Density of stainless steel lb/in3

Apple Watch

2013.02.11 17:26 Apple Watch

AppleWatch is the community to discuss and share information and opinions about Apple Watch, the smart watch from Apple.

2012.06.07 00:35 Nightshade3312 For the bladesmiths, beauty and destruction, art and skill.

A subreddit for the metalworkers who specialize in forging knives and other blade tools. Swords, daggers, kitchen cutlery, carving chisels, etc. Come in, look around, ask a question, learn, and have fun.

2012.03.04 21:28 chip16 Knife makers and fans welcome

The world of Knifemaking

2023.06.03 06:21 Random_Riddle Progress shot for my perch pan restoration, plus looking for some tips to finish (perhaps and ID while we are at it?)

Progress shot for my perch pan restoration, plus looking for some tips to finish (perhaps and ID while we are at it?)
I picked this perch pan up at a flea market, I couldn’t resist. I have dreams of making fish shaped muffins 😂
Attached images are before and current of the cleanup process. Honestly, now that it’s dried, it looks better than it did while it was still set; maybe the light dusting of flash rust is making it blend in 😂. Anyway, most of it is ready to season, except a few stubborn spots on the fishies where rust refuses to go away. I soaked in vinegar, scrubbed with various grit of steel wool and a tooth brush… but still there is a bit of rust. I also included a close up of the worst offending spot, if that helps…
Any suggestions on how to get the rest of the rust off? Keep going with vinegar and a toothbrush? I am tempted to go at it with a Dremel bit at this point 😅
And while we are at it, does anyone have info on the ID? I see the Lodge 5PP2, but I can’t find info on what that actually means in terms of age.
Thanks for any suggestions!
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2023.06.03 06:21 PuppyLover77 A Cozy Mystery Beach Giveaway including a hammock chair, stainless steel tumbler, Beach Themed Gnomes, Beach Puzzle, Beach Candle, Beach Tote Bag, reading journal and more {US} (06/17/2023)

A Cozy Mystery Beach Giveaway including a hammock chair, stainless steel tumbler, Beach Themed Gnomes, Beach Puzzle, Beach Candle, Beach Tote Bag, reading journal and more {US} (06/17/2023) submitted by PuppyLover77 to sweepstakes [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 06:17 sealskinchanger Sigfryd VI - Deep Breaths

[Shortly After the Great Squid Hunt]
[Listen with headphones for maximum effect]
Deep breath in.
Deep breath out.
Deep breath in...and out again.
Sigfryd rode the winds on jet-black wings. He soared through the skies, with new purpose filling his lungs with every breath. He breathed in and out, tasting the salt on the breeze. He wore the skin of Harwyn, his constant companion through all these years. It was one well-worn, one he knew well. However, it had been so long since he had worn it freely, and without fear.
The white clouds were mountains to him, the greying sky his sea. Each caw was a ritual cry to any who could hear. A new skin was to be worn. A new creature was to join his ranks. He wanted all animals in the Drowned God's creation to hear of it. The congregation was small at first; a few ravens that had joined Harwyn to the spot. However soon more came: gulls, pelicans, other waterfowl. They circled in the sky, patiently waiting. Sigfryd looked down to a small rowboat alone in the Ironman's Bay, floating idly, a limp body lying in it. A dark shadow lay just beneath the waves.
And then he was back.
Deep breath in, deep breath out.
The warg slowly opened his eyes. The time had almost come. He creaked and cracked his bones, stiff from laying on the hard wood. The Farwynd gripped hold of a large fishing net, chock-full of crustaceans of all shapes and sizes. A sacrifice to his new pet. No. Not a pet. This creature was too mighty and majestic to be inferior to the lithe Ironborn man. No, this beast was to be a brother, a companion, unlike Harwyn. He dared to think of it as an equal. In a motion, he held tight to his net and plunged into the brine.
By all that was holy, it was a sight to behold. The skinchanger was pious enough, but he had never been so much a believer as he was now. It was as religious an experience as ever he had felt. To have this kraken-child circle him and behold him with its massive dark was as though he was staring into the dead face of the Drowned God himself. The being of the depths opened all of its arms to him and revealed its great maw, and he released his offering. The lobsters and crabs almost moved towards their doom, as if sensing their noble purpose.
More sea life gathered now. Fish of all shapes and sizes, seals, dolphins, sharks, and even a whale or two. Those he could not see, he felt with his mind. They all knew what was about to be attempted.
Up to the surface, he swam and lay still when his face was above the waves. The clergy of birds above now numbered more than tens, maybe hundreds, circling above. The fish in the sea writhed in the sea, some splashing to the surface, themselves circling the Lord-Consort of the Iron Islands. It was as though he could feel the very heartbeat of the ocean itself. A silent prayer entered his mind. The sea gave its magicks unto him.
He steeled himself as he felt a tentacle touch his back. He reached a hand out and caressed the magnificent creature. His creature. His Lionsbane.
He opened his mind.
Deep breath in.
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2023.06.03 06:14 TheComedyCrab Any and all criticism is welcome

Any and all criticism is welcome submitted by TheComedyCrab to VGCRateMyTeam [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 06:10 buzzler89 Barboach more like barbitch

I have about 120 shinys in SV with 100 being different family's, figured I would go for Barboach. I soon realized an outbreak/OB is the only real way to hunt it. So 1500ish time resets later with 6 OBs, 3 were glitches in that they didn't registespawn, 2 were in ponds so small it just would work 2 barbitch spawn for every 13 land based Mon. Finally got 1 and 10 mins into my 2nd sandwhich So i figured let's get 2. 4th sandwhich in got a wopper, then a Barbitch with 6 mins left then managed a sandy shocks with 18 seconds left gotta love the shinys in the last 30 seconds. So for future barbitch hunters be prepared for alot of resets, there are about 3-5 ponds in the south of the map that are good enough 1 also in the mine area were steel titan is
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2023.06.03 06:10 zacros123 [Store] Trading 6 Knives, 1 Gloves, Skins. Karambit Boreal Forest, Bowie Damascus Steel, Huntsman Rust Coat, Shadow Daggers Damascus Steel, Navaja Staind, Navaja Ultraviolet, Hydra Gloves Mangrove Etc.

Feel free to send me a Tradeoffer
Open for any suggestions: upgrades, downgrades, knifes, gloves, stickers, floats.
All my Buyouts for the listed items are just because of the rules. Not selling skins, only trading.
Tradelink Profile
★ Karambit Boreal Forest WW - B/O $532.05
★ Bowie Knife Damascus Steel FT (0.15 Float) (Tradelock) - B/O $151.61
★ Huntsman Knife Rust Coat BS (Tradelock) - B/O $120.23
★ Shadow Daggers Damascus Steel FT (Tradelock) - B/O $107.31
★ Navaja Knife Stained FT - B/O $101.39
★ Navaja Knife Ultraviolet FT - B/O $92.48
★ Hydra Gloves Mangrove FT - B/O $51.93
M4A4 龍王 (Dragon King) FN (Tradelock) - B/O $26.71
AK-47 Redline FT - B/O $18.54
M4A1-S Hyper Beast WW - B/O $15.24
USP-S Monster Mashup FT - B/O $14.39
Desert Eagle Kumicho Dragon FT - B/O $13.37
2x AK-47 Legion of Anubis MW - B/O $13.37
ST M4A4 龍王 (Dragon King) FT (Tradelock) - B/O $13.13
AK-47 Point Disarray FT - B/O $12.12
M4A4 The Emperor FT (Tradelock) - B/O $11.48
M4A4 龍王 (Dragon King) FT - B/O $11.30
AK-47 Green Laminate MW - B/O $11.16
Desert Eagle Mecha Industries FN - B/O $9.81
2x M4A4 Desolate Space MW - B/O $8.50
M4A1-S Nightmare FT - B/O $8.33
Glock-18 Neo-Noir WW - B/O $7.74
Glock-18 Water Elemental MW - B/O $6.96
2x AK-47 Phantom Disruptor FT - B/O $4.53
M4A4 Desolate Space WW - B/O $3.97
2x Five-SeveN Angry Mob FT - B/O $2.95
Trade link:
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2023.06.03 06:09 nicnak56789 I’m 21 year olds. I’m confused, lonely but self assured.

I have never been the nerdy or shy guy, not once have i seen myself that way. I was always younger than my friends, due to being born between school years my parents decided to put me in an older grade. I dont regret that they did that at all, i made amazing friends and wouldnt change a thing about my childhood. I would say that I’m more mature than average for my age, i try to be a gentleman, and generally spread positivity. I think i lacked confidence. I know I lacked confidence. Hell I still do, but I’m working on it and I can feel myself growing up. I used to crave being cool, what teenager didnt? But i think i was so obsessed with being someone that im not, that i lost a part of myself. A part that is very dear to me. Im writing this because i can feel that part returning, slowly but steadily, im becoming me. Im excited but extremely scared, because there are parts of me that i dont like.
I still feel like a teenager. Partly due to the fact that covid and immigration has made attending a physical college near to impossible. If you want to know the truth, i did attend college on campus for one whole month. Covid ended that, but I wasnt with people i enjoyed seeing, they were lovely but i felt extremely out of place. Hell, i dont even know who or what I like. Im interested in going to college here (USA), but quite frankly, it scares me and i can’t afford it. The US is different to where Im from (well duh sherlock) but it intimidates me. Almost everyone my age that I have met is just so self shrouded and focused on sex and it truly petrifies me. Im not by any means a non sexual person, but i havent found a person that i wanted to have sex with because i wanted to have sex with them, not just to have sexl Up until recently, ive dreamed of being a douchebag that gets all the girls and has all the friends.
But thats not what i really want. I want to love someone. With and without sex. In my 6’2 180 pound athletic body hides a scared little man, with more vulnerability than i could possibly imagine. A soft center surrounded by 10 inch steel plates. Ive had sex before, not with only one girl, but once, in total. I was so excited that my moment had arrived, the moment I spend 19 years dreaming of, with a girl a had a crush on no less. But after that moment, I realized how much sex can complicate things. My first thought after losing my virginity, and you can laugh, was “i love you”, the girl was pretty, funny, sweet but I realized immediately that I had no interest in her beyond sex, in fact i think the main reason i pursued her was to feel power over my friends, i hated that, i hated me, and i hate that I have to admit that. I felt like an asshole, i was an asshole. I handled the situation about as well as every romantic situation I’ve encountered(ie not very maturely or well). So much for that dream of being a douchebag huh?
I realized that sex is part of life, and relationships and hatred and love but i think i was valuing it too highly. I crave sex as much as any 21 year old does. But i think im a romantic at heart. I have lost hope in pursuing casual sex (not only because I’m terrible with girls, but because I dont think im a casual sex type of guy). I genuinely want to care about someone and appreciate them. I know they say love finds you, you dont find love. But im scared im wasting my best years away. I go out and party and club every once in a while (usually alone, partly because i dont have many ‘clubbing’ friends but mainly because i want to push myself into being confident.) I havent met a single girl that i like. hey, mainly because im locked away in my room all day but partly because i just get so anxious talking to girls.
I cant wait to be more grown up, an older friend of mine that shared a similar view told me that girls are going to appreciate the fact that i want to be genuine and a gentleman. Just not yet. Girls my age just want to have fun and party and meet cute guys with confidence and bravado, but im not like that. And i think as i get older, ill find girls that are looking for something like me.
I dont know. I feel like an idiot writing all this down, i know that im probably wrong and theres plenty of people my age that feel the same way. I just feel a tad lost. If you managed to read this far, thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to ‘listen’
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2023.06.03 06:07 porCDLvida H: Junk Flux Leaders Coffee unrolled epr epr mods W: tlc

8k aluminum 160 ballistic fiber 210 black titanium 1600 bone shards 800 ceramic 3800 circuits 500 concrete 1k copper 900 cork 975 crystal 790 adhesive 1500 fiber optics 2200 fiberglass spool 4300 glass 3175 gold 3600 lead 3800 gears 5500 screws 3500 springs 18000 plastic 400 nuclear waste 1200 asbestos 17500 cloth 140 fertilizer 5900 leather 9800 rubber 11300 silver 126k steel 4300 ultracite 55k gunpowder 2500 acid 3900 antiseptic 3k oil 9500 oil. 350 of each flux. 150 leaders. 700 canned coffee. unrolled epr with perfect mods. epr aligned flamer mod. epr severe beta wave tuner. epr true sniper barrel. All of that for a traveling leather coat.
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2023.06.03 06:06 EQBC Why Boxing?

This is the first question that comes to everyone’s mind when they think about it.
Here are some but not all best physical benefits of Boxing.
A killer cardio workout that burns some serious calories real fast, improves your hand-eye coordination, helps build shoulder boulders, improves Bone Mineral Density, increases the endurance & stamina, enhances cardiovascular health, tones & shapes the body, and improves total body strength. These are few to be mentioned. Anyone involved in boxing knows of its power – particularly among working-class kids – to improve health, education, community cohesion and to lower crime.
You hear it all the time: You need to do cardio to protect yourself from heart disease, burn calories, and lose or maintain your weight. There are not enough promoters of boxing as a sport in the modern world. It’s a stressed-out world out there and boxing training really helps you to decrease stress level. Also, you must exercise to improve body composition out of the sedative lifestyle of young people. Easter Queens boxing club is known for its Athletic Training and Conditioning.
Boding experts have pointed out some important benefits for kids as well in the age group of 5 year to 15 year. Boxing focuses on agility, speed, quickness, balance, and hand-eye coordination, Confidence Building, Health and Proper Fitness, Self-Defense, Good Eating Habits, Higher GPAs, Staying out of Trouble, Humility and Patience.
What do boxing coaches look for in a boxer?
It is difficult to find a good boxing coach that gets the best out of you in the ring through his training out of the ring. If we think about a good boxing coach, he must possess the ability to work with fighters that vary in style, size, age, and experience. They will be able to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, then plan a training strategy. A coach will train you to augment your strengths and develop, improve upon and eventually eradicate your weaknesses.
How important is a boxing coach?
There is a famous saying about boxing “Behind every great boxer, there is a great boxing coach”.
Finding the right boxing trainer for you is essential to improve your boxing ability and to continuously develop as a boxer. In fact, trainers are so important, most professional fighters often have multiple coaches specializing in different expertise.
One more question can pop into your mind in this case, that is, do you need a boxing trainer?
Let me clear it for this sport, one cannot become a pro boxer by self-training with no trainers, You can’t. You must have a trainer to be able to do it right. You must also be able to spar unless you like to fight your imagination.
Something about trainers, what to consider while selecting a trainer. A great trainer must have a mental and emotional connection with the fighter, feeling what his fighter feels, and being able to see what the fighter is seeing. Trainers don’t give up on their boxers, and never let them feel unappreciated and incomplete. Remember one thing, a trainer who is in it for the quick buck is not a good trainer.
Same time you need a great boxing club to train yourself. You will never learn how to box without joining a boxing club/gym. A good, equipped boxing club is as much important as a good, experienced trainer, it can be even a friend who has experience from boxing trainings and fights, so he can correct you on your mistakes on boxing mitts, a lot of sparrings to learn how to react to a moving living target, but alone? No chance. If you want to be a recreational boxer, any gym that has a boxing program will do, but if you really want to devote yourself to the sport, you’ll have to find a good gym. Eastern Queen boxing club is one of the great places in the USA to join and get trained from experienced trainers to transform yourself into a professional boxer.
Kids boxing and development ,
Kids boxing ,
Kids boxing club in Queens,
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Importance of loyalty in boxing
Tools of boxing trade
State of the art of the boxing
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5 Things every fighter should quit now
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2023.06.03 06:04 OPSlick911 WTS - CYMA M4A1 Gel Blaster - North Florida, USA

WTS - CYMA M4A1 Gel Blaster - North Florida, USA
CYMA M4A1 Gel Blaster Upgraded - $180
Acquired from
Internals have been upgraded to metal gears and metal stainless barrel. Running poly piston with metal teeth and upgraded head/piston ring. Shoots hard and very fast with LiPO 3S battery. To prolong the blaster, it is recommended a MosFet be installed.
Exterior is mostly Nylon plastic. Magazines can be pre loaded by pulling charging handle. Will include both mags and free gels (some high quality, and some low quality), along with 3S LiPo battery. Blaster was rewired to accommodate new type of plug.
Only shot for fun at the house, never used in a match. Built it to play with friends, but hits a little too hard for close blaster fights, and now I want other things.
Pretty good starter gun, not nearly as nice as what they are building in Australia or for top dollar, but could definitely be fun.
Prefer not to ship, located in North Florida. However, will consider shipping at buyers' expense. Paid about $230 to build it, not including gears which I pulled from my airsoft gearbox. Looking for $180 specifically to pay for a few new toys.
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2023.06.03 06:04 flow-wer Let's say Hearts of Steel is hypothetically part of Legacy, which character should figure first?

Let's say Hearts of Steel is hypothetically part of Legacy, which character should figure first? submitted by flow-wer to transformers [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 06:04 katarokkar Hotwire - The Routine // Album Discussion // "20 Years of Nu-Metal"

She said that shes neurotically dead
Why can't i be in control with it all
And its cold inside here
and its cold when you think about it
What this is.
This is a discussion thread to share thoughts, memories, or first impressions of albums that have graced the genre of nu-metal and reached the age of 20 years old. Maybe you first heard this when it came out or are just hearing it now. Even though this album may not be your cup of tea, rest assured there are some really diverse classics and underrated gems on the calendar. Use this time to reacquaint yourself with classic nu-metal albums. Discuss away!
Discussion Examples:
Band: Hotwire
Album: The Routine
Released: June 3rd, 2003
B-Sides/Bonus Tracks
Music Videos
Liberated Tape Archive Shows
numetal Essential Album/Song Rankings
Where are they now?
Members of Hotwire, Atreyu, Scars of Tomorrow and Nation's Afire have started a band called Fake Figures.
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2023.06.03 06:01 _slyb1t [Store] A FEW KNIVES and Playskins -Including: Skeleton Knife Boreal Forest / Gut Knife Doppler / Falchion Knife Ultraviolet / Gut Knife Lore / Ursus Knife Blue Steel / Survival Night Stripe / Hand Wraps Overprint / Hand Wraps CAUTION! / AWP Wildfire / StatTrak/NoN-StatTrak items and more

Hello everyone, Have some items up for trade
All the buyouts for the selected items are just because of the rules.
I am open to discussing trades on Steam or Discord: Ab1r#1680 , feel free to add me there to discuss.
Some of the tradeable items are listed as follows:
Item Condition Float B/O
★ Bowie Knife Tiger Tooth FN 0.01 303$
★ Hand Wraps Overprint FT 0.37 264$
★ Gut Knife Case Hardened MW 0.12 220$
★ Gut Knife Doppler Phase-2 FN 0.03 218$
★ Gut Knife Lore FT 0.27 210$
★ Huntsman Knife Black Laminate MW 0.12 205$
★ Gut Knife Doppler Phase-3 FN 195$
★ Moto Gloves Blood Pressure FT 0.37 187$
★ Nomad Knife Boreal Forest FT 0.19 186$
★ Stiletto Knife Boreal Forest BS 0.67 185$
★ Hand Wraps CAUTION! BS 0.52 172$
★ Survival Knife Night Stripe MW 0.13 170$
★ Falchion Knife Damascus Steel FT 0.21 150$
★ Shadow Daggers Lore WW 0.41 148$
★ Falchion Knife Freehand BS 0.45 140$
★ Moto Gloves Cool Mint BS 0.75 136$
★ Falchion Knife Ultraviolet FT 0.21 130$
★ Bowie Knife Bright Water BS 0.47 127$
★ Ursus Knife Urban Masked BS 0.71 126$
★ Paracord Knife Scorched FT 0.28 112$
★ Gut Knife Ultraviolet FT 0.16 111$
★ Moto Gloves Smoke Out BS 0.66 85$
★ Driver Gloves Rezan the Red WW 0.38 78$
★ Hand Wraps Desert Shamagh BS 0.48 66$
★ Hand Wraps Duct Tape BS 0.65 65$
★ Hand Wraps Constrictor BS 0.45 64$
★ Hydra Gloves Emerald FT 0.30 63$
★ Hydra Gloves Mangrove FT 0.37 52$
AWP Wildfire FN 0.06 168$
ST Desert Eagle Printstream MW 0.10 115$
M4A1-S Golden Coil MW 0.14 83$
UMP-45 Crime Scene FN 0.06 66$
USP-S Printstream FT 0.36 59$
AK-47 Asiimov MW 0.12 53$
AWP Chromatic Aberration FN 0.04 48$
M4A1-S Golden Coil FT 0.35 47$
ST AK-47 Redline FT 0.30 47$
M4A4 The Emperor MW 0.09 46$
ST M4A4 In Living Color MW 0.07 42$
M4A4 Neo-Noir FN 0.05 35$
AWP Hyper Beast FT 0.22 34$
Sir Bloody Darryl Royale The Professionals 21$
AK-47 Redline FT 0.27 19$
Glock-18 Bullet Queen MW 0.13 17$
P250 See Ya Later FN 0.06 12$
& more
Some prices might be outdated.
Note: I have new items coming and going daily and everything is not included in this list but everything is up for trade just send an offer!
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2023.06.03 05:59 Na_dN I don’t like how the show handle Miorine.

Miorine was my favorite character in SS1, but lately, I find myself sighing when she's on screen. The show's fast pace and subtle storytelling have affected her the most, as she always conceals her emotions. On top of that, the show also handles her character poorly.
The first and most glaring issue is, in her first scene after calling Suletta a murderer, she blamed Prospera. We never see how she develops or rationalizes her thoughts from the former to the latter.
Imagine skipping scenes of Guel being too traumatized to eat, trying to save the girl, and asking Olcott for guidance. Imagine, after killing his father and screaming, his first scene is him telling Olcott that he will save his father's company. That is how I feel that Miorine's character was handled, lacking on-screen depth and proper development, despite it being a cliffhanger of SS1. This diminishes the gravity of all her choices in SS2.
The second issue revolves around how Miorine's emotions and thoughts were portrayed.
The reason she doesn't want to run from all the politics anymore was simply because she wants to be with Suletta. With these in mind, joining the presidential run meant sacrificing her future, living with what she hates without a single companion by her side, especially not Suletta. It's a significant decision and sacrifice.
Yet it was not discussed/noticed much among fans. Possibly because the show hasn't portrayed its gravity effectively, as the show hasn't delved into Miorine's emotions around the betrayal, the pain of hurting Suletta, and the loss of her friends, especially just after they gave her a warm welcome. I think there should be some scene of her imagining how miserable her life would be choosing this path.
We only get a very, very short scene of her trembling before shutting down Aerial and silently watching her company's promotional video, which, in my opinion, is not enough.
Also, Miorine steeled her heart and acted coldly toward Suletta. I expected the same calm and coldness toward Prospera, but in the next episode, she instead was more casual. Her reaction upon learning about Schwarzette was a comedic-annoyed face toward Prospera, followed by a loud "HUHHH!?" after learning that she went to Shaddiq. Those really caught me off guard.
these faces are almost comedic...
The third issue is the entirety of how Miorine handles Prospera. I don't mind that she's got played like a fiddle, everyone in the show got outplayed after all. The problem is that despite she should be the one who is most wary of her, the show unnecessarily made her a fool.
To ensure she never breaks the deal by contacting Suletta, Miorine should track Prospera somehow. Yet she didn't even know Prospera's whereabouts until she told her she was meeting with Shaddiq.
Also, when they went to Earth, Miorine had no precautions against Prospera. If she had assigned Kenanji to keep an eye on her, the story would still have gone in the same way, for he would leave after learning about Shaddiq. The difference is that Miorine wouldn't have appeared so foolish and gullible.
The show's fast pace and subtle approach affect Miorine the most as she hides her emotions. The popularity of the least subtle character, Guel, speaks volumes. On top of that, the show handles her character poorly, unnecessarily making her foolish and gullible.
I believe the show should change this approach and reveal the character's inner thoughts. But it may be too late to change direction. Another way to fix these issues would be to have a recap-like episode where Miorine reflects on past events, similar to episodes 25-26 of Evangelion. Though, given the show's fast pace, I doubt it will happen.
At the very least, I hope the next episode delves into her thoughts. It's an intriguing situation where she would regret her gullibility against Prospera and carry the weight of the protesters' deaths while finding solace in preventing Suletta from becoming the instigator. However, with how the show's handled her character so far, my expectations are low.
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2023.06.03 05:58 cbvv1992 🔥40% Price Drop – $20.39 Cuisinart, 3-Piece Pizza Grilling Set, Stainless Steel!!

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2023.06.03 05:55 IGotYouKilledMatt Work messed me up today and idk who else to tell

Okay so I'll start with I absolutely love my job. I work at a bookstore; I love books, I love my coworkers, I love my managers. I love everything about it.
Today, I was helping one last customer before my manager came up for her register shift. She was a few minutes late, but that's fine. The customer was sweet. She was an older lady who was buying some hard cover books that recently came out. She kept asking for the paperbacks which, unfortunately, we didn't have. She was worried about the prices being too expensive, as they were the hard copies. She did end buying both books a explained they were for her sister who was suffering from Alzheimer's.
She was so sweet, it was really taking everything I had not to cry while I was ringing her out. She kept asking if there were any discounts I could give her and I wanted so badly to help.
She reminded me of my grandma, who was the sweetest and most selfless person I've ever known. My grandma was also always struggling for money. I remember one Christmas she was so distraught because she couldn't afford gifts for anyone.
My manager came up shortly before I finished ringing up the customer, and I took my ten afterwards because I couldn't go back to work right away. That's been on my mind all day and I've been a mess. I lost my grandma two Christmas's ago, and she had been my best friend. She always did everything she could for me. I've never had anyone else in my life like her. I could tell her anything and everything. I've just been really hurting today ever since that lady came in.
She bought a Nora Roberts book and a Danielle Steel one. I truly hope the best for her and her sister. I hope better times are ahead for her.
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2023.06.03 05:54 SilverbackOrdnance (WTS) Both of Lead&Steel Promethean LP-1s

Promethean LP-1: $315 Shipped and Insured Serial Number:
Promethean LP-1: $315 Shipped and Insured Serial Number:
Only Payments Cashapp Venmo Zelle Will ship Monday through UPS Insured.
Both are like new with low round count. One was on my competition AR9 and the other on my .300 black out home defense gun. Brand new batteries ready for action!
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2023.06.03 05:54 doctorerhardt Beneath the Crimson Moon [Online] [Roleplay Focused] [5e] [16+] [LGBTQ+] [EST]

Hello everyone! I’m Doc, He/Him, 17, a young DM with a love for storytelling. I’ve always wanted to delve into a campaign inspired by media such as Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Zero Dawn, and other games I’ve always got to watch my dad play while I planned my sessions for a year now… So, that led me to begin planning this campaign! I'm not too experienced at reddit so this is a shot in the dark.
I have been playing D&D for about 3 years, Dming for 1, and I am super excited to find some possible players for this. I’m looking for a maximum of 4-5 players, with a heavy focus on roleplay and character development. I recently took a class in anthropology and have been really inspired to run a campaign inspired by a specific culture, particularly east asian cultures, so here we are!
I would say I'm a fairly loose dm. I don't mind bending rules to let you do something cool and I heavily focus on RP, less combat (as I am terrible at balancing.) I REALLY love involving my players' backstories into campaigns like these so if you have any cool characters I’d love to hear about them and push them into the story! I dont use VTT’s (however I do track combat encounters etc in my own creative ways) and am entirely theater of the mind style in my dming. We will be using DNDbeyond, as I have quite the amount of sourcebooks on there. I will totally be willing to help you guys make characters that fit into the story as well if thats your cup of tea!
Please note this campaign is NOT a place for people who are close minded. I am aiming for;
An age range of 16-22
Open minded people (Queer, Disabled, POC friendly)
People who are okay with no VTT/Theater of the Mind style
People who don’t follow rules to the extreme in D&D People with a consistent schedule
And most of all, people are willing to have fun!
A bit of info about the world can be found below, along with its plot hook!
Amidst the somber silence that permeates the battlefield, a lone ronin cuts a solitary figure. His footsteps echo softly as he traverses the scarred earth, his presence a solemn tribute to the fallen. The wind whistles through the empty spaces, murmuring secrets of honor and sacrifice. With a fluid motion, the ronin sheathes his blade, its steel gleaming with a bittersweet gleam. The weight of countless lives hangs heavy upon it, a reminder of the battles fought and lives lost. In that moment, the ronin's gaze transcends the mortal realm, his eyes fixed upon a distant horizon, where the souls of fallen warriors find solace.
As he lingers among the fallen, the ronin's voice, a timeworn rasp, resonates through the air, carrying a message. "In the realm of sacrifice, warriors become eternal," he murmurs, glaring towards the ground.
The ronin stands tall, a silent guardian amidst the remnants of conflict, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. In his quiet yet peaceful presence, the fallen warriors find solace, their sacrifices acknowledged, and their memory preserved. And as the moon rises over the battlefield, casting its cool hues upon the landscape, the ronin steps forward, his dull eyes focused on the crimson moon above.
Shinkoku (The continent) is a land of captivating contrasts. Beautiful forests bursting with vibrant wildlife give way to serene bamboo groves, where the whisper of the wind through the slender stalks creates an ethereal melody. Rolling plains, adorned with fields of swaying golden wheat, provide a picturesque backdrop for peaceful villages and thriving farmlands. The continent is dotted with sacred sites, where towering buildings and tranquil shrines stand as testaments to the spiritual connection between mortals and the divine. Hidden within the depths of ancient forests and atop mist-shrouded mountains, these sacred places serve as gateways to realms unseen and hold the wisdom of generations past.
Shinkoku is a realm steeped in history and honor. The ruins of ancient empires, crumbling castles, and battle-scarred fortresses stand as echoes of the conflicts that have shaped the land. The echoes of the samurai's code of Bushido resonate through the mountains, carrying tales of noble warriors who upheld their honor and fought for justice. Yet… Many seemingly are stuck in the past.
But amidst the breathtaking beauty and profound tranquility, shadows lurk in the corners of Shinkoku. Political intrigues simmer in the palaces of powerful daimyos, while clandestine organizations seek to exploit the realm's hidden secrets. Supernatural creatures, both benevolent and malevolent, roam the land, their presence shaping the destinies of mortals and spirits alike.
And at the top of it all, the shogun of Shinkoku rules eternal.
Interested? Go ahead and fill out this google Forum! I look forward to seeing you all :) Note this post will be closed once I feel I've gotten enough responses, or its been 24 hours! If you have any questions, leave them below!
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2023.06.03 05:52 PlacidVlad [Pet Thread] I told my favorite Glen story tonight and it made me miss him

I don't have a picture or video this week. Instead I want to tell a Glen story many of you have heard before.
I'm walking that mouth breathing moron because he's an idiot. We're walking next to a public park with a play ground, for you Europeans who don't understand freedum units it's evidently a climbing frame or a Monkey bars. I don't care. It was a public park for kiddos to play at and there was a shit tonne of steel between this little girl and her dad while there was zero obsticle between Glen and her.
She saw Glen and yelled "doggy!" which I saw her dad's face turn to "oh my god, I'm going to the hospital right now after that big ass dog destroys my daughter". She ran up to Glen and Glen being a massive idiot put his head down and pushed his head into her chest like he was going to hug her. She wrapped her little arms around Glen's giraffe neck and at the same time her dad I could tell was relieved he wasn't going to the emergency department today.
After her hug with Glen's idiot face, little girl grabbed Glen's ears and he straight looked at me with the "is this my life right now?" look and I shook my head "yep, this is a dummy who doesn't know what's going on and yes you're going to be good" look. After we made verbal confirmation that he was going to endure whatever this little girl put him through he turned back to her and her dad picked her up.
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2023.06.03 05:47 Evening-Bullfrog6296 Base Bronco turns one

Base Bronco turns one
It's just a lowly Base but l love it, steel wheels and all. I've had a few minor build issues like the window snag which were easily rectified, but zero issues on the road. It did great in ski area parking lots when they had 900" of snow. AWD SUVs were getting stuck, didn't phase my Base even with the stock tires. It's all the capability l need. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
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2023.06.03 05:45 um_____ok god damn.

i was so hyped for this season, i really was.
this actually sucks so fucking bad. barnacle and dime....god forbid someone dies early in the match, down to the spawncamp depths you go with NO WAY of pulling yourself back from it.
i get that it's a new season and a bunch of noobs are playing at the moment, but that's not my main issue here. players are getting insanely brutal to fight against (with any weapon). I'm a pretty good player myself (at least i think so) and I'm quite competitive. destroying everyone with my range blaster was a breeze, now it feels like HELL. if turf war is like this, then i can't begin to imagine what it's like in ranked right now. jesus fucking christ.
☆(adding on a somewhat intriguing personal conflict i had in one of my matches, a painbrush squidbagged me, probably bc i kept getting their ass with my e-litre. there was another e-litre on my team, however they did poorly. ya can't blame them though. never saw anyone else get bagged, just me sadly. i must be doing something right to provoke this reaction, ha)
inkblot is also in the rotation, yeah? explain why I'm never getting it. why is it always that stupid barnacle and dime stage? I'm sick of this stage. they should've brought back new albacore hotel for fucks sake, that map was actually fun to play on. humpback is pretty cool though, I'm rocking with the fact that they brought a non-tetris stage back.
also the new salmon run map? it looks cool as a concept, but it's TERRIBLE to play on. the only acceptable way to play on this map is low tide. normal tide has too many corners to cut or get stuck on. it feels super tight with all the shit that's on this map. once that double steel eel train comes in, you're fucked. flyfish, maws, and scrappers galore! before you know it, everyone is dead.
so, final verdict?.....
the trailer made sizzle season look awesome, but in reality it's a cesspool of:
-toxic players
-noobs that are probably way more confused than most seasoned players
-disconnects(as usual, nothing new)
-spawncamping (again, nothing new, but it has definitely gotten worse)
-shitty discount coconut mall
-terrible salmon run map that arguably worse than marooner's bay.
sorry for the wall of text, i had a lot to talk about ✌️I'd love to hear about your guy's experience with this season, because it definitely feels a bit off compared to the previous ones.
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2023.06.03 05:42 fakestpersonever I really really want osteoporosis and am doing everything possible to get it

I know that this sounds insane. But I will do what I can to make this as understandable as possible: I’m 15, intersex male and am 5’9 tall. I’ve been very effeminate all my life and I have a overtly feminine style and demeanour. My height has made me extremely insecure for a while now, as being small, petite and short is a main feminine beauty standard. Over years the insecurity has worsened and I would consider it the main cause for the development of my severe anorexia nervosa and BDD, along with multiple suicide attempts and countless loops of self-harm. I have tried everything to stop the pain but nothing works, I’ve been on antidepressants, talked to every psychiatrist and therapist, rationalized in every way, and it just doesn’t work. It’s too much for me to handle. Osteoporosis is a bone disease caused by very low bone density that can cause spinal fractures and compression that lead to up to 2.5-3.5 inches of height loss. That height loss would keep me from killing myself! And for some back pain I really don’t see what the downside here is. Ive been depriving myself of calcium and vitamin D, keeping my BMI under 18.5, keeping terrible posture, and lied to a bunch of medical professionals to get access to puberty blockers in order to lower my bone density. I know it sounds crazy but it’s really this or death to me. Can anyone relate?
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