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Happy Pigs

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Popcorning is the act of jumping and dancing that guinea pigs tend to exhibit when happy.

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Why waste time watch many show when one show do trick?

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A community dedicated to JYP Entertainment's new girl group, NMIXX.

2023.06.09 10:29 octergon Do I still have hope after she cancelled our date?

I recently went on a couple of dates with a girl. Our first date was perfect - we went to a bar and then to a light party with my friends. We had a drink and everything was good. Our second date was at an arcade with drinks and good food. She even proposed the second date and she looked happy and cheerful. We kissed and then I left. The next day, our texts were constant and better than before. We met up again at a pub after she drunk texted me. We danced and made out. She asked me if I liked her and I said yes. I also asked her if she liked me and she said yes.
However, things took a turn when she cancelled our next date with a valid excuse. I sensed something was wrong because our texts were off. I asked her if she was uncomfortable on Saturday because I was drunk as well. She explained that our lifestyles didn’t match and she would feel bad to continue because I had been good to her and she had been really comfortable talking to me. She said we would continue talking.
My plan is, ive got nothing to loose and the least i want to do is make her feel uncomfortable. So ill try again next week to ask for 1 more date to see how things are, 90% she would not accept, but that would me my last try.
She sent me this message: "Look, I didn’t say it as if there was something wrong with your way of living or that you have to change things, don’t take it like that! 👀 I say it because it sounds in your audio as if I had told you that you had to do less things or something like that but it’s not because I feel something different between our evolutions/ways of being etc. that you have to change your way of being or living - I don’t know if I explain myself well.
And I don’t say it as if I didn’t want to see you, I say it more than anything also so that you understand my position :)"
I reacted really bad to the message trying to justify how we cant know someone in just a few dates. Do you think there is still hope for us?
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2023.06.09 10:23 mikavim577 This sub made me realize I was not alone.

I still can't believe it took me so long to find this sub, someone posted on ask reddit "what was something that blew your mind" and someone linked this sub... well... i have to confess, my mind was blown aswell.
I'm a 28M and i was always confused about why my parents treated the way they did and i've never even heard about other people that went through the same as me on my childhood/teenage, I was feeling alone... i always tryied to be a "generic good kid", never gave them trouble, never missed school, i had good grades, i never dared to speak back to them... why the hell they still treated me like I was the worst thing that ever happened to them? maybe, somehow i was actually a bad son?
Then, after reading this sub i realized... i was NOT ALONE, there are other people that went through the same sh!t as me, and I can't even describe the "relief" that I felt after realizing that after so many years. (don't get me wrong here, i'm NOT happy because you guys are suffering, i'm just relieved that this safe space exists for us and, for once in my life, i'm not feeling alone anymore).
About my nparents, my dad never cared much about me since he found another family and abandoned me with my nmom when i was 8 and my nmom... well... everything was always about only herself...
Since I was 9, she left me locked in the house every friday and saturday nights so she could go out to the clubs dancing and drinking and would come back about 4am (she was in her 40s).
She was always comparing me to other people, talking about how i was never going to be something she's proud of, comparing me to a pregnant friend(14F) of mine because she had a job and i (13M) was just playing video games at home, even compared me to a IMPRISIONED cousin because "at least he owns a big house and has nice cars".
After a while I realized that i could never show happiness in our house because she would always say something to hurt me and put me in a bad mood, got me to the point of only leaving my room to eat and use the bathroom, even then, i did everything as fast as i could so i won't hear anything from her.
Apart from the constant burping, not flushing the toilet after nº 02, dental floss left in the sink, dirty clothes everywhere...
That, of course, only in our house, when we were around other people and family members, she was a completely someone else, like a character, the kind friend, the loving and caring mother... why she couldn't be like that at home? with me? why i had to grow up living in constant fear inside my own house? why i was not allowed to be happy? what have i've done wrong?
I had a girlfriend and we got married at 22, my mother in law offered to let us live together in a small house she at the back of her house, it was only 2 rooms and a bathroom, but hey, anything to leave my current house and mom behind.
Fast forward to today, i'm still married, have my own house and went almost no contact with my nparents for years, but, now that I have a kid of my own and realized how EASY is to love your own kid and just NOT. BE. AN. ASSHOLE. made me even more angry with my nmom that made it look like it was the hardest thing to do.
Of course NOW she wants to be a "loving" grandmom to my kid... but, no thanks, i'm not going to allow her do to my kid, the same she done with me, my kid will experience what "normal" parents are like and i hope that, in the future, if he ever hear my history, he will be as confused as the other people i talked about this, asking me "why would a mother treat his own son like this, it doesn't make sense".
I took the bullet and went through hell, but the cycle will end here.
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2023.06.09 10:12 Equivalent_Tailor602 What is he happy about? dance happily

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2023.06.09 10:08 Academic-Rip8454 The Persona 5 Alphabet

I don't know if someone did it already, but i'll gonna my own : The Persona 5 alphabet
A : the Animation
B : Battle (online PvP game)
C : Classique (a 8 or 16bits remake)
D : Dancing
E : Evolution 🙃 (live action movie)
F : Fighter (Fighting Game)
G : Go (mix of Pokemon Go and SMT L Dx 2)
H :
I : If (Spin off : if Akechi was the Trickster and Joker the detective)
J : Journey (a sequel of P5R with a timeskip)
K : Kitchen (You play as Sojiro and you have to do coffee and curry)
L : Loki (spin off about Akechi's detective job)
M : Master (a mobba)
N : The New Animation (an anime that adapt the storyline of P5R)
O : Origin (spin off about Lavenza and maybe Igor)
P : Portable (a "remake" for mobile)
Q : Q3 (like the other Q game but only in the Persona 5 univers)
R : Royal
S : Strikers
T : Tactica
U : Ultimate edition (Royal+Dlc+Stricker+all the spin off)
V : Vanilla (The port of the vanilla game but at 60$)
W : World (MMO)
X : The Phantom X
Y : The Phantom Y (sequel of P5X, I have no more idea)
Z : Zorro (Spin off about Morgana. I don't know why, I have REALLY no more idea)
I don't know for the "H". Maybe Heroes but what type of game ?
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2023.06.09 10:01 AutoModerator Friday Open Mat

Happy Friday Everyone!

This is your weekly post to talk about whatever you like!

Tap your coach and want to brag? Have at it.

Got a dank video of animals doing BJJ? Share it here!

Need advice? Ask away.

It's Friday open mat, talk about anything. Also, click here to see the previous Friday Open Mats.

Credit for the Friday Open Mat thread idea to SweetJibbaJams!
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2023.06.09 09:59 SourcerBot Tens of thousands march in Israel's Tel Aviv Pride parade

Here is the most important information, and related articles, from this article.
Published on 2023-06-08 at 19:34 and published by france 24. (1 minute)
Save 1 minute of reading with this summary:
Tel Aviv (AFP) – An estimated 150,000 people marched Thursday in Israel's coastal metropolis Tel Aviv for the Middle East's largest Pride parade, amid protests against the presence of anti-LGBTQ ministers in the government. Revellers in colourful outfits danced on and around floats playing music on the seafront promenade of Israel's cultural and financial hub, seen as a rare oasis of LGBTQ tolerance in the region, AFP journalists said.
Keep reading with 3 related articles: France 24 (2023-05-21 at 19:38) Tens of thousands of Moldovans rally in favour of EU membership Newsweek (2023-06-08 at 13:32) Putin Killed Tens of Thousands of Animals in Kakhovka Dam 'Ecocide'—Rescuer The Guardian (2022-11-22 at 23:59) Tens of thousands of Scotland’s teachers to strike on Thursday
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2023.06.09 09:57 sylrousar94 I pissed in my dates car

So. I (F28) met a guy at work (M38) and told him I had never been asked out on a proper date. Like an actual go out to dinner and really be treated to a nice night. I usually just get invited to hang out at someone's place or treat them to a meal or activity etc.
Anyway, we had hung out a few times prior at his place and such which is perfectly fine since my life is a cartoon and nothing ever happens "typically" to me lol. So, I had spent the night at his and when we woke up, he tells me what he has planned for the day. We're gonna get up, get ready, drive over the pass to the "big city" (we live like 64 miles east of a big touristy town for the area over a mountain pass) and spend the day over there, eat, see a movie, shop, really whatever fits the bill. I'm like cool, sounds like a day, fucking pumped for it, love it.
We head over, having a great time, lots of laughs, good conversation etc. It's like an hour drive so great time to chat lol. We dick around for a while and decide to go eat at a local pub style resturant in town that we don't really get to enjoy unless we're in the area so why not? Well, we're talking and eating and get some drinks. Specifically, Irish Death. I had about 4 or 5 20oz glasses and I think he had like 2 lol. Bill comes, he paid, and he goes yknow I think we should hit the restrooms before we leave and I was like nah I'm good (foreshadowing, I was not). He goes to the restroom, I don't. I have never liked using public restrooms, my mom was a bit of a germaphobe when I was younger so I just got good at holding it lol. Anyway, he comes back, I stand up and in that moment, I transitioned from stone cold sober, to fucking loaded in a blink of an eye. But I got my shit handled and we walked out to the car and head home.
As we are driving, I'm noticing the pressure in my bladder begins to build. Okay, whatever, I got this. We make it over the pass. Fabulous, only like 30 miles to go. The pressure is becoming painful. Still got this. Make it into the first bigger town in the valley. Tell dude we should stop at my place because " I gotta race like a piss horse", he's like cool, not a problem we should grab some extra clothes and shit while we're there too. I'm like hell yeah, 30miles just went to like 15, I got this but GOD do I have to pee.
Keep on driving. We get 1 (one) mile away from my house and I am begging this man to pull over because I AM going to piss myself. I'm doing the potty dance, wiggling, anything to distract from the agony that I am in. This man says we are less than a mile away and as he says this, I uncontrollably piss myself.
Do you know what it's like as an adult, to look into the eyes of another adult and tell them you just pissed yourself? because I didn't until that moment. This man is howling. He's like "ONE MILE!!!! WE ARE ONE MILE AWAY!!!! I CAN SEE YOUR HOUSE!!!!" which I am apologizing like a mad woman in between my own laughs because of course I would do this on my first real date.
We pull into my place, I immediately grab a towel and cleaner (THANK GOD for leather seats) and clean his car up, go inside, say thank you for the date and apologized again. Told him he can leave (because even though I'm tanked and laughing, I am mortified) and I'm sorry for any trouble and I totally understand if he doesn't want to see me again, no hard feelings because I would also like to never see me again too. He reassures me because now I'm starting to break down. I strip and get in the shower and ugly cry and when I got out he was just chilling on my couch. I told him I was ok and he really doesn't have to wait for me and I'll be ok. I go to my room and throw on the most depressing and comfy clothes I have because, clearly, I will never see him again because I'm a nightmare. I plop on my bed and curl up to cry and have my drunk pitty party, and he comes in and curls up right behind me on my bed and just held me.
After like 2 mins of my pitty party he gently shakes me and goes "so, are you done? Ready to get up now? We have plans still and I still wanna hang out with you." I spun around so fast because, like, really??? Were you not there for this whole traumatic experience??? And he just said, next time I suggest we use the restroom, you should probably do that lmaooo.
Anyway, we're engaged now and I have never been more happy or loved in my entire life and this is definitely one of the most embarrassing stories that has ever happened to me. But, hey, now it's at least on the internet for forever.
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2023.06.09 09:48 StatusProfits So that's just me living my life but in a better room. Deal, I'll take it

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2023.06.09 09:43 OghangKuale Some tips to brighten your day

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2023.06.09 09:42 OghangKuale Some tips for betterment

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2023.06.09 09:34 fori96 Happy 43rd birthday to Kana Ueda who voices as Rin Tohsaka, Ishtar and Ereshkigal!

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2023.06.09 09:21 Cr0wd3dM1nds Found this animated short film on YT and it makes me happy to see we're getting recognized

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2023.06.09 09:21 -Rebel-502- NIRVANA CAME TO MY CITY YESTERDAY

yesterday nirvana came and played at my local civic center and kurt cobain did a singing before dave grol did a drumming and kris novelsielik did a bass and the they did lots of music and the the aduince did a clap they did a smells like teen spirirt and then a polly and the everyone got happy and sed "SLaay" and the spirit of the nirvana came out of the fiery pits of hell and the spirit of nirvana brought satan as a plus 1 and brought sum lean and everyon sipped sizzurp and kurt cobain did a music then i bought a shirt and everyone at the show sighned it even the audince members then i did some xnancax and had a good time and went to woodstock and nirvana followed me then they invited me to play at woodstack with them so i got on stage and played the accordian and did sum coke and then i went home but the spirit of nirvana followed me home with satan as a plus 1 and then i smoked crack and screamed then kurt cobain said "begone with you evil spirit in the name of the lord the son and the holy spirit jesus christ i banish the back to once you came" and the spirit of nirvana was like ok and then i did sum bathsalts and hit the bong and went to sleep the next day i woke up and huffed sum gas and went to visit kurt cobain we played mario kart 8 on the nintendo switch "purchase now at your local game stop or wallmart" and then i did a lil meth and gave kurt a handshake then i went to gamestop with kurt and i did sum molly and then i bough animal crossing and sum LSD and shrooms and DXM at the same time and then kurt was like "i gotta go i forgot we were on tour" and he said goodbye and flew to the next city THE END
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2023.06.09 09:19 ThrowRAthedude11 i (21m) pissed off my situationship (21f). is there any way to save it?

if she sees this, it'll be a very awkward situation, but here goes.
i met this girl, alexandra, in a college debate tournament at upenn in the middle of february. for reference, i go to harvard and she goes to princeton. she was very good at debate. i was not. thanks to an odd series of unexpected wins for me and my partner, we got matched up against each other.
we were trolling, and so my partner spouted some bullshit about how the judge should vote for us because we were immigrants, even if we debated worse (i'm indian; alexandra is italian-american, a la tony soprano). somehow, the judge bought it, and we won, even though we debated the actual topic worse. i emailed her afterwards to gloat, one thing led to another, and we ended up talking all night (we knocked her out of the tournament; we got knocked out ourselves two rounds later). she complained about the shitty judge and how much she hated people like us who "made a joke of debate". we sent 42 emails that night.
after the tournament ended, we kept talking on email (about debate). eventually, i asked her for her snap (she was also, may i add, gorgeous). we added each other. we continued our conversation from email, at first, but eventually the long paragraph-style responses turned into just normal talking and snapping. she wasn't a big part of my life at this point, though; just another girl who was cute and interesting to talk to. i learned some stuff about her -- she's crazy smart, but has pretty basic music taste, but she's solid at dancing; i also learned all about her family and that kinda shit. the normal 'getting to know you' phase.
i think the kicker came during spring break (march 9th, around half a month after the tournament). i went back home to india for the break. while i was jetlagged and up at 4am, i ended up talking to her every night. those conversations made me fall head-over-heels in love with her. i don't really know how it happened, it just kind of did; at some point, all the love songs suddenly became about her. i had dated girls before, but i don't think i've ever loved a girl until her.we talked about our futures, and what we wanted to do and be, and just 2am deep conversation type stuff; in other words, it was a much more intimate friendship than before. we had the red heart on snap and everything.
i will note, however, that, while talking to her was great, around this time it went from a 50-50 balance to me starting around 70-80% of conversations. that made me anxious; as i fell more in love, and the prospect of being with her became more tantalizing, i became more and more preoccupied with each conversation, playing it over and over again in my head. vacation also messed with my head; i had hours with nothing to do, and i filled them in no small measure with thoughts, dreams of her.
i also used to flirt with her a lot over break. she always took it in stride; sometimes she flirted back, sometimes not so much. she used to talk a good amount about her exes though, and also about how cute she thought she looked.
it's so hard to tell how much of this was reciprocated, because she was honestly a pretty closed person. she's not very communicative about her emotions, about what she really thinks; i often had to cut through a dense layer of sarcasm to get to her real meaning.
but, at some point, things came to a head. i asked her to call me once; she responded by saying, "coffee?". like an absolute moron, i replied "i'm not a coffee guy personally." i didn't even realize she was asking me out to coffee -- i thought
she was asking whether i liked coffee or not. she screenshotted that, which tipped me off; but by then, it was too late.
a couple days later, then, i asked her out on a date myself. she did not reply to me for a day and a half. then, she said, "sorry i was really busy with work!"
i reply, "lol np i thought i scared u off"
"LMFAO no. fw the blouse? "
what the fuck? (she never replied to the date thing by saying either yes or no).
after that, i lay low for a while. just casual flirting, nothing crazy. im still madly in love.
you know what, i'll skip all the details of the next two months.
basically, we grow closer as friends, but then some other guy asks her out on a date. she doesn't respond. he keeps texting her for a week; she declines in the end. but this dude triggers my own insecurity about her. my own clinginess comes back with a vengeance, and i basically start spamming her hoping she'd reply. eventually, things blow up on the day before her birthday; i keep chatting her, she doesn't reply. i became super frustrated and text her phone number (which she gave me).
she asks why i felt the need to text her even after she didn't reply. i'll admit i lied here -- i said i texted her for some work-related stuff, in order to save face. she called me on the bullshit. i doubled down and then asked her how she knew i was the one who texted her (i gave her my number at some point, but i didn't remember it then). in response, she said she "couldn't deal with this" and unadded me on snapchat. i then texted her saying, "I get if u don’t want to talk but i like being friends w u and i don’t want to lose that."
she blocks me. then, as a last resort, i send this email:
dear alexandra,
i promise that this is my last time ever talking to you. i just wanted to say the things that i always left unsaid.first of all, just about our last conversation: yes, i was lying. i know i shouldn't have. i texted you because you weren't replying. i didn't realize you had my number. im sorry.

im practically asking for you to be mad at me. i know that. if i could take it back, i would, but i cant. and now you're gone for good.

you're one of the most amazing people i've ever known in literally every way. the most, probably. i still can't name something you're bad at (besides singing, in your own words). i know i joked a lot, with the 😍 emoji, about how 'perfect' you were, but every time i sent something sarcastic, i was basically just hiding a sincere compliment behind a joke. i meant everything i said. you really are perfect. i literally woke up every day and felt lucky just to know you. i used to smile every time i got a notification from you, for god's sake. it's funny how you can become so attached to someone you only met three months ago. but i guess that when the someone is you, it's hard to not.

and now i threw it all away because of my stupidity and inability to shut up. in a way, i guess it was bound to happen. where would we have been three months from now? six? an year? we wouldn't have been friends forever. well, i guess i'll never know what good times we could have had, because i threw any chance of ever talking to you again out the window.

you know, if the roles were flipped, i don't think you'd care half as much as i do. but i guess that's because you're at least twice as good as i am in every way. so don't read this and laugh, because i know i don't mean as much to you as you do to me, and i probably sound a little scary rn.

if there is any, any!, chance that you don't totally hate me and would want to talk, i'll probably be spending all of tomorrow waiting for any notification from you. probably most of monday too.

but if not, i know that someday you'll become someone brilliant and famous and i'll see you on TV one day, and i just hope that you'll remember me down the line. not as the liar who you blocked, but as the harvard guy who you had some good times with while it lasted.happy birthday. i hope you have a perfect day.
i get unblocked, but no actual reply. this was 20 days ago. i was drunk and sent her a joke on tiktok two days ago -- no reply, again.
i love her an unhealthy amount. i can freely admit that to myself. but if there's any chance of salvaging this situation in a way where she's still talking to me -- friend, girlfriend, whatever! -- does someone know how?
also, i really wanted to read a paper she wrote -- if nothing else, can i still ask for that?
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2023.06.09 09:09 GroundbreakingAd6288 [F4M] Black Clover Roleplay!

Hi! I'm sorry if my post isn't as nice looking at the others, but I hope you like my idea! I enjoy world/story building and Black Clover! I'm looking for someone to be Yami to go along with an OC of mine. (I'm looking for a Nozel as well but that story is pure romance)
Our story will start after the elf arc. After that, we can make a completely new story. After Julius met with the Captains regarding repairs, Julius requested Yami to stay behind and come to his office. Julius explains to Yami that he has a daughter. One of the walls in his office opens to reveal a gorgeous Elven woman with gray skin. She was a dark elf and emitted no magical power, like Asta. Julius entrusts her to Yami and the Black Bulls as he can no longer keep her hidden since he has no Magic.
The jist of my idea is she's already kind of smitten with Yami as her 'father' has told her a lot about everybody. She has extremely powerful magic that is effective against devil's and she and Yami go on a quest to find out more about her heritage so she can control her magic. I'm happy to change anything and make more plot points. This is just the main idea I have for this particular OC.
I'm looking for a longterm roleplay partner who is literate, 3rd person, and detailed. I usually match my partners length. I'm fine with doubling so we can both get someone we want. I need my partner and all characters to be 18+ since this roleplay will get explicit at times, but thats not the focus. I prefer a mix of romance/slice of life/action to keep it interesting but this main focus is probably romance. I'm happy to discuss any and all other aspects with you! We can go along with the anime or make something completely new. The romance between them will be kind of a slowburn. I'd like for us to build a world we're both happy with. You need to have discord.
I have about 8 years of roleplay experience (back when IG and kik were really popular so starting in 2012) and am trying to return to it. I'm 23F and my timezone is +1 CST but I'm fine with any time difference. I'm a SAHM so I understand life gets busy and you can't respond all day. Just also let me know ahead of time if you'll be unavailable for an extended period of time. Feel free to dm me!
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2023.06.09 09:09 Then-Ad-3092 [TOMT] [MOVIE] [2010-2015(?)] (not 100% sure about the date) Movie about kids rescuing parents from the aliens that kidnapped them.

First time posting on here, if I got something wrong about how to post here, please correct me.
Looking for a movie that I barely remember watching as a kid. I remember that it had pretty mediocre 3D-animation, and I remember that the plot was about all the adults getting kidnapped by aliens leaving all the children on earth. I think it had the classic “yay all the adults are gone” followed by “oh shit all the adults are gone everything is now chaos”, which is when the kids decide to go and rescue the adults
Another weird thing I remember about the movie was that at some point the adults were brainwashed to dance the chicken dance, terrifying the kids. I’m not sure if it’s just some weird thing I made up because I remember that part clearly. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.09 09:01 qaqeqiqo R&D higher priority than fixing bugs? Lots of companies do this. Although the end result appears small, it's lots of time & money of Research & Development. Adding emojis to Newsfeed & changing crown items to "99" thus 299 not 300 crowns. Please us players need bugs fixed instead

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2023.06.09 09:00 AutoModerator Free Talk Friday! (2023.09.06)

Welcome to tarantulas Free Talk Fridays! We invite you to comment on this post with pictures, videos, and stories about you, your life, or your interests, other than tarantulas!
Caught your dog doing something cute? Post it! New pictures from the Zoo? We want the highlights! Teeny baby scorpion was trying to convince you it’s tough and scary? Pics or it didn’t happen! New TV show you're in love with? What is it?! Concert recital has you stressed? Tell us about it!
See a comment from someone else that reminded you of something? Post the story! Discussions are very welcome!
Please adhere to the community rules in the sidebar and avoid sharing anything involving animal cruelty. This discussion post remains a NO NOPE ZONE!

Enjoy & Happy Friday!
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2023.06.09 08:58 differencebet CamVid Review ⚠️ Full Upsell Details + Bonuses + Login Upsells Coupon

CamVid Review ⚠️ Full Upsell Details + Bonuses + Login Upsells Coupon
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2023.06.09 08:57 Madagascar003 Analysis and interpretation of additional pages

Personally I don't think Mikasa married Jean or someone else after Eren's death. For those who say or think that she married Jean, let me clarify this: throughout the series it is true that Jean has always had a crush on her and this since their first meeting, to the point of fantasizing about a life with her in a rich and lively neighborhood. Mikasa on the other hand has never given Jean a single romantic look because the only man in her mind is Eren. This attention she paid to Eren is one of the reasons for Jean's animosity and jealousy towards the latter. Throughout the series, Mikasa has always displayed a calm, stoic and somewhat introverted personality and she has never been interested in any man in the series. The only man in front of whom she displayed a different personality is and always has been Eren. As for Jean, Connie, Armin, she sees them as her friends, her comrades, her companions. I have marked in the photos below with blue arrows the clues on which I rely to demonstrate that Mikasa did not marry after Eren's death. I will go deeper with detailed explanations:
1) The red scarf : Throughout the series, we saw Mikasa wear and keep the scarf that Eren gave her after saving her from the traffickers who had killed her parents, specifically after she let him know she was cold. As you know, this scarf originally belonged to Eren. After saving her, Eren welcomed her into her family. It was this selfless action that laid the foundation for Mikasa's deep love for him, so much so that at the time of his death, when Eren, in the chapter "A long dream", asked her to forget about him and get rid of the scarf, she categorically refused. In the official book, Marina Inoue (Armin's VA) stated that the scarf is Eren and Mikasa's "Engagement Ring". Isayama declared that this scarf is the red thread of fate. The red thread of fate means that 2 people are made for each other, and Mikasa continued to wear this scarf when she died. As you surely know, the red thread of fate binds the souls of two people who love each other deeply and passionately. No matter how stretched, tangled or frayed, it can never be broken.This scarf, I marked it on the 2 pages.
2) Roses: In most cultures there is what is called the symbolism of flowers. As you know, during the years after Eren's death, Mikasa never stopped thinking about him and constantly visited him at his grave so that he wouldn't feel lonely. She always placed roses on his grave to let him know that her feelings for him and her desire to be with him did not change, as the end of the manga and the extra pages show. Although the official manga is not in color, there is no doubt in my mind that these roses are red roses. If you wonder why the red color, then read carefully the explanations below 👇👇👇👇.
The color red is a symbol of love, beauty and passion par excellence in the language of flowers as in the common language. Red roses will be perfect for a declaration of love. They will send a message of true love to the loved one. Of all roses, the red rose is considered the queen of flowers. I'm going to dwell on the number of roses Mikasa left on Eren's grave and their meanings.
✔️At the end of the manga and on the 1st additional page, Mikasa put 4 roses on Eren's grave. 4 roses: this is a message of confidence in the future since four roses mean that nothing will come between you and your lover. It shows your commitment and the strength of your feelings towards the person you love.
✔️In her old age, more precisely when her life is coming to an end, Mikasa is seen on the following additional page laying a rose on Eren's grave. 1 rose: giving a single rose is telling the other person that you have fallen in love with them at first sight. One rose is a strong symbol of the uniqueness of the person you love.
Mikasa's message to Eren is clear: "She fell in love with him at first sight, when he rescued her from human traffickers and welcomed her into his family without knowing anything about her, and that love has remained intact and is still strong, even after his death. She can never love another man the way she loves Eren, Eren is unique in her eyes."
Given these elements of analysis, I don't understand how there can be people who still believe that she married Jean. As for the significance of the number of roses, I have done some research on this and it is very reliable. But even so, I know that those who support the JeanKasa ship will find ways to contradict me.
3) The inscription engraved on the tombstone: Mikasa did not put Eren's name on the tombstone. Instead, she said on the stone what Eren was to her all this time. Here is the inscription according to some fans of the couple who did research: ''Here forever, rest in peace my beloved, my dear''. Mikasa finally gave here the answer to Eren's question in chapter 123: "What am I to you?". Eren was her beloved, her dear. However, I heard that it's a mistranslation. The actual message is even sadder and deeper. "Here lies my dearly beloved, the love of my life, forever drifting off to sleep." Also, the characters she uses to refer to Eren as typically used to address one's spouse, so she's talking about Eren as a wife would speak about her husband. According to this logic, this means that the kiss, in addition to expressing her love for Eren and sealing her promise to see him again in another life, was also Mikasa's way of sealing their union. In conclusion, Mikasa became a widow on her wedding day.
4) The deathbed dotted with lilies: Once again, I will mention the symbolism of flowers. The lily in common traditions symbolizes purity and virginity. The fact that Mikasa's deathbed was dotted with these flowers means that she remained a virgin until her death. So she didn't have a child. The man who appears with her on the 1st page cannot be her husband, nor is the child hers.
5)The Azumabito emblem on her right wrist: According to the tradition of the Azumabito that his mother instilled in her when she engraved the seal, Mikasa had to pass on the same seal in turn to her children(precisely on their right wrist) and erase hers to make it clear that she had transmitted it. But on the 2nd page, we still see her with this bandage during her old age, which means that she has not passed it on to any child. In other words, Mikasa did not have a child, nor did she adopt one. If she had adopted a child, she would have passed on her seal to him, even if the child is not of her blood. For those who want to contradict me, I will get ahead of them by raising a fact: the scenes where Mikasa's mother appeared in the series, whether it was the anime, the manga or the OVA, she no longer had the seal of the Azumabito on her right wrist. It means that she had passed it on to her daughter.
There are clues outside the pages that support my thinking:
A) Mikasa's refusal to forget Eren after his death: As you know, Mikasa's dream in chapter 138 represents the alternate reality that shows how things would have gone between her and Eren if she had confessed her love to him. In this reality shows that Eren gave Mikasa back the feelings she has for him and gave up everything to run away with her in order to make her happy for the remaining 4 years of his life. In this reality, Eren asked Mikasa to forget him completely when he died. In the 2 realities, Mikasa refused to conform to Eren's last wish and wrapped her scarf around her neck. Through this action, she let Eren know that she would eternally cherish all the memories she has of him, especially this red scarf he gave her to protect her from the cold and which is the symbol of their love.
B) The fact that she said "See you later Eren" instead of "Goodbye Eren'' and the kiss she gave him after beheading him: Usually when a person we care about dies, we tend to say "Goodbye". The fact that Mikasa said "See you later Eren" shows that she doesn't see her encounter with Eren in the titan's mouth as the last. She remains hopeful of seeing him again in another life. The kiss she gave him was not only a kiss of love, but also a kiss to seal her promise to find him in another life so that she would never be separated from him again.
Anyway, Isayama did not make an official statement regarding Mikasa's life after Eren's death. Everything written above is just my own interpretation. The only thing we know, from the end of the manga and the extra pages, is that she left the army to live a normal life. What is certain for me is that Mikasa by her fertile beauty and beautiful exotic traits aroused the desires of many men after Eren's death, but none of them managed to ignite her passion and heart as Eren did.
✔️Throughout the series, Mikasa has always wanted to be alongside Eren and she even clearly let Armin know. That's why she joined the army, it's also why she joined the survey corps. If Eren had chosen the military police, she would have joined the military police as well. If Eren had chosen the garrison, she would have joined the garrison as well. Even though Isayama did not show Mikasa's grave on the additional pages, I can safely say that she buried alongside Eren at the time of her death.
✔️Mikasa's character theme song, ''No Matter Where You Are'', is sung from Mikasa to Eren. In the song, she begs Eren to not go, not to leave her alone in the cold, and that he is her home to return to, no matter where he is. It is sung by Yui Ishikawa, Mikasa's voice actress.
✔️Isayama mentioned in the Final Attack on Titan Guidebook that Mikasa was going to originally kiss Eren back in Chapter 50 but he felt too shy drawing the scene.
✔️On page 45 of the official final guidebook, there are sketches representing the original appearance Isayama wanted Mikasa and Armin to have at the end of the manga. If we look closely, we notice that Armin here has the same hairstyle as the person next to Mikasa in front of Eren's grave on the additional pages. This is enough to convince me that it is Armin who stands next to Mikasa on the 2 additional pages of my publication. In fact, the tree at the foot of which Eren was buried is the same one the three of them used to play at as children. These sketches were drawn by Isayama himself and are the 3rd image above.
✔️Isayama has stated that separating Eren and Mikasa permanently won't be satisfying for him.
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2023.06.09 08:51 Aaron_TheOtaku_07 Well, I'll be a fallen angel with redemption!! Season 3 of 'The Devil is a Part-Timer' will premiere this July of 2023!!!

Well, I'll be a fallen angel with redemption!! Season 3 of 'The Devil is a Part-Timer' will premiere this July of 2023!!!
The Question is:
Would we see Maou x Chiho have their happy ending together based on the canon story???
If that's the case,
Then I truly hope and pray to God that those fans, fanboys, and shippers of this Anime Adaption and the fans of Emi WON'T send death threats to the author, directors, and the Seiyuus all because...
THEY didn't get what they want: Maou x Emi to be an official couple.
In life, you DON'T get what you want or expected sometimes or even mostly,
But you truly DON'T have the right and privilege to threaten someone's life in the real world and put hell on him or her over a FICTIONAL story, character, and canon otp!!!
So grow up for everyone's sake!
I wonder what would have happened, if Hiro did end up with Ichigo, and Zero Two died as a true heroine with redemption in the end of 'Darling in the Franxx'?
WHAT... IF???
I had realized that incident after Episode 14 didn't really happen,
But I fear that it might still happen, if the HUGE fandom didn't get what they wanted: Zero Two and Hiro forever and always.
And the Moon is filled with Cheese, and the Streets are paved with Gold.
Let's all hope that another 'goddamn death threat on the creators of an anime series over a fictional character and best waifu or ship'
WILL NOT repeat itself this year.
That's one of my personal issues with the huge Anime Community, in all truth and honesty.
I didn't like the ending of DITF. In fact, it did make me go nuclear but not literally, of course.
Hell, I was even so angry at Zero Two for what unforgivable things she had done, regardless of that ending in space and her 'lovey-dovey romance with Hiro... who gives a crap' stuff and trending,
And I actually had made memes and posts about it.
I DID NOT nor WOULD I EVER threaten or abuse the lives of the creators and Seiyuus, who are REAL people, of that Anime Series in real life through the internet and their respective, social media accounts.
Not even towards the fans, regardless of what misinterpretations they observed from my posts in the past.
But I admit that my hate posts did stress me out severely and that the fans find it to be disturbing alright. But I didn't go after nor threaten them in real life through messages, regardless.
In all truth. I guarantee you all 100%.
When the hell is THIS just going to end???
Whether it's in Japan or in America or even in the Philippines???
Anyway, looking forward for this new Anime Series for 2023.
I apologize for the ranting,
But I am just sick and tired of learning of these news about
Real life people getting their lives threatened by death from moronic fans through the internet and social media sites over a fictional story and romantic couple??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By the way,
Whether it's Maou x Emi
Maou x Chiho
Ending up together in the end,
Both are just respectively okay with me.
No complaints or arguments whatsoever.
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2023.06.09 08:49 JalmarY Goodies thread 469 -- put cute/badass/fun stuff, favourite old stuff and other goodies here

I wish you all a unified BABYMETAL weekend!
It is BABYMETAL goodies time again! ...and BLACK BABYMETAL Friday!
Goodies not covered by the specialized goodies threads listed below are especially welcome here, like for example goodies with BABYMETAL as a whole, Black Babymetal (MoiMoi) goodies, people backing BM (in addition to Kamis) not getting enough credit, The One, BM interacting with outsiders like musicians/media/etc, and more... but any BM-related goodies you want to share with the community this weekend are welcome, without necessarily having to wait for the appropriate specialized goodies thread.
As usual: Here are the previous goodies thread and the latest Su Sunday, Moa Monday, Yui Tuesday, Momo Thursday, Kami Wednesday (not this week) and Reactions Friday (*) specialized goodies threads, in case you have not already read them or want to check them for late additions.
Share and Enjoy!
Sincerely, JalmarY
Standard Introduction:
Welcome to yet another goodies thread! I hope it will fulfil our needs for Babymetal kawaii, kick-ass, awesomeness, fun and tidbits from their past like all the earlier ones going back all the way to 17 Jul 2014 !
I encourage you all to put almost all of the kawaii-bombs (super-cute stuff), fun stuff, super-cool stuff, awesome moments, favourite pics+gifs+clips++, curiosities, fanart, brief stories of favourite fan moments, covers, reactions, mashups and similar non-news goodies in comments here or in one of the specialized weekly goodies threads so we do not clutter up the main submissions list.
But, if you find anything especially newsworthy or likely to draw many comments, you might give it its own thread, especially if it is unlikely that anyone here has seen it before. But -- please note: Something being super-kawaii/sugoi/kakkoi (super-cute/amazing/cool) is not a good enough reason by itself for a separate link thread, that is just the norm when dealing with BABYMETAL -- and please never post old stuff as separate threads/posts -- gathering links to non-new stuff is one of the main reasons for this threads existence. Also kindly post most new goodies here too, especially when it is "typical goodies thread material".
background info
2023 goodies threads:
468 467 466 465 464 463 462 461 460 459 458 457 456 455 454 453 452 451 450 449 448 447
2022 goodies threads: 446 445 444 yon-yon-yon! 443 442 441 440 439 438 437 436 435 434 433 432 431 430 429 428 427 426 425 424 423 422 421 420 419 418 417 416 415 414 413 412 411 410 409 408 407 406 405 404 403 402 401 400 399 398 397 396 395
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First 5 Years (mid2014..mid2019) indexed in the anniversary thread
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