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2023.06.08 07:08 TruFals Does this only happen to me? (Warlock nades)

It's something I never noticed before, but since Lightfall, my Warlock seems to be permanently equipped with Fastball. That is to say, its behavior is like fastball. I have no mods equipped and my build doesn't say anything about grenade speed or distance. But no matter what subclass I play, my Warlock is constantly throwing further than I had intended. This is after switching from either my Hunter or my Titan on whom each has a normal grenade throw no matter which grenade I use. Yes. Different grenades have different toss behaviors. But still a Tripmine grenade will throw to the same distance for either my Hunter or my Titan, but it travels further for my Warlock and I can't get used to it. Every time I use my Warlock in any activity, the only sure way to hit enemies is to get in close and throw it at my feet. And even then it seems to go a little further out than I was aiming. This isn't a matter of controller sensitivity since it only effects my Warlock. So I truly have no idea what is going on. As I mentioned, I don't remember this ever happening before the new expansion.
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2023.06.08 07:07 DetectiveProfessor No offense but I quit speaking Turkish, as a "Turk"

This is a post where I don't want you to keep reading if you're not interested and the topic is: I QUIT SPEAKING TURKISH AND WON'T USE IT UNLESS I'VE TO. I want no remains of this culture in my mindset, body, soul or whatever you say. I may use Turkish for only learning some new English words but never for posting or something else. Even if a Turk talks to me in a trip or a vacation abroad I'll keep it in English or any other language I could be speaking, my hands like a monkey! If I've to in order to not to speak Turkish. I hate this society, their culture and language. I Identify as a non-Turk, come on guys we're in 2023! Why would not you use all these I identify as ... thing for your nationalities? The most immoral people with a mask of "morality" are Turks
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2023.06.08 07:06 Conscious--666 Neighbor dogs and fence fighting

so my husband and I just bought a $500,000 house in October, right before I got pregnant. we own a German Shepard and a Pitbull, so we spent a lot of time searching for the perfect house with 5 bedrooms and a large yard for them to play in. my dogs do NOT like other dogs because the neighbor dogs at my last house bit them. it was BAD, blood everywhere, we had to take them to the emergency vet to get stitches. so both of my dogs make screaming-whining noises and start running around, completely freaking out, whenever they see another dog (doesn't matter what kind of dog it is)... when we moved in to our home, we didn't have any neighbor dogs. everything was so perfect! then around January/February, I noticed that the neighbors got a weener dog. the wooden fencing in our yard is old/falling apart and there's a few gaps. the neighbors let their weener dog out wherever it wants. they do not watch him or anything. its surprisingly aggressive, it comes up to the fence, barking at my dogs and sticking it's nose thru the fence, trying to fight them. so of course, my dogs start freaking out, and I struggle to chase them around my yard and get them back into the house, since I'm really big and 7 months pregnant. So I started taking my dogs outside one at a time, and only to poop and pee, then i take them right back inside. but it's still a struggle, multiple times a day. so I wrote the neighbors a note, letting them know about their dog's behavior. the neighbor rang my doorbell and tried arguing with me but ultimately he decided to install a few extra planks on half of the shared fence. the problem has continued, the dog still tries to stick it's face through the parts of the fence that are still falling apart. so I spent a little over $500 on a welded wire fence and set it up about a foot away from the wooden fence. that way, the dogs have a solid distance, and can't reach each other at all, despite the other dog still putting it's face in the fence. my dogs are still stressed out whenever they go outside because the weener dog barks loudly at them and runs back and forth along the broken fence, trying to get to them and they're still able to see each other. my neighbor NEVER calls his dog back inside. Ever since I wrote the note, he just stands in his doorway, staring, while my fat, pregnant ass is running around my yard, yelling at my dogs, struggling to get my dogs back inside the house. so I lost it. I cussed out my neighbor and told him to get his fucking dog. his response was "I've lived here 20 years and never had a problem with anyone" and I said "good for you, sounds like your mortgage isn't $4000 and you also didn't pay over $500 on a second fence to prevent dog fights. you just stand there like a dumbass while your dog is causing problems and trying to get himself hurt. everything was fine until you got that stupid dog." and then my husband came out and made me go back inside because he could tell I was REALLY MAD. I'm so sick of dealing with this multiple times a day while my neighbor just sits there like an idiot with his head up his ass. He stopped letting the dog outside for a month after that incident, but today I went outside and there it was, running along the fence, loudly barking at my dogs, trying to get it's face through the fence. I called animal law enforcement and reported it so he'll at least get a warning, but I have to get pictures of it's nose/paw through the fence in order to press charges and get them fined. . . I'm also spending over $1000 on professional dog training for my dogs, hoping that they will listen to me when I need them to come back inside the house, instead of crying and freaking out. my husband likes to avoid conflict and he tells me that I'm overreacting. . . . but am I ????? from my point of view, we just worked our asses off to put $20,000 down, and pay $4000 a month, to live in a house where we can't even use the yard. That was one of the biggest reasons we picked the house in the first place! then we had to pay $500 for a secondary fence, and another $1100 for dog training, all because my neighbor decided to get a dog that starts problems. I think the neighbor needs to fix the whole wooden fence so that the dogs cannot see each other, and he needs to correct his dog whenever it starts barking/trying to pick fights with other dogs. I also think he's a selfish entitled prick that doesn't care that he started a huge problem. . . but I want to hear outside opinions. what would you do in my situation????
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2023.06.08 07:06 almostbig June 8th. Minha primavera

"You showed me colours I can't see with anyone else"
B, today is your birthday. I won't text you, as your feelings about me couldn't be more negative. I respect that, albeit I wished for a different ending. Even if you say you've forgiven me, we both know that's not true. Guess I got what I deserved.
I am sorry. I wish I could have controlled it sooner. It was stronger than me. I miss you dearly. And everything about you. You told me to move on...
I have beaten obesity. To the point of becoming a bodybuilder. I've defeated my own fears, turned confident. I defeated what no one believed I could. The worst addiction there is. I won that battle. I've survived the whole ordeal whilst having not a single friend, and not having you. The loneliness was as painful as the withdrawals themselves. I survived that overdose. Survived poverty and violence, managed to enter med school agaisnt all odds.
How the fuck do I move on, though? All this bullshit about career, and being a well known doctor, all this SHIT, this TRASH, everyone, even you, tells me to focus on... I'm doing all that I need for my future. I know it will be bright, as long as I don't relapse and die or go insane. And I won't.
But I don't care at all. I don't want none of that crap for myself. I wish people would stop saying that to me. The most important thing has always been building my own family, and being a good husband and father. Without that, nothing matters. With you, I finally, for the first time, made plans and had actual dreams about it.
Our daughters, our marriage, our home, our battles along the way. That was everything for me. How do I move on? Can't help but feel like I fought so much just to end up with a life that has no meaning and is worthless.
All I wish is that I could have the chance to show you how much I changed. Wish I could be having fun by your side, feeling proud and happy about your day. I wish I could, once again, wear that ring. Listen to Taylor whilst cuddling with you. Hear your laughter, see your sweet smile, and make fun of your cute little noises. I'm taking care of everything other than that, don't get me wrong.
I'm sorry, I was sick and ruined myself right when I had everything I ever dreamed about. I made you suffer, I wasn't there for you, I slowly died right in front of you... Can't imagine how it felt for you. "there's nothing more painful than watching someone you love be consumed by mental illness, while knowing you can't do anything about it" I used to say. Little did we know that I'd be that person.
All this rambling... My lonesome thoughts. I hope you are feeling as happy as I feel regretful. I hope your friends are there. And, if or when someone else has the opportunity to be loved by you, I hope he's not like me. Someone that'll not throw away all your dedication, your time, your happiness.
I hate myself for ruining your last birthday due to some stupid keys and lock. Hope no one does something like that to you ever again.
Happy birthday, darling. The only thing keeping me from complete bitterness about life, is knowing that you are having the time of your life right now.
From that october, until my dying day, I'll love you. All the best, M.
I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star, In somebody else's sky, but why? Why? Why? Can't it be mine?
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2023.06.08 07:04 csin This has been on my mind for a while...

I've been subbed to nba and wnba for years now. The two communities are vastly different as one would expect with a 7 million sub vs a 17k sub.
I enjoy the comedy-tryouts-vibe of nba. I also enjoy the tight-knit-coziness of wnba. Where people aren't racing to post highlights and have to worry about timezones, if one even wants a chance of sniffing the frontpage...
But the one thing I've noticed with this sub over the years... this community is really trigger happy with the downvotes. Don't get me wrong, nba has downvotes too. But that's more... if you're trashing talking the Celtics in a Celtics biased thread. Don't be surprised by the downvotes. Read the room.
With this sub, it feels like everywhere is a minefield. You have to tiptoe carefully when talking about any subject. God forbid, someone doesn't agree with you or gets offended.
For example:
Why does this have -13 downvotes? The person is just asking a harmless question. Is it ignorant, sure. But, it spurred conversation. The replies were informative. I learned something.
Like I get it, this sub gets an abnormal amount of trolls/misogynist every season. But, we shouldn't be punishing people for spurring conversation. That is a great way to discourage newcomers from interacting with the community. Stifles sub growth. I don't want this sub to be a ghosttown where everyone is afraid to say the wrong thing and the only posts you see is the most basic of clique pleasantries.
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2023.06.08 07:02 welcome2mylife1 DTGF!!!

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2023.06.08 07:00 throwawayayay123123 Other people are noticing how stressed I am. What's helped you, specifically?

Not sure where else to post this. It is work and life related. Any advice or commiseration is welcome. What has helped you? Especially in a similar situation? Not just something you read, but something you did.
Not a sob story, just some context to follow... how would you feel, and what would you do, if you were me based on the following:
What the hell do I do? It feels like a mess, and there is so much more. This is just the sparknotes.
We want to start going to the gym and just getting out there and moving. I walk for at least half of my hour lunch break just to get my body moving and get some sun. I try to be open, but it doesn't come naturally. I guess I just... try harder?
Everything feels extremely nebulous, gray, and confusing. My memory sucks right now. Learning new things sucks right now. I am very, very grateful that I finally get to live with the person I love, but my stress levels are at an all time high, and it sucks that it hurts him to see me hurting.
Literally what do I do. I feel like I need step-by-step instructions that I can read and reread infinitely until I fully understand them. Therapy?
Sorry for the rambling post, but I am at my wit's end here. If you read this far, thank you. I am struggling here and would really appreciate some friendly words.
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2023.06.08 06:59 ObviousLock971 Words.

Decades. That’s how long I lived a lie. My whole life has been pain, secrets, sadness, confusion. Never fitting in. Always being judged. Always trying to be a “good person”, never understanding what I’m doing wrong, trying to emulate “normal” people to get by in the world. I think that I have a right to complain. I’m tired of being tired, tired of being sad, scared, worried, anxious, awkward, weird, confused.
The bright spots in my life were times spent with my dad as a kid. Dad, you were my light. And I let you down, and I lost my faith in you, and I believed lies. I am so sorry for hurting and disappointing you. You always had the answers, you were always calm in a child’s life that was often stressful. When I’m sad, I want to run into your arms and be held like that lost little girl that I guess I still am.
There are still whispers and strange looks, pity, curiosity. People think my life is much different than it really is. That I am different.
I inherited your shyness, your brain, your sensitivity. I love you dad. Thank you for saving me. I hope you can forgive me for not having been a better daughter. Though I’ve tried to make up for it.
You left those you loved because I was struggling, and that is what I’ll remember about you.
You taught me many valuable lessons. Always and forever a top professor. You made me look like a star, but the star was you. (With some help).
I don’t know which way is up or down these days, left or right. I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing. Just trying to hold it together for my children, inside of a house and world that I no longer recognize. Even I am foreign to myself.
But again I picked up that bat, and I chased back after my bullies, just as I did so many years ago, just how you taught me. My knees trembled and my hands shook and I cried and rocked myself to sleep, but I did it.
It really is your art. You are a genius, a true gentleman and a talent that is impossible not to detect. I ache for you alone. Please don’t leave me yet. I’m so lonely and so lost. I don’t understand myself or the world. No one understands me. But you do and you always did. You saved my life. You are my northern star. Thank you. (And) all of you beautiful souls who saw a wretch like me and waited as patient turtles do, to flip them right side up again.
And what King doesn’t know The Art of War?
I’m always her for you.
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2023.06.08 06:58 Fonkfinger Ok hulu... 3am can just hurry tf up already.

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2023.06.08 06:57 Savethelight2 51F [Chat] Might not actually get anyone that would read my whole post. Might be wrong.

Hi. I was born and raised in New Jersey. I have a degree in education. I was a high school mathematics teacher and also a part time college professor. Since then I have moved to Florida and became a home owner that transition into aviation as a career. Currently working from home as an air traffic controller. This shift started when I had free time to study during the pandemic.
I like going to the beach. But unfortunately as a teacher you often stumble upon students and it is very weird and inappropriate to be seen in non professional clothing. I’ve been trying to stop drinking beer. I have a problem with drinking it as a beverage all the time. But now I limit myself to 1-2 cans a day. Now it’s just a nice refresher for when I’m at the beach. Also make sure you clean after yourself and keep the beach clean.
Im married. I don’t have any kids. I can’t actually have kids due to some issues on my end. We are trying though through other methods. Been married for 9 years. I nerd and geek out over mathematics and anything with numbers. Not so much a literature person but considering im trying to make friends, hopefully if I get messages they will be addressing everything that I shared in this post. Let’s have an actual conversation.
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2023.06.08 06:56 _Halfway_home Is it ok to stall OTB games?

Players like to keep playing on even if it’s obvious latter mate, mate in 1 on next move. +15 points of material vs nothing, etc. So I like to wait a little while 10-20, 2-5 minutes before playing my next moves and eventually they resign or maybe not. I try to talk to them after the game to reprimand for being ruining the game and not taking the loss when I clearly outplayed them. I thought this would stop if I played OTB but clearly not. Even my friends in the club are starting to like this idea against stubborn opponents.
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2023.06.08 06:55 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Complete Edition)

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The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
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To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
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2023.06.08 06:53 SweetAltruistic2301 Buckle Up! This one's a wild ride

I (37/f) have been with my husband (41/m) since I was 24. I've always known something was off, but I didn't recognize it because I basically married an exact replica of my narcissistic father. My mom is codependent and through a ton of work I've put into myself over the past few years, I've learned that I too am codependent.
I have never ever felt like my husband and I have been on "level playing field" so to speak. Whatever he says goes, ALWAYS. It's been that way since day one. I'm not allowed to disagree with him, I'm not allowed to have any emotion except happy and "on" with him. He had a petty messed up childhood and I've always attributed his behavior to that. It's what i was used to my whole life, so I never objected, but mostly because I NEED things to be OK with him all the time, every time, otherwise I feel an extreme amount of anxiety. And I mean, EXTREME. About 2 years into our relationship, I did something that upset him and I couldn't deal with the fact that I messes things up and couldn't fix them. He came home that day to find me unresponsive. He called an ambulance and performed cpr. He still credits himself for saving my life, which maybe he did, but he holds it over my head all the time.
We've had a lot of things happen in our relationship that I've just had to shove down and act like they're normal to avoid the verbal abuse and backlash from me. After our 2 kids were born (now 6 and 3), I was recovering from c sections and also taking care of the new baby AND him because he still expected me to be at his beck and call. You guys! I knew something was off, but I did what he wanted because I didn't want to deal with his anger if I didn't. I did not know how to tell this man no. There was constant verbal abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse and even a few instances of sexual abuse.
In December 2020 things had gotten so bad and I decided it was time to go. My youngest was not even one yet and still nursing. I packed the kids up and he tried to stop me. He called the police and claimed that I still had the same issues from years before when he had to save my life. Long story short, I left for about a week, but came back with my tail between my legs. Nothing changed. This is when I started therapy. I begged him and would continue to beg him for years to do couples therapy or start his own therapy journey, but he we ALWAYS against it.
Fast forward to last summer. He decides he wants a Ferrari and that the best way for him to get it would be to create a page on onlyfans. I did it. I was fairly successful but I worked my ass off, on top of being a mom to 2 toddlers, taking care of him AND working 4 jobs. I did not sleep much. I was constantly working. It never stopped. He was my biggest cheerleader because the money was good.
I interacted with my fans daily. It was very transactional with every single one of them, except one. He was sweet, funny and NORMAL. I am not proud of the feelings I started developing for this man, but I was smitten. He made me feel like a real goddamn woman and not the hired help that was there to serve and please. We had deep, meaningful conversations, which sounds ironic considering where we met. I know none of this is right or moral but I'm just laying out all the facts, people!
We'll do another quick fast forward to this spring. Between my weekly therapy sessions and my emotional affair, I am now completely checked out of my marriage but going through the same motions as to not stir up the anger. He notices something different about me and starts going through my phone while I'm asleep and checking all my phone records. He discovered I had phone consultations with multiple divorce attorneys and shit hits the fan.
I end up once again moving out, in with my sweet mom and get the courage to tell him I do not feel emotionally safe with him. That I can't be the actual person I am around him because I have to fit his perfect mold that he's build around me. He suddenly starts doing therapy. Reading (according to him 94 in today so far) books about marriage, relationships, communication, etc. He literally becomes the husband that I would've dreamed of having this whole time.
I work up the courage to tell him that I appreciate this efforts, but he's just trying to hold on to something that I've already let go of and that I would be lovingly divorcing him. That was the best nights sleep I've ever had. It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Then the next day he showed up and told me that God talked to him and told him that we need to work things out because we're supposed to have another baby (something I've been asking for for year) and we need to do this and that and blah blah blah to make things better than ever because apparently God talked to him for 2 hours and told him all the things i wanted to hear. I was extremely frustrated because I FINALLY told him I wanted the divorce and was firm and here we were. I told him I'd agree to ONE therapy session with him.
After I said that, it's like the divorce words never came out of my mouth. He acts like everything is fine and dandy and my codependent self is oddly going along with it because in my mind, there's no yelling, no drama, so this is fine. But it's not fine. I'm not fine. I want it to be over. Do I tell him about the emotional affair? I'm so terrified about lighting that fuse, and I know he'll paint me in the worst light... or do I keep that to myself? I don't want to damage my kids in anyway at all, which is another part of the equation that he highly tries to manipulate.
If you have any advice, I would appreciate the heck out of you ❤️
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2023.06.08 06:50 Vivid_Black_2737 How do the various forms of government actually RUN? Among other related questions

>>Like, what is the chain of command? For any of them. How are decisions made? Who controls the troops? Who decides on laws? One guy? A council? Does that one guy have advisers/the council the assist in them making decisions? Are they all just a bunch of networks for various tasks (the palace guard, the treasury, the dignitaries hanging out in foreign countries)?
>>If the merchants are on top, do they run the country through network of spies? Is it one wealthy merchant on top or is literally being a merchant the highest point one can get in society?
If a King/EmperoAdjacent Position is on top, do they have servants all over the place? Titled individuals for menial things as 'Horse Grooming'? Do they make shaky allies through marriage or trade or do they just elect some high general to watch over a chunk of land and hope they don't turn on them?

>>What is necessary for a Kingdom/Empire/Adjacent Item to function? Food? Trade routes? Loyalty? Fear?
What is responsible for making an country 'stable' vs one that would collapse/divide into tribes or city-states? Or what are the many things?

>>(Additional Question: How do I determine if any leader-position historical characters are 'in-character' (i.e. doing what is expected of them in X government role, and not, say, characters crafted by someone with no fvcking knowledge on how governments/power systems work? lol) for their position)
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2023.06.08 06:50 HeyImANoob9163 what is the best support to duo with a rein?

so my friend literally only plays reinhardt and im a support main, im silver 3 and hes plat 5. i ask him to switch but he just wont so im gonna try to play other supports so i can actually help him. ik how to play zen, kiri, mercy, and a little lucio. it would be great to have some people gove me advice on this
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2023.06.08 06:48 curiousgeorge123999 Atlanta Fringe Festival

If you're in Atlanta, this weekend is the Atlanta Fringe Festival. Several very talented improv and other groups performing, definitely check it out. And please come see Wow Wee! Adventures of a Little Girl Killbot Christmas Special! It's a live, improvised, post-apocalyptic 80s sitcom Christmas Special! (Presented by IRTE from New York, NY). We have 3 performances at 7 Stages Backstage - Thurs June 8th @ 9:30pm, Sat June 10th @ 5:00pm, and Sun June 11th @ 2:00pm. It would be awesome to see you in the audience!!! ♥
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2023.06.08 06:46 snowqueeninTX Real Receipts...They can't be "DELETED" like you claim Rodeo

Real Receipts...They can't be
OOhhh look...more receipts that prove you a lying MF. Anything on 5/20 was for me and Sara specifically said that she sent that money to me to use for what I needed (the shower was nice). You didn't freaking pay for that Pebbles. That whole stop at Love's while you talked shit in the passenger seat of my car, you didn't cover. Not one bit. So had you done all that, I would have had a little money to get home but I made sure to spend every dime that was sent on you to prevent exactly what you are doing now. Receipts don't matter. Ya'll make shit up for clicks and views. Everyone sees it.
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2023.06.08 06:46 Ordinary_Diamond_158 Report didn’t include this?!

I came in for my overnight shift at the LTC I work at and got report from off going and they left. I do my first round about 5 min later and stop at the room one of our more “fragile” residents is supposed to be in. All his stuff is there and no him and he absolutely can not be unattended. Im searching the whole building while radioing for the RN on duty to notify her of the absence. And she comes finds me and tells me he passed about 2 hours ago and they have already taken him off premises.
Im angry, I literally asked if anything big happened today and she forgot to mention someone literally died out of my 20+ assigned residents. But he is still listed everywhere and his room looks like he just went to the dining room?! How do you forget to mention that?!
I’m also pretty bummed I was pretty close to him and now he is gone and it’s a little crushing to know. And angry and sad don’t mix well.
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2023.06.08 06:46 mrarbitersir A letter to the members from St Kilda President Andrew Basset

I hope this note finds you well.
As we reach the second half of our milestone 150th year, I wanted to take this opportunity to provide our loyal members with an update on how we see ourselves tracking against our own expectations and goals for our future.
We are only at the beginning of implementing a long-term vision for our football program, but so far, we are pleased with what is transpiring on and off the field. Over the past eight months, there has been a cultural shift in the way we operate to ensure we are exhausting every avenue to improve as a football club and ultimately, achieve sustained success.
We want to build towards competing for flags before too long but, to do this, requires us to be clear about our processes and expectations.
In setting the tone for his first season, Ross Lyon emphasised that this is a year of exploration for our club. We’ve talked about accepting results as feedback and are looking beyond our win-loss tally, as we embrace new markers to judge our performance.
This is a year where we intend to find out about the capabilities of our list whilst trying to build our football brand and identity around the constant application of absolute effort above all else.
Positively, we are seeing initial signs that we are building something lasting. Among them player buy-in, consistent compliance to the game plan and a commitment across the club to prioritise football performance.
Early wins, despite the unavailability of key personnel, and the emergence of young players who have impressed despite their inexperience - coupled with a consistent display of effort from our senior core - are all strong indicators that the program is trending in the right direction.
We know this process will not be linear. Our recent form prior to the bye saw us deviate from our brand. This was subject to strong review from players and staff who believe they know what is needed to be done to move forward. We now have the perfect chance to begin the second leg of our season on the right note this evening against Sydney in the annual Pride Game.
Regardless of the result, we will stick the course and continue to focus on the process, and our commitment to becoming the best Saints we can possibly be. That is how we will reward our loyal members.
This extends to our women’s program who last week officially commenced their pre-season training, led competently by Head of AFLW Tessie McManus and Senior Coach Nick Dal Santo.
After two seasons in one calendar year, our group have a clean run at an exciting opportunity ahead. Bolstered by the additions through the trade period of former AFLW captain Steph Chiocci, All-Australian Jaimee Lambert, AFLW leading goalkicker Jesse Wardlaw and emerging leaders Natalie Plane and Serene Watson, we expect to take important strides forward as a program.
We anticipate the AFLW season to commence in August later this year and we urge our supporters to rally around the team as we continue our 150-year celebrations alongside our newest generation of players.
Last month, the club also officially completed Stage 2 construction of the Danny Frawley Centre (DFC) which now includes the addition of a community gym, yoga and pilates spaces, and mental health consulting suites, with a vision to launch DFC Psychology within the next 12 months.
It has been a successful first year of the DFC, led by Executive Director Kirstan Corben, and supported by CEO Simon Lethlean and the wider Frawley family, who have been instrumental on this journey.
The DFC has reached over 8,000 people with its mental health programs since its opening, and we expect this number to grow significantly as we widen our impact in the community.
To achieve this goal, we are once again calling on the faithful to help us raise funds for the DFC in the third iteration of Spud’s Game: A Match for Mental Health on Friday June 23 against Brisbane.
We would love as many Saints fans as possible to show up in solidarity of this important cause and in honour of club legend, Danny ‘Spud’ Frawley for who we are forever indebted to for his commitment to this club and this cause.
We hope to see you at the footy soon.
Take care,
Andrew Bassat
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2023.06.08 06:42 Flyingplaydoh Paranasel sinus disease and what to expect

So I've had sinus issues for year. Seems like they always last if they ever go away. Yes I've gained some weight it happens.
In May 2020 my left ear had so much pain, bad headache and felt clogged up. Made an ENT appt, 3 mos wait list. I have no idea why so long US medical stuff what can i say. Well by the time of the appt it had stopped hurting and was mostly numb and i couldn't hear very well. Had the hearing & audio room test. Perfect hearing. But i told ent that it felt full and stuffy. And sound was muffled. Wanted me to try saline solution which I was already using and a new allergy medicine which I told them never works and some Flonase which never works. But I work with them and moved on.
By Summer if 2021, i was experiencing dizziness. Made another ent appt, did the hearing test again perfect hearing. But my hearing when I'm trying to explain it to him is the same and a little bit worse and by the time my appointment came around again two to three months later I have no idea why. But I was dizzy all the time walking around kind of turning corners and sometimes I would not make the turn. Someone said it sounded a lot like vertigo. Basically they wanted me to do the same thing try some steroids whatever but basically keep telling me Flonase saline solution and all this stuff I already was doing.
Well 3 weeks ago I had my third appointment my dizziness is all the time except thankfully not when I'm sitting down or driving. But my hearing is got significantly worse in my left ear it feels like my eyes been twitching for a month. They got an MRI order and it had these results: paranasel sinus disease with acute bilateral maxillary sinusitis.
I've had the results since Thursday of last week so it's been 7 days my fall appointment is supposed to be later in June I figured the doctor would call and start something or have a plan. Because when you Google it it talks about tumors very low chance of it being cancerous but still tumors. I'm just wondering what am I expecting from this what will come of this if anything I'm still losing my hearing I'm still crazy dizzy and I'm still so stopped up it's been over a month and a half and I still can't get rid of this so called cold or sinus infection it's really not infection it's just the way it is I'm frustrated.
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2023.06.08 06:41 tfesmo Why does my Switch randomly turn off?

It seems to happen randomly while I am actively using it - I've had it happen during tera raids (which is a pain), and also while I'm just running around.
Google returns results for being inactive, but it always happens to me while I'm playing the game.
Only noticed it in SV but that's all I'm currently using the switch for, so.
Has anyone seen similar behavior and know what's going on? I am using a 3rd party controller, not sure if that could be causing weirdness.
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2023.06.08 06:41 Icy-Reserve-5145 Best VPN For Traveling That You Should Know

Why do people need VPN while traveling?

People may need a VPN (Virtual Private Network) while traveling for several reasons:
  1. Secure Internet Connection: When using public Wi-Fi networks in hotels, cafes, airports, or other public places, the security of the network is often questionable. These networks can be targets for hackers or eavesdroppers looking to intercept sensitive information. By using a VPN while traveling, individuals can encrypt their internet traffic, ensuring that their data is protected from potential threats.
  2. Privacy Protection: Travelers may have concerns about their online privacy, especially when accessing the internet in foreign countries. Some countries may have stricter surveillance or censorship policies compared to their home country. A VPN can help users maintain their privacy by masking their IP address and making it difficult for third parties to track their online activities.
  3. Access to Geo-restricted Content: Certain online content, such as streaming services, websites, or social media platforms, may be restricted or unavailable in the country travelers are visiting. By using a VPN, individuals can bypass these geo-restrictions and access their favorite content as if they were browsing from their home country or another desired location.
  4. Banking and Online Transactions: Travelers often need to access their bank accounts or make online transactions while on the go. Using a VPN adds an extra layer of security and encryption to these activities, reducing the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.
  5. VoIP and Messaging Apps: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services and messaging apps, such as WhatsApp or Skype, may be restricted or blocked in some countries. By using a VPN, travelers can circumvent these restrictions and freely communicate with their loved ones or business contacts.
  6. Business and Remote Work: Many professionals travel for business purposes or work remotely while on the go. VPNs are crucial for establishing secure connections to company networks, accessing work-related resources, and maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive data.

Best VPN For Traveling

If you are looking for the best VPN for Traveling , you should go with CovermeVPN. CovermeVPN provides the best services at a cheaper price. The Key features of Covermevpn is given below :
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