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Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game series developed by Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, and Raven Software and published by Activision. CallofDuty is a developer-recognized community focused on the franchise.

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The Officially Supported Subreddit For Call of Duty: Mobile - A free-to-play shooter video game developed by TiMi Studios and published by Activision for Android and iOS.

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A place where people can post memes about anything Call of Duty.

2023.06.05 00:51 Possible_Weekend_286 Damn.

there was a person I knew and messaged for 3 years , he had a toxic girlfriend , he was in a miserable state , he kept venting about how she treated him the whole freaking year and I was there for him he was always calling me his "therapist" , I was making sure I was doing great and whatever and we were cool , I disappeared for quite awhile due to mental stuff , I talked to him again and told I was going through some shit he didn’t even tried to be there and he was sometime leave me on read , one day I was feeling like absolute flip , reached out on him , he started cussing me outta the yellow and kept telling me am so "weak" and "lazy" I questioned him what’s wrong , he said am too "sensitive" , the worst part of all , I said to him , "when you were in my mental state did I put you down like that ?" and he replied " at least I had a reason to be depressed "
he fucking admitted in the past that I woke him up and changed his life
i fuckin saved em , I FUCKIN DID!!
I was there for this asshole only to see him put me down.
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2023.06.05 00:51 FoxholeConnoisseur [Online] [5e] [EST] Looking for one player to join a home-brew campaign in-progress (Recently started). Who want a serious-oriented roleplay experience

Game Details:
The game will be hosted from 6-10pm EST over discord and roll20. We will use dndbeyond for character sheets.

Character creation notes:
Races available: Human, Dwarf, Elf.
Level: 3
Background: Discuss with DM.
If you're interested, just hastily fill this out!
Lore Breakdown:
The Zarev Imperium, ruled by Emperor Nicholas the Young, is an antiquated Monarchy stuck in the past through a mixture of incompetency, corruption, and an unwillingness to change, fueled by the entrenched landed aristocracy.
Spanning over 37,000,000 square miles, 85% of the nation's 55 million citizens are rural, illiterate peasants who recognize the Emperor as benevolent father figure.
The capitol, Andergrad, is home to over 800 thousand people and a bulk of the professional military. With no dedicated police force, the armed soldiers patrol the streets. In times of war, the Emperors of old relied on the rural peasants, whom have no allegiance or connection to the capitol, to guard against unrest and monsters.
Nicknamed Pig Farmers, due to the first use of the ordinance enlisting a majority of the hog farmers surrounding the city, these informal guards are invested with complete authority by the Emperor to keep the peace.
The year is 1901, and war is upon the Zarev Imperium from a familiar foe - the Flavian Republic, situated on the western border.
The military was mobilized for a quick fight, but the situation turned dire as the Empire's traditionally small army, consisting of line infantry and heavy cavalry, was obliterated by the new dawn of industrial warfare.
Within a month, all factories were converted to producing bullets, riles, artillery guns, and shells. Workers are being pushed to work 90 hour weeks. The Emperor called upon 5% of men to serve, then 8%, then 20%. A skeleton crew was left guarding Andergrad as the Flavians pushed deeper and deeper into the Empire.
Riots, draft dodging, and monsters quickly become rampant. Giving into pressure from his advisors, the Emperor calls up the Pig Farmers for the first time in almost a century.
The Orthodox Church
The Zarev Orthodox Church, being an arm of the Emperor's government, explicitly preach the slogan of Orthodoxy, Autocracy, and Nationality.
Orthodoxy: It's the Church's belief that the Emperor was placed on earth by God and the lord therefore speaks through him. The Emperor is the Fatherland's protector and the spiritual father of all his peoples.
Autocracy: The belief that the ruling class was placed on earth by God to advise the Emperor, and rule the people under him justly and fairly. This also encompasses the belief that the Emperor must rule absolutely, as to not have any barriers between him and his "children."
Nationality: Only Zarevs, the native population of the Zarev Imperium, can be trusted. Therefore, anyone/thing born as a non-Zarev is alien, and must be shunned. This also means patriotic behavior can only be confirmed while agreeing, and not disrupting, with the first 2 points.
If the members of the Church who preach this, or the Autocracy, who benefit from this line of thinking, actually believe or follow any of this, is a completely separate matter.
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2023.06.05 00:51 Maleficent-Soup23 My parents are coming to visit 'indefinitely'

I've been working on slowly going no contact with my parents and have achieved low contect for the past several months since having top surgery (texting a couple tines a week, calling maybe once a month). My dad just retired this past week and my parents drove out to visit my brother (who they have a good relationship with). I called them today and my dad told me they were coming to visit me next. I asked for a time frame and they didn't have a clear answer for me, they just said they would arrive this week and stay indefinitely, until they felt like it was long enough to make up for all of the time we have been apart. Which is wild because they did actually threaten to do this about a year ago, but I though they had forgotten since it hadn't been brought up again. It is also annoying because I am moving soon and was planning to use the move as an opportunity to cut contact without them knowing my address, but now they may be here when that happens.
I'm glad I've done enough therapy and work to the point that it isn't absolutely earth shattering for them to do this, but it's still annoying and inconvenient. I know it'll be stressful once they are here, particularly since I never told them about having top surgery.
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2023.06.05 00:51 cementmilkshake How many calls are you making a day?

Brokerage has started having agents log their daily calls (counting cold/warm leads as well as active clients) Seems like there are two main approaches in RE: viewing it as a sales number game and making as many calls as possible VS building and maintaining relationships in your sphere. IMO Logging calls makes sense for agents viewing the business as a numbers game, not so much for the people going off sphere/referrals for majority of their business.
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2023.06.05 00:51 Fearless-Sport-3075 Jetpack Mechanic for C++ UE5.1

Hello! Im new to programming and Id rather learn a bit of C++ instead of the blueprints but its hard to find any help with such a specific thing. I eventually would want it to be complex but im still working on the basics currently. Anyone available on discord or a phone call for some help? Id appreciate the help guys thanks a lot
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2023.06.05 00:51 SprinklesLucky655 Girlfriend doesn’t pay for anything and gets mad when I bring it up. 23/M and 21/F

In my gfs past relationship, she told me that she used to pay for her his bills because he needed help. Now I can’t even get her to pay for a single date date. We have been dating for 6 months and she hasn’t bought me a Christmas gift, Valentine’s Day gift or any gift at that matter. She hasn’t paid for date at all and we’ve been on over 50+!! She tells me she’s not use to having to pay for dates for men and she never did in her last relationship but she pays for his bills and thinks that’s norma? In our 6 months together, I bought her a lot of Christmas gifts, Valentine’s Day gift, flowers every week and gifts randomly every month. I feel like it’s my duty to do those things. I’m not even asking for the exact same back but I literally have not felt appreciate in any way. Whenever I bring it up, she gets mad and try’s to flip it on me and says I’m trying to bring her down. She ended up asking me make a list last Christmas and gave me nothing. She asked for 7 things and I got her everything but 2. II feel used. I have spent thousands on this girl if I was to calculate everything. Now she wants me to get her a laptop bc she has none and she needs to return her college iPad back to school now that it is ending and take her to punta Cana for her birthday in two months. All while having nothing in return but her making me breakfast twice in 6 months and buying me snacks from Target here and there. I even took her to Chicago for 4 days and covered everything. Am I being used? What should l I do? She was able pay for her ex bfs bills but won’t even pay for one single date for me.
Now to put thing into context, I graduated last year with a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. I got a job back in July making 76K so I’m financially able to pay for things but I also need to move out, save, get a new car, help my mom, etc. She is still in school for architecture and has about a year left. She was not working for months and I felt it was bc I was almost paying for a lot for her so she was comfortable depleting her savings. I was in her exact situation last year so I feel bad and always want to help her out in any way, but I have things to pay for on my own. She kept wanting to do side hustles as her income for months until I told her she needs to get a real job for guaranteed money. Her response was that I have a “9-5” mindset and we had issues in the relationship that last for weeks until she broke up with me last week bc she felt “overwhelmed”. A week and a half later she calls me crying and says she misses me and I obviously still love her so I took her back. In that time span we broke up, she lost some weight and only ate once a week at times. She also got 3 jobs in between that time. Almost like she needed to not experience life with me to appreciate me and she realized what I did for her and asked for me back. She lives by herself, has car payments and credit cards to pay off. My brother, sister and I were all in the same situation in college and all worked multiple jobs whether we wanted to or not to be able to handle things ourselves. We relied on no one, even our own mother who couldn’t even help financially as much. We all made it out to be successful so at times I want her to understand that she shouldn’t rely on me. Like I just made it out and I’m trying it build myself and my career but I also feel like there’s no greater investment than love. What do I do now ? Do you think I am being used ? How do I go about talking it her without her getting mad? Should I buy her this laptop and trip for her birthday?
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2023.06.05 00:51 Qt1919 FL: A potential construction issue is causing my apartment to try to move me to another unit early or terminate my lease. They aren't giving me anything in writing and want me to make a decision in several days.

I have a 12-month lease lease that expires in 10 days. I already signed a lease renewal for the same unit for 12 months starting in 10 days. This was all done a month ago.
Fast forward to today -
Apparently, when the building was being constructed, half of it was "sinking." If you walk up the stairs on the other side of the building, you see that the building is at a slant. My side of the apartment has always been fine.
The apartment complex called me and said that I can 1) move units and they'll pay for moving but keep my rent the same (also, the rent has since dropped $200 per month and I asked them to match it; they said no) or 2) terminate the lease and they will pay to move me to another apartment complex (that I find on my own).
They have verbally told me that I have to move because it's a company decision. The engineering firm they hiring didn't force them. This is just a precaution.
Some history: When I moved in, the other side of the building didn't have anyone living there. The apartment workers told me that it was because it's a new building and they are finishing construction. It was only months after signing the lease that fellow apartment dwellers said, "Oh! You're in the sinking building! We're surprised they put you in there." So the apartment management knew about issues at the time.
Anyways, there is a clause in the lease that says the following: "This Lease Contract is the entire agreement between you and us. Our representatives (including management personnel, employees, and agents) have no authority to waive, amend, or terminate this Lease Contract or any part of it, unless in writing, and no authority to make promises, representations, or agreements that impose security duties or other obligations on us or our representatives unless in writing. "
PS - I can look through my lease for any clauses you may be interested in.
PSS - There is also one more clause that may be related:
16. DELAY OF OCCUPANCY. If occupancy is or will be delayed for construction, repairs, cleaning, or a previous resident's holding over, we're not responsible for the delay. The Lease Contract will remain in force subject to: (1) abatement of rent on a daily basis during delay; and (2) your right to terminate as set forth below.
Termination notice must be in writing. After termination, you are entitled only to refund of deposit(s) and any rent paid. Rent abatement or Lease Contract termination does not apply if delay is for cleaning or repairs that don't prevent you from occupying the apartment.
If there is a delay and we haven't given notice of delay as set forth immediately below, you may terminate up to the date when the apartment is ready for occupancy, but not later. (1) If we give written notice to any of you when or after the initial terms as set for in Paragraph 3 (Lease Terms and Termination Notice Requirements)—and the notice states that occupancy has been delayed because of construction or a previous resident's holding over, and that the apartment will be ready on a specific date-you may terminate the Lease Contract within 3 days of your receiving the notice, but not later.
(2) If we give written notice to any of you before the initial term as set forth in Paragraph 3 (Lease Terms and Termination Notice Requirements) and the notice states that construction delay is expected and that the apartment will be ready for you to occupy on a specific date, you may terminate the Lease Contract within 7 days after any of you receives written notice, but not later. The readiness date is considered the new initial term as set forth in Paragraph 3 (Lease Terms and Termination Notice Requirements) for all purposes. This new date may not be moved to an earlier date unless we and you agree. *
Paragraph 3 just states extra rules for certain counties and cities that I am not in.
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2023.06.05 00:50 Canrif Why are Marxists Concerned with the Appropriation of Surplus Value?

I recently came across a question concerning value and its relation to Veblen goods (NFTs or the $100k chicken nugget). The top answer given in that thread was to call attention to the following statement from Value, Price and Profit:
“Supply and demand regulate nothing but the temporary fluctuations of market prices. They will explain to you why the market price of a commodity rises above or sinks below its value, but they can never account for the value itself.”
However, there is something which confuses me slightly about this quote. If the price of an object can differ from its value (as this quote suggests), why do Marxists care about (and speak of) the extraction of surplus value as opposed to material wealth?
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2023.06.05 00:50 LivingAd5608 Didnt have a chance to say goodbye

Didnt have a chance to say goodbye
Recently my dad colleague found my cat louie has recently passed away in his sleep.we recently got the news that my cat passed away,after college my dad colleague called my dad and informed him that my cat louie died from unknown cause.
My entire family had to move to greece because of my mom's work so we had to left behind our cats because there arent any apartment that allowed pets.
After my dad got the news he called me and my family,that my cat passed away i was sad and confused of why did he died,he was only 4 years old and was dad colleague said he was healthy and was playing with other cats in our house yesterday.
His death was a suprised in our family but his death hit me the hardest,i take care of him for 2 years we got him in 2021 as a rescue he was my motivation to keep studying harder and then louie is now gone now i dont get why i do have to study, tommorow i got an exam and i dont know what to do anymore.
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2023.06.05 00:50 kuraikona New index #

Hey everyone, never had jury duty before, had to postpone a while back and my new date is tomorrow. I dont know any of the information and my juror number from the original summons doesnt match any of the scheduled times for 3 different courts. I dont know what time im supposed to show, nor what court to go to
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2023.06.05 00:50 AutoModerator [Download Course] Marisa Murgatroyd – The Experience Product Masterclass 2023 (

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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.05 00:50 StandardBroccoli1954 I'm completely alone, to the point choose to be verbally, mentally abused

8 years ago I fled my home country with my family due to political and economics reasons. My home country is un under a dictactorship. Every single institution public or private had collapsed, there are food , medicines, gas, water, electricity etc shortage. So my family and I left. My friends left too to different country, so I was were I was assaulted more than once because of my nationality. Found a decent job has been hell. But most important I have no friends, I've met people a I get along fine but no real friendship. 5 years ago, I started a relationship with someone who I thought was my real love, he was my best friend my favorite people. My parents and friends dissaproved that relationship because they he wasn't good to me because I was 22 and he was 42, so I moved out of my parents house and was low contact with them and almost completely cut my friends off. For two years everything was amazing until 4 years ago when I got pregnant he forced me to have an abortion I didn't want to have, I loved that baby so much. But I loved him, he was yelling all day and all night to get the abortion, he said he would leave me if a I had the baby, at this point he was the only people I thrust, he called stupid, said my brain was fool of trash, that I was an idiot, I wanted it to stop so I had the abortion, abortion is illegal here and I almost die from hemorrhagic sepsis. This was the point where I stoped talkin to my friends and parents barely now what was going in my life. I was in so much pain but I was so ashamed to say anything. I thought that if I did what he wanted he would be amazing boyfriend he was before. I was wrong verbal and psychological abursed were now the norm, except for the brief moments when he was the best boyfriend. One year ago I broke arm and my anckle and he was so mad with me, telling I always do stuff to ruin my life. He almost hitted me that time. He yell for hours and hours. Nom my parents returned to my home country and completely alone. I'm so scare I'm scare of him every time he yells at me, I'm scare when he drives and surpase the speed limit just because, I'm scare when he chooses to ignore me for days because I did something wrong I live with so much fear in heart. But I cant leave because I will be completely alone, so I try to live with this. I try to do everything perfect so won't be mad at me but I always fuck up things in a way.
Sometimes i don't want to live, this isn't life. This is hell.
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2023.06.05 00:50 marcvcast Boston University Decisions

I haven’t gotten a decision from BU yet, and all of my materials have been submitted for months. I called a couple weeks ago to ask when all decisions would be coming out and they said in the next couple weeks. Does it mean anything if I haven’t received a decision yet?
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2023.06.05 00:50 KaitoDBZ fresh acc untouched story and untouched events except for vegeta and Gohan f2p. have some S equips. lf a good acc with one of these ultras (kid buu,hit, rose l

fresh acc untouched story and untouched events except for vegeta and Gohan f2p. have some S equips. lf a good acc with one of these ultras (kid buu,hit, rose l submitted by KaitoDBZ to DokkanBattleTrades [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 00:50 Former-Economy4865 My ex-gf hates me and i feel really bad about it

So yeah i've never really posted anything on here, but i don't have lot of people to talk to right now, so here i am. Me(15M) met my ex-gf(15F, let's call her L) on a school excursion about half a hear ago. I knew she was in in a few of my classes but i hadn't really ever talked to L yet. On this excursion though, we were put into small groups of about 8-10 people i think. I was in a group with L, a good friend of mine, who knew her already and a few other people. So we kinda started talking a little, and idk what happend but something about her just instantly did something to me. We talk a bit more, and at the end of the day, after knowing her for only like 6 or so hours i had the biggest crush. I kept just thinking about L every day, and finding as many excuses as i could to be near her. I even started hanging out with some of her friends just to make it not so obvious. These people actually ended up becoming some of my best friends, and we formed a friend group together, with L also in there. It was like a 2 month long period where i did absolutly anything to be with L, up until the point where she actually started liking me back, though i didn't know that yet at this point in time. Another few weeks go by, and then one day while i was with L and another friend we were talking but L had to leave, so me and my friend were left. Only about 10 seconds after L left my friend asked me: "Hey, do you like L?" And i immeadiatly answer with: "yeah.. is it that obvious?" To which he responds with in a laughing manner nodding his head up and down. So at this point i realize it was really obvious to tell i liked her and a few day later i thought "screw it, i'm just gonna tell her, otherwise nothing is ever gonna happen." At this point we already used to talk for hours every single day. So it was like 2 am and i just tell her. Her response initially didn't seem all that promising. She said something along the lines of: "Oh wow, i wasn't really expecting that. I might have to think about it for some time to see if that's the same for me." she told me later that she only said that because the didn't really know what to say, and she beat herself up for not instantly saying that she liked me back. A few days later she suggests we should go on like a date. We settle for a movie, and when we get there she tells me that she also liked me. This was about 5 moths ago and this is where our relationship started. For about 2-2.5 months it works really well and i was probably the happiest person on the face of the earth. We still talked for hours on end every day and we did fun things together. I know it's sounds really naive to say but after those 2 months i already loved her more than anyone or anything in my life, and i honestly thought we were gonna be together forever. But that was when we had our first fight. (for clarity, there never was a physical fight between us, just discussions. thought i should make that clear.) I felt really bad about it, but i just thought: "well, things like that happen." And we settled it. It hurt both of us to be angry at the other. It didn't stop there though. She kept doing things that i really did not like, but whenever i said anything about it, she would get angry at me for not letting her do what she wanted and she would ignore me for the next few days basically. After that she would pretend like nothing happend, so we never really stop arguing about the same things because she just wouldn't listen to me, she'd just say goodbye and kinda ignore me. Not to say i am perfect or anything, i made a lot of fcking mistakes and i screwed it up. Also she has had some really big beef with one of our friends, who's also in out friend group (let's call her S). This is because apperantly, before L and i had a relationship, S also liked me, and the girls knew this about each other. S and i have been really close friends for quite some time know though, and L was scared that i might hav liked S more than her. I always assured her that this wasn't he case, but i don't think she really believed me. I don't know how big of an impact this made since at this point in our relationship she wouldn't really tell me these things and talk about them anymore. These are some of the reasons the broke up with me after only about 4 months. Since then she's been just outright ignoring me and being really mean to me. It would be an understatement to say this really fcked me up. Even though towards the end, we fought a lot, i really loved her more i then i thought was even possible. I would've done literally anything for her, because in the moments we didn't fight, she made me the happiest person on earth. But i have kinda been showing signs of depressions lately and i have seriously considered making an end to it all, because i just couldn't imagine my life without her, i had already planned my whole life out, only for it to all fall apart. This was about 2 moths ago and she has been ignoring me more and more, and also getting more and more mean towards me. She's really changed over this time. After she had just broke up with me she told me she wanted to stay best friends, like we already were. But of course that didn't happen. Today she send me a text that she didn't even want to friends anymore and wanted me to stop texting her or really talking to her in general, which is difficult since we're in the same friend group still. We both just have a very different way of dealing with it, and she hasn't really been supporting me, even though it's been a really difficult time for me, with my parents getting a divorce and the passing of my grandmother. And with me losing her as both my girlfriend and my best friend i just don't really have anyone to talk to and just help me with these things. I mean i've got some amazing friends that would always want to help me, but it just doesn't feel the same. And i just don't know what to do. I wish i could somehow show her how much i cared for her, and that everything i did, also the things i did wrong and hurt her with, i did for her. But now she just hates me and she's putting the blame on me, which i think starts feeling more and more justified after i remind myself how terrible of a person i am. But i just let my emotions guide me too much, i want to get over it and move on but i can't, i really just love her so so much, and no matter what she thinks about me, that's not going away.
If for some reason you read the entire thing, which i doubt anyone will, i just wanna say thank you, i realize know i don't think i even really need advice, i just really wanted a place to vent, though i would love any i you guys have it.
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2023.06.05 00:50 lbandrew My neighbor is consistently giving my dog diarrhea

Sounds ridiculous I know. So my neighbor is 100% the worst neighbor I’ve ever had for a variety of reasons, and this is pretty trivial in comparison.
I saw him once give my dog a bone or something over the fence. I have no idea what it is, I watched through a window and walked out there. This guy does not own dogs and for all I know he’s giving her rawhide, which I absolutely do not want her eating. I do not like strangers giving my dog “treats” when I can’t see said treats myself. It wasn’t a small treat because I then saw her lay down and gnaw on it. By the time I went out there to see what it was, it was gone and so was the neighbor. Next day she had diarrhea. I texted him and asked him not to give her anything else. He said ok.
She’s been getting diarrhea randomly. She has never had this issue before moving here. Once again, I spotted him giving her a treat over the fence while I was on a work call… and he was gone. This time I went to his door and confronted him. He lied and said he did not.. wtf? I was super thrown off because I SAW him 100% do it. He said “must have been someone else” and basically closed the door in my face. Next day she has diarrhea. I’m so DONE. What do I do? I’ve explained why he shouldn’t give her treats already and suggested if anything, small training treats are fine.
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2023.06.05 00:49 Silent_Geologist7294 How do I make friends

I’ve lived in this city my whole life and I live in the heart of park avenue now and I just don’t have close friends. there’s no one in my life that I can call and like connect with and have them come over or we could just go do some dumb shit.
Every single time I create a new group of friends, no one gets close, it’s the most surface level shit ever and it never gets past that stage.
Anyone out there in the same boat?
i’m 23 now almost 24 and I don’t think it’s gonna get better as I get older.
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2023.06.05 00:49 Skillday Teams PSTN/PBX - Reception notifications when on a call

Hoping someone may be able to assist me with a query I have regarding Teams PSTN/PBX.
I've deployed a system to a customer recently who have anywhere between 1-3 reception staff on at a given time.
Originally, I'd left the "busy-on-busy" settings as default - however on the days when there was only one receptionist, new calls would come in when they were on a call, and couldn't hear the call due to the ringing of the phone from other callers dialling in.
I'd changed "busy-on-busy" to make the receptionist unavailable when additional calls came through which has sort of solved that issue. Now, there's a problem when there are two reception staff on and they need to call eachother for something - they're not getting notifications of incoming calls.
Is there a way to always show incoming calls via popup and not blast reception staff with the ringtone during a call?
Many thanks in advance.
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2023.06.05 00:49 asuspsu Was I raised...

This thought never crossed my mind until my recent years after graduating and a recent late night discussion that I had with a friend. I currently live with my mother and another sibling in a small apartment.
Truthfully, I don't believe there is much here but I want to get some opinions on this.
I don't really have a relationship with my father, never have. I have a very one sided relationship with my mother where she seems to give me affection but I have never been able to do the same.
Around 11 or 12 I ran away from home. I got into a nasty fight with my mom. I forgot how the argument started but it centered around the fact that she thought I was doing drugs. I have touched drugs in my life much less drank a bottle of beer (more on that later). She accused me, guilted me, and more. It made me feel worthless, and pathetic, and at the same time made me have suicidal thoughts. She was always very abusive verbally and physically she would hit us (I was living with my sister and brother in an apartment at the time). Anytime we did something wrong, no matter how small, I would be deathly afraid of her. I thought at the time that physical punishment was normal. So yes, she was a single mother raising three kids, but it makes me feel bad in a way that I don't think she ever did a good job.
Anyways, that night during the argument I got so fed up I hit her. I stormed out and stayed in an alleyway for a few hours trying to recoup and understand what I had done. After a while I think cops started showing up, maybe for me? I was on the other side of the apartment complex so they would not be able to find me. I left a little past midnight and walked a couple miles in the dark to my grandparents house. That is where I stayed for about a year and a half. Before my freshman year of high school, my mother came to my grandparents house to pick me up and take me back home. My mother said my grandparents didn't want me living there anymore but I don't know the real reason why she came back.
Anyways, I moved back home but noticed she was different. I found out she had surgery to repair a torn shoulder or something that she has gotten from work. The physical abuse had stopped, but I was still afraid of her during high school. I think I found peace in just doing homework and watching movies and playing video games. To be frank, I think movies and the Internet raised me more than she ever did. She never really did get me a person. My interests. My beliefs. My goals. Maybe it was my fault. Though, she was never around. But I don't think she ever really tried. The only genuine conversation I ever had with her was when I told her I wanted to quit my 3rd year in college and she broke down telling me I had to finish and do this because she was never able to and how it would benefit me greatly in life. To be honest, at that point in my life, she had kind of warmed up to me and me to her, but I still couldn't bring myself to see it as genuine love.
Fast forward to now I live with her paying my bills and helping with rent but she is still controlling in a way. Guilt tripping me whenever I go out to get something to eat saying there is food at home. I always feel guilty if she sees me doing something not related to work. It's very difficult as I live in a one bedroom apartment and so I spend most hours of the day at my desk which is right in the living room with no privacy. After graduating she always bugged me about buying a house. She wants me to take care of her in old age. I have no interest in that. I am still young and want to do things and she still guilt trips me even though I make a good salary and am more responsible than anyone else in my family. I started paying rent and bills once I had enough of her guilt tripping and even now she still has the same behavior. Calling me about where I am and how I shouldn't stay out late. I feel suffocated. My sibling works a dead end job and pays rent as well but it seems like she lets him off easy. He has no aspirations and I have no relationship with him. My mother drove out my sister about 6 years ago accusing her of doing drugs as well. I have no idea if it was true but she is definitely a drug addict now. I have no relationship with her either. My father was a deadbeat and only around when he needed something. In some ways I feel bad for my mother because my earliest memories were of him coming home late at night drunk. So yeah, that's why I never drink. He also missed my college graduation because he was drunk so, yeah.
He was never abusive to me or my siblings but he was never really there. Sometimes he would attack my mom when drunk. I remember fondly my mother was pregnant with my sister and they were arguing on the second floor of the apartment and from what I recall he pushed her down a flight of stairs. Mind you he was drunk so I don't think he would have done that sober. I was 3 or 4 so I don't recall it very well. So it was pretty bad. And yet, even now, my mother still cares for him and feeds him whenever he stops by (my father lives with my grandparents). I feel like she has a relationship with him because they know they will need each other in old age if I don't help her.
So there it is. A short spiel of my life. Sounds bad writing it all out but I just don't know. It feels all normal to me now. What do you think?
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2023.06.05 00:49 Glittering_Pitch7648 Need Help/Opinions- First Time Replacing GPU Thermal Pads/Paste

Hi there! My temps have been pretty bad for a few years now on my trusty Gigabyte Windforce OC 1080ti, I love her but she needs a tune up. I would get a new GPU but I feel like the value is not good enough yet on what's available. That being said, I need to replace the thermal pads and paste in my GPU.
So far I have the paste picked out - Arctic MX-4, from what I've read seems like it won't give me anything crazy in terms of temps, though it is long lasting. I assume the paste in my GPU now is pretty fucked up since it idles at like 55-60, so that hopefully will offer some improvement.
As for pads, I feel like I stumbled into a whole world I was unaware of. From what I understand, thickness and squishiness are 2 factors that are very important in deciding on what pads to get. I've found a video on youtube opening this model of GPU (, he measures the pads in the video but the measurements are obviously affected because the card is like 7 years old lol. In the comments some helpful people have pasted the responses they received from GIGABYTE on the official thickness and dimensions of the thermal pads:
>7.5*24.5*2.75 mm
I've figured out which are which and marked them in a (unfortunately shoddy) image:
Okay, so the problem I have run into at this point is some of the sizes here are kind of unique, specifically .65mm and 2.75mm seem like they are pretty rare. The only pad I can find in this size is this on amazon, called XPC T20. (sorry I cant post the link or it gets flagged by automod)
I would just order that, except for the squishiness factor! The reviews say that the pads are very dry and not squishable, unfortunately it seems that the pads in the video are very soft/squishable so much that you can easily bend them and they were significantly reduced in thickness from their original size.
So you see my dilemma. Looking more, the Arctic TP-3 Pads (sorry I cant post the link or it gets flagged by automod) seem like a very good option as the reviews describe them as extremely soft/flexible, though unfortunately offered only in a limited number of thicknesses. Though I was thinking, It would probably be to stack 2 of them together to make something thicker. So, I can use these for the .5mm as they sell them in that thickness, and then for the 2mm, I can stack two 1mm pads together in order to make a pad with the appropriate thickness.
Now, would I be able to stack three pads together for the 2.75mm or is that too much variance from the original thickness? And what about for the .65mm pads? Maybe I should get a little less squishy thermal pad at .5mm? I'd like to know what you recommend as far as thermal pads and any advice you have on what I should be looking for to take care of these odd .65mm and 2.75mm thicknesses.
Any response or advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
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This woman provided me access to her mobile phone, the password to her social media accounts, and the opportunity to view all of her daily phone activity, including her text messages, without my girlfriend's knowledge. She finished it for me secretly after I gave her some information, so I was surprised when she contacted me a few hours later. Since she isn't aware of it yet, I have complete access to whatever she does on her phone. [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])'s professionalism and compliments on the way she completes her duty online have my undying gratitude.
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