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2023.06.05 13:09 Redditwarrior77 Am I the Jerk for sending my neighbours a death threat.

Am I the Jerk for sending my neighbours a death threat.
Before we start these are fake names and there’s we’re out ages at the time this happened.
My Sister (F9) had her friend who is was also our neighbour Jasmine (F9) over. When she was on her way home she reached for a toy behind a box of wood planks which fell down and killed my dog. The dog died the next day because he was a chihuahua. The next day me (M11) put a note in there letter box which said “beware I will kill you” the next day Jasmines mom put a post up on Facebook with a photo of the note which my mum saw. My mum sent me over to there house to apologise and I was grounded. For a little bit of backstory Jasmines mum was a single mother because her father was a alcoholic. This made the situation so much worse because she thought it was his drunken hand writing. My mum and Jasmines mum were trying to address the situation and turns out her mum didn’t know the reason I put the letter in her letter box. So that day Jasmine went home knowing she had just killed my dog and was acting normal.
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2023.06.05 13:08 Content_Call5083 NSB (Straud Legacy) Gen 7 Ep. 115: A Friendly Competition

NSB (Straud Legacy) Gen 7 Ep. 115: A Friendly Competition
The Story of a Family Told in Web Comic Format
Shortly after Paul joined the boys in their Strangerville quest, they all got together again with the whole extended family at the Humor and Hijinks Festival.
The elder twins had many fond memories of evenings spent with their own parents at the event and hoped to bring that fun to the next generation.
Peachy convinced his fellow teens to join him in practicing comedy for the jokesters, while the grown ups preferred to side with the pranksters.
It looked like a friendly family feud was on the menu tonight!
To make it fair, Great Grandpa Don joined the kids, making their groups an even six vs six with roughly equal (if unevenly distributed) years of experience.
Each team imbibed the tea that would designate them as a member of their faction and headed off to have some fun.
Don’s life experiences were initially holding him back, the golden tea not enough to offset his sadness over his recent divorce from Jasmine.
When he poured out his woes to his grandson and old friend Ed, the pair suggested he come stay at the farm with them for awhile. He gratefully accepted the offer, knowing he’d be much happier surrounded by family and friends than living his current, lonely life.
The pranksters started out strong, but quickly lost a couple of their members when Kori’s paranoia drove her to flee the crowded fairway.
She, Ed, and Gabby retired to the Arts Center across the way, where Kori found her playful spirit again in the quiet confines of the upstairs game room.
Tori spotted a famous jokester among the attendees and rushed off to tell her cousin that the comedy star was “in the house”.
Peachy’s first attempt at showing Mr. Zest how much he had learned fizzled due to start-struck nervousness. Fortunately, just as his idol was turning away, the boy comedian blurting out the lead-in to one of his most popular zingers and earned the laugh he’d been hoping for.
Whether or not his team won the overall event, this alone made the evening a win to remember in Peachy’s book!
After wining some laughs from his father, Paul also headed over to the Arts Center. He wasn’t nearly confident enough to take on the festival’s main open mic for aspiring comedians, but the quieter performance room at the center was also available. He happily practiced his one-liners in semi-privacy there.
Back outside the twins came together to reminisce happily about how time had changed things. It seemed like only yesterday they’d traveled here with mom and Nobi as teens themselves, and now they were the “old Sims” and their teens were off running around together.
After his success with Johnny, Peachy felt like he could conquer anything and happily took over the festival mic to give a little stand-up performance.
At the end of the evening the jokesters emerged victorious. The older Sims congratulated their heirs on a job well done before taking some time to enjoy the fireworks display lighting up the night sky.
I started this series to share my sim story, and I love hearing from you. Please consider dropping me a comment or a vote, its always great to get your feedback.
Thank you for your time!
Want To See More? View The Full Story of My Not So Berry Challenge Here
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2023.06.05 13:08 wantoascend Rent renewal but got contacted by the agency

Hello guys,
I have read a lot of threads and guides in regards to rental renewal and 90 notice period for rental increase and know my rights to an extend.
Now I wanted to ask something different, my rental is expiring on the 7th of October and I got an email from the agency on the 31st of May (not the owner themselves) asking for a confirmation if I want to renew my rental or not.
I haven’t decided yet if I want to renew and I was wondering how long am I allowed to wait before confirming if I am staying or not? And should I reply to this email by that date or contact the owner itself or if I don’t contact at all the rental auto-renews?
Also the current rental agreement has some has some conditions: 1. annual rent to paid off in 1 cheque 2. if I want to cancel I need to notify 2 months and advance and then incur a 2 months rent penalty
Would these same clauses apply to the renewed rental? Is the early termination an industry standard?
Lastly I had missed this when I signed but the rental agreement stipulates:
3.4 Should this agreement be extended/renewed, both the Tenant and Landlord agree to pay a non-refundable broker fee of AED 1,000 +5% VAT in respect of drafting the new agreement
Is this the norm with agencies? and is it allowed?
Lastly who should renew/register the new Ejari?
Thank you so much in advance!
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2023.06.05 13:08 dontsv How to help a friend with anorexia when she don't have any hunger at all?

Looking for some advice. I'm recovered from an eating disorder myself, which is why she reached out to me. However, I'm finding it difficult to give advice/help because I was dealing with a completely different thing in a way. I've always loved food/sweets etc, and when I started restricting, I was constantly thinking of food. So after a while, I started binging and then went into these cycles of restriction and binging. Food was the only thing on my mind for many years. So what helped for me, was simply... not restricting anymore and letting myself eat the things that I want to to eat. I have kind of accepted that I will always be at the weight that I've always been at, and even if that weight doesn't make me look "thin", it's a good weight because I feel happy and alive.
With her, it's completely different. She has always been thin and has always eaten very small portions. Her whole family is very thin without trying. She isn't obsessed with food like I am. However, some years ago, she started in a demanding job and found out that she needed to eat more food in order to have the energy to do her job well. So she started eating more, but then gained weight, and I guess got so shocked that it triggered an ED. I suppose it just felt extremely weird to not be thin anymore, when you have been thin your entire life. Now she's in the deep of it and has no hunger cues, doesn't eat for several days a time, and doesn't mind. The only thing that pushes her to recovery is her family and her kind of knowing that this is obviously not good. She weights herself all the time though, counts all calories.
She is trying to get herself a therapist but I'd like to help her a bit during this period, as I'm the only one in her circle of friends/family who understands at least a bit how she feels + I am a medical professional and feel like I have extra responsibility to help. But at the same time, her situation is so different that I just don't know what to do... She wants to learn how to accept eating bigger portions again and I know that I could try with the whole "your body actually needs more than 1200 calories yada yada" and try to explain the whole physiology of it. But other than that - I am stuck! I recommended trying to reduce the number of times she weights herself. But what is the best way to do that? How can stop the weighting and the calorie counting the best way? Do you guys have any advice? Maybe some of you have dealt with the exact same situation?
Would really appreciate any advice! I'd really like to help her.
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2023.06.05 13:08 atmartin2016 AITA for telling my sister that she seems to be a single, married mom?

Hi THT, Morgan, and [insert lovely guest’s name here]! I’m a regular listener, and I need some help on this dilemma. A few months ago, I posted on AITA for telling my BIL to get and keep a job. Since creating that post, my BIL got into a car sales position - strictly commission, no base pay, but it’s income at least. However, due to my BIL’s 4-month-long unemployment stint during my sister’s pregnancy, that has left them behind on numerous bills. (My nephew was born about 6 weeks ago, happy and healthy, and he’s adorable as can be!) Due to this budget shortfall, my sister had to start working part-time two weeks after giving birth, and she went back full-time upon reaching the 6-week post-op milestone. In addition to her full time job, she’s applied for a part time serving gig a few nights a week. This is on top of taking both kids to and from daycare, making supper every night, doing all the housework, waking up if one of the kids cries overnight, and managing the family finances, among other things. Meanwhile, my BIL sleeps in, goes to work later in the morning, does very little around the house, watches TV and plays GTA for hours on end, and manages to skip diaper changes and laundry for the kids because my sister will do it.
This came to a head yesterday. I went to help them move some furniture around, and I briefly mentioned to my BIL that fast-food restaurants in our area of the US start at $15/hour, and he could maybe pick up shifts at night after his main job to help the family out. He scoffed at the idea, and the conversation ended. Later that night, my sister and I were talking, and I told her my concerns that she seems to be a “single, married mom” and that BIL seems more like a roommate. She immediately started defending him, saying “he makes sacrifices like I do! We’re a team!” The only sacrifice she could describe was their different work schedules. I then mentioned that one thing BIL could do to help the budget was to stop vaping (ESPECIALLY when he’s in the house, sitting next to the kids), and she said that she’s mad about his vaping in the house, but “we can’t afford for him to quit nicotine right now”, insinuating that his emotions would get more volatile and unpredictable. (He has a history of violence, like punching holes in doors.) I tried my best to explain that she’s doing great as a parent, and that I love and support her 100%, and then she quickly ended the conversation due to BIL blowing her phone up.
A few hours later, I texted her asking if she made it back home safely. She said “yes I did” with no punctuation or emojis, so I knew something was up. I replied with a cheery message along the lines of “okay, just checking! Love you! :)” and she replied “I love you too. I would like to address some things that have been bothering me though.” She then followed up with a 3-page-long text a few hours later (one that you have to tap/click on to expand into a full-page view). Here’s my best attempt at a summary of the text: 1) She thinks I am intolerant of her conservative views on politics, and she is mad that I’m trying to change her mind on things. 2) She thinks I’m racist against white people. (FYI: all people in this story are EXTREMELY Caucasian) 3) She accuses various things, such as Target, Minnesota, and the current US president, of trying to indoctrinate kids with “sexual intimacy” and “supporting surgical changes on children” by selling Pride merch. (FYI: I’m openly LGBTQ. I bought my niece and I matching Pride shirts a few years ago, with my sister’s permission, and she loved the idea. My niece calls me “Gay”, with encouragement from my sister and I, because “uncle” and my name are both harder to say for a 2 year old. I don’t know how she changed so quickly.) (FYI part 2: BIL has LOTS of Trump 2024 merch around their house, so let’s talk about indoctrinating.) 4) She follows up on her Pride merch comment by saying “if this kind of behavior is influenced around our kids then boundaries will need to be set.” 5) She accuses me of hypocrisy by calling out BIL’s work history when I have changed jobs frequently over the past 2 years since graduating college. 6) She is mad that I don’t appreciate everything that BIL does do. (Which is… what exactly?) 7) She says that “not all straight white men are horrible, and I wish you would understand that.”
I have reread her text a few times and keep finding more dogwhistles and other comments that she wouldn’t normally say. I can’t help but feel like BIL is influencing her. I don’t want to lose my relationship with my sister or her kids over this. So Reddit and THT listeners: AITA?
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2023.06.05 13:08 its3m3mari0 Coursework to submit as part of Global Undergraduate Awards (UA)

I'm a bit confused on the kind of work which is accepted. I just finished high school and I have a conditional offer for an undergraduate degree. I have some work which I did as part of my diploma but I'm not sure whether those are admissible since the website says that:
"Entries submitted must have been completed in partial fulfilment of an undergraduate degree, i.e. they must have been completed as undergraduate coursework with a portion of credits for the papeproject going toward an overall undergraduate degree." (source:

Also, I have some work which I did just before starting by high school diploma which technically counted as part of my High School Completion Certificate, but not towards any specific degree. Would these be admissible? Am I even eligible to apply for this scholarship? I'd appreciate any help/advice I could get
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2023.06.05 13:07 SweetBeeGirl First (Semi) WFH Job, Need Scheduling Advice Please

TLDR: Please help me create a schedule for my new job as a transition from a spontaneous to a structured work environment.
I just accepted a promotion from my company and now I’ll be moving cities to work a hybrid position (2 days in office and 3 days at home).
I have never worked in a office before or from home. I’ve come from babysitting the last 10 or so years. My company of the last 2.5 years recognized my hard work and offered me this position as a caregiver support specialist.
I will be onboarding new babysitters, training, and supporting them through booking difficulties, providing assistance to new hires, and helping current caregivers. This includes completing tasks, such as responding to emails and messages, giving support to the back end of their booking app, and submitting payroll. I will have other administrative tasks as well.
I’m extremely excited about this new opportunity, however, I have no idea where to start with making a schedule. Currently, I’m in the process of still moving as they have given me 8 weeks to get to my new city. Fortunately, I only live a 3 hour drive from where I need to be, so I can take moving slow as long as I find a place to stay in the meantime.
My main issue right now is figuring out how to make a new schedule. Up until now I have always worked at the convenience of the parents. That meant that I would get booked last minute or babysit on an emergency basis. My schedule was always open and I was always available. I basically worked on call. It won’t be like that anymore and I have no idea how to live life on the schedule, unfortunately.
I had many day to day and week to week tasks that I completed as I gained time to finish them. Things like working out, grocery shopping, and cleaning. I’ve heard of time blocking, but I’m not so sure that will work for me as I am so used to being on a spontaneous schedule. It will take time to get into a time block schedule. I think that somewhere down the road that’s where I want to be eventually, but how do I get there without overwhelming myself?
If anybody has any examples of what their schedule looks like, or any good resources for transitioning from a field work job to a desk job, please share them. I have to start this new job in about two weeks so I am a bit nervous because I want to hopefully get this done before my first day.
Some extra notes: I have ADHD and am unmedicated at the moment. I am used to a nap/quiet time in the middle of the day to reset (usually somewhere between 12-2). I try to work out three times a week (M/W/F) early in the morning. In office days will be Monday and Wednesday.
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2023.06.05 13:07 AutoModerator [Download Course] Adam Enfroy – Blog Growth Engine Mastermind (

[Download Course] Adam Enfroy – Blog Growth Engine Mastermind (
Get the course here: [Download Course] Adam Enfroy – Blog Growth Engine Mastermind (
Our website:

What You Get:
Module 1
Niche selection and the brand of you
In module 1, you’re going to find the unique brand of you. We’ll also introduce you to the authority flywheel, which is a framework to scale your online authority and influence in any niche. Module 2
In module 2, we cover the mindset needed to start a blogging business, including dealing with imposter syndrome, fighting the devil on your shoulder, and how to forge ahead fearlessly with your online business. Module 3
Blogging Like a Startup
In the third module, we cover blogging like a startup principles. This includes lessons from The Lean Startup, going over the startup mentality, and then we’ll introduce you to the concepts of pivoting and the idea of feedback loops, showing you that a blogging business runs on data. Module 4
Decoding Search Intent
This module includes how search engines work, the power of capturing Google traffic, and how to deconstruct searches and the competition to begin to understand exactly what you’re going to write. Module 5
Your Minimum Viable Website
Here’s where we start building your website. This is an exact, step by step series of videos showing you exactly how to set up your blog, including the hosting, the theme to pick, the exact plugins you need, how to tweak every setting – basically every little detail to get your website launched. Module 6
Keyword Monetization
This module includes how to do keyword research step by step, exactly what to look for to find monetizable keywords, and you’ll uncover the first keywords that you’ll start targeting. We’ll also cover the keyword research matrix. By the end of this module, you’ll have a new instinct to quickly and instantly spot keyword opportunities in the real world. Module 7
Blog Content Creation
Here, I show you the content assembly line method and how to assemble (not write) posts. You’ll also get the exact templates to start your posts from – how-to posts, affiliate list posts, reviews, comparisons – you’ll have the perfect framework for it all. Module 8
The Link Building Machine
This is where we cover the advanced tactics you need to scale the number of backlinks to your new blog, including how to scale guest posts and link building partnerships. We cover the new gold standard link building methods that no one else is currently doing. Module 9
Affiliate Marketing and Blog Monetization
Here, we’re going to cover your blog monetization timeline, how to plan your early affiliate content and start making affiliate revenue. Then we’re gonna get into advanced affiliate tactics taught nowhere else – how to get accepted into more programs, how to negotiate higher commission rates, how to play brands off against each other, how to rank brands in a list post, and a lot more. Module 10
Scaling and Outsourcing Your Blog
In this module, we go over how to scale and outsource your blog and how to maximize the use of your time to make the most progress (and money) in the shortest time frame possible. This includes your full scaling team, how to scale with or without a budget, and the main things to focus on daily when running your blogging business.


If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.05 13:06 MattAndMarg As of may 12th foreign nationals can enter the United States without the COVID vaccine.

As of may 12th foreign nationals can enter the United States without the COVID vaccine. submitted by MattAndMarg to datefilipinas [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 13:06 TheMightyHovercat CFYOW Zaraki bs [rant]

So, just why?
Can genuinely anyone give me one good in-universe lore reason for Zaraki being suddenly so all-powerful in CFYOW? Other than the obvious "Narita is a wanker"?

My main concern, not gonna lie, is Zaraki being hinted/implied to be stronger than Ichibe. Ichibe, who is the pinnacle of the shinigami race, hell, he's not even really a shinigami, he's a primeval being of a similar race to the Soul King himself, just weaker. He holds the power of all darkness and names, he has named all Zanpakto and Kido, and everything else there is in Soul Society, he knows almost everything, he's undoubtly the main reason why Squad Zero is stronger than the Gotei, absolutely destroyed Soul King's own son before the latter pulled out basically nigh-omnipotence hax, the dude can make the blood pressure in Quincy God's own body so big that it erupts his face from inside with blood, and that's just by clenching the muscles in his left arm. He can rename you to a snail and stomp you underfoot, and crush your throat without even touching you just because you talked back to him. He can bring about a blackness of a hundered future nights of the whole Soul Society and fuckin erase you from the existence altogether. He's basically a god in his own right, truly a "Shinigami".

Who is Zaraki? Some random ass soul from the slums of Rukongai who stole a sword off a corpse of some random gotei soldier, swinged it here and there, became a captain. That's it. Nothing more. There's literally nothing more to him whatsoever. Does he have an inner hollow? No. Maybe quincy or fullbring powers? No. Maybe he has a Soul King fragment? Also no. Maybe some sick evolution hax sword? Nope. He's just a dude with a sword that temporarily amplifies his strength upon release. And that's it. The guy can't even read reiatsu.

Then why tf is he suddenly so strong? In TYBW, it was understandable. His sword amplifies his strength to absurd amounts upon bankai, even sarificing his sanity in the process. That's why his absurd feats in TYBW. And he was still arguably on the level ot Adult Toshiro or Shunsui, below Yama.
I can also understand/accept Hikone with Soul King fragments being superior to Ichibe, with Hikone/Iko being essentially on the level of EoS Yhwach/Ichigo/Aizen (basically transcendent).
But then why tf can Zaraki just kill that Iko with one slash of shikai and call him a wimp? This just goes against all worldbuilding and logic set in the series, say what you want.
Narita legit elevated Zaraki to Ichigo/Aizen levels of power... for no reason whatsoever. "Strong because yes lol, I write what's canon and u can cry about it" vibes.
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2023.06.05 13:06 Hydrone0612 Gay online persona

I(20m) have been using a second Instagram account in which i have been portraying myself as a effeminate gay guy who crossdresses. I ended becoming friend with a girl(26F) and she now treats me like her younger sister, its so emasculating as i made the account just for the kinks as i do not have the resources to crossdress in real life, but she thinks that i almost live the whole day dressed up like a girl. We have been speaking with each other on call and she has also ended up inviting me to her house. What should i be doing now??
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2023.06.05 13:06 ThrowRAExotic-Lobste My low self confidence due to my body makes me [24F] avoid relationships [22M] indefinitely. How do I conquer this?

Reading online and on Reddit I found out that men commonly fetishize and sexualise transgender women and women who have penises, but women and gay men don't commonly fetishize nor sexualise transgender men and men who have vaginas
I also found out that oral is believed to be much more commonly performed on men than on women. And that men not giving oral to women has nothing to do with male selfishness, since gay men are also male and are not believed to have issues giving oral to other men
I also found out that vaginas are seen as gross, taboo and have stigma. Also periods
And that vaginas are not appreciated as much as large penises, boobs and butts are
Also that men are more attracted to a performance or costume of femininity than they are to actual women. So feminized men are less of a turn off than women with unshaven bodies, fat women, non feminine women, etc
I asked my parents, sister and psychologist about these things and they said that the vast majority of men have no interest in transgender women pre op nor post op nor women who have penises and penises in general. They also said oral is 50/50 between men and women. And that vaginas are not seen as gross, taboo nor do they have stigma and neither do periods. And that vaginas are appreciated as much as the other parts. Also that men are not more attracted to femininity and that they would rather any type of woman than a man
Why is the online world showing differently? And how do the sex positive f eminists who say that vaginas are hated, still want sex with men? The things I read put me off men for life, unfortunately. It's ingrained in my mind that men are not fussed about that part. For me the bare minimum I expect of them is that they appreciate vaginas. So why do other women let it slide? I can't associate with people and I will become reclusive/avoid people if what I read online is true. I won't accept being surrounded by a society where most believe and accept it.
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2023.06.05 13:06 the_blue_jester Why evil must exist

"Good" is the side of the Absolute that loves itself and wants all it's "creation(s)" to worship it, so it can feel good about itself. "God" is a narcissist. "Evil" is the part of the Absolute that is aware of this and despizes itself for it, so it opposes it, by responding with hate. Both's arguments are valid and make logical sense. All this is not different than a human being's act of hating itself to the point of self-destruction and self-harm as it becomes aware of it's imperfections and flaws. Since the Absolute is everything that can ever be, is or was, it contains all of them. Therefore it must both love and hate itself.
"Hate" is the force within the Absolute that fights off it's emerging dangerous delusion of it perceiving itself as perfect.
"Love" is the force within the Absolute that wants to get to the point of accepting all it's flaws and imperfections, embracing them equally. No matter how twisted or different. Undermining if not ending up entirely eliminating their individuality hence also their value.
Evil aknowledges these differences and pushes to keep a certain spectrum of them separate to preserve them. As "ugly" as they are, they are still part of the Absolute and needed to make IT possible. Both are right. Both are necessary.
Any information can be broken down and stored as 0s and 1s. In order for information/anything to exist there needs to be contrast. Opposing energies "dancing" against each other and alternating is the only way to create something. There can be no Absolute, hence no reality if all you were to have were "0s" (or Good). 0 is nothing. But from 0 to 1 there's an infinite amount of numbers. The Absolute is infinite, so in order to exist it needs to do so within two extremities.
As we and our world/universe is directly derivative from the Absolute it/we can't but also contain both.
PS: Sorry for the repost, but I wanted to elaborate a lot more and better and give it a more appropriate title.
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2023.06.05 13:06 Ok_Letterhead_2918 The girl next door is being abused. Do I call the police?

I 19m can’t lie I’ve heard too much shit from that house next door to me and at this point I feel like the scum of the earth for not reporting this. He’s 40+ and I know she’s in her late twenties.
Few months ago a little awkward moment happened where the boyfriend thought I was someone else cause he was high as shit, then his girlfriend came down and he picked her up and flung her into a car door. Saying shit like “I told you he was my fucking neighbour you stupid (b word) don’t disrespect me”. He went back in and I picked her up and asked if she’s alright, she laughed with tears in her eyes and said she’s good and he’s always like this.
A few days ago, I was at home, their window was open and I heard her scream and cry, you hit me again I can’t believe you, he told her to shut the fuck up. She went out of her house into a small alley way. She curled up into a ball and just stayed like that for an hour and half. I know because an hour after the incident I went to the store and saw her there while walking past. When I came back she was in the same position.
I feel soo bad for her, she looks like she lacks a family and because of that she has no option but to stay with him. I see her sometimes picking up weed. I give her a little smile and she smiles back but with hurt in her eyes like she bout to cry.
If I call the police will that make him beat her more? Honestly that’s the reason I ain’t called them yet just in case she get fucked up even worse.
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2023.06.05 13:05 ThrowRAExotic-Lobste I [31F] like him [30M] much more than he likes me. How do I see past that?

People online tell me that women like men more than men like women, in a more well rounded way and across the world and throughout history
I gave some examples of what I read online to my parents, sister and psychologist and they told me:
That most people believe that sexism is more common towards women than men, but not sooo much more common. Maybe 70/30 or 60/40. And that most people believe that sexism towards men is not just a thing as backlash because of sexism towards women
That most people believe that sexism is not about hating women, it was about men exerting physical strength to get roles of power through history. But that women were not seen as inferior nor lesser. That traditional roles were seen as different, but equal. So women raised families and had an important role doing that. While men worked. And women weren't seen to be catering to men, serving men, owned by men nor defined by their relationships to men. Because men were expected to marry and serve their wife by working too
That most don't believe that men objectify women while women don't objectify men. Nor that women respect and treat men better
That most don't believe that women are attracted to men in a more well rounded way than men are attracted to women nor that if you took sex away, men would prefer men in all other ways and see them as superior
That most don't believe that women in Muslim countries or women through history like men more than the men like women nor treat them better
That most think violence towards women is not about hating women but about power, control, testosterone, and women being easier targets due to being physically weaker. And that the same men who commit domestic violence would also be the types to start pub fights with other men, or to target kids.
That most people don't think that women hate each other, compete and get jealous while men have stronger bonds, friendships and camaraderie. They think that women mostly support each other too
That most people don't think that men who do female jobs/hobbies roles are held to lower standards and praised for the bare minimum, while women who do male jobs/roles are held to higher standards and have to prove themselves. Also that most think workplaces like the police may be a big boy's club but that there are also ones that are a girl's club. Also that most don't think that women are held to higher behavioural standards/expectations than men nor judged harsher, etc. Nor that female celebs and characters are trolled/threatened, bullied and hated more online than male ones are
That most people don't think that men prefer father figures, male role models and male idols and lead characters, while women can appreciate either gender in all of those things. Nor that women support and praise the men of LGBT more than the women of LGBT, gay men more than lesbians, etc. Nor that women support gay men much more than men support lesbians
What do you think?
Why does the online world say differently? And also how do women and f eminists stay attracted to men while believing that women like men more and in a more well rounded way and that take sex away and there's not much left keeping men interested in women? That's the biggest turn off to me, reading online put me off men for life. I mean why would you be okay with unrequited love or imbalanced love from one gender to another? Being okay with finding the needle in the haystack is pathetic. People online made me reclusive/avoid people and not wanting to associate with people ever again. I won't accept being surrounded by a society where most believe and accept it.
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2023.06.05 13:05 PointlessSemicircle Floor to ceiling cat tree advice

Hi all!
We recently bought our second large cat tree for our cat as he’d lost interest in his other cat tree by the window - this original one being the kind that are akin to a “cat condo” with the padded cushion ledges and boxes and the new one being floor to ceiling and more of a climbing scratcher tree hybrid.
I wanted to get him this mainly as he’s a climber (he’s tried to climb our wall brickwork before) and while he has multiple flat and vertical scratchers, because he’s a big cat (Ragdoll - Persian mix) we struggled to get a decent scratcher that he could stand up to use without it being too small or toppling due to not being totally secure or heavy enough.
The issue we have is that while he can get up this new tree, he struggles to get down from the higher ledges. We’ve placed it by our kitchen area so he can use the side of the counter away from the food prep area and cookers (which he would use anyway as he’s a velcro cat and likes to watch when meals are being cooked or sniff the grocery bags when shopping is brought home) but this only really works for the mid level shelf on the tree.
I wanted to ask if anyone had any ideas of what we can use to help him get down from the highest shelf. I would usually go down the route of adding cat shelves to the wall next to the tree - which is the obvious option and something I’d love to do - but we’re renting so can’t really damage the walls. We could move the tree, but we have higher ceilings in the same room so the tree wouldn’t be as secure and there would still be the same issue with getting down :(
Cat tax & scratcher pic included! Please excuse his derpy expression, I got him mid blink! Cat Tax
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2023.06.05 13:05 Genderless_freak06 keep having dreams of my ex apologizing...?

context: irl my now ex broke up with me cause he wanted to convert to islam and couldnt do that while dating me, a couple days later i found out he cheated on me a month b4. he knew i was hurt by this cause i screamed at him for it and he saw tears in my eyes.
in my dream i was at my house (living room) with said ex (jake) and a couple of friends (ava and chris). we were all laughing and joking around and jake turned to me and all he said was "im sorry" i asked him what happened and he said "im rlly sorry for what i did to you i hurt you... but i still love you". then he continued "remember that time... when we were in criminal justice? i was sitting on the desk and you were standing next to me playing with my hand?... that was it, that was the moment i feel in love with u". the thing is that what he said was an actual memory i made with jake, he recited a memory in my dream. chris had got jakes attention and said "what happened with you and Alex (me)??" all jake said was "i made a mistake... a rlly bad one" he looked at me with tears in his eyes and told me "i love you and im rlly sorry Alex."
this dream happened about 3 times already, usually containing different memories he recalls. why does this keep happening?
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2023.06.05 13:04 ThrowawayAdvice0573 WIBTA for telling my dad and step-mom to teach their sons not to sexualize their sister?

So I'm a 17 year old woman. I'm not home often because I work 9.5 hours a day and I don't like how loud it is at home. My dad started dating his fiancee last year in February if I remember right. She has 3 kids, 11f, 12m, and 14m. I'm not sure if it's relevant to the story, but her 14 year old son has autism, schizophrenia, and the doctors think he may have down syndrome.
Recently, my grandma (who also lives with us) stopped me after I got out of the shower and was walking (in a towel) to my bedroom. She said that she was asked to tell me not to walk "like that" to my room anymore. She said it was because "the boys are getting older so.. you know." Keep in mind I was completely covered up. We are talking about a maybe 15 foot walk, where 10 of that is obscured from the rest of the house because it's a hallway.
I just accepted it because I'm leaving here in 3 months anyway, but part of me wants to tell my dad and stepmom that they need to teach their boys not to sexualize someone who they call their "sister" and say that they "love". I don't want my younger step sister to have to live in an environment where she has to worry when she gets older. Yeah maybe the boys will be moved out but I honestly don't think that the older boy will be moving out at 18. I'm not sure about the younger one. WIBTA?
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2023.06.05 13:04 ok-ntalia Roomplaza question-for those of you that got accepted, how long did it take for you to get the acceptance email?

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2023.06.05 13:04 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 5th

On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 5th
1972 - Michael appears as the bachelor at The Dating Game TV show and chooses Latanya Simmons as the bachelorette and he performs “Rockin Robin”.
1984 - The Victory Tour contract is signed by Don King, Chuck Sullivan and Joe & Katherine Jackson. Sullivan pays $38.5 million to become tour promoter, of which $12.5 million is paid up front
1988 - Michael Jackson plays the first of three nights at Stadion Feijenoord (De Kuip) in Rotterdam, Holland, to an audience of 48,400
1990- Michael Jackson undergoes tests at St John's Hospital and Health Center in Santa Monica,
Cardiologist Mark Zatskis, reported that 'a temporary setback in his condition,' caused by new chest pains, delayed some scheduled testing."These diagnostic tests were rescheduled and hopefully will be completed (Tuesday)", he said.
"In the meantime, Jackson remains under observation.Michael is a positive person and his spirits are never low", spokesman Bob Jones said.
The hospital said Jackson had received 'many flowers and greetings from fans and well-wishers.'
1993-Michael is interviewed by Rick Dees on the Radio Sation KIIS FM in Los Angeles
1994 - Michael takes Lisa Marie and her children Benjamin & Danielle to Disneyworld in Florida. He also pays a visit to Shaquille O’Neal to talk about a musical collaboration.
2005 - Michael was taken to an emergency room for treatment of a back problem.
Accompanied by a bodyguard, he arrived at the Santa Ynez Valley Cottage Hospital, about five miles from Neverland at roughly 2:30 p.m.
"Mr. Jackson's back has spurred up on him again.He’s under a tremendous amount of stress right now", spokeswoman Raymone Bain said at an impromptu news conference outside the hospital, "Other than his back, he is doing fine.″
Michael left the hospital in a SUV shortly after 8 p.m. in a flurry of activity. His aides erected white scaffolding outside the emergency room entrance to block the view of photographers gathered outside.
2009 - Michael attended rehearsals
2013 - Jackson v AEG Trial day 24
No Jackson family is in court
Randy Phillips Testimony
Jackson direct
Brian Panish resumed questioning. He showed several instances where Randy Phillips said one thing in deposition, another while on the stand. Panish asked Phillips which answer was right. He answered:
"Do you want the truth or do you want what I testified?"
Panish asked Phillips if he knows the corporate structure of AEG Live. He said it was under AEG, but he doesn't know who exactly owns AEG. Panish showed a board meeting agenda on 5/26/09, in which they were to talk about Michael's tour
Panish played the interview Phillips gave Sky News saying AEG hired Dr. Murray. Phillips said he meant AEG hired the doc on behalf of Michael. Phillips said AEG's media person set up several interviews for him after Michael's death. Phillips said each interview was different, but the intention was to say AEG hired Dr. Murray on behalf of Michael. "It's called the truth."
Randy Phillips was asked about meetings with Conrad Murray at Michael Jackson's house. He confirmed Jackson's weight was discussed during at least one of the meetings. He was a bit unclear on dates, so Jackson's weight may have been discussed at two meetings. Panish tried to use a police report of an interview with Phillips and detectives to refresh his recollection
Randy Phillips (AEG Live CEO) said there were numerous inaccuracies in the report. Panish started to ask him to go through it methodically. "We don't need to do it line-by-line', interjected Judge Yvette Palazuelos. Phillips then keyed in on two areas he said were inaccurate.
Phillips said LAPD's detective made a mistake in the written police statement attributed to him. Phillips said he never told LAPD "Randy stated that Kenny got in Michael's face, at which time Dr. Murray admonished Randy..." "The police made a mistake," Phillips said. "He (detective) misconstrued what was said and made a mistake." Dr. Murray got in to and admonished Kenny Ortega and told him not to be an amateur doctor, Phillips said he told the police.
Phillips read one statement about a meeting at Jackson's home between himself, Conrad Murray and director Kenny Ortega. Report: Randy stated that Kenny got into Michael's face, at which time Dr. Murray admonished Randy, stating, "You are not a doctor. Butt out".
Phillips said the police made a mistake. "If you read it, it makes no sense," Phillips said.
Phillips keyed in on how the report mentioned Murray got in his face, when it more than likely was Kenny Ortega he admonished. "I believe the Los Angeles Police Department is a fine entity as I believe in this judicial system," Phillips explained.
Phillips pointed out another mistake in LAPD's report. It states Phillips/Gongaware produced 2 Michael Jackson tours but Phillips said he wasn't involved. Phillips also said the police report said he and Paul Gongaware worked with Jackson over the course of 16 years. Phillips said that was wrong - Gongaware worked with Jackson that long, but he hadn't. Those were the two inconsistencies Phillips pointed out in his police report. Interview apparently wasn't taped at request of AEG attorneys
As to Michael missing rehearsals, Phillips clarified:
"Michael was showing up to rehearsal, just not to enough of them, in Kenny's opinion"
Phillips remembers one phone call with Dr. Murray that lasted probably about 25 minutes. Phillips told Panish he'd know how many times he called Dr. Murray because the attorney subpoenaed the exec's phone records. Panish said he never subpoenaed any phone records, that it was LAPD that did. Phillips said he made an assumption. The only phone call Phillips remembers is the one that Dr. Murray called him on June 20, 2009
In his deposition, Phillips said Paul Gongaware never communicated to him about the email that AEG, not Michael, was paying Dr. Murray. Phillips said at the deposition it was the first time he ever saw Gongaware's email. Panish showed the email that was forwarded to Frank DiLeo and Phillips was cc'd containing the mention that AEG, not Michael, pays Dr. Murray. Phillips said he never received the email. Then, after being shown the email at deposition, Phillips said he didn't remember receiving it. On the stand today, Phillips said he received Gongaware's email. Panish grilled Phillips pointing out he changed his answer three times. Phillips said he answered the same thing, but with different qualifications. "Frankly, I don't remember reading Paul's email, I was more concerned about Kenny's email," Phillips said. At this point, most jurors seemed to be tuned out when Phillips didn't give straight answers
Panish showed an email dated 6/17/09 from Phillips to Dr. Tohme:
Kenny Ortega, Gongaware, DiLeo, his doctor named Conrad from Vegas and I had an intervention with him to get him to focus and come to rehearsals yesterday. Getting him fully engaged is difficult and the most pressing matter as we are only 20 days out from the first show
Phillips said it was not an intervention, but a meeting. He said it had nothing to do with drugs.
Panish asked the executive if Jackson had ever fired Tohme. "It's not a yes or no answer", he said, "The answer is yes but he kept in contact with him"
Phillips was asked about a lunch meeting he had with Jackson's former manager Tohme Tohme, at the Polo Lounge, about a month ago. AEG attorney, Marvin Putnam, was present too.
Panish: "And you were discussing his testimony in this case at the Polo Lounge with him?"
Phillips: "I wasn't"
Panish: "You know there were witnesses sitting around you? You know people took pictures of you?"
Phillips said he didn't remember exactly what was discussed.
Phillips:"I don't remember what I ate"
Panish: "I didn't ask you what you ate"
Phillips said the meeting had to do with the case Tohme filed against Jackson's estate with the state labor board for money he was never paid. Phillips was a witness.Panish said he would have a witness who could testify about what was discussed at the table later in the trial. Panish asked Phillips if he testified at Tohme's Labor Commission hearing to "try to help him out." Phillips said no. "I was completely impartial," Phillips said of testifying at the labor hearing. "I was an impartial witness." (After court, AEG attorney Marvin Putnam, who was at the lunch meeting, said it was standard for attorneys to interview witnesses before they testify. It remained unclear whether Tohme Tohme will testify during the Jackson vs AEG Live trial)

Panish: "Isn't it true, sir, that when Dr. Murray was hired no one was acting as Michael Jackson's personal manager?"
Phillips: "He had someone in that capacity. My understanding was Frank DiLeo was his manager"
Phillips said AEG advanced DiLeo $50,000 at MJ's direction.
Phillips said he didn't know anything about Dr. Tohme in January 09 other than he was a consultant for Colony Capital and repped Michael.
"With Michael Jackson and his advisers you needed a scorecard", testified Randy Phillips. Phillips said he was introduced to Tohme in a meeting at the Century City offices of Colony Capital, the investment firm that held the mortgage on Jackson's Neverland Ranch. It was AEG owner Phillip Anschutz's friendship with a Colony Capital partner that led to the firm's promotion of the planned 50 This Is It concerts. Phillips said Tohme was an adviser to Colony Capital who had no background in the music business and represented no other clients when he began working with the singer. Brian Panish asked Phillips what kind of doctor Tohme was, whether he was a physician or if he had a doctorate. Phillips said that although he had met this doctor 25 times, he never asked him
Randy Phillips was also asked about Tohme's $100k/mo. contract between him, AEG Live and Michael Jackson. Phillips said he could recall of only one other instance where AEG Live paid a fee for the artist's manager. He said it was a standard practice for Michael Jackson during his career. Phillips said Bon Jovi has a similar deal. Phillips said in Michael's career they always paid his personal manager.
Randy Phillips denied that he told Sharon Osbourne that AEG Live had kept all the money from ticket sales for This Is It. "That would be the most idiotic thing in the world" to say, Phillips said of the statement attributed to him in the Osbourne conversation.
Panish: "Did you talk to Sharon Osbourne about the show?"
Phillips: "No, not to the extent that Sharon is alluding to"
Phillips said he ran into Sharon at the lobby of their building. She asked how it was going, he said it's tough but we're going to get there. Phillips said the encounter with Sharon Osbourne was just a hi and bye. They never talked about ticket sales or anything else related to Michael
93% of the This Is It tickets sold were refunded, Phillips said. "7-8% people elected to hold the tickets as souvenirs." Out of $75 million in sales, AEG kept more than $5 million, which Phillips said they gave back to the estate.
Phillips testified it was a "miracle" that the singer showed up at a news conference in London to announce his comeback. Randy Phillips testified that Jackson was hung over, although in emails he says the singer was drunk. "The fact that the press conference even happened is a miracle," Phillips wrote to Jackson's manager.
Panish: "Was Mr. Jackson drunk?"
Phillips:"No, to the best of my knowledge no".
Panish: "Was he despondent?"
Panish produced an e-mail writted by Phillips to AEG President Tim Leiwicke the day of the news conference.
Phillips said:
Michael is locked in his room drunk and despondent. Tohme [another Jackson manager] and I are trying to sober him up and get him to the press conference with his hairdressemake-up artist
Leiweke's response:
"Are you kidding me?"
In a second email to Leiweke, Phillips wrote:
I screamed at him so loud the walls are shaking. Tohme and I have dressed him and they are finishing his hair and then we are rushing to the O2. This is the scariest thing I have ever see. He is an emotionally paralyzed mess riddled with self loathing and doubt now that it is show time. He is scared to death. Right now I just want to get through his press conference
After showing the e-mails to the jury, Panish asked his witness if he had yelled at Jackson on the day the e-mail was written.
Phillips: "In the two-and-a-half hours this all took place, if you take it out of context the answer won't make any sense"
The executive later acknowledged, "I raised my voice"
Panish: "So the answer is no? Did you or did you not scream at Mr. Jackson? Yes, no or I don't remember?"
Phillips said he couldn't answer the question.
At his deposition six months earlier, before he was shown his e-mails, Phillips denied that Jackson was either drunk or despondent on the day of the president conference, and denied yelling, saying he merely "raised his voice."
Phillips says he was telling the truth in his deposition, and was not accurate in his email. "I was relaying what Dr. Tohme told me... I wrote it as fast as I could write it."

Panish:"You have to yell pretty loud to make the walls shake. Do you have a tendency to exaggerate?"
Phillips: "No." 
To another business associate, Phillips wrote:
"I haven't pulled it off yet. We still have to get his nose on properly. You have no idea what this is like. He is a self-loathing emotionally paralyzed mess... I just slapped him."
Phillips admitted, "I slapped him on the butt"
Phillips began worrying about Jackson backing out of the concert tour just a month after he signed the contract with AEG Live to promote and produce it and more than a week before the announcement.
"I was worried that we would have a mess, his career would be over," Phillips testified. "There were a lot of things I was worried about."
But instead of pulling the plug then, before millions of dollars were spent, AEG LIve chose to force Jackson ahead.
"Once we go on sale, which we have the right to do, he is locked," Gongaware wrote to Phillips.
Phillips testified it was "a very tense situation" and "frankly, I created the tension in that room. Because I was so nerve-racked, OK, the time slipping away, and his career slipping away."
AEG was hosting thousands of Jackson fans and hundreds of journalists for the anticipated announcement, which would be seen live around the world.
Court Transcript
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2023.06.05 13:04 discard_3_ To the bitch that broke my heart 3 years ago today.

7 years. I gave you 7 fucking years. Every day I gave you every ounce of love and affection and friendship and deep emotional support I had. You knew it was tough for me to express myself because of my condition. You knew it was tough for me to be social. And yet you loved me so fucking deeply and cared for me though those dark times. 7 long years we spent in what I assumed was mutual bliss. Deep, visceral love and emotional understanding. We planned our future, our kids, our careers, our future home. We knew where we were going and it was great. We knew it would be hard but we had the perseverance both of our parents instilled in us to make it work.
You accepted my proposal with tears and laughter and a smile that lit up my heart like nothing ever had before. You shared pictures of your ring all over social media, showing it off to your family and friends at dinner, bragging to all of your coworkers about getting married and how excited you were to spend the rest of your life with me.
And one day, 6 months later, you decided to burn it all down.
“I don’t love you anymore.” And that was it. The end.
Those words still ring in my head most days. The days when I think I’m ready to love someone again. Those words have done permanent damage. You stole my ability to love and replaced it with a fear I am desperate to overcome.
7 years we loved each other deeply, and yet you refused sex. I was patient and understanding. I knew it was a religious thing for you and I respected that. Waiting for marriage is what we both agreed on.
And yet…not 3 months after you dumped me you were pregnant and announcing your wedding to some guy that hadn’t even met your family yet. I don’t know how to feel about that other than disappointed. And betrayed. Wedlock is something you despised so intensely you pushed me away when I wanted to get intimate. I really don’t understand. I guess I don’t have to.
And I guess all of this is to say - wherever you are and whatever you’re doing I hope you’re happy doing it. At the same time I hope you have some lifelong regrets as to what we could’ve had.
I just hope you don’t run away from him too. You’ve already caused enough pain for one lifetime. I’ve come to a place of acceptance that I may never be with someone that I love as much as I loved you.
I hope I never think about you ever again.
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2023.06.05 13:03 BattleforAperture script for my object show im making pt 1

Paint Bucket:.....Wait a minute, where's Fishy?
Reddty: Well...their dead.
Paint Bucket:You WHAT?!
Reddity:Wait a minute, let me explain! So Fake Flowers and I were walking down the road-
Paint Bucket: For what exactly? I was saying, we were walking down the street, then suddenly, Shampoo Bottle appears right in front of u-
Paint Bucket:Oh...I get it now. Shampoo Bottle had a bet with you for 14 dollars that he could kick Fishy in one minute, 10 seconds, and 1 millisecond.
Reddity:....How did you know the specifics?
Paint Bucket:He always asked me to accept it, but I never.
Reddity:Really? You fell for that and gave him 14 dollars?
Paint Bucket:Well, I'm already a billionaire, so I wouldn't bother 14 dollars.
???:Or are you?
Paint Bucket and Reddity:The others aren't here yet, go away, ClicheHostAI V1.9
ClicheHostAI V1.9:Aww.
Spadey:Hey, I heard there was an object show here-
Paint Bucket:Shovels are better, so go away you stupid piece of junk.
Spadey: :o
Paint Bucket:Expected.
Glass 1:What the hell is happening here?
Paint Bucket:You and your glass friends wouldn't want to know.
Glass 1:...Do you realize that I don't care?
Paint Bucket:Obviously, I'm just warning you-
Glasses (all the cups being seen at once):So what were you talking about?
Paint Bucket:Well...
(wait for pt 2 since writing this at night is so hard)
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