢服も昔はきれいなのがあったとは聞いているのですが、300年も断絶するとさすがにちょっとね…
我个人觉得日中友好也没什么不好。 但不要过分亲近。 一直听说过去的汉服是十分美的,但经过了300年的断层后现在来看,果然有点…
yuy*122**7(yuy...)さん 削除/違反報告 私もそう思う276点私はそう思わない8点 伝統を継承した和服と付け刃的に取ってつけたような漢服の差はそのまま現在の日中の差。
bum**an69(bum...)さん 削除/違反報告 私もそう思う265点私はそう思わない1点 写真見てると漢服め悪くないけどな。 ちょっとコンプレックス持ちすぎなんじゃない?
从照片上来看汉服也不差啊。 虽然似乎有点过于复杂了?
ginnoryu_51(gin...)さん 削除/違反報告 私もそう思う233点私はそう思わない2点 中国がまだ救いがあるのは良いものは他国のものでも褒めるところ
中国还有救的一点好处在于他们还会赞美别国。 但有一个国家是绝对做不到这点的。
may(ife...)さん 削除/違反報告 私もそう思う205点私はそう思わない1点 写真を見たけど、中国の着物(漢服)もなかなか可愛いじゃないですか。
未来予報(mir...)さん 削除/違反報告、 私もそう思う205点私はそう思わない2点 写真を見るかぎり、淡い感じの色づかいで、きれいでいいと思う > 漢服
joujyojyo(hot...)さん 削除/違反報告 私もそう思う202点私はそう思わない1点 写真を見る限り漢服が見劣りするとは思わないがな。 にしても文化大革命は中国にとって大きな損失であったのは間違いない。
我从照片上看不出来汉服哪里有略逊一筹了。 不过说回来,文革对中国带来了重大损失是毋庸置疑的。
ぷっチンコ(bak...)さん 削除/違反報告 私もそう思う184点私はそう思わない1点 写真見ると漢服は漢服で良いと思うんだがなぁ。勝った負けたとか、比べなくても良いのでは?
看照片的话,我觉得汉服也很好的。 何必分个优劣,两者都是很美的。
リングマ(moo...)さん 削除/違反報告 私もそう思う145点私はそう思わない10点 和服と漢服なんて、元は同じだから、本来なら大差ないが、 日本は、和服は和服でも晴れ着だからなあ。 見た目は、全然変わるからしょうがないだろ。 個人的にはチャイナドレスは、大好物ですw
和服和汉服,起源都是一样的,本来没什么大差别。 但是日本把和服当做盛装重视着。 所以穿出来的样子就完全不一样了,这是当然的吧。 话说我个人非常喜欢旗袍!
tak*10*65(tak...)さん 削除/違反報告 私もそう思う79点私はそう思わない1点 民族衣装ってのはその国の女性を一番美しくみせるんだって。 サリーを着ているインド人が集団で歩いているとまるで花のようだし。 伝統は大事だね。
民族服饰是最能展现一个国家女性美的。 看过穿着莎丽服的印度人结对走过,真的像花儿一样。 要重视传统啊。
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2019.03.10 12:46 LessBrain Prestwich Blues summary on all investigations against city
Great take on it all, he is pretty informed and knows his finances and rules etc
This is to do with the signing of young players from overseas, the offence for which Chelsea received a two window transfer ban. It seems we are being investigated for 9 offences compared to 29 for Chelsea so, if guilty, hopefully will face a lesser punishment.
This appears to be to do with various things, including the source of sponsorship revenue and the image rights payments. Etihad - the allegation is that Etihad have only paid a small part of their contracted sums from their own pocket, with the rest coming from "other sources". This has no merit on a number of counts. First of all, even if Etihad is classed as a related party, the deal appears to have been accepted as meeting the 'fair value' requirement and therefore the source of the funds is completely irrelevant. UEFA's own website makes this clear therefore I can't see how there can possibly be any infringement of FFP rules here.
There are two other deals where the situation is less clear, those with Aabar & Etisalat. The accusation here appears to be that these have been paid in excess of the contracted amounts with the excess amounts possibly coming from ADUG. There are a number of elements to this. The first is, are these companies related parties? We don't think they are whereas UEFA (via their auditors) claimed they are. If they are, then UEFA can write-down the value of these but can't if not. Had this issue been the difference between being sanctioned nad not being back in 2014 then it might well have been decided in court. Our failure of FFP in 2014 due to our inability to claim mitigation because of the pre-June 2010 contract wages rendered that battle irrelevant to a great degree but it may well come up again. If they are held to be related parties and are written-down then UEFA will look again at our FFP calculations but I don't think it'll make any difference to our compliance.
If they're not deemed to be related parties then, as I see it, the assessment process is different. While UEFA can't write-down the value of the deals, it can claim that it's disguised owner investment, which is limited to covering losses of €30m over any three-year period. To do that though, it would have to show that ADUG were directly responsible for funding and I think it would be very difficult to do that. There's also the fact that these sponsorships were part of the 2014 settlement agreement with UEFA, in which we agreed not to increase them so the question is what did UEFA already know about these deals? But the key issue, as I said, is whether UEFA can show where the funds came from.
The image rights payments are another potential thing that could be investigated. As most know from the Der Spiegel leaks, we appear to have "sold" image rights to a third-party but where there was an arrangement to fund these from Abu Dhabi. Again, UEFA appear to have known of this agreement at the time of the FFP settlement although maybe not the full story. I can't see how this arrangement is necessary for where we are now. Potentially therefore we could be required ot bring all image rights payments back in-house but I can't see that there will be any significant impact on our overall FFP position if so.
The FA
They appear to be investigating payments made in respect of Jadon Sancho. Agents are not supposed to represent players under 16 or receive any payment in respect of their services but there was a £200k payment, allegedly to Sancho's father. I'd guess we weren't the only club who did something like this.
The PL
I have no idea what they might be looking at, apart from the fact that they are the licensing body for FFP. Their FFP rules are much looser than UEFA's and I can't see how we might have infringed these, apart from the fact that the image rights paid out of a third-party would normally count towards our wages. As wages are one of the things regulated under PL rules, this might potentially be an issue.
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2019.01.08 17:43 CommanderMallander Adderall extended release ineffective? (Back story!)

I was diagnosed with ADD back in 2013. I was put initially on Adderall IR, I want to say 20 mg, once a day. I needed better coverage, so I was put on a generic Adderall XR 20mg or 25mg a day which worked great. I had coverage for 8-10 hours, sometimes 12 depending on what I ate and was drinking. I didn't feel speedy, tweaky, or anything of the sort when it would kick in, I just felt this guiding hand, so-to-speak, that helped me do what I needed to get done without getting completely distracted and uninterested. In short, it made me into a reliable adult. I still enjoyed hanging out with friends, family, and putting time into my hobbies, but work, school, and betterment came first.
Later on that year, I graduated and I stopped taking the Adderall because there wasn't really any work that needed being done. After a few weeks, the old impulsive me came in like a wrecking ball, was thinking about how to pay for college, and decided to go join the Marine Corps. Scored good enough on the asvab (67)(GT 121) but I went infantry because I always admired those guys, and as soon as I went to ITB, I developed a tobacco and caffeine addiction, and my tobacco of choice was Copenhagen wintergreen/mint/Straight and Marlboro Red-shorts.
Don't really remember my usage way back when I started, but before I got out, I dipped three-four times times a day, each dip would last me two/two and half hours, a cigarette occasionally after I ate lunch, I'd ingest anywhere between 400mg-800mg of caffeine and on days that really required me being awake and alert, damn near 1200mg, but that was the limit. I only really smoke when I drink alcohol, but man do I love beer (Bluemoon and Shiner ftw) and liquor / mixed drinks (Jameson/MakersMark/Jack ftw.) I EAS'd from the Marine Corps with an honorable discharge in late Nov of 2018, and I have quit tobacco cold turkey with the exception of the 'drunk cigarette'. I have 200mg of caffeine occasionally too, but no more than once a day.
Anyway, I went to my doctor after I got out, explained that I was a patient at the clinic, and they pulled up my records, saw I was on a regimen of 20mg Adderall Xr once a day and put me back on track. I picked up a generic, it was Prasco, and it didn't do shit for me except make me slightly irritable when I was with my stepdad, gave me ridiculous dry mouth, and perhaps I'd talk faster as well? However, I was still very much unable to focus on my math work, reading, and I have terrible levels of procrastination. Reluctantly, I kept taking it everyday on schedule, and didn't experiment on my own, just took it as advised.
Next month, I had an appointment, let my doc know what was going on, and I was put on name brand adderall xr 20mg, I was offered a higher dose, but I refused because I don't want to increase my tolerance if I don't need to, after all, 20mg was enough for me back in 2013-14.
Name brand Adderall Xr 20mg didn't do anything for me either so far, but at least it didn't make me irritable or give me terrible dry mouth. My appetite is still fine and unaffected, even on the Prasco generic.
This morning was the test however, I took two XR's together just to see if the bump from 10mg to 20mg would be noticeable or significant, but I'm starting to believe Adderall just isn't working for me at all. I feel a slight boost in mood, but it isn't doing what it used to do for me back in the day when I was first prescribed this. I've abstained from Adderall use for four years, so what gives?
I've been lurking Reddit and a few other forums for two months to see other people's reactions with certain generics, doses, and potential interference from past tobacco/caffeine use, but I can't really figure this out. Should I try the IR instead of the Xr? Like perhaps two doses of IR spread out instead of one XR capsule? Perhaps a higher dose is in order? Maybe Adderall is just ineffective now and I should move on and try another medication?
TL;DR I took adderall xr 20mg everyday a long time ago, it worked great back in 2013-2014, but then I've stopped taking it for four years. During the four year break, I used tobacco and caffeine frequently, not sure how that impacts anything. I recently quit tobacco and major caffeine sources, the exception being the occasionally drunk cigarette and cup of coffee. Adderall Xr 20mg is ineffective at treating my symptoms and I experimented with 40 mg as well, other than a slight mood boost, I am still scatterbrained, and just fucked. Wat do?
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2018.10.26 15:43 non-relevant A seemingly Man City insider hinting at deal/offer for De Jong on their forum
like no idea how seriously to take this, but everyone in that thread is giving his comments a lot of attention, so I'm guessing he's known to have info?
He's mainly posting songs with cryptic titles/lyrics
Carly Simon - Coming around again
Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman (?)
followed by a comment:
"we've gone big"
and later responds affirmatively to someone asking how much (the offedeal)?
and the song "It's got to be big" by Tory Amos
Actually just saw that in their "January 2019 window thread" the same "insider" responded to this
Dax777 said: ↑ De Jong Ndombele Neves.
That's my order of preference. But I'll take any of them.
with this
You'll be in luck then ;)
take it with a massive grain of salt. just curious cause they all seem to take him very seriously there for some (to me unknown) reason
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2018.10.15 11:37 RainZone Welcome to the Thunder Brigade Subreddit!

Hello and welcome to the dedicated subreddit for Thunder Brigade!
We are a small but loyal fan base for the 1998 released game, even after more than 20 years there are still a few people left who you can play in a multiplayer scenario with or play the custom scenarios or campaigns.

Useful links:
[Official Site](

[Inofficial Fan Site](



If you want to play a new scenario or campaign or need some friends to play togetheagainst each other just join the discord to be part of a nice and friendly community.
There are also instructions on how to get the game and get it running on modern PC's.

Thanks for joining the Thunder Brigade!
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2018.07.11 06:12 LessBrain Update 3 - 2018 Summer Transfer Window

Update 1 for 2018
Update 2 from a month ago

Summer 2018 transfers

Angelino to PSV £4.30m Official
Angus Gunn to Southampton FC £10m rising to £13.5m Official
Riyad Mahrez £60m Official
Finally!! Some actual movement on the incoming. After a month of "24 hours", "48 hours" and "next week" I have some real content to add to this update.
Welcome Riyad Mahrez
How does Mahrez Fit? Seen this asked plenty and fans around the EPL talking shit and with me following rumors and podcasts like a hawk can see where this is going.
Similar to last year when we were after Sanchez many asked why? and after we scored 100+ goals without him others continued to ask WHY? Sane and Sterling are our 2 main wingers. Bernardo and Jesus are both not natural wingers. This year we will finally see Bernardo played in the role he was bought for "Silvas Heir" last year I believe we were forced to play Bernardo on the wings as relief for our 2 wingers along with the injuries to Aguero, Jesus, Sterling and Sane throughout the season and additionally due to the failed Sanchez transfer. The Mahrez buy finally fills that hole with a real winger option and Pep can revert to have a rotating front line between Jesus/Aguero (2 for 1) Sane/Sterling/Mahrez (3 for 2) and attacking midfield of KDB/Silva/Bernardo/Gundogan (4 for 2) with gundogan potentially dropping into Fernas role. More on this later. Additionally Sterling and Mahrez can potentially play as false 9 in certain situations or through the middle for whatever reason Jesus or Aguero cant. It gives us many options and dynamics for Pep to play around with.
Weve basically become the key master to unlock all the defenses we can potentially face and we keep getting better. Previous title winning seasons we signed absolute shit after winning it. This is a step finally in the right direction and were improving on a 100 point team instead of a last game winning team. Amazing move by the club. Love it.

2018 Summer Transfer Balances

In Fee (m) Out Fee (m)
Phillippe Sandler £2.20 Maffeo £8.80
Riyad Mahrez £60.00 Angelino £4.30
Angus Gunn £10.00
Olarenwaju Kayode £3.00
Bought Total Sold Total
£62.20 £26.10
Balance (m) (£36.10)

Current outgoing rumors

Few more rumors of players expected out before the window ends which should round us off nicely for the "net transfer" trophy.
1) Joe Hart - expected to be sold Range £1-5m if lucky last year on deal
2) Mangala - expected to be sold Range £4-10m Coming off a nasty knee injury & 1 year left on deal No rumors here but based on last years loan and us having 4 CBS + Tosin. No place for him
3) Patrick Roberts - Expected to be sold Range £8-15m 2 years left There were rumors of him going out as part of the Mahrez transfer but those have quieted down, either way dont see a spot for him on the squad and with only 2 years left i think its time to sell and cut our losses
4) Zinchenko Expected to be sold Range £12-16m Heavy rumors here that City have accepted multiple deals with teams such as Wolves qne Newcastle with the decision with Zinchenko to where he chooses to go. I love him personally but with the foreign spots situation and he no longer being valid as a free spot for us he doesnt make sense with Mahrez and a potential DM (fricken Jorginho...)
Others of note: Celina & Denayer who would go for lower fees or more loans.

Current On Going Targets!

So to start the window we were only after really 2 options a forward/winger and a DM/CDM/Pivot. With 1 of those 2 targets now successful that leaves us with the later...
To be honest half of me doenst even want to even write about this because its such a shit show but here goes:
Primary Target Uno : Jorginho
Latest rumors all point it going towards Chelsea of late with all the rumors directly coming out of Italy though and hardly anything on the city front that spells to me bad news based on past transfer rumors. When we go quiet on something it generally means we have been a) Gazumped or b) Pulling out for whatever reason. Hope to be proved wrong on this one
Overally my feeling right now is of 2 state of minds: Napolis hard president is trying to get MORE money out of City after pretty much agreeing to a deal or he has legit been stalling us for 2 months waiting for the Chelsea side to come in who have trumped our offer by about 8-10m based on rumors.
It kind of ends and stops with the player basically now on where he wants to play. But I can see why Chelsea with Sarri would potentially turn his head.
If we lose out on Jorginho i believe its a big concern because i think the DM position is our most important position to fill in this summer window and failing to fill it could prove costly if Fernandinho has an off year which he really could based on his performance coming out of last world cup in combination with the minutes + age is deeply concerning.
Will be interesting to see which avenue city go down if they miss out on their primary target with now Fred, Fabinho and potentially Jorginho off the market...
On a side note: there is still potential for a huge transfer if options open up for a superstar player. But i repeat do not hold your breath on any of these. We could end our window with the 1 or 2 players incoming and pretty much stop there.
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2018.06.14 13:27 LessBrain [ITK] Jorginho is nailed on.

One of my favorite ITKs MattyB has posted and said it’s nailed on
Sorry running off my phone the last couple week (moving and work) so no transfer threads from me lately
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2018.05.30 20:16 LessBrain [ITK] Mahrez to city is done. Will wear #26

Tolmie saying it’s all done and wrapped up will wear #26 for city
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