Normal oil temp for semi truck

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This is a group for laughing at and mocking the awkward, ridiculous, and sometimes painful things we endure while trying for a baby. Trollingforababy is for people who are trying to conceive, and are not currently pregnant. Please look at our complete list of rules before participating.

2023.06.05 03:01 Razorvein [S][USA-TX] Olympus 35 SP

Olympus 35 SP ($185) - Cosmetically, this camera is immaculate, particularly for its age. Lens is clean, clear and sharp - I can’t find any internal dust and no signs of fungus. The viewfinder is bright and clear and I can clear see the rangefinder patch for focusing. Light seals are relatively new and in excellent shape.
Mechanically, the camera is sound. I put 6 rolls of film through it and can say that shutter speeds are accurate, aperture is smooth, not sticky, winding lever is nice and smooth.
Normal Metering seems pretty dang accurate. When I set the shutter and aperture manually to match the meter reading, I get well exposed frames. Spot metering is not accurate at all. Despite the accurate metering, Program mode overexposes, a lot.
Timestamp, detailed photos and sample frames:
Full context for sample frames, all shot on Ilford HP5 Plus 400 at box speed. Developed in Ilfosol 3 using standard times and temps. You’ll notice some subtle striping in a few photos, that’s from a development error on my part. You may also see some dust/hairs as a result of my DSLR scanning.
$185 including PayPal G&S and USPS shipping (CONUS only). I can ship insured for an additional $25. Please ensure your shipping address is correct in PayPal. I only ship to the address PayPal tells me to.
First buyer to PM (no chat) with their PayPal address gets it. Please don't forget to comment as well - I will ignore PM's without a corresponding comment.
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2023.06.05 02:59 Femboy_cumrade Next possible upgrades for trucking rig?

Next possible upgrades for trucking rig?
So this is my sim rig so far. G29 wheels pedals and some random stand. Wood added for extra support because the stand was flimsy. I bought all of it directly from some guy off marketplace for 420$ cad( nice) . Was it worth it? Already had very stiff brake mod and semi stiff clutch mod. G29 shifter was modified with a 3D printed part. I think it’s to make it 6 positions and not 7 anymore. Ok so too much rambling what do you think I should do to help with my rig? Trucking mostly
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2023.06.05 02:55 facetime010101 Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula Powder

Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula Powder
Caution: It's important to remember that these evaluations are guides to potential health concerns and not definitive measures of a product's safety or efficacy. They are based on individual ingredients rather than any negative effects the final product may have. The way ingredients interact in a formulation can influence their potential impact, and the presence of a specific ingredient does not automatically equate to harm when used in a product. It's always crucial to do your own research, consider the product as a whole, and keep in mind that personal reactions can vary greatly. When making decisions about personal care products, it is recommended to consult with healthcare professionals.

Brief: This goat milk-based baby formula provides a range of nutrients that are essential for a baby's growth. Goat milk proteins can be easier to digest than cow's milk, making this a suitable choice for some babies. High sn-2 palmitic acid oil is included to mimic the structure of human milk fat, aiding digestion and nutrient absorption. It does contain soybean oil, which might be an issue for babies with soy allergies. Galacto-oligosaccharides, derived from milk, serve as prebiotics promoting gut health. However, it's worth noting that retinyl acetate (Vitamin A) should be monitored for appropriate intake to avoid potential toxicity, though this is highly unlikely given the regulated nature of infant formulas.

Ingredients: Lactose (milk), nonfat dry goat milk, goat whey protein concentrate powder (milk), high sn-2 palmitic acid oil, soybean oil, galacto-oligosaccharides (milk), palm kernel oil, sunflower oil, and less than 1%: tricalcium citrate, mortierella alpina oil, tri sodium citrate, crypthecodinium cohnii oil, calcium carbonate, potassium hydroxide, choline bitartrate, sodium L-ascorbate, choline chloride, ferrous sulphate, L-ascorbic acid, zinc sulphate, vitamin E acetate, inositol, niacinamide, calcium pantothenate, cupric sulfate, retinyl acetate, thiamin hydrochloride, vitamin B6 hydrochloride, riboflavin, manganese sulphate, folic acid, potassium iodide, vitamin K1, D-biotin, sodium selenate, vitamin D3, cyanocobalamin.

Typical ingredients description and side effects

  • Potassium Hydroxide
    • Potassium Hydroxide is commonly used in the food industry as a pH regulator or a food stabilizer. It helps to maintain the acidity or alkalinity of food, which is important for flavor, preservation, and food safety. In baby formula, Potassium Hydroxide is used to adjust the pH to make it as close to human milk as possible, to ensure optimal digestion and nutrient absorption.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Irritation: Potassium hydroxide is known to be caustic, meaning it can cause irritation or burns if it comes into direct contact with the skin or eyes in its pure form. However, in food products like baby formula, it's used in very diluted quantities that are safe for consumption.
      • Digestive Issues: If consumed in large amounts, potassium hydroxide could potentially cause digestive issues such as nausea or vomiting. However, the small amounts used in food products are unlikely to cause such effects.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 5

  • Choline Chloride
    • Choline chloride is a form of choline, which is an essential nutrient important for a number of bodily functions, including brain development and nerve function. It's typically added to infant formula to ensure that babies get adequate amounts of this nutrient, as it's naturally present in breast milk. While choline is generally safe and necessary for proper health, consuming too much can lead to side effects, although these are not typically a concern at the levels present in infant formula.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Gastrointestinal Distress: Consuming large amounts of choline may cause nausea, vomiting, increased salivation, and increased sweating.
      • Fishy Body Odor: In rare cases, excess choline can lead to a condition called trimethylaminuria, or "fish odor syndrome." This condition causes a person to produce a body odor that smells like fish, due to the body's inability to properly break down a compound produced from choline.
      • Lower Blood Pressure: There's some evidence that high doses of choline can cause a drop in blood pressure.
      • Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease: Some forms of choline are converted in the body to a molecule called trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO), which has been associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 3
  • Ferrous Sulfate
    • Ferrous sulfate is a type of iron supplement that's often added to baby formulas. Iron is an essential nutrient that's necessary for the production of hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. It's also worth noting that some infants may have difficulty absorbing iron from supplements like ferrous sulfate, which can potentially lead to issues such as iron deficiency anemia. However, most infants can absorb and utilize the iron in baby formula without issue.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Gastrointestinal Issues: These can include nausea, constipation, diarrhea, or stomach upset.
      • Iron Toxicity: Though very rare and typically associated with accidental ingestion of iron supplements, iron toxicity can be serious, causing symptoms like dizziness, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, fever, and in severe cases, can lead to organ damage.
      • Interference with Nutrient Absorption: Excessive iron can interfere with the absorption of other nutrients, such as zinc.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 4

  • Zinc Sulfate
    • Zinc sulfate is a mineral that is frequently used in dietary supplements and baby formulas. Zinc is an essential nutrient that supports various body functions, including immune function, protein synthesis, wound healing, DNA synthesis, and cell division. It's particularly important for babies as they grow and develop.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Gastrointestinal Issues: Excessive intake of zinc can cause gastrointestinal issues such as vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps.
      • Zinc Toxicity: While rare, severe overconsumption can lead to zinc toxicity, with symptoms including loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches. Long-term excessive intake could potentially interfere with the body's absorption of other essential minerals like copper and iron.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 6

  • Tocopheryl Acetate
    • Tocopheryl Acetate is a form of vitamin E that is often added to baby formula, skincare products, and various other products. Vitamin E is an essential nutrient known for its antioxidant properties. It plays a crucial role in protecting cells from damage, supporting immune function, and promoting healthy skin and eyes. In the context of baby formula, tocopheryl acetate is generally safe and unlikely to cause side effects when consumed at levels that are within the recommended dietary allowances for infants. However, like any nutrient, it could potentially cause side effects if consumed excessively.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Bleeding: Vitamin E has mild anticoagulant properties, meaning it can prevent blood clots. While this is typically a good thing, in large amounts, it could potentially increase the risk of bleeding.
      • Nausea, Diarrhea, Stomach Cramps: Some people may experience digestive upset from consuming too much vitamin E.
      • Rash: Some individuals may have a skin reaction to topical use of tocopheryl acetate, though this is less relevant for its presence in baby formula
    • EWG Skin Grade: 3

  • Vitamin A Acetate
    • Vitamin A Acetate, also known as retinyl acetate, is a form of vitamin A that's often added to food products, including infant formula, due to its essential role in supporting vision, the immune system, and overall growth and development. It's generally safe for use in such products, but as with any nutrient, too much can lead to adverse effects. It's important to note that these side effects are generally associated with excessive intake over a prolonged period, not normal dietary consumption.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Vitamin A Toxicity (Hypervitaminosis A): This can occur if an infant is given too much Vitamin A over a long period of time. Symptoms can include nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, and even hair loss in severe cases. However, it is extremely rare and typically associated with over-supplementation, not food sources.
      • Birth Defects: Consuming extremely high levels of Vitamin A during pregnancy can potentially lead to birth defects. However, this is not relevant to baby formula but rather a concern for pregnant women.
      • Interactions with other nutrients: High levels of Vitamin A can interfere with the absorption and utilization of other vitamins, such as Vitamin D and Vitamin K.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 9

  • Sodium Selenate
    • Sodium selenate is a form of selenium, an essential trace mineral necessary for many bodily functions. Selenium is important for DNA synthesis, reproduction, metabolism of thyroid hormones, and protection against oxidative damage and infection, among other things. For infants, selenium is crucial for normal growth and development.
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Selenosis: Selenium can have adverse effects if consumed in excess. Selenium toxicity can lead to a condition called selenosis, which can cause symptoms such as hair loss, gastrointestinal upset, fatigue, irritability, and nerve damage.
      • Digestive Issues: In large amounts, selenium might cause digestive issues like nausea or diarrhea.
      • Skin Rash: In some cases, overconsumption of selenium can lead to skin rashes.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 8

  • Manganese Sulfate
    • Manganese sulfate is a mineral that's often used in dietary supplements and food products, including baby formula. Manganese is an essential nutrient that supports many body functions, including bone development, metabolism, and brain function. As of my knowledge, manganese sulfate is generally considered safe in the quantities typically found in food and formula, but excessive intake can lead to adverse effects
    • Potential Side Effects:
      • Neurological Effects: High levels of manganese exposure have been associated with neurological issues, but this is generally associated with environmental exposure (like inhaling manganese dust), not dietary intake.
      • Interference with Iron Absorption: Manganese can interfere with the absorption of iron. This is generally not a problem with the levels of manganese found in baby formula, but it could potentially be an issue with very high levels of intake.
      • Digestive Issues: As with any mineral, consuming excessive amounts could potentially cause digestive issues like nausea or diarrhea.
    • EWG Skin Grade: 3

The grading system used by EWG in the Skin Deep database is as follows:
1 to 2: Low hazard
3 to 6: Moderate hazard
7 to 10: High hazard
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2023.06.05 02:37 StumpySequoia 7.3L Oil in Exhaust after injectors

Just got done replacing injectors and cups today and after about 4-5 30 second cranking cycles with the UVCHs unplugged I plugged them in and she fired up! Spit and sputter at first with a little lope as I read was normal, but what I wasn't expecting was the amount of oil coming out of the tail pipe. The up pipe connection at the collector was wet and was spitting a small amount for a couple minutes then seemed to stop.
It wasn't pouring out at the tail pipe but a drip and after 10 minutes of running, it was enough to make a puddle. If I had to guess though it wasn't much more than half a cup, maybe a cup at the most. I saw on a couple forums that it was normal, but couldn't find much info on that. Thoughts?
First time doing injectors on a 7.3L so forgive me of this is a dumb question
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2023.06.05 02:29 ThatGuyTy21 Tips for a newbie?

I am about two months in using concentrates exclusively. I daily drive a CARTA Focus V, and it’s a sweet little rig, that packs a bit of a punch.
I want the freedom of temp control and no torch, so I was hoping to go for a High Five LCD enail and a glass rig. Anyone use this setup before? I’m worried about being new and messing something up, like starting a fire or something.
Also I normally get wax for significantly cheaper than a local dispensary has to offer. Like 10 dollars a gram instead of the 40 they charge but the lack of QC kind of freaks me out a bit. Should I ditch the non dispensary grade wax for the more expensive alternative that offers more in the respect of transparency as far as percentages and how it’s made?
Thank you.
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2023.06.05 02:25 Gelgoog-Intiative994 New Radiator's fans wont come on

Hey Everybody! Im new to the group but i was wondering if yall could help me with my 2001 Prelude.
Backstory: I've had my Prelude for about 5-6 years now and ive always loved it but after a year or 2 of buying it i had to put her away because of an oil leak i couldnt get fixed. Recently ive started working on her a little bit and i broke the upper waterhose connecter part of my radiator. No big deal got a new one in (same type, i believe) and put her in myself. Not too bad. Also im new to working on cars
Issue: So my issue is that after putting the radiator in the fans won't come on. They work i can get them to come on by hooking them to the battery with test leads but they wont come on normally and i have them plugged into the connectors for the radiator. I put a new relay in the other day and drove her about an hour from my mother in laws garage to my apartment in 90⁰F weather and when i popped the hood, nothing. My temp gauge in the car never went over half way either. Does anybody know what the issue could be?
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2023.06.05 02:23 SvedkaMerc Outdoor container garden.

I think I’m fairly decent at outdoor perennial plant tending but my experience with container gardening is limited to indoor plants, mostly succulents, few annuals that my wife buys, and caring for things I buy before I can’t plant them.
Now we’re going to have 10-15ish container plants outside year round. We’re doing a truck bed flower garden (posting progress pics after we feel it looks it’s best for this year) but decided to go with individual containers instead of filling it with soil.
Any tips?
Specifically interested in how the plants hardiness temp is actually calculated. Is it for in ground plants only? I assume the roots or bulbs in the containers will get colder than the ones in the ground?
Edit: also are fertilizer rates different than indoooutdoor and which one? Should I use a different soil mix than “potting soil”, obviously the container mix the plant needs, but should it be modified?
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2023.06.05 02:03 JonathanS223 I Faced a Bone Walker and Lived

Hey all, it’s me Frank Jones again. I wrote that post a while ago about why you shouldn’t be a paranormal investigator and a lot of you liked it. Since settling into my hideaway in the mountains, life has become quiet and I thought about checking in. The plague hit us like nothing and now that everyone is wanting to travel again, I thought to say hi. I want to say thanks to all of you who commented and gave me those weird pointy thingies this social media does. Some of you even figured out my post office box address and sent me letters. I appreciate it (and don’t do it again).
The common strain among your posts was wanting to know if I had ever encountered other things as an auditor. Of course I have but I have been reluctant to tell you because I don’t want to shine some sort of light on all of it or make it sound like some romantic adventure. It’s “pissing yourself” fear all wrapped up in a waking nightmare with a side of gory terror. I am one of the few who actually made it to retirement…if that’s what you could call this life I’m living now.
But, I have nothing else to do really. Carl only visits once in a while when he’s passing through and I cannot risk any other sort of company knowing I’ve pissed off a lot of people…and things. So, I’m back on this internet board and sharing. So many are curious, I thought maybe another story can scare you all straight. This was the first time complacency almost got me and another killed.
This story takes place somewhere in the 90s in a small New England town. It was one of those places nestled along the banks of a serene river, historic brick buildings line the winding streets, their facades adorned with weathered signs that hint at the town's seafaring heritage. A place where everything smelled like either the ocean or decaying fish. I’m not going to specifically name the town to protect the young lady that may still be living there but in the heart of the town, there’s a renowned drawbridge which stands as a testament to the place’s affinity for water. Its ancient mechanisms creak and groan when allowing vessels to pass through the calm waterway. It also had some of the best outdoor markets I had a chance to stop and check out.
I didn’t pass through this part of the country that often as my boss preferred me to do the long hauls across the country but there was a dead haul nobody wanted.I took it cause I wanted a change of scenery. I was already working as an auditor and part of a loose alliance of others who investigated and dealt with any weird things. I actually had a few monsters under my belt. I honestly had the foolhardy idea that I could handle anything out there. God, I was an idiot.
The supernatural never crossed my mind until that evening, stopping to fuel up my red 1992 Peterbilt 379 and paying for the gas with the attendant and restocking up on those beef jerky sticks and coffee.
That was when I noticed her. She was a young woman about in her mid 30s looking like one of the corporate types with the short hair cut and business suit. I would have not paid her any mind if it wasn’t for the touch of apprehension on her face as she talked on one of those new fangled bright yellow Nokia cellphones. Soft strands of chestnut hair framed her face, their gentle sway moving as she glanced around while talking on the phone. As I observed her, I couldn't help but notice the way her fingers trembled slightly, when trying to get money out of her pocket. I’ve seen that type of fear before. So, like a creep, I eavesdropped on her call.
“Yes, it happened again,” she had said as the nickels finally made it to the counter to pay for her snacks. “I could have sworn there was something outside the window near the edge of the forest….no, of course the security cameras didn’t pick up anything. They’re cheap. Ronald was a skinflint when it came to things like this. Hope he’s rotting in hell wherever he is.”
My mind began to drift away, more annoyed I couldn’t get a move on it. It sounded like a problem for the police and if anything, I was gonna tell her that. It was what she said next that made me stop and brought back the reality of the world.
“Yeah. like nine or ten feet tall. I’m thinking kids are playing around with scarecrows or something. Won’t come from the edge of the forest and when I check, I can see foot impressions and stuff. I already put in a call to the cops. They found nothing.“
“Did it sway a bit and its eyes seem to glint like a cats or owl?” I asked without thinking.
The look I got from both her and the gas attendant made me realize what I had done. Well, too late now.
“I’ll call you back,” she said quickly, eyeing me as she hung up the phone and slipped it back into her purse.
“You need me to walk you to your car, ma’am?” the attendant asked, staring at me.
Of course, I forgot that The Truck Stop Killer had only been arrested a few years before.
“I’m fine, thank you,” she said, quickly gathering her stuff and making for the door. I slapped the one hundred and seventy bucks on the counter to pay for my diesel guzzler ignoring the change and followed her out but making sure to not move in a way that caused the teenager in the station to call the cops.
“Ma’am,” I called out to her and she turned to me while hurrying up her pace.
“I’ve got pepper spray. Stay away from me.”
“The thing in the woods. You could have sworn you smelled fresh dirt like mulch and it seemed to sway back and forth like it could not keep its balance.” I threw it out there in desperation.
She froze and turned to look at me. Eying me up and down as I kept my distance and angled to head towards my truck.
“How do you know?”
“I…uh…dealt with something like that before. On a job in Canada.”
“Who are you?” she asked, looking at my faded shirt and company logo. “A trucker?”
“I moonlight as a problem solver. Like an auditor of sorts.”
“Who is it?” she demanded, eyes still affixed to me and hand in her purse.
“Better question is ‘what is it?’,” I answered.
I have learned to pick up on the contempt and disbelief from people who hadn’t seen what I have. I was already being dismissed as a whack job.
“You have tracks on your porch you have written off as animals, especially if you own a dog. If you did own a dog, it’s missing. Cops told you it ran away. You got a garden?”
“Yes,” the certainty had started to leave her voice. “A walled garden.”
“And anytime you’re in there, you feel like you’re being watched.”
At that, her hand came out of her purse empty and she approached me with the fear I had seen in her eyes now on her face.
“How did you know?”
“I’d rather not explain out here,” I said sheepishly running my hand through my sandy brown hair that only started getting flecks of gray. “But you got a…pest problem.”
“And you can do something about it? I’ve had exterminators, cops, nature lovers…even a priest.”
“None of those won’t do you any good and I don’t want to scare ya but it’s more active which is not a good sign.”
For a few moments, I could see the indecision in her eyes. The desperate want to dismiss me as a lunatic but whatever she had heard or seen won over.
“Fine. You can follow me to the house.”
“Mind if I hitch a ride?”
The woman started but then looked at my truck. “Promise. I mean you no harm. I really think you’re in danger.”
That was when I found her name was Isabelle Walker.
We left my truck in long-term parking after she told the attendant that I was a long lost relative and that’s why the change of demeanor. I don’t know if he believed her but at that point, I don’t think he cared. I left my truck with its metallic frame standing tall and proud amidst the rows of other vehicles.
I did not realize how desperate this woman was until we got going on the road. I had loaded myself in the passenger seat after pulling out my military backpack from the war which I also used for my auditing services and tried to look as harmless as a man of my stature could.
For the first fifteen minutes of the drive, her focus was on the lonely road, those beautiful eyes darting to me anytime I shifted my weight. I didn’t want to scare her so it was her that spoke first.
“What is it?”
“I really don’t know but the people in my profession call it a Bone Walker.”
The nose crinkled in disbelief.
“Halloween is not for a few more months, Mister…”
“Jones. Frank Jones.”
The James Bond reference caused her to snort in amusement.
“I don’t know what to tell ya, ma’am, except I’ve dealt with some pretty scary things out there. Normally I’m never this forward as most people try to call the cops on me or dismiss me as a lunatic. I mean, I could be a lunatic but I know what I’ve seen.”
“And that is…?”
“You know. Ghosts, vampires, werewolves. They’re real. They’re not common but real nevertheless.”
There was still the disbelief in Isabelle’s voice but I grew to ignore things like this.
“Sure. I mean, think of all the things you experienced and be open to alternate answers.”
Isabelle was quiet for a few minutes and then sighed. “Either you are telling the truth or you're the biggest liar and I’m a fool that’s not going to live through this night.”
“I promise,” I tried to reassure her. “I’m not going to hurt you.”
After a few more minutes and off the main highway, we approached her home. The large house stood resolute amidst the dense, ancient forest, its weathered exterior a testament to the passing of time. It was a grand structure, its imposing presence commanding attention. The sprawling estate exuded an air of mystery and faded grandeur, as if it held stories whispered through generations.
As we pulled in, the main house loomed before me, its facade adorned with intricate woodwork and worn stone. Ivy crept along the walls, weaving an emerald tapestry that hinted at the passage of years. The windows, framed by elegant yet slightly cracked panes, stared out into the world with a mixture of curiosity and melancholy.
To the side, a large shed stood detached from the main house, its weathered boards echoing tales of forgotten tools and lost endeavors. The wooden structure sagged under the weight of time, its roof covered in a patchwork quilt of moss. Inside, shadows danced amidst remnants of a bygone era, rusty equipment and dusty shelves attesting to the once-bustling activity that had long since ceased.
Not far from the shed, a family cemetery nestled amongst the ancient trees. Tombstones, adorned with intricate carvings and weathered inscriptions, dotted the landscape. The hallowed ground exuded a solemn tranquility, as if time stood still in reverence for those who rested eternally in its embrace. Wisps of fog clung to the grassy knolls, lending an ethereal quality to the sacred space.
At the far end of the property, an old walled garden stood as a testament to the house's former splendor. Once vibrant and lush, the garden now appeared overgrown and untamed. Stone paths meandered through a sea of tangled foliage, leading to hidden nooks and forgotten corners. Dilapidated stone benches, adorned with intricate carvings, sat scattered throughout the garden, silent witnesses to a time when laughter and conversation filled the air.
As I stood amidst the silence of the forest, the house, shed, cemetery, and walled garden formed a tapestry of history and mystery. They were a testament to the ebb and flow of life, the remnants of a bygone era that clung to the present. Within their weathered walls, secrets whispered and memories danced, waiting to be discovered by those who dared to venture into their enigmatic embrace.
“Great place to be haunted, huh?” she said with sarcasm. “My ex left it to me in the divorce. Was only going to be here long enough to sell it but no one wants it and my job wants me to move to this state anyway.”
“Where are you originally from?”
“So, this is definitely a change of scenery for you,”
Isabelle only hummed back at me as she fumbled for her keys in the dying light of evening. I pulled my backpack closer to me as my eyes scanned the treeline where the shadows had begun to deepen. Nothing stood out against the silhouettes of ancient trees which was a good sign. I wasn’t too late.
Stepping through the weathered front door, I entered the interior of the old house, greeted by a mix of nostalgia and faded elegance. The air carried a hint of mustiness, a reminder of the countless years the house had to have witnessed. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light filtering through the stained-glass windows, I could make out the clash between old decor and the modern furniture Isabelle had bought.
The foyer, adorned with a worn, threadbare rug. The walls, once adorned with portraits and intricate wallpaper, now bore the markings of time's passage. The wooden banister of the grand staircase, polished with use, creaked softly under my touch as we made our way towards the living room.
Moving further into the house, I found myself in a spacious living room. Large, ornate windows which would have allowed slivers of daylight to filter through the heavy velvet curtains. The walls were adorned with faded wallpaper. An aged fireplace, its stone mantle adorned with trinkets and old photographs, served as the heart of the room.
“You want some coffee?” Isabelle asked, throwing her keys on to the coffee table. I sat down on her couch and dropped my backpack on it with a clunk.
“A lot.”
The kitchen light clicked on and I heard her moving about setting up the coffee pot. The adrenalin was now pumping through me as my mind raced. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail on what a Bone Walker is but it’s a creature that usually haunts the western coast. It being so far out east was strange. I pulled out my old gun bag and unrolled it. My Stevens Model 520-30 “Trench” shotgun was the first thing I reached for as I popped open the internal pouch holding he high flash shells I was glad I packed. It was the startled sound from Isabelle that made me quickly look up.
She stood there with my coffee, eyes locked on the shotgun in my hand. I slowly held up one of the cartridges I was planning to load.
“Flash powder shotgun shells. No load. Just makes a loud noise and a bright white light. What we’re facing lives in the shadows and hates light…normally,” I had heard stories that they could strike in the day but it was extremely rare. She didn’t need to know that.
“Oh,” was her quiet response. “Do…do I need a gun?”
“You know how to use one?”
“Then it’ll do more harm than good. You got any flashlights?”
Isabelle nodded mutely, the gravity of the situation sinking in at the array of weapons and items in my pack laid out in front of her.
“Go get them.”
While she was gone, I quickly unloaded the silver bullets out of my Makarov pistol (a gift from a Viet Cong officer and a story for another time) and placed normal 9mm rounds in the clip. I had it holstered under my jacket with the two back up clips when she returned with three cheap flashlights.
“One in your hand and one in your pocket.”
“In case you drop the one you are holding.”
The woman obeyed silently.
As night fell quickly around us, I slung my shotgun over my shoulder and with Isabelle close, we made our way upstairs. There were tell tale signs I needed to check as the only advantage I had over this thing was the fact it stuck to a pattern. If it was at the stage I thought it was, there would be signs.
“Which room is yours?” I asked.
Isabelle pointed to a door down the hallway across from a large window. Approaching it, I quickly shined my flashlight at the mahogany door frame. It was the glint that caught my eye. Deep gouges in the wood.
“What’s that?” she asked.
“Claw marks,” I responded. There was no use sugar coating anything now.
“This thing was in my house?” Isabelle said horrified.
“For the last few weeks now,” I said, my nose picking up the faint odor of dirt and mud.
“Why didn’t it attack me then?”
“It wasn’t time.”
Talking was going to be the only thing to keep her focused. I had felt the world shift a bit as night fell and I needed her not to panic.
“Bone Walkers are ritualistic creatures. They are very choosy over their prey. It can take a month or two before they move in. That’s why they are so hard to catch.”
“Criteria? Like what?”
“We don’t know.”
That was the honest truth. The only reason we knew their existence and patterns was thanks to blind luck and people surviving their encounters. I showed my light around looking for other signs. Discolored stains in the corners where shadows would naturally form, healthy moss and mold that shouldn’t be there. I found a patch around her bed. She did not notice and I did not want to tell her that it probably stood over her through the night watching her sleep. The sooner I buried this thing, the better.
There was a trill of terror in Isabelle’s voice and I immediately looked to where she was. The woman was standing by her bedroom window staring out at something. I quickly moved and spotted what she saw. In the forest, at the edge of the shadow cast by the moonlight was an almost, imperceptible form. It stood nine feet, hunched over like a broken scarecrow, its owl like eyes staring back at us.
“Shit,” I muttered. Thank god we had turned on the lights as we went.
It was the flash of light and the crack of thunder that heralded the arrival of the storm. The lights of this old houses flickered which caused my belly to flop a few times. My brain was on fire as I glanced back from the lightbulb to where the creature was and found it had vanished.
“Where did it go?”
I did not have time to explain as another crack of lightning caused the lights to dim. I grabbed Isabelle roughly by the arm and yanked her back down the hallway towards the living room where I had left my stuff. We barely made it to the living room when the lights dimmed low. I grasped the glow sticks out of the bag, cracked a handful and scattered them about, their bright yellow light beginning to glow. The power then went out bathing us only in the eerie glow of the emergency lighting.
As we waited in breathless anticipation, the storm struck, its wrath manifesting in torrential rain. The mansion seemed to respond, succumbing to a power outage that plunged us into an abyss of blackness only moments before.
A trill of terror coursed through me. I knew this Bone Walker thrived in darkness, using it as a cloak to conceal its malevolence. We auditors were not sure if it actually teleported or it preferred to move in pitch darkness. I just knew that the black was our biggest threat.
For a few moments, we could only hear the ragged breathing of the two of us being drowned out by the pounding rain against shingle and glass. Isabelle had wound her hand into my jacket pocket and was gripping it tightly, I could feel her shaking with terror. I kept my shotgun gripped tightly in my hand listening for the tell tale sound of its arrival.
It was the movement out of the corner of my eye and the fact her grip got tighter on my jacket. I swiftly turned on my high-powered flashlight as I spun around and the brilliant beam pierced the obscure corner of the room. No matter what I had read or seen before did not prepare me for what I saw.
It stood there in the corner, its eight foot height engulfing that section of the house. My eyes strained as it appeared the thing was struggling to stay in focus. Its arms were too long for its body, spindly and almost to the floor while the legs appeared backwards giving it a strange forward leaning look. It wore a hunter’s long coat and trousers but through the rips and tears I could make out something squirming and moving underneath. The air filled with the stench of decaying plants and diseased vegetation. Its face was covered with what looked like the remnants of a cheap bandanna but its owl-like eyes gleaned back with malevolence.
Isabelle whimpered, her fear palpable in the room and the Bone Walker lunged toward us. Even though my fear was ripping through me like an unstoppable train, I had the sense to pull the trigger of my shotgun aimed in its direction. The flash and resounding roar painted the entire room in a brilliant black and white shadow causing every corner and edge to appear thick and vivid. The creature screamed and fell to the side into the shadow not illuminated by the weapon’s fire.
Isabelle had thrown herself on the couch and was huddled there, trembling with terror, while I moved quickly to crack a few more glow sticks and toss them into the dark corners of the room. In one, I saw its foot recoil back into the kitchen where it was darker than night itself. This was quicker than I had anticipated. The plans I had been formulating on the drive were no longer viable. I wanted to lure it to where I controlled the battlefield but that was not an option anymore. This had become a cat and mouse game and I knew this was with a predator I could not even hope to understand and had years to hone.
Out of the kitchen again this thing charged forward, relentless in its pursuit, it was trying to find a way around my light barrier which only appeared to slow it down. With shaking hands, I fired several more rounds, each blast forcing the creature to retreat and the girl to scream in terror. As soon as it retreated to a dark part of the house, I turned to where the woman of the house had been. To my horror, Isabelle's fear had gotten the best of her. In that moment of panic, she darted from the safety of the light, towards the hallway and the door outside.
“Isabelle! Stop!” I yelled trying to command her back with my voice but I doubted she heard me. Between the abject horror and the relentless rain, she was going to take her chance. A chance I knew she did not have.
I only took a step when I sensed it. The musty smell of an organic landfill overwhelmed me as the form silently darted past me, its long arm clobbering me up the side of the head. The world spun as pain burst through my brain. I felt the world tilt and fall heavily to the ground, flashlight and shotgun falling away.
As I slipped in and out of consciousness, I knew I was a sitting duck for this thing. There was no way for me to stop it from ripping me to shreds like some of the corpses I had seen. As I blinked, I came to my senses and realized I was alone. How long I had actually been on the ground, I did not know.
I sat up, my head pounding and I could see the door hanging open, the wind slamming the door on its hinges and the rain soaking the hallway floor. Struggling, I found my flashlight and gun and pulled myself together.
There was a slim chance that Isabelle was still alive. I had to think. Where would it go? I ran all the stories I could think of and then it hit me. The garden. The walled garden.
I charged into the rain-soaked night. I sprinted toward the enclosed garden at the edge of the property. As I grew closer, I saw that the rusted door was open and hope flickered in my soul. As I came to a stop, I brought my flashlight up again with my shotgun and saw it.
This creature stood there in the middle of the overgrown garden, its massive clawed hand wrapped around Isabelle’s chest and holding her up. Out from under its bandanna mask, putrid vines had appeared and led up to Isabelle’s face where they were forcing their way down her throat and up her nose. I could see the wide terror in her eyes as vines were snaking their way around her waist and I did not want to think about what they were planning to do.
I brought up the shotgun again and fired. Knowing that I had distance, the flash of light caught the creature by surprise. It shrieked as it fell back. Trying desperately not to release its prey. I did not hesitate to grab the machete at my side and hack at its arm until Isabelle fell down free of it.
It’s claw swiped at me striking me on the leg and easily tearing through my pants leaving bloody lacerations but I put the weapon point blank and fired another round. I do not know if it was the flash, the combination of the creature, or that the almighty above was looking out for me, but the creature caught ablaze from the spark.
It fell back swinging wildly as the fire spread unnaturally fast catching the plants around it on fire. Within a matter of seconds, the walled garden had become ablaze with the bone walker in the center. As I ripped the vines out of Isabelle’s mouth and dragged her towards the door, I looked up to see those owl-like eyes looking at me with such abject hatred that the look stick with me today.
I honestly don’t know how we survived. I had helped Isabelle to her porch and we both passed out against our will from the sheer terror and exhaustion. We were awoken by the sound of a siren. The lights had come back on sometime in our sleep and the rain had drifted off to a comforting drizzle. The fire was still raging in the garden but contained by the ancient walls. At least two fire trucks, an ambulance and cops were flying up the private road towards us.
This entire hunt had been ill-planned and stupid. I knew it. As the cops approached with their hand on their pistols, I knew that I had allowed my own ego to get in the way. I should have taken Isabelle somewhere else until I had done a proper reconnaissance. I shouldn’t have taken her home where it was waiting. And now, the cops were looking at two thoroughly soaked humans, one a trucker with a wound and a gun and a young lady in distress. I was pretty sure I was going to go to jail.
“Isabelle?” One of the cops and his voice caused her to sit up, relief washing over her.
“Derek!” she wailed. “We were attacked! In the garden!”
Another two cops that had arrived had taken off in that direction while Derek helped the girl up and took her towards the ambulance. The other cop with a comically large mustache looked at me with keen eyes, his hand still on his pistol, sergeant stripes glowing in the light.
“Yeah,” I said, sitting up slowly and keeping my hand away from the shotgun and trying not to show the one under my jacket. “Someone came after Mrs. Walker. They were in the garden.”
The cop watched me closely but there seemed to be a recognition in his eyes.
“You by any chance Frank Jones?”
My heart jumped and I must have looked startled as the cop’s face broke into a smile. To my relief, his hand fell away from his holstered sidearm.
“I’ll take that for a yes. My guess is you don’t remember me. Clay Wilson. Santa Fe PD, about six years ago. You helped my partner with a...problem. Nellie Nelson?”
I knew the name but the face escaped me.
“She told me you helped her audit a police union building.”
“Ah, yes,” I said, remembering dealing with the wraith and the twinge in my right arm from it’s bite.
The cop looked towards the fire that was slowly being put out by the fire fighters.
“Any chance this will be one of your audits?”
He seemed to think for a few minutes and then nodded.
“Then I think you need to grab that shotgun of yours and hitch a ride with me before too many people ask questions. Whatcha think?”
I nodded. I was not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. I collected my stuff quickly from the living room and made my way back out where he was waiting. As I limped with the cop to his car, I looked towards Isabelle who was being held by the other. She gave me a look of thankfulness as the cop looked at his partner with confusion.
“Her brother’s got her,” Clay said, opening the back door for me. I was not gonna argue or fight. If he took me to jail or not.
And that was it. My leg was not as bad off as I thought and wrapped it in the back of the police car. Clay only asked where I wanted to go and he took me back to my truck. With that time, I was back on the road with that small town in the rear view mirror.
I never did find out what happened to Isabelle after that, if another creature came looking for her or if she had a chance to live in peace. I just knew that we both barely made it out alive and that was due to my own stupidity. I was furious with myself for weeks after that and told myself I wouldn’t put another person in jeopardy like that again. At least, despite my idiocy, another life was saved and another monster was put in the ground...I hoped. I never did find out if they found a body.
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2023.06.05 02:03 n3wb589 Looking for advice

Truckers of reddit, what is the proper way to let a trucker know something is wrong with their truck. For context on the question, I was turning onto an on ramp and the semi in front of me had a blown rear tire. He was heading to get back in the highway. What should I have done to get his attention to let him know? Or should i not try to do anything. That was the route I went bc I didn't know what to do.
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2023.06.05 02:02 HuckleberryWhich8254 I [32/F] get dreams where I feel like I am losing consciousness and it feels very real and intense

As the title describes, I am just wondering what could be causing this. I went for a nap earlier and had a dream I was at the kitchen table talking to my bf as normal when suddenly I collapse and slam onto the floor and feel a wave of very intense physical symptoms and could feel myself blacking out.
I get these kind of dreams semi-regularly and have no idea why but would like to find out more?
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2023.06.05 01:55 kelggg Terrified of being denied, debt question?

I searched the sub and didn't find my situation, I'm sorry if I did miss it though!
I'm 28 and hoping to join the Space Force or Air Force. Most of not all of the jobs I'm interested in require a Top Secret clearance according to my recruiter.
The only thing I'm worried about is my debt.
I have the normal student loans (currently in college - $30k) and Credit cards (being paid regularly - $3k).
However, when I was around 19/20 I bought a bad truck. I made consistent payments but, the truck's frame rotted out and I was advised by my parents to just give it back to the creditor.
So I did, and I owe about $4,200 on it. They would never do payment plans so I just left it until I could ever save up enough to pay it off. Well years later and I still don't have enough to pay it off fully. I may have enough to settle for a lower amount though if they let me.
I want to pay it off as it's the right thing to do. It was never put in collections or anything. It just shows as a closed - voluntary repossession on my credit.
Would this hinder my chances of getting a Top Secret clearance?
Thank you!
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2023.06.05 01:49 random_name_4me 32 [M4F] #rockwall friendly bean flicker/casual fwb

Haven't had some attention in a little while. I work from home and also travel for work occasionally so it has been tough to connect with someone new lately. I'm pretty focused on my job and myself right now. Spend a lot of my freetime with friends and fam in more private settings so finding the time to chase relationships is not the easiest for me to do right now. Had luck meeting a really awesome fwb through reddit in the past so hoping I can again!
The friendship I'm looking for doesn't have to revolve around sex but I am looking for someone that's open to satisfying some of each other's sexual needs/desires.
I'm easy to get along with, laid back, open minded, kink friendly with some normal limits, open to RP and playing with toys. I like to have fun and make the person I'm with feel good. Have a wide variety of random interests & hobbies and a wide taste in music & movies. I love dogs, good people, traveling and good food.
I'm a tall 6'3 big 280 dad bod phatboy white/arab/russian guy with a decent light tan. Pretty clean cut dude with good hygiene and friendly easy to get along with semi-stoner personality. I'm ddf but I am 420 friendly and would enjoy rolling you a nice joint.
Ultimately want you to feel safe and comfortable around me, don't be afraid to ask or say anything to me. Pm the chat & trade pics. Can host at my house in rockwall or travel in dfw.
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2023.06.05 01:40 rubyourfaceinit Sweaty driving butts!

Hey! I love this sub and all of you! So the Temps in the Midwest have been up to the 90s over the last week and I'm a technician driving and making multiple stops all day long. My truck had no ac of course. I am supplied a pretty standard pair of arbor wear pants which are great but when sitting in these trucks I'm getting a lot of irritation from sweating. Basically pimples on my butt and thighs and my coochi could use a little breathing. 🙃
Any tips or tricks for this?! Should I get somethings else to sit on? I am also spraying chemicals outside all day if that's helpful.
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2023.06.05 01:39 Death_Pokman 3DMark crashes when benchmarking

Hey guys, I have a really weird issue with Time Spy, but first the specs: Ryzen 7 5800X, Powercolor Red Dragon RX 6800XT, Kingston Fury 32GB 3200MHz CL16 RAM, Asus TUF B550 motherboard, Asus TUF 750W 80+ Gold PSU, Windows 11, every driver is up to date. So I buildt this PC a few month ago and back then I only cared about GPU OC and decided to not touch anything else in BIOS except DOCP. Now Time Spy gave me very interesting results even back then, to be precise, my graphics score were much lower then others had with same settings on identical system. But my games were running with same performance as others, only 3DMark was fucking with me, so I didn't bother with it. And so we arrived to this weekend, my friend buildt the same system and hit 20k graphic score in Time Spy while my best was 18k AND WE HAD THE SAME OC SETTINGS.
So I started to mess with the tuning in Adrenaline but nothing came close to even 18k score. My every day use OC is: Min freq 2500MHz, Max 2600MHz, UV 1050, VRAM fast timing and 2100MHz, power limit 15%. But benchmark was ran with min 500MHz and I simply changed Max to 2650MHz. Now here Time Spy crashed, then after setting UV to the max, which is 1150V, it eventually completed the benchmark, with, you guessed, NO IMPROVEMENT AT ALL ! After searching on the internet, some people said on forums that PBO maybe can affect it and that auto PBO is like turning it off. So I set PBO to enabled instead auto.
When I went back to run Time Spy once again it just crashed every time !!!!!!! So I reverted the changes I made but it still keeps crashing, actually doesn't matter what changes I make it crashes every time. Thought I killed Time Spy but reinstall didn't help and other benchmarks (Userbenchmark, Cinebench, Heaven) were actually running.
After this I ran my PC for over 18h and tested performance in 15 games (ToF, RE4, FH5, Cyberpunk, Hogwarts Legacy, AC Valhalla, Marvel's Spider-man, GI, Last of Us, NFS Unbound, FF XV, Railway Empire 2, Forspoken, Knights of Honor 2, TW Warhammer 3) with max settings at 1440p. Played all game for over a hour and no crashes happened, temps were normal (even junction never above 95 °C), performance excellent and no problem with any other system parts either.
So I just want a confirmation basically, that my PC has no stability problems if only problem is with 3DMark? And a question, should I set PBO to auto or enabled? (don't want to do any manual OC with my CPU atm)
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2023.06.05 01:39 Custodianscruffy 2017 2.7 long term issues?

Hey fellas, currently got a 17’ crew cab sport with the 2.7 with 185,000kms. Trucks been solid minus the leaking oil pan (on the 3rd one), blue smoke on the odd start up (turbo seal.. sounds like a common issue) and I had to do the TPS. With the current price of vehicles we are looking at keeping this for a while longer. Just wondering what I should be doing as far as preventative maintenance and if there is any known issues once these engines/transmission start to get higher km’s?
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2023.06.05 01:36 stackatron Bicycle servicing in Shinjuku/Shibuya

Hello, I’m looking for a bike shop ideally in the Yoyogi area that can do a full service on a bike. I have a semi decent road bike, nothing too fancy. In the UK, I paid about 100 quid for someone to check all the brakes, nuts, give it a clean, oil etc. Does anyone have any recommendations for a general bike service? There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with it that I could explain to a bike shop, it just needs a bit of TLC.
The ones I’ve seen in my area are pretty high end racing bike stuff which I think might be overkill for my old bike.
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2023.06.05 01:24 Death_Pokman 3DMark crashes after OC

Hey guys, I have a really weird issue with Time Spy, but first the specs: Ryzen 7 5800X, Powercolor Red Dragon RX 6800XT, Kingston Fury 32GB 3200MHz CL16 RAM, Asus TUF B550 motherboard, Asus TUF 750W 80+ Gold PSU, Windows 11, every driver is up to date.So I buildt this PC a few month ago and back then I only cared about GPU OC and decided to not touch anything else in BIOS except DOCP. Now Time Spy gave me very interesting results even back then, to be precise, my graphics score were much lower then others had with same settings on identical system. But my games were running with same performance as others, only 3DMark was fucking with me, so I didn't bother with it. And so we arrived to this weekend, my friend buildt the same system and hit 20k graphic score in Time Spy while my best was 18k AND WE HAD THE SAME OC SETTINGS.
So I started to mess with the tuning in Adrenaline but nothing came close to even 18k score.My every day use OC is: Min freq 2500MHz, Max 2600MHz, UV 1050, VRAM fast timing and 2100MHz, power limit 15%. But benchmark was ran with min 500MHz and I simply changed Max to 2650MHz. Now here Time Spy crashed, then after setting UV to the max, which is 1150V, it eventually completed the benchmark, with, you guessed, NO IMPROVEMENT AT ALL ! After searching on the internet, some people said on forums that PBO maybe can affect it and that auto PBO is like turning it off. So I set PBO to enabled instead auto.
When I went back to run Time Spy once again it just crashed every time !!!!!!! So I reverted the changes I made but it still keeps crashing, actually doesn't matter what changes I make it crashes every time. Thought I killed Time Spy but reinstall didn't help and other benchmarks (Userbenchmark, Cinebench, Heaven, Furmark) were actually running.
After this I ran my PC for over 18h and tested performance in 15 games (ToF, RE4, FH5, Cyberpunk, Hogwarts Legacy, AC Valhalla, Marvel's Spider-man, GI, Last of Us, NFS Unbound, FF XV, Railway Empire 2, Forspoken, Knights of Honor 2, TW Warhammer 3) with max settings at 1440p. Played all game for over a hour and no crashes happened, temps were normal (even junction never above 95 °C), performance excellent and no problem with any other system parts either.
So I just want a confirmation basically, that my PC has no stability problems if only problem is with 3DMark? And a question, should I set PBO to auto or enabled? (don't want to do any manual OC with my CPU atm)
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2023.06.05 01:13 TheHappiestHam Is My CPU Power Consumption Okay?

I have a Ryzen 7 5800x with an RTX 3070 and a Phanteks Revolt 1000w; I know my power supply can handle these components but I’m wondering if my CPU power consumption and wattage are okay or too high
I have Eco Mode (65w I believe) because I didn’t want to manually undervolt for now, so my max PPT is 87w. I am also aware that the 5800x has a max TDP of 105w, but HWInfo does not display “TDP” anywhere
under gaming load (Elden Ring specifically), this is what I see on HWInfo:
Package Power- 48w (max of 80w)
Individual Core Powers- 1-3.5w (max of 10w)
CPU Core Power- 20w (max of 51w)
CPU SoC Power- 13w (max of 15w)
Core + SoC Power- 33w (max of 65w)
CPU PPT- 47w (max of 78w)
is this within any realm for concern or is this all normal? what confuses me is that all of these numbers clearly go well beyond 105w so what’s the point of the TDP wattage? combined with my GPU wattages, I saw a total wattage of around 350-400w, and all the maximums combined equals 705w so I’m not near the full 1000w
on idle, my Package Power is usually 25-32w, individual Core Powers are 0.07-9w, Core Power is 8w, SoC is 11w, Core + SoC is 15-25w, and PPT is also 25-32w. under Cinebench everything is obviously higher anyway, but the notable reading is the Package Power and PPT being 70-90w
temps are fine, any insight? is this power consumption alright?
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2023.06.05 01:08 autobuzzfeedbot 25 "Cheating Death" Stories That Were So Intense, People Really, Really, Reaaaallly Wanted To Share Them

  1. "I messed up a jump skydiving. I was able to correct the situation and pull the pilot chute for my canopy, but I was very, very close to having my reserve go off. The reserves are generally reliable, but it’s still nothing I want to test. Landed fine and then got a very stern talking-to for pulling so low."
  2. "Just google 'Levey PCH,' then ask away…I’ll be very surprised if anyone can beat what happened to me. THANK WHOEVEWHATEVER you believe in for Apple, Scorpion, UCLA, and the LA County Fire Department and Sheriff's Department."
  3. "Minutes before it happened, I was under the Cypress structure that collapsed during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in California (which was a magnitude 6.9). I was traveling north underneath the double-layered structure and felt creepy and claustrophobic on the brightest day. I raced to get out, as I always did, because I hated being under it. After getting out, I felt like my tire had gone flat and started to weave around in my lane, then I noticed that everyone else was losing control and hitting their brakes too. That was the earthquake. I didn't find out until later about the collapse, and felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I'd never felt so close to death before."
  4. "I was rappelling off the top of the tallest building in Bangkok (200 meters, or 656 feet) as a promotional stunt. I was supposed to rappel down to the 10th floor, land on a small balcony, and then traverse over to another building. The wind shear off the building was enough to blow me 20–30 feet away from the side of the building. Picture a spider hanging by a thread in the wind. As I got close to the 10th floor, I noticed that my rope had been cut and no longer reached the balcony, let alone the ground. The rope was about 10 feet short of the landing. So, still blowing away from the side of the building, off and on I waited until I was just above the balcony and dropped the last several feet onto the deck. Super pissed but alive."
  5. "Going to school in San Francisco, I got off the bus to get cigarettes and a soda at a liquor store. I stopped at the trash can on the way out to open my cigarettes and soda and walked half a block up the street when a crane fell off the roof right where I'd been standing 30 seconds before. The crane operator was killed, and half a minute earlier, I would have been as well."
  6. "Although being an ironworker comes with its fair share of risk, as long as you don’t become too incompetent, things can be safe. But that is easier said than done, seeing as the days are long and the work is physically draining. One day, I was about 60 feet in the air rigging a beam to be lowered to the ground. I signaled the crane operator to 'cable up' (lift the beam), but the beam wasn’t budging. I decided to look down the beam to see what was wrong...BANG! Before I knew it, the beam broke free and came up at my face with about 2,000 pounds of force. It knocked off my hard hat and hit every edge of my safety glasses, missing the side of my face by a quarter inch. I thought I had died, it was so sudden. I should never have put myself in what we call 'the line of fire.' I’ll never forget how close my kids were to losing their father that day because I let my judgment slip. Still gives me goosebumps talking about it."
  7. "I got hit by a car and walked away with no injuries. The Sunday before final exams during my last semester of college, I went to the library at 6 a.m. to study. At 2 p.m., I needed a break and started walking back to my car. At an intersection, I stopped, made eye contact with the driver of a car at a stop sign, and started walking across the street on a crosswalk. The next thing I knew, I was up on the windshield of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. He hit the brakes, and I rolled off the hood of his car and landed on my feet. I was so freaked out that I told the guy I was fine and left. Later that afternoon, I went to the hospital to get checked out and had no injuries. The doctor told me to buy a lottery ticket on my way home because I was so lucky."
  8. "While I was doing the dishes, my hip bumped the dial on my stove, turning it to ignite, but I didn't notice, so the stove was leaking gas all night. In the morning, I could tell something smelled off, but I have a hard time smelling things, so I just figured it was some old cauliflower rice I had thrown out the night before. To deal with the smell, I lit not one, but two candles, one of which was right next to the stove. Later, after coming back from running errands, as soon as I opened the door, I felt instantly violently ill, like a migraine and the flu all at once. Probably 20 minutes later, I finally saw the knob on the stove and realized what was happening."
  9. "One time, I was watching TV in my lounge room and I was sitting on the floor eating. We have a really big TV and we had an earthquake, but I thought it was a train passing by. It wasn't. I ran out of the room as everything started to wobble, and the TV nearly fell on top of me."
  10. "I went to summer camp when I was 15, and for our last weekend activity, they took us to Martha’s Vineyard and rented us bikes. Now, I loved riding bikes in the park as a kid but had never ridden in the street. But since 'you never forget how to ride a bike,' I figured I could do it. I headed out and tried to go up a street that was very steep. I started to lose control of the bike, and I fell into the street in between a truck that was hauling a trailer (I fell in front of the trailer). I saw this huge wheel coming at me, and my leg was stuck from the fall. I screamed as hard as I could and hoped it wouldn’t kill me (others told me they heard it a few streets away). The driver luckily heard it and slammed on the brakes; I was scuffed up but otherwise fine. You can indeed forget how to ride a bike."
  11. "I got hit by a train. I was living and working at a college that has train tracks running through it and only a stop sign before you cross them at the vehicle intersection. You had to cross the tracks to leave campus. I was headed to the gym in July, and the windows were rolled up and the AC and radio were blasting. I’d crossed that crossing a thousand times, so I stopped a bit, passed the stop sign, and looked right, but the train was coming from the left. Its horn blew, but I panicked when I heard it, so I hit the accelerator but braked immediately. I was already on the tracks. It only hit my front end and dragged me about 200 feet down the tracks. I only had a broken rib, three cracked ribs, and a pretty gnarly cut on my finger. The people at the next crossing probably thought they saw someone die."
  12. "My last day of driver’s education class, we were just about back to school. We were all feeling pretty good because we’d passed our tests that day. I was in the rear driver’s seat and had a classmate driving, one next to me, and a teacher in the passenger seat. We went through a green light at LITERALLY the last intersection before school when a car blew through the red light going 55 mph and slammed into us on my side, just a few inches back from where I was sitting. It spun our car into the intersection and kept going! We were all concussed and had to be taken to the hospital, but that was it. When we went to retrieve my bags from the trunk of the wreckage at the salvage yard, the shop owner admitted he hadn’t answered my ringing phone because he didn't think we had survived, and didn’t want to break the news to everyone calling me. Two inches between me and being crushed alive. In driver’s ed!"
  13. "I was walking to class one day, and the shortest route went under a viaduct. It had been snowing and melting on and off for the past few days. The viaduct is about 100 feet high, and just as I was about to walk from under it and onto the pavement, a 6-foot icicle fell those 100 feet and smashed into the ground in front of me. Suffice to say, I took that as a sign not to go to my lecture and turned back home!"
  14. "I was asleep in the passenger seat of a car on a highway when we flipped going about 80 mph. We rolled a few times and landed in a ditch. Airbags did not go off, and I shattered the passenger-side window with my skull. I literally walked away from it and didn't go to an ER until a few hours later. I literally had a concussion and one teeny bruise on my right arm, but nothing else. The nurses told me that if I had been awake for the accident, my neck would have snapped and I'd have died immediately. Whenever I tell people, they're always stunned — imagine my reaction waking up to a missing side window and a crushed car and being fully functional! I feel lucky every day that I was asleep and still have my life."
  15. "There was one time my sister and I were driving down a long road with a huge cemetery. I thought it would be funny to hold my breath because people say if you don’t, the spirits of dead people will haunt you or something. When I held my breath, my sister slowed down to torture me. I was a little annoyed, but at the stop sign at the intersection, this car going really fast didn’t even bother to slow down. They even swerved into our lane, so my sister had to barely dodge. I swear, though, if my sister hadn't slowed down to torture me, we would have been in a bad wreck. Now I’m not annoyed that she did that, I’m lucky."
  16. "This isn't dramatic, but it's continued to impact my life on a daily basis. When I was 11, I was playing baseball with the rest of my gym class. We took a time-out to argue about who was batting next, and I stood behind home plate, staring into left field. Play resumed, and no one told me to move. The strongest guy in the class laid down a single...and hit me in his backswing...with the baseball the middle of my forehead. I suffered skull fractures and a brain bleed. To this day, I have anxiety driven by the traumatic brain injury. The neurologist said that the fact that he hit the ball saved my life. Had he swung and missed, I would have died."
  17. "I was in college and I had just finished my last class of the day. It was a short walk to my car that consisted of crossing a pedestrian crosswalk on the street separating the school from parking. On each side of the crosswalk were speed bumps so cars were forced to slow down. At this time of day, a good number of students were getting out of class, and a large herd of us started crossing the street at the crosswalk. There must have been 30 of us. I was stupidly looking down at my phone and was walking rather slowly. I didn’t realize that I was lagging behind. Everyone else was on the other side and I was still in the middle of the street. At the same moment, I noticed a freaking DUMP TRUCK whizzing by in front of me. It was probably 1–2 feet in front of me. Either he didn’t see me still crossing or he didn’t care. After I got to my car, all I could do was sit there in silence for a while and contemplate what could have just happened. Even as I write this, I shudder."
  18. "This is definitely not the craziest cheating-death story, but it was definitely scary. I was at a waterpark with my family, and I don’t do well with heat and stairs — something about the combination makes me faint. We went on a waterslide that uses tubes, and it was a long trek up. I apparently was so sick from heat exhaustion, I passed out as I was next in line and hit my head on the tube. If it weren’t for the tube, they aren't sure I’d be alive right now."
  19. "It was during Christmastime, and my mom, my little brother, and I all wanted to go look at Christmas lights near the middle school. There was a hill and then a lane where you would wait for the light to turn green and then you had to turn left. Well, the main light had turned red, so it was our turn to go, and thank god my mom checked before going, because if she hadn’t checked, a truck would have hit us, going like 60 mph, straight through the side of our car where my little brother was sitting."
  20. "I was 4 or 5, and we were living in Estes Park, Colorado. At that time, I was challenging myself to go closer and closer to a river they have there. I was caught by the current and would’ve run into several rocks and a waterwheel if it weren’t for my cousin, who reached down, grabbed my arm, and saved me."
  21. "I survived hitting an elk in the Canadian Rockies and going down a mountain 15 times end over end, stopping 20 feet short of a whitewater river. I gave myself first aid. Doctors said I would never walk normally again and I'd have brain damage. I sent one of them a picture of me with three gold medals around my neck."
  22. "In the fall of '15, I was riding my motorcycle to work on a foggy morning. A truck with an enclosed trailer ran a stop sign in front of me while I was driving on a 55 mph road. I was unable to stop, ran into the trailer, and was pinned underneath the trailer, being crushed to death. A farmer was on his dirt bike behind the truck going to meet another farmer for coffee who lived on the corner of the intersection. Once he realized I was pinned, he ran to get his friend and his friend's skid-steer loader. They then used the skid loader to lift the trailer off of me and began CPR. Luckily, right as they started, a sheriff's deputy arrived on scene and took over. I owe my life to those two farmers. If they hadn't acted, I would have died underneath the trailer, as there would have been no way for first responders to lift it off of me (it had thousands of pounds of equipment in it) in time."
  23. "I've always been handy with tools and taught myself how to do things; I've been changing flat tires for anyone who'll let me. However, one day when I was about 18 years old, my buddy came over to chill, and he had his dad's brand-new Tacoma. So we chilled for a couple of hours, and when it was time for him to leave, we noticed that his front tire was flat, so naturally, I volunteered to change it (no prior experience with independent suspensions). I placed the jack on the frame and started to go at it — lifted the car enough to take the flat out. But when the fully inflated wheel was fitted, it didn't have clearance. My first thought was to get a second jack. Half my body was underneath the car, putting the jack in, when I heard a creek, and the next thing I knew, the car slipped. The car ended up with the front end touching the ground, and I got a big scrape mark on my shoulder. To this day, I don't know how or why I did not die under that Tacoma."
  24. "I lived alone with my dog. There was a hole in my gas heater, so it was leaking carbon monoxide, but of course I didn't know that at the time. My dog woke me up one morning, barking and whining, and I thought she had to go out to potty. When I sat up in bed, I got so dizzy and thought I would throw up. I ended up passing out twice, once hitting my head on the bathroom cabinet, very close to my temple, and once hitting my chin on the toilet seat. I called my boss — the only phone number I remembered at the time. (This was before cellphones.) She called 911 and they came to get me. They figured out I had carbon monoxide poisoning, and I was in the ER for eight hours that day. The doctor told that when blood gases are at a certain amount, the victim goes into a coma, without fail. Mine were more than double whatever that number was. He said no matter how much my dog was barking, I should not have woken up."
  25. Finally, "I was at the beach with several of my friends, my sister, and my mom. Mom was sitting on the beach watching us. We were around 11–14, I believe, but no younger than 9. Kind of out of nowhere, we started getting sucked under the water in a rip current. I was being sucked under the pier and slammed my face into the barnacles. We were screaming for help, but at first, no one came. As I was being dragged under the water and coming up screaming for help, I could see people just staring and could hear my friends also screaming for help. Finally, people started jumping into the water to save us, including my mom. She jumped in and instantly got sucked into the current but managed to grab one of my friends. She used her body to shield him from the razor-sharp barnacles."
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2023.06.05 01:05 Existing_Ad_5967 SM problems

So as per my last post, I didn’t have an SM well I finally got one and she’s been hiring people like crazy. She doesn’t take feedback well and keeps saying that she’s been in retail management for 33 years but it’s her first time at dollar tree. She doesn’t do anything the corporate way and threatens to write us up if she sees us talking to the cashier. She wrote me up today and everyone who worked yesterday because we didn’t push enough freight, which is really confusing because I did around 6 Uboats by myself and the other ASM did around 2. I talked with my DM and he keeps defending her for everything and saying that she’s making less chaos. I feel bad for the cashiers who worked yesterday because they got wrote up for doing their jobs, she doesn’t want the cashiers leaving their registers to stock or anything that they normally would. I’m about to just quit because at this point it’s getting to be too much. She has cut my hours and another ASMs to give more hours to our new ASM which lives with her. We have no room for food because she wants us to only do that until it’s gone but with me being a cashier half the time, I can’t do what a Merch Manager is supposed to do. She takes 7 smoke breaks a day which last around 10 minutes each but gets mad at us for taking our breaks. It doesn’t help that she has unrealistic standards for everyone and thinks we can get a truck out in a day when I have to be MOD and every morning i open by myself so. it’s a confusing situation. I put in for my vacation and when i get back from it, I will probably quit because I start college again soon so
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2023.06.05 01:02 ukmatty73 Delivering unpacked logs

Hello, kind of a noob here with a question about delivering sets of unpacked logs
Got onto my first logging mission (black river Michigan - first map). I got some tips from a friend involving using log crane and 5 slot sideboard trailer.
Anyway, I've loaded up 3 lots of logs (9 large logs total) into the large sideboard semi from the logging camp (unpacked). I've driven these over to the lumber mill now, however I'm unable to actually deliver them (saying no cargo to unload on the cargo management screen). As I understand it, this is because the cargo is unpacked right?
The only way I see around this would be to put the log carrier front and log carrier rear onto a truck, load 3 at a time using the crane, pack them properly and unload. I'm wondering if there is an easier way to do all of this (ie. Can I just grab 3 and drop them somewhere at the lumber mill for a manual unload type of thing?)
PS. If i can only do this with the log carrier front/rear - is it better to just manually load long logs into the carrier in the first place? I was imagining that these logs would just fall out if they're unpacked though.
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2023.06.05 01:00 CyclonusDecept Alternator issue (suburban)?

2002 chevy suburban 5.3 v8 1500 z71. Truck has 88k miles. I just replaced all the sparkplugs, wires, coils and the alternator. Alternator is ac delco new from amazon. Parts store didn't have the right serpentine belt in stock so i put the original one back on.
Started the truck just fine and let it run for 10 minutes. I hear a whirring noise that I think is coming from the alternator that I don't think was there before (not sure since I haven't driven the truck since November and even then rarely drove it).
I noticed the alternator is pretty hot to the touch. Alternator reads 12.6 volts when off and battery reads 12.5 v. When the truck is running alternator reads 14.6 and battery is 14.5 volts.
Just wondering if this is normal. Haven't driven the truck yet other than just pulling forward and backward slightly in the garage.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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