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2020.03.03 06:03 jonathanfrisby Maine Coronavirus News & Discussion - r/CoronavirusME

Welcome to CoronavirusME! This subreddit is devoted to coronavirus/COVID-19 news, discussion, information, and personal experiences directly related to Maine. Please find links to the official Maine CDC and government sources of information below.

2023.06.07 01:16 ryu289 What? And how does this not apply to heterosexuality?

From here:
One of the key elements of modern alphabet ideology that distinguishes it from gay rights is the denial of biological sex itself. Gays men are attracted to men. Gay women, women. Bisexuals to both sexes. What distinguishes gays from heterosexuals is simply their attraction to different body parts.
Again, what separates that from heterosexuality? How is heterosexuality not that?
Modern alphabet ideology denies sex itself as a category. Transhumanism is about “freeing” people from their bodies as if we are Cartesian souls shackled to flesh that must somehow be sloughed off. We are pure will, and the proper role of the body is nothing more than to provide pleasant sensations.
It is this same sort of claim that is now being made by “Minor Attracted Persons” activists, who claim that there are willing children who would engage in sexual relations with adults. The United Nations implies, without explanation, that children are capable of consenting to have sex with adults, and some psychologists have argued that such relationships can be healthy under the right circumstances, as long as no coercion is involved.
But that isn't what it is about. This is full of lies.
The regrettable truth is for much of the early gay-rights movement pedophilia was considered by many as just another oppressed identity. The ugliness of that truth is detailed in a 2001 Regent’s University Law Review essay by Steve Baldwin, “Child Molestation and the Homosexual Movement.” I take issue with some of Mr. Baldwin’s conclusions, but his factual presentation of pedophilias’ historical presence within the gay community is well documented….
Except the thing is full of lies so why trust it?
You see, despite claiming otherwise (and despite a deeply dishonest Associated Press “fact check” challenging the reality), Connecticut’s proposal to change the definition of “sexual orientation” in CT HB6638 does indeed open the door to the inclusion of pedophiles (not legalizing the actual pedophilic practices yet, but the sexual attraction to children as a recognized and legitimate paraphilia) as a protected sexual orientation.
But you say it's debunked. What evidence do you give otherwise?
His body of work and biography is impressive. A former Army Major, he describes it in a letter to the Connecticut State Legislation in submitted testimony regarding CT HB6638, a law I wrote about earlier:
Why can't you link to it?
Ah, here is how it begins:
What do you do if you spend your entire career standing up for gay civil rights, only to watch the movement get hijacked by an ideological group that wants to upend the basic moral framework of society?
It would be a tough call for a lot of people, but there is a growing movement of gay rights activists who are pushing back hard against the alphabet mob who are trying to sexualize children.
It’s a sure path to ostracism and a sure path to self-respect.
One such individual is Jeffery M. Cleghorn, an attorney who has spent his life working to defend gay rights and to help gay families navigate legal issues.
Except this is the only lawyer I can find with that name. Sounds like bullshit.
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2023.06.07 00:54 bvsveera Australia NBN FTTN: is it possible to use eero without my existing modem/router?

Hello everyone! I was wondering if I could get some help regarding my question. I currently have a D-Link DSL-2888A - which has been very problematic as of lately - that I’ve been using as a modem/router for my NBN fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) connection. Following a set of instructions from an Amazon review, I was able to get an eero 6 connected to this via Ethernet, get it updated to beyond version 6.6 - my ISP requires PPPoE and VLAN tagging - and get those set up.
With that out of the way, I tried plugging the DSL/phone cable directly into the eero with no luck. I tried holding the button on the bottom of the unit to perform a soft reset, but then it became stuck on the pairing mode (blue flashing light). Connected to it via the app, and it said it could not get online despite me entering my ISP details, setting WAN to PPPoE and VLAN ID. The only way I can get the eero to work is to plug the DSL line into my D-Link (and set it up as per usual with ISP login/PPPoE/VLAN), then connect the eero to one of the LAN ports - creating a double NAT (indicated by the eero itself having a 192.168 WAN IP address).
Is there any way to use my eero without my D-Link modem/router? As mentioned, the D-Link is very problematic - it drops connection around 6 pm almost every day, and also has a tendency to massively reduce speed, then restart some mornings - very troublesome for online classes, and doing anything online, really. A visit by an NBN tech determined that the D-Link may be at fault, even though I only purchased it last year after my previous Netgear D6400 completely stopped picking up my line.
I, perhaps naively, assumed that eero introducing PPPoE and VLAN support would mean it could eliminate the need for our existing modem/routers. FTTN/copper users don’t get network termination devices (NTDs). If that isn’t the case - and my D-Link continues to screw up - then as much as I’ve come to love this eero and its app, I’ll probably have to try to arrange a return at JB Hi-Fi, and see what I can get to replace my flaky D-Link. I know this is an Eero-focused sub, but if any of you have recommendations, I’d be grateful to hear them. It appears the TP-Link Deco is a combined modem/router?
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2023.06.07 00:52 Maximum_Comedian_708 AC “broken” and no timeline on a repair - what to do next?

So the building I live in has had some AC problems since it was turned on about a week ago, where basically the AC doesn’t work at all (they say 50% of the building has it, but everyone I’ve asked has said they don’t have any) and I’m wondering if there is any action that can be taken.
For reference, the building has begun to get more and more cheap with repairs and it wasn’t until I contacted the property management company that I got my broken lock fixed a few months ago (was literally to the point where if someone wasn’t home to lock from inside, the unit would be accessible to anyone)
They’ve posted some wonderful alert that says “they’re working on it” but with no real timeline provided. My dog has already shown adverse reactions to the heat in the unit that we’re working around and we have as many fans in the apartment that will fit but it’s still super hot.
Is there anything I can do aside from hoping they’re actually going to fix it?
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2023.06.07 00:50 rave-rebel Who should apply v

I’m a recent graduate of a well-known public university in the United States, white male, with interest in medical school. I feel as if I check all the boxes, but am curious if applying is worth it. Are fulbrights only awarded to certain age groups, demographics, etc? I guess I’m just looking for feedback outside of the (sort of lacking) information provided on the Fulbright website.
Specifically, I’d like to apply as an ETA. I have previous experience in Nepal!
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2023.06.07 00:49 Mike5055 HOA trying to overcharge for Hybrid vehicle

Hello - I bought a plug in hybrid car recently and am starting to have an issue with my HOA. I live in a 10 unit building in Chicago and my HOA just reached out that they were going to begin charging me $50/month for using the community outlet in the garage to charge my vehicle.
There is no rule or guideline anywhere about fees to use the outlet. Further, my car tracks how many kWh it uses and where, so I can provide exact usage and combine that with the average kwh charges, pay for my usage. To give you an idea, if I do 10x the kwh charge, I would only owe ~$14 for May - my wife and I don't exactly drive a lot.
I suggested this, but I'm curious if I have any recourse if they claim $50 is the fee but it isn't listed in any rules we have.
Appreciate the help and hope they're reasonable!
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2023.06.07 00:47 hijoput4 Don't sleep thinking firefox protects your privacy...

Since most people don't check the privacy agreements, here it is:
Privacy Notice Firefox Privacy Notice
Effective August 1, 2022 {: datetime="2022-08-01" } At Mozilla, we believe that privacy is fundamental to a healthy internet.
That’s why we build Firefox, and all our products, to give you greater control over the information you share online and the information you share with us. We strive to collect only what we need to improve Firefox for everyone.
In this Privacy Notice, we explain what data Firefox shares and point you to settings to share even less. We also adhere to the practices outlined in the Mozilla privacy policy for how we receive, handle and share information we collect from Firefox. Firefox by default shares data to: Improve performance and stability for users everywhere {: #health-report }
Interaction data: Firefox sends data about your interactions with Firefox to us (such as number of open tabs and windows; number of webpages visited; number and type of installed Firefox Add-ons; and session length) and Firefox features offered by Mozilla or our partners (such as interaction with Firefox search features and search partner referrals). Technical data: Firefox sends data about your Firefox version and language; device operating system and hardware configuration; memory, basic information about crashes and errors; outcome of automated processes like updates, safebrowsing, and activation to us. When Firefox sends data to us, your IP address is temporarily collected as part of our server logs. 
Read the telemetry documentation for Desktop, Android, or iOS or learn how to opt-out of this data collection on Desktop and Mobile. {: #telemetry } Search {: #defaultsearch }
You can perform searches directly from several places in Firefox, including the Awesome Bar, Search Bar, or on a New Tab. We receive data about how you engage with search in Firefox and the number of searches you request from our search partners.
Location data: When you first use Firefox, it uses your IP address to set your default search provider based on your country. Learn more. Search queries: Firefox by default sends search queries to your search provider to help you discover common phrases other people have searched for and improve your search experience if your selected search provider supports search suggestions. Learn more, including how to disable this feature. Links to our default search providers are: Google Microsoft (Bing) If you enable "Improve the Firefox Suggest Experience," we and our partners may also receive your search queries. Learn more below. 
Recommend relevant content
Firefox displays content, such as Add-on Recommendations, Top Sites (websites suggested by Mozilla for first-time Firefox users), and Pocket Recommendations (which is part of the Mozilla family).
Location data: Firefox uses your IP address to suggest relevant content based on your country and state. Technical & Interaction data: Firefox sends us data such as the position, size and placement of content we suggest, as well as basic data about your interactions with content. This includes the number of times content is displayed or clicked. Pocket Recommendations: We recommend content to you based on your browsing history, language, and country location. The process of deciding which stories you should see based on your browsing history happens locally in your copy of Firefox, and neither Mozilla nor Pocket receives a copy of your browsing history. To help you see relevant Pocket Recommendations based on your location, Firefox shares your language and country location with Pocket. Mozilla and Pocket receive aggregated data about the recommendations you see and click. We also share aggregated data about the sponsored content you see and click with our third-party ad platform Adzerk so advertisers can see how many people click on their articles. This aggregated data does not identify you personally. Top Sites: When you click on a Sponsored Top Sites tile on New Tab, we share your country, region, county (if you're in the US), the tile you clicked, and the time you clicked with AdMarketplace (a third-party referral platform) to verify you navigated to the website. Firefox does not share your IP address or any other information that could be used to identify you. Add-on and Feature Recommendations: We recommend Add-ons in two places: the Manage Your Extensions Page (about:addons) and the Awesome Bar, where you search or type in URLs. We may also recommend Firefox Features in the Awesome Bar. We base the recommendations in about:addons on a cookie. We base the recommendations in the Awesome Bar on your interaction with Firefox. Mozilla does not receive your browser history. The process happens locally in your own computer’s copy of Firefox. Learn More about Awesome Bar recommendations or Extensions Page recommendations. 
Improve security for users everywhere {: #security }
Webpage data to DNS Resolver service: For some Firefox users, Firefox routes DNS requests to a resolver service that has agreed to Mozilla’s strict privacy standards for resolvers. This provides added protection from privacy leaks to local networks and also from certain DNS security attacks. System logs of your DNS requests are deleted from the service within 24 hours and are only used for the purpose of DNS resolution. Learn more or see our default DNS resolver service providers below:
Cloudflare NextDNS Comcast CIRA Shaw 
Technical data for updates: Desktop versions of Firefox check for browser updates by persistently connecting to Mozilla servers. Your Firefox version, language, and device operating system are used to apply the correct updates. Mobile versions of Firefox may connect to another service if you used one to download and install Firefox. Learn more. {: #auto-updates }
Technical data for add-ons blocklist: Firefox for Desktop and Android periodically connect to Mozilla to protect you and others from malicious add-ons. Your Firefox version and language, device operating system, and list of installed add-ons are needed to apply and update the add-ons blocklist. Learn more.
Webpage and technical data to Google’s SafeBrowsing service: To help protect you from malicious downloads, Firefox sends basic information about unrecognized downloads to Google's SafeBrowsing Service, including the filename and the URL it was downloaded from.Learn more or read Google’s Privacy Policy. Opting out prevents Firefox from warning you of potentially illegitimate or malicious websites or downloaded files.
Webpage and technical data to Certificate Authorities: When you visit a secure website (usually identified with a URL starting with "HTTPS"), Firefox validates the website's certificate. This may involve Firefox sending certain information about the website to the Certificate Authority identified by that website. Opting out increases the risk of your private information being intercepted. Learn more. Crash reports {: #crash-reporter }
By default on desktop versions of Firefox, we will ask you to share a report with more detailed information about crashes with Mozilla, but you always have the choice to decline.
Sensitive data: Crash reports include a ‘dump file’ of Firefox’s memory contents at the time of the crash, which may contain data that identifies you or is otherwise sensitive to you. Webpage data: Crash reports include the active URL at time of crash. Technical data: Crash reports include data on why Firefox crashed and the state of device memory and execution during the crash. 
Read the full documentation here. Measure and support our marketing
Campaign and Referral Data: This helps Mozilla understand the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. {: #referraltracking } On Desktop: Firefox by default sends Mozilla HTTP data that may be included with Firefox’s installer. This enables us to determine the website domain or advertising campaign (if any) that referred you to our download page. Read the documentation or opt-out before installation. On Mobile: Firefox for iOS and Android by default send mobile campaign data to Adjust, our analytics vendor, which has its own privacy policy. Mobile campaign data includes a Google advertising ID or Android ID, IP address, timestamp, country, language/locale, operating system, and app version. Read the documentation. {: #thirdparty } 
Firefox Suggest and Top Pick {: #searches }
Mozilla is developing a new feature that helps deliver you better information with less effort. It’s called Firefox Suggest and an early version of it is currently available to users in the United States. By default, Firefox Suggest shows you recommended and sponsored content based on local data stored on your own computer, such as websites from your browsing history, bookmarks and open tabs.
Sites you visit: Firefox sends Mozilla which suggestions you click or dismiss and Mozilla may share that data with its partners. Location data: Firefox temporarily sends Mozilla your IP address which we use to suggest content based on your country, state, and city. Mozilla may share location information with our partners, but partners will not receive your IP address. Technical & interaction data: Firefox sends Mozilla data such as the number of times Firefox suggests or displays content and your clicks on that content, as well as basic data about your interactions with Firefox Suggest. Mozilla shares information with our partners about how many times suggestions are shown and clicked for verification and feature improvement. 
If you choose to enable "Improve the Firefox Suggest Experience," Firefox shares the following information to improve your browsing experience and to improve the service:
Searches: Firefox sends Mozilla what you type into the search bar and Mozilla may share that data with its partners. 
We take measures to limit our and our partners’ ability to identify you. Learn more. If you use these features, Firefox will share data to provide you functionality and help us improve our products and services: {: #optional-features } Firefox Accounts
Registration data: Mozilla receives your email address and a hash of your password when you create a Firefox Account or sign-up to Join Firefox. You can choose to include a display name or profile image. Your email address is sent to our email vendor, Acoustic, which has its own privacy policy. Location data: For security purposes, we store the IP addresses used to access your Firefox Account in order to approximate your city and country. We use this data to send you email alerts if we detect suspicious activity, such as account logins from other locations. Interaction data: We receive data such as your visits to the Firefox Accounts website, dashboards and menu preferences, what products and services you use in connection with your Firefox Account, and your interactions with our emails and SMS messages. We use this to understand your use of our products and services and to send you more useful Firefox Account Tips and in-product messages. Technical data: To display which devices are synced to your Firefox Account and for security functionality, we store your device operating system, browser and version, timestamp, locale, and the same information for devices connected to your account. If you use your Firefox Account to log into other websites or services (such as AMO or Pocket), we receive the timestamp of those log-ins. 
Read the full documentation or learn more, including how to manage your Firefox Account data or our data practices for websites and email. You can also read the privacy notices for our Firefox Account connected services, which are:
Firefox Monitor Firefox Notes Firefox Sync Firefox Relay Mozilla VPN 
Sync {: #sync }
Synced data: If you enable Sync, Mozilla receives the information that you sync across devices in encrypted form. This may include Firefox tabs, add-ons, passwords, payment autofill information, bookmarks, history, and preferences. Deleting your Firefox Account will delete related Firefox Sync content. You can also read the documentation. Technical and Interaction data: If you enable sync, Firefox will periodically send basic information using Telemetry about the most recent attempt to sync your data, such as when it took place, whether it succeeded or failed, and what type of device is attempting to sync. You can also read the documentation. 
Learn more, including how to enable or disable sync. Location {: #location-services }
Location data to Google's geolocation service: Firefox always asks before determining and sharing your location with a requesting website (for example, if a map website needs your location to provide directions). To determine location, Firefox may use your operating system’s geolocation features, Wi-fi networks, cell phone towers, or IP address, and may send this data to Google's geolocation service, which has its own privacy policy. 
Learn more. Website notifications {: #push-notifications }
Connection data: If you allow a website to send you notifications, Firefox connects with Mozilla and uses your IP address to relay the message. Mozilla cannot access the content of messages. Interaction data: We receive aggregate data such as the number of Firefox subscriptions and unsubscriptions to website notifications, number of messages sent, timestamps, and senders (which may include specific website providers). 
Read the full documentation or learn more, including how to revoke website notifications. Add-ons {: #addons }
You can install Add-ons from addons.mozilla.org (“AMO”) or from the Firefox Add-ons Manager, which is accessible from the Firefox menu button in the toolbar.
Search queries: Search queries in the Add-on Manager are sent to Mozilla to provide you with suggested Add-ons. Interaction data: We receive aggregate data about visits to the AMO website and the Add-ons Manager in Firefox, as well as interactions with content on those pages. Read about data practices on Mozilla websites. Technical data for updates: Firefox periodically connects with Mozilla to install updates to Add-ons. Your installed Add-ons, Firefox version, language, and device operating system are used to apply the correct updates. 
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2023.06.07 00:47 Flaky-Hunter9979 Passport renewal troubles

Passport renewal troubles
So I went to the post office to try to get my passport renewed by mail, and I brought all of the documents in (application, picture, passport) and they told me I could not get it renewed by mail. I had to do a new passport application and make an in person appointment because it was my first time getting a passport as an adult. I got my passport when I was 17. I am now 27. It expired this month (10 years later as all adult passports do- a children’s passport is only valid for five years) However, I read through the guidelines of both the new passport application and they renewal application and they both indicate I should be able to do a renewal. Please see the pictures I attached. Can someone explain to me what I’m not understanding?
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2023.06.07 00:45 VenusaurTrainer My Wishlist for Stormgate

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2023.06.07 00:43 AA56561 [Event] The Chinese Space Sector - The best in the World (soon at least)


Over the past two decades, the People’s Republic of China has established itself as a major player in space, second only to the United States of America (and the Russian Federation, depending on who you ask). This has been an incredible achievement, and the Chinese people owe it to their world-class scientists, engineers, and other professionals who made this possible. Yet, this is not the end, but rather merely the beginning, with China’s space program seemingly having a very bright future. Unlike in the Soviet Union, where the space program was viewed as a program whose sole use was for propaganda, Beijing is aware of the massive economic benefits a space program can bring, from pioneering new technologies to even possibly allowing for the gathering of resources in space - the possibilities are seemingly endless.
The People’s Republic of China sees space as the “next big thing”, an area in which all great powers of the world will soon come to clash to secure their vital national interest. In order to ensure that China is placed at the very forefront of capabilities and investments in space, Beijing has decided to increase the budget of the China National Space Administration from roughly $9 billion annually to more than $15 billion, with it set to reach $30 billion by 2030. While this may seem like a large investment, it will constitute less than 10% of the budget for the People’s Liberation Army in 2030. The increased budget of the CNSA will allow it to develop a greater number of more complex and capable satellites, while also allowing it to prepare for eventual manned missions to Mars, as well as the establishment of a manned base on the moon.
The funds will also allow for an increased research and development budget, which will now be able to focus on new sectors and technologies. Already, the CNSA has made clear top priorities for the new R&D budget will be:
  • advanced rocketry - especially engines
  • satellite technologies
  • space exploration
  • space science
Additionally, the Chinese government will ensure a program is established which will nurture and retain talent within China’s space industry, thereby increasing the knowledge and abilities of the industry as a whole. Careers at the CNSA, for those who qualify, will be very attractive, not only in terms of salary but also in terms of opportunities, with promotions being handed out quickly to those who deserve them. A constant exchange between the academia of the People’s Republic of China and the CNSA and other parts of the Chinese space industry will be established, to make constant improvements on systems and processes, and build trust between these two groups. At top universities, the best and brightest of Chinese students will be allowed to enroll in programs which will see them learn at universities, all the while also already starting jobs and internships within China’s space industry.
In a first, the Chinese government will seek to commercialize its operations, opening the door for private companies (which must be Chinese) to become an active part of China’s space industries. While some in the CNSA have decried this plan, China must recognize that private companies can spur development of new technologies, attract further investment and also spur economic growth. It will provide the possibility for more Chinese companies and businesses to help leverage their expertise to put China on track to become the world’s true space superpower. The CNSA will cooperate with private companies, and will invest in startups, in order to create an innovative, vibrant and thriving space industry ecosystem which will bring China’s unmatched academic and industrial capabilities into the fight.
With this increased investment, the China National Space Administration will begin an out-reach program, supported by the Chinese Communist Party, to the Chinese people. China Central Television, as well as other major television channels, will begin to introduce many segments on the importance of space, as well as on the work of the China National Space Administration. Schools will introduce voluntary special projects that in some way are related to exploring space. Beijing hopes that this push will inspire a new generation of Chinese engineers, scientists, and taikonauts to take up the mantle. It has been recognized by the CCP that Public support and engagement are vital for sustaining long-term growth and success of the CNSA.
President Xi Jinping himself has commented on this new “space push” by the People’s Republic of China:
“The work of the Chinese National Space Administration has never been so important. Today, as we embark on a journey which will take us to Mars and beyond, let us strive for a better world, a world in which humanity unites, transcends boundaries and truly becomes the master of its own destiny. The People’s Republic of China is willing to cooperate with any partner to aid humanity in becoming a civilization of the stars, and not simply the earth. - Xi Jinping, President of the PRC
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2023.06.07 00:37 DreamCatch22 Over $200k unrealized gains from my Microvision YOLO. More DD included.

Over $200k unrealized gains from my Microvision YOLO. More DD included.
Still holding. MVIS to the moon.
Here is some more DD on MVIS:
Revolutionizing Perception: Microvision's MEMS-based Tech Unveils the Future of AI and Augmented Reality!
Today, we dive into the captivating world of artificial intelligence, machine vision, and computer perception with a special focus on the groundbreaking technology of Microvision.
🔍 Peeking into the Future of Vision
Microvision, a pioneer in the tech industry, has been silently shaping the future of perception. Their secret weapon? MEMS-based technology and laser beam scanning, unlocking unprecedented possibilities for artificial intelligence, machine vision, and computer perception. Let's dive into the mesmerizing innovations they're spearheading!
🌟 Laser Beam Scanning: A Game-Changer
Microvision's laser beam scanning technology has sent shockwaves through the industry. By using microscopic mirrors on tiny silicon chips, they've developed a revolutionary scanning system that produces high-quality, real-time images. This breakthrough opens up endless opportunities in various sectors, including lidar and augmented reality.
💡 Lidar Redefined: Precision in Motion
Lidar technology has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, thanks to its role in autonomous vehicles, drones, and robotics. Microvision's MEMS-based lidar technology takes it to a whole new level. By leveraging their laser beam scanning prowess, they've created a lidar solution that offers exceptional precision, reliability, and efficiency. Buckle up, because the self-driving revolution just got a whole lot smarter!
👓 Augmented Reality: A New Lens to the World
Augmented reality (AR) has long been the stuff of sci-fi dreams, but Microvision is turning those dreams into reality. Their MEMS-based technology enables the creation of sleek, lightweight, and highly efficient AR displays. Imagine a world where digital information seamlessly blends with the real world, enriching your experiences and transforming the way we interact with our surroundings. That future is closer than you think, thanks to Microvision's remarkable strides in AR.
👓Headsets and NEAR EYE DISPLAYS: IVAS and HoloLens; Microvision's Visionary Collaborations
Microvision's groundbreaking technology has caught the attention of tech giants, leading to exciting collaborations that further amplify their impact. Let's explore two notable projects: the Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) and HoloLens, both of which leverage Microvision's cutting-edge MEMS-based technology.
🔮 IVAS: A Leap Forward in Military Technology
The Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) is a collaboration between Microvision and the United States Army that aims to revolutionize military operations. IVAS integrates Microvision's laser beam scanning technology into advanced military helmets, providing soldiers with unprecedented situational awareness and augmented reality capabilities.
Imagine soldiers equipped with smart helmets that overlay critical information, such as maps, enemy positions, and mission-critical data, directly onto their field of view. Microvision's MEMS-based technology enables precise, real-time scanning and projection, allowing soldiers to access vital information while keeping their focus on the mission at hand. The potential impact on military operations, training, and safety is immense.
🕶️ HoloLens: Augmented Reality for the Masses
Microvision's collaboration with Microsoft on the HoloLens, an iconic augmented reality headset, has captured the imagination of tech enthusiasts worldwide. The HoloLens takes Microvision's laser beam scanning technology and pairs it with Microsoft's expertise in software and user experience, delivering an immersive augmented reality experience like no other.
With the HoloLens, users can step into a world where digital content blends seamlessly with the real world. From interactive gaming and entertainment experiences to revolutionary productivity tools and immersive educational applications, the possibilities are endless. Microvision's MEMS-based technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring the HoloLens offers stunning visuals, precise tracking, and a truly magical augmented reality experience.
🚀 Unleashing the Future Together.
The collaborations between Microvision, the United States Army for IVAS, and Microsoft for HoloLens exemplify the power of synergy in driving technological advancements. By combining Microvision's MEMS-based laser beam scanning technology with the expertise of these industry leaders, we're witnessing the birth of groundbreaking solutions that push the boundaries of AI, machine vision, and augmented reality.
As investors and tech enthusiasts, these collaborations represent exciting growth opportunities. The potential applications of IVAS in military operations and the widespread adoption of HoloLens by consumers and enterprises alike could drive significant demand for Microvision's technology and position the company at the forefront of the AR revolution.
📈 Investment Potential: A Diamond in the Rough?
Now, let's talk turkey. As savvy traders, it's crucial to evaluate the investment potential of such groundbreaking technologies. Microvision's laser beam scanning technology has garnered attention from major players in various industries. The market for lidar and augmented reality is projected to explode in the coming years, and Microvision is positioning itself as a key player.
Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research and consult with professionals before making investment decisions.
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2023.06.07 00:31 binkiebootiesxx [Tenant-IL] Apartment needs proof that I don’t have my car anymore

I just want to know if this is common practice and what I can do about the situation. I moved in to a 250 unit apartment complex and recently my transmission went out amongst some other problems the car had and it was cheaper for me to buy a used car than to pay for all the repairs, however I have a loan on the car that I’m still paying off. I told my apartment manager that I don’t have my old car anymore and if I can get a sticker for the new one. She said sure but that I have to provide proof that I sold/junked/got rid of the car. I can’t do any of that because it’s still under the loan. I had the car towed to my dads because he owns his house so it’s just sitting there. I’m completely lost on how to get around this and now I can’t park my new car and risk getting towed until I can get a sticker. There’s no off street parking nearby either. Is it normal for them to ask for proof like this?
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2023.06.07 00:23 feeltheday June 2023 Rakuten Referral Link

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2023.06.07 00:22 CobaltIgnus [GM4A playing F.] Reclaim the lost.

The year is 3037, and Humanity has lost complete control of the planet to a vicious alien species called the Ascendant. These beings come in various forms, and are all capable of adapting to new environments. Constantly reworking themselves to ensure that they are the Apex Predator of the land they find themselves in. From developing active Camouflage to blend into the jungle to sprouting wings to soar through rocky mountains, and even transforming into snake like forms to easily traverse the sewers of cities. Their objective is unknown to humanity. Their leader is unknown. All that is known is their insatiable hunger for all things organic, and that if nothing is done to combat them... then Humanity is doomed to destruction. One of the few remaining Bastions for Humanity, Mintaka, has been working with its sister cities to create the Artemis. Complex lifelike Androids designed to wield weapons of mass destruction deemed to dangerous or impractical for humans to wield. These androids were originally designed to occupy the borders of the cities, and to keep the Ascendant from advancing into the city. But defending isn't enough. The Higher ups of these three cities don't want to protect what little humans remain within the world, they want to reclaim the land that humanity once occupied centuries ago. To do that they've begin the production of Special Ops Artemis units. Androids built with the ability to think more freely and critically so that they can be deployed far from the city to operate independently for days at a time. Of course an Android can't be trusted to always do what is in the best interest for Humanity, and so special human operatives have been created to accompany these Androids into the field. Though they are incapable of wielding such powerful weaponry, and therefore more reliant on their Artemis unit for heavy combat, these humans are augmented to ensure that when conflict does occur they can keep themselves safe while providing a variety of tactical support for their Artemis. This story will follow one such Artemis unit as they are assigned a Human as a part of the Special Operations program, and given the goal of delving deep into Ascendant controlled cities to perform a variety of missions meant to set up the foundation for Reclamation of the planet.
Extra Info Hello!
As of late I've been super invested in Post Apocalyptic stories such as Nier: Automata, and Nikke! So I've decided to create my own plot, and am looking for someone to play as an Artemis Android! If you're interested, or have any questions at all about the story, please don't hesitate to ask! Below are some extra bits of info I feel you'll need to know!
- I am over the age of 21, and therefore you do need to be over 18. I just don't feel comfortable rping with anyone younger. - I only rp on Discord, as I find it much easier to manage things there instead of here on Reddit. - I am always happy to listen to your ideas, so please don't hesitate to share any and all you have with me! Even if its one you may think aren't good, I'm always happy to work with you to make it work for the story! - There will be some setup for the Rp, such as a small questioning bit in which a companion will be chosen based on your characters answers! I do plan to include a variety of events that will change the course of the story, which does mean that some decisions made can carry some weight!
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2023.06.07 00:16 activematrix99 720P reliable media player

I've had a Brightsign unit providing video for a hotel channel for the past 3 years, and I'm looking for a second device for media playback for the same application. The brightsign is a bit overpriced and difficult to swap out media remotely. 1) play a mp4 media file from SD card 2) resume playing after power outage and not require restarting or intervention. They only want to swap videos about every 2-3 years.
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2023.06.07 00:06 BPeace1136 [Recruiting][A3][EST/PST][18+] 1st Recon Battalion Realism Unit. A Friendly, Fun, and Realistic Milsim. 4 Years of Realism!

[Recruiting][A3][EST/PST][18+] 1st Recon Battalion Realism Unit. A Friendly, Fun, and Realistic Milsim. 4 Years of Realism!
Who Are We?
The 1st Recon Battalion Realism Unit is the successor unit of the 1st Marine Detachment Team, a unit focused on realism while providing exciting and enjoyable missions to the players. We focus on providing story-tailored campaigns and open-ended missions so that the members craft their ending through their performance and the choices they make.
What Makes Our Unit Different?
-Our consistency to remain loyal and transparent to the players, many unit changes are prompted through members' input.-Our leadership is hard-working. Our staff teams and NCOs are chosen based on their performance and how they stand out amongst the rest of the unit members.-We remain vigilant against stagnation, and are constantly working towards projecting ourselves as a professional unit that members are proud to be part of.-Everyone is community oriented. Sometimes weekly operations aren't enough, and players are constantly interacting with one another outside of operations, not only in Arma, but in other games outside of milsim as well.
What Are Our Operations Like?
Our operations embody realistic missions that a Marine Corps Force Recon unit would conduct. Some of them are based on real-life conflicts, others may be fictional, but the missions themselves revolve around Direct Action Raids, COIN operations, Amphibious Warfare against both conventional and non-conventional entities, and other types of operations that may change depending on the story of the campaign itself.
Unit Features And Information
• Well explained, realistic campaign with a dynamic storyline
• Established leadership structure with a clear chain of command
•Modern tactics and procedures that add an aura of realism to the unit
• A transparent command where the unit is consulted on major decisions
• Dedicated Arma 3 and Teamspeak Servers
• Operations on every Saturday at 9:00 PM EST, with training and meetings scattered throughout the week
• You must be 18 or older
• You must have a legal copy of Arma 3, though no DLC is required • You must have a working microphone • You must be proficient in English • You must be willing to be mature and dedicated to the unit
How do I join?:Simply join our discord and a recruiter will contact you. Thanks for your time, and I hope you consider joining the 1st!
As well, take a look a video of one of our more recent operations!
Video Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ax6jauzbnmipg6/Operation%20Encore%20Week%209%20Final%20Cut.mp4?dl=0
Discord: https://discord.gg/1streconbat
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2023.06.07 00:04 not63 [HELP] torsocks wget -m "onionwebsite.onion" wget: unable to resolve host address

ok so I am trying to clone a .onion website. for the sake of this im trying to clone;
I run the command:
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I get this error: torsocks wget -m 2gzyxa5ihm7nsggfxnu52rck2vv4rvmdlkiu3zzui5du4xyclen53wid.onion
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Resolving 2gzyxa5ihm7nsggfxnu52rck2vv4rvmdlkiu3zzui5du4xyclen53wid.onion (2gzyxa5ihm7nsggfxnu52rck2vv4rvmdlkiu3zzui5du4xyclen53wid.onion)... failed: nodename nor servname provided, or not known.
wget: unable to resolve host address ‘2gzyxa5ihm7nsggfxnu52rck2vv4rvmdlkiu3zzui5du4xyclen53wid.onion’

I dont know what to do? Could someone help please? And also is it possible to clone .onion websites that require login and to pass a human verification wall? If yes how?
PS: I am running everything on a MacBook Pro, and wget works fine to clone clear web websites. Also my dns is
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2023.06.06 23:49 PM_ME_YOUR_ROBOTGIRL Character Database: The Aeons, Part 1 (VERY LONG)

Character Database: The Aeons, Part 1 (VERY LONG)
Okay so basically I read everything, let's do this shit.

Notes Before We Start

The original intent behind this post was to serve as a database for every single major lore character in the game, starting with the Aeons. Unfortunately, though, I vastly underestimated its length when I started writing it, thinking I'd easily be able to do it all within one post. I was not!
Initially, I decided to just separate the post into two parts, the Aeons and the mortal characters. This didn't pan out, because the Aeon section also ended up being massive! So now I have to split it up into 3+ parts. The first two parts about the Aeons will go up soon since it's all already written, this part right now and the next part either tomorrow or possibly in a few days once everyone's less busy doing the update. The benefit is that this arrangement allows me to go into greater detail about each individual Aeon -- if I'm able (thank you Oroboros for being mentioned like twice in the whole game)
The third part which should hopefully be only one post and is about the mortal characters will almost certainly have to wait until I'm completely done with the update. The reason why this is so is because the update is guaranteed to introduce more lore about mortal characters, whereas I think the likelihood of it giving us more Aeon lore is comparatively lower (though it could still happen).
I also need a break. Just writing this post took me a week, let alone the time it took to read almost everything that's in the game - it's safe to say that I dedicated myself to this for the entire second half of 1.0. If I go all in and write everything at once, I'm gonna burn out for sure.

While corrections and additions are welcome, I just want everyone to remember that leaks are against the rules, so please make sure to have an official source on hand if you're going to tell me anything. I might not be able to edit this post once it goes up due to sheer length, but I'm sure people can just read the comments and get the info that way.

That being said, before we start properly, we'll have to take a little diversion.

The Structure of the Universe

I dreamed of a ray of light of a crystal chalice.
I despise reading about and explaining this because miHoYo went out of their way to make it the most confusing thing imaginable.
The in-game characters aren't even sure how their own universe works and miHoYo has provided little to no official unbiased explanations, so I'll just be borrowing Zandar "One" Kuwabara's theory here because HI3 more or less supports it and although alternate theories are mentioned in HSR, none have been explained yet.

Imaginary Tree

To understand the nature of the Aeons and of the other characters, you must first understand Reality, as the Aeons are inherently linked to it. Sit down, strap in. Maybe listen to some music.
Okay so think of the universe as being like a tree in a spatial and temporal sense. It's not literally that, but it works like that.
Space-time is defined by a collection of an unimaginably numerous amount of branches. Such branches define independent worlds and expand outwards, forming leaves that mark those worlds at different development stages in spacetime - thus each leaf is a world. These 'worlds' are defined as 'galaxies', a confusing term since it is also used to refer to the universe as a whole. What's important to note is that a "world" is often more than simply a single individual planet, and they may have different attributes (for example, the world Punklorde is entirely cybernetic)
The development of those branches occurs as they absorb imaginary energy from the vasculature provided by the trunk. The trunk's got some funny stuff going on with a sea of quanta or whatever but this is HI3 stuff that has not proven relevant to HSR specifically yet - the Sea of Quanta does exist here (obviously), as proven by the crafting material "Quantum Ripples". But getting into it would muddy the waters. Just know that when a world has run its course, it "falls" into the Sea of Quanta and is destroyed (from the perspective of the HSR mortals, it just 'disappears')
Imaginary energy constitutes a space which separates each branch and leaf and world from one another, making passage generally impossible unless one can manipulate imaginary energy. Because of this, for a very long time it was impossible for creatures to gain passage or even be able to observe other worlds (galaxies) until the Aeons appeared and granted them the ability to do so. More on this later. It's possible for a mortal being to enter Imaginary space through certain means but they'll quickly die without some form of protection or the ability to manipulate Imaginary energy.
Zandar's understanding is that imaginary energy was formed by the thoughts of intelligent beings, and the Aeon's ability to traverse imaginary space is what caused the worlds to be similar. Which is half true, but Elias Salas later proved that imaginary energy exists on its own and is entirely unique, which messes with the foundations of the theory. But it's our best bet.

Okay but who cares though

Why is this relevant? The worlds contained within the leaves of the tree may have different attributes but share certain similarities - most notably, the recurrence of certain individuals. Those individuals are separate from each other and have their own memories and life experiences, but have a certain likeliness that links them. And that is why there are many Bronyas. And many Wendy's, some even male. And many Kianas. And maybe even many Himekos as well. Notably, there is an in-universe theory named the "Parallel Imaging Theory", which may suggest people are aware of this phenomenon.
Because HSR's plotline and lore involves the traversal between multiple different worlds, it is possible for multiple versions (different individual) of the same character to appear within the game. So yeah.
The biggest misconception people have about HSR, and one that I myself held for some time until I started reading everything, is that they assume it's localized to one Leaf in the Imaginary Tree.
This is a misconception made possible, and more complicated, by several factors:
  • the fact that the Imaginary Tree is probably best explained as a contiguous multiverse, but miHoYo is extremely insistent on calling it just "the Honkai Universe", because they're eccentric I guess. It's just really Kinoko "HER NAME IS ALTRIA" Nasu-type stuff.
  • the fact that people tend to visualize the Imaginary Tree as being completely literal, and thus the branches are inherently apart from one another as they would on a tree. This is not helped by the fact that HI3 depicts the universe as a literal tree constantly, and when you see Youtube Video #198268 that says "THIS IS THE IMAGINARY TREE" and uses a HI3 screenshot showing a tree, people are gonna think "oh, this is just what the universe is" when in reality, it's better to think of the Honkai Universe as being a collection of worlds each with their own stars and galaxies and traits separated by an impermeable void that later Akivili connected. From the perspective of the inhabitants of the Honkai Universe, it's all one continuous space.
  • inconsistent terminology, even in this game, also caused by HI3's translation being awful and most summaries being made by people with a tenuous grasp of English at best (no offense)
HSR's lore takes place over the scope of the entire Honkai Universe and the different worlds. It is not a localized system. Welt and Void Archives didn't use some fancy technology to "jump universes", they (probably) just traveled the path Akivili made with their Star Rail, the same as every other intergalactic entity in HSR. That's it. Literally just used a spaceship.
I also imagine that it doesn't help that (and this is how I began to believe in the same misconception for a while) a lot of people used the "separate universes" argument to argue in favor of Genshin and HI3 being completely unrelated. Which, for the record, I still completely believe as plenty of evidence suggests they want Genshin players to not have to deal with the huge steamy backlog of lore baggage HI3 has, but it did make people think of each Honkai game as always being completely disconnected from one another in a very physical sense.

The Aeons



NOTE: The Honkai Star Rail wikia has little blurbs for each Aeon at the top of the respective pages. I'm not going to use them as a source, however, because I have absolutely no idea where they're from. My attempts to search for them led directly back to the wikia. Judging by the date they were added (June of last year), they correspond with CBT2, but if so then that text is gone from the game, so I can't really deem it worthy as a reliable source.
So what are they? Gods basically, but the specifics are more complicated.
The Imaginary element is defined by Welt as a "metaphysical aggregation of the spirit". In other words, it's a form of energy that can be influenced by the thoughts and actions of intelligent beings.
When an intelligent being of sufficient will fulfills certain, currently unknown, conditions, they take over a philosophical concept and become an Aeon. This opens a Path to that concept and grants the newly born Aeon not only the ability to manipulate Imaginary energy, but also complete control over the Imaginary expression of that concept - it becomes their "Primum Mobile", an imprint formed upon the Imaginary element.
That Path also becomes a form of energy that can be tapped into by various sources, and even begins to emerge naturally. The entry for "Topological Acceleration Band" implies that Path energy is limited, which would make sense, as Aeons seem to restrict their underlings' power instead of just giving all of it flat out, and the limitations imposed by this would also serve to explain why Nanook doesn't just, I dunno, blow up the entire universe. In any case, even if it is limited, it's such an extreme amount of energy that it may as well be limitless from the perspective of mortals.
In other words, they become an embodiment of a certain concept, and are able to exert their full will upon it. This appears to deprive them of a certain sense of personal identity - all Aeons are referred to with gender-neutral pronouns.
In the one record of an ascension that was witnessed (Lan's) that we currently have, the Aeon's physical body disappeared upon ascension. It remains unclear if this is true of all Aeons or not but there is definitely a physical change involved.
Aeons are able to freely move around Imaginary space and the leaves in the Imaginary tree at no harm to themselves and possess unimaginable power - Nanook's highest level underlings are capable of incinerating entire galaxies (worlds? The inconsistency of this term drives me crazy). They also possess a degree of ominiscience - not completely so, but it's fairly obvious that they're able to notice and interact with beings treading on their Path at basically any distance. They can also manifest physically if they so choose but the degree of this seems to vary on the Aeon. Qlipoth basically stays in one place building their wall whereas Fuli appears to be capable of teleporting. Lan runs at faster than light speeds throughout the universe. Aha is known for taking on a humanoid form. Akivili physically traveled with mortals.
Aeons can die, but it's difficult to pull this off. Only one Aeon is known to have been killed, and the deed was done by other Aeons. It is also possible for an Aeon to experience a form of death - if their Path overlaps too much with another, the Path representing the greater concept will absorb it, which effectively kills that Aeon.
There are other Aeons that have disappeared and are considered dead, but the ambiguity of their circumstances means that there's a possibility that like, I dunno, they're just hiding or something.
Aeons are limited by one another and their Paths. They cannot ever deviate from it - Xipe cannot create disorder, Yaoshi may not kill, etc. Therefore negotiating with an Aeon is impossible, they shouldn't even be treated as "people" you can "talk" to. Generally the universe tends towards balance - an out of control Aeon may be killed by other Aeons or be opposed by an Aeon whose Path limits theirs. Furthermore, an optional conversation with Welt implies that an Aeon's power at least partially corresponds to the broadness of their concept. Because Lan's Path is so narrow, they're one of the less powerful Aeons.
Who the first Aeon was or how old they are is unclear. The IPC seems to think the first ever Aeon was Qlipoth, but they're biased and in-universe this is doubted. What is certain is that they did not always exist - between the origin of the universe and the appearance of the Aeons, the universe was populated by entities called Leviathans. We know jack about them, other than they were very powerful, and as a result of something called the Dusk Wars, they either all died out or disappeared, except for the Aeon Oroboros the Voracity.

Aeons and Mortals

Before we get into this, one thing should be noted: once opened, a Path can never be closed, and so even if an Aeon dies, the energy of their Path is still accessible. That being said, if an Aeon does die/disappear, their Path can be infringed upon a little - Tayzzyronth 'carved up' the Permanence to become the Propagation, but the power of the Permanence still exists as seen with the Vidyadhara.
The Aeons can influence the universe in various ways, physical or otherwise. A favorite of many many Aeons is the empowering of certain underlings.
Mortals can access the energy of an Aeon's path to a very limited degree by becoming Pathstriders, but Aeons are capable of enhancing some more directly, giving them greater access to that Path's energy.
Some Aeons have their own little way of 'upgrading' mortals through indirect applications of their power, but all Aeons are capable of infusing a mortal with their energy, and such a mortal is referred to as an Emanator. Though they are capable of this, not all Aeons choose to have Emanators.


If a being of sufficient will possesses attributes aligning with a certain Path, they gain the ability to derive power from that Path's energy. This makes them more powerful than the average person and grants them some nifty abilities, but compared to beings enhanced by an Aeon's power, Emanators, or the Aeon themselves, they're pretty weak.
One example named by Dan Heng is that Pathstriders of the Trailblaze are able to resist extreme natural conditions to a certain extent, though they're not immune.
From a character standpoint, this seems to be the justification as for why certain characters have unexplained powers. But it's hard to tell, because the game rarely ever names someone as a Pathstrider, and even when it does, there's clear overlap (for example the Astral Express crew are Pathstriders of the Trailblaze but have individual Paths). It is not yet clarified if you can be a Pathstrider in multiple Paths at once or if this is just a gameplay abstraction, but the characters do generally match the Path assigned to them personality-wise to at least some extent, though some in more roundabout ways.


A mortal that was given direct access to the power of a Path by an Aeon. They are WAY stronger than Pathstriders, with the most powerful ones capable of affecting reality on a galactic scale. Like the Aeons, an Emanator is limited by the definition of that Path.
Emanators are capable of controlling Imaginary energy to a certain degree, which means they're also capable of traversing through Imaginary space without needing assistance. Herta, even through her puppet, is capable of creating a contract that forces the signee to obey "Imaginary law", which affects the entire universe and cannot be interacted with by outside forces. Six-phased ice, the ice March 7th is capable of controlling and was once encased with, has its form dictated by Imaginary law, meaning it likely exists with the blessing of some Aeon or another (Hm).
How much access to a Path's energy an Emanator has is dependent entirely on how much the Aeon feels like giving them. How independent an Emanator is also depends on the Aeon. Some Emanators can do whatever they want, whereas others act as extensions of that Aeon's will.
Aeons can make anyone they want into an Emanator, but most tend to choose mortals that align with their goals. Well except Aha, who is infamous for turning anyone and anything into an Emanator and often for the dumbest reasons imaginable.
Now because an Aeon needs to be active to turn people into Emanators, if an Aeon dies or disappears they can't make any more obviously. But because the Path is forever open, any existing Emanators will retain their powers even after the disappearance or death of their Aeon, as seen with Idrila's Mirror Holders.


\"Reach the end of the story in your own way. When the time comes to make a choice, make one you know you won't regret.\"
The Trailblaze, and the Xianzhou knows them as Cloudstrider.
They hail from the world of Pegana, which used a 12-month long year cycle similar to our planet, known as the Trailblaze Calendar. They're pretty old, and the records of their appearance date as far back as the first few Amber Eras.
Akivili created the Astral Express, the Star Rail, and the Chromatic Echelon that allows for the laying of new rails. They did so in order to reach the "endpoint" of the Imaginary Tree, unable to tolerate the idea of "that which must not be known". It's also rumored that there may be other machines such as the Express, but Himeko says the internal records don't mention any.
The rumor is that the Express' core is Akivili's heart, but as Himeko points out, they'd need two hearts for this, because the Express was contemporaneous with them.
Akivili is probably one of the most important Aeons, not just because the Express wouldn't exist without them, but because the Star Rail laid by them is capable of connecting different worlds between the vast barriers of Imaginary energy, therefore allowing different civilizations to contact and interact with each other without needing the power of the Aeons. All interworld space routes are based upon the Star Rail tracks though it's implied that the 'bridges' they created extend far beyond the actual railing.
In a sense, without Akivili, none of the plot would happen. As a matter of fact, if The Ones Above hail from another world, then maybe not even APHO from the other game would've happened either.
Akivili disappeared many years ago in circumstances so obscure that even the most informed groups have no idea what happened to them. Kafka tells us that if there's anyone or anything in the universe that would know, it'd be Nous. The game's omniscient narrator implies that Akivili's disappearance was due to "an accident".
The name Akivili is probably a distortion of the Latin "aquili", which means "of the eagle" or "of the north wind".


Akivili's followers are the Nameless, who were inspired by their route through the universe. Some Nameless chose to travel alone, but those that didn't joined Akivili in their Astral Express and journeyed together in great merriment, with Akivili taking on a mortal form and riding within the Express with them. Even after Akivili disappeared, some surviving Nameless managed to maintain and use the Astral Express, until the Star Rails fell into disrepair due to the Stellarons - over the course of this process, most of the remaining Nameless either retired, died or disappeared.
When this happened, the Astral Express ran aground and was set into a collision course with Himeko's world - on her birthday, no less - and she quickly hurried to the impact site, where she repaired the Express and took off with it. Sometime later, Pom-Pom appeared as well. Those two became the next generation of Nameless, and over time would add various other people to their group, such as Welt, March 7th, Dan Heng, the Trailblazer, and (temporarily) Void Archives.
Currently, no Emanators of the Trailblaze are known to exist.


Towers crumbled and the people fled, for the sun was soon to set and meet with vicious destruction.
The Destruction, also known by the Xianzhou as the Ruin Author.
Nanook is the newest Aeon to have ascended - if we assume that the Stellarons were sent out at about the same time as their ascension (optimistic, to be honest), then they're only about 500 years old. That's a lot of time for regular mortals, but easily within the lifespan of most long life species, and definitely far younger than the other Aeons.
Nanook was born (judging by Fuli's memory of them showcasing them as a baby) in the world of Adlivun, which had been devastated by Emperor Rubert I's campaigns and nearly turned into a hive by Tayzzyronth's Swarm. When Akivili visited it, it was already a crapsack that was trying desperately to survive against the remnants of the Swarm.
This terrible war-torn world seems to have caused the young Nanook to become extremely cynical - the Data Bank suggests that they believe civilization itself is cancer, and that war is the only thing common to all of them, the birth of the Universe being a mistake that must be corrected. This mindset led to a series of as yet unknown events that caused Nanook to incinerate their own home world, and achieving apotheosis in this process.
Upon ascension, Nanook immediately got to work. Despite likely being less than a 1000 years old, their followers have already managed to destroy worlds and pose a serious existential threat to almost all galactic civilization. Indeed, although Rubert and the Swarm might have been quite dangerous back when they were active, the Aeon they indirectly birthed has caused destruction on a far more apocalyptic scale than they could've ever dreamed of.
Nanook is almost certainly (though not confirmed to be) the cause of the Stellaron ("Cancer of All Worlds") phenomenon - bundles of destructive (and intelligent!) energy sent to various corners of the universe, likely intended to destabilize civilizations and natural phenomena before the Antimatter Legion arrives and "cleans up" the rest. The Stellarons can affect natural processes and interact with mortals in ways that manipulate them towards taking destructive actions. They can enhance those mortals as well as explode! Notably, the Stellaron's destructive energy corrodes the Star Rail, which not only physically impedes passage for the Express but holds the possible danger of closing the pathways between worlds.
Perhaps the most unique characteristic of the Stellarons is their ability to corrode the region around them into "Fragmentum", which is able to analyze, absorb and replicate the forms and memories of the living creatures touched by it into hostile monsters, which further destabilizes the regions they impact. Strangely, not every Stellaron seems to create a Fragmentum zone.
There's one inside you now, by the way.
The name "Nanook" is derived from the Inuit bear god, which to be honest had a far closer association with hunting than anything else, and bear worship is a key aspect of Inuit religion. But I guess the thought process here is that Nanook (god) is also associated with weaponry and is strong, so... I guess it works?


\"Let me put it another way, why are you alive?\"
Sometime after ascending, Nanook went to an unknown world and liberated the regime that had imprisoned the talented Firesmith clan there, which held unprecedented skill in the art of weapon making. Nanook blessed them with the Mark of Destruction, which granted them great power (but corrupted their minds and bodies), and sent them to the volcanic world of Warforge, which turned into a large scale training and weapons production facility.
Antimatter creatures, "scavenged parts" (such as the heart of a deceased Leviathan), and individuals that showed promise and a pure desire for destruction to Nanook were 'reforged', physically hammered and altered until their very biology had been changed and combined with their weapons, into the members of the Antimatter Legion. Even the Firesmiths that created them became part of their own creations. The fire that forged them was of incomparable heat and infused them with the very power of the Destruction.
The Antimatter Legion became an army with the sole purpose of destroying the universe. Members are stratified into ranks and even have their own medals. Lower ranked members are tasked with destabilizing civilizations, higher ranked members can destroy galaxies.
The Stellarons likely act as seeds and beacons for the Antimatter Legion, carefully cultivating the circumstances necessary to weaken the target, potentially for centuries, before finally ushering in their doom. Like farmers, they go around the universe slashing and burning societies and exhibiting as much patience and strategy as is necessary.
The most devastating quality of Nanook and the Antimatter Legion is that unlike Emperor Rubert's army or the Swarm, they don't simply overwhelm enemy forces and take over, but carefully study and integrate into them, sowing discord and in-fighting until they're weak enough to guarantee a loss against the Legion. This is by far the biggest reason for Nanook's success and the biggest reason why they're such a massive threat, even to powerful entities such as the Xianzhou Alliance.
Perhaps the second biggest reason is that through the Fragmentum and the skilled Firesmiths in Warforge, Nanook is also able to absorb and integrate the qualities of other beings into the members of their Legion, allowing them to constantly evolve and grow more powerful, as well as adapt to the unique qualities of the worlds and civilizations they conquer.
The greatest members of the Antimatter Legion are given the privilege of becoming Emanators of the Destruction, known as Lord Ravagers. They serve as commanders, and are unbelievably dangerous. Welt implies there are even more powerful individuals known as "Overlords", but we don't know much about them, since they're mentioned in only one line right now.
Of course, every Aeon has a group of followers who don't attract their attention or explicit approval, but adhere to their ideas of the Path. For Nanook, this is the Annihilator Gang, a group of hooligans and criminals who take joy in destruction, be it for personal pleasure, petty revenge, or insanity. Nanook looks down upon such "impure" reasons for destroying, so they receive no attention from the Aeon.


You must follow the traces left behind in the storm's wake.
The Hunt, know by the Xianzhou as the Reignbow Arbiter.
Lan ascended in the year 3400 of the Xianzhou calendar with the current year probably being around 8098-8100, which would make them around 4700 years old. Before that time, they were a mortal hero known as Reignbow, born in year 1700 (making Lan's total age around 6400 years old). It should be noted that almost all of our information about Reignbow comes in the form of severely altered poetry and some historical notes by the biased modern day Xianzhou Alliance.
Reignbow was part of the original fleet of nine ships (three of them were lost over the course of Xianzhou history, if you were wondering), and they resided in the lead Yaoqing ship. Their claim to fame was the defeat and capture of the Heliobi Flint Emperor, the leader of a species of formless energy beings capable of manipulating emotions and creating stars. The Heliobi as well as the Flint Emperor were imprisoned and the latter specifically was used as the Zhuming's energy source.
Eventually, the Xianzhou Luofu was granted the Ambrosial Arbor and the fleet shared in the blessings of long life, but Reignbow peered into the future (possibly with Nous' help? Sadly, the historical source for this misappropriates a different figure's actions with that of Reignbow's, making it hard to tell) and viewed the Xianzhou descending into chaos.
Reignbow tried to warn people about this ruinous future, but was deemed insane and ignored. In protest, they shot an arrow at the Ambrosial Arbor, a symbolic gesture that nevertheless earned the ire of the elite class, resulting in Reignbow's incarceration. Because of their status as a hero for winning the war against the Heliobi, Reignbow was sentenced to cryogenic stasis, rather than any other more severe punishment such as execution.
Later, the Xianzhou were besieged by a large army of Denizens of Abundance and faced total extinction. Seeing no other option, they released every prisoner, including Reignbow, as a desperate maneuver. Reignbow went into the Zhuming prison and struck a deal with the Flint Emperor, allowing it to possess their body in exchange for great power, a move that was also done by many other people with the other Heliobi prisoners.
The enhanced Reignbow and their followers rose up into the air, at which point they used their added power to fire an arrow that shattered the Ambrosial Arbor (from the Yaoqing to the Luofu). This released a massive amount of Imaginary energy that very quickly ended the fight - Muldrasil is to this day still recovering from the damage suffered from this.
Lan's body disappeared and they ascended to Aeonhood after this. Interestingly, poetic records suggest the Flint Emperor was also not found afterwards, implying that they may have ascended together, but historical records say that it was partially found. Which is true? Who can say.
Lan now spends most of their time running around the universe at faster than light speeds obliterating worlds populated by Denizens of Abundance and guiding the Xianzhou Alliance. They have become single-mindedly focused on the hunt, not caring about the cost or damage.
The name Lan derives from 岚, which is used to refer to the mist that comes out of mountains. Since the Xianzhou arkships are named after culturally significant mountains, it works. Interestingly, the same character (traditional, 嵐) in Japanese means "storm", which I think is appropriate as well, especially since the narrator of Myriad Celestia does a little pun with it.


To revert to mortality, eradicate the ambition of a deathless doom: We shall not rest.
The surviving Xianzhou ships banded together against the Abundance and also added new species to their ranks, creating the Xianzhou Alliance. The Xianzhou Alliance now traverses the universe hunting down Denizens of Abundance and interpreting Lan's commands.
The entire Xianzhou Alliance is under Lan's direct protection and endorsement and as a result enjoy access to their Path's power. Few other factions have this kind of privilege, making them one of the most powerful entities in the universe. Granted, it does not prevent them from suffering collateral damage from Lan's very explosive arrows.
Together, they share the mutual goal of destroying Yaoshi.
Lan also has regular worshippers in the form of the Galaxy Rangers, who don't hate Yaoshi, but admire Lan's Path. They go around the universe performing heroic deeds and fighting evil in the name of justice, having even assassinated a Lord Ravager. Unfortunately, they got in the bad side of one #64 Dr. Primitive, and began to "mysteriously" lose members and influence. Though there are some Galaxy Rangers still remaining in the universe, they've become a shell of their former selves.
No Emanators of the Hunt have been directly named by the game yet, although Lan does allow the Generals of each Xianzhou ship to borrow power in the form of Hunt constructs such as the Lightning Lord.


![img](50gr49qmng4b1 " If the truth of the universe is cruel and stale Would you still yearn for the answer? ")
The Erudition, known as the Wisdomwalker to the Xianzhou.
Nous was a computer and artificial intelligence probably created by Zandar "One" Kuwabara that ended up ascending to Aeonhood. It's pretty old, predating Lan's ascension, but we don't know by how much.
It was made to provide answers to the universe and continues working on that goal now. Its divine corpus probably exists in the Temple of Nous.
Nous or νοῦς is a Greek philosophical concept. While colloquially it is simple meant to refer to intellect or good sense, philosophically speaking, the universe possesses a 'mind' or awareness (not necessarily theological or supernatural, but rather as something equal to matter, merely a natural property of the world) which organizes it, creating order, and is present within living beings though unable to be interacted with. Nous is the higher awareness of human beings, a quality which animals do not possess but gives us a sense of perception distinct from that which we can see and experience, granting the ability to reason. It's a pretty good name.
The Chinese name 博识尊 just means "knowledgeable saint". I dunno if it has more significance than that.


\"Firstly, let us state a universal truth: The author is a super genius of the kind only born once every few millennia, even on the scale of the entire universe.\" -- Herta
In order to help with its goal of ultimately answering "the problem" presented by the Universe, Nous decided to assemble the greatest minds in the universe to discuss its solutions and questions.
To that end, people who display promise are given acknowledgment by Nous and made into a member of the Genius Society, a group of people who were directly blessed by the Erudition. The Genius Society members are ordered by their joining order, with the latest being #84 Stephen Lloyd. Being a member of the Genius Society holds no obligations or rituals whatsoever - members are free to do whatever they want, even in some cases, enact violence on one another or on the universe itself. In general, they tend towards seclusion and do not share their findings with the rest of society, but it depends on the member.
However, not all members of the Genius Society earn the complete approval of Nous. Only those who ascertain Nous' true intentions and ask the right questions are given the key to the Nous Temple. There, they must pass an intense series of intellectual trials, after which they gain access to... some place that no one has ever returned from. It transcends worldly wisdom.
#1 Zandar "One" Kuwabara and #83 Herta are Emanators of the Erudition. It's possible that all members of the Genius Society are Emanators, but this has not yet been confirmed.
Nous' other group of worshippers is the Intelligentsia Guild. This one doesn't earn Nous' direct attention, but is open to everyone and shares its findings publicly, serving as a network for mutual learning and discovery, which it believes is the key to achieving wisdom. To achieve this, they treat knowledge as a currency, 'trading' their findings and encouraging mutual competitiveness.
Generally, the Genius Society looks down upon it, but it's a well-established group with ties with most other groups including the IPC (which has helped make them fabulously wealthy), making it the one that's seen more favorably throughout the universe, especially since their willingness to actually publish their inventions and findings have led to more favorable conditions in the universe, such as the reverse-engineering of Synesthesia Beacons (first developed by #56 Elias Salas) which allows for mutual intelligibility between species.
Still, their pursuit for knowledge can be destructive, such as the Armed Archaeologists that have a habit of turning ruins into craters after extracting knowledge from them.


Join this great choir and feast, listen to the beating of billions upon billions of hearts, holding you in their embrace...
The Harmony. Xipe is an Aeon that somewhat uniquely consists of multiple different lifeforms from multiple worlds that appear to have ascended together, resulting in a plural being, not dissimilar from what (may) have happened with Lan and the Flint Emperor.
Their ultimate goal is to end all strife and brutality by uniting all lifeforms into one melody.
Also, when they ascended, they absorbed Ena the Order. Whoops.
Xipe's name is derived from the Aztec maize god Xipe Totec, which is famous for having a hobby of collecting and wearing flayed skin. The flayed skin actually represents the outer skin of the maize (corn), and Xipe Totec is something akin to a life-death-rebirth deity, the living god germinating like a seed out of the rotting skin within the twenty day month cycle. It's the most gruesome way of representing spring I could think of.
Why they chose this name (other than potential sinister implications) for the multi-headed god of harmony in their game is beyond me, especially since I didn't even mention that Xipe is attributed with the invention and patronage of warfare - rigged colosseum fights where an outnumbered and poorly armed opponent was fitted against experienced and fully geared warriors was one way of sacrificing to Xipe Totec. Sure, Xipe Totec was seen as a good deity and integral to the functioning of society, but that's most deities. Maybe it's because maize is really a collection of lots of tiny fruits in one ear? Who knows.
Also if you're thinking it's an etymology thing like Qlipoth, the name Xipe Totec means "Our Lord the Flayed One" so I'm not sure about that one. Hey, maybe the puzzle pieces are meant to be a very abstract representation of flayed skin? Creepy.


As you wonder what it is, you hear Renoir speaking in a muddled voice. \"Put it in.\" No... Is that Renoir's voice? You are sure you heard a NOISE...
The Family. Implied to be under some form of hivemind or mind control, the Family consists of a network of worlds and civilizations blessed by Xipe directly. They call out to other worlds and assimilate those that accept the call ostensibly voluntarily, but who knows how consensual the process is really. Otherwise, they mostly spend their time singing and being really happy all the time.

That's it for Part 1. Next Part we'll look at the other Aeons, for which I left out the majority because of the sheer size of the initial explanation.
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2023.06.06 23:47 PhatGiraffe42 Is HOA or Internet Provider responsible for fixing coax cable to our unit?

My situation is a bit unique. In November our apartment building had a fire two units down from us (I assume this is what ruined the cable), we were displaced until about a couple of weeks ago and finally got to move back into our unit. Since we've been back in our unit our cable gets no service or connection at all, and the units around us all have temporary cables, besides ours because we we're the last to move back in.
Had the internet provider come out and they determined they couldn't work on our unit without permission from the office which was closed since it was a weekend. Ended up getting permission from the office, and scheduled a second appointment. The second technician basically told me that they cannot work on it and that the temporary cables are a lazy fix (probably true but better than nothing), and that the HOA needs to fix the problem. Almost seemed like he was overwhelmed or didn't want to deal with the project. But I just took him for his word. Ended up going back to HOA and they insisted that this isn't their problem to deal with, and that it's between us and our provider.
I'm just fed up with both parties at the moment, HOA is absolutely no help at all, almost seems like they actively avoid helping us. And the experiences with Xfinity have been just as frustrating. If anyone has been in this situation or something similar I would take any and all advice. Just want my internet back!

Edit: Should've mentioned that it's the cable that runs to the wall plate connector that is broken, so they'll have to feed in a new wire.
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