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A place for travelers in No Man's Sky to share and discuss in-game locations and have an awesome shared experience. The About tab has the sub rules, ship part guides and community event info.

2013.05.29 19:37 ashuri Learn Finnish

For people who are learning or want to learn the Finnish language.

2023.06.08 07:31 George-G661 My breath stinks and I can't find the cause

My breath stinks since I was a kid. Many people told me that my breath stinks and this makes me more introvert. I visited many doctors and no one could find the cause of the smell. Dentist told me my mouth it's ok, I had a surgery done on my tonsils, I got my stomach checked. Even if i brush my teeth and use mouthwash after about one hour my breath will keep smell. My breath smells especially after eating food or in the morning when i wake up (I feel a sour taste in my mouth when i wake up).
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2023.06.08 07:30 AutoModerator Weekly Q&A/Guides/Advice Megathread

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2023.06.08 07:29 KamilCesaro 100+ hours in and I’m just now finding the GTA San Andreas reference

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2023.06.08 07:29 CasualGodess I think my button is fucked... pardon my language

I've had my proxy for about 6-7 months now. I've noticed the powefunction button become less responsive sometimes, and I cleaned her out with alcohol last weekend, charged her up, but now she won't even turn on... when I plug in, green light flashes. No further response no matter how long I hold the button...
I would REALLY appreciate any advice on how I can fix this thing or get it fixed. I'll pay to fix it... just can't find any info on how I would find that and I'm afraid to send it to puffco Bc their customer support has such terrible reviews.
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2023.06.08 07:29 Vyzantinist TMC/Tucson orthopedic out of hours helpline?

Might be a bit of an odd question for the sub but here goes...
I have a surgery tomorrow that's been a bit of a nightmare to get everything lined up for. Should have happened months ago but TMC had to cancel and reschedule and it's been one error after another, from one department or another.
One of the last hurdles was getting the time of my surgery confirmed, since I'd gotten different, conflicting, answers, from different sources and the surgery coordinator is a nightmare (impossible, even) to get a hold of. "Someone" returned a voicemail I'd left, for my housemate and friend, who'll be helping me out around the house for a while, post-op, and confirmed the surgery time for tomorrow. I called up AHCCCS to change the time of my pickup for the shuttle service to Oro valley hospital tomorrow, and thought that was the end of that.
But, earlier, I happened to be checking the mail and in it was the surgery instruction pack (the day before surgery lol). I didn't pay it much mind, thinking I already knew everything I needed to know, but I scanned it over anyway and happened to notice it gives - yet again - a different time for the surgery. It was already past 9:30 when I found the letter so all the main phone lines are closed.
I don't know which takes precedence; the letter or the phone call today. My housemate didn't take down the name of whoever called in response to my voicemail, but she knew it wasn't the surgery coordinator as they've spoken before and she would have remembered her name. The letter I'm a little dubious of as it says it was printed 04/23, and I've been given different times for the surgery since then.
The timing of the surgery - from the letter - is scheduled for 7AM tomorrow, well before the surgery coordinator gets into the office for me to try and call and confirm. It's also hours before the AHCCCS ride is supposed to show up for what I thought/am not sure is the correct pick up time. Neither I nor my housemate drive, and we don't really have a spare $60 lying around to get a Lyft to Oro Valley hospital (early) and back. It would help if I could get someone on the phone to be able to confirm it's x or y time, just in case I have to call AHCCCS and hope they can do a last-minute change for pickup, but I can't find any sort of after-hours patient helpline.
Can you suggest who might be the best person or department to call, who can give me that confirmation, after hours?
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2023.06.08 07:29 Ill_Marionberry8518 Never have had to post anything like this before.

We are a family of 5, 3 kids (12, 8, 11 months) my husband works. I am unable to right now due to my daughter's severe, uncontrolled epilepsy. 2 months ago, we had enough to support our family. My husband generally worked 60 hour weeks but he is in the corrugated business and it's suffering this year.
Between my daughter's epilepsy diagnosi, co-pays, meds, overnight EEGs, hospital stays (I have documentation), rising cost of living and now trying to make it at 38 hour pay weeks. We are tapped and I've always been pretty resourceful.
I contribute by doing surveys, prolific, product test, Shiftsmart when possible. For PayPal funds or Amazon GC's. It definitely helps but we find ourselves not being able to afford the basics after groceries and bills.
We have visited a couple food banks, they have been helpful. They just cannot help with pet food, as our dog has an autoimmune disorder and can't tolerate different foods. No diapers or baby items recently (I do cloth diaper during the day to save.) I applied for food stamps but they go by pre-tax, pre-insurance income, and we are still over. Tried for SSI for my daughter's disability but those limits are very low. Neither of our families have money, we were usually the ones helping them when we could. I am currently awaiting a WIC appt but I've never had it.
I made an amazon wishlist and would be grateful for anything, I tried to add some of the cheapest options but most things can be substituted. Also, Amazon's selection of single items is getting smaller. We have pets as well that we can no longer afford but they are part of our family. There are a few grocery items, as this is mainly what I eat/drink to keep up my milk supply as I am still breastfeeding. I skip breakfast and lunch.
I did put a gift on there for my son, his first birthday is this month.. I really never thought I would have to do anything like this. Any questions feel free to ask or helpful suggestions are welcomed!
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2023.06.08 07:28 aysenaz17 copying and pasting someone else’s comment on youtube

it's also canon that all these three characters specifically are attracted to men, at least. It has been confirmed by members of the dev teams and by the OG creator and main writer, and it has been mentioned multiple times throughout the years.
You can look it up if you want, but here's a couple of things confirmed mentioned in interviews:
⭐️Edgeworth doesn't feel attraction for women at all, but does feel physically attracted to Phoenix (said by the original designer, Kumiko Suekane)
⭐️in one of the official manga anthologies, Edgeworth reminisces about his first crush, a boy he met in the rain and whose face he cannot remember. Later on, he realizes it was Phoenix with his hair down due to the rain all along. (Manga was oversaw and approved by Shu Takumi, OG creator and writer)
⭐️Phoenix has a preference for mature and cool women, and for cute men. He thinks Edgeworth is very cute (said by the OG creator and main writer, Shu Takumi)
⭐️From the second game onwards, it was confirmed that any and all gay tension and interactions shown in the games was written purposefully, with the intention of being read as gay. (Confirmed by Shu Takumi, who also mentioned that all the dev team knew and contributed, even to the point of reading a mountain of gay manga/yaoi together to learn how to write homoerotic tension properly, but didn't tell the higher ups until the game was already out be they knew if the higher ups caught up with what they were doing, they wouldn't let the games be released)
⭐️Klavier does in fact feel attracted to Apollo, but as he himself mentioned, as it is the first time he felt this way with a man, he doesn't know how to deal with it very well (as said by Shu Takumi)
⭐️In multiple side stories, Klavier tries to invite Apollo to dates, with Apollo always rejecting him due to believing Klavier is just joking around and leaving Klavier depressed as a running gag. (Stories all written by Shu Takumi & other production members from the games. It is also mentioned in one of said stories that if Apollo realized Klavier was being serious all along, he would actually accept to go in a date with him)
⭐️Asougi is, in fact, in love with Ryuunosuke, even if the latter's attraction for him hasn't been confirmed. It's the first time he has felt this way for someone, so he gets a lil' too excited and tries harder than he ought to, with most of his advances ending being unnoticed by Ryuunosuke who thinks its just Asougi being his usual intense self. Truthfully, Asougi is usually a guy of very few words, a taciturn and quiet person who almost always looked annoyed by everything around him and replied coldly to basically anyone who tried to strike conversation with him who weren't the Mikotoba family. Everyone who had known Asougi before his meeting with Ryuunosuke were shocked by the change in attitude, as most even went as far as thinking Asougi was unable to smile, so to see him laugh so freely and frequently now due to one person was unbelievable in their eyes. The Mikotobas noticed the change, too, and when they asked about it to Asougi, he literally replied with " met the love of my life". ( All as said by both Shu Takumi, main writer and OG creator, and Kazuya Nuri, TGAA's character designer. The latter in particular is a die-hard Asougi x Naruhodou shipper, and an even bigger Susato × Haori/Rei shipper)
⭐️Asougi thinks Ryuunosuke is adorable, handsome, manly and beautiful, believing there doesn't exist a more breathtaking sight that him. (As confirmed by Shu Takumi)
⭐️Asougi has fallen in love with Ryuunosuke at least twice, with an additional one implied. The first, when they met as kids by chance, were he asked Ryuunosuke to marry him, but Ryuunosuke thought Asougi wanted to kill him due to the word "marrying" and "bloodstain" being pronounced the same in japanese, "kekkon", and the second was when they met again years later, having forgotten their real first meeting as children. The implied one is when he saw Ryuunosuke for the first time as the Masked Apprentice, as it's mentioned that while he did stop to look at "the smaller man in the office" cuz he felt he recognized him from somewhere, the actual reason why he kept staring at Ryuunosuke for such a long period of time afterwards was because he found "the smaller man with big eyes" to be "very handsome" to the point the Masked Apprentice felt that "he wouldn't feel tired of looking at him". (As said by Kazuya Nuri, TGAA's character designer).
⭐️As he has no experience whatsoever with those types of feelings, Asougi can't help but constantly "pour warm love/tea" on Ryuunosuke, a japanese expression used for people who are very, very affectionate and pampering towards the person they've fallen in love with (as said by Shi Takumi on magazine)
⭐️On one of the side stories, Ryuunosuke is eating a lunch made by Asougi, and says that he "would be happy to eat Asougi's food every day". Ryuunosuke said it without thinking to much about it, and didn't realize that Asougi got super happy hearing that, being on an extremely good, chipper mood for a couple of days afterwards. This is because "I want to eat your food every day" is a common way to propose on Japan, so Asougi felt as if Ryunosuke was saying that he would be happy to marry him. Multiple side stories between the two make more comparisons/jabs and winks to married life, such as the one where they "shared a red umbrella while walking through the snow, the path looking like a wedding road". In traditional Japanese weddings, the bride and groom walk together a road with rice and white petals thrown in tbe floor while sharing a red umbrella. (All side stories written by Shu Takumi, published in Capcom's official website) Like, idk what to tell you my man, but all these lawyers seem pretty gay to me. Specially the samurai lawyer, calling the homie you just met last week "the love of your life" seems pretty unambiguous to me
I mean, if you wanna headcanon 'em as pure platonic cuz you feel uncomfortable or something, go ahead, but that wouldn't be canon, either, so you cannot go around and say what you think is canon is the "actual canon" when proof of the contrary is very easy to find in this particular case, my man. It's true shippers tend to blow stuff out of proportions, but in this case, it's you who 1. Is in the wrong, and 2. Is being an hypocrite. If you really cared so much about what's canon and what's not, you would at least know the stuff about Edgeworth, which is the most easily accessible for people in the west. Seriously, you sound like the fans of Transformers who insist Optimus Prime wouldn't support the LGBTQ+, when all the Transformers cast has been confirmed to be part of the LGBTQ+ and Optimus' best friend is a trans lesbian. (Yes, All of 'em are part of the LGBTQ+ cuz their entire species has been confirmed to be non-binary, asexual, panromantic, genderfluid, trans robots, as they don't have the same views on gender identity and orientation as humans, feel no physical attraction and choose and change their genders by themselves, changing it again whenever they feel like another gender)
gay lawyers real fr
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2023.06.08 07:27 DucksEatFreeInSubway Are there mods that should just be straight up avoided? I know Rimthreaded is considered one. Any others?

I'm sitting trying to get a 333 mod list to load for a medieval run and so...lots of time to think.
So from either tanking game performance, straight up breaking a game, or whatever reason, what mods should be avoided? Hear so much about what mods everyone must have but which are best avoided?
I recently read about Jecstools being best avoided, for instance, and once upon a time I saw an excel spreadsheet that had a number on there too but can't find it again.
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2023.06.08 07:26 hi_123 Nasa Notes?

Anyone know what this activity will be like? Sounds interesting but I can't find any descriptions about it anywhere :/ happy roooo
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2023.06.08 07:26 PhantomImmortal Anon watches fight break out at his workplace

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2023.06.08 07:25 Eggamemnon Cant find this one snack?

Hey im looking for little debbies oatmeal creme pies, can’t find them anywhere anymore. Can someone tell me if they’ve seen them in town anywhere this week?
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2023.06.08 07:25 Del-Sl0th Am I the only one a bit worried about the Ahsoka show?

When I heard about this show I was excited, and while I’m still looking forwards too it and think it’ll do fine, I can’t help being a bit disappointed.
The more I hear and see from this show, the more it seems less like the Ahsoka show and more like season 5 of Rebels in live action. I want a show about the former apprentice of the chosen one, a veteran of the clone wars who experienced what was wrong with the Jedi order and tried to find her own path. The warrior who fought multiple sith and lived, spymaster for the rebellion who discovered her mentor had become a monster. At the time of the Mandalorian she’s arguably the most powerful individual in the galaxy, with Luke probably being stronger with the force but nowhere near as good or experienced a combatant, and Palpatine presumably being a clump of evil cells in a test tube on Exogal.
They’ve had to bend reality twice now to keep her around, being resurrected by the embodiment of the light side of the force and then guided by her in spirit-owl form, and introducing time travel to save her the second time. It just seems like a bit of a letdown if the character who’s gone through all that ends up with her own show and the only purpose is to help Sabine and Ezra hookup and fight an Imperial who’s been a non-threat off in the unknown regions for years.
Obviously there seems to be a bit more to it than that from the trailers, but the Rebels plot continuation seems to be the big focus. Am I the only one feeling this way?
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2023.06.08 07:25 AsymptoticAbyss Articulation menu for String Ensemble on Mac OS?

The midi instrument String Ensemble has an articulation menu. At the top of the menu, you can toggle between "√-" and "-". Below that are numbers 0-255 that you can presumably assign to highlighted notes. I can't hear any differences regardless of what I select. All I need is tremolo, but I can't find anything online about this. Ideas?
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2023.06.08 07:21 SomeTrust2724 Im am, indeed, lost,( mechanically speaking)

Ere's the thing, I understand that Rifts is an advance role playing game, I spent many years playing other systems before getting here, however, either due to my own inexperience, or due to lack of information in the RUE (this is the edition that I decided to use) I can't find much information on how to GM, I can't find information on how to set difficulties for my players, or how to play a session in general, any idea where to find this info or how should I proceed?
PDD: if I'm wrong about the lack of info regarding the rules for GM, I'd love to know what sourcebook and page it's on, and sorry for my newbieness!
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2023.06.08 07:21 Limp_Tale5761 What is Martin Luther King Jr.'s IQ? 🤔

Hey fellow cTzens!
I've always been fascinated by the incredible intelligence and charisma of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the prominent civil rights leader who played a pivotal role in the fight against racial inequality. While I understand that intelligence is not solely measured by IQ, I'm curious if there's any information available regarding MLK's IQ score.
We often hear stories about the intellectual prowess of historical figures like Einstein or Da Vinci, but when it comes to Dr. King, it's not as widely discussed. I've tried searching online, but the information seems to be rather elusive, and I couldn't find any reliable sources.
Considering Dr. King's extraordinary ability to deliver powerful speeches, analyze complex societal issues, and navigate through challenging political landscapes, I can't help but wonder what his IQ might have been. It could be interesting to explore how his intelligence contributed to his influential leadership and the impact he made on civil rights movements.
Of course, I understand that measuring someone's IQ can be controversial and that it might not accurately represent their overall intelligence or contributions to society. Nonetheless, if there's any reputable information or credible research available about MLK's IQ, I'd love to learn more.
So, cTzens, do any of you have any insights, resources, or knowledge about Martin Luther King Jr.'s IQ? Let's discuss and explore this fascinating aspect of his legacy!
Note: Let's keep the discussion respectful and focused on the topic at hand. MLK's legacy is far more than a number, and it's important to remember his impact and contributions to the civil rights movement.
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2023.06.08 07:19 memozvaz Fallen over school bus photography art

There was a Tik-Tok I saw almost two years ago at this point of photography art that I had saved but can't find anymore (pretty sure it got taken down) and it was of a school bus that was fallen over in what looks like was a suburban neighborhood. I remember there were various students around the school bus doing all sorts of things, such as some sitting on top of the school bus, and others just running around it. It looked as if it was taking place on a late afternoon in Spring/Summer. I thought it was pretty interesting and gave me some weird sort of nostalgia. I've tried using keywords on google to try and find it and have had no luck. I was hoping that maybe one of you on here have seen the photograph or know of the photographer and maybe sounds familiar with some of you. I would really appreciate it! I hope I am in the appropriate subreddit for this sort of topic and if not, sorry in advance.
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2023.06.08 07:19 arko- not able to see the battle pass tab

i’ve been playing the game for the past few days, and got the edition of the pre order where i automatically get the season pass. i kinda forgot about it until now, mainly because the tab to access it doesn’t exist for me. i’ve looked everywhere, and cant find it at all. can’t even see the option to buy it in the store either, even if i didn’t have it. not sure if this is a glitch for anyone else but just wanted to know if there’s any solution to this yet.
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2023.06.08 07:19 MooseComfortable3294 7 mos unemployed, 26 apps, 2 interviews, no expectations left. why can't i find jobs?

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2023.06.08 07:18 thundercat95 Most likely going to be homeless soon with my cat

I would like to preface this with the fact I probably am not highest priority to help out. I'm single and no major obligations other than to my cat and myself.
With that said Im barely keeping up with rent or bills. I work at a dog daycare and I'm trying to find a new roommate but now my vehicle is on needs of repair and idk how to cover it.
My plan is to leave my apartment and camp near my daycare until I can pay to fix my car and then get a gym membership to shower and stuff.
I also have a cat who means the entire world to me. He'd need to be safe and Id have to give him to someone I know and trust so that would be really hard not having him with me for a while.
I can't say I'm any more deserving of help than anyone else on here. But I'm an open book and will be willing to talk or whatever if you want proof.
I have made mistakes myself to be in this position and am trying to learn from them but if anyone would like to help it would mean so much to be able to keep my cat with me. And I would pay the cat tax!!
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2023.06.08 07:18 moretoachieve HaHaBus E10 230606

Show: 하하버스
Official Streaming Sites:
E01 E02 E03 E04 E05 E06 E07 E08 E09
Torrent: (Can't find torrent files but it's up on both legal and illegal platforms.)
Torrent Magnet Subtitle
N/A N/A Subscene
Mom, people adore me! Song's first plane ride and she's so excited! Such a cutie! Dream and Soul have great pronunciation but Michael was the biggest scam LMAO
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2023.06.08 07:18 Double-Fun-1526 Fermi's Paradox and Demilitarization: Imaging a Different World

This is my take on the world. It is not meant to be yours. But there are endless reasons for creating peace in the world. The Catholic Church, I believe, has the power to do that. Create a campaign. A simple campaign to fight two things. Call for complete, unambiguous demilitarization of the world. We, as disparate peoples and nations, do not point guns at each other. We find other ways. The second thing is inequality. Remind people that inequality is born by individual decisions, and not by states. Call for this as Christians, sure, but call for it across humanity. I am secular and I will disagree with you tomorrow but today I ask that you renew your call for a better world. The Catholic Church has significant sway across Latin America. And Latin America has few reasons for war. Call on Catholic nations to make pledges of demilitarization. No one has to take the step towards dearming but as long as nations call for it they can push other nations, primarily Europe, towards such a goal as well. The next step would be messy, but if every nation agreed that demilitarization was our future, I believe we would learn to trust each other. We would then mutually step into a different world.
With one statement the Church can put us on a path towards global demilitarization.

(If there are religious overtones in the following it is just ways of speaking.)
We Are The Light
There is only one thing that matters. Light. Our light. It is all we know of.
There are stars and planets in the hundreds of billions expanding as far as we can see, proverbially speaking. But the only thing we know is that we are the only light. The only reflective, intelligent species. The only thing that knows that it exists.
We do not know if we are merely young. If we are merely first to awake. It seems unlikely. It is possible that there is other intelligent life in our galaxy or in other galaxies. If there are others in a distant galaxy, we may never touch them or their signals. But if such intelligence was created in our own then we should have seen it by now, assuming they are as expansive and as inquisitive as we are.
But for now, we are the light. We are the only known light in a vast, vast darkness.
There are those who believe they understand who we are. But the rest of us do not. And we are confused, perplexed, scared.
I am sorry, but there is only one thing that matters. Keeping that light shining. Keeping that light robust. We are in our infancy. We have merely just awoken. We have only known much of our world for a hundred years.
It goes without saying, that all war ends and international differences cease to be flash points. We build the world together, cooperatively. We do not spend two percent of our budgets on guns and missiles. I call for demilitarization across the globe.
I am sorry, but the grotesque inequalities that we allow to persist as a species must end. It is not written in our genes, in our characters. We are a reflective species. And our characters are far more malleable than that. There is endless exploration to be done. It is to be done as a species, as humanity.
But, yes, first we must demand that every life be livable. That we are to the person literate and educated about our world. We must solve our selves first, before we solve the cosmos.
We don't have to. We can leave people behind, leave people in the dark, leave people to poverty of wealth and knowledge. But most of us do not accept that. We will not accept that. Until we have made sure every life is livable then individuals do not own excessive resources, own their own islands, own sports teams. You take care of your fellow citizens first.
Sadly, even if we turn on a dime, all of us alive today may hardly take a step in understanding who we are and whether other light exists. But we can be proud that someday we may have a better answer, and that we were part of the inflection point. And despite certain objections, once we leave earth in a robust fashion I do not believe that light shall die until the fading of time. Which is why we must leave it soon, to avoid even the possibility of universal disaster, the fading of such light. The fading of, possibly, the only intelligent being in the world.
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2023.06.08 07:17 Cornnathony Is my android tablet too old for remote play

I have a Samsung tab S2 and have been trying to use it for remote play but can't it just won't connect. Is the tablet too old for remote play or am I doing something wrong also I can't get the dualsense to pair with it in bluetooth. Thanks for the help.
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