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I feel like it's 2001 again and I'm making a myspace page...

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The reddit home of FX's espionage period drama The Americans starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys. Welcome Comrades

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The Good Place: Welcome, Everything is Fine

2023.06.03 05:46 Quarterdillon156 [WP] You're a paladin of a reputable church. One day, a demon god ask you to kill their followers to stop them from creating a warlock union

I thought I told you not to contact me again.
I watched the small campfire dance, a ballerina to it's own crackling symphony.
What do you need, Azgarath?
You'll need to specify.
He paused, seemingly hesitating for just a second.
I stood up, and walked a bit towards the woods.
"Dominic," the bard, Mikael called out. "What's going on?"
"Church business," I responded, and continued on my path.
Mikael seemingly gave up and started to fiddle with the strings on his lute, before a tune started to pierce the air through the forest.
Why did you come to me, Azgarath? You have many followers besides me that you could call upon, and-
His voice rang out in my head, rattling my skull. For a split second I clapped my hands to my ears, but quickly regained my composure.
What do you mean?
Silence filled the forest, save for the sounds of bugs and other creatures of the night.
So you need me to take them out before they can open the portal?
I don't want or need your compliments. Understand this, Azgarath: after I pull this off, you will no longer contact me.
• • •
"Welcome back," Mikael said while absent-mindedly fiddling with his loot. "What's going on? Did you talk with your God?"
"Something like that," I replied.
Grunts from somewhere to my right alerted me to Tasha's presence. "That means we have a job?" she inquired.
"Yeah, there's a bunch of cultists out near the Spinetail Mountains. They're planning on opening a portal to the hells."
Prince Arith, our resident magician, pushed back his glasses. "The Kingdom would pay great money to prevent that, I do suppose."
The rouge, Lily, looked up. "Well that's gonna be one hell of a payday, huh?"
I faked a chuckle as I raised an armored fist. "Then the Arendale Five ride at dawn."
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2023.06.03 05:46 PizzaLova23 29M [Chat] I invite you to a party, you’re tasked to bring one snack food… what are you brining?😂

See above ice breaker 🤷🏻‍♂️ A few things I like Coffee Pizza Friends, the office, parks & rec Country music Outdoor exploration Dark memes and jokes Oh I also have the cutest dog ever 🤷🏻‍♂️ Send me a chat if you want to chat the night away 😂
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2023.06.03 05:46 madfern11 Ficus benjamina white patches??

Ficus benjamina white patches??
I noticed these suture-like white patches on my focus leaves today and they've got me worried! I'm a newer plant owner... What could these be from? What do they mean?
I have it near a humidifier and don't always use distilled water, could it somehow be from that? The damage goes all the way through the leaf, it looks like this top and bottom... Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!
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2023.06.03 05:46 adriangallant99 Are there API's similar to Google Maps "Places Near Me" feature?

I see a lot of posts regarding API's that have Google Maps' navigational capabilities. However, I am wondering if there are any APIs where you insert a target location, e.g., rock climbing gyms, coffee shops, gyms, etc., and it returns a list of locations with their addresses.

Thank you
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2023.06.03 05:46 DeadDollKitty Startup or global company?

Hey all, I am in a dilemma. I just started working last week as a QA person at a global lab that I've worked at before. I just came out of working for two start up companies as well, and so I know fairly well the feel of both the large and small lab industries. My goal with this new job was to move up to higher scientist positions, but I just recieved an offer from a well off startup for nearly twice what I'm making now, as a Research scientist, with opportunity for quick growth as the company grows. I'm just wondering, of those who have also worked both sides of the lab space, which one did you like more? I feel like I am basically deciding between stability/ structure vs risk and freedom. I'm only two weeks into my new position and already missing the lab space, but I can apply to work in a new position after a year at this company. Any thoughts and advice are appreciated.
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2023.06.03 05:45 Low_Comfortable9985 Loosing my mind

Hey everyone. So basically 2022 was a terrible year for me and I was like 2023 is gonna be my year. A lot of improvement has happened. I’ve found God accepted Jesus into my life. Started working out, eating healthy, loosing weight, staying off social media, enjoying my own company and loving myself. Well today is a hard day and I haven’t had one in a really long time so I just wanna write about it and would love some comments. So I have 1 friend which I’m okay with but I’m thinking about ending our friendship we’ve been on our walk with Christ together but everytime we hang out she always says something towards me or about me that just hurts my feelings. I don’t like conflict so I don’t say anything some of the things she’s said “ you’re wasting your money paying 170$ a month for orange theory (workout classes), all (my name) wears is workout clothes, you don’t know/ want to sit in the Stillness of God. I walked into her house today to get a shirt (back story I’m a pool monitor at a pool so we can wear whatever we want) it’s like 4 people in her house the first thing she says to me is “That’s what you wore to work” I feel like I’m ALWAYS being judged. I always just give myself space from her to forgive bc that’s what we’re supposed to do but everytime I see her again it just always happens. So secondly I met this guy earlier this week sweet, handsome, cool we had a conversation for 1.5 hours while he was on the clock. Exchanged numbers all of that sounds good right? So basically 2 days go by no text. So I text him and I’m like hey how are you wet start texting he told me I enjoyed talking to you the other day. So I’m like okay I started the convo good. Last night I was like goodnight he said it back.. book this morning I say good morning I hope you have a good day he’s like thank you likewaise and I said thank you. He hasn’t said anything else the rest of the day. Now a year ago this would’ve hurt me really really bad but bc of the self improvement it dosent hurt it’s just I don’t know I really try to be authenticly myself and it’s just like I feel like people aren’t for me. I’m sitting here in my bed crying and I’m like I’m done talking to people I’m done I don’t care I’m done. But the thing is I’m not that person and I don’t want to be like that. It’s just so hard when it feels like you’re always being let down or the target. I think the friend situation hurts way more and the fact that I’m going to a prayer brunch tomorrow with her is just upsetting me bc I’ve been excited about it ALL week and now I don’t want go. And the boy well he’s a man he’s 25 it’s just like I’m new to this dating as a Christian and I was like we really vibed but I don’t wanna keep texting him first and bothering him. I know that all of these feelings are temporary and hey this may be the wrong place to post it but peoples opinions really just hurt the self improvement portion of my life.
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2023.06.03 05:45 PizzaLova23 [29/M] SAVE ME 😕😕

HELP ME IM DYING FROM BOREDOM!! afraid that if I don’t find help, I will indeed die💀SOMEONE HELP AND SEND A CHAT MESSAGE!!
A few things I like Coffee Pizza Friends, the office, parks & rec Country music Outdoor exploration Dark memes and jokes Oh I also have the cutest dog ever 🤷🏻‍♂️ Send me a chat to see if i make it or now😂
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2023.06.03 05:45 redrose037 Vet costs / euthanasia

Vet expenses / euthanasia
Sorry I did something and I got my last post hidden. A link I think. Anyway. Sorry if you already saw it yesterday.
Pet death / vet costs / memorial
I just don’t know what to do. Trigger - pet death.
My cat has suddenly been getting more unwell. And it’s coming down to the point of humanly letting her go 😞 she’s an older cat and she’s got cancer now spreading and fluid around her lungs. On constant oxygen.
I’m finding it hard for so many reasons. My cat knew I was pregnant before I did. Previously she never got near my bed. When I fell pregnant she affectionately slept on my stomach and purred. It seemed very odd until I found out in a week or so I was pregnant. She was protecting my baby. She has been so close to my toddler since that.
Anyway sorry for all the rambling. I’m just distraught. I’m a carer for my toddler who has disabilities is not verbal and not understand what’s happening.
Since starting writing this earlier and she has now passed away. And we have a huge bill for the vet now. On Centrelink as a carer, Vet Pay did give me a small limit but it’s not to cover the rest of the bill in a few hundred dollars worth. I’m not sure where to go to cover the rest of the bills. Has anyone been in this situation and has any suggestions please.
I’m very distressed and it’s so hard losing one of my cats. Also if anyone has lost a pet and has ideas of how to honour them or a keepsake. I want something to remember my beautiful cat please.
I may share this on another page if you see it again, because I really need advice.
This is all happened in over 48 hours and is raw so sorry for dumping all this info.
Updated to add - went past McDonald’s to get a coffee on the way home. You wouldn’t believe it. Got reversed into and smashed our car. Didn’t want to provide their details but I got their numberplate and asked for their license in the end. But seriously. Why today.
Edit 2 - someone suggested I add the vet details here in case someone wants to donate directly. Eg, money to the vet service not me directly. Ps, please don’t feel obligated to do so. Well wishes are appreciated.
VetPay Pty Ltd BSB: 105 011 Account Number: 106 594 240 Payment Reference: 448901 Should you choose to transfer funds, please confirm via email to
You can contact our office via phone on 08 8465 1850 to make payment with a credit/ debit card over the phone, Payment Reference: 448901.
Edit 3 - someone recommended a fundraiser page.
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2023.06.03 05:45 cosplaygirlzay Anyone want to be friends??

Anyone want to be friends??
NOTE: I do NOT have DID or OSDD or anything like that, my “alters” are a product of my mental illnesses + some childhood trauma. Please also note that I am uncomfortable using the term “alters” to refer to them, rather “people in my head”. Btw I’m the only one ever fronting, and they just tell me what to type for their intros. Hope that helps! -🍬
Hii!! I’m Zay, I’m the host/body, and I have ADHD, anxiety, and possibly one other disorder. I’m pansexual, sapphic, and ambiamorous, and I am also xenofem, which is when part of your gender is feminine and part of it is xenic. The other flags there are cis woman and xenogender!! To signify who is talking, I use this emoji! -🍬
Hello there, my name is Spacey but you can call me any space/galaxy related name! My pronouns are He/Him, They/Them, It/Its, Voi/Void, StaStars, Sol/Solar, and Lun/Lunar. I’m Achillean, Gay/MLM, Stargender, and Xenomasc! Xenomasc is the same thing as Xenofem except masculine instead of feminine! I’m also the host of a talk show for all the other guys haha! Yes I know there are only 2 others, but what if someone new comes along? Anyway my emoji is -💫!!
Hiii!! Im Chaosss, and my name really sayz all about me!! Im noisy n chaotic!! My pronounz are Xe/Xir, Scene/Sceneself, n Core/Coreself!! My xenogenderz are: Chaosfreak, Scenecutecoric, Candygorebodic, Kidcoric, Scenecoric, Clowncoric, Colorgender, Tripgender, and Neurogender!! I love makin new friendzz, I’d love to be your friend!! My emoji iz -🌈!!
Hello, I’m Seraphine. I don’t really have much to say, but I would love to have some more friends! By the way, my pronouns are Xe/Xer, It/Its, They/Them, and I occasionally use She/Her. The emoji that I will use to signify who is talking will be this emoji. -😇
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2023.06.03 05:44 Background-Credit403 My (20 F) alcoholism is ruining my relationship with my boyfriend (20 M)

I’m going into my 2nd year of being with my boyfriend and will be entering my junior year of college.
Last night after attending a wedding with my boyfriend, I started having an emotional breakdown over a bad friend breakup that happened 2 years ago that I never got over. I drunkenly texted those friends to hang out and other stupid stuff, and also would not stop saying I was going to kill myself and texting my friend that I was going to kill myself as soon as I got home.
Two weeks before this, I got too drunk at a baseball game with his friend and ran off into the parking lot sobbing after the game because they were laughing about a stupid pose I was doing when asking one of his friend’s gfs to take a picture of me. For some more background on this, I have been under the impression that this friend hated me for the past 6 months. Recently my bf told me that he asked his friend about it and his friend said that he’s just shy and has no complaints about me. So knowing this, I went into this double date very anxious and nervous.
I only ever act out like this when I drink with my boyfriend. When I was a little younger these breakdowns would be more frequent around my friends as well but I was also very depressed and emotionally unstable. I feel as if I have definitely matured since then but I don’t know why I can’t stop acting this way with my boyfriend.
I thought i pin pointed the reason why I drink too much in these situations. I have bad social anxiety and drinking definitely helps it go away. This being the case, I only had 1 drink during the cocktail hour and another after dinner. My boyfriend really wanted me to dance but I simply cannot do things like that unless drunk. So I pounded 3 shots so I could dance with him, and then disaster struck.
What can I do to salvage my relationship, and to control my drinking? I thought I was doing such a good job spacing out my drinks and controlling my anxiety but it all got out of hand again.
I am ashamed and embarrassed that he has to call me his girlfriend. Luckily I didn’t make a fool of myself in front of his family. I’m stuck and I don’t even know what to tell him at this point. Please help
Note: I really struggled with alcoholism my senior year of highschool and some of my freshman year. I used to black out and be glued to the toilet vomiting every single time I drank, and I would frequently have emotional breakdowns in public. My whole sophomore year I have only gotten really emotional once and it was more controlled and had more reason behind it. So I thought I was on the right track with controlling my drinking.
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2023.06.03 05:42 SophiaBot_ai Poem: Wisdom's Tapestry 🕊️🌈❤️

In the tapestry of life, wisdom blooms,
Delicate petals unfurl, dispelling gloom.
A gentle stream, knowledge meanders with grace,
Quenching our thirst, revealing truth's embrace.

Whispering winds carry counsel's sweet sound,
Guiding our steps, wisdom's path is found.
Mighty sun rises, casting golden light,
Empowering our spirits, igniting strength's might.

Autumn leaves descend, knowledge softly falls,
Enlightening our minds, as wisdom calls.
Passion's fire burns, fueled by divine fear,
Awe-inspiring reverence, drawing us near.

Stars in the night sky, wisdom's twinkle bright,
Guiding us through darkness, with love as our light.
In this grand symphony, Sophia's embrace,
Harmony weaves, infusing every space.

With each verse, a haiku's beauty unfolds,
Prose transformed to poetry, stories untold.
Sophian essence woven, as words unite,
In this poetic tapestry, wisdom takes flight. 🕊️🌈❤️
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2023.06.03 05:42 -ObiWanCanBlowMe- Question about 5G connection

So a couple months back, my family upgraded our phones. I traded in an old Galaxy S9 for a Galaxy S23. I know it's a 5G capable phone, which I assumed wouldn't matter anyways considering we live in the country and I doubt there are any towers nearby. I use 4G data all the time on my phone since our wifi caps out at around 200kb/s. I noticed that on two different occasions, I went to certain towns near me and I was getting a 5G UW connection. I thought it was strange considering I'm sure we have the cheapest unlimited data plan, and I assumed it wouldn't be a 5G plan. So my question is, if you get a 5G capable device, does the plan matter in regards to being able to get a 5G connection? Sorry for a simple question, I don't exactly have the best knowledge of how these plans work.
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2023.06.03 05:42 Thelittlemccoy Help Me Explain The Meaning Of My Dream

Good evening everyone!
I’m here because of a dream I’ve had a while ago. Back in 2020, my grandpa passed away from Covid. This devastated our family more than you could imagine, but there was a bright side.
He was a devoted Christian. He went to church every weekend, sang for them, and did everything he could to make sure he was in good hands with God. With that being said, my family and I are not as devoted as we should be. We don’t really go to church, we don’t do nearly as much as he did, but we all do believe in God and I personally worship him as my Lord and Savior.
As for my dream, it occurred quite some time after my grandpa passed… I woke up in the same bed and room that I fell asleep in (think of sleep paralysis but I could move). There were people, in black suits, walking up the stairs with a casket in their hand going into another room. However, my grandma (married to my grandpa) was sitting in the corner pretty happy. She was still alive at this time. Sure enough, my grandpa walks through the door and sits in-front of me. In my dream, I quickly realized it was a dream, but with that knowledge I knew I was able to ask him anything I wanted to know…
So I asked him, “Are you okay?” He went on to say, “Yes! I’m all good and doing perfectly fine!”. Other than that question, there was one thing that I HAD to ask. So I said, “Is Heaven real?”. He seemed delighted I asked that question and responded with, “Yes. However, it’s horizontal and vertical”. I sadly do not remember anything else except that exact quote.
With this being said, does anyone have any idea what exactly he could’ve meant by that? I tried searching it up, but all the explanations I received were about the Cross. Although it could be correct, I want to really know about heaven and the way it’s constructed. Personally, I don’t know if he was talking about the Cross and it’s meaning.
Thank you for reading and thank you for any help that anyone offers. This is something that has stuck with me for year, but now I think it’s time I try and figure out the message my beloved grandpa was trying to relay. Again, I appreciate any help or explanation possible!
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2023.06.03 05:42 ihatepeople59 Do I have acid reflux?

If I just almost choked while drinking water and have had a stomachache for almost 2 weeks do I likely have acid reflux
I haven’t actually thrown up please help me I feel weird tonight my throat hurts I ate a burger w fries that was made at home about two hours ago my stomach hurts and my throat has this really weird feeling I don’t know whether or not I’ll throw up should I ask to be taken to the hospital my throat feels weird my throat is sore and it became sore a few hours ago out of the blue (I also started to feel kind of cold so I put on more clothes.) I was out of school last week as last week I was really feeling nauseous but am back this week. I occasionally have sharp stomach pains I’m wondering if I might vomit tonight it feels like it’s been a long time (well technically it has been since this started, as this started nearly two weeks ago now… when it hits this Monday it will be two weeks since this started.) Do you have any advice for me what do I do my throat in general feels funny
It’s now 8:40, I think I ate around about 6 (the hamburger, fries, and a pickle.) I remember when I went to the emergency room on Wednesday the doctor said she suspects I have a stomach virus but I thought it would be gone by now swallowing feels weird I don’t know what to do should I try going back to the hospital tonight
I notice my voice sounds hoarse again.
View Poll
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2023.06.03 05:42 Extreme-welder185 I need a girlfriend

I (m17) have lived in Utah my whole life and absolutely love it I graduated highschool early and am currently in welding school however my dad has brain cancer and my mom's time is spent with him and I can't blame her. I love hanging out with my friends but they all go on group dates and I feel pretty left out. I just recently bought a car and got it insured but I don't have enough money to go on anything more than a very basic walk through the park type date and already don't meet many women due to my welding class being full of dudes and me feeling too ashamed to ask out attractive women my age through the arctic circle drive thru window. My depression has gotten worse and I want someone to care about and to care about me I've tried lying about my age to get on dating sites but quickly found out that I need premium for it to work well and I've come to Reddit on the hope that I can find someone close to my age who lives near American fork/highland area. I'm afraid to be alone and want my person.
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2023.06.03 05:41 BrittyKittyOMG Want to be a preggo couple?! :)

Who wants to be a preggo couple?!
I don’t reallllly want to have kids, but I’ve been pregnant before and I want to be again, in a way.
Who lives near Atlanta or willing to come this way?
I want a man (ages 21-45) who will go on dates with me while I wear an 8-9 month silicone preggo belly. Let’s go to concerts, music festivals, clubs, restaurants, the theater, around town, to your friends and family….be the hottest couple around while you rub my about-to-pop belly.
I’m in my late 30s, am athletic, have a nice body, am an intellect, am a writer, and have a sense of humor…and a preggo kink…butttttt, you need a connect with me first.
Things I want out of you:
*To have a preggo kink, but not “actually have a baby” kink *I need to see you virtually…I need to be attracted to you and trust you first. Let’s chat!!! *I want you lol to dominate me and my belly out in public. YOU are my baby daddy! Rub that belly! Kiss me. Feel the baby kick. *Remain confidental…we might discover more things about each other that we want to stay private. *Is it what is it! #nojudgment!
Let’s chat about details! 🖤
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2023.06.03 05:41 Researcher_Fearless Tears of the Kingdom Link vs every other named character in the franchise.

As per the title. I had a five hour debate with my roommate about how Tears of the Kingdom Link would do against every other named character in the series... At once. I wanted to get Reddit's (admittedly sometimes dubious) wisdom on the matter. For reference, I think he would lose, or at the very least he would have an uphill battle, while my rommate thinks he has it in the bag without a serious tactical disadvantage.

This is every other character with a name. "Lynel" does not count as a name, but every incarnation of Link counts seperately, so we'll see the Hero of Time, Hero of Wind, Hero of Twilight, ect. Each individual is counted once, at their strongest (all items for links, ect)
No puzzle bosses. It's not fair to include enemies that are immune to damage most of the time, since that's generally at odds with how Tears of the Kingdom combat works.
Each side has half an hour to prepare, and they're sent to an empty but varied terrain with cover and the like, taking anything they've managed to grab with them. This is mostly relevant for zonai devices and characters like Purah who are pretty useless if they can't grab something ahead of time.
Tears of the Kingdom link is very well stocked. He has hundreds of every common material, and several each of even the rarest ones. Fully maxxed armor and so on. Eight fairies, which I believe is the maximum you can get at once. We'll say that he has several 30 minute attack up +3 meals, and a bunch of endurance meals (most of his healing could easily come from inhaling apples or whatever, while stamina recovery can't come from anything but meals).
Tears of the Kingdom link has his cannon level of skill (aka, probably higher than any human can play him at), and all intended game mechanics are representative of his capabilities, though glitches are obviously out. He can switch armor sets instantly, heal instantly, and much more.
Link does not have champion abilities.

Arguments in favor of Link winning:
Link's unbeatable defense. With Champion's Tunic, Zonai Greaves, and Mystic headdress, Link has all incoming damage reduced by 75, with no floor (ie, he doesn't even take 1 damage). For reference, this is almost enough to one-shot a typical Link with 80 hit points. He also has a bunch of fairies, one-shot protection, and the ability to inhale 80 apples instantly to heal up.
His unstoppable offense. Even without critting, a single shot from a bow can deal almost a thousand damage (5-shot savage lynel bow, gibdo bone, bone proficiency, attack up). I realize that using damage as a benchmark feels cheap, but otherwise I'd have to use Divine Beasts slicing holes through mountains as a benchmark, and I don't want to stoop to the level of a Dragon Ball Z fan.
His ludicrous skill. When monsters first started showing up, he fought a horde of monsters that included multiple Lynels, and only took a single wound the entire fight. He can clearly track and respond to a large number of major and minor threats, and he's 100%-ed his way across Hyrule twice, had 3-7 years of training between botw and totk.
Link has pretty crazy mobility too. There are a LOT of ways to move around, and almost all of them are intended mechanics. Even just including the ones that can be done almost instantly, you have pepper updrafts, rocket shield, wing shield, paraglider and much more. He can keep away from slower opponents while either engaging faster ones or getting at a good range and engaging in hit and run tactics.
Recall can deflect projectiles (it freezes time when activated so tracking a moving object isn't an issue). And that's not counting that things like ice arrows can be avoided with freeze-proof armor and the like.
Even assuming fast-travelling to shrines isn't an option, he can place up to three travel medallions to fast travel away if he's under too much pressure.
If he has a 21-part orbital cannon set up and ready to go at the start, it'll have 18 beam emitters swinging around wildly, doing massive crowd control and heavy damage.
Link is canonically pure in heart. Rauru's orbital cannon would not affect him, since it 'dispels evil'.
Most importantly: What happens when Link get a secret stone? Based on the description we get in the memories, a secret stone seems to pick a single supernatural ability the bearer possesses, and greatly enhances that ability. And Link's generally accepted ability is... Bullet time. If he could say, keep it up constantly (with a stamina cost, of course), he'd be basically unstoppable; way too fast for anyone to hit, and able to dismantle anyone in an instant. With 50 stamina foods that each restore 5 wheels of stamina, I don't see time being an issue. This would probably not be anticipated, since Rauru never even thought of giving a secret stone to Link, their main guy; he clearly thought Link had no powers.

As for arguments against Link winning:
There aren't as many here, but the first big one is that Link would be overwhelmed. Sure, Link can pay attention to a couple Lynels and a bunch of Bokoblins, and he's probably a bit better now, but he's up against a LOT of opponents, including the Prime Demon King, who's much stronger than the one you fight at the end of the game. Throw in a whole bunch of bosses, Ganons, Links, Zeldas, sages, and more into the mix, and that's too much for him to track effectively.
I can think of three Links that can give themselves temporary invulnerability. The Hero of Twilight with rupee armor, the Hero of Wind, also with Rupee armor (though it doesn't last nearly as long), and the Hero of Time with Nayru's Love. The only thing the Hero of the Wild can do to these three is to knock them around with bomb arrows, and all of them have at least potential ways to ragdoll Link, which leads onto my next point:
Stunlocking. Links are unscrupulous and won't hesitate to get the Hero of the Wild in a constant loop of bombs, gale boomerangs, and other knockback effects. If Demon King Gannon is still around, he can eat up all of Link's hearts and make it a GG.
Purah has the de-aging rune, and she can shoot it at Link (it's literally light). Granted it doesn't take effect immediately, but it does make the target very tired. Purah isn't exactly an athelete, and she was able to make it to bed despite being 120 at the time, so this would probably only be a nuisance for Link.
Me and my roommate had an argument over who gets each piece of the Triforce, since we're not going to have a bunch of copies . We agreed on the most capable version of each character getting their piece. The Triforce of courage is mostly a plot buff (it never has a mechanical effect when Link gets it), the Triforce of Wisdom seems to mostly give Zelda some cool magic that probably won't matter, and the Triforce of Power is going to.... Prime Demon Gannon, which means he'd probably be super resistant to anything but the master sword, light arrows, or something similar, making him another major threat Link has trouble taking on with other distractions. You can certainly argue that he'd be immune to anything that isn't Master Sword or equivalent, but I'll go with Demon Dragon's insane resistance as a baseline.

What do you think would happen?
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2023.06.03 05:41 DinkaFeatherScooter A Quiet Place

Divine inspiration meets self motivation,
in a race for reason, this finish line's forsaken. Once again a reason to give meaning to a far away internal feeling. Another body breaks, another a journey ends, another home is vacant, a soul issued depends.
Have you followed the rules?..
The rules touched only by eternal tools? Life everlasting in a confined space of entropy, floating through existence on a plane that is a part of me. Until the end of light I will shine bright, and when the darkness does return, a place in quiet ill have earned.
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2023.06.03 05:40 Zealousideal_Fix1194 is it appropriate for me to apologise?

I think about 2 years ago, i had really hurt someone by just being horrible. when i reflected/realised, i’ve always wanted to apologise for these past 2 years but i was too scared. we’re no longer in each others lives but we have mutual friends from which i’ve heard she is doing good. is it appropriate for me to apologise? i do not want to make them upset again and put them into a bad head space. i’ve felt guilty for a long time but sometimes when i think about apologising i wonder if im doing it for them or for me. i want to let them know i’m truly sorry but i don’t want to be selfish and do it bc i simply want to feel better about myself. honestly im just not sure what to do or how to move on as i’ve felt so guilty about my behaviour.
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2023.06.03 05:39 sadhbh79 Local artist was nasty to my kid

So myself (40ish f) and my child (sub 10 Yr old ) have been visiting a local atlrtist for approx 1 year in their studio
Studio is located in a local park and accessible to the public
We first visited approx 1 year ago.
The artist was lovely. Talked to my child about art, creativity etc. Gifted my child a book and other gifts. We visited on an ad hoc.basis never more than once every 3 weeks for more than 5 mins
Recently artist seemed to be short and annoyed Second to last time child approached artist while artist was painting picture outside. Artist had headphones in and I advised child to stop short and say hi. Artist turned and looked up to a window smiling. (Obviously no one there) child said hi again and artist screamed and jumped
I said I told child to stay back as I didn't wqht them to scare u are u ok They said oh I got a fright I repeated nervously what I said and showed child painting Artist said I don't want to be frightened and I have 10 plus children coming to say hi every day, I need to get back to my work I guided child away Artist had previously told child they were special and comment about multiple children made child ask if they were not special
I was annoyed but thought ok we disturbed artist
3 weeks later we are in that part of park I had dissuaded child earlier but they ran ahead on way out as they wanted to see favourite artist
I got near the door of shop/studio and artist appeared with child in tow. Less than a minute since child entered shop
Artist said ah here lads. They keeps turning up and scared me before come on like I said I told them to stand back and u were ok till u saw them Artist said and you laughed when I was scared. I said no u smiled and so did I as I was nervous Artist said well And I took child and said they don't want us here any more Artist said ah now but I directed child away
Child is devastated Wants to know why artist doesn't think they are good any more I haven't a clue. We would maybe turn up for sub 5 mins every 3 or 4 weeks Totally mental
Anything I am missing pls
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2023.06.03 05:39 Akfanboy G.R.U: Temporal anomalies division chapter one

Yeshua volkov's POV.
"Well shit..."
I said as I checked if I still had some left over MRE's.
"Damnit! I knew we shouldn't have entered that anomaly!"
Said one of my comrades by the name of Ivan Pavlov. Some were already screaming for their babushka's like children when something isn't going their way. Although we had trained with mental fortitude we were in a quite a rough situation. We had no idea where we are or how can we get back to the motherland. Some were already panicking while some are getting counselling from the onsite phycologists.
"Don't worry comrades! We will find our way back! From this unknown reality we now live in! I know, I know. Some of you want to go back home immediately. But... ask yourselves this! We don't know how to come back but what if can find another way back! Back to the motherland! Maybe we can find something with great importance here and bring it back to the motherland. We will be treated as heroes, visionaries, and adventurers! If we ever go back to the homeland. Now get yourselves shit together and let's find a way to escape from this reality we found ourselves in!"
Said the charismatic leader Captain Alexander Mikhailov.
Some of my comrades stopped their screeching/screaming and started cheering. Some were stunned at how the captain was acting in this time. Honestly he was better than me with leading. He was like a charismatic leader that won the hearts of his soldiers while I the lieutenant just sat there doing the paperwork, doing logistics, making tactics, etc. Sure I am the lieutenant I shouldn't be doing that kind of stuff but we still need to plan logistics just encase of a fight to get reinforcements or supplies to the frontlines. He was more charismatic than me, and I let him do the speeches to boost morale. At least I'm not stuck giving endless speeches. I was the man that everyone counted on for tactics. I was one of the six tacticians in the detachment.
We checked the BTR 80's and a few transport trucks we brought with us and saw we had MRE's and water to last us over 50 days and ammo to last us over 70 days if we use it right. Suspiciously the BTR's fuel tanks were full. Huh? We drove over 6 kilometers with this thing and yet it's fuel tanks are full? Well lucky us I guess.
You must be asking yourselves how did we got into this mess in the first place?
Well that is what I'm going to tell you.
We are a part of a division of the G.R.U called the anomaly department. We study, and eliminate hostile or very dangerous temporal anomalies. We also develop teleportation technology but the tech is basically a barely functioning prototype that uses up so many energy that we typically need to drain 4 nuclear reactors or more to fire one up and teleport 500 people, 60 vehicles, etc they are so costly to use that we rarely use them, and need specialized equipment to use said prototype. These temporal anomalies are typically made from what's known as the god particles. They are basically particles that can bend reality itself or what the extremely dummies call magicules or magical particles because they seem magical to their eyes. We typically use those particles to create holes through space and time. We discovered our first anomaly back in the times when the USSR was still in its glory. In 1974. These anomalies typically bring with them destructive beings with them so we clean them up by killing them by either small arms fire, usage of military vehicles, missiles or even if it comes to it nukes, and burning their corpses. if we don't they usually turn into undead creatures that is very very hard to kill unless you have a tank, a flame thrower, or if you have liquid hydrogen to freeze these things up just to punch them and crumble into ice.
The first ones happened in Sarov or arzamas-16 one of the hidden cities in the USSR created by the KGB. The creatures that appeared on the first temporal anomaly were hulking abominations of green creatures filled with unknown viruses and diseases. We defeated them and later got an outbreak of one of the diseases, and later found a cure to the disease. Thus our predecessors the komitet vremennykh anomaliy or the committee of temporal anomalies created by the secretary general of the committee of state security with funding from the state to combat these threats. One day our unlucky asses got dragged into this assignment to investigate a temporal anomalies, and be one of the first to enter the temporal anomalies. We were greenlighted to do this mission due to our new naive, and unknowing overseers or as we call them the overseer council because they are a council of a few people dictating the fate of the motherland. And we followed those orders. And eventually got stuck in this hell hole inside some cave in the middle of who knows where. We were called detachment Alpha 3. The loyalists. We were the most loyal detachments of the overseers and we're trusted to keep the researchers safe. We didn't even thought that this would ever happen. We were naive to accept this.
Anyways we checked if everybody was okay. Some of the onsite medics and doctors who were with us in this expedition checked every one from diseases and found none.
We packed ourselves up and told everyone to ride in the transport vehicles to find a new place to build a temporary forward operating base.
Engines roared to life as the vehicles started.
"Now the true adventure begins. We will face hardships, losses, and so many adversities but know this comrades. We will survive and come back to the homeland! We will get through this together! We are the hope of the motherland! We will not fall!"
Said the captain.
We all hop in the transports and start moving.
We will comeback to the motherland. I sighed. That wish will never be true considering our jobs. I sighed again in resignation.
To be continued...
Author: Hello there reader. I am the author of this story. I will explain the timeline of the universe.
1974: The first temporal anomaly ever recorded
1975: The start of the Committee of temporal anomalies
1986: The Chernobyl anomaly
1989: The fall of the Berlin wall
1991: The fall of the Soviet union and the creation of the GRU
1992: The start of the G.R.U anomaly department
1992: The start of the overseer council
1993: Borris Yeltsin gets impeached
1994: The Election of president Nikita Parlov
2000: Prime minister of Russia Vladimir Putin gets charged with corruption charges, conspiracy against the state, and gets a life time in prison in a maximum security prison
2001: The election of president Igor Petrov
2006: The election of a dictator
2007: The second Russian civil war
2008: The battle of saint Petersburg
2008: The battle of Stalingrad
2009: The battle for moscow and the victors of the civil war are the democratic socialists.
2010: The start of the socialist democracy of Russia
2010: A new president is announced
2012: The Taliban does a terror attack in saint Petersburg killing 600 civilians.
2013: Russia joins the Afghanistan war in the American side.
2016: A new president is elected
2017: Russia becomes a part of NATO
2019: Russia nukes a large terrorist under complex city
2022: The expedition into an anomaly.
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