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2023.06.08 06:03 kaylathegirlnextdoor I have no idea what to do

So I’m a SB (28) and had a SD (50) for around 3 years. Towards the end of our arrangement I think he was starting to go broke. I had seen him for about 2.5 years prior to this and trusted him very much. He told me he was having some legal trouble and needed some time to pay me. We agreed to him giving me my allowance late for 2 months and after the two months passed he paid me my allowances for those 2 months in full along with a pretty high x,xxx bonus. Then we went back to our regular scheduled programming of monthly allowance. Then he asked for me to wait again a few months and he would pay me back like he did once before. He already had proven himself once so I agreed. However we agreed to this in September of 2022. I have seen about a 10th of the XX,XXX that he now owes me. Which is 3 months allowance. I moved away and would come visit my friends in the area and would stay with him while I was in town. Every time he would have an excuse as to why he still didn’t have the money but continued staying with him due to my feelings for him and out on convenience. I also truly trusted this person. He told me last month he was getting paid a big check and it was late. Now he’s once more saying the check never came through. I saw a bank statement saying he deposited xx,xxx in his account in April. But he said he payed a bunch of debt off. He lost his house, drives a shitty car now. I’m convinced he has gone completely broke. I feel like an idiot typing this because I think the answer is clear as day. Iv told him he could be honest with me but now I’m starting to think he’s just pretending to be broke. I have no idea what to believe. I love this person but I also feel like everything has been a lie. He’s been so manipulative and Iv been completely gaslit. Am I going crazy here? He also wasn’t monogamous in our arrangement and I caught him seeing escorts around September as well. I know I shouldn’t probably talk to him anymore but it’s hard to cut someone out of my life that I dated for so long. He’s begging me to stay with him and he promises he finally will make it right in August. By then it will be about a year and iv only received about xxx from him since September 2022. I feel iv been more than understanding than this point. I feel like such an idiot. Even though I moved away iv still seen him and stayed with him 7 nights a month and talked to him everyday on the phone. He’s telling me he will give me a low low x,xxx if I come over tomorrow bc iv told him I’m fed up. Partof me wants to accept bc I could use the money but another part of me feels like I should be done until I see the full amount paid in full and just block him. Cut my losses now. This was more like a spoiled gf relationship btw. So feelings were very much involved.
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2023.06.08 06:02 I-Am-The-Dinkleberg I feel sick i just lost $1600. I don’t even gamble that much.

I’m 23 and I’ve been sports betting a bit and was $200 in the hole. I decided to double it to try and recoup my losses which is the stupidest idea i’ve ever thought of. I did it on the bet365 roulette. eventually i lost about 4 in a row which put me about 2k down. I had $400 left in my chequing which i finally hit and withdrew instantly and closed my account. I think i’m about to throw up. I am never touching this shit again. I only had 8k to my name and just lost about 20% of my net worth. Why the fuck did i think putting in more than $100 was a good idea i am so fucking stupid and ashamed of myself right now. I really feel like the most idiotic person alive right now as i’m trying to buy a car and just threw this massive amount of money away. Fuck my life i am so dumb i want to cry.
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2023.06.08 06:01 Several-Interaction6 aggressive people when i walk my dog

before anyone says its my fault, i always pick up his poop and he only pees on trees/grass. i never let him do anything on other's property which is just basic manners. in my old locality, i never had a problem like this because most people had dogs themselves. but since ive moved here, everytime i walk my dog, someone has to talk shit. for context, im a 17 year old girl and i walk my dog alone. so these people are scaring me.
one gulli i go to, there was this watchman of an apartment demanding i never take my dog near the open space infront of the apartment. its literally public property that those people have been using to park cars. when i said he doesnt own that land, he started picking fights. in the end he came to a compromise and told me to just not to let my dog pee on cars, which i never let him do anyway. theres also another uncle from the top of another apartment that just screams at me to go away.
today i went to another one where an old man from the first floor of an independent house started throwing things to scare my dog. i ignored him and then he started shouting at me to take him away and that i go there everyday (which i dont??? it was my first time) and then i started to walk away when i heard him screaming again and when i looked back, he'd come on the road and was walking towards me?? i just quickly walked back to my house and made sure he didn't follow me.
why are these people so mad??? oh and my dog also isnt any fancy breed. he's just indian. they dont say anything to other dog owners, ive noticed. this shit only happens to me and i dont know if its because my dog is indian or if they see a girl and see an easy target. either way, i dont feel safe anymore.
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2023.06.08 06:00 LucyAriaRose Senior 'prank' ends in felony charges.

I am NOT the original poster. That is u/Orangecatbuddy. He posted in Teachers.
Trigger Warnings: assault
Mood Spoilers: I don't remember high school being this crazy but what do I know
Original Post: May 19, 2023
Title: 12 Grades and Kindergarten, only to be walked out on the last day in handcuffs.
Because that is exactly what happened today. A senior decided, on his very last day of school, to literally piss on a teacher.
The seniors went way overboard with their pranks. They broke into the school after the overnight custodians left at 2:00am. They pulled desks and chairs out into the halls, stacked them into piles so that no one could get thru the halls.
There were chairs piled in the lunchroom, and just about everyplace they shouldn't be.
The kicker is when the senior decided to piss on a older teacher. He was arrested and as far as I know, will be charged with felonious assault.
It's my understanding they know who was involved with the rest of the vandalism. Criminal charges will be filed.
This is what they get when admin is more worried about a state report card and less about taking care of simple housekeeping matters.
Edit Update (Same Post): May 20, 2023 (Next Day)
Wow, never expected this to go beyond the teachers reddit. The text messages have been busy this morning, but this is what I know so far.
The teacher who was assaulted has evidently filed criminal charges. Unsure of what, there is a rumor that an additional charge was added because he prevented her from getting away. Again, that's part of the rumors. It's not clear how the kids got into the building, I do know that there are several "sub" door keys missing.
The term stacked, when it comes to the chairs is misleading. It was more like they were tossed into a pile. It was not a neat orderly stack.
There will be no real updates until Monday morning. I'm certain this will be the subject of our morning talk.
For those of you who think schools are open books, boy are you mistaken. Kids are pretty much allowed run rampant because this is a litigious world we live in. Administrators are more concerned with keeping school boards happy and less about discipline when it's necessary. The same admin will do everything in their power to keep this quiet. They have an "ignorance is bliss" policy when it comes to things like this.
Relevant Comments:
About the teacher:
"If I know the teacher he did this to, she will see this to the end.
She has nothing to lose and has had it. Admin wouldn't do anything and this kid has been a PIA to her all year. Now, she holds the cards."
Amazing that the teacher was able to press charges and admin didn't try to sweep it under the rug:
It's my understanding that the teacher called 911 and reported an assault from the classroom. The SRO (editor's note- school resource officer) was called, and the police sent a couple of officers and cruisers. Since the call came from the school, the whole cavalry showed up. She didn't give admin the chance to sweep it under the rug."
There was no harm done besides the urinating:
"No harm done? 600 kids had no place to sit today because there were no chairs in the class rooms.
Not that it mattered, we couldn't get to most of the class rooms because the halls were blocked.
Good thing it was a nice day out today, because that's where we held class.
Then there is the issue of all of the underclassmen that still needed to take exams. Not to mention that all senior grades had to be in today, and here I am sitting up at midnight doing that.
On my time."
Update Post: May 25, 2023 (4 days later)
Title: Update on teacher who was peed on & vandals
I posted a few days ago about a young man who decided to pee on a teacher on his last day of school. Well, here's a update. Turns out he turned 18 in march.
He was held in the county jail over the weekend without bail.
He has been charged with 2 felony's (I'm leaving this here, it seems to be pissing some people off) and 2 misdemeanors. There are a couple of other pending charges, but they need to go to a grand jury.
He was arraigned Monday morning and was given an OR bond. He was also ordered to have no contact with the teacher and to stay at least 500' from her, her home and place of work. This is in effect until this is resolved.
The teacher who was peed on is obviously livid and distressed over the matter. The young man apparently walked into the area she has her desk, and peed on the back of her feet. The way her desk is set up, there's only one way in, and out of the area.
Apparently this kid has been threatening to do this since after Christmas break. This came from a situation when he asked for the third time to use the bathroom and was told no. He told her he would "piss on her heals the last day of school" and she dismissed it as his running off at the mouth.
As for the vandals and their "senior prank". As of yesterday, the number I heard was over $7 k in damages. Mostly furniture that was busted. Looking at some of the security video, they hurled chairs down the hallways. One of the entry doors to the rear of the school had the glass busted out.
They used a sub teacher key to enter the building. We knew that a few were missing, and they figured that subs were walking off with them. They need to account for them better. I asked why the alarm didn't trip. Was told that because there is only a three hour gap between the over night custodians and the day custodians, they don't arm the alarm. It only goes on over the weekend and long breaks.
The kids who were involved were all given 10 day suspensions. That means none of them will walk this weekend, and three will have to come back when summer school picks up to take a couple of exams.
No one will be given their diploma's or transcripts released, until the bill for the damage is paid in full.
That prompted an Marine recruiter to visit yesterday. One of the three is scheduled to ship out to Paris Island in June, and can't without a diploma. Of course, there are parents screaming about it as well.
The way I and others see it, they put their heads together and pulled their prank, they can put their heads together and figure out how to pay it off.
The senior pranks here have been mostly annoying at the worst. This went over the line. The pisser had nothing to do with the prank, and is just a little asshole. I'm hoping the juniors are paying attention, and don't try to outdo this group. I'm also hoping the school board doesn't cave in and let the kids off the hook. They need to allow more out of school suspensions, expulsions and even detentions to resume. In the meantime, I'm looking to go elsewhere, and have a couple of prospects.
EDIT: (Same day, same post)
For those of you who seem to think she had it coming because she wouldn't let the kid go to the bathroom, you need to understand this. He was the kid who asked to go every single period. He never actually went to the bathroom. The would wander the halls. He's been caught several times outside on the basketball court, playing invisible basketball, among other things. Normally, he liked to walk into classes he didn't belong in and cause problems.
It came to head with this particular teacher during a fire drill just after Christmas break. The kid went to the bathroom, except he didn't. The fire drill came down, and she couldn't account for the kid. She red flagged and the fire marshal and others had to look for the kid. It took a half hour, but they found him near the middle school.
She got her ass reamed over that, of course he got little more than a smack on the hand.
She decides to limit one student to the bathroom at a time after that and limits the time you're to be gone. Of course she's more lenient to others. He decides he wants to go a third time one day, there was already a kid out. She says no, he gets mouthy and his threat comes then.
So, for all of you know it all's, who think she was wrong for not letting a kid go on a little walk, you'd be the first ones asking why the school allowed him to go if he'd hurt one of your little darlings.
Marked as ongoing in case we get updates about the kids.
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2023.06.08 05:58 Mods-of-HFH-1 [Repost] Back to being busy as a beaver after making a stupid mistake

[Repost] Back to being busy as a beaver after making a stupid mistake
Reposting this because it was just too good to lose. And even without the media, the account deserves to be seen and read by all. Enjoy the stand-in images and go to our Telegram for the good shit.
I'm still here, lurking in the shadows. We all gotta play the game and let's just say uncle T been busy w beaver…
I got caught up in a LDR for a bit and even did some stupid crazy shit that I'm ashamed of. I flew down to LA just to see a chick and got flaked on. Let's be honest, we've all done some stupid shit for pussy and this was probably one of the dumbest things I've done in my mongering career.
Long story short I met a girl off Reddit, hit it off and moved things along. She said the right things, sent verification. We talked on the phone and on Snapchat. I set up a date where I would fly down and meet her and hook up.
She wasn't gonna "charge" me a dime but I sent over a few gifts to make sure she knew I was the real deal.
The day came and I flew to LA, got a hotel, and waited for her. She made some excuses and flaked. I knew that this was gonna happen. So, I packed up and left on the earliest flight I could.
It sucks because she was a 10 in my book. Gorgeous Latina, nice guerita (light skinned) thick ass, nice fat tits, and just a freak.
Some of the things she told me she wanted me to do to her almost made me blush. I was so ready to dive into this chick I even stopped mongering for almost 2 months! I was saving it up for her. I wanted that hunger to hit and unleash the beast on her.
But alas, the fantasy died the day I flew to her and was flaked on. I had written a post in anger, but decided it's best to not post that one. I'm not that guy anymore. I take these mongering life lessons and move on. Since then, we've chatted on and off but I've been having fun elsewhere. A mans gotta eat!

Haha. Sometimes things may be too good to be true and she was one of them. But after everything we had been through, I never thought she would have pulled the shit she did. Oh well, ya win some, ya lose some. Time to move on.

(These are not in chronological order just from memory. LOL)

SB #1

The day I flew back from LA I was able to see my favorite Latina. My lil sugar baby that started my sugar mongering journey. She hit me up randomly while I was fasting for the LA girl and ignored her. But I knew from then on she was game.
After the bullshit that happened and I sat at the airport, I texted her and she said she would be waiting when I landed. She met me at a hotel near the airport and we had an amazing time, like 2 lost lovers and like a man returning from war. LOL
I think I might have busted 3 or 4 times that night my balls were so full from not busting! God damn I missed her. She dressed super slutty, and knew just what to say to me. We fucked all throughout the room, shower and balcony. I needed her badly and she came through in the clutch.
She was a 1x thing cause I caught mad feelings for her the 1st time around, so I knew this would be a one-and-done.

Tattoo white girl & friend

I had seen this pretty lil white girl I wanna say off the blade a long time ago, she had tattoos and piercings but was a good lil fuck. She used to be hella skinny but gained major weight, she was still good in my book cause y'all know me, I don't discriminate. You can see the difference in the photos. But I posted about her on one of my old accounts and I even showed the leg shaking from her cumming. LOL
Anyways for 100 you can't beat a white girl with a good attitude. She met me in a parking lot near my house, we drove to a spot and fucked, funny thing is she told me she had her friend waiting in the car. I asked if she "worked too" and to send her over when I finished.
I didn't even put my pants on and her friend came into the back seat. I paid her and got the double team special.
The friend got her friend's sloppy seconds. But to be honest she sucked and fucked better than the 1st one. Was super into it and she didn't seem like a pro. Just a girl needed a lil spending money. Huge tits a lil thicker than I'm used to but God damn she was flexible. She could almost put her legs behind her head lol.
Either way 20 minutes later I busted my 2nd nut of the night and left content. 2 thick white girls for 200 lol can't beat that price!

Sexy Latina

SLA came through with a banger! Sheeessshhhh this girl was fuckin gorgeous! Skinny, nice man-made bubble butt, nice perky tits, perfect lips and hair... and took dick like a champ. Too bad she covered my camera cuz, fuck, she was a winner.
I love paying $120 for dimes! And, yeah, it's random when you actually find a 10. But, fuck, man! This girl was gorgeous!

Asian doubleheader

Few days ago I was able to see 2 girls, one in-between jobs and one at lunch.
The 1st girl was beautiful, cute lil jap/Chinese with a nice fat ass and natural titts. A pretty face and a great attitude. She had a tight lil kitty and took her time moaning and riding me. I finished In doggy and she let me really empty out, didn't just jump right off the dick like some do.
I showered and was on my way. The door person was a girl and she was super friendly. I told her I was on my lunch and she offered me food haha.
TBH I kinda wanted to fuck her. Next time imma ask. LOL

This girl was pretty amazing too, super fun and enthusiastic. Small thin girl but God damn her kegels and pussy were to die for! I swear I haven't fucked Tighter pussy all year and she was great! Super vocal, didn't complain and all in all was great. She even showered me and washed me off, prepping me to go back to work. Thanks lil apple!

Just a few street girls from memory. (I stopped my log for this past month)

Pig tails

Met this cute chick with pigtails 100 for 20 minutes, she was dressed like a super slut, just neon panties and a jacket. Super young looking and was a good ol sport. She had a ton of tattoos and a few tongue piercings. Had a lisp lol. Had floppy titts… nothing too crazy but the lisp kept distracting me.

BJ for $60

Paid this girl $60 to suck my cock. She had nice titts but nothing special after that. Funny thing is she was waiting for the bus but kept making eye contact with every car driving by. So I knew she was working. I got her number, I'll hit her up in a pinch. 60 for a bj is low these days.

Asian van chick

I ran into an old flame, lil ML was out and she took me to her hotel, quick bj and fuck and I was out of there, great service as always and super enthusiastic blow job. Thanks ML ! I posted a few pics and videos of her before.

White Girl Salinas

Met this cute white girl from Salinas on the blade, she was dressed in a fishnet leggings and had a white jacket on.

That's all I needed to hear!
She was a service queen. I love when they are getting fucked and try to keep the moans in, it makes me work for it even harder. She was great, I felt bad because I didn't give her a ride back to the blade but you gotta pay me to do that. LOL. I got her number, too. She's worth the price.

Big titty Asian

Met this awesome thick lil Asian, seen her 3x so far. Huge tits, great attitude, and can take a good pounding. Only thing is she doesn't suck cock. She also looks like one of my co-workers so it's nice to fantasize about that. She's always in town hitting me up.
But y'all know my rule: 1,2,3 and then I'm out!

Another White girl

I met this white girl off the blade and she initially quoted me $140. LOL. I talked her down to $100 then $80 for just a blowjob. I really wanted a bbbj so I convinced her to hook me up. Only prob is once that happened, I wanted to FUCK.

Upgrade then ended up taking a load bare down her throat! Hahaha man I swear I found gold on these streets here. She was a chill White girl and I appreciate the effort from her.
She kept getting phone calls from her pimp and I knew she was new to the game. She was just my type of white girl too lol nice fat ass. Next time I'll definitely hit it.

All In all I'm a man with needs. I had my fun catching up and fuckin a few of these girls. Even seeing a few of the old flames I had. I'm still here and keeping busy, I'm having fun and hope yall are too!
Summer is just around the corner and I can't wait for these hot summer nights. The girls are gonna be stelllaaarrrr! Yeeeahhh
Look for me and all my pics & videos on our new Telegram group for HFH. Check the other post for the link on how to join the group.

Till next time fuckers!
- Uncle T
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2023.06.08 05:58 JLarry04 Help Understanding Stock Options for Upcoming Salary Review

I recently started working at a startup company and I have a salary review coming up. I'm not entirely sure how to evaluate the equity offered to compare the startup salary to market value salary but here's the position details:
Position: Entry Level Medical Device Engineer Current Salary: $65,000, no benefits at this time Stock Options: 375 of common stock vest after 1 year, 1500 vest after 4 years
I was wondering if anyone could explain what vesting means? In addition, I was wondering what questions I should ask about the stock options to better understand what they could be worth?
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2023.06.08 05:57 Sparkyfurry Slight changes

Sooo I fucked up turns out the hellcat blaze d/r has no bench seat usually I’d not be to concerned but sense there’s only 3 cars total I decided I would get another bolt and make a ss version of the standard hell cat that of course means the callope rally is being moved to the next batch
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2023.06.08 05:57 Tr101748 Car seat lever will move up but not down and is loose.

I dropped my phone down there and while picking it up I realized the lever on the side to move the Passenger seat up and down was very loose. Not only that, the car seat is able to move up with the lever but when I try to move it down the lever just simply won’t go down. What the hell is it? I’m kinda tripping out cause this is not technically my car. It’s my dads car that he gave to me when I was 16 that he is selling very soon.
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2023.06.08 05:55 Great_Room_5723 Am I the asshole

This is comprised of many years of experience so I'm going to shorten it alot anyways
This started at the age of 6 I have 1 sister and 1 brother who are half same mother different dad but I'm the youngest and I felt mistreated my mother would put me down in everyday possible vocal abuse and when there was a fire she didn't care if we were injured all she cared about was what happened and few weeks pass that event bye and my brother was kicked out and the next day me and my sister moved to our grandparents saying that she didn't care about her children so my grandparents took care of me and my sister for a bit my sister less as she was like 17 at the time and I was 9 so I went to school and I did not do my homework and so every time my homework was not done and my grandpa got home he would yell and push me down onto hard floor and I eventually moved back with my mother was such a bad move on my part but her boyfriend threatened to kill me if I scratched his truck and I was their legal slave as I would do everything I ran away 2 time because of this shit first time I was locked out while taking out trash so I decided to head to a nearby park and I was near the park when my mother drove up and ordered me to get into the car the 2nd time was planned by yours truly and it was a good plan bad execution as I was trying to get to my father's ad it was somewhat close and I hid and the only reason I really got caught was because I went the wrong way and my mother dropped me off at my dad's for Thanksgiving and forgot about me now I live with my dad and he forgot about me pretty much and he pays attention to the kid and I don't want to be a burden but I don't know if I should stay with my family or run away and go to foster care so am I the asshole
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2023.06.08 05:55 Dystopia00 [17M] time for one of my once in a while posts to see what’s up ! my name is hunter, i like cars and thrifting and all sorts of music :D

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2023.06.08 05:55 T-yler-- Factory Cat Back

Yo, any rust belters want the factory cat back off of my 2017 ecoboost performance?
It's all in one piece but I can cut it down for shipping.
Free if you pay shipping.
California car 60,000 miles, completely rust free.
I honestly would rather give it to one of you then cut it up and put it in the dumpster.
Let me know!!
(Shipping will be from California for your estimate in case that wasn't clear)
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2023.06.08 05:54 deepfriedgemini Obsessed

Soooo I (30F) just turned 30 about a week ago and also just got diagnosed with autism about a month ago (diagnosed with ADHD like 3 months ago, known anxiety my whole life). I feel like I’m going through all the emotions that everyone else goes through (but not entirely sure): - obsessed with finding as much information about autism as I can - feeling relieved that I have an answer I’ve been looking for my whole life - upset/annoyed that more research hasn’t been done and that when I search for answers it’s mostly about children.
I feel the very very strong urge to drop everything and become an advocate/researcher for autism, especially for women of color with autism (I am black). I’m currently at the point where I cannot think of anything besides autism every waking second because I need more answers and I need to share these answers. Is this what every newbie feels?
I currently am working as a video producer for a community news program at a local tv station in Oregon. I have been pursuing a career in media and have been aiming to be a documentarian. Possibly even dreaming of owning my own network. But I barely got here because I struggle with being consistent and with knowing how to put everything I learned together so that I can progress at a steady pace. I happened to meet the freakin director of the station at an event and told her about my interests and she hired me. I’m so so thankful, but definitely question my abilities still. Even though everyone there hypes me up about my skills. ANYWAY
Learning about autism has given me so much energy, I’ve been burnt out by life and masking for years. I just wanna know if this is a phase of being obsessed with autism or should I just go for being a part of the change.
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2023.06.08 05:54 foreskinmogul ~Formula for achieving your goal with SR~

From my experience, this is how you transmute and attain whatever it is that you wish to attain-

  1. Choose a goal/desire
  2. Don't worry about how you will make it happen or when it will happen, but begin taking action
  3. Begin practicing SR
  4. Reduce/eliminate all other distractions.. until basically nothing is left except you, your goal, the practice of SR, and food/watesleep/exercise/MAYBE one main hobby..
  5. Spend the majority of your day (non-obsessively) fixated on your goal. Think about it. Imagine how it could come true. Absorb content or ideas that are positive and relate to the goal. Make the goal your "lens" or main vision, both mentally and within the observed reality
  6. Whenever you get horny or feel an urge, immediately recognize it, then focus on your goal or do something that somehow relates to it. For example, if you want to drive a Jaguar car, but you don't yet have it, when you're horny, you would go online and look at videos/photos of the Jaguar car you want. Or you would go work at a side-hustle which will provide some extra income that is necessary for building up a base of money to pay for the car. Or you go to the dealership and take a test-drive in the car. This right here is arguably one of the most important steps other than actually choosing the desire and retaining because this is what transmutation essentially is. You allow the horniness to seep into an activity that isn't sex, but in this case, you directly choose an activity that is literally the essence of your goal. So it magnifies your power in creating it and making it come to fruition
  7. You keep this all up until it manifests into your reality, which will have occurred, I promise you, at a much quicker pace than if you were to have continued to have sex all the time, watch p*rn, and j*rk off.

Maybe most of you already knew this formula and have been implementing it, but I figured this could be useful to somebody that has something they really, really want, but that they haven't achieved yet
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2023.06.08 05:54 toeburghz28 Started up my touchless car wash business! It takes me about 30 minutes from arrival to departure. No brushes, rags, or human contact. Just soap and water. Check out some before/after

Started up my touchless car wash business! It takes me about 30 minutes from arrival to departure. No brushes, rags, or human contact. Just soap and water. Check out some before/after submitted by toeburghz28 to AutoDetailing [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 05:52 26LT Shopping at Walmart

I was at Walmart buying a bag of Purina dog chow for my dog , in the check-out line when a woman behind me asked if I had a dog. Why else would I be buying dog chow, RIGHT ??? So on impulse I told her that no, I didn’t have a dog, I was starting the Purina Diet again, and that I probably shouldn’t, because I ended up in the hospital last time, but that I’d lost 50 pounds before I awakened in intensive care, with tubes coming out of most of my orifices and IVs in both arms. I told her that it was essentially a Perfect Diet and all you do is load your pockets with Purina Nuggets and simply eat one or two every time you feel hungry. The food is nutritionally complete so it works well and I was going to try it again. (I have to mention here that practically everyone in line was now enthralled with my story.) Horrified, she asked if I ended up in intensive care, because the dog food poisoned me. I told her no, I stepped off a curb to sniff a poodle’s butt and a car hit me. I thought the guy behind her was going to have a heart attack he was laughing so hard. Better watch what you ask me and be prepared for my answer. I have all the time in the world to think of crazy things to say.
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2023.06.08 05:52 Zesnowpea A new adventure begins (pt. 3)

our hero awakens back at 2fort
Snow: (sits up) god my spleen hurts… (takes a look around) hey, how did I get back here?
Engineer: ah, glad to see you’re awake (sticks his head out the door) hey boys, He’s awake
the rest of RED, along with Sonia, MS, and a white unicorn with purple shades walk in
MS: glad to see you’re awake buddy
Snow: glad to be awake, but on to more pressing matters, what actually happened?
Sonia: well long story short epic flashback transition we had scrapped the last of the robots, but unfortunately the elements of harmony were taken captive by the robots, and they were already making their leave
MS: (cutting in) I figured the best way to catch up to them would be by trying that conveniently labeled “plane” button on your sandwhich car thing, but someone (glares at Sonia) suggested using a giant catapult to launch you at them, which you both agreed on even though there was only a 25% chance of success
Sonia: and that meant there was a 25% chance of something interesting happening, and it worked mind you
MS: if by work, you mean he misses, bounces off a trampoline, and gets his head stuck in the ship’s hull, then yeah, I’d say it is worked
Sonia: you know-
Scout: Hey chucklenuts, can you stop bickering like an old married couple and finish the story?
(They both sigh and say fine begrudgingly)
MS: after that had happened, you managed to pull your head out and tried to cut your way inside
Sonia: unfortunately, they had defenses on those ships, so they transferred all the power of their hull shocks, which caused you to go haywire and fall at least 5 miles
MS: then they fired a type-9 laser cannon at you (as an internal monologue, a single shot can wipe out a multiverse, and the stickonians aren’t to keen on sharing their weapons, so I wonder how they got their hands on them in the first place) at least 10 times (pauses for a moment), I lost count to be honest
Sonia: then they dropped the ship on you, several times might I add, then they chucked your body off the nearby cliff
Snow: wait wait wait, you both saw all of thisand chose to just stand there and watch me get obliterated?
MS: yes and no, we could’ve done something, but then the plot would become a lot more dull
Sonia: plus we’d have to give the mane 6 speaking roles, which would’ve destroyed our budget
Snow: I guess that’s fair…
(The white unicorn objects) um… excuse me, what’s all this talk about a “plot” and a “budget?”
Snow: oh yeah, that reminds me, who exactly are you?
To be continued, but again
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2023.06.08 05:52 Balke01 TIFU by ruining the new Spiderman movie for the whole theatre

I went to the movie theatre to see Spiderman: Across The Spider-Verse and I completely fucked up. The movie was incredible and I thoroughly enjoyed the different artstyles they used throughout the film as well as all the references made to Spiderman as a concept.
With that said I don't know why I would do this I don't know why I thought it would be funny or a good thing to say. The movie did not require my input and I was not needed in the slightest. Basically when Miles takes off his mask and says "I am Spiderman" I blurted out loud in the middle of this full theater "WAIT, HE'S BLACK?!?".
A giant hole formed in my stomach as I suddenly realized what I allowed to spill out of my disgusting mouth. I hate this so much, easily the worst thing I have ever fucking said and I immediately knew it. Everyone went dead silence until the guy in front of me and got mad asking me who I thought I was and calling me a racist prick and all that. Completely justified. I didn't know what to do and I just panicked and couldn't get any words out. For the rest of the movie I could tell that the mood had changed. I felt sick, I still do.
I walked out of the theatre making sure not to look at or say anything to anyone and I tried apologizing to my two friends but they mostly shrugged me off acting very disappointed. It's the kind of shame that drains the blood from your face and makes you have goose bumps. I don't want to do anything but rip my tounge out and cut it off. I don't blame anyone but myself because obviously there's no one else I could.
I don't know what to do. I apologized to the guy after the movie finished and he told me to fuck myself and leave. I tried to explain that I'm so so sorry and that I don't know what came over me. At first he got mad at my friends as well but I told him it wasn't them it was just me. He didn't seem to really care and walked out of the theatre with his girlfriend. I wanted him to know that I don't think what I said was right or that I agree with any race based sentiments I may have unintentionally passed on but he ignored me.
I'm now sat in the back of my friends car driving home in silence with a pit in my stomach. I don't know what to do. I already apologized to them and I sent them money for their tickets don't think they've noticed yet. They're just talking about the movie together without acknowledging what I said but I can tell they aren't impressed. Ugh this is so awful.
I'm so sorry to everybody that I upset. I don't think I'm the kind of guy to make jokes based on race and I didn't mean for it to be taken negatively but I suppose I should have thought a bit more about how others would take it before I said it.
TL:DR - I made an awful racist joke in the middle of the spider man movie and I dont know how to make amends with my friends and the people in the theater.
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2023.06.08 05:52 CameronLePizza I own a musket for home defense

Own a musket for home defense, since that's what the founding fathers intended. Four ruffians break into my house. "What the devil?" As I grab my powdered wig and Kentucky rifle. Blow a golf ball sized hole through the first man, he's dead on the spot. Draw my pistol on the second man, miss him entirely because it's smoothbore and nails the neighbors dog. I have to resort to the cannon mounted at the top of the stairs loaded with grape shot, "Tally ho lads" the grape shot shreds two men in the blast, the sound and extra shrapnel set off car alarms. Fix bayonet and charge the last terrified rapscallion. He Bleeds out waiting on the police to arrive since triangular bayonet wounds are impossible to stitch up. Just as the founding fathers intended.
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2023.06.08 05:49 Im_tryingmybest05 AITA FOR WISHING MY MOM WOULD DISAPPEAR

My mom (f37) has always hated me (f17) ever since she got her first boyfriend. My mom got her first boyfriend when I was three years old he was not allowed to make any kind of contact with me or my brother or it would start a argument between him and my mom but my mom always favored my brother, who is only three years younger than me so she would prioritize him over me constantly I probably could’ve gotten over that but what I can’t get over is when I turned eight and started puberty and got my period. I started to develop as a young woman and my mom hated that she would call me names and make fun of my weight. She would put me in long sleeve shirts or jackets, baggy pants or sweatpants And make me feel like I was worthless she thought I was always trying to get with her boyfriend and by the time I was 16 she had gotten another boyfriend and the comments and the abuse got worse. She broke me down so much that I struggled to get to where I am mental wise. When I was 16 I had a boyfriend of two years. I invited him over, but told him that I would be at the grocery store with my mom because I needed a few things after getting everything in going to the self check out she realized that her card was missing, and when she asked me where it was, I told her I had no clue and kind of laughed, because I thought it was funny that she thought that I would know where her card was. She ended up paying with cash and god I wish I didn’t laugh when we got out to the car she started screaming about how could I have not have paid attention to where she put her card and started to blame it on my phone and my boyfriend so she called my dad and told my dad that my boyfriend needed to leave before we got home. Well, when we pulled into the driveway, she saw that my boyfriend was still there and about to leave so she pulled out and told me that I would not get to say goodbye and to take one good look at him, because this would be the last time I would see him, so I freaked out. I roll down my window fast and screamed. I love you to him, not knowing when I would see him again and before I could turn and say anything to my mom, she slapped me in my face and spit on me. that’s when I told her that I wish she wasn’t my mom, and that I wish she would disappear. My whole family told me that I was being too harsh, and no matter what the circumstances are. I should never tell that to my mother. but after so many years of abuse, I felt like this was my time to stick up for myself. I was so tired of dealing with it, and I just wanted a break, and I finally broke and told her how I really felt. My family says that I was TAH but I don’t think I was but I’m just a kid so I don’t know what to think. AITA?
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2023.06.08 05:49 neilgreenland Whenever he sees a car getting packed up, Snugs hops into the driver's seat to make sure he doesn't get left behind. THAT FACE!

Whenever he sees a car getting packed up, Snugs hops into the driver's seat to make sure he doesn't get left behind. THAT FACE! submitted by neilgreenland to anJoDelCo [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 05:49 IamDisapointWorld Trauma dumping

Sometimes I think I have so much shit piled up it's not worth it trying to address it.
I've just reconnected with my child self, remembered how it felt to not be "fit" as a boy
I was hit, I was insulted and abused. I was neglected, I was shamed for my needs, I was left to my own devices, I was left without clean clothes to wear, without a comb, with no medical care, with no time in the bathroom in the morning, no help with homework (and my mother was a teacher, of course). I was dishevelled, slovenly, greasy, unprepared, falling back, sleep deprived, bullied, angry, depressed, desperate, stressed, anxious, ashamed. I was shamed BECAUSE my mother was a teacher. I was shamed BECAUSE my father was a musician, I was shamed BECAUSE my sister was an athlete. I was shamed because I wasn't special in any way, not like them.
I was told to be friends with a girl because her mother was rich and my parents were telling me I needed to hang on to that girl in order to marry her. I was 5. I was just happy to have a friend at all.
Growing up I was the target of homophobes. I was bullied at school. My parents did nothing. I was victimized outside of the family, then dismissed by outsiders based on the fact that EVEN my family didn't support me and told the exterior that I was faking victimhood at home as well. I was mocked, shamed, and both sides supported each other in shaming and bullying me.
I was a free for all target.
I was always the object of contempt and ridicule by my family, always rejected, always disrespected, never included. That lasted for 30 years, until I said no more. Then true hell was unleashed on me.
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2023.06.08 05:48 Sufficient-Kiwi-6570 AITA.... IATA... You Decide. Out driving

I am the asshole in this situation. But humor me.
I was driving today - slightly above the speed limit. Out of nowhere this AF speeds behind me in the turning lane then merges into mine. I honk for him to slow down.
He puts his hand out the window like WTF.
I honk again, because there is no way this guy has just done this WTF card. Is he fcking* stupid?
He puts his hand out the window. WTF. Again. I honk for giggles because if he wants to be cute, I can be cute right back. So we go round and round, till he keeps his hand in the effing car. Good boy!!! Seriously, it was like I had to train him.
I decided I didn't want to deal with this f*ckface any longer and turned into the next turning lane. He pulled up beside me and started yelling that he was in a merge lane. No. He was in a turning lane, speeding, just to get five seconds ahead of everyone else. And now we were parked at a stoplight, in a cruel twist of irony.
I hate him. I hate all the fucking entitled shtty-a$$ people like him. The people who do not give right-of-way to pedestrians. The people that think it's ok to drive 35 to 40 in a 25 mph residential area because they are cool like that. And the fcking entitled little SOBs who think they can speed around someone who is technically speeding (3 above the limit) because if they don't get there fast enough dammit - five seconds faster - all hell will break loose.
I am through being nice or caring. AITA?
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